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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  January 11, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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we're going to be followed by maria and neil 9:00 p.m. eastern and then of course there's the big question of what candidates are going to participate in which debate. you're going to find out exclusively tonight on lou dobbs first when he unveils that line up at 7:00 p.m. eastern. in the meantime liz is taking it from here. liz: trish, safe journey, and be sure to ask the candidates about their wallets, their money, and the substantiating because we've go to a pretty alarming shakeout in oil that is choking all after the first day of trading after the worst week ever for stocks. not only do you have the dow jones industrial down 29 points which in and of itself is not the worst thing in the world but the russell small and mid-caps are at a bear market and the nasdaq is enduring its worst streak of losses in eight years. are the bears triumphing for the longer term? or will the bulls battle back? we've got the clause out in a bull bear debate.
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with stocks trekking oil, what's a kingdom to do? saudi arabia might be about to take drastic measures to stabilize its finances including selling the crown jewel. actually considering an ipo of a state-owned oil giant. is saudi arabia losing its grip just as isis and iran bear down? we've go to a fox business exclusive. you can't miss it. we've got the former u.s. ambassador to saudi arabia. richard murphy. he knows what they're thinking and the race to the cornfield so. just 22 days until the iowa caucus and while donald trump may be leading the polls his economic plan is falling under scrutiny for the world leading economists. what they say they found and whether it will hurt the frontrunner. and as vw unveils a new concept suv with a slightly bizarre name. jeff flock is live at the north american international auto show asking the really tough questions about the company's not so clean diesel emissions scandal. consider consumers trust the
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car manufacturer and buy into the tiger suv. we're going to explain that. but less than an hour, season after the bell the last hour of trade. strap yourselves in, let's start the countdown. ♪ ♪ . liz: breaking news. listen, we need to tell you that while these numbers don't look like the worst of the session, you might start to see some real capitulation at this hour. what does that mean? it means throwing in the towel. right now the dow, the s&p 500, the nasdaq, the russell, you can see are all lower at the moment. but the buy on the dips crowd, here's the problem. still in leading. not coming in to buy real bargains here. take a look at the nasdaq. losing about 36 points. if it closes down today, that would be the longest losing streak for the index in eight years. the russell 2,000 dipping into bear territory. this is the level to watch. 1,036. we are right there right now. this very second. anything below that puts the
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index in bear territory. it's already been there today. so we'll see. does it close below 1,036? that would be the headline that you see. now, as bad as it might feel to be in stocks, let's put this in perspective. all three embassies fell more than six% last awake. very tough as you know. the shanghai index fell a significant 10%. and if you add the 5% loss overnight this morning. well, you do the math. 15% hoar filing ugly but take a look at the comparison. the shanghai versus the s&p 500. the s&p 500 is the yellow line there. compared to the volatility we're seeing in asia, the u.s. looks like a sea of tranquility or just move. and right now we're looking at oil. touched a new 12-year lowe dipping below $31 a barrel since the first time since december 8th, 2003 and we are slightly above it at 3132.
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and also hitting individual names, gopro hitting a lifetime low today of 114.57. that makes it two sessions in the nah row that the wearable camera company was momentum and hot stock has hit all time lows. currently down five full percentage points to $15.37. you want green? i don't know. can i give you green? is it walmart? barrel. we have up three-quarters of a point. friday's close, it was the only winner year to date in the dow. of course the year is young. two things. the year's very young and number two, it was really very much a lagger. it was the biggest loser of 2015 so investors suggested it might be oversold. but why isn't bouncing higher? right now walmart up just two-thirds of a percent. so as oil hits that low, all 40 names in the s&p 500 down. but look at these ones we decided to pick out for you.
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marathon, williams, murphy oil, they are the biggest percentage losers with marathon down 7%. i believe marathon's year high was more like $31. right now it's at $9. what is working? well, if you were smart enough a couple of weeks ago when we told you about sco. this is basically the pro shares ultrashort oil. it's going gangbusters. it's jumping nearly 10% right now, and we picked some other power shares and etfs that are basically very short crude oil. the least risky would be the sco. it's not a double short or anything like that, but right now jumping three and three-quarters percent. so if you see the trend that oil is going lower, you bet against oil, you make a little money on a day like this. so we bring in the traders at the new york flow show, the new york stock exchange and the cme, and you first. i just showed anybody was smart enough to go short oil in the last week or two or
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neil month or so ago, you did well. why is oil falling 6% short today? what is going on? >> there's a variety of reasons. one is there's a glut. we've talked about this a number of times. liz: the glut has played in every single day. >> right. liz: 6% today? >> well, listen, if rumors were to be believed, isis is selling $10 a barrel to anybody with cash, so that's definitely putting a drag on it. the iranians haven't sold theirs. the russians and the saudis have both said that they're not going to cut back production. there's no -- there's no reason to buy it yet. although eventually we're going to get into maybe oversold territory. we were talking about getting 30 days for a long time. and we finally got there and now it gets to 31, we're not here to pick the bottom, so i think this stays until it pop.
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liz: elliott says eventually stabilizes. you would think that eventually some of the buy on the dips crowd would be coming in here today. is it more about china showing another 5% drop or oil at 6%? and if i am a retail investor right now with about 58 minutes to go, do you buy some of the names that look i guess cheaper? that's maybe a stretch. >> you know, liz, they say defense wins championships. and that's what traders doing. they're playing defense. take a look at the staples. they're up. take a look at the utilities. they're up. also seeing movement cash. so it's specific what guys are going into but there is green on the screen but also defensive. liz: yeah, you would say double short oil is really the play. even treasuries aren't behaving in a way that you think gold. gold is not spiking. where are the flows? where's the smart money going? tell our viewers. >> well, i think the real pros, you know, back when we were -- we couldn't get to 17.8 and janet we will be came
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out with very bullish talk. we talked about that. we weren't able to pick out new highs. that was the time to set your hedge. i think today's low was very important from a technical at some point. it was pretty much an exact 10% correction from the recent resistance. we couldn't get through 2,100 in the s&p. we couldn't get through 17.8 in the dow. lows so far, 10%. so guys are watching that 10% level and then -- what are people looking at? they're trying to buy against that. they're looking for a bounce on people selling in fear. but watch the ten-year. we had a three-day high today in the teen year, and that's why i think i would be looking at. you have to look at the futures markets for your hedges. liz: well, we're still looking at oil at this point just barrel above $31 a barrel and perhaps that's really the catalyst for bringing most of the markets to the red here today. steven, chris, he will why the, appreciate it. we have 52 minutes before the trade, i keep saying watch out for capitulation but investors -- and this is a
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bigger picture story -- pulling more than -- you. you pulled more than $8.8 billion out of global equity markets last week alone as stocks continued their route around the world from market instability in the middle east. so are stocks poised to turn around? how do you play it? we thought this was a perfect day for a debate. joining me now national security global strategist feeling bullish in many areas interestingly enough and peter shift. a bear but in specific areas. andy, i want to begin with you because it's tougher to be a bear on a day like this. why are you bullish and where? >> well, liz, as far as being bullish, i think you're on the verge of capitulation. i think you're seeing it in oil now. i think you're seeing some of it in stocks. you've reached the correction area in a lot of areas of different stock. and as you just said a moment ago, you're in the bearish territory in the russell -- the russell. liz: okay. but this is a big list here.
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stocks, bonds, emerging markets and high yields. you're not worried about a jump. >> i'm not worried about any of these. but i will tell you that i'm not stepping into these right away. i just want to see a little bit more of blood on the streets. and i think some time this month you're going to actually get some very good returns by stepping in. i'm part of the buying on breaks-type stuff. i really do. liz: yeah, he's -- >> listen, you have the unemployment number that just came out. 300,000. you know, you've got -- you've got different aspects of the economy that are actually looking pretty good. you had 2.6 billion miles put on by cars. you've had record sales of cars. you just had stimulus. you know, from the house. you know, so i don't think things are going to be that bad. liz: okay. that's our -- >> but obviously the markets are bad right now. liz: that's our bull and, peter, you just heard our bear. roll out some of the positives that he perceives to be. i know you disagree. and it would be easier to disagree on a day like this. what do you see and are you buying anything right now? >> well, first of all, we're
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nowhere near capitulation. i think we're still in denial. remember this entire bull market was about the fed. and the fed finally pricked its own bubble in december. and there's a lot more air that's going to come out. the market is going much, much lower until the federal reserve comes clean, admits that it's not raising interest rates anymore. in fact, i think they're going to have to launch e4 to save this market, and that is exactly what they're going to do. in the meantime the great recession, which was interrupted by the fed is about to resume unless the fed comes back. but of course ultimately we're going to die of the fed's cure, which is actually worse than the disease. but, yes, this might be a buying opportunity. it all depends on how quickly the fed comes clean. but i still think they're going to wait awhile. they're playing a game of chicken. but this economy is in lousy shape. when you hear people say, oh, it's detained to manufacturing. it's just an industrial recession. yeah, it's as detained a
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contained as the mortgage or if you remember the nasdaq bubble burst by 2001 the s&p and the dow still hadn't rolled over and people were saying it was contained to tech. it's not contained them, not contained now, people are still in denial in the markets and the economy. the fed and so the wind and now we're all weeping the whirlwind. >> but, peter, you still have some of the lowest interest rates in the world, two central banks that are full throttle as far as easing. i don't think you're anywhere near the 2008 bubble or 2007 bubble. this is not an internet bubble. i think things are going to bounce back, and i still think the economy is going just fine. granted it's choppy. 5% bubble. >> this employment number. this bubble is bigger than those previous two bubbles combined. and even though interest rates are still low, they're not low enough. it's like when you get a big heroin habit and you kick -- liz: then why isn't gold bouncing more, peter? why isn't gold bouncing more, silver is a mess too.
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i would think that those are the plays that you like and there is no fear trade here at the moment. >> peter, if you were right -- >> people -- people are still in denial about the real extent of the problem. people still believe in this phony u.s. recovery like your other guest. you keep talking about the low unemployment rate. these are lagging indicators and the only reason the unemployment rate is down is so many supreme left the labor force or settle for low paying part-time jobs. but, look, companies don't lay people off because they anticipate a recession. the layoffs start when employers are surprised by a recession they didn't anticipate. liz: and we can say right now -- >> all economic data. liz: yeah, it doesn't look like we're seeing capitulation just yet because the stock market has been at least in the green earlier today at one point. andy, peter, thank you very much for the bull bear debate. we're going to put their positions up on because right now it is a very stuff
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market we're going to walk you through every minute left here and about 47 minutes left to go before the closing bell rings. we need to talk about the diesel dilemma. the new suv concept at the north american international auto show that has a totally bizarre name. totally bizarre promise but can the consumers trust the german carmaker after that scandal involving its diesel engines and emissions and the outright lies the company told? jeff flock in detroit asking the tough question. and saudi arabia putting the family jewel up for sale. why the largest member of opec is considering what will be the biggest ipo in history in any country. bigger than anything you've ever seen. and what would it mean for middle eastern relations? and you've got to be sure to tune into lou dobbs tonight 7:00 p.m. eastern. he is going to unveil the highly anticipated line up for the fox business gop debate. set your dvr to tivo because the debate is airing this thursday. the first debate begins 6:00 p.m. eastern.
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sandra and trish followed by the second debate 9:00 p.m. maria and neil. don't miss either one of them. countdown is coming right back. we've got the dow jones industrial down 72 points.
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when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience.
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liz: breaking news with 42 minutes before the closing bell rings. we are looking at the russell
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2,000 in bear market territory. what does that mean? that means you're down 20% from your highs; right? 20% from your recent highs. so right now any close below 1,036, right now at 1,033, a very tough day in the markets, but we won't at least have another merger monday today. another megamerger is on the books. shier a uk-based pharmaceutical, a u.s. company takes a big step forward as the pair announce a $32 billion cash and stock tie up worth about dollars a share. the deal would create the largest maker of blood disease and cancer drugs in the world. so it continues at a pretty dramatic pace. now, from a merger to a outright ipo. the mere idea of this one
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shocked -- not just the equity world but the foreign policy world. saudi arabia came last week state oil giant taking ram copublic but is that a sign of disruption for a country not only struggling with oil prices but terror intentions. we're lucky to have richard here, here in a fox business exclusive. well, the news surprised everybody. did it surprise you? because it's basically an appendedge of the saudi government. >> one that has negative been opened to the public. besides of their reserves considered state secrets. liz: why would they do that? it looks to us panic a little bit as to all what's going on with oil prices where they really need to see oil a lot higher in the hundreds per barrel to make a profit or break even. >> yeah. i don't think oil is headed for the hundreds. but i can understand -- liz: so they're in trouble.
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>> it is. it's tight. i resist the word desperate because the size of their reserves. they are enormous. they have dug deeply in to cover this year. but i think motivating more than anything, any other factor is your one year into this new saudi administration where the king had appointed a favorite son as both defense minister overseeing the economy and pledged to in effect shake things up. and this certainly has sent a tremor. liz: well, the saudi's foss voice is maybe a few decibels lower. that's not concerning me very much. what worries me is the stability take it or leave it. and right now it has to fight almost two battles on different battlefields. its got to deal with the oil situation and a possible ramco ipo, the last time people valued this company it
3:22 pm
was at $10 trillion. it's crazy. but on top of it looking at hostile nations around them, violence in iraq, libya, syria. what is their strategy? you've been on the inside knowing a lot of these players. >> well, i think this is a nervous time. for many years in terms of bilateral relations, they've been almost thinking about it, but they could count on the united states come what may. we gave assurances that we would handle their external -- any external threats to their security. now they're not sure where we are. the nuclear agreement with iran shook things up. they are not -- they don't know where we stand, and they're convinced that iran is out to do them in around every problem they face. liz: we have frightened viewers who are worried about saudi arabia somehow being
3:23 pm
toppled as we know iraq had unbelievable distribution going on there. libya as well. could that possibly happen that the kingdom loses its strength and its grip? >> well, saddam hussein was pretty much the whole personality running things. he had tough assistance with him. even more isolated as a leader. this king has the support of remember some 9,000 princes in the royal family. liz: that's a big family i don't want that thanksgiving dinner. kidding. >> they've been busy. right. liz: they have. richard murphy, thank you very much for joining us. >> pleasure. liz: concerned but not saying it's a disaster situation just yet. he's the former ambassador to saudi arabia. thank you. we appreciate it. >> thanks. liz: all next week -- and this is definitely going to be the focus. the world economic form. don't miss our complete coverage of the meeting of the biggest names in both business and politics. the world's leaders in both of
3:24 pm
these areas. i'll be there for the big kickoff for the west the world economic forum as well as charlie and maria, we're going to bring you the headlines and unbelievably important interviews with all the news that's going on. you've got to join me. closing bell. we are about 37 minutes away from hearing that bell ring. donald trump can certainly talk the talk. we know that. but could a dark horse jump into the race and actually walk the walk? we reveal the man that may be the only candidate who could give trump a run for his money. literally. and set your dvr this thursday january 14th the fox business gop debate. sandra and trish as i mentioned they're going to host the first one. the second one maria and neil. we can't tell you enough. you've got to make sure you see it. and jeff flock live at the north american international show in detroit. coming up next it's a little bit of a scandal and excitement moment. >> oh, yes. plenty of excitement. that's -- you don't see any diesels out here, but you see plenty of electronics at vw.
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we speak exclusively to the ceo of vw on the emissions scandal. find on the outta what he told us in just a moment. ♪ ♪ the new 2016 ram limited. you don't have to be a king to be treated like one. ♪
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liz: okay. everybody. the powerball jackpot is now worth more than some countries gross domestic products. their entire economies. it's at an estimated record $1.3 billion by next drawing at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. that's wednesday. after nobody what a shock matched the winning numbers saturday. the jackpot is so huge, folks, that billboards around texas and around the country have had to advertise the price at 999 like herman king because they're not built to show the billions. they only have three digits. the lottery computer will handle the decimal point without a problem. and we here at team countdown want to ask. if you won the $1.3 billion, what car would you buy?
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that's me getting into the original tesla with elon musk, the ceo of tesla. me want a tesla. what do you guys want? you can tweet me @lizclaman, i would absolutely want to hear what you would want. dodge vipers are pretty cool too. austin wants a prius. okay. i get it. i tell you something. everybody in l.a. and california are driving priuses. and vw trying to rip a page out of tesla's book. unveiled its new buddy concept. it came with the consumer electronic show, the 21st century version of the microbus. it was a megahit in vegas. there it is. i don't see the flower stickers, though. we need the flower stickers and pumping out of the speakers there. but in high-tech hipster but
3:31 pm
then today vw unveiled and had to defend themselves against the diesel scandal. you're at the auto show in detroit lions. bizarre name, i just love that they're pairing it with two animals. but you tell me what they're saying about their emissions scandal. >> well, you remember they were very excited about the diesel. that's all you saw last year were diesels. now all you're seeing is the electronics. this is a hybrid and also an off road vehicle. an suv. they need to get bigger in their lineup to get better sales. talk about sales have not been that good as a result of the diesel emissions scandal. you put the numbers up. november down 20%, december down 9%, the year was a big loser even though the first part of the year they did well. but we learned today from an exclusive interview with the vw ceo that they were actually fairly close to reaching an agreement with u.s. regulators
3:32 pm
on how to fix those faulty diesel engines. take a listen. >> we made a lot of progress over the past couple of weeks. we are in close dialogue with the agencies. we are in constructive dialogue with the agencies. so i'm confident that this is the next couple of weeks we might come to a conclusion. >> and the overall head of the volkswagen group mueller is meeting with the head of the uscpa. that's gina mccarthy, that take place on wednesday and he told us they could be reaching some kind of deal that may include buying back a number of those faulty vehicles that they just can't fix. meanwhile they like electrics right now. liz: lift the hood and make sure it's electric, jeff. i need to see for sure. >> it could be a shocking end to the whole deal there, yes, . liz: exactly. exactly. funny the mechanic isn't around to lift the hood. oh, i'm kidding. let's hope they've learned
3:33 pm
their lesson. >> it's a concept car. that may not have one in there. but there you go. liz: jeff, thank you. we should look at volkswagen stock because it's down about -- what did we say? 60% over the past six months? 40%? 40% it took that hit? yes, and, by the way, it stands for tiger plus iguana, in case you were wondering. oh, yes, indeed. with the closing bell 27 minutes away, you're looking at all the automakers at the moment, and they do look like they're somewhat decent for the second. the s&p is now punching into positive territory. did you see that? up about a quarter two points. hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail hard. ahead of iowa and new hampshire as bernie sanders continues to gain ground. but could a new twist in her e-mail scandal rock the democratic frontrunner's go at the oval office? this has been a current story.
3:34 pm
hasn't gotten a ton of traction, but we're watching the republican side of things as well. lou dobbs tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. full details on the lineup for thursday's big gop debate. it will be of course thursday sandra and trish and then neil and maria 9:00 p.m. and this is just a shock and a sad note. before we go to break, the world is in mourning over the popeye condavid bowie, the 69-year-old british-born artist was most known for his style and ability to reinvent himself over a career that spanned over four decades. he passed away after an 18-month battle with cancer. we will miss david bowie. his ground control and his originality.
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liz: well, take a look at this. the dow jones industrials is now up 88 points. but the volatility today has been rather stunning. look we just jumped ten points as i was saying that. now up 102, 104. some of this i need to tell you because it is breaking news. may be the perception on behalf of dennis lock hard, the atlanta fed president saying today at a speech that the data will likely not allow for a rate hike at the fed meeting january 26th, 27th. i cannot think of anything attorney than that that is happening the markets come back. but they really morning we were up about 100 points as the markets opened. it is a very rough day. and you may see the people that we were talking about. the biodips group.
3:40 pm
it's the worst year start of the year ever. and perhaps it's the tech and the social media being hit the hardest. take a look at this. twitter, fitbit, gopro all touching new all time lows today. but twitter at $19.71 leads us to the question does it mean there's something bigger coming. charlie gasparino taking the phones. >> hedge fund sources, what they're telling the fox business network is that what you see is a degree of liquidation and hedge funds. hedge funds going into cash in a major way. and i ask this question among hedge fund people. is this a puke? is this something that -- liz: that's a lovely term. >> that that is the market term for something that comes, it -- you puke it out, it goes fast, i mean i'm not just making that up. or is this something more systemic and what every one of them says they think this is more systemic, that this is definitely a beginning of some so far correction because the hedge funds are now moving into cash in a more way after
3:41 pm
really rough 2015 we should point out. and that is adding to selling pressure on the major embassies. and particularly in tech because, you know, remember these tech shares a lot of people thought were overvalued. liz: right. >> i find it fascinating, though, that twitter -- i don't think anyone thought twitter was overvalued over the past three or four months is taken -- getting hit among the hard peps and then this begs the question, liz, at what point does twitter become, again, ready for take over? i've always said this. when they fall below 20 in a significant way. if they fall to 15 or something like that, i can't imagine they can't sell this. someone will buy it. liz: the previous close on friday was 19.98. >> yeah. liz: right now we're below that at $19.69. >> what is the market cap of this company now? we were just discussing it. liz: i believe 13 billion. >> okay. so if they're at 10 billion market cap company,
3:42 pm
facebook can afford this thin. liz: 13.6 billion. >> facebook can afford and pay a premium. liz: down 50% year over year. would it be hostile? what are your sources thinking? >> who knows. you know, they -- one thing -- i don't think it would necessarily be hostile. because as we reported before . liz: uh-huh. >> twitter's management is somewhat open to this. i mean they're telling bankers. i know this from my banking sources that they'll consider anything at this point. they really -- they are not telling people go away. they're not pulling a jeff as he did with time warner we don't want your money. we can go out on a loan. this is different -- this company is conceding through its wall street advisors that it is for sale. i just think most people are staying away from it because they think -- they're waiting for it to fal further. liz: the heavy hitrers all picking up, packing their bags and heading -- you in ir. >> yeah. and anthony and one of the most popular segments that we came up with last year was dish. and we're going to be doing
3:43 pm
that. we are going to davose, charlie, me, maria. >> you know what's interesting? . liz: yeah. >> i think the markets are going to sell -- could sell off. liz: charlie, and you fit in so well right there. you, me, and. >> i think we're going to dress the same way. liz: it's a good thing he doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. >> you like the beard? . liz: yeah, and the baseball jacket is perfect. >> i'm not an ugly american. i'm a good-looking american. liz: no, no ugly americans here. all right, charlie, thank you very much. we'll be right back. 17 minutes before the closing bell rings. dow up 76 points glad i could help you plan for your retirement.
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you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store... find the lowest prices of the season, going on now. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed. know better sleep with sleep number. liz: take a look at stocks right now. we're trying to come back here. the bulls are making a go for it. but just a second ago we were
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up more than 100 points. now up 59. this has been a day of gaining, losing, gaining, losing, right now you could argue we gained. but right now we're losing some of those gains. a lot of cross currents here. oil turning below $31 a barrel during the regular session. and at the moment, we are just slightly above that at 31.20. but the russell 2,000 is now out of bear market territory. a rough session. and then you've got to turn to what the politicians are going to have to answer to. and that is that we are 21 -- 21 days away from the iowa caucus. and we are 29 days away from new hampshire. nationally donald trump has quite a commanding lead at 35%. but economists have a dire warning for those backing the billionaire. his economic policies are the most damaging to the very group of struggling americans that are supporting him. let's bring in simon rosenberg, also works for president clinton's campaign and the assistant to george w
3:49 pm
bush. brad, i don't want to put you in a strange position here but as a republican strategist, let me ask you about the strokes that donald trump's economic plan has here and then you have top economist including mark sandy who worked for republican john mccain who says this could be using trump's word disastrous for the economy. he has huge tariffs on chinese imports and basically sending back a massive number of immigrants who are here now. >> yeah. to create chaos when the markets are looking for a little certainty. the trump plan is going to turn our economy on its head. it -- look, he's great at identifying problems, but he's light on solutions. and one thing donald trump has to realize is at the end of the day people are going to vote selfishly. they're going to walk into that voting booth and say am i better off today than four years ago? and two is this the right person to take us to the place that we want america to be? and, again, i think that's where the rubber needs to meet
3:50 pm
the road with donald trump. he's great in the polls. let's see what he does at the ballot box. liz: simon, the democrat tax the rich strategy while popular because if you poll most voters, they would rather see -- they would not want to see tax cuts on the rich. they would rather see tax hikes on the rich but hillary clinton thinking she may roll out a percentage on a tax hike for anyone worth more than $5 million. it sounds like a strategy. it's not really a strategy. >> well, i mean keep in mind that bill clinton raised taxes on wealthy people and we had one of the longest economic booms in history, barack obama raised taxes on wealthy people, we've seen tremendous progress in the american economy. these things aren't necessarily bad for the economy when taxes get raised for wealthy people; right? we've seen prosperity. i don't know enough about hillary clinton's new plan that she has leaked today. we'll see in the next few days. but i want to echo what brad said. is that donald trump's economic plan is bad for business, bad for wall street.
3:51 pm
it's going to cause trade wars with our most important trading partners. it's going to explode the deficit. he may be a serious candidate but his economic plan is not serious. liz: well, i tell you. somebody who knows money and economic plans is michael bloomberg. the former mayor of new york city. brad, word is that he has now commissioned a second study on whether he should jump in as perhaps an independent. what would that do to the entire race? >> i think it would split the vote obviously. and we've seen this play out before with ross. and the bottom line is for republicans is we can't only count on our base. we're outnumbered by registration in key battleground states. we need independence. we need single women. we need minorities to win. and if we don't have that and we have a third party candidate in there that's viable, he splits the vote, and i happen to believe -- in our favor it helps the democrats. liz: and, simon, we've got 20 seconds here but on the other side, you need people who have money.
3:52 pm
you need centerrists who make a good living not to be turned off by the plans of bernie sanders and hillary clinton. >> well, i think the clinton plan was for people who are very wealthy. and seeing she's flooding today. look, on the democratic side we have a very competitive race now. we talked about the republican side. sanders is make a move in iowa. you know, this has gotten very competitive on our side. we know that trump and cruz are going to be fighting it out on the republican side. this is going to be an exciting few weeks in american politics. so hopefully we can come back, liz, and check in every once in a while. liz: you guys are always welcome. we've got a long election year ahead of us. wonderful to see you. can i remind you enough lou dobbs is the man tonight. you've got to watch at 7:00 p.m. eastern. in fact, watch, everybody. you've got to watch after the bell, charles payne, leading up to the big moment the big announcement on who will be participating in the republican debate here on thursday here on fox business. we're going to come right back. the s&p holding onto gains of 5 points. can the dow hold onto gains of 75? stay tuned there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95."
3:53 pm
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marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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liz: last couple minutes. the dow is up a couple%. investors are feeling tentative. we thought bring in the man who answer your questions. he currently manages, how about this, $374 billion in assets. city private group chief investment strategist steven whiting. you have more than the powerball. i'm glad you're here. you're the guy to talk to. what should people do on a day like this? when you think you can come in and buy on a dip the stock market moved higher? >> i would be careful given the situation in the world where there is no clear stability in the chinese currency, when the oil price can fall 6% in a day, when you don't have stability, important, assets like that, you're not going to have stability in shares. but i bear in mind, this happened in august, september, october, last year. we're replaying this entire
3:57 pm
issue again. you saw how it ended. liz: see if we can show intraday charts of stock market behavior. you're a big picture guy. you see what is happening not just from day to bay but overall. what are you telling city private wealth clients to do on like this, day or month like this -- citi private wealth? >> i think for investors that can actually take short-term views, this isn't everyone, there are hedgable risks in the marketplace right now, much like august you saw a very small decline in the currency in china and very large impact in markets. it played out most of it, in a week's time. liz: you're saying health care, financials information technology and reits. health care was getting killed. financials were laggard. technology was a great winner last year but it makes you wonder -- >> these are long term, medium-term view, actually to 18
3:58 pm
months. as you saw in august, what happened then or imagine what happened with greece in the summer months you didn't see the entire year fall from you know these particular issues. what policymakers did in the month of december, lots of disappointments across the board of the just as we were going into the christmas holiday knew year's holidays, china's currency was weakening. we had whole variety of policy disappointments. we'll revisit these things next couple months. liz: can the fed tighten rates? we look at dollar continues to be strong against euro and most major currencies, we come out to steven, i want to see your face when you tell our viewers this. >> yeah. liz: when federal reserve will raise rates? can we see, steven. >> i don't think they will raise rates with unsettled conditions. back in september exact same issues played out, they decided at time not to tighten monetary policy unfortunately left the unfinished business for
3:59 pm
december, at a time they never before tightened -- liz: you're saying no in january? >> i don't think they do this in january. we have new economic american downturn over this particular issue and federal reserve is playing catch-up a little bit. this will be small, modest tightening cycle for the fed next couple years. liz: do we end higher than we are by end of the year? >> i think very much so. liz: okay. he is optimist, folks. >> be careful about near term issues. there are risks in the market place over china, over oil. financial distress in the oil markets with extra low oil prices. these are risks but playing out right now. liz: right now. hopefully not six months from now. great to see you, steven whiting from citi. a pleasure on day like this. that is it for "countdown to the closing bell." we're out of bear territory for russell and. david: it turn around postively by end of the day. melissa: thank you, liz.
4:00 pm
we're in the final stretch. republican races dead heat. they show donald trump and ted cruz neck-and-neck heading into fox business's second gop debate on thursday. tucker carlson will give us his take. david: it is a closer race on other side. [closing bell rings] bernie sanders giving hillary clinton a run for her money in iowa and new hampshire. we have all the political news covered as we look at closing bell on wall street. there ways a little turnaround. melissa: there you go. dow in final hour of trading up 50 points, sorry, 60 points as closing bell sound on wall street. here is where we end the day. s&p 500 up just barely. fractionally. crude oil lower. gold as well, david. david: yeah, still down quite a bit from a couple weeks ago. as markets wait for tomorrow here is what you need to know right now. donald trump and ted cruz leading the pack until the


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