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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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we're a few short hours away from the full results. fox business has full coverage and analysis of all the key races. it all starts 7:00 p.m. eastern time here on fbn. melissa: that's right. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> you got to say this about him, he is equal opportunity attacker. he has attacked mexicans. he has attacked people with disabilities. he has attacked women. he has attacks muslim. he has gone after everybody. we will not let a person like that ever become president of the united states! [cheers and applause] >> a vote for any other candidate, a vote for marco rubio or a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump. because there is only one candidate who has repeatedly beaten donald trump. >> when i'm president of the united states, because there is a guy who is running for president right now who says he is not picking sides between
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israel and its enemies. i'm picking sides. [booing] i'm picking sides. we'll be on israel's side. [cheering] >> i didn't think you had people like that in north carolina. go home to mommy. go home. bye. go home to mommy. deirdre: gop candidates are making their final push for delegates in the four states this evening. this is "risk & reward," i'm deirdre bolton. senator marco rubio is in florida. senator ted cruz is in north carolina. governor john kasich in ohio. we'll bring you the very latest from each event. meep time, four states are voting tonight, you see them there, see them on your map. mississippi closing in less than three hours. so the race is on. 1237 delegates to the got gop presidential nomination. 150 gop delegates available tonight. senator cruz may not cruise
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today. blake burman at his headquarters in north carolina. blake, what does senator ted cruz have to do tonight? reporter: well, interestingly enough, deirdre, we are here in north carolina. it is not one of those four states that you just talked about that are in play tonight. the cruz campaign is looking ahead really of tonight. north carolina is one of the states coming up on march 15th, which is the day many people feel one way or another could break this campaign open for ted cruz or for any of the other three candidates in this race. north carolina is awarded proportionately on, next tuesday. it is not winner-take-all like florida, home to marco rubio, ohio, home to governor john kasich. so you could finish second here and pick up some delegates not like in florida or ohio. cruz is making two stops here in north carolina today. he said the polling looks good and he feels confident. >> north carolina is tremendously important. north carolina is a bellwether
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state. we have an incredible team here in north carolina. i'll tell you it is neck-and-neck. north carolina will have its impact on this primary. reporter: we are in kannapolis, deirdre. small town/suburb about 30 minutes north and east of downtown charlotte. cruz is about to get up on the stage right now if he is not up inside after church behind me. about 1000 people inside of that church i'm told. keep in mind here, this is the last event for cruz on this day. he is not doing one of these big prime time rallies. so that kind of gives you potentially sneak-peek how the cruz campaign thinks they might end up finishing tonight in michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii. this is it for them. they will not be in front. cameras later tonight. >> blake, thank you so much. speaking of michigan. front-runners from both parties, hillary clinton and donald trump eyeing state with most delegates infor grabs today. jeff flock is there.
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jeff, in grand rapids, what is the tone like? reporter: watching turnout here in grand rapids, deirdre. large turnout would seem to favor donald trump and bernie sanders but at this point, turnout has been spotty. not sure exactly what that will finally wind up being. also some evidence here of an anti-donald trump vote. specifically democrats we talked to a number of them. who say they are fine with either bernie or hillary. so they are taking a republican ballot you can do that here in michigan for the sole purpose of voting against donald trump. listen to what one of them told us. >> the fright that trump has such a lead at this point and to just kind of do anything i can to make sure he doesn't get into office. reporter: there is a lot of that sentiment out there. in a state like this, some other states, deirdre, crossovers,
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democrats voting in the republican primary has maybe helped donald trump. some evidence tonight that perhaps that will hurt him here. we'll see. deirdre: all right, jeff flock, thank you very much. joining us there from grand rapids, michigan. tensions are high. senators rubio and cruz duking it out. rubio's campaign accusing cruz of dirty tricks in hawaii. so cruz's hawaii campaign sent out an email titled, wasted vote. big trouble for marco rubio it reads. advisors tell him to drop out. now the cruces campaign's email one source only, cnn story, that said some of rubio's advisors want him to exit the race. this is to say people from rubio's own team, before florida takes to the polls. here is senator rubio himself. >> i look like ted cruz's campaign has been putting out emails in places like hawaii telling people about it. we saw that with ben carson earlier. it is just not true. right now no one has clear path
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to 1237 delegates. >> i did not know it was ben carson-style ads, rumor taken as fact to try to dissuade those in caucus. hawaii is a caucus. >> yeah. they don't start voting until 11:00 p.m. eastern. so, we put that out there. email from the cruz campaign, saying that, spreading this around. this has happened before. it is unfortunate the kind of thing they have done throughout the campaign. deirdre: cruz responded to it on camera in raleigh, north carolina. fox's megyn kelly hosting a town hall with the candidate. >> the email says, multiple media reports say marco rubio is being pressured to drop out before florida and this campaign -- do you stand by that? do you call for that to be pulled? >> well, look, the nature of politics is that when a campaign is flailing, they attack and they attack other candidates and they attack their integrity. this particular email apparently came from a volunteer in hawaii,
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not affiliated with the campaign. not working for the campaign. not under authorization for the campaign. we have a over 200,000 volunteers across the country. i can not control nor do i want to control what 200,000 volunteers do. deirdre: catch more of that town hall with megyn kelly. it airs tomorrow, 9:00 p.m. eastern time on fox news. for their reaction my political power panel is here. republican strategist ford o'connell. political analyst eboni williams. welcome to you both. ford this isn't the first time the cruz campaign has been accused of dirty tricks. where do you stand on this development. >> they may be publicly decrying rogue volunteers. they're happy with what they're doing. they don't want marco rubio to possibly win in hawaii, only place he can win tonight. they want to keep his foot on their throat. better off kneecapping marco on way to florida, giving him no
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positive headlines. they want to make this two-person race. they feel that only happens if trump wins florida. deirdre: eboni, as an analyst i want to get your take to the following. we'll listen together. senators russ and rubio are saying separately obviously a vote for another candidate essentially boils down to vote for donald trump. >> let me speak specifically to the men and women in michigan who don't want to see donald trump the nominee but haven't yet decided who to vote. if you vote for anyone else, a vote for john kasich, a vote for marco rubio, is effectively a vote for donald trump. >> vote for john kasich or vote for ted cruz in florida is vote for donald trump. i'm only one tahas any chance of beating donald trump in florida. if you don't want donald trump to be the republican nominee you have to vote for marco rubio. deirdre: so, eboni, listen, it is tonight and then it's a week from tonight. so we understand the stakes are high. what is your take? >> deirdre, look, they're both making very convenient
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arguments, right? they're dual in nature as you said. the problem is, actually this is harder argument for marco rubio to make at this point. here is what is really true, right? if both of them really meant that, above all else you want donald trump not to get this nomination, get out. that is actually what you need to do. as long as all three, kasich, rubio and cruz are still in this, i understand they have all their reasons being in it, especially with ohio and florida still at play, then fine, ride it out. not be spewing false narratives that you're only person with the path to beating donald trump. >> i disagree with you, because here's the deal. i actually think if your goal is to stop donald trump, i'm neutral in this race, anybody but clinton i really believe keeping all of them in the race will prevent one candidate getting 1237. if they all stay in the race i agree trump will get more votes and more delegates but might not get 1237. that is all i'm saying. deirdre: does that bring up so-called moral majority?
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say for argument, sake, ebb bon- eboni, if trump is the closest is he nominee? >> look i understand all the opposition within the republican party around him, the people are speaking so far. what is interesting you look at delegate count right now, deirdre, cruz is not far behind, i'm saying under my analysis he makes most compelling argument around being the best trump alternative. but in terms of look, if trump is closest to that maximum number at end, i think he gets the nomination. deirdre: otherwise as people have told us, there will be riots everywhere, if that is in fact the case. eboni williams, ford o'connell, i know you're staying with me. we'll be back with you shortly. meantime we want to let our viewers know we're waiting for he will be speaking in north carolina. he is also expected to take questions from the press. so, we'll see if he comments further on senator rubio's
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accusations, either way, we'll bring you that event live. we're also watching a live feed of a senator rubio event in florida. if he takes questions, we will bring you there live as well. tonight as a reminder, four states at stake. fox business bringing you full primary coverage,:hawaii, idaho, michigan, mississippi. i will join neil cavuto, lou dobbs, we'll bring results as soon as they come in starting 7:00 p.m. eastern time. meantime hillary clinton taking tough questions on her email investigation last night. >> the state department has redacted and declared 2100 of your work emails classified. at least at the confidential level. 44 classified as secret. 22 classified as top secret. you said at a march press conference in 2015, quote, i did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. there is no classified material. so can we say definitely that that statement is not accurate? deirdre: find out how the
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democratic presidential candidate answered the question. senator rubio is accusing ted cruz's campaign of more dirty tricks. former virginia attorney general and ted cruz spokesperson, ken cuccinelli is with next how he sees it. >> looks like ted cruz's campaign has been putting out emails in places like hawaii telling people about it. saw that with ben carson earlier. it is just not true. when you think what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours.
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deirdre: we are monitoring a senator cruz rally in north carolina. if he takes questions from the press we will get you there as soon as possible. all the candidates, this is the bottom line, making a last-ditch effort to grab voter support before polls close this evening. true to form donald trump is on the attack.
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>> ted cruz, he comes in, bible high, bible high, puts the bible down and then lies to you. rubio is worse. this guy is such a scoundrel. you look at his past with his credit cards, you look at the driveway that he built out of funds that don't belong to him. deirdre: senator rubio's campaign is accusing rather, the cruz team of playing dirty in hawaii. so rubio accusing cruz of spreading rumors that rubio is being urged to drop out by his own team. citing a cnn story. so the campaign sent out this email, you're looking at it, called, "wasted vote." that appeared in people's in boxes basically telling voters if they vote for rubio it is a waste of time. here is the cruz campaign spokesperson with megyn kelly earlier. >> looks like ted cruz's campaign has been putting out emails in places like hawaii telling people about it. you saw that with ben carson earlier. it is just not true.
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right now no one has a clear path to 1237 delegates. >> i did not know, it was ben carson-style ads, rumor taken as fact to try to dissuade those in caucus because hawaii is a caucus. >> yeah. they don't start voting until 11:00 p.m. eastern. again we put that out there, email from the cruz campaign saying that, spreading this around. this has happened before. it is unfortunate the kind of thing they have done throughout the campaign. deirdre: okay that was obviously senator rubio himself speaking to those charges with our own brian kilmeade. meantime former virginia attorney general and ted cruz supporter ken cuccinelli is with me now. thank you, sir, for the time. >> sure. deirdre: does this make you at all feel differently about supporting ted cruz or his campaign. >> absolutely, it motivates me all the more to beat rubio. i mean, what a weanie. i mean kind, this kind of
5:18 pm
whining, trump is doing this too. casting this net of, he's a liar or he's a fill in the blank with trump. as sort of this preemptive strike. yes, it looks like some volunteers in hawaii sent this thing out. it doesn't have an effect, one, and two, i can tell you as a candidate for governor in virginia and attorney general, how many times i had to say, god save us from our friend, because our own supporters do things that are just not helpful. deirdre: when you say that you think volunteers are getting cruz campaign just in more hot water than they need to be? >> certainly it is my understanding on this one that's exactly what happened. and of course if you're rubio, you want toker. >> cruz. that has been tactic he is using with trump and using it with cruz. it has given him an opportunity to do that. now we've spent the first minute talking about this kind of stuff, that doesn't affect
5:19 pm
people's lives. instead of whether or not any of these people will actually do what they're saying on the campaign trail and on things like that, ted cruz's rhetoric matches his record. marco rubio can't compete there. so he has to go do things like this. and do i wish it weren't here? do i wish it hadn't arisen? yes, i do but let's talk about where america needs to go and who's best equipped to get there and will actually fight to get us there, that is ted cruz. the only conservative, anti-establishment candidate in the race. he is both of those things. deirdre: ken, let me ask you this. >> sure. deirdre: ted cruz in all the states that we've seen so far has not gotten all of the support from all of the groups. i'm thinking about evangelical christians, for example, that normally should have gone to him. trump has siphoned off a big part of that. will that change tonight? >> i certainly think that you're seeing that shift already taking place. saw it last saturday and sort of
5:20 pm
the myth of the cut-in evangelicals, if you look how often people attend services, the more often they attend services more likely they are to be formerly of carson and cruz supporter, now a cruz supporter. so that's an example of winnowing field helping ted cruz. as the field continues to winnow from the people who don't have a chance of winning this nomination, ted cruz will continue to disproportionately benefit. deirdre: concerns we'll leave it there. ken cuccinelli, former virginia attorney general, ted cruz supporter of the as we told you senator marco rubio is speaking at an event in florida. here he is. >> i'm so grateful you all are here today. we have a lot of work to do in the next seven days but what is at stake is worth it. what is at stake in the future of the greatest country in the history of all mankind. [cheers and applause] it is a country right now headed
5:21 pm
in the wrong direction. it is headed in the wrong direction because we have president that ignores the constitution. it is headed in the wrong direction because we have a president tahas abandon -- that has abandoned the free enterprise economy that made it the most prosperous people in the world. it is head in the wrong direction because we have a weak commander-in-chief who is gutting our military, and betraying our allies. this can not continue. if the next four years are anything like the last eight years, we are going to have to explain to our children why they are the first americans ever to inherent a diminished country from their parents. here's the good news. in 2016 we have a choice. we have a chance. to choose a different direction. and it begins by voting for me to become the next president of the united states. [cheers and applause]
5:22 pm
>> marco! marco! >> we have a chance, if you elect me president for the first time in eight years, you will have a president that follows the constitution of the united states of america. [applause] you will have a president that respects your first amendment right and protects your first amendment rights to live out the teachings of your faith and every aspect of your life. [cheers and applause] if you elect me for the first time in eight years you will have a president that protects your second amendment rights to defend yourself and your family. [cheers and applause] you're going to have a president for the first time in eight years that believes that the federal government is supposed to be a limited government. that most of the solutions to our problems do not come from
5:23 pm
government. they, government has a role to play it is at state level. you will have a president that believes and follows the tenth amendment and returns power to the states. [cheers and applause] from my first day in office you will see that we have a president that follows the constitution. because after i take the oath of office, i'm going straight to oval office and i will repeal every single one of barack obama's unconstitutional executive orders. [cheers and applause] for the first time in eight years you will have a president that believes in free enterprise, free enterprise works. you know yes know that? it isn't because i inherited millions of dollars. i did not. because my mother was a maid and a my father was a bartender.
5:24 pm
the reason why they had jobs is because someone created those jobs, not the government. someone risked money to open up a hotel. you know why they did that america, because it is free enterprise works. free enterprise works because it the only economic model in the history of the world where you can make poor people rich and you don't have to make rich people poor. you can lift everyone up. [applause] deirdre: that is senator marco rubio you can see him there, speaking at an event in sarasota, florida. we're going to monitor for this for you. we'll see if he responds or takes any questions about the so-called dirty tricks that his campaign has accused senator cruz's campaign of using in hawaii against him. speaking of senator cruz, he is expected to be hosting a rally himself this hour. we will take you there live. we also have a rubio supporter with us shortly. >> sitting over here. flip is the one.
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>> i think if people were making the most rational decision they would go after trump and make sure he doesn't get the delegate amount he need to win outright at the convention. i would rather see cruz focus his fire on donald trump than rubio. but rubio did something to slow and hurt obama care where cruz
5:32 pm
didn't. i would love to talk about their records all day. deirdre: hope you come back. we would love to talk about obamacare. in the meantime senator cruz is speaking at a rally in north carolina. this is not ted cruz. but it is north carolina. we'll bring you back to that rally as soon as senator cruz begins taking questions from the audience. we are watching a live governor john kasich rally in ohio. supporters agree he must win his hope state to stay in the race. michigan is have much a preview. >> the whole country is watching michigan now. we are going to run through the tape and get a great, great
5:33 pm
finish here in this state, a great result in this state that will send a message across the country and i believe across the world, that it's a new day in this presidential campaign. deirdre: when we come back. a supporter of governor john kasich will be here. four states at stake. washington, idaho, michigan and mississippi. in the meantime hillary clinton faced some tough questions on her emails last night. >> it's absolutely imperative that we make college he forwardable, i have a plan to do that. deirdre: we are going to show you her response to that question and others. former reagan economist is wondering what was all the
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5:38 pm
he has been speaking at an event in florida. you can see him there still on stage. he has spoken a lot about jobs, wages. these are key topics for him there as he addresses the crowd. he's talking about his own numbers going up in the polls because of various topics he's willing to address. of the four states tonight, mississippi, idaho, michigan and hawaii. michigan really in play. it's the biggest prize tonight. the biggest number of delegates up for grab. many people looking to ohio governor john kasich to take michigan. here is the governor campaigning in troy, michigan yesterday. >> i can promise you the world is going to listen to what
5:39 pm
michigan has to say. if you want to go from constructive positive vision, record, bringing people together and solving the problems in this country, i would ask you sincerely, give me that vote. reporter: joining me now former pennsylvania congressman and supporter robert walker. michigan, it's all about michigan tonight. how will governor kasich do? >> i think he will do well. the chances are that we'll show that we are very competitive. i expect us to have a good night there. i expect us to be competitive with ted cruz. the fact is that trump started off with a strong presence here. i think he will probably maintain some of that. but i doubt it will be a good night for marco rubio. what we'll show is a lot of momentum there tonight. >> donald trump talked about how
5:40 pm
many people he has personally brought into the party. here is his comment. >> this is the biggest story in all of politics worldwide and people talk about it. this is such a great thing for the republican party and instead of dividing and fighting, we should take advantage of it. >> is part of the strategy for the governor to show he obviously has a moderate republican following and many would say he is the traditional pick. how can he get some of these people that trump managed to get to support him? >> the more he gets to talk the more people recognize he has a conservative record. a conservative regard when he was in -- conservative record when i -- when he was in congress and conservative record in ohio. he's the one with the qualifications and background to
5:41 pm
be president of the united states. and he's the only one who consistently will show beating hillary clinton. that's the real nature of this primary is to figure out which of the candidates can actually beat hillary clinton in the fall. john kasich can. deirdre: we'll see how he does in michigan and in some ways it will predict parts of what happens in ohio. thank you very much. four states at stake tonight. we have been talking about three others as well, hawaii, idaho, mississippi, we'll be bringing you live coverage. congress starts at 7:00 p.m. ted cruz about to take questions from the press. he is speaking in north carolina. you are looking at a live feed of an event there. marco rubio's camp called out the cruz campaign for dirty tricks because of some volunteers that the cruz
5:42 pm
campaign had work for it in hawaii. cruz's cam senting out a tweet to voters that rubio was going to drop out. we'll bring you that press conference when senator cruz addresses those concerns. when he does we'll be back in just a minute.ree tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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t-i-a-a. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. deirdre: senator ted cruz is speaking as we have been telling you. he's expected to fake questions from the audience. we'll listen in shortly for some of his comments. >> it's worth stepping back for a minute to reflect on the journey of how we got here and where we are going from here. a year ago we started with 17 republican candidates. it was a remarkable field,
5:46 pm
tremendous, diverse, talented, young, quite a contrast with the democrats. we were blessed with an abundance of talent. and over the course of the year we have seen that field narrow. and it's narrowed and narrowed. now, going into the first big election, the state of iowa, i remember watching the pundits the night before. every one of the pun did on tv said there was no way we could win. every one of them said donald trump was going to win iowa. he was on every station on every tv. and yet they forgot about something. they forgot about the people. and on election day in the state
5:47 pm
of iowa we saw the largest turnout in the history of the iowa caucuses and we won a landslide victory. that was the beginning of a pattern we began to see. state after state after state. record turnouts for republicans, and dismal turnouts for democrats. now, that suggests the winds of change may be acomein. -- acoming. then super tuesday a major inflection point in this campaign. on super tuesday once again turning on the tv, every pundit said donald trump is going to sweep super tuesday.
5:48 pm
he's unstoppable. we the media decided the republican nominee. his name is donald j. trump. he's a liberal democrat from new york and he's slated to lose to hillary clinton. but once again they forgot, the people. and on super tuesday we saw to the astonishment of the pundits a tremendous victory in the state of oklahoma. a tremendous victory in the state of alaska. [applause] and then in my home state of texas we saw a landslide!
5:49 pm
victory in texas! that election was particularly meaningful to me. texas is my home. the men and women texas are the men and women who five years ago i campaigned across the state making promises, looking in the eyes and saying if you elect me, i'll go to washington and fight with every breath in my body to stop obamacare and stop amnesty, to defend our religious liberty, to defend the second amendment, to defend the bill of rights, to bring back jobs. [applause] like the gentleman pastor harris told you about up in west texas who grabbed me by the shoulder, looked me in the eyes. those are the promises i made, and those are the men and women who know me best, who know my
5:50 pm
heart, and we won that landslide victory because they said, ted, you kept your word and you did exactly what you said you would do. do. [applause] >> then we had super saturday. once again the pundits all said donald trump was going to win fall four states. had a big lead. nothing to do about it. but on election day in kansas done and i were both in kansas. we were both in wichita. we were both at the same caucus site. we spoke back to back to the voters. all the pundits said donald was going to win kansas. not on did he not win, but we
5:51 pm
won in a landslide with nearly 50% of the vote. deirdre: that is ted cruz. you can see him there. that's a live event in north carolina. he will be taking questions in a little bit. in the meantime speaking to an enthusiastic crowd. steve moore, a former reagan economist is with me. i know you have been listening in to senator cruz. he makes a good point about a lot of pundits and strategists forgetting the people. how did that ring in your ear? >> he harkened back to when there were 14 candidates. 14 or 5. that -- 14 or 15. and here we are, it looks like a two-man race with two people the
5:52 pm
republican establishment hates the most. there is a path to victory for cruz. if he can get this into a two-man race, i think he can beat trump. the one thing that disturbs me about this race is a conservative republican. i want to hear these guys talking more about the economy of and jobs. they keep talking about the process and all this political stuff. they are not talking about what the people really want to hear about which is who is going to create the jobs and get growth up to the rates that we are used to. deirdre: that's fair point. last night at the town hall meeting which fox news hosted, bret baier, both candidates spoke about a lot of free things. let's listen in together and i want to ask you a question or two after. >> i happen to believe and i knoi iknow not everybody agreesh
5:53 pm
plea. i believe healthcare is a right. bret: where did that right come from? >> being a human being. >> i believe if she cities poor and you are rich. she is entitled to the same quality healthcare you have because she is a human being. i want to see public colleges and universities tuition free. i want to create millions of jobs. >> i'm a big support and defender of the sow affordable care act. we'll get costs down and deductibles down and we'll require more free services within the benefit package. i have a plan to do that. debt-free tuition. more help for non-tuition costs. deirdre: is there a risk that some go to the other side. >> it's not just the last 24
5:54 pm
hours. it's the last 24 days. they haven't been talking about the economy. even the last couple of debates. they have had four hours of debates and they probably had 20 minutes of discussion about the economy. i listened to that interchange between the two democrats, hillary and bernie. the question i asked was who is the socialist here? >> bernie sanders has pulled hillary clinton over. >> no doubt about that. this is the essence of it. this is what makes this such a consequential election. i have two parties. wins on venus and one is on mars. they are not talking about the same thing in terms of economic strategy. you get one party over the other, you will get a different
5:55 pm
strategy. republicans, at least most of them are talking about cutting tax rates to get businesses moving again. that's what this election will be about. deirdre: for tonight, four states. which gop candidate is going to do best? trump leading right now? total delegates followed by cruz, followed by rubio, kasich round up the lot. >> here is why i think tonight is important. i don't think it matters that much who wins the race. the big question all republicans are asking is has the trump momentum slowed? is he in a slow slide in we saw some signs of that saturday night when trump under performed from where he was in almost every poll in those four states. if we see a continuation of that i think that gives hope to other candidates. does trump show a continued slide with voters? he clearly slid after that last
5:56 pm
fox debate. deirdre: statistics class, measuring rate of change. >> this is a finance show, right? deirdre: that's right. steve, love having you here. speaking of polls, just a few hours away from the first ones closing. it's a huge day. joe has some exit poll data. >> we are looking at the exit polls. in mississippi we are looking at the most important issues. you see the economy and jobs just about evening with government spending followed by terrorism and immigration leaves an issue in mississippi. the reason the economy is one of the top issues is because the unemployment rate is 6.6% versus the national average of 9.9%. also we want to show you
5:57 pm
michigan and how the republicans may be voting on the issues. the economy taking the top spot at 35%. detroit's unemployment rate is almost double. people care about the economy and jobs. and they care a lot about government spending as well. across the board you see the issues coming up and it's all about the economy and government spending. immigration, and beating democrats. deirdre? deirdre: speaking of polls, a wall street poll showing donald trump holds a narrow 3-point lead for the race in the presidential nomination. ted cruz, 27%. john kasich 22%.
5:58 pm
and rubio 20%. cruz and trump are almost in a statistical tie. >> what even more surprises me is how far up kasich is. making it more and more difficult for senator rubio to make the case that he's the on person that's dominate trump here. look at those numbers, 22% from kasich. but trump and cruz virtually neck and neck within the margin of error. deirdre: top three, that's the first type i have seen. >> he has to winnow high oh. he's almost i am nateed from winning the number of delegates he need. does he win florida? does he winnow high oh?
5:59 pm
this is a bad sign for donald trump but i'm not sure it's a kneecapper. it might just be a speed bump. deirdre: it's too early to be talking about cabinet. but is there a magic association, a nod to a potential vp that could most needle for any of these candidates? >> i saw the "wall street journal" poll and i saw trump-kasich sound interesting. that's very, very compelling that kasich can bring that to the ticket. he also brings a lot of things trump lacks in terms of he governed before. he's definitely more moderate. >> whoever the wins the nomination you have choices for vp, you want kasich or rubio because you need florida and
6:00 pm
ohio. deirdre: thank you both. ebony williams, a reminder to you all. we have congress all night starting now with charles payne. [♪] charles: the race to the white house intensifies as voters head to the polls in four states. in mississippi. we have a lot at stake. there are 150 delegates up for grabs. michigan is the big prize. 59 delegates. mississippi 40 delegates. idaho 32 and hawaii 19. we have breaking news for you out just moments ago. a brand-new nbc-"wall street journal" poll shows it's a tight republican race. trump only 3


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