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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  December 22, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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this thing has careened and lost about a third of its value when the whole stuff came to light on food that may have created e. coli risk. so from bad to worse for chipotle. ashley webster to take you through the next hour. >> thank you very much, and welcome, everybody to the intelligence report, i'm ashley webster in today for trish regan. breaking right now, hillary clinton set to speak to a crowd in iowa. there's a live picture, a town hall meeting. she's running late. her speech comes though as the attacks between donald trump and hillary clinton are getting very personal. at a michigan rally last night trump called clinton a liar for saying that isis is using videos of the g.o.p. front runner as a recruitment tool, but then proceeded to take things even further. >> everything that's been involved in hillary has been
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losses, even the race to obama, she was going to beat obama. i don't know who would be worse, i don't know, how does it get worse? she was going to beat-- favored to win and she got (bleep), she lost, i mean, she lost. >> there's the bleep and the clinton campaign firing back on twitter. and saying we are not going to respond to trump and the degrading language for women, #, i am with her. >> and the editor of the white house dossier and the accountability project, thank you for being here. let me begin with you, as i kind of alluded to, donald trump doesn't team to get hurt in the polls. should we put much store in this hurting him moving forward?
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>> polls can be deceiving, there are general polls, voter likely polls. when you look to the early states to iowa, south carolina, new hampshire, trump isn't doing as well as we think. he's riling up the base and registered g.o.p. voters who have never voted before. the rethe a, the reason that hillary clinton isn't responding, we know that the real winner right now is ted cruz. every time donald trump is desperate and drops in the early state polls with likely g.o.p. voters he's coming in second and third in the early states, that's when he gets out and says something sensational. he wants to activate his base. the reality he doesn't have the ground support and i don't think he's going to win iowa, new hampshire or south carolina and in four months we're going to forget that donald trump exis exists. >> let me bring you in with what she had to say. ted cruz is coming in in iowa with conservative values. how much damage to these
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comments have on his campaign? >> absolutely none. what are we talking about here? listen, those kind of things that i just heard have been getting made for the last several weeks or a month, since about june. these things do not hurt donald trump. see, we here in the washington media, we see the trees and we miss the forest. the fact is that like this-- trump is high as he ever was in the national polls, 40% now. he's appealing to people who are tired of political correctness, they're tired of the united states being pushed around. tired of being pushed around themselves pt eep though the statements has a certain amount of outrage to them, they only make him stronger, people want change. they want a strong character who did change this country and it shows that he has this kind of toughness ap lack of fear that nobody else has, and never hurts him. >> i'm sorry to interrupt, 50% recently polled said they would
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be embarrassed if donald trump got into the white house. how would you respond to that? >> right, well, so what? you know, he hasn't really started-- democratic voters haven't started paying attention to them. he may be embarrassed by him, but may still want him to be president. >> democratic voters would vote for donald trump? are you insane? if you look at these national polls and really want a look at the general polls which are irrelevant right now. hillary clinton beats donald trump by 7%, bernie sanders, giving him a shellacking. >> 7%, that was in the margin of error of the polls? >> no, it's not. >> the only thing that poll says-- >> one at a time. >> hang on a second, if you want to get down to what matters is that independent women voters and right now donald trump is polling lower with women. if you think he's the front runner, which he's not. the reality is he's not going to win the with i am in the middle and the swing voters.
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>> i don't know what polls. >> that's a good point being made. he continues, i would imagine, alienate those voters he needs and the party as a whole. >> i'm sorry, he's alienated everybody up to 40% in the current poll. 7% difference in that poll, okay? that suggests that he is in the game. we're talking about a poll taken 10 1/2 months before the election, it says he's a serious candidate and he hasn't started to go after hillary yet, and the rnc hasn't gone after her yet. that says something positive for trump, despite the nonsense everyone is going after him for, he's in streaking distance. democrats are really dumb to be underestimating that man. >> and hillary clinton herself, getting in a scrap with him right now. she's essentially going through a coronation as the elected candidate for the democrats. does she need to be playing
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with donald trump right now? >> not really. listen, national polls again do not matter at this point. it's really all about the local polls in these early states. i think any real political science knows this because we've gone through these phases before in the election. he doesn't have any grounding, that's the problem. he doesn't have ground in iowa. how is he going to turn out new voters. if you want to talk about general polls, you want to talk about the general election, a lot of the g.o.p. establishment, they say they're going to support him, but will they turn out? on the other hand if donald trump is the nominee, the democrats are going to turn out more than ever because they don't want to see this bigot elected to the presidency. >> keith, quickly, what about the chances of a brokered convention, that there is no clear winner and that it's all decided behind closed doors by the leadership of the g.o.p.? what do you think? >> well, that i would say is a danger for donald trump. if he's not able to get 50% on
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the first ballot, the establishment republicans hate him and they will look for a way to defeat him if he doesn't win the first ballot. if he loses there, all bets are off and i think that's the serious threat to his candidacy, if it gets to that. >> so, it teams that ted cruz has some momentum, and marco rubio stalling out and ben carson is off in the sunset. >> and ben sunset is off into the sunset and into nighttime, pretty much gone. yeah, cruz shows some strength and i think that cruz, also, is a threat to trump and taking carson's support and cruz is a serious player here. neil: we're out of time, thank you both very much. keith, don't go anywhere, you're glued to the seat and we'll be back to you later in the show, should be entertaining. and fox debate, we're going round two with the republican candidates in south carolina. kicks off on january 14th here
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on fox business. don't miss it! it will be good. all right, changing gears now, iraqi soldiers storming the city of ramadi attempting to take control in isis, despite heavy resize tans from isis snipers and suicide bombers. the city fell in may, an embarrassing defeat for the iraqi army. if they take it back, does it signal a turn in the war? . thank you for being here, are we overrating, if ramadi goes back to the iraqi army, if we win it back, in other words, is it a turning point or a morale boost booster. >> it it will be an important point, the first sunni city in
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the caliphate to be liberated. if it happens. it will be a step and long process to take down isis in mosul, iraq and syria. it's a first step and it's an important one and we ought to recognize it as search. >> it's an important one, let's face it, it feels as if isis, even though the president says are contained, is spreading at will. how well are we doing, to use the president's word, containing isis 0 are are they still moving the way they want to? >> this is all taking much too long. it doesn't have the intensity it requires to keep isis on the defensive and dismantling the caliphate and they have time to continue to spread to these affiliates, now, nine, ten, affiliates across north africa and plot and inspire attacks
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not only in the heart of europe, but in the homeland as we saw in san bernardino. if we continue things at this pace it's only a matter of time before we're hit again. >> i wanted to bring this up to you. the tony blair foundation, he's done a lot of work in the middle east, had an alarming report out saying the united states is making very critical mistake by focusing just on isis, that there are at least 15 other militants groups out there fighting in the name of islam who pose a threat. >> yeah, no, it's clear now, ashley, after five years of the united states and its partners standing aside, allowing assad, russia, hezbollah to wage a campaign against syrian sunnis, that isis is no longer the only group we have it worry about. there are a host of others, including isis' affiliate in northern syria that continues
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to get stronger and stronger. by no means just get rid of ice is a. these chickens are still coming home to roost. >> when are we going to see others take action. they put out a lot of statements, but it doesn't counter or anything. >> yeah, at the moment it's an empty gesture by the saudies, although i think it's one driven by the fact that they see a complete absence of american leadership and will to ffl this vacuum that's created on their border. what i think is missing, not getting the sunni arabs into this fight and really forcing their hand is an american president who really views this war against isis that he's watched as his highest priority. he's going to set aside everything else in his presidency to win this battle and he's going to pressure our
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allies that they need to step up beyond this with the united states. we haven't seen that, with nato nor with sunnis in the region. >> what about the russians? we haven't spoke been them much lately. they are he a carrying out bombing raids, although we know they're gone out in groups in assad. and are we having any impact or do we indeed have to put boots on the ground. >> i'll add to you, ashley. 80% of russian strikes are not against isis. they are against other groups that are fighting the assad regime including an awful lot of rebel groups getting aided by the u.s.-backed coalition. so the rushes shuns still have a different agenda, saving
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assad and degrading western backed rebels, and not fighting isis. that's a sticking points and problem in guess being able to get our hands around this problem that is syria. it's bleeding wounded in the heart of the middle east and spewing out refugees and terrorists around the world. >> it's that graphic summation, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you, thank you, ashley. >> while officials work to keep us safe at home here this holiday season, the french government will tighten security around churches during christmas. the churches will only be allowed to keep one door opened. he promised leaders in multiple states everything is being done to keep down security. >> army sergeant bowe bergdahl has made his first military appearance, facing charges of desertion and misbehavior
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before the enemy. that could get him. he walked off his boast in 2009 for five years until he was released as a prisoner swap. president obama is vowing to leave it all on the field. what does it mean to cement his legacy? our panel will weigh in. >> and chipotle, why is this happening, some are blaming the farm to table. >> and as we head we're waiting tore the santa claus rally, we're looking at winners and losers when we come back. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪
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>> another batch of e. coli cases linked to chipotle. the c.d.c. says five people have gotten sick in this new outbreak in kansas and oklahoma. it's the latest round of bad news for chipotle that sickened 69 people-- that's 53 people back in october. people are asking what the heck is going on. jeff flock has some answers. >> at this point we don't know for sure. but a lot of people wonder if it's the thing that makes chipotle the most compelling to a lot of people, that farm to table aspect. that locally sourced aspects. competitors don't do it that way and maybe that's causing the problem. what chipotle does on its own website how it does business.
2:19 pm
we source from farms rather than factories. they try to get the produce and the meat that they buy locally and bring it directly to the restaurant when possible, but this is' evidence that chipotle new as early as the last 10k regulatory filing that they were at some risk. take a look at the 10k about of this happened. the produce initiatives locally sourced make it difficult to make quality consistent. it produces more risk of food-borne illness. what's happening with chipotle, they need to find out if the latest round is related to the previous round. what's the source of these. c.d.c. does not know. how can they find out about future outbreaks before they happen if there's a problem and could the answer be, the
2:20 pm
processing of the food as it goes to the consumer. they brought the tomatoes directly to the store and now they're doing it for a central locations, before they get all the way here, we'll have to see. ashley: it's all about damage to the reputation, it's 1:20 in chicago, looks pretty quiet in this chipotle. >> this wasn't exactly overrun today. no, no, the stock isn't doing well and-- >> did you have your lunch there, jeff? >> i will have vietnamese food. >> jeff flock in chilly chicago, thanks so much as always. all right, isis, gun control, closing gitmo, high on the president's agenda next year. we'll look at what else may make that list. >> and a bit more optimistic about a year ahead than i am
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>> president obama is planning to host a high level summit on the global refugee crisis at the u.n. next year. it's all part of his agenda as he enters his final year in office. peter barnes has more on the president's plans to cement his leg t lega legacy. >> the president thinks he had a strong 2015 and thinks he can have a stronger 2016. at a press conference the president said decent jobs, pc trade agreement, a blast of bipartisanship with republicans in congress, that included a highway bill, a budget and tax deal. for 2016 the president and his aides say the big ticket priorities are stopping up to fight against isis, protecting
2:25 pm
the homeland. criminal justice with an executive order and gun control. the president faces a critical republic congress. for the president, he still has his veto pen next year and of course, there will probably be more executive actions and more regulations coming out of the government. in terms of actually getting new legislation through, i think the cupboard is pretty bare for this white house. the president plans to get engaged with the debate for the white house with hillary clinton cl clinton. ashley: and coming back with me now, keith, hit me begin with you. what is mr. obama's legacy? >> his legacy? well, his legacy is an economy that grows at 1 poip.5 to 2%.
2:26 pm
his legacy an a brand new terror organization, isis, which has metastasized across the middle east and it's to come to a home or plane near you. and no doubt he'll seek to cement his awful legacy. ashley: i have a feeling that you disagree with that. executive orders could be part of his legacy, couldn't it? >> absolutely, listen, this is a president when we were entering a great recession. this is a president who was able to reestablish our identity overseas when our allies didn't want to talk to us. this is a president who not only fixed the economy, but brought it into growth period again. now, we will talk to executive actions, that's one thing, probably around climate change, some economics, some housing stuff, and obviously, gun safety laws, but there is some
2:27 pm
potential progress on criminal justin reform. if you look at the prison, it's see hard on the budget, that they try to find a compromise on this issue, so i think that may be an area in an election year where congress is going to be up for election and campaign against the president and an area he may have process in. ashley: all right, keith. i want to take up the point that we're better respected around the world. i don't think that we seem like not taking action. >> we're dissupreme courted by the europeans, who feel like we're not taking fax, like we
2:28 pm
need to do. we're disrespected by our enemies, iran through the middle east. that's definitely another one of obama's achievements he'll build on next year. the utter lack of respect in which the united states is held throughout the world and it's another thing that is driving trum's candidacy. they may not like him, but he demands respect. >> part of his appeal is the fact that there is a sentiment that the current administration is not tough on trim, is not really taking the kind of proactive approach and is rather reacting, rather than taking the fight to isis. how would you respond to that? >> i think that the president has a strong isis policy. the problem is that there are a lot of others campaigning against it. ashley: what is it? >> well, okay.
2:29 pm
first thing, it's the media has not done a good job reporting on. there's been air strikes, in iraq and syria where it grows and attacking from. he wants the congress to vote on exis ending action on isis. guess what the republican congress won't do that, voting on anything to stop isis, we are targeting their funding source,and you need to cut off the backers. this is part of president obama's strategy, you've got a republican congress doing nothing except banning muslims, nothing to do with isis. >> and how about the last three key players and secretaries left saying the pentagon is micromanaged and the press surrounds himself with people
2:30 pm
that don't have the experience, military experience to make the right coals. >> your battle on isis is rupp by 29 years old, although i have word that obama now considers isis the varsity team. no longer the jv team. so this could change everything in the next year and hopefully it will. >> to be fair fear, isis is by no mean as isis-- >> you've got to be killing me. >> finish my point, where they could kill thousands of people. the difference between isil, they have these attacks, they're lone wolves. the power season is too hard to target. look, there's always going to be lone wolves out there? that was a lone wolf? they killed 14 people.
2:31 pm
>> isis is a threat and it's not al qaeda. >> it is al qaeda at its worse. >> they're at war with al qaeda so that's not true. >> it has a caliphate and selling oil to fund itself. >> no, no, it doesn't have a caliphate. >> it is a disaster. ashley: i see this could on all day and night and merry christmas to us all. thank you for joining us. >> they, it's vun. living rich people a bad name. what's that's what john pall degora says when he explains. and where is santa? he'll have wheels on his slay. the indexes are negative for the year. more on your money after this. ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪
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♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪. (phone ringing) (phone ringing) you can't deal with something by ignoring .t but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard and pay into it, so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates! answer the call already.
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>> all right. a bit of a relief in oil prices today. not much, but crude edging up slightly, up 33 cents at 36.40, 36.14, rather, up nearly 1% at 36.14 a barrel. gas prices also edged up slightly from yesterday's record low. the national average now just at under $2.01. up from 1.99 yesterday. meanwhile, the u.s. economy
2:36 pm
growing at a slower pace over the summer and expanding at a 2% rate. that's significantly below the previous nearly 4% rate. this, as the dow has seen more than a week's worth of triple digit swings. the question, did the fed move too quickly or leave it too late? either way, are they right to predict that a stronger economy will be around next year? and what about that santa claus rally? joining me now our own liz macdonald and jamie cox from the harris financial group. thank you for joining us, guys. >> jamie, let me begin with you. okay, 2% gdp. that's ho-hum at best. and did the fed act too quickly? >> no, actually, i think they acted a little too late. i was an advocate of them raising rates back in september and in june, thinking that doing so in december would be difficult because of liquidity issues at the end of the year and that sort of played out. unfortunately, the last couple of days, right after the fed raised interest rates, when they're doing reverse repos, it
2:37 pm
drains liquidity from the markets and it's been up and down, so, i think that the fed would have been better off raising earlier because, you know, one thing we're worried about in september about the chinese economy having difficulty and all of these things haven't played out. so i think they waited maybe a little too long and think they'll have to hasten the pace and be more than what the concensus estimate is maybe two times next year, maybe as many as four to try to catch up? >> liz, what do you think about that? there are headwinds out there. plummeting oil tells us something, it's not just the supply story, the demand is not there either. >> that's right. ashley: jamie mentioned china and europe is not exactly going gangbusters. how healthy is our economy? liz: when you listen to the bears, long in the tooth and red in the claws, they're going 6 of,000, that's way off the mark. they talk in isolation as if the u.s. is in isolation to the rest of the world.
2:38 pm
the u.s. as analysts said is the tallest midget in the room, so to speak. i think that your guest is right, what analysts said that the fed may have acted too late. but the question, will we see, also, see a santa claus rally? it's going into the end of the year? i think we end with a really ludwick finish and not sure it's going to be a rally, though, in terms of what we're hearing from the trading desks. it's rare to have a santa claus rally with eight days left, eight or seven days, 50 times in 87 years. ashley: history does come late. jamie, back to you, nike the standout stock of the year, we're getting earnings from nike after the bell today. and mcdonald's has done well and ge, i wants to ask you about wal-mart, a bit of a loser to say the least this year. what did wal-mart get wrong? >> i don't think they necessarily got anything wrong. they're paying people a lot
2:39 pm
more now, so that's going to dent earnings for a while. when you have minimum wage increas with a cpanyike l-ma, th's aig dl, whenou he a llio emoyee thehaveo ch throh th incase the cost butmazois n-- it sorof rningast em. opleealllikehoppg onine d i ink mpans likeal-mt ha a dficu ti. in aitio we' at poin in t ecomy wre pple e t foed tshopt wamart ymore, then sh at othe places because their jobs are secure and things are getting better economically, they're going to shop at places like target or nordstrom or other places and i think that the triple combination there of those three things from wal- 17 will be good for them. what about the dow itself. what are you seeing, 18,000, 19,000, what are you looking for? what is your prediction? >> i think that the u.s. markets might be the first year
2:40 pm
in many that we have a negative print on s&p and dow, and i don't think you're going to see much more improvement in the major indices over the next year. i think the better play is actually what we all thought was going to be the 2015 story which was europe and asia and i think it may actually play out because we finally have seen all of the shenanigans in the currency markets and every central bank sort of play its hand. i think the equity markets in europe are in a better position and the companies are cheaper on a relative basis and i think that's where the play is going to be. >> interesting. all right, jamie, thank you so much. liz, thank you. we'll, of course, see liz macdonald at the top of the hour under 20 minutes from now. it's a small step for mankind, but a huge leap for billionaire elon musk, as his company, spacex, gets back in the space launching business and successfully. and john paul dejoria joins me with his thoughts on the
2:41 pm
campaign, specifically donald trump. oh, yes. stay with us.
2:42 pm
>> well, we're checking the markets for you. maybe santa is coming to town. the dow up 151 points and the nasdaq up 26, all about 1/2 a percent. shows some stronger buying going on on wall street, meanwhile, home sales plunging sharply in november, down 10 1/2%. that, by the way, is the
2:43 pm
weakest pace in 19 months. analysts, well, they blame higher prices because there wasn't as many homes for sale, the prices went up, and also new regulations being blamed as well. the intelligence report will be right back with a warning against our infrastructure and how it's a prime target for cyber terrorists. don't go away.
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prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. >> electrical power grids, pipelines, industrial chemical factories, bridges, dams, all being taken down and destroyed. well, it sounds like the plot of an action movie, "24", "homeland" maybe? back in 2013, there was a breach and why are we hearing about this now and how vulnerable are we? joining me is rabbi at the simon wisenthal center. when i first saw this, i thought, who cares about a dam near rye, new york. it points out a worrying fact that terrorist hackers could get into dams and power grids
2:46 pm
and chemical factories and create havoc. is that true? >> well, we don't know to what extent the terrorist groups can actually get into our infrastructure. we do know that they're deeply involved, obviously, in their campaigns to reach young people around the world using social media and other parts of the internet, even for command and control. so they-- whatever society is prepared to give them access to, we already know that isis, al qaeda, al-shabaab are deeply successful on the internet, especially on social media which i think really should be the main focus not just in terms of governments, but in terms of the companies themselves. in so far as going after infrastructure, we take a half step back before the internet, the various world powers and regional powers looking at ways to infiltrate the other, that's
2:47 pm
always been a part, it was part of the cold war, part of some of the hot wars and now with everything transferring on-line, of course, you have the chinese, the u.s., the russians, the israelis, but when you're dealing with nation states, you can take measures in order to signal them, you know, if you do x, we can do y. when you're dealing with terrorists it's an entire different ball of wax. >> what worries me, a 14-year-old kid in a basement in moscow can hack into the pentagon's website. it's not that much of a reach to say that they could get into the power grid and knock us back to the dark ages. >> we all need to be concerned about hacking. we all know our personal information has been hacked in so many different ways and so many different corners. but i think when you're talking about the fundamentals of our power structure, the grids, et cetera, the federal government and the agencies are doing what they need to take care of a, b,
2:48 pm
c's. one r -- nonethele nonetheless the learning curve is extensive. i met with google, talking to facebook and twitter is the sort of choice weapon for terrorists and their supporters around the world, so, if we look and see what it is they're doing on the open source, as well as now with the encryption, we better keep a close eye on their gathering strength in going, god for bid, against our infrastructure. let's not forget the iranians, who have close ties to various terrorist groups and anything is possible. ashley: that's certainly true and very concerning. thank you so much, rabbi abram, we're already out of time. >> thank you, ashley and happy new year.
2:49 pm
ashley: thank you, is the american dreams still alive? i'll be asking rags to riches john paul dejoria next.
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2:52 pm
>> well, it is the ultimate rags to riches story. the self-made billionaire who once lifted his car and inspiring americans for the american dream. donald trump the right make that dream come true? we're asking john paul dejoria, paul mitchell and patrone. >> happy christmas, by the way, happy christmas. ashley: same to you, i appreciate that. let's get back to donald trump,
2:53 pm
some people say he's popular because he's successful and people in america love winners. >> that's true, and a lot of people think think he's going to change things because he's not a politician. there are really good people running for office. there are some people who have a good business knowledge. i think what we have to remember, it's kind of early in the game. let's watch and see, one, what's good for business, but more importantly, what's good for the united states. you could have one thing good for business and one thing not so good to the united states, not that that's donald trump, but you've got to have the combination of the two to make things happen. it's kind of ll to judge one candidate from the other. ashley: is the american dream alive and well in this country? >> it is definitely alive and well and people are feeling it. this holiday season the more people i talk to say, yeah, there are a few things wrong, but things are getting better and more and more people are able to realize that the
2:54 pm
american dream does work. i did some work with homeless people that now have jobs, didn't have jobs before, that now have a place to live. people have started little businesses and their little businesses are growing bigger. the dream is not only still alive, but with all the baloney we hear in the news, it's christmas time and santa claus is probably the biggest thing for business, but the dream is alive and people are feeling it, i feel it on the streets. ashley: that leads to my next question, how is business doing, you've got the hair products and the patrone. >> this is one of our christmas bottles, wrapped with pewter, $75 a bottle rather than $55 bottle, but one third more and beautiful encasing. we have sold out of it. every one of our bottles has already been bought, it means that americans want to treat
2:55 pm
themselves more and more and more. people throughout the world do. >> with the first one-- >> it could be, but patrone is a good way and we notice in beauty salon, more and more are becoming fuller and fuller and fuller and people instead of buying something for $3.80 or $8 are spending 10 and $15 for high quality hair care products and we see that happening. we've seen it happening for a few months which i think is going to lead the way to a very happy successful for everybody, 2016. we have many people unemployed right now, unfortunately our existing administration didn't going back to work in 2016. based on those they're getting more business today, it will create more jobs. ashley: with that said, i'm going to put you on the spot for 2016 g.o.p. candidate, it may be hillary clinton or bernie sanders, but who do you think is best for business in this country?
2:56 pm
>> oh, boy, that's a good question, i think if i said bernie sanders it would stun everybody because he's a socialist, just kidding. no, no, no. if we look at everyone out there right now we've got really good people running, but it's a little too early because one part says this is good for business. the other part says, but this is good for nation. so, i think as things evolve. ashley: yeah. >> we'll see going into next year the field kind of shrinks down not only what people say, this is really important. not what people say, but how they're accountable for what they say, during political years, every promise in the world, both parties do it. >> they do, equal opportunity when it comes to politics. >> yes, sir. that's right. and it's politics, but what will they do, what will they say to make sure they're accountable for what they're going to do, not just some good hype. in early 2016. >> john paul, we're out of time.
2:57 pm
>> good luck for all in the nation. love you all. peace, love and happiness. cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? :
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. ashley: maybe it's not too late for a santa rally, the market up 158 points! liz mcdonald, keep it going. liz: that's right, ashley. thank you're absolutely right. crude moving, driving the markets higher at this moment. the dow jones industrial average is up. look at this, 158 points! oil leading energy companies to upside. crude moves in another venue, driving the political discussion now as the hillary clinton camp is striking out against donald trump after what some are calling a vulgar description of how mrs. clinton lost to president obama from mr. trump. he made a vulgar description of it. we're going to take it up with our political panel. breaking new details about the movement too of the san bernardino terrorists where. they met, when they got engaged


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