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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 18, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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give me love here. don't hate me. it's destiny. just ask marty mcfly. have a great weekend. everybody. go cubbies. good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. president obamas a promised to end the war in afghanistan by with drawing all our troops and president obama maintains he'll maintain our current force of ten,000 troops there through most of next year and the president plans to keep 5,500 troops in afghanistan as he leaves office an extension he called modest but meaningful. the president conceded that despite the longest war in this country's history afghan forces are not up to the task of protecting their country from a resurgent taliban, a persistent group of al qaeda terrorists and the invasion of theisic state.
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we take up the major change in obama's strategy with former pentagon official k.t. mcfarland and dr. jonathan shanzer, and also tonight, donald trump and ben carson's campaigns threatening to boycott the next republican presidential debate to be held later this month. trump's campaign reportedly furious with debate host cnbc over their efforts to format the event. trump wants the event limited to two hours and have candidates to give opening and closing statements. cnbc does not. we'll have a full report for you. and republicans handing hillary clinton another gift on benghazi, a second republican congressman saying the purpose of the house select committee on benghazi was to damage hillary clinton's presidential chances. of course, the first congressman to say that was house majority
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leader kevin mccarthy who was forced to withdraw for rales er of the house because of it. we'll be talking with house freedom caucus member mick mull vaneny. the pentagon expanding its drone base and operations in cameroon that's why the obama administration is sending a new deployment of american troops to africa. 7,000 of our troops are already deployed in more than a dozen countries on the continent and most are in djbouti. and i want to go straight to the issue of afghanistan. al qaeda remains. the taliban is not only not been destroyed by america over a
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14-year period, the longest in our history, but, in fact, is resurgent. what in the world good will it do to keep half of the troops we have there in perpetuity? jonathan, i'll ask you first. >> i think what we're trying to do is to put a bandage on this wound. we shouldn't have withdrawn in the first place. i should say very clearly withdraw does not work on the battlefield. you can't decide you're going to pick up and leave a battlefield when the war is not won. we tried to do that here. we actually signaled this to the entire world that we were ready to drawdown and the taliban took notice. it's not just the taliban anymore. we're seeing isis there as well. we were about to leave afghanistan in a worse place. now we're going to keep our men and uniform there to try to hold things together. i don't think that will work, unfortunately. >> k.t., your judgment? >> i think one of the most craven things a president does
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is to send american men and women into harm's way to fight and bleed and die when he doesn't believe in the mission, when he doesn't believe it will succeed and he does it merely to score political points. president obama looks at iraq and says, okay, he's being blamed for the rise of isis and the disaster of iraq. he doesn't want to make the same mistake in afghanistan, so he'll leave just enough forces in there so he can pushlg it on t the next president. he doesn't want two so give it to the next president. >> i think one of the most craven views any country and a great country superpower, our nation, could do is send troops into harm's way. >> absolutely. >> and we are doing it and we're doing it in my opinion, jonathan, because we do not have a selective service system. these are wars of choice being fought within limiting and constraints and halfheartedness
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by our leaders because those folks in uniform, the best military we ever had, are not represented in our government. they're not represented by our chief executive, our commander in chief. am i wrong? >> look, you're not wrong and i think, you know, we have some systemic issues that we need to deal with. but i would actually argue that some of this is just simply ideological that right now we have been fighting a war for really the last 14 years. it's a war against a force that we can call islamic fundamentalism or militant islam, whatever you leike to cal it, we've not figured out how to deal with it. >> if that's the case we should be ashamed and pull every one of our soldiers and service member off the field of combat immediately because if we -- if we don't have the sense, the judgment and the decency to fight to win, what in the world are we asking these young men
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and women to do in the name of this nation and its cause? k.t.? >> you're making the right point. >> k.t.? >> you know, there's one thing that is worse than getting involved in the situation is getting involved in a situation and losing and that's what we've had a record of doing in the last several wars whether -- >> to my point, k.t. >> you go to when. up are so right, you cannot ask americans to go and fight and knowing they're not going to win. that's what we're doing. >> i want both of you to comment on this because we've just heard vladimir putin say this country's weak and what he's saying is he runs more sorties in a day than we were running against the islamic state in a month, what he's saying he means to kill the damn enemy and we've got people fussing around acting that it's more important where their certificate of merit is on their uniform as they brush off the third or fourth star. this is sickening to watch. >> and, you know, the primary
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responsibility for a commander in chief is whether you use military force use it to win. don't go in just because you don't know what else to do. don't go in, well, because you want to score some political points. do it, get in there and win and get out. otherwise you've got the greatest gift this constitution gives us is civilian control of the military but that requires a president that will use it judiciously and successfully. >> it requires civilian leadership of some capacity and character and purpose, otherwise it doesn't really matter much what that leadership is whether it's civilian or military. if they don't meet those standards, jonathan, you get the last word here. >> i would just say that what everybody is taking their lead from the president, right? whether it's civilian or it's active military, they are taking their orders from a commander in chief who is deeply ambivalent about american power. it's why we signed a deal with
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iran that was deeply flawed because we simply didn't want conflict. it's why we're concerned about working with the israelis because they've been drawing heat from the rest of the arab world. we wouldn't get into syria and why we're leaving iraq and afghanistan. we need new leadership, leadership that is not afraid to fight the fights that are worth fighting. >> two points if i may, i said i would give you the last word. i will interject this one if i may, it was -- the iranian nuclear deal was the president of the united states not consulting with the congress of the united states and only with the members of the permanent national security council and the united nations. and secondly, to an example, a former navy vice admiral, john kirby, the state department said this about the two parties engaged in israel and palestine
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if you will. he said -- well, let's hear what he said, we've got the video and the sound. >> i would say certainly individuals on both sides of this divide have proven capable of and in our view guilty of acts of terror. >> either of you violently ill upon hearing the former admiral? >> lou, i think this president -- they're winding up to abandon israel before the end of the administration. >> jonathan, you get the last word, this time for real. >> look tim, it's not a cycle o violence, they are getting shot. 99% of what the palestinians are doing is considered terrorism and it needs to be recognized as such from an administration with moral clarity. we're not seeing that. unfortunate. >> i promise also you the last words and there they are. appreciate it, jonathan. thank you, k.t. >> thanks, lou.
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the latest fox news presidential polls we'll have the newest polls on the republican race. and guess what? a jeb bush plan. dirty tricks? she's caught trying to taunt donald trump. >> i don't think that you're a friend to women.
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in a display of what can only be called brash arrogance congressman paul ryan is reportedly demanding that if he were to seek the speakership of the house he would require unconditional support from all republicans but it appears support will be conditional nonetheless. congressman jim jordan and mick mullvaney saying ryan needs to reform and give rank and file members more authority and opportunity not exactly unconditional. joining us tonight fox news digital politics editor chris stirewalt, chris, good to have you with us. >> good to be here. >> let's start with carson and donald trump. he's closed in the latest poll. one point. >> 11 points he has jumped 11 points since august and is now essentially in a tie, not just essentially, physically, hose in
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a tie for the lead in our poll. this is -- this confounds everything that political science would tell us about how this is supposed to work, right? you have a first-time candidate -- you throw the art at the end and true it up, it covers over everything, something you put on made-up words. but the things that carson starts out with, low name identification, no political experience, no organization and he also looks like he is half asleep. he is sort of drowsing his way through. >> often sounds that way. >> and the effort to dismiss carson over and over and over again, he has been written out of the play several times and yet here he is. and i will tell you why, people like and trust him. well, what do you know about that? voters like and trust him and think that he's a good guy and
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that's working hugely in his advantage. >> i didn't know how big the -- big the move was, but this was all presaged i'm going to throw a big word or two out myself, by "the washington post" columnist saying he's a crazy man. i mean, when they start that stuff as the -- as the national liberal media is, that means he's starting to show real strength, isn't he? >> there is something in the republican electorate that responds so well to when the press starts attacking somebody. it's the sign, they say, aha, this guy must be okay, if "the new york times," "washington post," et cetera is going after -- if chris matthews gets frothed over this person there must be something good here. >> those have always can among my metrics, i assure you. >> they respond instinctively to that and they get there and enspect the material, is it a good choice, a bad choice. what carson did he made the pundit class heads explode and everybody freaked out and the
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republican electorate came and looked at him and said this guy could be all right. what's great about it as a black republican, as a conservative black republican he confounds even more because they can't criticize him the way that they might have with a white candidate. and when they finally give in as "gq" said "s" blank blank blank blank ben carson -- >> "gq" is always so classy with their language. >> and they release the hounds, they look nuts. >> speaking of looking nuts, when we look at what happened with jeb bush and dropping down in the polls, the man cannot break, it seems, for any period of time out of single digits. fear regiiorina who was suppose so strong at a high percent in this latest poll. ted cruz moving up and i want to give you credit, number one, on the stirewalt power rankings a week ago, and you saw this
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coming apparently because now he's sitting up there with 10%. >> here's what i expect expect who is running an enormously disciplines campaign and raising just boatloads of money, as he is doing this and moving through and building this organization in these states, especially for the march primaries in the south -- >> right. >> -- and across the southern u.s., so as he does that he's putting himself in a position where he's betting that as the process works through and voters become more interested in records and not necessarily credentialism but track record but as they move that way and look to the general election for electability that cruz will be the guy that will inherit support from carson and donald trump and he's the guy in the final pairing with either rubio -- well, right now it would look like rubio. >> how about the dobbs' iq test here and that is for the candidates -- you and i won't enter into that. >> no, i want out.
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>> the fact of the matter is i think we've got some of the highest iqs ever in american presidential politics running here. when you talk about cruz. when you talk about carson. you talk about trump. fiorina, i mean, the numbers get pretty impressive when talking about their smarts, tonight tdo? >> you mentioned cruz and carson, if you're a credentialist -- >> i'm not much of those. i'm an iq guy. >> you're not. but if you are a credentialist, an elitist which is what most of washington is, he went to school here, he worked there, he did that, ergo, he's qualified for the job, the hillbilly from west virginia he's smart, let's do that. >> a little of that was on display in 2008, wasn't it? a little. >> just a smidgen. and they have it both, both carson and cruz have the credentials. >> trump's got some pretty good credentials, so does fiorina.
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they have some achievement. do-ers, achievers. >> some cachet. up next a few thoughts on the president's failures in foreign policy. and they are bikers used to taking risks. we'll show you some that don't seem worth i
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a few brief thoughts if i may now on the obama presidency with a little more than a year to go. i think most americans, most of us, now believe we've perhaps been a little too polite about the failings of this white house. much too nice about its incompetencies and its confused goals and mindless policies that contradict our national interests. now, i move tonight to mention the equally obvious but often unspoken quality of this president and this white house, their overriding, often
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overwhelming characteristic seems to be this by any standard -- they are the weirdest bunch ever assembled as a presidential administration, which makes this presidency not only particularly weird, but historically weird. by way of example, iran today approved the nuclear deal that obama constructed with obama and hardly ever mentioned the leaders of the u.n. security council, that putin, that's xi, hollande and angela merkel and iran has showed off all sorts of new weapons including advanced torpedos, but most troubling the flaunting of a new precision guided long-range ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and capable of hitting israel. today in another show of iranian power and demonstration of president obama's weakness, iran's revolutionary guard showed the world a once secret
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underground missile base packed with medium and long-range balistic missiles, iran said it has hundreds of such bases around the country stocked to the roof with ready-to-fire missiles, just the latest in a series of dangerous and provocative iran. and the obama administration seems to only beginning to understand the price of the president's desperate acquiescence to the demands of the ayatollah, the supreme ruler. and the obama response to the iranian provocations and their insults? why, the white house mustered the courage to acknowledge that iran's missile test this week appeared -- appeared -- to violate u.n. security resolution 1929 which bans iran from conducting such tests. that resolution is in place until the nuclear deal officially goes into effect.
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after which iran will merely be called upon, quote, end quote, not to conduct such tests. in another brilliant stroke of dealmaking the obama administration has agreed to replace a ban against ballistic missile testing with what would be a request. purely voluntary. the white house assures the ayatollah. the iranians violated the u.n.'s enforceable outright ban, so just what possibly does our president think the iranians will do with a feeble request? we've all been overly polite witnesses to a presidential administration that seems completely devoid of talent and completely lost in their own warped world view. and over the remaining 15 months of this increasingly weird presidency, the rest of us will be fortunate indeed if we are only witnesses to not victims of
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what is now clearly a failed experiment in american government. our quotation of the evening, on being overly polite, when we should care enough to be straightforward. paul valery, a french philosopher said this, politeness is organized indifference. i doubt many of us will be indifferent to the events over the remainder of this administration. we're coming right back. stay with us. unbelievable! >> donald trump is dom nationaling the polls in early primary states, but trump isn't primary states, but trump isn't former governor john.ú.úññññ
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benghazi collect completeco blasted the committee saying the committee was designed to go after hillary clinton. quote, mr. hanna has never asked for a briefing by the committee staff. recently mr. hanna and i talked informally about the committee and he raised neither questions with the scope or the approach of the committee. it is unfortunate when claims are made by those who do not know what the committee has done, why highwhe has done it o results of its work. our next guest has also defended
4:33 am
gowdy's work and he's served on the government reform committees and he's a member of the house freedom caucus, congressman, good to have you with us. >> lou, thanks as always. >> let's start with congressman hanna, what in the world was that about? >> not sure. i'd actually forgotten this morning until richard was in congress. i'm not sure where he was coming from with that but i guess he's a republican from new york. you tell me. i was talking to trey on the way over here and trey said when he talked to richard today he could not name a single witness that the committee had talked to or a single witness they had not talked to. my guess is this is a circumstance where a politician a afraid of using his seat back home and willing to say anything to get re-elected and that's something that happened to richard. >> we'll give him equal time at some point -- >> i'm sure i'll hear from richard after that comment later on tonight. >> certainly everybody's hearing from him, so i guess that's fair play. turning to the committee and the
4:34 am
focus on hillary clinton. the fact is that's the point of it. she was secretary of state on september 11th and 12th when what transpired in benghazi resulted in the loss of four american lives. are we going to see a -- is there going to -- in your judgment -- be real acmplimentn t par o thegoy b gzi sect mmite wh hilry cnton testies? ll, thie aoingo t t the botm o wt actually happened which has been the point from the beginning. look, there, of course, democrats trying to make political points on this for a long time now and one republican. but the truth of the matter is you should judge the committee by its actual work what it's done up until now and the hearing next week and the report it puts out after that. we can put political spin on anything if we want to and that's something we do in washington, d.c.. >> we've noticed that. >> but maybe we can judge the
4:35 am
committee by how ity cosh s wilhaap neee be wayha it's all about. >> let's turn to another area that is sort of remarkable, and that is someone to succeed john boehner speaker of the house. what's interesting is he hasn't now -- he's put his withdrawal, his resignation apparently on hold. paul ryan is asked daily whether or not he'll take the job. he has said daily that he won't, yet no one has stepped forward. we mentioned trey gowdy, and he's said he doesn't want the job period. what is going on with the republicans in the selection of a speaker? >> well, i actually think there's probably a dozen folks who have sort of tossed their name out there and said they'd be interested in running if paul doesn't run. the bottom line what folks are not talking about, there's a lot of folks who can unit us. paul ryan is one of those people, probably at the top of the list. the house freedom caucus has
4:36 am
endorsed dan webster. he's got a lot of things going for him, but the truth of the matter is there's a lot of folks who could unite us. there's a lot of folks who just don't like the way the house has been run under mr. boehner, before him mr. cantor when he was majority leader, and they want to change jordan was arti said it well, and daniel webster, talking about moving power back to the people's representatives rather than investing it in a speaker of the boehner mold, which by the way, everything that i'm seeing and hearing is that paul ryan wants the same thing, that is, absolute obedience from the rank and file. i mean, this is mindless stuff it seems to me for the republican party, and counter to the freedom kaw culcaucus it wom to me, its value. am i confused? >> no. i don't believe that about paul, but if paul or anybody else were to come out and say i want to be
4:37 am
speaker and i want this blind, unconditional support, that personal is not going to be speaker. simply because the objections come not just from conservatives but all across the republican party. in the private sector we would call this creative destruction. we have a bad product. we've had an organization that's put out a bad product for a long time and we have to change the way we've done business. it happens in all businesses and it should happen now in congress. it's going to be messy and sloppy but it's going to get done and we'll be better for it on the other side. >> and hopefully so will the country. congressman, we apprec yaiate y time. good luck. our congress can be a little conti contentiou contentious, but at least we are not tossing tear gas, had is what happened today, and it forced the suspension of the
4:38 am
session and they were upset with kosovo's deals with serbia and montenegro. that seems a little extreme, doesn't it? joining us now for more on the 2016 race, former white house chief of staff under president george h.w. bush, former new hampshire governor john sununu and also author of the new book "the quiet man" as he looks at the life and types of our 41st president. good to have you with us. >> good to be here, lou, how are you this evening? >> well, i'm good. and i'm fascinated with these polls. the four early primary states, iowa, new hampshire, nevada, south carolina, donald trump is dominating. it's just extraordinary. what is -- what do you see politically here that is new, different and has made every savant on the issue back in june utterly wrong? >> lou, i've never seen a race
4:39 am
like this. particularly this early in the campaign. it really still is early. but i don't hear -- i can speak for new hampshire better than the other states. >> sure. >> but i don't hear people talking about issues. i don't hear people comparing who's liberal and who's conservative. i only hear people talking about what is effectively television persona. and the personalities of the individuals. and that's a little scary because when we elected the last president based on the fact he was historic, we ended up with somebody with no experience that didn't know how to run the white house or frankly had no experience in foreign policy. if we now make a mistake and go by persona instead of philosophy, experience, or positions, i think we're going to end up with the same mess. >> well, as we look to those who are in politics, who -- with some experience, you know, we
4:40 am
look for some guidance, you know, who -- you know, the candidates that you think would be best. i mean, of this field, i've said it, i said this group -- we're at 15 now and subtracting, who there is not qualified? i mean, this is a terrific group of people. >> it is a terrific group. there are some with a track record. i'd like to suggest when people ask me how they can make decisions, i tell them go look at what people have done. >> yeah. >> go look at what they've accomplished. who has cut taxes. who has reduced the size of government. who has dealt with the legislature and gotten legislation back? who has a philosophy that they made commitments to and then delivered on them when they got into office, whether governors or senators or whatever. i really think at some point this race has to turn to a position where the voters are going to start looking at that kind of experience as having some significance as they try to sort it out.
4:41 am
>> when you look at fiorina, carson, trump, the three of them, ted cruz even though he is an insider is now making a strong move, i mean, voters are basically saying, we want something different because we've had a taste of all that other stuff and it leaves a very bitter, bitter aftertaste. >> well, sometimes something different is not what you think it is. >> no, no. no question about it. but you understand the frustration that people have. >> oh, sure. oh, sure. look, we've gone through a period of time after seven years of chaos in the white house, everybody's frustrated. after seven years of congress not performing all the voters are frustrated. but i really do suggest to people that they understand that the biggest reason for paralysis in washington is lack of presidential leadership. nothing happens in washington without presidential leadership. >> and i'm not going to be able
4:42 am
to get you to endorse a candidate. your son running for governor has endorsed john kasich. >> no, it's my other son who has endorsed john kasich. >> oh, that's right. >> it's former senator sununu endorses john kasich. i have a son christopher running for governor in new hampshire. >> you have such a dynasty there, i can't keep up with you, john. how do you feel about dynasties in politics? >> i think it's okay in new hampshire. >> next time you talk to barbara bush, you guys can kind of bring it all up to date. john, thanks for being here. >> thank you. thanks for having me on. socialism on parade at the first democratic debate. bernie sanders and hillary clinton escalating the great democratic giveaway. what won't these two with taxpayer money to get elected? >> enhance the benefits for the
4:43 am
poorest recipients of social security. >> make every public college and university in this country tuition free. >> former reagan white house political director, republican strategist, ed rollins, joins us
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joining us tonight former
4:47 am
reagan white house political director, republican strategist, fox news political analyst ed rollins. ed, you must have had a hoot last night watching that. do you think -- who won it? >> hillary did. hillary was -- she was substantive. she's a good debater. the rest of them -- there's not one on the stage who is legitimate candidate to be president. they may all be nice people but you had a socialist out there basically advocating pure socialism and no one argued with him, so it's just -- >> yeah. what do you say about people who said, you know, these are a bunch of socialists up there with the exception prograerhaps jim webb who was sort of confused there for a moment? >> jim webb is a great hero. >> i'm not taking anything away from him. >> he set the tone, it's the redistribution of wealth, everybody who has money is screwed up and it's the old "robin hood" stuff we've heard for 100 years without any
4:48 am
solutions other than let's tax the rich more and basically raise rates and nothing about how you create jobs or what have you. >> i'd like to share with the audience this when hillary was asked what would be the difference between an obama administration and a hillary administration. >> finally fathers will be able to say to their daughters you, too, can grow up to be president. >> secretary clinton, how would you not be a third term of president obama? >> well, i think that's pretty obvious. i think being the first woman president would be quite a change. well, i can't think of anything more of an outsider than electing the first woman president, but i'm not just running because i would be the first woman president. >> well, it sure sounds like that's the reason she's running. >> i think she probably could have said that four or five more times during the course of the night. >> that's what she's saying, she's a woman, vote for me. >> we've had 44 men in the white house and many of them have proven that any man in america
4:49 am
can be president -- >> some of them have proved that any fool in the country can be president. >> i think the rationale for her running has always been this, i worry more about a third term not just obama but a third term of clinton and i think to a certain extent that cast of characters on the stage last night and, again, i go back to bernie sanders, bernie sanders is a socialist. socialism has not worked anywhere in the world. >> do you really think he's going to be a serious -- let's be real honest about it. hillary clinton is 20 points ahead of him. >> i understand that. but at the end of the day there wasn't a single person who challenged any of his premises last night and that's the issue. the democratic party today is a party that believes -- i believe in equal opportunity. i don't believe in equality, i believe in equal opportunity. >> that's great, ed, do you know what -- let's put this up. the number of people who ended up following everybody on twitter as a result by the end of the debate, can we put up the full screen of this? the number one winners i said was donald trump.
4:50 am
but look at this. next sanders. 46,000 followers he added last night. clinton only 10,000. o'malley, 5,200, webb 3,000, biden 3,000 and he forgot to show up. i mean, this deal -- they just don't really care. they're talking -- that whole message of that -- it seemed to me that debate was we're going to take your money, if you got some, and we're going to give it to you if you don't have some. that's a pretty appealing deal if you are one of those folks without any. >> it's appealing to me. i could get roger ails to give me your check and you could have mine and that's not going to happen. >> i would be nervous there for a while. >> i don't want your job. you do a great job. >> that's kind. and do you know what, i'm going to reciprocate, i don't want yours. you do a great job. >> thank you. >> for two guys -- >> a couple of beat-up old jocks that did pretty well. that's the great part of america, that's what it is and that's what we need to keep advocating.
4:51 am
>> you got it. ed rollins, always good to have you here. thanks very much. a professional slack-liner taking his sports to new levels. get this, a 33-year-old daredevil suspended over a slack line suspended over a colorado lake with hungry alligators. who knewhey had alligators in colorado. he maled it out alive but he warned anyone watching not to try the stunt at home. doggone it, i was going to do it, too, thank goodness he gave us that warning. >> me, too. >> i'm guessing they had to bring in the alligators special for this spot. that was thoughtful. and a professional mountain biker giving everyone a taste of what it's like to ride one of the serious, most unforgiving racer strapped on a gopro to ride down a mountain in utah. a swiss fellow goes to utah to ride this, the trail so treacherous in certain parts it's almost impossible to ride your bike. i would say it is impossible to
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ride your bike, but there he did it. yes, really, really precise. up next, california's governor speaking of peculiar signs a law that could allow illegal immigrants to vote and illegal immigrants to vote and he does so
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that they and their families would get the benefits and support they earned. we fight for all veterans so that promise is kept. dav. for help, visit
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california becomes the first state to outlaw public schools
4:56 am
from using the redskins name for mascots for sports team. governor jerry brown sending the so-called racial mascot act making the logo illegal where there are only four public schools that use the name in the state. joining us now two of the best attorneys in the business, both fox news legal analysts. free speech? >> free speech. >> what's the effect? >> i'm biased on this because i grew up in the town with the yakima insidians and nobody had problem with that it was on the indian reservation in yakima. i personally don't under tstand the outrage. >> is it manufactured? >> how could you tell people that they can't even say the word, you know? or put it on sweaters or anything like that. >> you are talking about left-wing fascism, we're watching it at work here. >> first amendment rights it's
4:57 am
not unfettered. but something like this it doesn't have any sort of -- >> there's no hate crime. >> it's not hate crime. >> there isn't anything that stops you from saying redskins and the tribal leaders don't have an issue with this. this is the whole joke of it. >> is it appropriate for a governor to sign an order making it so? >> as long as it's not hate speech which this is not. then it's not. then you've run right into the first amendment. >> it's not proper. >> let's stick with california because it's such fertile ground as some would say. jerry brown also, you know, signing this new motor voter act, go and get your driver's license and your -- >> for illegal immigrants. that's it. an illegal immigrant can get the driver's license in california, so now under this if you go and get your driver's license automatically you get to vote and you're illegal. >> but it's so outrageous because one of the benefits of being a u.s. citizen in this country is to be able to vote. >> don't tell me, tell jerry
4:58 am
brown. tell the citizens and residents i guess -- >> is he governor of the republic of california? did i hear that? i remember that. >> exactly. and it is the constitution-free republic of california it appears. why is there no action -- oh, i forgot who runs this government. >> yes. >> and it's california. it's california. >> it's cemented as a democratic state. >> this citizen initiative sort of goes with the justice department with the scitizenshi to register 8, almost 9 million quote un, quote, residents in this country to vote by 2016, mind you. would that appeal, do you think, to illegal immigrants again? >> of course. >> ha! >> is this another way to get at the illegal immigrants. i think we're all -- >> to give them the ability to vote. >> yes. >> are there any questions about whether the borders are open, why this administration is not enforcing immigration law, not enforcing security at our borders? any questions?
4:59 am
>> it was certainly cemented for the democratic party because the illegal immigrants by a huge margin -- >> i bet the republicans will stamp their feet and say, no, we'll sue you, maybe later. >> when, after the election? >> 2017. >> let's turn, 6,000 pressners to be freed at the end of this month by this president. >> this one drives me crazy because they say, oh, you know, they are soft felons these aren't the hard felons. but that's not true. they are drug dealers and murderers that will be let loose on technicality. >> maybe they murdered softly. >> yes. >> pillow. >> when are people going to figure out that this administration has duped everyone, the republican party, everyone with -- independents, anyone in this country who is a citizen, has traditional views of our society. who believes in law and order? >> anybody who is sitting here and complaining about this decision have only themselves to
5:00 am
blame. why did you vote him in in 2012? >> i think we have a lot more people to blame including just about everybody in this administration if i may add those names. >> it's your show. >> exactly. >> join us monday. have a good weekend. good night from new york. colonel sanders failed until he was 65 years old. john. john: charlie brown ever learn from his failures. but we can learn from failure. try and try again.


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