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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 5, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EST

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website. lou: good evening, i'm lou dobbs. the republican party establishment is waging war against donald trump. today he made it clear he will defend himself and his supporters and that the gop elite will not win if they persist. trump warned the republican party leaders, donors and others to back off the war they had begun and as he put it, to treat them fairly. the republican frontrunner speaking to a large crowd in cadillac, michigan. he warned the gop if he's forced to leave the republican party, he would certainly take with him hims of voters who came into the
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party to support him. >> the biggest story in all of politic is what's happening to the republican party and i'm getting zero credit for it. they are not coming in for little marco, that i can tell you. millions of people are coming to vote. millions and millions of people are coming to vote for the republicans and joining the republican party because of me. because of me. and if i ever left, they would go aware as fast as i would, they would go away. lou: ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich said they would back trump if he were to become the republican nominee. but mitt romney declared he will not. he was back attacking trump and trump firing right back. >> i can't sit by.
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what am i going to say when my grandkids say what did due to stop trump. >> romney, this poor gave is so confused -- this poor guy is so confused. i watched him yesterday. the internet is exploding. what's he doing? he's making a fool out of himself. >> trimmers holding a rall -- trump is holding a rally in new orleans and we'll be going there live when it happens. we'll be talking to the first congressman to endorse trump. what is all of this conflict portend for the republican party? a potential bombshell in the trial of the 20th searchturey, los angeles police confirming that homicide investigators are examining a knife sounds years
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ago on that property where o.j. simpson was living at the time his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and ron goldman were murdered. our top story, the republican establishment's war on donald trump. the washington cartel and republican he athletes are working to stop trump. but first, trump chose to expands his campaign appearances instead of following his planned schedule to give a speech to the political action conference. an annual gathering of conservative activists that featured anti-trump speakers like tea party patriots president jenny beth martin. donald trump loves himself first, last and everywhere in between. he loves himself more than our country. he loves himself more than the constitution. he doesn't love you or me.
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he doesn't love the tea party. lou: carl cameron has our report. reporter: the day after the most raucous gop presidential debate, ted cruz summoned the media and said the never trump stop trump movement is in full swing. >> those discussions are happening among the candidates and the activists. those discussions are happening among the donors. if we remain divide, donald trump wins. reporter: but at the ends of the debate they pledged to support the nominee even if it's trump. trump defended his position for waterboarding including killing the families of terrorists. he says the united states its bownltsds by laws and treaties. i will not order the military to violate the laws and will seek advice on such matters.
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>> there is always give and take and negotiation. eve i have to tell you have about the media. they are the most dishonest people. they are worse than rubio. and they are worse than cruz. they are worse than little marco and worse than lyin' ted cruz. >> if i'm our nominee i'll unite this party and we'll grow it. so you won't have to be continued to be plagued with the question of the lesser of two evils. >> donald has a 10 youous relationship with the truth. count to 10, donald. >> i think the american people understand that yelling and cursing at home don't make you a tough guy. >> they do not want you to be our nominee. >> somebody who thinks the nuclear triad is a rock bands
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from the 1980s. reporter1980s.. >> he referred to my hands if they are small, something else might be small, i guarantee you have there is no problem. i guarantee you have. >> people say everywhere i go you seem to be the adult on the stage. >> i'm starting to get a little bit more time and attention. and when i winnow high over it's a brand-new ballgame. reporter: michigan is a big prize with 59 delegates. trump has an edge and is expected to get a lion's share of the delegates. lou: a special programming note. please be with us tomorrow for our special election coverage at 7:00 p.m. eastern. there are caucuses being held in kansas, kentucky, maine and nebraska and louisiana.
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a quick fact check, ted cruz went after trump bringing up his past donations to hillary clinton. >> donald trump has written checks to hillary clinton 10 times and four of those checks were not to her senate campaign. it wants that she was the new york senator and it was the cost of doing business. it was to her presidential campaign. lou: trump made two dove nations amounting to a total of $2,300. that money was not spent, it was eventually refunded to trump. trump universities. please listen. >> we have an "a" from the better business bureau and people like us. >> you have got a d minus. the only reason it was a "d" is because we didn't give them the information. >> they have signed up for this course because they believed mr. trump was a fantastic
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businessman and we teach them the tricks of the trade. you know what they got in these courses? stuff you could pull off of still oh. they asked for their money back and you refused to give them their money back. >> it appears trump may have under sold things in this instance. at times in the fast the so-called trump university had an air,-news rating. -- an had an "a" plus rating. one of the big questions regarding the hillary clinton email scandal is did someone hack into her system. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with our report.
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>> part of his -- of his immuny deal with the department of justice ag pagliano is cooperatg with the f.b.i. cyber-security experts emphasize the security logs only say who accessed the server and when, but don't tell the full story. hackers have the ability to trick the system and appear to be a legitimate user. >> they can masquerade as mrs. clinton or one of her subordinates. this is what is so frightening about a so 50s kaitd attack like this. you won't even be able to detect it. the hardware including the server or backup drive. everything a server processes.
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and f.b.i. specialists can determine whether the cyber dna contains a malicious code. these were found on the clinton server. the former secretary of state never hopped them because thee doesn't drive herself. the campaign said they are not aware of evidence that shows a server was in fact hacked. lou: a lot more trade. stay with us. lou: trump is on top, but will the gop try to engineer a brokered convention? >> it's the public that matters. the voters are speaking pack america. they want a strong leader. will trump be that leader? we take it up with chris collins next.
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rally ahead of the louisiana elections. trump in the most recent polling has a 19-point lead in louisiana. let's quickly check in with donald trump. >> in new york we are going to give her an awfully big run. i think we'll win new york. new york has been left down. upstate new york, they didn't allow them to frack. the place loves truck. do you know if they fracked in new york, new york would lower its taxes, would have no debt. would have made a fortune. instead pennsylvania took all their money just like you never saw anything, they took that -- they took those beautiful, beautiful natural resources. they took them out. pennsylvania, you have a line. you have the fracking equipment all up and down that line. in new york you have nothing. in pennsylvania they are driving cadillacs just like at the
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cadillac world championship. at the trump national. i'm supposed to be there, and i'm vary happy being in louisiana. >> he's promoting a tournament at his golf course, the doral and at the say time talking to an energy state louisiana about a state that is to say the least regressive when it comes to enriching the state and it citizens with energy development. that is new york, of course. a man who knows something about new york. joining us is congressman chris collins. he is the first member of congress to endorse donald trump. great to have you with us. as you heard donald trump suggest, he thick he can win in new york. what do you think?
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>> i think so as well. this morning we had the new york state republican convention here in erie county, home to the city of buffalo. the applause i got as i presented the donald trump message to our crowd was off the starts, and i can tell you there wasn't much applause for either ted cruz or marco rubio. as we are moving along in this state. everywhere i go, if i'm at the post office or the pharmacy. these are grassroots voters. democrats and republicans saying donald trump gets it. donald trump is the leader that will bring the jobs back. we are talking about rust belt america here. a very significant point. i'm in new york 27. it used to be new york 45. that's how bad it is in new york. new york 45 is now new york 27. lou: he's reaching to the point
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that there has been an outward migration and the congressional districts are far fewer than they were. and times have been tough in northern new york where you live and represent those great folks. today donald trump warning the republican establishment to absolutely end the war against him. it is that. i think you would agree. this gop establishment is out of his mind. >> it's disturbing to rank and file grass root republican. these are the committee men and women that do the hard work. they go door to door, they get petitions signed. they will be doing that starting next tuesday. these are the hard working men and women who are the grassroots. the voters will choose, and donald trump is right. the turnouts are excited. they are massive, they know donald trump is the leader and
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he is going to secure our borders and bring the jobs back. he's a natural leader, desperate politicians are doing desperate things right now. they are not doing themselves any favor. and not doing our party any favor. marco rubio, john kasich said they will support donald trump when he is the nominee. i think between tomorrow, the four primaries tomorrow. we have got super march 15 winner-take-all. lou: here is the deal. if trump doesn't only have to win, he has to win big. the establishment is working against him. the party isn't worrying about electoral integrity. they are not talking about turning out a ground operation across this country. they are talking how to
10:20 am
disenfranchise the voters speaking to that man on the television screen, donald trump. do you sense within the trump campaign a sense of urgency and emboldened sense of purpose that says we have got to do more and is he working toward that? >> donald certainly work as hard as anyone worked. that's why he's not at cpac. lou: the organization has to deliver the votes. do they understand how critical it is these next days and weeks? lou: i think we up do know the efforts that are going against him. but the groundswell of support has inertia on its own. it's like a tsunami. there is no one directing this as in telling folks what to do. this is contagious that donald trump's support is all but contagious. >> as his leading supporter in
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congress, i hope your epidemic is raging out of control by election day. thanks so much for being with us. thank you very much. we are following breaking news from spacex. spacex is trying to land the falcon 9 rocket you are watching launch after the coast of florida. it blasted off at 6:35 eastern to deliver a satellite into space. that was the easy part. the hard stage was landing on the platform which would be an historic first for spacex. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. which of these four do you have think would succeed in cutting the deficit and succeed in rebuilding the military?
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tires. i wonder why. a few of thoughts on the establishment's war against donald trump. >> the establishment people who lost the last two elections. they are losing a lot. but they have no clue. they don't know how to win. we'll in controversy dues to a daredevil who will stop at nothing. we'll have extraordinary irvideo next and the way he chose to do it. stay with us. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you!
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. . lou: a few thoughts tonight on mitt romney. romney talked with my pal neil cavuto today. romney once again hitting donald trump, raising immediately the question why if romney detests trump so much, did he seek his endorsement just four years ago? >> i want the support of everybody in the country.
10:28 am
that doesn't mean i want to endorse all of them for president. i wanted his support, i certainly would not endorse him for president. and frankly, had i heard then what he's been saying during this campaign, i wouldn't have appeared with him. lou: really? he then contradicted himself. romney saying this to neil. >> i talk to people in other parts of the world. they can't believe it. they say what's going on? how in the world can you be supporting someone like this? >> maybe it's the party's fault. >> no, donald has always been donald. lou: donald has always been donald, suddenly, a matter of seconds later. so romney did know who trump was when he asked for his endorsement, saying that's also been donald. unbelievable. then romney says he just wants an open convention as he lovingly calls it, which really means closed convention and the establishment gop selects the nominee. donald trump won't be on that list. as the pluto crat, he assures
10:29 am
us there's nothing to fear from back room elitist politics. >> i like to see an open convention where there's more give and take between the candidates and someone else beside donald trump -- lou: as he did it, did you like that? little people. could romney be more patronizing for crying out loud? don't be afraid of real politics, little people. so what is the point of this conflicted presidential loser and who finally mustered the stop to go on the attack, four years late by the way, and if it is, his own party he's attacking, even if irrationally. listen to this guy, who's dragging the romney name through the political filth. first acknowledging he overestimated hillary clinton, then within seconds he declared she'll be hard to beat. >> i looked at the race and said, look, hillary clinton is going to be hard to beat.
10:30 am
another bad prediction on my part. she's turned out weaker than i thought. it's going to take someone new, someone who hasn't run twice before. a new face. lou: can you believe that? i mean, romney has now, in a matter of days established himself, if ever there was any doubt as a tool of establishment that's now scrambling to preserve the status go for his friends on wall street and k street. here's my prediction, if they succeed, romney and the gop will again lose the presidency, and wage endless war on our middle class and all who aspire to it. so it's pretty simple. trump and his supporters had better get to work and work some more, and win caucuses and elections and win them big. that much of our democracy, well, it still remains, but nobody said it has to be easy, and it won't be. our quotation of the evening, for any who will listen and/or romney of course.
10:31 am
this one from abraham lincoln. we're coming right back. cruz and rubio targeted trump in the fox republican debate, but trump emerged the front-runner. in fact, they agreed to support trump if he is the nominee. >> i'll support the republican nominee. >> yes, because i gave my word they would. >> i will support whoever is the republican nominee. >> reporter: trump's path, is it paved to his party's nomination, we take it up with fred barnes and a.b. stoddard next. this robber's getaway might have gone smoother if he looked fo when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves?
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is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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. lou: joining us tonight, associate editor of the hill, a.b. stoddard, and executive editor for the weekly standard, and fox news contributor, fred barnes. a.b., start with the war on the part of the gop establishment. it's clear, cruz bragging about being part of it now, a strange position for him to be in, i suppose, they mean to stop trump and don't care how they look, they don't care about the smell they bring with them as they act in this cussed way. >> well, they made a mistake in acting late.
10:36 am
they didn't take trump on. they didn't believe in the potency of the trump candidacy, and the anger that he was sensing and connecting to in the country among not only republican base voters, but just other not republican voters, voters who haven't voted before, who don't align themselves with the party. all kinds of people who are so frustrated, and so they thought it was a joke, and six, seven months later it's too late. now you see a strange situation. lou: you're saying you don't think they can succeed at this late date? >> the only path as we've said is this contested convention. people are being pretty open about that, lou. ted cruz is say marco has no chance. ted cruz doesn't have a path either. they have one pth, the three of them, together. to slow him and stop him from 1237 delegates. they have no single path on
10:37 am
their own. lou: they are aligned with the vested interest, powerful interests of k street, wall street, and washington cartel, fred, this is awful stuff but it's in the clear. do you doubt for a moment that trump will say the hell with you and walk out and take with him the millions of people that he has brought to the party? >> i don't doubt that for a moment. there is a way -- lou: what kind of suicide pact have they signed here among themselves? >> well, it sometimes does look like it. certainly did last night in the debate. didn't help the republican party, didn't help any of the candidates, i think. maybe john kasich, a little, he's really irrelevant in this. there is a way to stop donald trump, and that is to beat him. you have to beat him and beat him in the caucuses. there's this idea that even romney had division of labor. let rubio take him on in florida. lou: you don't think that's any
10:38 am
more than specious, fantasy on the part of this rank tool of the establishment? >> well, it does turn out to be that. lou: it began as that! >> well nobody goes along with that. lou: i didn't say anybody was stupid. >> and cruz announced today he's opening 16 offices in florida. he's not letting rubio go one-on-one with trump there, and it will be the same thing in ohio and other places. this idea of a division of labor, you beat him here, i'll beat him there, it is not workable. in the course of open convention, who is for open convention? always the people who are losing. lou: exactly, and what they mean by open is closed and closed is they decide, and the hell with this patronizing, condescending demeanor of romney infuriates me, as i know it must millions of other folks. some people could go along with it, but they don't. i just can't even imagine this
10:39 am
is happening. i just can't, i cannot, a.b., begin to understand it. >> the thing is they really don't care if they lose trump voters. republicans who are doing this. lou: i think, they don't care if they lose, all they adopt is preserve the status quo for themselves. >> well, they basically say if he's going to lead the republican party, they're willing, the party is so broken and divided, they're willing to burn it down trying stop him from being the leader of the republican party, and then they're willing, if they don't succeed to break off and say, we're now the constitutional reform party or whatever label they're going to come up with because they believe he's not a republican. lou: a broken party system at that point, and we all know that. >> they literally think the republican party will be saved. lou: they're fools, they're fools. >> that's what they think. lou: they're trying to rationalize their madness. utter fools, i don't think you could find anyone in history
10:40 am
that could find a parallel, an analog where the establishment is going after two of the front-runners and means to kill them, at whatever the expense, and the question becomes, fred, is there any way in the world at which trump can prevail? is his movement strong enough, combustible enough, to break out into something that is so powerful that they can win these elections, because the answers are the same for both sides. the solution is to win damn it. >> well, of course, trump can win the republican presidential nomination, no doubt about that. he's the front-runner. he's not a prohibitive favorite, he's close to that because of the way he's been winning so many primaries, and now you have the ones it's winner take all and he's going to do fairly well in those as well. >> you think he's going to get to 1237? before the convention, i mean. >> he'll be close to it, if you are close, you can pick up a
10:41 am
few more, and win the nomination, i think a.b. touched on something important, that is there are a lot of republicans, i know them, you probably know some of them too, who are willing and able to put together an independent, conservative party, a third party in the election, which means it will spare them voting for trump, and would also hand the election to hillary clinton. lou: it's suicide either way. fred, thank you so much. appreciate it. fred barnes, a.b. stoddard, thank you for your peek into the future for us. i'm not sure it's a pretty peek. thank you so much. police in south carolina tonight are searching for a shoplifter, a shoplifter who failed to look out for himself. he failed to look both ways as he ran from a store. the crook in question is there allegedly carrying 40 pounds of stolen meat. he looked behind him, he's looking hard and forgot to look in front of him, he didn't see the suv.
10:42 am
that is a face plant world class. oh! up next, foreign worker visas a hot-button issue during last night's debate. did anybody understand the issue? and, of course, it hit home for a former disney worker who testified on capitol hill. >> clearly remember going to the local church pumpkin sale, and having to tell the kids i couldn't buy any that year because my job, being turned over to a foreign worker. i started tong what kind of american i was becoming. ruining our country by take severance pay for training my foreign replacement? how many other americans would be affected by the same foreign worker that i trained. lou: tens of thousands precisely in that position training their foreign worker replacement. leo perrero and his attorney sarah blackwell join us next, it is critically important to
10:43 am
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if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. . lou: my next guests are embroiled if a battle against the walt disney company. joining us leo perrero, one of 250 disney i.t. workers
10:47 am
replaced by foreign workers with h1-b visas and at lower wages, and training his -- forced to train his replacement. also joining us is mr. perrero's attorney, sarah blackwell, she's filed a federal lawsuit against disney and two global consulting companies, sarah, great to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: i have been covering the issue of outsourcing and offshoring what becomes in, if you will, insourcing of firms like the consulting companies that become shells for the outsourcing of american middle class jobs. how did you react when you were before congress, and you've known this battle is going for so long and so little has been done? >> well, on one front, i'm really excited about the progress that's being made over the past year, with sarah and few others that are banding together. i.t. workers getting together,
10:48 am
we are making a difference. we've had three bills introduced by congress. we have a state now that is proposing its own rules. also -- lou: should state is that? >> maryland. maryland. lou: good, and which companies have been stopped? >> well, disney stopped 30 other i.t. workers from being displaced in new york by abc, there are also prevalent countless others that haven't been stopped and there are ongoing companies doing this as we speak, and we have senators going after those companies as well. lou: you have donald trump saying this today, he remains totally committed to eliminating the widespread use of h1-b visas, widespread abuse and ending the outrageous practices such as those that occurred at disney. i will end forever the use of the h1-b as a cheap labor
10:49 am
program. h1-b visas are used across the country. here to bring in talented workers who are replacing at commensurate wages to the prevailing wage at companies. in mose cases they come in in the lowest quadrant of skills, that is the bottom quarter, not the highest, and they are paid typically 25% less than the american worker that they replaced. is that a fair statement, sarah? >> well, i think that's true, but the purpose of the h1-b is to bring in a qualified foreign worker when we do not have a qualified american. it's not -- lou: and by law it's required that the company demonstrate that there was not such an employee available. >> right. when you're firing hundreds of employees at one time and forcing them to train them to do the job, clearly, they're not qualified, and clearly there are qualified americans to do the job, so it's a
10:50 am
blatant abuse of the h1-b visa. lou: hopefully your lawsuit will reverse. that leo, what are your prospects now? what is the way forward for you and your family? >> well, my biggest motivation right now is to stop this from happening to other i.t. workers out there. if they have this going on with the company, contact sara, protect u.s. lou: protect usa? >> protect u.s. let us know about that, it can be stopped. the companies are stopped both legally with lawsuits, with senators, going after them, and with bills being introduced. so as far as my career, i've decided to leave the i.t. field completely because there is a lot less opportunity out there than there was at one point, and i have the fortunate circumstance to be able to work on my family business and support my family that way. lou: leo, thank you very much,
10:51 am
sara blackwell, thank you, and we'll put up your website at the end of the broadcast so everybody can contact you. >> thank you very much. lou: in the next segment. thank you so much. appreciate it, sara, leo, all the best. >> thank you. lou: incredible video out of finland on a move out of a james bond movie. the stuntman riding his snowmobile. i think he missed something. right off the side of a 1600 foot high cliff. the trick didn't stop there. the daredevil then parachutes to safety. the stunt came from the driver's desire to test's snowmobile's sturdiness. machine was not damaged at all, in the fall, and he did pretty well too! what's that? curiosity killed what? last night's debate had it all, a little lying ted, yoga, all, a little lying ted, yoga, big don.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. lou: radio talk show host jim bohanon. and mike slater. great to have you here. let's start with have you ever seen anything like an attack dog named mitt romney? he is filled with ferocity,
10:56 am
passion and eloquence, just brilliant. >> the thing that bothers me most about this is it's perfectly fine to try to stop trump legitimately fairly and squarely. but if you start playing politician tricks, you are going to split the republican party down the middle and hillary gets elected. if trump gets the politics the party has to rally around him. >> why the establishment thought they should put up their most well-known lose tore go after trump is just -- just prove how unbelievably out of touch they are. the day that happened with we mad so many people come in and say they were supporting cruz, but now they are supporting trump because of mitt romney. the more you have attack trump, the more they run and cling to him. lou: we are told this is a
10:57 am
movement. do you sense among your audience, jim? >> i heard people call it that. to be honest with you, i don't think that particularly san -- t particularly sanctify the movement. the candidate has been slippery on the issues, he has shown a versatility of conviction. last night we discovered a new perspective on trump tower. he's hardly the greatest candidate that has come down the pike. but if he's the nominee we are stuck with him and we better rally around him. lou: do you have a similar level of passion for the trump candidates i? >> i think people feel betrayed. they feel no better they do, they are always told to wait until the next election.
10:58 am
we are so sick of compromising. i hate it when democrats want to raise taxes 10%, and we say we'll only raise them 5% instead of cutting spending. we want to send someone there who can burn the place on the grounds. and that many trump. >> that's trump if burning the place to the ground is the goal. lou: it's the end game for the establishment pulling all of this nonsense about trying to broker a convention. trying to take -- to forestall any possibility that trump would get it. the only solution for trump is to win and win big. but the ugliness of the establishment will have a lasting impact. >> again, you have got to rally and stop hillary. if trump is the nominee or likely to be the nominee, don't
10:59 am
play stupid tricks to stop him. very quickly, hoik, the justice department granting immunity. to the man who put together their private email server. where is she headed? >> hopefully to jail. but i don't think so. it's going come down to the justice department. the f.b.i. can find any evidence they want and all the evidence in the world. if the politicized justice department doesn't want to charge her with a crime, there is nothing they can do. >> i think it will be hard for the administration to keep her from being indicted. i don't think they will want to go as far as to call the f.b.i. director. if they have the goods, i say she is indicted. lou: thanks for being with us. in our online poll. 90% of you have plead -- replied
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it's time for republicans to take back their party from the [ dynamic music plays ]


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