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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 8, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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mercedes, thank you very much. kennedy: well done, donald. you gift giver. never mind the illegality. let's take his favorite statement for what it is. yesterday's monmouth poll shows ted cruz beating donald trump in iowa. he need a hail mary in a hijab so he threw out this nugget. >> donald j. trump is calling
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for a shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. we have no choice. we have no choice. kennedy: sweet, fresh fascisim. i thought you were the stuff of stuffy history books. do you believe donald trump is the miley cyrus of attention seekers. in trump's world even moderate middle easterners is band in the plan. it's so bad even dick cheney thick it's draconian. what's to stop someone from saying no when you ask them if they are muslims. are you going to watch them draw
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mohamed cartoons while watching them eat bacon. restrictionism will not work here, it won't work out sling shooting people across the border. i don't want to live in a country club, i want to live in america where the rule of law, freedom and the constitution never fall out of favor. gun sales are surging since the attack in san bernardino. is arming ourselves the best way to fight terrorism? "time" has nominated their person of the year, including isis. i'm kennedy. so what is there really to say
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about donald trump's proposed muslim ban? the party panel will sort things out. we have barney mcfarley, charles cook, author of the conservative manifesto. and julie banderas, fox news correspondent is glowing indeed. kennedy: you are glowingly hot. you are like poker. charles i'll turn to you to ask you to explain why donald donald trump's plains all wrong. >> it's difficult to explain what donald trump says because he seems to make it up in the moment. it's probably not unconstitutional about the bit about american citizens.
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ask congress can do whatever it wants with immigration. they can say only people over 6 foot could come into the country. that would be legal but it would also be immoral. the idea you can restrict a certain religious group is ridiculous. you would almost guarantee only dishonest muslims would come into america. kennedy: will this hurt him at all? >> i don't think it will. i think there is nothing donald trump can possibly say to hurt himself. look at what he said about mexicans being rapists. i don't need to go through the list. you saw the cheers. you heard the cheers. people are thrilled to hear he is spreading that. his supporters back him 100%. i think the republicans that do
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support him have thrown all their eggs into the trump basket because they are waiting for another republican to stand up and make more sense to them. i think foreign policy will be the number one issue and foreign policy experience will trump trump. i think ted cruz who is biting at his heels will give him a run for his money. it was ben carson but we saw his foreign policy experience maybe hurt him a bit. kennedy: this is not ben carson's moment. bonnie, who would you like to ban? >> all the candidates. you know they have did rock the vote. we should do stop the vote until we get better candidates. everyone don't vote. say no, we need better candidates before we start voting. kennedy: is it possible for donald trump to cross the line?
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>> i don't know. i didn't know we were going to talk politics. kennedy: it's gardening tuesday. >> i have a book coming out. kennedy: a new cnn iowa hole pass trump leading in the the gop followed b by ted cruz, then ben carson. how much of this cruz surge is a reaction to ben carson fading? >> these polls annoy me. one is ahead on one. i don't care about the polls. i care about who turns out.
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when the iowa comes about, if it turnout is high it will fall in trump's favor. donald trump talks about the polls way too much. but when he wasn't, he compared ben carson to a pedophile. he actually said -- he actual think compared him to a pedophile in the fact that he had this disturbing violent past in his high school years. kennedy: there is any way of predicting what might happen in these early voting states? >> no. polling has been bad recently. it was bad in kentucky and bad in 2014. and it's been bad abroad as well. the british election was messed up by the pollsters.
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>> that sounds like something jeb bush would say. >> i don't think you can say jeb bush's 4% is because polling is bad. i don't think trump is going to win these states. when you have marco rubio at 16% and cruz at 19%. kennedy: what could ted cruz promise marco rubio to get him to drop out of the race? >> i don't know. i think ted cruz is going to come up. that's how canadians are. they are sneaky. you don't see them coming and suddenly they take over. if trump was smart he would try to ban canadians. kennedy: you start with the
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mexicans and move to the muslims. then america's top hat is canada. >> i get to stay last because we were here first. not first, we killed all the people who were here first, then second. we even have germ theory in defense of the british. 237. >> i didn't now was going to get this smart. kennedy: a pox on all their blankets. there has been a spike in gun sales. but is arming ourselves a wise idea in fighting terrorism? presidential candidate rand paul is here. donald trump's muslim plan all in one. please stay tuned.
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>> when you have shootings like that it makes people ponder, would i want to be there and be helpless. kennedy: gun sales are increasing in the wake of san bernardino. higher than last year. analysts point to fears of future gun control but also
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safety. charles cook and julie banderas. any relation to antonio banderas? >> no, i would go with my cousin. kennedy: these gun spikes, they say there were enough guns sold on black friday to arm the entire marine corps. butted the people buying guns is different than after most mass shootings. people go, now they are coming after our guns, i better buy one while i still can. this is different, though. >> normally they buy guns because gun control is being posited.
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20 million guns sold this year. 220 million since 1998. there are more guns sold in america every year that exist in european countries in total, including the police. kennedy: i'm hearing a lot of people, even some lefties talk for the first time openly about wanting to arm themselves for fear of another terrorist attack like that. are you hearing the same thing? >> i'm thinking of guns being the new tickle me. but not for our children of course. i do not pro note children and guns. kennedy: i thought you were going to say you don't pro note children and elmo. >> elmo is a bit of a freak, too. there were 480,000 background
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checks conducted on black friday. let's not forget farook's neighbor bought the guns legally that he obtained to quill 14 and injure 21. kennedy: that was before he went to saudi arabia. you could argue that his neighbor bought the guns preradicalization. >> this neighbor transferred the guns illegally. >> if you have a law that would radicalize if you this country, then you have to register your gun differently. no one is going to listen to that. that's why all the stuff about gun region industry is pretty much nonsense. but ladies are also getting in on the action.
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it's a slippery slope to get a gun. i thought about it and i think to myself, if you have a gun you have to think, could i actually kill somebody other than my husband. if it comes down to it. could i do it? i don't know. kennedy: i think you could if your family was in jeopardy. >> i thought about it. i wish i had gotten a gun instead those chews. kennedy: the and is returning later for more footwear. "time" magazine announces its person of the year. rand paul joins me with a unique perspective on terror. trump's muslim ban and the san bernardino shootings.
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kennedy: senator rand paul is a republican senator with a penchant for liberty. the senator from kentucky joins me now. let us cuss the latest -- let us discuss the latest comments banning muslims by donald trump? do you wake up thinking this is a gift to the republican world? >> no, but i worry about the narcissism that lead him to believe that he knows all and if you would only give him enough power he would make everything right. so i hope the american electorate will wake up and say
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this is not what our country need. kennedy: it certainly isn't. it's what a capitalist democracy doesn't need. there are no lines he can conceivably cross. but i want to talk about terror. obviously fears about national security are playing into his hand right now. i don't think he will get a bump in the polls. that remains to be seen. but what is the best way for frightened and anxious americans to fight terrorism when we know there are new and evolving threats? >> the thing is, while there shouldn't be a religious test for who enters the country, there should be rules about who comes in. if you look at each of the different terrorist actions that happened in the u.s. starting with 9/11. you had 19 hijackers who used the visa system to come to our country. 16 of the 19 came from saudi arabia. it does make sense to have some
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rules about who comes and make sure people are obeying the rules when they do come. many of the people who come with student visas overstay their visas. the recent san bernardino attack, the woman who had just come here on a fiance visa, i think there is and should be more scrutiny and people coming from areas of hotbed radical islam. i'm not against having more strict rules on who enters, i just don't think it ought to be a religious test. kennedy: i tend to have a more lax personal immigration policy than that. since we don't have a lot of time i don't want to dwell on that area. i want to turn to the nsa. a lot of people are saying the intelligence failures in paris and what happened in southbound
8:23 pm
are a direct result of the revelations. what do you say to this? >> the person pushing this is marco rubio. if he spent his time in congress doing this job fan voting he would realize the bolt decla raig is something we had until a few days ago. the paris tragedy happened while we had bulk collection. we still had the program ongoing and it didn't stop any of these terrorist attacks. two bipartisan commissions looked at the commission to see if they stopped any terrorist attacks. the courts said it's illegal. marco rubio is advocating for something that the court say it's illegal. i think we ought to be careful about giving up our liberty for a false sense of security.
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kennedy: marco rubio stood up with you during your drone filibuster to talk about and rail about government intrusion. what happened to him to turn him into a liberty despising neocon. >> he and hillary clinton have a foreign policy that's virtually indistinguishable. the rise of isis in libya, the say with assad. he's still arguing for coming assad in libya. i was arguing against it. i said if you do this there is a chance other radicals will rule syria. but they haven't learned much from middle east history. this is a big focus of the presidential debate. i think this is going to be an
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important and instructive for the electric root decide what they want. if they want another iraq war, i'm sure marco or bush or hillary clinton will take them back over there. but i don't think a land war in the middle east is the answer. kennedy: do you really want to be president? >> absolutely. i think i have a unique message. we'll surprise a lot of people come february. kennedy: coming up, you will be astonished how a skydiver survived when the chute doesn't open. and the grammy goes to this guy who can play the guitar with his feet.
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your system. we have seen darth vader's boy hood and his meditation pond. ever wonder what his dog would look like? there you go. that's penny bark bark. a doberman. a group of "star wars" stance don costumes and raise money for charity. what's the best thing to fight a dog trooper? a jedi terrier, obviously. i love them. topic number two. one finn nish man jumped out ofa
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hot air balloon without a parachute. he's sane. can the survive a dive to without a chute? watch. >> i'm stepping out without a parachute. it would be funny if his friend covered him in vaseline so he couldn't handle him. he was inspired by the home movies of this 90s daredevil. >> you jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.
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how do you feel about that? utah, give me two. topic number three. you know how much we love music. we are always look for inspirational stories like mark gothany. he was born without arms. but he compensates with heart, rhythm and toes. he plays the guitar with his feet. so plucky. those are some cute foot jewelry. i'll bet that guy can hurd a hackie sack. pardon me, snobs, i mean foot
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bag. topic number four. have you heard of mr. santa? he has thick glasses and a man gun. then he ride his bike. he's a lumber sexual from way up north. there he is on his turquoise sofa. he's from portland, oregon. if you put a little cream cheese on that man bun it makes it twice as delicious. i'll bet he also plays banjo. topic number five. you can almost smell the eggnog in his beard. animal lovers struggled to find out how to play with their
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bunny. that's bun, bun. she is a rescue rabbit. if dictionaries came with youtube equips. the bunny would be the definition of frolicking. here is a clip of bun bun before those folks took the critter in and tamed it. you are so welcome. if you have weird story ofs you want to see -- stories you want to see on the topical storm, email me. will his muslim plan set off a gop revolt? the "time" person of the year is coming up tomorrow.
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my pals and i will mock all the nominees for your pleasure. ♪
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kennedy: . "time" magazine revealed a short list of this year's person of the year. the candidates aren't just throimentd wave makers like caitlyn yearn and donald trump. but black lives matter activists and al-baghdadi, the leader of isis. vladimir putin, and donald trump. of these -- >> you are going to get deported if you keep this up. kennedy: i'll get kicked out and
8:38 pm
band. of the seven people donald trump is on the list with, who is he most likely to get in a twitter feud with. >> isis. >> why are these people being considered as person of the year. person should be one person, not a group of terrorists. then donald trump, i get. but black lives matter. what's that all about? kennedy: maybe it's the hashtag of the year. she should have a subsection for hashtags. sanders won online obviously. >> i think it was gavin or michael malice said all his fors are shutins. house your pick in this?
8:39 pm
>> i think it should be trump. he has driven more conversation which is something more of an indictment of that conversation. but bernie sanders has the same problem ron paul has. he lives online, believes he's the one true leader of their-year-old ideology. but when it comes to it -- kennedy: they are loud but they tend to make a mess of the political system. kennedy: shouldn't they appoint the muslim vader. al-baghdadi? should many the leader of isis be the person of the year? >> maybe i'm misunderstanding, person of the year sounds like something we should be looking up to.
8:40 pm
>> it's the person who made the most impact. hitler was person of the year. >> that one i agree with. kennedy: that's where the hatred comes. >> it many still hatred, though. kennedy: angela merkel. we can cross her off. >> the uber guy doesn't stand a chance. if this were held six months ago caitlyn jenner would have been at the top. al-baghdadi still there. rouhani will be mad, he won't be at the top. putin, nice pecs. i won't indulge the audience in what our conversation was during the break. new research finds that people
8:41 pm
report sleeping better when their pets are close to them. their bed buddies make them people secure, contents and relaxed. have we lost touch with our humanity? >> the people polled must be single because they don't have a cat that sleeps on their face or between their legs. it's hard to sleep with a cat unless you have the whole bed to yourself. >> one woman described her cats as sleeping on her chest. kennedy: i think something about this is very odd. i think people should be sleeping with people. but charles, are cats a turnoff -- you are newly married. >> you are? i felt like you were looking at me in a way. now i'm disappointed.
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kennedy: are cats a turnoff to men? >> if they are in the get because i'm allergic to them. i love cats but i would die. kennedy: isn't the study legitimizing cat lady? >> i haven't slept with a pet per se but i slept for years with a guy with a hairy back. >> a human hamster. >> he didn't do that much exercise. >> a wheel. >> he had a couch. kennedy: maybe he felt like a couch. >> you didn't marry him? >> no, i didn't marry him. kennedy: did you shoot him? >> no, i didn't shoot him. i just made his life miserable for as long as i could.
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kennedy: then you shaved him. i have to thank you guys. my day started out quite sad and it's been so lovely holding hands and singing the hymns of our lord and nation with the three of you. julie, charles and barney, thank you. coming you have the republican party has a big huge double trump problem on their hands accord something joan a goldberg. he will tell me what the gop should do. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures
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kennedy: donald trump is the republican front runner. but of course establishment republicans are saying he's not a true conservative here is speaker of the house paul ryan talking about trump's plan to ban muslims from entering the country. >> normally i do not comment on what's going not presidential election. i will take an exception today. this is not conservatism. what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stand for. kennedy: ways the gop supposed to do about this guy? how are you? >> great to be here. you say that donald trump is hurting the party. i don't disagree with you. i'm no longer a republican. i'm in that joyous vacuum that's independentsy. but i would argue the party hurt the party and made room for the rise of donald trump.
8:48 pm
>> there is plenty of blame to go around but i don't think it's entirely fair to tar the republican party and i'm not a special spokesperson for the republican party either. i just happen to root for the more conservative party of the two parties. but i don't take pride in calling myself a republican. donald trump on most issues is essentially a liberal and a statist. he's like a right-wing populist. he would be a fitting right-winger in spain or france. statist, nativist, anti-immigrant. that's not weekly standard
8:49 pm
conservativism or republican conservativism. kennedy: what does it say about the party and voters in general. >> part of the problem is barack obama's fault. the mainstream media and the democratic media's fault. there is so much p.c. nonsense out there. your refusal to call it a war it's an overseas contingency operations. so what you get is donald trump who is a loud and often a buffoon, but no one every doubts what he's saying. he speaks with what people think is honesty and clarity and people find that unp.c. and it's refreshing. kennedy: you said he's mass today raiding aspirins to aspir.
8:50 pm
he's masquerading. >> this is like a giant middle financialer to the republican establishment, to washington, d.c. to the political class to support donald trump. it's a way of saying hah, hah, hah you guy are all idiots. i love this guy and it -- and it pisss you all off. it's unable. but that isn't an excuse. he shouldn't be the standard bearer of the republican party. if he's representative of conservativism in america i have got to find another name. kennedy: isn't popularity power?
8:51 pm
>> of course. look at democracy, that's part of the problem. to have a guy who is a celebrity and popular and sort of bound by the rules of entertainment rather than politics, that gives you a certain amount of power. some of my friend drunk the kool-aid on donald trump because that's where the people are. that's where a lot of talk show listeners are, a lot of rank and file working class site are. they like him and like his style. it's corrupting conservativism. we spent a lot of time talking about how single pair healthcare is bad in this country. trump said he would tell republicans that donald trump likes single pair healthcare.
8:52 pm
support for single pair harris faulkner reaches almost 50%. it's terrifying. i invite to you come to the studio so we can talk about all the ways you can shift your conservativism down the charles cooke path. >> my buddy wrote the book but that's the first liberal since libertarian that is less euphonious. kennedy: a cartoonist tackles the state with his pen. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction
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kennedy: michael ramirez is a two-time pull iter prize
8:56 pm
winnerren the cartoonist for "investors daily." good give me liberty or give me obamacare. i'm fascinated by your line of work it seems like the best time in history to be a political cartoonist. >> it i. with this cast of characters. i get tired from writing thank you node to all the different candidate. kennedy: it's like christmas and the olympics and come conservativ -- and comicon.thisc from the point of view of the different characters we have.
8:57 pm
the only thing that's better is the administration for the past six years which is the subject of my book. kennedy: the president has provided so much material. was it president obama who wrote you a congratulatory note when you won your pull iter? >> that was president clinton. in 1994. i gathered all my clinton cartoons and said thanks, i couldn't have done it without you. kennedy: who are you most hopeful for from a professional point of view to move into the white house, hillary or donald? who provide more fodder? >> i openly wept when joe biden dropped out of the race. political cartoons are the evil twins of us who want the worst for the nation and the best for our own job.
8:58 pm
and the part that wants the rub to survive. the part that wants the republic to survive is rooting for anybody but hillary clinton, the part that want the evil nature of politics to come to its fruition wants bernie sanders to be the president. because i can take vacation after doing all my cartoons in the first five days. kennedy: how much, much it is humor. how much is injecting humor into the discourse. >> humor is a powerful tool. i facilitate as a tool. but i believe editorial cartooning is serious journalism. there are those who do "the tonight show" monologues and those of us trying to make important statement and messages about politics, to be the catalyst forethought, to make people understand what the consequences are.
8:59 pm
kennedy: that's my fast it. hammer and sickle new york. >> i had one guy telling me how much salt i could put on my eggs. kennedy: congratulations on all your success. the book that's out. people will recognize your work as they thumb through the book. i marvel at the cleverness and layers that go into political cartooning. >> we want to be the catalyst forethought. the republic is in jeopardy. if i can inject humor to reach the people to understand what's at stake, especially in this next election, hopefully i have done my my job. very good. you take it easy. this show is done. thank you for watching.
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you can watch "kennedy" monday through thursday. follow me on twitter at kennedy nation. >> after years of scouring the ocean floor, a treasure hunter with a simple motto... >> today is the day. >> today is the day. >> today is the day. >> ...hits the mother lode. >> ...a shipwreck, which had 40 tons of gold and silver and copper on board. >> when his heirs cash in, collectors grab a piece of the action. >> a gold chalice. $100,000 to open the bid. >> but this treasure hunt is far s it true that there's a 40-pound bag of emeralds down there? >> it's 70 pounds of emeralds. >> could you look harder?


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