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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  January 14, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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while. who knows what happens after iowa and new hampshire. very interesting. listen, i'm telling you politics here. we want to hear about issues. i think neil, maria and our the people here are going to keep this on issues. connell: right. >> but behind the scenes that's what's going on. connell: i know. we have to run now. we're at top of the hour. deneen, sorry to have to cut this short. charlie will be here at end. day. >> no problem. connell: "cavuto: coast to coast" we continue our coverage on busy fox business network day. here is liz. liz: charlie, did you hear kasich pronounced two different ways. four hours away from the fox business network second republican presidential debate, first debate of 2016. i'm liz claman mon in for trish riege goon who is inside of the venue in the north charleston performing arts center. we have the signage up. we have people arriving right
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and left. we have the staff there, absolutely fabulous. the first kicks off at 6:00 p.m. eastern with former governor mike huckabee, former hewlett-packard ceo, carly fiorina and former senator rick santorum. senator rand paul was invited but said he is passing. he is not expected to show up. you never know. second debate, 9:00 p.m. republican front-runner, donald trump, texas senator ted cruz, florida senator marco rubio, we have retired neurosurgeon ben carson. new jersey governor governor chris chris. former florida governor jeb bush and ohio governor john kasich. we have lou dobbs, host of "lou dobbs tonight" in south carolina. this is getting exciting. you're kicking off coverage 5:00 p.m. eastern. right off the bat, any breaking news we hear about? we know the ben carson campaign had overturning of the finance campaign manager. i'm very interested to hear what you're hearing as far as chatter on the ground?
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>> dr. carson is having all sorts of trouble. focuses on his campaign finance manage ir. we're not hearing any resolution at this point and as we move toward 5:00 p.m. when we begin our coverage here on the fox business network of tonight's two debates there is so much going on behind the scenes as charlie gasparino was saying. there is great drama, establishment candidates this is really one primary. this is donald trump versus all of the republican candidates vying for the nomination of their party. trump holding a considerable lead and jockeying that you're watching, when you have a situation as we encountered with the state of the union address by the president which the president of the united states and, and, the person holding the seat address the republican rebuttal, both attacking donald trump, we're making history here.
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this is now about donald trump, how he will win it and how he will be stopped and two most likely candidates at this stage, liz, as you know to try to be effective in stopping him are cruz and rubio. and that's what really this boils down to and it's one of the reasons we're looking at a, we're sitting here four hours from the beginning of the debate. the tensions are rising. the excitement levels are rising in a hall that is going to hold a bunch of folks who will be very animated no matter what our moderators say in support of their candidate. the security here is massive. walking through one hallway there were at least 50 secret service, local law enforcement moving toward positions in just one quadrant of the building. it is extraordinary. it is going to be, this is going to be by any definition a hoot tonight. liz: they haven't cuffed charlie gasparino i see.
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he is still walking freely. great to see you. >> well he is being, i assure you he is being carefully watched by nearly everyone involved. liz: lou, what is coming up tonight? let us know. >> we're going to start as you suggested with the 6:00 p.m. debate. we're going to have santorum, huckabee and fiorina. they're going to have immeasurable amounts of time which to address issues that matter most to them as they perceive it. their constituency and voters they want to address. it is, because rand paul withdrew in something of a pique, he given them a gold mine in terms of opportunity to address their constituents. liz: isn't that the truth. >> then at 9:00 -- that debate is moderated of course by sandra smith and trish regan. i know talking with them just yesterday, they are ready to go as you would expect.
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neil and maria revved up and ready. this will be exciting exciting stay for democracy, i guarranty you. because already, liz, think about it. the issues that we're listening to in this presidential primary, in the republican party alone. issues are being addressed, positions established, challenge, defended and the rough-and-tumble of the public arena and presidential politics is living up to its history, its traditions and frankly it's potential. liz: greatest country ever. you know what they say, lou, democracy is messy but we wouldn't take anything else. the best going. lou, getting started 5:00 p.m. eastern. keep an eye on charlie. he will come up in a few minutes into the hour. i'm joined now by former new mexico governor bill richardson and jim douglas. former republican governor from vermont. gentlemen, you heard lou talking
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about the major challenges but opportunities for these candidates. i will begin with you, governor richardson right off the bat you're looking at issues that matter to different states in this union. what do you think they have to tackle most importantly from what you've been hearing not from politicians but people in your state? >> national security is replaced the economy, jobs as number unissue, number one concern. are we safe? isis, how do we combat isis. at same time, i think the whole issue of this economy, maybe the stock market has been going up and down but wages have not gone up. there's income inequality. so traditionally it has been the economy as number one issue but right now national security and i would also include immigration in that whole national security issue. the issue how can we prevent potential terrorists getting
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into the country at same time we have a sensible immigration policy to fix a broken system. so those are the two issues i think will define this debate, that will bring one candidate from the establishment, break them out, and possibly find a way, as i'm hoping that donald trump somehow is stopped. i'm speaking as a democrat -- liz: governor douglas, do you have, an opportunity where you feel tonight there is a chance for some of the lower voices in the gop, perhaps kasichs, i never thought i would say this, chris christies to get their position out and grab the attention? what do you expect and what would you like to see tonight? >> exactly that. to see some of these folks with whom i have served as governors of their states articulate the experience they bring, views they have and how they can provide leadership to our country. it's a fascinating year.
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i agree entirely with bill on major issues that the candidates need to confront. traditionally pocketbook issues govern how people decide to cast their votes but security is quite prominent these days, both domestically and internationally. liz: you heard lou dobbs saying that security was very tight. of course that is security for both all of the candidates and what fox but into place. so-called soft targets, i would argue they aren't, is an issue that matters to americans. as governor douglas just mentioned, pocketbook issues, the markets up 252 points for dow jones industrials, governor richardson, this has been a terrible start to the year for the stock market and it puts a bad taste in americans mouths looking for somebody who will find stability and come up with solutions in very tough world where we see we could be doing fine but other countries that aren't, such as china or perhaps the oil situation start to really hurt us.
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can anything be done here and by which candidate? >> well i think, liz, one of the big problems is the global economy. there is a lot of issues that right now the presidential candidates economically are addressing. but, for instance, you take energy. there's an oil glut. despite the fact in the united states we have shale and oil and gas has increased in terms of production, we're basically energy safe, you have got parts of country like new mexico, the oil patch that is really hurting right now because oil prices have gone down so dramatically. gasoline prices to down and that happens the consumer but energy economy is very important and the problem is countries like china, right now there is slowdown there, and india there is problems also with warm weather. oil and gas is used less. at same time it is all interconnected with the global economy what happens in america. liz: we thought that would be
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great, governor douglas, we did. global economy and europe that is all connected and turned out to have a certain double-edged sword quality to it. vermont is obviously different from new mexico. new mexico is different from other states. what do you think is common thread people will listen for tonight among all the candidates say that is my guy, that is my woman? >> despite the fact there are some favorable statistics, low unemployment, a lot of jobs created, strong corporate balance sheets, markets doing generally well, except for last week i'm not sure a lot of americans feel they have gotten out of the great recession. they will look for candidate to provide hope and opportunity for each one of them and their families. they want sustainable employment opportunity. they want a job, a place to live. they want to feel like they're making progress. that is what they're going to look for. liz: well, yeah, matter of feeling and reality, two we hope shall meet. good to see both of you.
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former governors bill richardson and jim douglas. they will be watching. you all should be watching. first candidates walk out to the charleston stage t-minus four hours, 6:00 p.m. eastern. sandra and trish host the first debate. then maria and neil host the second one, 9:00 p.m. eastern. you get a break. lou dobbs is gaming it all in between. watch it right here on fox business. our first debate a month or two ago was massive success the we problem is you our moderators get answers what you would like to know. up next while south carolina is major focus for republican party. there is another secret meeting going on inside of the party far from that coliseum. we're pulling south carolina republican congressman jeff duncan out of that meeting. he is on the meeting. he will tell us what the gop retreat is putting forth, what matters to them. there he is standing by. how it will affect the presidential race.
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dow jones jumping 241 points. can we hold that for about another hour and 45 minutes? [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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liz: we've got some breaking news. the s&p 500 has grabbed back and more than 1901 level. right now we're at 1924. remember 1901 was three-month low. yesterday we fell through that floor. it was very ugly. disgusting if you're a bull, just horrifying. we're up 33 for the s&p 500. 260 for dow jones industrials. s&p is looking pretty healthy. we're seeing signposts that are positive. can we hold on for another hour and 45 minutes to see some gains here. remember we've seen multiple rally attempts over past couple sessions that have failed in the last hour. so you have to stay tuned for that.
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i tell you what failed, you all did. you didn't buy enough electronics. we have holiday hangover for best buy. they reported a drop in holiday sales, especially mobile and personal devices. the stock is getting crushed down 11%. electronics retailer expect as wider drop in fourth quarter revenue. still one of the best things going, when you need to get in and buy a bunch of different electronics. go to best buy. we'll see. maybe buying opportunity. back to politics as gop candidates prepare to square off in tonight's fox business debate. house and senate republicans are in completely different state. kicking off the annual retreat in baltimore. are fears mounting over lasting split that appears to be growing in the republican party? how will that impact the gop plans to take on the president's agenda? inside analysis from republican congressman jeff duncan from south carolina who we pulled out of that meeting. we put him in the press room among the sharks of us media. good to see you, representative.
2:17 pm
thanks for coming out of the retreat to talk to us. what is atmosphere like in baltimore? are people looking hey, what do we do to build infrastructure? are they coming up with solutions? what is happening in baltimore? >> first of all thanks for having me. you know, they are focused on the presidential race but they're not really talking about it. they're talking about the agenda, competitiveness. pro-growth agenda, understanding that barack obama still occupies the white house for another year. and so what can we do? with can house and senate do to put bills on the desks the president and show america what we stand for. that is what the talk has been about. liz: you talked about pro-growth. do you think you can get something passed? president in state of the union address gave a nod i wish both sides worked better together. arguably the perception he was part of the problem. maybe in his final year he wants to work with you guys. what can you get passed? >> he is part of the problem. his idea of compromise he gets 100% of his way. we're going to continue to show
2:18 pm
america what republicans stand for. hopefully we'll take on tax reform. we'll take on pro-growth policies. we'll continue with energy policy. we'll address spending, borrowing and future of america. liz: let me interrupt you. what is the energy policy, representative? because arguably the right wanted more drilling. they got it. and now we have oversupply. we have a problem with oil prices plummeting. that's great for consumer but it is starting to have exogenous effects that are coming through with people losing their jobs, et cetera. what is the response from the republicans to fix this situation? >> right. well the market actually works. we allowed more drilling in this country provided the supply that was necessary but other side of the equation, global demand is down because the economy is not what the president makes it out to be. the economy, is not what the president makes it out to be. if we continue with pro-growth policies, continue economy, put more americans back to work and more goods and services delivered there will be demand
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for more oil. two weeks ago we pass the export ban, to export oil to meet global demand that will come. liz: true. the coliseum, this is your tate, is superimposed over a backdrop that is certainly one of tragedy. 10 miles away is the emanuel ame church where there was that horrific shooting back in june and nine people were killed. gun control has become an issue. neil cavuto is on the record saying that he is not going to allow these candidates to simply say don't take away our guns. he will point he had ask them he said in article, point he hadedly ask them are you against all background checks for anyone? how does that sit with the south carolinian contingent? >> well, first off, senator pinckney was a friend of mine. i served with him in the general assembly and that was a tragedy. the president's idea of gun control, really national security is to talk about taking
2:20 pm
away second amendments rights of americans when he won't do enough about isis. look, most pubs agree with background checks. we want to make sure we do it without violating second amendment rights of americans. that is so important. liz: wonderful to see you, congressman. jeff duncan, has to go back into secret meeting. we all know about it. million press behind him. coming up on "countdown to the closing bell" we just talked about energy. boone pickens is the man, original wildcatter in oil. he will be with me first on fox business to talk about newest prediction on oil prices. natural gas hit a year-low today. he has controversial idea. he thinks that presidential candidates need to be screened by bipartisan panel before they get out there to ask for your vote. wow. that is coming up. 3:00 eastern. our team in charleston trolling social media to find out which issues matter the most to you. we'll get that to you. check out shares of will.
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liz: for all you people who went to cash in your 401(k)s, yesterday, you're now missing a pretty decent rally at the moment. we're up 251 points for the dow. look at nasdaq. nasdaq is up nearly 90 points right now. we're watching this closely. this is interesting. we've seen a massive reversal for twitter. twitter just flipped back into positive territory after touching fresh all-time lows earlier in the session. it dipped below $18 for the first time ever. it is spiking one 1/4%. twitter is down nine days in a roy. maybe we'll reverse the streak. under jack r jack dorsey, one of the founders. twitter seeing a little bit of a
2:25 pm
bump today. social media of all stripes, today's not even version of exit poll but entry poll what people care about right now. jo ling kent is our social media expert. she is in south carolina with the fabulous map. jo, i want to ask you which regions of the country are talking about terrorism the most? we're speaking with governors richardson and douglas about that. >> i was watching the conversation. looking at top five issues, homeland security and terrorism is number four for everyone on facebook talking about the election. you look who is talking about it, it is 53% male. more male dominated skew as little bit older. to answer your question, take a look at this heat map here. interesting to see terrorism actually isn't dominating the conversation necessarily in california or new york or even washington, d.c. it's more in the middle of the country. we're talking about wyoming, montana, nebraska, kansas, all the way down the line, liz.
2:26 pm
liz: jo ling i know you heard the beach boys song, i wishing they all could be california girls, you have two of them back here in new york on the set, myself and kennedy. kennedy with her take. we'll ping-pong back to jo ling in a second. terrorism is at the moment, i'm surprised it wasn't #what would i spend lottery money on? >> so many people have powerball hangover. they're getting their bearings politically and economically. this debate will really focus that. the candidates have so many challenges. they have the international economy. they have the domestic economy. of course they have got terrorism and now gun rights to focus on so. liz: jo ling, what are they saying about gun rights and gun control? we were talking with the south carolina relationship a second ago about that. >> gowns top of mind. it is fifth most popular issue you can see here on facebook right now. no surprise here, 55% of the
2:27 pm
people talking about it are men, versus 45% are women. looking how issue resonates by age group, very much older issue. 45 plus crowd talking about gun control and gun rights. if you look at country, in terms of the heat map, not too much of a surprise, east coast less worried about gun control and gun rights. west coast checked out of the debate a little bit. wyoming, new mexico, parts of texas, nevada, all over the western united states before you get to california is where the conversation is happening. we expect given what president obama said recently, the can its today talk a lot about that here in charleston. liz: look a the hawaii. no one cares about that. >> i would not turn down a pena colada on the beach in lanai. gun control is cross party issue. facebook by and large aye political. a lot of people get news from facebook and an -- annoy friend
2:28 pm
and high school classmates by posting things. you see how many people, especially men in this country on social media are talking about it and i think that hurts hillary clinton who is making such a huge play for the female vote and she's horrible on this issue. liz: kennedy, thank you and our thanks to jo ling as well. jo is going to all night be updating everybody with data specifically from facebook. and kennedy weeknights at 8:00 p.m. eastern you will talk about this as well. great to see you. thank you very much. we have 32 minutes before the top. hour. senator ted cruz is now saying donald trump embodies new york values. okay, i'm not even sure what that means. those words drew a lot of heat on either side. first caucus in the debate. did cruz bring more divisiveness to this election?
2:29 pm
counting down to the republican presidential debate in charleston. the intel report is coming right back. it is sunny day in charleston but it is heating up on fox business. don't move.
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2:34 pm
we have bank of america, ford, freeport-mcmoran and ge, three out of those four or were the most actives but to the downside yesterday. you have to go all the way down to find a stock trading in the red for most actives on the s&p. so it's a good d we do have a big rally of 35 points on the s&p. it will be a battle of the front runners on tonight's fox business debate. donald trump masker of course, as you've known, been questioning whether ted cruz is even eligible to be president because the texas senator was born in canada but to an american-born mother. this as cruz in turn has now questioned donald trump's, quote, new york values. joining me now, three new yorkers -- [laughter] with no values at all. [laughter] ed rollins, democratic fundraiser, robert zimmerman along with fox news political analyst juan williams. ed, what does that even mean, new york values?
2:35 pm
>> it's an absurd statement. only a texan could do that. [laughter] new york is a diversified community, it's a large state, obviously an important state for democrats, not so important for us anymore, and i think to a certain extent, you know, there's hard working people here, immigrant people who have come to this country, sort of a first stop for a lot of people. everyone loves new york, and i think to a certain extent it was a throwaway line, and it didn't work. >> exactly. neither donald trump, nor ted cruz is are lucky enough to export new york values. duck dynasty is a think tank -- liz: didn't cruz get duck dynasty's endorsement? >> i'm sure he did. i have no doubt he would deserve it too. donald trump's got omarosa, so that tells you -- >> the democrats had to get the first lady to get the senate seat a few years ago.
2:36 pm
liz: juan, you grew up in brooklyn, you know, new york values, it's supposed to be a swatdown, but i don't really see it as that. new yorkers work really, really hard. >> i don't think there's any question. but jerry seinfeld was asked this question recently, and jerry seinfeld's answer was just what you heard here which is there are a lot of people in new york, all kinds of people. but i think what it's intended to say is it's not iowa values, not evangelical values, not small town, rural, red state values. it's new york values. of course, remember, trump shot back that he doesn't know very many evangelicals who came, whose parents came from cuba, so -- liz: well, yeah. there's a lot of quid pro quo -- [laughter] pushing and shoving and total insanity. but trump's defending new york values and, in fact, he said, quote: new york is an amazing place and brought up 9/11, the attacks on him sort of being a rino, republican in name only, ed, kind of affect him. >> the bottom line is he's
2:37 pm
redefining the republican party. he's out there, tapped into a very angry electorate, and he's, obviously, getting 30, 35% in every single poll. if he wins this nomination, which he certainly has better than a 50/50 chance, it'll be his party. he gets to move the ball forward. >> the debate no longer lives in my mind in the republican party, right now it's a debate between demagoguery and decency. and i think that's what really makes this election so different. very honorable conservatives -- liz: it's interesting that nikki haley, the governor of south carolina who gave the response to the state of the union, juan, has come under fire. she's not even running. yes, she's spoken about as maybe a vice presidential candidate, but because she called out trump as the so-called angry voice, she's got supporters and detractors right now. is this a diversion in advance of the debate tonight? >> oh, it's a biggie version. and also i would ask people to truly consider nikki haley's record on immigration. she is not any kind of liberal,
2:38 pm
open door type person. she has, in fact, signed laws in the state of south carolina to limit and stop illegal immigration. so that's the record. but what, you know, what strikes me about this is it's intramural fighting. i don't know if it's a distraction from the debate tonight, but i do think that it's a signal of what's going on inside the party. there's a lot of in-fighting and kind of eating your young, because nikki haley is an up and comer in the party -- liz: ooh, i hadn't heard that expression about this situation, but it might work, ed. more importantly, what about the names we haven't talked about, the kasichs and the christies and dr. ben carson? what is going on with him? he had his finance chairman resign. he's out. >> his campaign, for all practical purposes, is over. he had tapped into evangelicals, he's a very fine man. he wasn't ready for prime time on big issues, foreign policy in particular. his campaign's in total disarray. his campaign manager, communications direction, finance person, my sense is if he doesn't do well in iowa, and
2:39 pm
that means first or second, there's no -- liz: let's be clear, he resigned because he was questioned about spending $20,000 a week on his own salary perhaps. and as they scramble today, because that's the news today, it's a problem -- >> carson's raised a lot of money, but he's done it through direct mail, and you don't get much return on the dollar, and it's net dollars that really count. >> ed, i've gotten direct mail from ben carson which tells you something. [laughter] >> twice. i've seen you comment on it twice. >> that's right. i got a lithograph from carson. i'm holding out for the jewelry. he wrote an inscription saying he was proud of me as an american. >> we're all proud of you -- >> to hear ed say, he's an insider, he thinks that trump has a 50% or better chance of become the nominee. when i'm talking to political strategists, they often say i'm not sure that these trump people are really republican voters, are they going to stand in that cold gym in iowa and caucus for trump. and also point out cruz has such
2:40 pm
a great ground game not only in iowa, but now extended elsewhere. but here's ed saying, no, he thinks trump -- liz: and by the way, the last time ed said a campaign was over was the wisconsin governor, and it was 20 minutes later. so he's saying effectively -- >> i'm only watching what's going on. i've been in this game for 50 years, and everything i know about the business is totally irrelevant this time. i'm watching the phenomenon -- >> he's the ultimate insider. both parties turn to ed rollins to figure out -- >> there is a phenomenon going on out there as there is with sanders. there's an angry electorate out there, and sanders is doing well against hillary in those early states as trump is doing. >> let's put that in perspective, you know? the polls certainly are fluctuating, they're artificial heights, they drop fast. it's sort of like political viagra. the reality is i think if you watch this campaign unfold -- like that analogy -- [laughter] >> not being familiar with viagra -- [laughte >> but as you watch the campaign unfold, i think this is
2:41 pm
important, democrats are having a real debate about issues, and the republican party where 44% believe the president's a secret muslim, they're having debates over whether ted cruz was born here or not. liz: people want to see bridges built. great to see all of you, ed, juan, robert, all new yorkers -- >> and, liz, in yellow. liz: it's right down the middle, isn't it? >> that's exactly right. liz: i got you covered. >> you're not a cruz supporter, are you? yellow rose of texas. [laughter] liz: i'm all americanment up next, today's attacks overseas in jakarta, have you heard about this? they have shoved national security back into the spotlight. most likely tonight's debate will touch upon that because many killed, it's a horrifying situation. we'll get you updated on that. but the recent attacks change any positions of the candidates? we are going to find out tonight in south carolina.
2:42 pm
"the intel report" is coming right back. dow jones industrials charging ahead by 265 points. the nasdaq has just hit a new high on the session, up 100 full points. stay tuned. you're making money today if you're in the market. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> i'm ashley webster with your fox business brief from the new york stock exchange where we're seeing a nice rally today after yesterday's selloff, the dow up 275, the s&p up 2% or throshts,
2:44 pm
the nasdaq also hitting session highs, up 104 points. a big plus side today has been oil to. oil moving higher, that has helped the oil sector, of course, opinion and tech doing well, but oil itself up nearly over 2% on the day, up 67 cents at 3.15. that has -- 31.15. we have exxon up some 5%, chevron also moving higher, up 5%. those are the two standouts on the dow. meanwhile, best buy not such a good day for the electronics retailer, down as you can see more than 11%. holiday sales disappointing, and the stock as a result hurting, down 11%. more of "the intelligence report" with liz claman straight ahead.
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2:46 pm
liz: you thought oil was having a tough time over the past couple of sessions, natural gas, we should take a look at that, has hit a one-year low. what did we see today? well, we've got inventory numbers which were bigger than expected, and i believe the inventory numbers that we saw for natural gas were another big build. you look at this, and there's just too much supply. we saw about 168 billion, actually, it was a draw. it was 168 billion cubic feet of a draw, but the expectation was for 176, so we didn't get that at the moment. you see that we are just off that, at but at the moment it is
2:47 pm
a tough time for natural gas. boone pickens, the energy voice, is going to be on at 3:30 p.m. eastern. he's going to rejigger, perhaps, for us and for you his new estimates on where oil dose from here. jpmorgan chase is helping the markets today and certainly helping financials after the bank reported better than expected numbers, helped by a strong performance in its consumer banking division. while the stock is up 2%, we see it just off the highs of the session at the moment, so we'rlooking at jpmorgan and the rest of the financial names. goldman sachs was the big laggard yesterday. today the financials are looking healthier. let us turn to a global situation that's happening and, once again, isis has struck. militants opening fire in indonesia's capital of jakarta in a possible attempt by isis at a paris-style rampage. the attack coming just one day after swift, high-level diplomacy saw iran release ten u.s. soldiers -- sailors, actually, and as world powers
2:48 pm
move toward implementing the nuclear deal with iran, the decade-long sanctions on iran are expected to come to an end by monday. you throw that all together on the day of the big fox business debate among the republicans vying for the white house and for your vote, bob hormats is here in a fox business exclusive. this attack in jakarta, seven killed, 20 wounded. i want to tackle the isis attack. i say isis because the police chief has said in jakarta that it was, definitely, isis. we know the terror attacks have ramifications for our viewers and our voters. it looks like there's some sort of shift. why would isis go after the most muslim-populace nation in the world, indonesia? >> i think it reflects two things; one, an attempt that isis is making around the world to target the citizens of countries that are fighting isis in iraq and syria. and they certainly went after areas where there were a number of foreigners and a couple
2:49 pm
foreigners, several foreigners were killed. but the other is there's this guy who the indonesians have singled out and said he is vying for the role of leader of isis in that region, and they believe he -- they have said, i have no inside knowledge of this, but they've said that he somehow is implicated. liz: well, they almost look at it as a corporation. i have this region, i have that region. i have some breaking news that i need to bring to you, you're the perfect person in the chair for this. we have confirmation now that the united states, the state department has actually made sure that concrete has been poured into the core of iran's iraq nuclear reactor. they've poured concrete into it, ostensibly to completely gum it up. and they say that move is critical to the implementation of the nuclear agreement that tehran reached with, of course, the u.n. security council. what does that really mean? they poured concrete into it. >> that means it's not functional anymore, and that was part of the jcop, the deal that
2:50 pm
was made in july between the p5+1 and the iranians. so we're getting, as you pointed out at the outset, close to what they call implementation day. implementation day is the day when the iaea, the international atomic energy agency, certifies that iran has complied with the provisions of the nuclear agreement. at that point in time, the sanctions will be lifted insofar as they are written out in the agreement. now, for americans it's very little benefit. civil airline providers will be able to sell more. we've been providing food supplies, medical supplies, humanitarian things and selling them to iran for a while. but for most americans, primary sanctions are still going to stay on because they're not related to the nuclear deal, they're related to other things like human rights or support for terrorism. but europeans and american subsidiaries will be able to do business in iran. liz: so american girl dolls can't just set up shop in tehran
2:51 pm
at the moment. >> no, no. and we're waiting for the -- liz: not that they would. >> we're waiting for the treasury to come up with guidelines on what can be done and can't be done after implementation day and what sanctions will apply and what sanctions will not apply. and then you have to look at this very complicated iranian -- we've spent a lot of time studying this. there's two economies, one run by the government and then there's a lot of the economy -- liz: a shadow economy. >> -- where the revolutionary guards have a role, a religious foundation has a role. so when you invest there, as many people want to do, you have to look not only at the sanctions rules, but also at who your partners are going to be, and you have to do due diligence. it's a very complicated economy. great opportunities because they're very talented people, the iranians, very well educated. women in particular, 60, 70% of engineers and scientists. but it's complicated, and you really have to understand it deeply to make intelligent investment decisions.
2:52 pm
liz: well, we're glad you understand it deeply. again, the breaking news is that the u.s. state department is confirming that they have poured concrete into the removed reactor at iraq in tehran or in iran and so, therefore, that renders it completely useless, we shall hope. thank you so much, bob hormats, he's at the kissinger association now. thank you. great to have you. let's keep an eye on these markets at the moment. the dow is now up 281 points, and we're looking at an s&p that is hovering right near the highs of the session, up 37 points. it's a strong day for the markets. certainly a bounce. the bulls will take it. the candidates, they're taking it too in their final prep mode right now as we're just about three and a half hours away from the first debate kicking off at 6 p.m. eastern. stay with fox business. we are going to be right back. it's an exciting day across the world. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
2:53 pm
marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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liz: breaking news, yes, we have a rally right now on wall street, but i have another yes for you. you probably have a lower 401(k) moment at the moment because of the worst start to the year. you're a china watcher, you're a participant in the markets. is it china? is it oil dropping through a floor, or is it something else? >> it's the psychology that incorporates those, people are looking for reasons to be nervous, to be scared, and those are the two reasons, oil and china. liz: oil and china. we, at the moment, have a very concerned viewership at the moment. should they stick with their stocks right now? >> quick answer, yes. and the reason i say that, when you get panic, it's usually a bad time to do anything. so don't just do something. stand there, is my mantra. liz: okay, stand there and make
2:57 pm
more money. right now, folks, the dow is up 306 points at the moment, make that 7. we're increasing the rally. mike is staying with us, he's about to join to our floor show -- >> i was right. liz: you were absolutely right. that's it for "intel report." weaver coming right -- we're coming right back with "countdown to the closing bell." . . oh that's interesting. i - i started social media. oh! it was iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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liz: folks, breaking news on this debate night. we have wall street rebounding. this is a completely different feel in the final hour of trade than we've had the past couple of days. we have a triple-digit rally holding but also building. the dow jones industrials jumping 303 points right this second. we were just at session highs as oil stopped its slippery slide south. that's right. oil once again is the leader here. so if oil's up, markets are up. but today's rally is only surpassed by the excitement in charleston, south carolina, where less than three hours from now all that hard work -- yes, they really did move that fast -- is putting together what will be the first three republican presidential candidates to take the stage at 6 p.m. eastern.


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