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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 26, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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us and also to the viewers. please join charles every night at 6:00 p.m.. don't miss a minute of "making money". >> good evening. at least one state dr. ben carson has surged past donald trump and. for pulls out a vial was showing carson with the double-digit lead while trump leads in the other three primary states nationally he is comfortably on top of all the polls. trump responded quickly to the surprise second place showing he sharpened the attacks against carson and did not hesitate to raise the issues.
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also told the president obama seems to think of russia and its leader as weak and mr. obama doesn't seem concerned to cater advantage of the united states only them latest move closer as putin continues to forge closer ties with iran and syria and iraq that plague those u.s. telecommunications and the aggression of some instances wrecking foreign-policy with a former pentagon official k.t. mcfarland. also the head of the new york police department largest union denounces quentin tarantino after he referred to police as
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murderers. the union now calls for a police boycott of tarantino. should the public join them? we have our experts we will be right back with that part of the top story the fight for i was in the republican presidential nomination. carson overtakes trump by double digits as they plan to face-off with the g.o.p. debate. but governor bush is struggling with sagging poll numbers and the chief political correspondent has the report. >> before attending a strategy session jeb bush outlined cost-cutting steps having said for months he sounded fed up.
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i don't want any part of their. ended is to demonize them. >> the iowa caucus 14 weeks for tonight and knows the time is short and he looks like the manager running to his parents. >> they're all taking it a cut of 50% so now he is leaning with mom and dad. it is true. >> the polls came today even the "des moines register" last week all for show cars and strong with evangelical christians who tend to decide the caucuses. trump refuses to apologize
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signy does not seem as a religious figure all this weekend he raised eyebrows. >> that is the middle-of-the-road in all fairness. as the seventh-day adventist i don't know about. >> those who have different rituals and traditions he gives all credit to god as his success distinguishing himself and trump. >> refused to get into the mud pit. hillary was right when she said the republicans are they're trying to destroy each other. >> i didn't say anything bad i just don't know. i would give an apology by said something bad and i did not provide just that i don't know. >> traditionally muslim arab women cover their head discards.
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would that be easier? if i was of women still bernanke inherited his father's real estate empire. >> it has not been easy a start up in brooklyn my father gave me a small loan of $1 million a cave into manhattan i had to pay him back with interest bikila between 200 and 400 million to his children be is credited to expand his father's empire. >> to highlight the differences between the two arabia a a tougher strategy to keep it interesting and that is so i would describe it as healthy cynicism
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having its fair share of struggles. >> as a very clinton and celebrates her 68th birthday she is in the strongest position so far although there are still hurdles over the fbi investigation of her e-mail. those unveiled a new strategy in addition to the normal targets. seven clinton is responding to say he made sexist comments and then releasing a new television ad. >> tsa per your president you will be paid as much as if you are a male? [cheers and applause] >> this is one of the jobs they have to pay the same. >> at the jefferson jackson
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dinner there were sites -- signs that said i will fight for her. earlier they said she was shouting over gun control. >> i haven't been shouting and sometimes when a woman speaks out some people think it is shouting. [cheers and applause] >> he laughed off the charge >> all that i can say is i am very proud of my record on women's issues. >> slamming the series like the pacific trade deal. is not now nor has it ever ben the entree agreement. >> meanwhile biden's exit speech to the rose garden may have been a way to the wood dash leave the door open if clinton collapses. >> it sounded like i have a
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plan if you need me. >> there is some truth to that. >> damages doing - - clinton is doing damage control saying that they are pulling the scandal of the veterans administration out of proportion. >> it has not been as widespread as it has been made out to me. >> that is very serious while veterans died waiting for care she says she realizes they deserve the benefits they have burned. -- earned. lou: now projecting the power of the middle east afghanistan turning to russia for help the afghan president past putin for artilleries small arms to boost the struggling military.
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the move comes after the united states and the allies has pulled most of the troops from afghanistan and did pakistan and parts of india aren't recovering from the 7.five earthquake that struck this morning. 240 people killed and hundreds injured. new york police union is calling for a boycott of quentin tarantino film's after the director took part against a law-enforcement rally organized by the black wives matter group. it took place four days after a police officer were shot and killed on the job. >> i am a human being with a conscience and when i see murder i cannot stand by and i have to call the murdered
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the murdered and their murderers. >> you did fires back to say it is no surprise that someone who makes a living glorifying crimes and violence is a cop heitor at one dash cater also. also sparking rage one post test - - protester replace the american flag that read unapologetic the black. we will take up the border of law enforcement when we come back. stay with us. >> obamacare declared he would crush brigitte -- russian economy it is now faced with the alliance and russia and china and iran. day obama wedd house has no response to the strategic challenge. up next our experts.
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lou: the pentagon is not
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commenting on "the new york times" reports the russian submarines are operating aggressively under the undersea cables between the united states and europe and asia but officials say they have not seen this kind of activity since the cold war. military commanders are now expressing concern they might be cut rather than simply tap into. most of them are owned and operated by a large telecommunications company that include google. they carry $10 trillion per day of pro-business and 95 percent of the world communication and over half -- the cables could wrap around the world 70 times.
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former national security adviser and former pentagon official katydid for land. let's start with the adn our military is defined as the prospect of a threat to the cables themselves. >> we do the same thing when i was in the nixon administration it was called operation ivy bells we listened to their communications are they listening to doing something else? will day drop for hack into them? >> but has raised the prospect and my second question is why wouldn't that always be the possibility you would assign to the enemy strategist?
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>> in this is the general push to challenge american interest all around the world to show that he has tremendous leverage and once things from the united states but he wants to show he can push the united states around. >> is there any doubt that is what he is doing? criticism of president to said he will bring putin to his needs to crush the nation and we have not seen that occur. >> made the opposite happens lou: this is what shocks me.
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if they say we will crush your economy or put sanctions on your. i haven't heard one commentator said may be obama with a little too far? and for the red line. that is not impeachable. >> and then weighed dash through that so now we're no longer in a position to help shape events. >> is that your judgment that he has put a risk our national security in ways that his advisers and he himself did not even come close to envisioning?
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>> no question the president general retrenchment from the world and which he has taken action against them he had made it a hard enough to make it hurt but not too hard to get the job done in their responses to punch back and they don't feel any resistance right now. so this is when they give very dangerous with nuclear powers one this leads the other. that is when miscalculations happen especially with nuclear weapons are involved >> it is inconceivable this administration would not understand to carry out an active for to reduce a
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nuclear power play cannot even imagine what what went through his mind now to see the south china sea a building on the part of china invaded asda occupy russia of the revitalization and the refurbishment of least six soviet era bases in the arctic and this president is responding at all. >> i've wanted to make speeches but that is where the problem comes. so we get push push push and putin will continue but then the question becomes what kind of resistance? where obama will push to the point. lou: we're watching vladimir
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putin in paris the united states of the world stage civic that is the case i don't think though man in the white house sees about way he thinks he plays of great game of three-dimensional chess and is in a quagmire in syria and he beats his chest like a macho man but none of that matters. he has a weak economy independents on oil and prices are low. lou: economically, if you are watching what is happening watching putin expanded his power that has command over so much of the
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world's resources so in a conflict would create the economic benefit from russia >> absolutely. so the price of oil goes up in guess is we'll does go to market? it is a win-win situation. >> they love conflict in their wright on the doorstep of saudi arabia. they have the military power they can start cutting production to get the price of whale up so there is also the saudi russian play as well. >> vote tonight. cast your vote at their follow me on twitter.
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different republican president 5presidential nomination race, donald trump is still the g.o.p. frontrunner even though in iowa, ben carson has taken the lead. trump immediately goes on the attack. and raises questions about carson's religion or lack of it he goes after attacking establishment candidate jeb bush. who promised to campaign with joy in his heart. but saturday governor bush sounded whiney. >> if this election is about how we're going to fight to get nothing done, then i don't want to be any part of it, i don't want to be elected to be president to see gridlock become so dominant, that is not my motivation, i have a lot of
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cool things i could do rather than sitting around. that is a joke. elect trump if you want that. lou: ooh. i don't think he meant that as an endorsement. this is not what we need from our leaders, that is a dark vision i thought, whining, a real sense of en tea entitlemen the part of the former govern r governor. jeb may be incapable of grasping that country is 320 million people whose leaders cost many millions of folks their jobs and tens of millions of folks their savings and retirement, we don't need more bs. note on bush and clinton by the way, your respective gene pools are in effect responsible for much of the mess that afflict this country right now, the
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establishment has owned both for a very long time. let me translate what the polls are saying to you. if you would care to listen and your strategists as well. americans are hoping they can did a lot better than third of you. -- than either of you, weather there are hopes are realized in 26 elect i have no real idea but i do know that so should, 72% of americans are dissatisfied with the direction our country is headed, 77% of republican voters prefer an outsider candidate who'll change how things are done, american are looking for leadership and leaders who inspire not sell out in their first presidential sit down with the chamber of commerce, business round table and k street lobbyists be they don't need to hear the privileged running for office whine about the difficulty of
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all. or crow faith of the evening -- our quotation of the evening from jeff bezos, he said, what we need to do is always lean into the future. when the world changes around you, and when it changes against you. what used to be a tailwind is now a headwind, you have to lean into this, and figure out what to do because, complaining is not a strategy. i repeat, complaining is not a strategy. we're coming right back. >> ben carson trumped donald trump in the latest polling of iowa voters, how is trump responding? we take it off with hank shine cough and jude ilg miller up next, we're coming right back stay with us.
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as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. lou: the top news donald trump top choice of kr-6s in new hampshire and south carolina according to a cbs news poll, but a monmouth university poll shows dr. ben carson opening a 14 point lead in iowa. some doctors no nigh tonight saw might be a good time to think about cutting down on eats some red meat. the processed meat are a cause
7:36 pm
of cancer. >> and republicans in congress, sprascrambling to reach a deal a new budget before paul ryan is electioned speaker. he is to have that vote thursday, joining us now hank scheincofigures and jud judy mi, the poll said 22% of folks in iowa have decided if they go to caucus who they will be voting for, known what import we should attach to this, no one knows better than hank. >> attach a trend line to it. what is the trend? conservatives, a lot of evangelicals in iowa they like carson right now. lou: to new hampshire, what do
7:37 pm
you have 30 point lead assuming the polls are right. >> we're going to be polled to death by the time we get to the races, and the electio the e-- e will change, the key thing that we've been talking about for weeks and months is extent to which republican voters, love the idea of an outsider, and that has remained constant as individuals go up and down. lou: as i point out, we're looking at 8 out of every 10 americans, want an outsider. >> right. that is astonishing. lou: you are looking at about 7 out of 10 they that country is going in the wrong damn direct, many of these candidates except
7:38 pm
for outsidersable like it is business as usual. >> the problem is that political scientists have done research, they found more often than not -- the elite control party nomination out come. that is the expectation here. the republicans, they may not suffer that for one reason they change the rules how they go through the nomination process. lou: i think they got a surprise when they changed everything, they thought they would assure the establishment candidate the inservices has been the -- the inverse has been the effect. >> i agree. >> a big error. lou: yo you say error? >> republicans say they went outsider candidates but 7 out of 10 said they think that hillary clinton would beat the outsider, that tells us something about
7:39 pm
degree of frustration, bitterness and anger toward the political establishment. i don't know what republicans are doing about that. lou: sort this out, jeb bush as heard, for crying out loud that was such a moment of self pity and whining, at same time you have marco rubio saying, you know the senate is so boring. almost like he is campaigns on the know the senate is boring, i would rather be president. what is going on? >> rubio lost his mind, and bush is eyis a terrible candidate. lou: hillary clinton has to be thrilled to hear you saying that. >> i don't know if down the road, bush having said, i want to do something, if that did not a good thing, he is not exciting, yes he is boring. lou: for crying out loud, you are going to spin up that judy? really.
7:40 pm
>> not likely to work. why? people are thinking about this in different ways, he is a higha hierarchyial candidate. >> if republicans want to commit suicide i think you are happy about that. lou: let me ask you about committing suicide and felony and whatever, turning to democrats, the bern, and hillary clinton. now they are going at each other is that a artifice, is that a created convention to stir excitement or is it genuine. if i being too cynical? >> you are a cynical person, but i like that lou dobbs, it is genuine. >> they have no excite om that
7:41 pm
side, why not back and forth. lou: what about a trump with a run representing both parties that has never been done. judy miller. >> thank you. >> and hank. >> thank you. lou: clean up effort underway in texas after rim confident remnaf hurricane patricia. 30 water rescues in houston, there had 9 inches of rain over the weekend. in kentucky firearm enthusiasts gather add a gun range to shooting some spe spectacular, celebrating night shoot. 20 thousand participates look at that, a drone captured footage of 50,000 rounds of ammunition shot from hundreds machine gunners, lit up a night sky.
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like aarp medicarecomplete. let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare today. ♪ lou: joining ni now to discuss war against the law in this country, rod wheeler, former nypd officer, dan bongino, let me start if i may, tarantino making these comments calling police murderers. what is going to happen? law enforcement can't put up this this nonsense route responding. >> -- without responding. >> this is ridiculous, i there was saturday, i actually walked in that march because i wanted to talk and listen. to some of the people that felt
7:47 pm
they were being victimized by police, i heard tarantino make that statement, he is on the side of the murderers, i thought, how can you be on side of murderers when in every case, when he suggested that every case where police officers, usualluse-- le lethal force theg it wrong that is not true, i believe he was trying to get the crowd agitated. that is what he accomplished. lou: you said on side of the murderers, he calls police murderers. >> absolutely, he said -- >> is he aing to side o saying f police. >> no on the sides of police who were murdered by police, you know, what that is the most ridiculous thing i heard, one last thing he said i am a person
7:48 pm
with a conditio a a won' a cons. >> this is a remarkable statement. what are your thoughts? >> tarantino is an embarrassment to civilized human beings all over the globe at-this-point, i can't believe that a man whose wealth and prosperity is protected of debut the men and women of blue, who have thomas soul said, once society in civilization is a thin crust on a volcano that is maintained by men and women working for little salary of day, and risks their lives to protect losers like quentin tarantino who go out there and call them murderers.
7:49 pm
police use of force incidents is serious, there is no doubt, we have a process in u.s. for handling that, we have no process for instigating a rein of chaos and depersonalizing cops into a group of soy called -- so-called murderers, and making people hate them. lou: pat quinn calling for a boycott of tarantino, we're asking whether the public watching this broadcast what they would think of joining supportin police in a boycott. imstruck by fact that you know as people say, maybe politicians should say something, both parties speaking and addressing this issue. realization that president of the united states has said, he is supports black lives matter. >> right, you know. it is unfortunate we have come to this point, i agree with dan 100%, we know we have bad apples within the ranks of police department, but i have to
7:50 pm
suggest to you, and viewers that 99 percent of police officers are out there they do a tremendous job, they are not racist, something people would like to make you think they are. have you bad apples, have you bad apples never occupation, we do a very good job in police departments -- >> but the black lives matter, president of the united states his attorneys general, have succeeded in capturing narrative, because too money police officers and former police officers have to begin what they say with there are bad apples, the focus is the bad apple. and everyone understands, law enforcement officers put ity on the line for public safety every day. then you get last word. >> you know president obama needs to have -- that sister soldier moment that bill clinton had, ciali -- listen all lives r
7:51 pm
is not a controversial statement, only among the extremists in the party is dividing that, president needs to say that you but he will not say that, he is not a leader, he is a follower, and we're all suffering because of it. lou: than thank you. >> thank you. lou: turning to weekend box was on the. "the martian" top spot, up next, we take up leadership crisis here, we'll talk with a former navy seal who said lessons from combat can be applied toa to all types of business and life situations. no matter how fast the markets change,
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>> when next guest took lessons he learned and combat teaching readers how to achieve extraordinary results.
7:56 pm
retired navy seal commander is author of the book of u.s. navy lead and twin. >> it is fascinating. if you take the circumstances that you have encountered in combat in iraq in parallel in situations where you have to adapt and change the is from a negative to positive i recommended to all of you. where did the idea come from? >> when we were still in and we ended up in positions you were teaching leadership. so they would say do you have that written down with
7:57 pm
reference material we would put that together and pass it on. then we began to work with civilian companies. they said to have a reference we could use? once the demand signal was high enough and we morphed into the book. >> to be chronicled by toubon to bring down the bearer of the six instances with business in particular is remarkable. >> does your watching what is happening right now with the raid with the kurds the rehab them splattered all over the airwaves what is
7:58 pm
your reaction? >> my reaction is of course, to the deep sorrow metadata say horrible thing and countered by the fact is this and people are free. -- it goes to people are free. tom: with a special operation people what they're doing whether the difficile or delta force does that bother you? >> it makes for good stories and in the way with media and social media there is more openness with these elements that used to read
7:59 pm
in the dark. lou: your stories are inspiring those lessons that you talk about to take extreme of ownership and apply it to washington d.c.. how does it feel to be serving as a seal with that knowledge to look at washington d.c. as to go into combat? >> it definitely does not feel good. the other day with the benghazi trial we had an extreme lack of ownership. to say this was my responsibility i elegant this is a rival to fix it that is why it didn't work out. tuesday i made that decision to get osama bin on and. -- osama bin lot and.
8:00 pm
lou: still at work. extreme of worship is the book. great to have you here. time for the online poll results. looks like the beginning of the end of his campaign. >> hello. we are celebrating hillary clinton's birthday. with lincoln chafee out of their race she can prepay a sigh of relief without them for governor breeding down her neck so how she's celebrating? i imagine her in bill will take a few million out of the clinton foundation stock by the children's -- jewelers then watch "house of cards". or she w


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