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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 28, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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welcome to "the intelligence report." peter barnes will report on that. we're near the highs of the session. also breaking this hour, house republicans are set to choose nair nominee for the next speaker. first i want to go over to our very own peter barnes who has all the details out of the fed. peter? reporter: no change in interest rates, trish, no change in interest rates as expected. the fed noting that job growth has slowed and inflation remains below its 2% target. to the economic analysis now. says economic activity has been expanding at moderate pace but the pace of job gains has slowed and unemployment rate held steady since its september meeting. inflation continues to run below it is 2% objective because of lower energy prices and lower import prices but survey-based measure of longer term inflation expectations remain stable. it continues to monitor global economic and financial developments. it reaffirms its view that zero
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to quarter of a percent target rate for federal funds rate remains appropriate. jumping right to the vote, 9-0, excuse me, 9-1, again with richmond fed president jeffrey lacker supporting increase in rates. other nine members of fomc voting to keep them steady. trish? trish: market falling off highs of earlier in the session. the market is now up just 84 points. i don't know that anybody anticipated that the fed was actually going to move at this point. nonetheless, this is more solidifying that the fed is essentially in a position where it can't do a lot right now as we're in a slowing economy, to move on interest rates. that is reflected as we have a market up as much as 129 as we went into the decision. the fed voting 9-1 to maintain fed funds near zero. been there six plus years.
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it will be there who knows how long. republicans picking nominee for next speaker. paul ryan appears to have majority of the support. if chosen he would be youngest speaker of the house in 150 years. florida congressman dan webster is not backing down. he is only candidate running against paul ryan and sending out emails to for money. blake, any real contest here? reporter: if we learned anything over last month or so, trish, first with john boehner, or kevin mccarthy, just about anything can happen when house republicans huddle behind closed doors. a major surprise is not expected to be the case. congresswoman marcia blackburn told neil cavuto, she feels that paul ryan has the title all but locked up. >> yes, paul will have my support and i anticipate he is going to have a solid, solid number.
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he will get past the 218 in the conference this afternoon. reporter: you heard the number there, 211. that is indeed the magic number. appears just how many of 30 to 40 house freedom caucus members will support ryan to get him over the 218-vote hurdle. house republicans have been in private meeting last 20 or 25 minutes or some we anticipate a finally and announcement at some point over next hour. trish: thanks so much, blake burman. i want to bring in our all-star political panel. fox news contributors, megyn mccain and joe trippi. you're a fan of paul ryan. >> he is food for america and i understand people in the freedom caucus that disagree with me. there will not be a lost infighting after kevin mccarthy made one of the biggest political gaffs this year. i think it is helpful he is coming in and good leader. he is big uniter in a lot of different ways. >> that is what the republican party needs for sure in
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congress. joe trippi, do you think he will get it and if so the will bring unification so badly needed? >> i don't know know about the unification. look, he definitely will get it. i think it is good for the republican party to put a new face on speaker ship and to try to settle old scores and wipe the slate clean and start over, be unified going forward. all sounds good. wish him a lot of luck because i'm not even sure paul ryan can hold the house caucus, the republican caucus together. we're already sort of seeing signs of that, just in sort of response to the budget deal and other things. we'll see going forward whether he can pull it off. trish: there is a lot of anger now, megyn, against john boehner. there was a lot of anger at mccarthy as well. in terms of the budget deal -- >> anyone that take as leadership role in any place as washington insider, which means apparently being elected to office more than six days you're
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washington insider. i understand people -- it is ridiculous. paul ryan is incredible american. i have always been fan of his. tax wonk. family man. i love he brought in he wants to spend time with his family. trish: seen a lot of infighting with republican party. it has frustrated your father. frustrated you. how do you get beyond that? almost feels there is a couple of different parties out there right now? >> there are, anti-establishment venom. i understand it. i understand why people are so frustrated, pushes arrows at man like paul ryan and younger and fresher face for republican party -- trish: youngest in 150 years, can you believe that? >> i'm a big fan of paul ryan. i can't get on this train from the freedom caucus who say he is not conservative enough. trish: joe, you're enough after fan and pointing out that the republican party needs someone to bring them together but he does have his work cut out for him. >> well, look, i think a lot of the problems over many of the
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past years has been that john boehner couldn't move the party and get the caucus to be there with him. he could cut a grand bargain but it didn't do him any good. the question is can paul ryan do that. trish: you grew up in political household. you like what he said about his family making sure he had the time. >> i do. trish: share one of his comments. we can run it for you. he talks about the importance of family right now to him. >> i can not and will not give up my family time. i may not be on the road as often as previous speakers, but i pledge to try to make up for it with more time communicating our vision and message. trish: it is a tough job. you saw it first-hand. what are you giving up as in political office with that important family time?
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>> speaker of the house is on the road so much, traditionally raising a lot of money. politically the face of republican party, third most powerful person in office. paul ryan and his wife are young family and modernizing. i am daughter of a politician. i understand better than anyone else the kind of sacrifices. he says he will not sacrifice as much as others have in the past. interesting work life balance being made in politics. trish: we get the fed decision. no change on interest rates. we have market off significantly from where we started this hour. seven minutes ago we were up 129 points. now as you look at the dow we're up just about 20. we're still in positive territory. nonetheless you see investors backing off. why are they backing off? they may come to realization that the federal reserve is out of tricks. not a lot of things it can do right now. we're in an environment where we're growing anemically at best in this country. you have an international global economic situation that is also
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in very unstable condition people wonder how much more can you do? will we wind up with another round of money printing? is this qe4 on the way? we'll watch the market as we're up barely, just 24 points now. moving to the 2016 cam presidential campaign senator rubio is under fire from one of the biggest newspapers calling for candidate to resign. editorial, said, rubio has missed more votes than any other senator this year. his seat is regularly empty for floor votes, committee meetings and intelligence briefings. he says he is mia from his job because he find it frustrating and he wants to be president instead. backing up this argument, tally by our own researchers show that mr. rubio missed a whopping 99 votes. that is 34% of all votes during his campaign for the
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white house, but, but, it turns out this absenteeism isn't just a rubio specific problem. democrats, just as guilty. look at this, first-time senator, from illinois, senator obama, missed 38% of his votes while he was campaigning for the white house. hillary clinton, she missed 23%. and how do you like this one, for you. the politician caught playing hooky the most, john kerry. he missed 64% of all votes when he was campaigning in 2003. kind of making rubio look good, right? look, everyone should take their job seriously, no excuse for not voting, when running for office. you still have to do the day job. people elected you, but seems as though in this particular case there are those out there that are looking to take down marco rubio. never bothered to look at other records like john kerry's or president obama's. i'm here with megyn and with joe. i want to ask you, what do you
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think of this editorial that came out in florida? do you think it's fair? or are they really going into attack mode in a way too aggressive in your view? >> this is achilles' heel for marco rubio and his answer is really honest. i don't think the american public ultimately cares. they know washington is complete mess. as long as marco rubio keeps going out there, staying course, campaigning i still think he will end up being our nominee. trish: rising in the polls. we show the latest one. he is coming in number three now on national level. so he is really showing he has some political might to him. joe trippi, a lot of boxes to check there. he is hispanic. he is from florida. he is young. i know, do you think that this is a guy that can give donald trump and ben carson a run for their money when it comes to securing the nomination? >> i don't know if he can secure the nomination.
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i do think he is one of the republicans running that would give me the most pause as democrat. along with jeb bush and kasich. definitely rubio would be at the top of that list with others. but, look, it's not just democrats that are making these comparisons. jeb bush keeps, has started to do compare rubio to obama and so, now that we, you've got missed votes in addition with something in common with obama and young, charismatic, giving a speech and appealing to hispanics, that will work on democratic side. i don't know how that works with getting votes on republican side. we'll see. jeb bush is starting to make some points and comparisons. >> jeb bush is running scared. it has to dig him a little bit, one of his colleagues from florida is uprising from him so much.
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trish: markets are falling on fed decision. we were up 10 points. we had been up as much as 129. taking a look at oil right now. oil prices are paring their gains pretty sharply. see if we can throw the board up for you. there you go. we were trading up much higher earlier in the day. the thinking is, could this be related to global economic situation with things deteriorating all around the world, when it comes to economic growth. the thinking is that people are just not going to be consuming as much energy. hence there is some downside reflected in oil today. we'll continue watching these markets. i do want to give you quick reminder, we're still awaiting nomination for the next house speaker. there you are looking at live picture of capitol hill. we're bringing all of this news to you as those headlines cross. and, on a lighter note, retailers and manufacturers taking your kids toys into their own hands.
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and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> okay, we got a market that just turned negative. down four. s&p barely negative. nasdaq composite index also trading in negative territory. there is a big difference from how we started this show at the top of the 2:00 hour, just 16 minutes and 30 seconds ago. we had market up 129, near highs of the session. fed came out, said no change in interest rates.
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all of sudden investors backing off. you can see intraday chart. really illustrate negativity and reaction to the fed decision. granted i said all along the fed will not budge. they didn't think they would budge in october. i don't think they budge in september. maybe people starting to catch up with some of that line of thinking? it is unclear when they will be able to move, given economic slowdown the world finds itself in right now. do not forget, when we move interest rates higher, what happens to the u.s. dollar? it gets even stronger. given we're in the environment where economy is slowing so much, the u.s. dollar is already strong enough. so it leaves the fed very much in a corner. we'll continue watching it. want to move on to the debate happening tonight. crowded republican field takes to the stage again tonight to battle it out in the spotlight. big difference from other two debates, donald trump is in second. trump spent the last few days trying to comprehend how the heck he could have fallen from his top spot. his answer? i don't get it!
2:18 pm
>> some of these polls coming out i don't quite get it. i was number one pretty much in iowa from the beginning. and i would say we're doing very well there. so i'm a little bit surprised. the other polls as you know in other states are extraordinarily actually but this one i don't quite get. i would have thought we were doing much better. i think we are doing much better actually. trish: that means tonight ben carson should watch out. donald will bring his special brand of attack to his newest competition. it will be interesting to watch. megyn and joe back with me. megyn he is not taking this news well at all. we have clip of him in sue falls, iowa, kind of ventings on the -- sioux false iowa. >> what are you doing to me? i am second, not like it is terrible. i don't like being second. second is terrible to me. trish: right. only losers are second, megyn. >> made me so happen i'm not a trumpeter.
2:19 pm
it makes me feel validated, i know something about the fate of people in iowa. trump publicly said he didn't ask god for forgiveness. he says he didn't know the seventh day at vent activity. doesn't surprise me man of faith like ben carson, wears his faith on his sleeve and much gentler tone is rising in the polls. trish: donald trump pointed out what all of us are thinking, that ben carson really doesn't have a ton of energy. he is not knocking it out of the park in terms of the energy sphere but you know, religion is a good part who he is. joe trippi, is that why he is seeing success in iowa? are evangelicals saying this is our guy because he believes in god like we do? >> ben carson is kind of candidate who usually does extremely well in iowa. rick santorum, mike huckabee the time before that.
2:20 pm
there is a big base for someone not just with his beliefs. his spirituality and wear he carries himself and his values, but also i think sort of his demeanor. there, it is not really a place where you know, i do get it. i think trump can be very appealing elsewhere in the country. but,- trish: look at unless polls too. how do you explain the success of -- how do you explain the success of ben carson. >> he says everything trump is saying but doesn't apologize for it and in a much different tone. trish: different tone. i agree with that. >> no one goes to the front on either side without being, without hitting some turbulence and without falling down a little bit, without seeing their poll numbers go down eventually and do they come back? how do they deal with that adversity? how do they deal with that fall.
2:21 pm
>> the he has sense of humor about that, you have to give him that. i'm sure he is annoyed and doesn't like it but in the line in iowa deliver it sort of tongue in cheek with a smile. >> no that's -- trish: go ahead. >> i'm sorry political theater of is right. how does he respond? he can come back from this. in carson's now going to be as he comes up, he will get knocked around a bit. >> he can come back from this. iowa caucus is debately not at re van as it once was. last two winners didn't go on to be president of the united states. i personally enjoy someone someplace -- trish: let's not forget. he insulted your father. >> there are other reasons why i don't like donald trump. it is not just a personal vendetta. he is for universal health care among other things. i don't believe he is true conservative. i want a true conservative in the white house. i don't think he ban beat hillary clinton. his negative numbers are through the roof. ben carson, i want someone that
2:22 pm
can go into the debate to rip hillary clinton's jugular out and serve it on a platter. i don't know if carson is that guy. trish: thank you very much, megyn and joe. in less than go weeks i. >> host: the undercard and sandra smith and sandra smith and "wall street journal" jerry seib. december 10th on fox business. we have a lot of questions. job questions -- november 10th. how you grow us out of the anemic situation, with the market trading barely flat after the news with the fed. carly fiorina with a sharp op-ed why hillary's policies will do nothing but hurt the u.s. economy. we'll give you the bottom line whether or not she is right. that's next. speaking of clinton, she was on colbert last night, doing what she loves, promising all kinds of freebies for everyone. stay with me. ♪
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>> if you look at republicans versus democrats when it comes to economic policy. there is no comparison. the economy does better when you have a democrat in the white house. that's why we need to have a democrat in the white house in january 2017. [applause] trish: hmmm. you know that was a pretty big claim there from hillary clinton made during the first democratic debate, a claim carly fiorina is calling her out on, op-ed in "wall street journal," only female republican candidate, clinton is not living in reality. the middle class has been clobbered unpresident obama with the median income households losing nearly $1300 as price of everyday necessities skyrockets. as i mentioned, many times on this program, the labor force participation rate, people willing to get up to go to work to look for a job every day, it has fallen under 63%. that is the worst we've seen since the 1970 ace. you have to go back to carter to see it like this.
2:27 pm
fiorina also points out as clinton strives to be the first female president, 9 -- 92% of the jobs lost under obama belong to women. the poverty rate for women is at 20-year high. joining me to separate fact from fiction in our election-nomics segment, steve moore from the heritage foundation. always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you, trish. trish: it has been a tough road for last eight years. would you blame a lot of this on obama-nomics? >> i can't to address the claim hillary made and carly did a great job in op-ed. it is true that the economy did really well under bill clinton. no question about it. those were some of the most prosperous years in that country. he was a new true democrat. he believed in free trade. believed in balanced budget. welfare reform. we cut the capital gains tax. what strikes me, carly hit the points hard in her piece, hillary is talking about obama-nomics, not old style
2:28 pm
clinton economics which worked. everything hillary suggest tag about, trish, exactly what barack obama does only fast forwarding it. you raised some key statistics will be devastating for hillary as runs essentially for obama's third term. look what happened to the middle class. trish: how do you distance yourself from this? >> you try. trish: sanders is pushing her so far to the left she will have to be everything obama is and more? >> that is exactly right. the problem for her is, number one, the american voters don't want a third obama term. number two, look at statistics, $1300 reduction in middle class incomes since barack obama walked into the room of the white house? look what happened to, and i thought what was really interesting, carly can say things about hillary a lot of other men on the platform can't. because women can attack women more effectively. she is right. the people have been hit the hardest by obama's policies in terms of lost income and lost labor force participation rate, trish, hate to tell you, are women.
2:29 pm
women suffered biggest declines. he specially single women. they most likely voted for barack obama. trish: i agree with you, single women very much so. >> yes. trish: but we have a policies in place, steve, that reward people for not going to work. in some ways if you could sit back and live off of unemployment or stack up all of the various, essentially welfare gains that you get from the states and from the federal government, a lot of these single women are making pretty rational decisions. they're saying to themselves, hey, i can stay home and earn the equivalent of 40 some odd thousand dollars a year, in some case, much more. it's near 50 some odd thousand in d.c. or 61,000 after tax equivalent dollars in state like hawaii. so, they're making decisions to not go to work. we have done nothing to really encourage people to inspire them, to get out there, instead, i fear we have created, steve, a culture of dependency, and that
2:30 pm
needs to change. >> what is so frustrating about that what you just mentioned, you're exactly right, back in the mid 1990s we discover ad way to move people off welfare into work. that was basically welfare reforms trained people for jobs, many are single mothers maybe didn't have a high school degree. we encouraged them to get the degree to get into a job. we found huge gains for women as a result of that. look, trish, once you get your first job, if you're a decent worker, you get pay raise, you get a promotion, move up the economic ladder. we do a real disservice to women by creating this kind of trap of welfare. that is what welfare really has become. if you get a job, you're not making more income. that one too. yep. trish: steve, always good to have you here. thank you very much for joining me today. i want to remind everyone -- >> thanks be trish. trish: we're moments away from the house speaker nomination. we'll be live on capitol hill. they are tallying up the votes right now. it is going to happen.
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trish: breaking news right now. the house officially voting for paul ryan as their candidate for speaker of the house. blake joins me now. we also have gary smith and chris pons. starting with you, blake. he is the guy.
2:35 pm
>> right. there are a couple things at play. this meeting that just wrapped up here on capitol hill a little while ago. house republicans behind closed doors. at house gop which is the official twitter feed for house republicans. just about two minutes ago. this would have been a meeting about roughly 45-minutes. paul ryan is the next speaker of the house. the choice of republicans. what happens here is this is not technically unofficial. tomorrow, the full-blown, republicans and democrats, they come before the house floor tomorrow, though official vote tomorrow, both sides there. the question is, as we have been following, could paul ryan get to 218 votes. we still do not know the exact number that paul ryan got inside that meeting this afternoon.
2:36 pm
do not know if we will find that out this afternoon or when. tomorrow, paul ryan could be the next speaker of the house. i should also mention that john boehner, his last day will be friday. trish: wow. i wonder if he is breathing a sigh of relief as he gets out with a lot of interesting budget issues. okay. going over to chris. gary smith. paul ryan is the guy. will he be able to bring republicans together. we have talked about this splintering in the party. can he fix that? >> clearly the only person that had any chance at all of trying to do that. there are some people within the house gop that do not believe that he is very conservative. i think for a while, we will
2:37 pm
have a honeymoon. giving him two years. eighteen months of breathing room on budget and shutdown issues. he has an opportunity to build those coalitions. give them both that may have no chance of getting through the senate. i think that he has a chance. this group is so splintered. it will be hard for anybody. i wish him well. trish: what is your take on his ability to unify? >> you know, i am kind of curious why he even took the job. i think that it is a thankless job with almost no upside. you mentioned the honeymoon. at this point, probably until next monday. and then his honeymoon will be over. i think the republican party is now almost two different parties. you have the which party on the far right and you have the
2:38 pm
centrist, the more liberal leaning parties. trish: he has his work cut out for him for short. it is a risk. it is a gamble. he could very well be the next president of the united states. >> you are absolutely right when you say that. paul ryan does not seem like, to me, in their brief times i have seen and heard him, he is a big on the dealmaking aspect. we will see. trish: more breaking news for us. i want to go to plate. what is it? >> 218 votes that paul ryan needed. this was done behind closed doors. paul ryan only got to 200 votes.
2:39 pm
that falls well short of 218. here is what happened. let's step back for a second here. you have republicans behind closed doors. paul ryan in theory was a lack did. more than half of voted for paul ryan. you need half. here we stand now. a part of or fact by the house freedom caucus by a group, conservative republicans. he ended up getting 43 votes. there were a couple others. kevin mccarthy may have even gotten a vote. what happens from here? >> there will be a lot of last-minute negotiations going on between now and tomorrow.
2:40 pm
the other thing, you know, this is a good example of the needs that crossed party lines. he needs support. he really needs the support. >> look at the debt ceiling and budget deal. they will need support to get that across the line. high-profile big deal legislation passed through washington. democrats will not carry a paul ryan here across the line for republicans. what do they do now? the plan was for john boehner to step aside on friday. he has plan to go off into retirement. some negotiations to get them over to to 18. paul ryan has said that he wanted to do this. he would jump in if he had support well above 218. as we are hearing now, 200.
2:41 pm
>> i wonder where he stands in comparison to what mccarthy had feared maybe this is one of the reasons. i will not get the support that i need. stay with me. go ahead, blake. >> i would add this real quickly. this is subject to change. anybody can change their vote one way or another. between now and whenever that point may be. trish: stay with us. joining us now is republican congressman of oklahoma. >> i think that there are a couple ways to look at it. people vote their first choice in their conscious. ryan got 82% is a very strong. you have people that pledged that they would go for the conference nomination on the
2:42 pm
floors. whether or not he can get 18 more votes, i think, is just speculation. i think, at this point, all of us realize that it is time to unify and ryan will get the vast majority of our votes on the floor. stuart: you voted for ryan. you wanted to see an additional 18 comp or work. some of these holdouts in the republican party. >> it is time to unify. a person is this category or that quarter cory. none of these people were even on the radar for speaker. that was 14 months ago. time to unify to put our conservative the -- four forward. trish: kevin mccarthy had to bow out. we are now learning, of course, congressman ryan only getting 200 votes.
2:43 pm
not quite the endorsement that we would like to have going into the vote tomorrow. is there some similarity there? >> i think that the similarity was much different. kevin had some personal reasons that he was evaluating. paul had some conditions. part of that, as he went forward, is recognizing that he will have the support when he goes to the floor for the actual vote that will make him speaker. all of that speculation and back and forth and not having a leader. 100%. it is time for us to get the people business done. >> you want everyone working towards the same thing. how do you get that done in an
2:44 pm
environment where you cannot even get the full support that you need for congressman ryan to become speaker? >> i think that he will have 218 votes will be go to the floor. they voted their conscious, a great many, in the room and then out on the floor they will vote to the conference nominee is. obviously, i think you will have the votes to do it. trish: do we have to have all of this drama? >> a intended for government to be very, very hard. in that, they were very successful. trish: indeed. blake and chris and gary still here with me. your reaction to this. the guy that republicans can get behind. only having 200 votes. not the 218 he needs. are you surprised by that?
2:45 pm
>> iam. the first go around they all kind of low. how they are expected to vote. everyone is hoping the other guy voted for ryan. they did not. the other thing i think you and applied a great point. we are all cool by you. unify around what point? that is a question for the gop. trish: you have a real splintering. i do not know how you mend that. >> i think that the congressman will shift the vote to paul ryan. this is sending a bad message to
2:46 pm
the rest of america. this is also playing a role in tonight's debate. it could lead to some drama on the floor. you are right, why do we have to have this drama? well, i get it. people are voting their conscious. maybe they will fall. what if they don't? we do not know. trish: this is the draft. the first round. you just kind of do what you think your conscious wants you to do. i do not even know if i can use that term. standing up for some of the hoopla that is going on on the side. then tomorrow, when the real blow cons, you say, all right, i need to show my support overall for the system, for the party.
2:47 pm
>> between now and then, a lot of pressure. you know what happens, we have john boehner for another year. you know what, i do not know if that is the worst thing. trish: if paul ryan is not it, what do the republicans do? >> i think that the republicans do not do anything. i think john boehner gets stuck. he put a good down payment on a condo. he is stuck. trish: thank you very much. we will continue following that story. plus, coming up, the futures of teachers all across america. a result of a high-profile case heading to the supreme court that could threaten the very union. we have the teacher behind this movement that says i do not need
2:48 pm
the union and i should not have to pay dues. this movement coming up. ♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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trish: more breaking news for you right now. paul ryan is expected to address the public. we did learn that he has been nominated for speaker. however, he did not get the 218. the official vote coming tomorrow. i think that paul ryan between now and then we'll have a little bit of convincing to do. >> the congressman that you spoke with about 10 minutes or so ago being confident that they would be a will to put some votes between now and tomorrow.
2:52 pm
bringing up the point that other representatives are saying that as well. it may be a protest vote of some sort. whether some had to vote this weight today, it may go that way tomorrow. either way, here is how it all works out. i want to point out that one of those. a really a 199 that he had locked in tomorrow. paul ryan needs to get at least 19 of those 45 during that house floor vote. it will certainly be an interesting time between now and then. trish: grandstanding. i will vote this way today. twenty-four hours from now, i will vote another way. overall, as i said to congressman russell, is this
2:53 pm
helpful? why do we need all of this drama right now? why can't people do ultimately what is the right thing. >> that is part of what i would suggest to you. you look at the republican polling on the presidential side. just the way that politics is being played these days in washington. that is why we are seeing the rise to the outsiders. something that is certainly being outplayed. we will only know come tomorrow. if you step back for a second, the resignation for john boehner is a surprise. not getting to 218 today, some would suggest is a surprise. some would say tomorrow is a shoe in. we're hearing folks on capitol hill saying that will be the case. trish: in the house, reflective
2:54 pm
of what is going on in the entire nation right now. people are dissatisfied and frustrated with the establishment. they are taking an opportunity. we are not sure if the donald trump polling will be consistent as we move forward. what will they do? i do want to go to paul ryan right now. he is about to speak. he just received a nomination of 200 votes. >> thank you, everybody. this begins a new day in the house of representatives. john boehner served with humility and distinction and we owe him a debt of gratitude. tomorrow, we are turning the page. we will not have a house that was i get looked the last two years. we are going to move forward. we are going to unify.
2:55 pm
our party has lost its vision and we are going to replace it with a vision. we believe that the country is on the wrong track. we think the country is headed in the wrong direction. we have an obligation here in the people's house to do the people's business to give this country a better way forward. to get this country and alternative. we are going to respect the people by representing the people. i want to thank my colleagues for bestowing on to meet this great honor. thank you. trish: okay. that was paul ryan saying that his party, the republicans, need to establish a new direction. that is exactly what he is going to do. he is, i would point out, blake, a very gifted speaker.
2:56 pm
i have heard him speak numerous times. he really delivers a message with confidence. that is in part what the republican party needs there. they need someone who is standing up, inspiring everyone to work together to beat the other guys. >> yeah. i had one former top republican lawmaker tellez a few weeks ago that he felt the reason kevin mccarthy would be elected is because of how great he was being able to object his message. the overall point is republicans want someone who can convey their message nationally. >> who knows what we will see in the coming months. i would point out mccarthy had a few of those. times along the way where he really stumbled. paul ryan, seems to be very measured here at very deliberate. very charismatic in his speaking. i think that the republicans need that right now.
2:57 pm
that is what they are looking for. >> paul ryan clearly is battle tested. a high-profile position. the vice presidential nominee a couple years ago. deemed as speaker of the house. nothing that will faze him. he has been traveling all over the country trying to get the message. paul ryan seemed very confident. trish: i know that you have been talking to some of the leadership there in washington. they are projecting confidence. isn't that exactly what they need to do? kevin mccarthy going to be the guy. they were projecting all kinds of confidence. he stunned everybody with a 180. >> think about what we have been
2:58 pm
talking about. it is all about the message and messaging. very confident or somewhat confident that you will be looked to get to 18 on the floor. thank you very much. this is a new day. a new page. a new congress. kind of left it open ended he had felt confident. >> he is interesting. the youngest speaker and 150 years. in and of itself is worth something. it shows you you have fresh blood here it new opinions. new attitudes coming in. you think about his political capital that he was half right now. part of that is tied up with his messaging and who he is.
2:59 pm
>> yes. if you think about this new era the youngest in 150 years, if paul ryan sees this as a long-term goal, granted -- trish: he will have a political future. >> he could have a political future. trish: see how he does in this job. blake burman, thank you so much. we've had quite an hour, started off the top of the 2:00 with the fed coming out saying it's not going to move on interest rates. a lot of the investors are questioning whether it's going to move in december. trying to keep powder dry, say that could. i doubt it. i really doubt it. the market up 53 points gaining a bit of the sell-off we saw at
3:00 pm
the top of the hour as the market plummeted. on the intra-day chart trying to work its way higher as investors try to digest whether or not the fed has anything left in its arsenal, does this mean qe 4? another round of money printing. liz claman, sending it to you. liz: we saw wall street freak out during your hour. a comeback after the markets sold off when the federal reserve said we decide there will be no october surprise. rates left untouched. apple's shiny green earnings report wasn't enough to overshadow one thing that the fed said today that got the dow industrials losing half its gains. we have a comeback, the dow up 60 points. to the breaking news, the republicans made their pick to succeed house speaker john boehner, paul ryan beating daniel webster for the party's nomination.


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