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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 10, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EST

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and president obama should suspend refugee and immigration programs. kennedy: i'm watching all that lovely hysteria fomenting. let's pretend donald trump could prevent muslims from coming into the united states. how do you even 40s big ban? let's ask an expert. it's hammer time. ♪ hammer time kennedy: krauthammer. how will president trump enforce the order?
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>> you will ask him, is he a muslim. here is a guy truck says will come out and kill people. i think chris stirewalt has the answer. he suggested everybody coming through la guardia, and jfk could be forced to eat a ham sandwich. kennedy: last night i proposed this. what are you going to do, load them up with sodium pentathol and force them to draw a mohamed cartoon while asking them to eat bacon? never mind the mathematical impossibility of finding, tracking and cataloging 1.2 billion muslims. how do you explain to businesses and university that rely on foreign workers and student that the large resource pool is about to dry up indefinitely and how about keeping billions of
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dollars in travel revenue off the table for hotels and mom and pop shops that benefit from visitors. and god help you on the way back from puerto rico. they are still flerk out all the details. here is trump meeting with a group of advisors. >> i'm a strong believer in christianity and religion. >> don't try to frighten us with your sorcerer's way. that has not griffin you clare vinese d or not -- or not given you clar clare invoicans. kennedy: . he lumps all muslims shoulded in practicality.
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but dividing up the country by hateful force is no way to make america great again. is trump's plan even legal? we are learning more about the shooters from san bernardino, including an f.b.i. revelation they became radicalized years ago. a secret service agent joins me with tips that you can use to save your life if you are ever involved in a terrorist attack. i'm kennedy. donald trump's effort to anger every one has extended to the pentagon and j.k. rowling. and the party panel tonight.
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gavin mcki mckin why is. welcome party panel. great button gavin. i never know where you stand but i'm curious to learn tonight. let's focus on the i am track california this program. let's pretend it's enforceable and it's going to happen. what are some of the problems implementing it. >> the border guard will say, are you a muslim? and he will say yeah. and they will say sorry. go play basketball somewhere else. now beardie mcterrorist, are you a terrorist, what is he going to say? you have visa waiver agreements with 38 countries.
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people can come into this country without a visa. 20 million people a year do that. the country with which we have those agreements would rip those up because you are talking about significant muslim populations and suddenly this visa waive program is not worth anything. so that means americans won't be able to go to those countries without applying for a visa. kennedy: gavin, that makes sense. this whole plan makes us less safe. >> that's the problem with you people. everything is academic. >> all the hypotheticals, like you just said, there is emotion to round up all the minions in times square because they are all illegal aliens. anyone at times square knows the minons are illegals. they don't speak english.
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but we know when a jihadist goes abroad and was only in syria for two weeks, we know he's being trained. the guy who killed the war memorial dude in canada. almost every homegrown jihadist spent time in pakistan and syria. kennedy: that's a geographic issue it am not whether someone has claimed a certain religion. that's a question of where people have gone for how long and what has happened to them. >> trump is crass and rude and i are rational but that's what we need right now. we need hate. we need fear mongering. we are so worried about muslims' feelings after these attacks. we want to keep it academic or a professional ball player.
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we don't want another london bombing. >> the constitution is not collateral damage. you were just talking about america's homegrown terror. >> if you were a traitor, the penalty is death. so you are no longer an american citizen. >> you are committing treason. >> you want to rip up due process for american citizens. >> we are so worried about the constitution and due process. >> don't be mean to the japanese in 1943, you have might violate their feeling. you can keep your land but you can't be gal haven'ting up to syria every two weeks. >> it's been pewsful going back to baltimore to see trump come out. it brings up the detonators.
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>> america is supposed to be a place that cares about freedom of religion and welcoming people and is able to distinguish a potential terrorist and potential threat from someone just park advertising their religious beliefs. are we every time we are tbailsd a minority -- we are faced with a minority of a religious group, are we supposed to be discriminating against an entire group of people? for him to say ban paul muslims within it could be another religious group in the future >> mayor case not feeling. i can't immigrate here for feelings. >> people have a right to be of a certain religion. the problem is not all muslims are the enemy, and you are catering to an argument that hands president obama and folks on the left the opportunity to say republicans hate all muslims when that's not true.
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we hate radical muslim extremists. that's what he's saying. >> 50% thinks suicide bombing is sometimes justified. >> that number of is garbage. listening to gaffey's stats about muslims in america is like rinsing to bernie sanders. kennedy: you want to point to somalis in minneapolis, but american muslims are better assimilated than muslims in other parts of the world. >> they are better assimilate hand pakistanis. >> we simulate immigrants here. >> i'm look around. where did it go? you would sacrifice the americar
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american fermanent. kennedy: amended the constitution and take away your second amendment rights. then all after sudden everyone on the right is a constitutional scholar. take all of it consistently or go back to canada. >> they are -- i want the first two amendments please. >> donald trump has no respect for the 4th or 5th amendment, he loves emmembers in the doe doe main and wants to put everybody on watchlists. who gets custody of the child in
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kennedy: authorities say someone well-known to the san bernardino shooters purchased some of their rifles for them and they may had an earlier attack but bought spoorkd and thwarted it.
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james comey says they have been radical tides for a long time. >> they were radicalized before they started kowrgt each other or dating online. as early as 2013 they were talking about jihad and martyrdom before they became engaged and lived in the united states. kennedy: that was presnowden era. weird they didn't catch them. let's talk about this. we are learning more about even enrique marquez. do you have think it's possible these two acted alone? >> it's possible. anything is possible. that's what they are trying to figure out. who were they talk to? were they talking to people outside the country it's possible. there is a lot of money involved. there are guns involved it's a
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scary reality when you have think that somebody could be radicalized in this country and there is no traceable anything. there is no outward eggs precious of this authorities could look at and see suspicious behavior. i think that's why when donald trump comes out with these talk points that sound crazy, people want something done and what looks like the practical approach to things isn't work. people are exhibiting these behaviors. no one is able to trace them or getting a handle on it. the important thing to walk away from is understand the sentiment behind and the urgency people feel to figure out what's going none this country and address it before the crisis happens. kennedy: would you like to rejournal 8 my theory? >> you have said that the f.b.i.
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purposely left them in there so someone would trownt office and say look who showed up. they let everyone in there so it was like a pandora's box. there is a sticker from a mosque in queens. there is correspondence with other muslims in america and around the world. ken require was not accidental. >> so when we invade a months income queens they will say remember that place i let you into? they had a sticker from queens. kennedy: they also did it so news networks would broadcast the he expedition. and they would track everyone 0- everyone who came back. >> you say okay, screw it and nail all the balls to major it more interesting.
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that's what the f.b.i. was doing. kennedy: what about the theory they were lone wolves without a ringleader. perhaps inspired by isis. but it make it more dangerous if they didn't have a central contact in the middle east. >> i'm rooting to them them involved in this. we have the weird brother-in-law. the the cops it sounded like they had a bit of knowledge. and some o some cops on the rado saying we heard about this guy so we don't know how much information is being budged or shared. if we have people inspired by isis. let's do a solid, and isis will love us and al-qaeda will love us and they act on their own, that's carry. there is nothing you can do by the in a country of 223 million. >> ringleader is the quran. it's not a bad guy stroking a
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white kitten. it's a white book that says convert or die. ken are he religious text can be taken out of context. >> we don't grow our beard 4 feet long anymore. kennedy: scientists are worried tampering with genes might lead to anything from dragons to unicorns. donald trump has called for a
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man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. kennedy: donald trump called for banning all muslims from entering the united states.
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he said everyone according to his spokesperson. critics say it's big on the and unconstitutional. is it legal? >> it's an intriguing legal question. kennedy: legal scholars saying illegal on the face of it, this cannot happen. others saying if it's an immigration question you can do it. if it pertains to you as citizens you may not. >> that's correct. you have bright legal scholars on both side. professor lawrence tribe says it is constitutional. also, of u.n. treaties that we have signed that make it specifically, prohibit us discriminating on the basis of religion and race.
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there are problems, so you cannot exclude people who are part of nato, countries connected to nato and try to keep them out. that's some of the problems here. you can say in times of war there may be certain circumstances. we saw in the past, the supreme court case during different times of the japanese interment camps. the call to arms by people saying let's not go back. would it be reasonable and responsible to say we need to revamp' our immigration system and look at our reentry policies and the way people are getting in. in this kate the female terrorist. tashfeen malik got in on a fiance visa. they are given a minimal glance
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and you can come in long you get married within 90 days. we know so states and cities that will allow it. i understand where he's coming from but you can't blanket ban people from coming into the country. kennedy: it's hard to say to people, are you muslim and have bad people say totally and i want to blow you up. would he do it by executive order? >> we are such a way off from there. but also the congress would have to be involved and adhere to this. people are resonating with populace messages. two of the terrorists that acted in paris came in as syrian refugees, let's make sure that's not an easy path for isis.
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kennedy: the child of the san bernardino shooter is in the middle of a custody battle. her aunt and uncle moved to gain custody of her in a family court. in a situation where family members are possibly involved, how does the state resolve custody? >> it's always what's in the best interest of the child. even if there is an investigation into the grandmother. the mother of one of the terrorists. is she somebody who's appropriate for the child to be with given the fact that she was living in a home with pipe bombs and weapons and money transferred to herb account. it would be of the it most priority to place the child with a muslim family. but what you have is the department of child and family services would step in and put the child with a responsible home, loving home that's safe,
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protected until they ajude car it these matters and see if anyone else comes forward trying to request the child. the brother-in-law who spoke out right away. but the investigation is ongoing. kennedy: i don't know, i'm not a lawyer. i don't know if there is precedence for something like this. it's fascinating to watch. so i'll come back to discuss with you further. kennedy: i can't wait. the case will take many twists and turns. coming up, the return of crystal
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kennedy: if you are having trouble seeing through the fog of your yule log, this the
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forth on the hips. is it a dance or dose have an itch in his doggy pants? is it break dancing? would i say it's a close call. in this case i think it's a talented dog with a very uncomfortable bottom. topic number 4. the year 1992. the dream see-through soft drink. crystal pepsi was born. and it died. or did it. >> crystal pepsi? i thought they shut that division down decade ago. >> we never shut down.
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kennedy: the house foreign affairs committee is asking president obama to reveal this strategy for combating terrorists. senator dianne feinstein is proposing legislation that's would require law enforcement agencies to report illegal activity. i'm a little bit nervous that the government may try to coerce tech companies into spying on their customers. what's it all about? >> the bill that just passed the house foreign affairs commit eve and is head for deeft bait on the house floor is interesting
12:39 am
it's more informational in nature. asking for more information from the white house. they want to know what kind of training is available for intelligence officials. what do they know about the public and private partnerships between tech companies and agencies of the government. i talked to a lot of social media companies, senate chat and facebook and twitter. they say we work with law enforcement. we aggressively combat terrorist activity. when law enforcement comes with a search warrant then we work with them. kennedy: that's completely fair. but this new senate legislation goes first than that. what happens if these tech companies don't comply. are there fines and jail time? >> senator feinstein hasn't formally introduced the bill yet. but it is a step further in
12:40 am
terms of being more aggressive with the tech companies. if you look at the current climate in silicon valley there is distrust of the government. so if you have think that, you can see the tech companies are going to protect their users. these have free services. you are giving you have a ton of dat when you sign. bust whole basis is trust. that's what facebook and social media are relying on to make their money and sell ads. there will be a lot of push and pull, especially when it comes to encryption when it comes to apple. kennedy: people know they can't trust their government because their government was doing something wrong. i hope we don't know back to the presnowden era and i appreciate
12:41 am
you following the story. i'm going to privilege it back to the party panel. what could go wrong here? >> social media is a wonderful way to investigate. they are leaving digital footprints all over the place. donald trump, hillary clinton they want to close down these kftions and force facebook to shut down terrorists talking to one another. if you want to see where they are at, have a place where they can go. 367. kennedy: make it easier. i'm worried it does put us back in presnowden territory. i don't think that was a good place to be with national security. >> i also wonder what they are talking about. are you talking about people declaring allegiance to isis? or making violent threats outright?
12:42 am
or will this be a slippery slope thing. i'm always concerned when the government steps in and says to a company and sets the rules for that. there usually isn't specificity. then i worry -- >> what constitutes a threat. and what also, ways the or else? you better obey this commandment or else. you say horrible things online. >> i do. it' only a matter of minutes before i get kicked off of twitter. they kicked off my friend and it's always for violating liberal ethos. when you violate the right you can get away from murder. shausean those out stuff that wd have gone the a conservative booted out. out.
12:43 am
anne coulter had to break half a million before she got her blue checkmark. liberal bias on facebook and twitter and social media, they will be more inclined to fight a pro-life gyre and isis. >> one more point on the investigative thing. the fed have huge subpoena power. they can subpoena facebook and they do tens of thousands of times a year for information about the users using it. but they are using it right now. just to tell them no, close everything down or we'll penalize you the company as opposed to saying you have got a little isis jihad talk, we are going to follow those folks. that's why i argued you shouldn't shut it down because it can yield the truth and the way. in washington, two of the nation's leading in the bioetteo ethicists.
12:44 am
sound the alarm over scientists building giant guinea pigs or tamed tigers. i don't see the harm. i think in general people who spent 11-15 years in their area of expertise educating themselves and finally getting work, the last thing they want to do is build unicorns. >> i want a tea cup elephant or tiger. think about if something happened, if you came out with like a hulk. i would have a chance to get married in this life. everyone always couples with crazy he thei -- crazy scenariof what could happen. there is hope then, you never know. reporter: she said she wanted a purple hulk.
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is this the new 3d printed gun? >> it is. scientists get a lot of money when they act alarmist. but it did make me think, i just got a puppy for my daughter. i want to kill it. i'm looking at it, isn't this unethical that we took a wolf, it can't even give birth to its own children. what is the line between blasphemy and making a cool dog. >> english bulldogs are cool dogs but they have to deliver cesarean. people who work on the biology with animals, they are -- kennedy: biologists? >> i guess so. they are trying to reintroduce the woolly mammoth.
12:46 am
and passenger pin -- pigeons. they are work on this as a way to reintroduce lost species. >> they should make a movie and a series of books about that. i have got million dollar idea all over the place. thank you so much. this has been quite an electric night. i know we all need a breather and a hit of gatorade. ' the pleasure is mine. coming up i'll bring former secret service agent on this program to give you tips on what
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kennedy: in the wake of the san bernardino tragedy and paris there is a lot of fear about terrorism. what can you do if worse comes to worse and you are confronted by a mad gunman or potential terrorist. we have a former secret service agent and security expert. take us through if god forbid you hear gunshots and you are in a crowded place. >> when you heart gunfire the first thing you should do is move away from the sound of the shots. whatever you are hearing goat opposite direction. if you can't evacuate which does often happen. you want to find a room -- kennedy: let's explain harden up. people do something wrong when they hear gunshots.
12:51 am
what's the first thing they do wrong. >> don't panic and don't lose it. we need to start thinking like this because stuff like this is going to happen lot more. it just is. we have to change the way we do things. kennedy: a lot of people follow a herd of people. that's how they get injured and killed. >> psychologically we want to go out the same door we came in. don't follow everybody. when you go somewhere, look for alternate exits. when you sit on a plane and say there is an exit behind you. they know you will go out the front door. don't follow everybody. the herd mentality is what gets people hurt. a lot of people injured in san bernardino and in paris were hurt from the stampede. that's the biggest thing. hardening up is where you find a location where you can hunker down.
12:52 am
a room, close the door, lock the door, turn your cell phone off. if you are hiding turn that thing off. kennedy: if you are hiding behind a curtain you don't want anything to give away. if your phone is vibrating you are a sitting duck. you talk about hard cover, going into a bathroom. is there a continues between concealing yourself or coughing yourself. >> cover is best, steel, wood, something you can put between you and the bullet. concealment, if they can't see you they are not going to target you. you want to make yourself as small as possible. and you want to do that. the other thing i want to say is you may find yourself in a scenario where you can't do anything. it's literally you and that person and you are looking count barrel of a gun. we need to change our mentality
12:53 am
and not be afraid. we need to become survivors. and think i'm not going to die. if it's between you and me, it's going to be you. standing there waiting to die, don't wait to die. you have a choice in how you are going to die. fight back. they are not expecting it. when someone is pointing a gun at you they are waiting for to you take on the victim role. kennedy: should you but rush someone? should you be a hero. >> it's not a hero. if you know death is imminent and you know, if i'm going to go i'm going to take with you me. don't make it easy for them. if you are going to kill me i'm going to make you work for it. you may end up surviving. when i was an agent a guy mike would teach us to shoot.
12:54 am
when you get in a gunfight and you get shot you are not dying. once you think you are going to die, then it's over. that's how i want us in the united states to change that mentality. let's not be sheep and part of the herd. we are dealing with wolves. let's become pouncer predators. kennedy: not be fatalistic. god forbid you get in that situation. even if i'm shot, i'm not going to die. it completely shifts your thinking and ability to survive. >> you always have a choice. even when you have think you don't, there always is one. >> thank you so much for being here. great advice. coming you have, the most popular tweets of 2015 came from one surprising source. we'll hit the streets to get people's reactions.
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kennedy: twitter just released a list of people who dominated in 2015. a single group accounts for more retweets than anyone. >> earlier this week twitter released its top 10 tweets of 2015. five came from the same source. do you know where the tweets came from? >> justin bieber? taylor swift? >> i don't tweet. i don't care. >> the five tweets came from these guise right here. >> one direction. so cute.
12:59 am
>> can you name any of the members of one direction? >> bane, nile, louie. you lose. >> lee. hardy. >> take a poll. reporter: when you were coming up who was your one direction. >> ricky martin. >> danny. >> david cassidy. >> the partridge family. ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, owe kennedy: thank you so much for watching the show tonight.
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