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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  March 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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pull up to laguardia and panic you're supposed to be at jfkk this is the caption or did i turn the oven off? he was like that. david: if he is vice president, that will happen a lot. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> all the experts and pundits an consultants are missing the big story. the american people are saying we had enough, democrats an republicans. they're saying nobody listened to us. i think what we're listening right now in america, thank god, is a peaceful revolution. who the hell would have thought that donald trump in may of this year, this past year, would be where he is today? you would have been told you were nuts. you know why? they miscalculated the anger and the concern of the american people. they're fed up. they're fed up with the, with the system. they're fed up with the pundits.
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they're fed up with the consultants. they're fed up with the sunday morning shows. all of this stuff now doesn't matter. and by the way, neil. they're coming out in droves. look at the numbers! david: mitt romneys and paul ryans and others, and who have expressed severe reservations. >> i don't care what -- they're one vote each. i could give a damn less what they think and care. they didn't, the whole bunch of them, has anybody thought about the plight of the middle class in america? have they thought about how they're being squeezed and squeezed and squeezed? not only, not only generational theft, but now you got income inequality. who's, who's working for these people? they're getting worse and worse. guess what, neil? these are all people part of the process for the last 25 years that people are now disgusted with. this is what's going on! i would be worried about them.
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you know what? if they're the establishment, the establishment is in trouble! deirdre: that was billionaire home depot cofounder ken langone, saying a revolution is here. on that note the so-called establishment represented by former 2012 presidential nominee mitt romney just announcing he is going to be speaking tomorrow on the state of the 2016 presidential race. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. here are some of the ripple effects of super tuesday. last night donald trump called for unication. >> this was an exciting evening. it is so great to be in florida. it is so great to be at mar-a-lago with friend and press and media. [cheering] i want to congratulate ted winning tex sars. he worked hard on it. i know how he worked. i congratulate ted cruz. that was excellent win. it was tough night for marco rubio. he had a tough night he worked hard.
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i would love to seat republican party and everybody get together and unify. and when we unify, there is nobody, nobody that is going to beat us. deirdre: reports of strategists and big donors from tech exec meg whitman to hedge fund manager paul singer signing on to an anti-trump super-pac. charlie gasparino was way ahead of that. he reported that an anti-trump ad blitz is coming. trump senior policy advisor steven miller with me now. steven, thanks for joining us. big win for donald trump last night. seven states. what is his next move especially where it seems like a big part of the republican party is not rooting forhim? >> tanks for having me on deirdre. last night was indeed a incredible night. with 20-point win in massachusetts, alabama and all across the country. the next step is continue taking case to american people about how our open borders, our reckless trade policies and runaway spend something
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crippling the middle class and the fact that you have large donors and international ceos and major corporations trying to stand in the way of what the people want just underscores again how terrified donors are of losing control over the political process and allowing the people to determine their own futures. deirdre: when you speak about the political process, we mitt romney made a comment last week, there will be a bombshell in donald trump's taxes when they do or are released. he spoke about that. he is going to be speaking tomorrow. what do you think he is going to say? >> everyone understands that mitt romney ran a terrible presidential campaign in 2012 and he racked up hundreds of millions of dollars in losses for donors. so he is paying them back now by running block and tackle for struggling candidate marco rubio. let's remember, in 2013, when marco rubio was violating his pledge to florida voters by pushing through barack obama's amnesty, mitt romney stiped forward and embraced pathway to
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citizenship for illegal immigrant. mitt romney is carrying water for his donors. romney is textbook example of how not to run a presidential campaign. deirdre: okay. >> romney lost voters earning under 30-k by 28 point. think about that track record of failure. deirdre: what some people are saying, steven, is, one of the issues that burned romney in the past was that he was shown, via his own financial statements, to be paying much fewer taxes than the average working person. what if same is found for donald trump? >> what burned mitt romney was failure to connect with everyday working people who are struggling to get a pay raise. mitt romney, didn't even bring up the issue of wage stagnation and mass immigration and wage theft from illegal immigrant workers in the general election. he let barack obama run over him.
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as disinterested in cares of working people, mitt romney had no response. he lost low income voters by astonishing margin of 28 points. so mitt romney and donor class are determined to run that same failed playbook. they're determined to run that same failed playbook. marco rubio, that is the marco rubio playbook. the marco rubio playbook is give donors what they want. what do donors want? they want mass immigration that drives down wages. so mitt romney is coming in to pay back donors he blew a few hundred million dollars in 2012. deirdre: get back to the taxes because mitt romney through carried interest about 15 to 18% some of his investments. donald trump may be in the same kind of situation, we don't know yet. are you saying even if it comes out that he has paid 15 to 18% taxes on some of his income, when rest of america is paying between 30, 35%, it will not hurt donald trump? >> i'm saying that taxes had
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nothing to do with the reason why mitt romney failed to connect with working people. what i am saying is the way you connect with working people is by fighting against marco rubio, mitt romney dope nor class agenda by massive immigration a stealth tax on working class. i will say this, donald trump's tax plan cuts for everybody by especially the middle class to keep jobs and wealth here in america. let me say this one thing one more time. mitt romney is trying to run, block and tackle for marco rubio, no-show marco, florida's absenter tee senator who pledged in 2010 to fight amnesty and became mr. amnesty, mr. no-show marco amnesty. owe is trying to get him ahead in florida but it won't work because rubio betrayed florida voters, he is violated public trust and push ad mass immigration bill that would destroy middle class. deirdre: based on last night's results obviously donald trump with seven states, cruz with
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three and rubio with one, results at least for now speak for themselves. stephen miller, thanks so much for the time. glad to have you here. >> thank you. deirdre: former 2012 presidential candidate mitt romney will speak tomorrow on state of presidential race. we'll have former economic advisor who says there may be some clues on what, more importantly who romney may be speaking about. also donald trump and hillary clinton dominating super tuesday. here are some of the candidates making their cases. >> i'm a unifier. i know people will find that a little bit hard to believe but believe me i'm a unifier. when we unify there is nobody, nobody that is going to beat us. >> we have come too far to stop now. we've got to keep going, keep working, keep breaking down those barriers. >> we can nominate is washington deal-maker, profane and vulgar, who has the lifelong pattern of
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using government power for personal gain. [booing] or we can nominate a proven conservative who has fought consistently for working men and women and to defend the constitution. [cheers and applause] >> the pundits say we're underdogs. i will accept that we've all been underdogs. this is a community of underdogs. this is a state of underdogs. this is a country of underdogs. but we will win. deirdre: we want to recap the results for you. donald trump, as we just mentioned, driving voter turnout. record highs, scoring victories in seven separate states. so arkansas, alabama, massachusetts, georgia, tennessee, virginia and vermont. senator cruz defeating donald trump in the home state of texas for cruz. he also scored victories in oklahoma and alaska. marco rubio as we just referenced won his first and only state of the primaries so far from last evening, minnesota.
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here is what that means in the race for the delegates. let's count them up for you. donald trump leading the pack, 316. ted cruz 226. marco rubio, 106. total of 1237 delegates are needed to win the republican party nomination. switching to other side of the aisle as expected hillary clinton won seven super tuesday states mostly in the south. bernie sanders won four. that gives hillary 1034 delegates. bernie sanders 408. the first one to hit 2383 bam -- becomes the democratic presidential nominee. a quarter of voters turn out on super tuesday. gerri willis with me now. complete flip of participation with the parties if we look back a little further to 2008, right? >> you bet. these numbers are fascinating. we knew turnout would be big for republicans. compare last night with 2008.
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take a look at this, obviously when obama was first elected. 35% gain in georgia. 25% in massachusetts. 21 in oklahoma. 63 in tennessee. 57 in vermont and 110 in virginia. take a look at that. it is flip-flopped. everybody stayed home in 2008. in georgia turnout down 32% for democrats. down 22% in oklahoma. down 42% in tennessee and down 13% in vermont and virginia respectively. we were just fascinated by the exit polls and what people said why they supported donald trump. take a look at these numbers. folks said if they votedfor trump by and large they prefer the next president to be political outsider. 56% in massachusetts. 51 in georgia. 50 in arkansas. and 48 in virginia. look at those. similarly, trump wins big among
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voters who want next president to be outside the political establishment. very similar question here. 71% of voters for trump in massachusetts said that 67 in tennessee. 62 in georgia. 62 in virginia. i should mention other big telling fact for trump voters, they are angry with the federal government. that is what they told exit pollsters. now, i also wanted to show you, because i thought it was fascinating what's coming up next, right? well we're going to be seeing caucuses and primaries saturday in kansas, kentucky, louis, maine and nebraska. big, big day. the other big day of course will be march 15th. florida, illinois, missouri, north carolina, ohio. that will be a very big day. deirdre, back to you. deirdre: all right, gerri, thank you very much. a lot of details for us to think about. gerri willis with me there. republican candidates face off again tomorrow night. fox news, do not miss it, 9:00 p.m. eastern time. fox business will bring you more
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live primary coverage this saturday night, tuesday night as well. i will join neil cavuto and lou dobbs to cover more key states. we bring results and analysis as the results come in. donald trump going after marco rubio last night. that is a pattern we know well. a congressman, adam kinzinger, and rubio supporter is with me next. >> i know it was a very tough night for marco rubio. he had a tough night but, he worked hard. he spent a lot of money. he is a lightweight as i've said many times before. i always liked marco until about a week ago when he decided to go hostile. he decided to become don rickles, okay. but don i can rickles has a lot more talent. he hasn't won anything. he hasn't won. at least ted won something. marco hasn't won. you have to be able to win.
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>> that's the marco rubio ply book. the marco rubio playbook, give donors what they want. what do donors want? they want mass immigration that drives down wages. mitt romney is coming in to pay back donors because he blew a few hundred million dollars in 2012. deirdre: stephen, i need to get back to taxes. that was donald trump's senior advisor with me just moments ago, talking about marco rubio's campaign. with me now, rubio supporter illinois congressman adam kinzinger. congressman, thank you so much for joining us. >> you bet. deirdre: it was a very narrow victory for donald trump in virginia. rubio was so close. i want to get into details. i want to ask you, do you think kasich, for example, lieutenant rubio in virginia? >> yeah, absolutely. look he has a right to be in the race but definitely he hurt rubio in virginia and some other places.
5:18 pm
i don't see kasich's path to victory. he can win ohio maybe but beyond that it is tough to get to 1200 delegates banking on one state. i think it was a little hurtful. deirdre: you heard stephen miller, senior advisor to donald trump. he was on with me a few moments ago. what do you make of what he told me? >> he sound like donald trump. he hard to logic. he tries to overtalk when anybody questions. donald does that. obviously his people do that too now. this idea that donors want mass migration to drive wages down is drivel and just used to try to incite people. it is not real discussion about issues. the marco for the whole campaign has tried to talk about real issues. donald responds saying people sweat and have ears. it literally been craziest election cycles. let's have real issue discussions. unfortunately "the donald" doesn't seem willing to do that or his failed businesses. >> congressman, what happens
5:19 pm
next for marco rubio? he has numerous supporters for rube ruin, he -- marco rubio, hs to win, to stay in, true. >> illinois where i'm from, that is rubio country. i think rubio wins illinois. these are delegate rich states. we're winner-take-all fight. i would rather be in trump's position today than r than anybody else. he is definitely in a strong path to victory. when republicans see that, this guy has hard time disavowing david duke saying his name a few seconds before is not the guy that will lead the republican party to defeat hillary clinton. only guy that is losing handily her in all head-to-head matchups. marco rubio on other hand, optimistic vision, next generation leader. exactly the kind of person that will unite conservative movement and crush hillary in november. deirdre: congressman, yesterday donald trump put marco rubio squarely in the cross-hairs. the subject, in fact, is senator rubio's record in florida.
5:20 pm
here's trump comment. >> little marco rubio, let me tell you he has been a disaster for florida. doesn't show up to vote. men over shows up to voight. he has the highest police record in the united states senate -- miss record in the united states senate. marco rubio has done a horrible job in florida. deirdre: what if marco rubio doesn't do well today? >> i think he has to get out. deirdre: the interview obviously happening before super tuesday. but the point is out there and donald trump is not alone saying that senator rubio has not represented florida at least with full participation. >> of course he has. he has been a great senator. he has loved there. we'll see this but "the donald" goes back to his typical, calling him little marco rubio. way to go. that is really fourth grade antics. maybe whatever, it is working for him to an extent i guess. let's have real discussion about issues. he has yet to tell us where he stands in the middle east.
5:21 pm
yet to give us plan on defeating isis. talking about giving middle east over to the russians. that's really good. that is smart, donald. he is not willing to have real discussions. hurling insults at fourth-grader at student council debate. maybe it is working for him. at end of the day americans deserve way better than this for the most powerful job in the world. deirdre: we'll see what happens in florida, as many people say. that is going to be pivotal moment for marco rubio. meantime congressman, thank you so much for joining us. >> you bet. take care. deirdre: congressman kinzinger joining us there, supporter of marco rubio. candidates face off tomorrow night 9:00 p.m. eastern, fox news. fox business bringing you more coverage as well, saturday night, tuesday night. i will be with newell cavuto and lou dobbs, covering more key states and results and analysis when it comes in. first former reagan economic advisor is with me next. he will tell me whether he would accept trump after this. >> if a person wants to be nominee of the republican party, there can be no evasion and no games.
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>> want to be very clear about something. if a person wants to be nominee of the republican party, there can be no evasion and no games. they must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. >> i'm going to get along great with congress, okay? paul ryan, i don't know him well but i'm sure i will get along great with him. if i don't, he will have to pay a big price, okay? deirdre: donald trump we assume speaking off-the-cuff there, taking on house speaker paul ryan. for the record, speaker, some other congressman have yet to back the republican front-runner. some have out right refused. former reagan economic advisor art laffer with me now. art i have to ask you with all your experience, have you ever
5:26 pm
soon washington like this. >> yes. it is exceptional. it is high gear. it is politics, deirdre. it is politics, pure and simple. some of it is funny. some of it is funny. i can't tell you who bad it was before reagan was nominated. it was so bad, one of the republican congressman in the primary illinois decided to run as independent against reagan against a sitting democrat, jimmy carter for goodness sakes. we beat him and came through. this is not unusual. you've seen all sorts of pratt falls by presidents. they're not nobility. this is politics. deirdre: i'm i relieved to hear you say. as far as i read, it has never been like this. nebraska senator ben sasse saying if donald trump ends up as nominee, conservatives to your point will have to find a third option. >> my gosh. deirdre: herman cain, former candidate actually spoke on "fox & friends," listen, the party has to wake up. >> yes.
5:27 pm
deirdre: here is his comments. >> i'm probably not going to get invited to many establishment fathers, my message to them is quite simply, get over it. donald trump, i think he made some very good comments last night during his acceptance speech when he was basically talking. the establishment needs to get over it. what the establishment, republicans threatening to do would, i believe would devastate the republican party. here is one thing that they are not focusing on. donald trump pointed it out last night. the party is growing. deirdre: if you look, art, at these exit polls, participation is at really, record highs or close to record highs. so is donald trump a unifier as he himself stated last evening? >> i'm sure he will be. i mean, if he is nominee he will be a unifier. what i beg to do have everyone take a chill pill, enjoy it. watch it. let the people speak. they're allowed to speak. these guys go at it like
5:28 pm
12-year-olds behind a barn throwing dirty words at each other. you know, that is what politics is all about. we'll see a winner come out. and hopefully we'll see people come together, but i will guarranty you one thing, deirdre, the republican nominee because of his economic policies will beat hillary badly. so you're going to see a great race. you will see a good thing coming. it will be prosperity for the next to years after the republican wins the election. deirdre: we would take that. outcome in a heartbeat. as you point out trump really has no problem fighting with his peers. >> done a great job in life. so has all the others. these are most qualified candidates, deirdre, i've ever seen in my life. it is just amazing, when you have qualified candidates each one of them thinks he should be president. frankly one of them will get it and others aren't. deirdre: what about hillary in some. states. let's say it ends up being hillary clinton and donald trump. some people say in general
5:29 pm
election it would be certain states it would be hard for trump to be beat hillary, talking about michigan and ohio just to name two? >> i don't think so. i'm from ohio originally. if you have a pro-growth agenda, creating jobs and production, people are desperate in this country economically. if you look what happened to michigan because of taxes, because of bad economics, you've seen the destruction, they need growth. and donald trump will do a lot better job than hillary. ted cruz who would do a lot better job than hillary. you've seen some really great candidate out here who would do great jobs compared to hillary. hillary is very good person, by the way, very experienced, very qualified, very smart. just not her time. we're going to win and create prosperity for the another 20 years. deirdre: art laffer, great to have you here. >> thank you, deirdre. enjoy the race. don't get all worked up. deirdre: i'm taking your advice. i'm breathing in, breathing out, thank you. >> brown paper bag.
5:30 pm
brown paper bag. deirdre: former economic advisor to president reagan. former 2012 presidential candidate mitt romney announcing he will speak tomorrow on the state of the presidential race. we'll have a former romney economic advisor. he may have some clues on what and more importantly whom romney might be speaking about. donald trump says he is on a tear and the establishment should accept him as nominee. ted cruz's national spokesperson disagrees strongly. he is with me next. >> our party is expanding. and all you have to do is take a look at primary states where i've won and just look. we've gone from x number to a much larger number. i am a unifier. i would love to see the republican party and everybody get together and unify. and when we unify, is nobody, nobody that is going to beat us every day you read headlines about businesses
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>> i congratulate donald trump on his victory. but we're the only campaign that has beaten donald trump once, twice, 3 times. deirdre: senator cruz last night after winning 3 states, including his home state of texas. donald trump won 7 states. he said that party should just accept him as nominee. >> our party is expanding, all
5:35 pm
you have to do is look at primary states where i have won, we have gone to a' much larger number. if i am going to win 5, i have already won 5, maybe it could benign, if i win all of these states with tremendous numbers and if i am to worse is second. in the two or three i might not win. i think you know we're a democracy, that is hard to say that not the person we want to lead the party, right? i am a unifier, i would love to see the republican party and everyone get together and unify. and whether we unify, there is nobody, nobody that is going to beat us. deirdre: ted cruz's national campaign spokesperson, is with me, welcome back ron, glad to have youback. if senator cruz hopes to pick up antitrump voters does he have to clear out senator rubio and governor kasich. >> i think as cruz said last
5:36 pm
night, now is time for republican, conservatives to unite, so we have a nominee to win a general elect against hillary clinton. that is what is most purpose for the country. -- most important for the country, in process will work itself out. those without a pathway to victory, need to consider how much longer they want to remain in this race. instead of uniting. >> let me ask you, were you surprised with senator rubio's comments, we will play them now, that targeted cruz more than trump. >> bottom line from last night, it was supposed to be ted cruz's night, it was not, donald trump 65 first% of people who voted, voted against him that is the problem he has, he can never bring the party together. >> trump, claiming he is be unifies force, are you trying
5:37 pm
to put senator cruz in a possession to say the -- position to say the same thing? >> well i think that there are two thins that are clear, donald trump is not a uniter. deirdre: with all due respect, participation vote last night show otherwise, 7 states show otherwise so far. >> well, take a look at this. donald trump has highest negative of any candidate in the field, by far, that is not according to me our polling that is according to gallup. those high negatives don't hurt him as much in a 5 candidate race, but in a two candidate race, they don't come over to donald trump they have rejected him, that is why in a two-candidate race he would not be the nominee, the question is how soon do we get
5:38 pm
to the two-candidate race. deirdre: there is a few -- there are a new unknowns, we should say in your statement, none of us have a crystal ball but i understand your logic, thank you ron nearing. deirdre: republican candidates face ouch tomorrow night, fox news 9 p.m. eastern time be there, fox business more live coverage of the primaries saturday night, tuesday. i'll be with neil cavuto and lou dobbs, bring you analysis as it comes in. >> latest clash between u.s. tech company and law enforcement. investigation of a suspected drug tra traffic ring put a facebook executive in handcuff, rejecting a brazi brazilian court order to provide information and got arrested. and the former director michael haden, said some of
5:39 pm
donald trump's idea would put military into a possession to reject borders. >> the american armed forces would refuse to act. >> colonel ralph peters with me next. >> he is aiding and abetting terrorism. fbi has not asked they be given a universal key to unlock anything, they asked apple to unlock one specific phone. and apple is saying oh, my god, we might lose sales, the people that are really drawn by this unbreakable encryption are the terrorists, they are human traffickers, drug cartels, they are mafia, ped pedophile rings. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there.
5:40 pm
let's meet these people. when you think what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. deirdre: a senior executive at
5:43 pm
facebook caught in a privacy debate, he was arrested in brazil for not giving information to authorities, facebook owns the app, but operates separately, the executive was released today but an executive in handcuffs at any point is a cautionary tale. colonel ralph peters, glad to have you back. how do see this arrest? >> that is about time. the big tech companies, that protect the crucial criminal information, about truth traffickers, about -- drug traffickers, about human traffickers, about terrorists, they have to face up to the responsibility, i am sick and tired of the tech titans, in silicon valley,o or seattle posing at libertarians
5:44 pm
protecting our freedom, first, they are trying to dictate the laws to the rest of us, that is corporate faishism. deirdre: you know they are saying they are trying to protect our freedoms. if law enforcement has quote, unquote, too much access to our devices that civil liberties will be weakened and our security weakened because bad guys get that too. >> there is no logic in apple's position or facebook in the case of brazil, they argue, you can't strike one match it might burn down all of manhattan, the world does not work like that. they are cynical, they are hypocrites they are trying to whip up a fo fervor on the american people saying that government will spy on you. they are you know peering through windows into our
5:45 pm
kitchens and our offices into our bedrooms, they are the ones, i don't buy this hypocritical argument. the law is the law, is the law. i have to obey it, you have to obey it apple has to eba obey it, they cannot defy a court order. deirdre: what did a suspected drug case in brazil, in apple case, perhaps preventing future terrorist attacks? do you make a distinct insurancdistinction. >> it would depend on details of the specific case. but they both threaten human lives, it stuns me in my view, it is my view, that apple right now is aiding and abetting terrorism by protecting terrorist information, we headed for a big showdown, not only our congress, but governments in theworld, democratic governments are going to have to make tough decisions, we'll
5:46 pm
need tougher laws, there is nothing in our constitution that says, that all of these criminals, have a right to unbreakable encryption, it not there. you have a very good viewership they are educated successful people, let me ask every one of your viewer one question, if the people you loved most in the world were murdered, and the killer dropped an iphone at the scene of the crime, wouldn't you want law enforcement to be able to get information from that home. deirdre: that brings it very home, i am so glad, we'll hear a lot from facebook twitters and followers, thank you very much. >> thank you. deirdre: retired lute colonel ralph meet peters. >> party of five actress
5:47 pm
nev campbell said she will pack her bags and move to canada if donald trump becomes president. an announcement tomorrow the, we will preview it. in a minute. >> maybe it is the cake. maybe it is taxing show the business dealings are more extendsive than has been reportd. >> donald trump has a history of business failures but now he pretrays himself as a great leader who the turn the economy around?
5:48 pm
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>> we have good reason to believe that there is a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >> what do you mine. >> either he is not near as wealthy he says he is or not paying kind of taxes we would expect, or not giving money to vets or disabled like he has been telling us he has been doing. deirdre: 2012 presidential candidate mitt romney attacking gop frontrunner donald trump over his tax returns, romney pressured into releasing his own taxes that very much hurt his campaign, romney said he will speak tomorrow on the state of the race, former romney economic advisory andy puzzer is with me now. why is he pressures donald
5:52 pm
trump so much? is he for rubio? what is going on? >> i don't know if mitt is for rubio or cruz or kasich. i know he does not appear to believe that donald trump would be the best candidate to represent the republican party. if there is something in the tax returns issue let's get it out, donald trump said they were beautiful, let's find out if they are beautiful. and if there something in them, let voters make a decision as to that is something that might make it difficult for him to get elected. we need a candidate that could get elected. deirdre: that is one thing that everyone can agree on. i want too ask you -- to ask you, you were looking at markets, yesterday, second best day of the year, some saying with front runzlerrers doing so well frontrunners doing so well, that is giving visitors some sort of reassure an they feel they know where
5:53 pm
markets are going to go, do you see that way? >> it is tough to tell on one day's numbers. we had very good adp released employment numbers yesterday, there were a lot of new jobs created, oil prices went up. the big thing yesterday was not that that donald trump or hillary clinton were in the lead, i think it that bernie sanders was not going to be the nominee of the democratic party. i think that if there is anything that scarce financial market it is bernie sanders, his policies would destroy economy growth. deirdre: a lot of his ideas were punishing people who have worked hard, companies included in that, former romney economy advisory andy puzzler. >> thank you. deirdre: reverend sharpton said he is packing his bags if donald trump wins, now party of five actress nevcampbell
5:54 pm
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deirdre: according to reuters, koch brothers have no plans to attack the republican front-runner, donald trump. this is according as we mentioned to reuter. >> hollywood actress nev campbell threatening to leave the country, the cap canadian born actress said that my biggest fear is that trump will triumph, there is a
5:58 pm
good amount of ignorance in america. on other side. trump supporter antonio so bato jr. -- sab ought -- is a batoy sr., welcome back, said that people in hollywood tell you they support trump but they can't talk about it, when someone like nerv campbell comes out what disney tha does that mean? >> not true, i think they will keep living mere no -- keep living here no matter. what have them seen a paper, if they want to go live somewhere else, have a lawyer involved, if he becomes president, they will not leave, if they do leave, more jobs for us actors still in hollywood. this is the greatest country
5:59 pm
in the world, why would you want to leave? you have to stay here. deirdre: you say greatest country, i remember last time you said your mom came here from a socialist communist regime and has enjoyed every day of being here. >> right. this country ha has been good to us, not about joining a party, for me it is about common sense, you know, i like trump, i met him, i support him. i think he will be the nominee, he is looking really strong, he will fight against hillary, i think if my opinion. and it will be a tough battle, the best is yet to come. deirdre: money behind him, koch brothers, powerful, wealthy saying they will not try to hurt trump intentionally. >> good. the more you attack this guy the more he will be on top. look at ha is happen -- what is happening with rubio and
6:00 pm
cruz, i think they have no chance what so ever, they are getting nasty, it is important for republican party to getting it and support trump. >> it will hurt them. deirdre: antonio thank you. >> thank you for joining us, charles payne is here. charles: breaking news, republican party is in turmoil. we learned mitt romney plans to hold a press conference tomorrow, in salt lake city. saying that he not going to endorse anyone, he is not throwing his hat into the ring, it could mean further pressure on donald trump to release his tax returns, or a plea to the republican party to focus on the general election. sentiment heard from three leading candidates last night, but does anyone believe him. >> i would love to see the republican party, and everybody get together and


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