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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  March 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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michigan is notoriously hard to poll for and we don't have 2008 data to predicate this upon. but closer races for sure. deirdre: thank you, thank you for watching. "making money" with charles payne starts next. charles: the stock markets continues after massive money from the european bank. four days way from super tuesday. desperation setting in. wait until you hear the nuclear options proposed by the rubio campaign. another huge rally for donald trump in about an hour. we'll discuss rising protests and some of the violence at these events. donald trump picking up a huge endorsement from former presidential candidate dr. ben carson. carson says he's supporting
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trump because he wants the voice of the people to be heard. >> what i have been saying recently is political operatives and parties trying to assert themselves and thwart the will of the people. that's an extraordinarily dangerous place to be right now. >> this decision should be made which we the people. i believe this is carried on and they are able to deny him the nomination, it will wreak who rock and hand the nomination to democrats and the face of america will be changed for decades to come. charles: , van, i think most these candidates running. you were the former south carolina republican chairman. some would say you represent the establishment.
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this endorsement according to dr. ben carson about we the people, th hall with him after he got back from jordan after he was looking at the syrianing ar sir -- the e situation. when i talked to him last year i told him about some autism work going on in south carolina on the verge of finding help for autism. he shows up there. he's a good, good man. this is a big deal for donald trump. charles: the there was a point
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on the campaign where i thought donald trump hit him hard. donald trump admitted he was mean to him and he hit him hard. he admitted these things as well it's a testament to ben carson and his christian faith. how much of a difference is this going to make for the rest of the election? >> i think it has both a sober and cerebral endorsement. i think this is huge from the perspective -- people saying evangelicals or parole christians or conservatives can't support donald trump. but add phyllis schlafly and dr. jeffers. i also think that this will sort of earn able people to feel comfortable that these people might be willing to hold donald trump accountable in soft ways
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perhaps evangelicals have had their doubts in the past about him. charles: dr. carson sounds like he will be more involved. not just a stamp of approval. but maybe a conscience, if you will. eboni, he talked about donald trump being too -- two people. the cerebral donald trump and they had the same sort of spiritual followings, i guess he discovered that. i'm glad gina brought it up. he senses he may have a role keeping him on the straight and narrow. >> from chris christie to dr. ben carson. there are reasons the evangelicals are coming out at this particular time. charles: his timing was perfect. >> now you have dr. carson right after post debate and this timing makes perfect sense.
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dr. carson ran not necessarily to be president. i think he ran because he was tired of the political inner workings and the people not having a voice. if he thinks donald trump represents that notion, indianapolis why he's supporting him. charles: there is a major donald trump event happening inside an hour. outside there is a protest gathering. i have seen home video on the internet and twitter. this stuff is getting really, really nuts. we'll keep the audience abreast of everything. i finds it interesting that ben carson gave us two speeches, one at cpac and one today endorsing donald trump. all of these former rivals are
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jockeying for position in the administration. >> both donald trump and ben carson are outsiders wildly successful in their own careers. he will remain in the conservative movement as long as he likes. he will reassure people for lack of a better term with his bedside manner to get on board with donald trump. it's a big win. >> the debate, kudos to donald trump. to control the narrative. he took control of everything and it's all about him and ben carson. it was a distinctively different debate. the tone was different from everyone involved. how do you assess last night. who was helped the most, who wasn't helped?
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>> it was definitely trump's night. he made that pivot his own supporters have been asking him to make into being a presidential candidate, calling for everyone to unite and making his own commitment that he would be sure he led in that effort, bringing in more people from other places and building that big tent republicans have dreamed about and haven't been able to establish until now. charles: marco rubio going back to the marco rubio. after of course all week long apologizing and saying how embarrassed his entire family was. how what you assess his performance. >> he wishes he had stuck to his original game plan and said look, when you are running for president of the united states, you have to be yourself. many times no one likes to listen to the consultants and at hammers. i think that's why people like
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donald trump. that's why people love ben carson. he's genuine. that's what people want. they want someone who is authentic to be commander-in-chief. charles: in donald trump the most controversial thing is islam's hate for america. before it was radical islam. now it's islam. 1.7 billion people. it's an interesting time in this country. we have never been afraid terrorist attacks and things like that. but is that -- he wants to be presidential but are those words presidential? >> i think in a trump administration they would be. i see trump trying to stretch the narrative and saying we don't have to be so inbound and politically correct. i think there is something between recklessness and also not being afraid to call a thing a thing.
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you talked about the two side of dr. ben carson. i think what we are seeing is a candidate evolved into something i'm interested to see what he look like come the general election if he is the nominee. >> one of the things a lot of people who know donald trump like geraldo and others are saying, this is art of the deal 101, if you will. you toss out a 45% barrier tariff against china. you talk about not letting in the 1.7 billion muslims in this country. but people are telling me that love donald trump who don't know him that he says what he means and means what he says. if he gets into office and doesn't fulfill these things, won't he let down all of these people supporting him in. >> sure. but it's all about moving the bar. most people supporting donald trump, i would say 90% of them
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believe that washington is fundamentally broken. the majority of the country believes washington is fundamentally broken. if he can move the needle. god bless. they will be excited. hearing and seeing some of the foot and from outside his rally. if this keep up this is the single best thing that can happen for donald trump. if he has rallies across the nation. you want to talk about galvanizing the republican base. the enemy your enemy is often your friend. charles: the roots of that saying may go back to ancient rome. but we also hear donald trump is going to be a unifier. so hopefully americans who disagree with each other aren't each other's enemies. michelle phils claims she was
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pulled to the ground by donald trump's campaign manager. she filed a report with the jupiter police department with simple battery as the charge. i asked katrina pierson about the incident and this is what she had to say. >> this did not happen. corey lewandowski would not have done that. he's a husband and has self small children. when mr. trump is in a room there is a swarm of reporters. i have seen it myself. i have been pushed aside because people were trying to put a microphone in mr. trump's face. they hit each other with cameras and microphones. this is something that should have been discussed. they didn't even contact the campaign for clarification. charles: serve people said it was cory.
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you will see see megyn kelly's interview with michelle field. >> yesterday they released a statement calling me a liar. they have basically done a character assassination on me and linking it to blogs with conspiracies about me and they are not telling the truth. there is video, pictures, there is a "washington post" reporter who is very credible. they seem to not understand that. the statement continue to say there are no eyewitnesses and wick turs. they continue to lie. this has to be aside from my father' death worst experience i have gone through. the hate i have received. the email messages. i'm sure megyn you can understand and sympathize with some of the stuff i have received. but it's been awful.
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charles: that's at 9:00 p.m. on fnc. student planning to protest donald trump's rally tonight. this is when he comes to the university of illinois in chicago. marco rubio tells his supporters, vote for john kasich. you have got to do anything to stop the trump can it be stopped? next. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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with x1 from xfinity. >> clearly john kasich has a bert chance of winning ohio than i do. if a voter in ohio conclude voting for john kasich is the best chance to stop donald trump there, i anticipate that's what they will do. charles: that was marco rubio
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suggesting to his supporters they should vote for kasich in ohio. ohio is a winner-take-all state. this has been carson urges his if low republicans not to give into this anti-trump campaign. >> the republican party would be wise not to adopt let's stop this guy and promote this guy. you are about rather start thinking about what will the thing be that will be helpful for america. charles: dr. been carson has a great point. but the vitriol, we saw even with that clip with michelle fields. these are people who were friends and had beers together and went on vacations together. it's ripping apart the gop in a way different' that ugly.
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>> i get the idea to want to unify. but how can you unify with people you so many disagree with on principle. charles: isn't disagreement a fundamental part of america? we all talk and we all disagree. then we have a democratic thing called votes. >> ben carson is doing what most senators and congressmen are incapable of doing, putting the country first. ben carson made it very clear. he want to put america first. so he's taking that step forward. he's extending the olive branch and maybe others will follow. >> it's been hinted at, marco rubio came out and talked about it. you support me in ohio, don't vote for me. the goal is not to necessarily win but to stop donald trump. >> it's a divide and conquer for sure.
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rubio has been treating this entire campaign season as a chess game. >> it feels like he's playing checkers. >> it's candyland. he won't win. with the divide and conquer we have a divisive political debate. but one side of that debate is consistently having violence show up. >> when you talk about violence. i was a police officers. when i was at rallies, i'm not responsible for the people. >> you are responsible for your campaign manager push something one down. charles: let us get a lot more facts. there is a lot of he said, she said. charles: i saw a lot of video and i don't know what the hell i was looking at. >> as you pointed out, we can disagree in this country.
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it that has driven our democracy. but let's do it in a way that's positive and in a way we respect someone who disagrees with you. even if mr. kemp has said this is not a good thing. he should air this is not -- he should say this is not okay. charles: i have got to ask you, steve. donald trump says he wants to be the unifier. can this be a huge test for him to bring all of these people that were once best friends back together? >> yes. what you saw in the debate last night was president donald trump. he's take the step forward and bringing the american people together. >> it's pessimistic he brought the republican party together. if you look at the republican party, it's more divide than ever. >> people who have never -- charles: you want the
6:21 pm
conservatives. charles: they are all going to vote. the bigger question is can we expand it. >> he's doing it now. thousands of people coming up and showing up at the polls. i do have breaking news and i want to talk about this. hundreds, not on twitter, hundreds of students are protesting at the donald trump rally tonight. it's the american electoral process. the first amendment is where this country is going. we have to look at it wide eyed and discuss it. we'll bring you there live with the latest when we come back.
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charles: hundreds of protesters are outside donald trump's rally right now. >> i think -- i don't know now big that crowd is on the inside. but there is a very large crowd here on the outside. you say hundreds. i have seen hundreds even on the other side. we may be approaching a thousand. it's been described as students. initially that's the way it started. but i'll tell you, this is not just students. this is a whole host of different folks that have come out to protest. initially there was an online petition of 50,000 people that were trying to get to the university. this is part of the university of illinois chicago that tried to get the university of illinois chicago to rescind the right of in trump to speak at the rally. the university said if you don't like free speech the remedy is
6:26 pm
more speech. we are surrounded by people who have opinions. it's not just students. that fella may be older than me. it's a big crowd, a large and raucous crowd. charles, this is america, this is both sides being heard out on the street. >> if i can, you are really great when you go and talk to people and get a sense of what they are saying. what's the rally here for? who organized it? i see some signs that look like professional protester signs. >> this has the same sort of makeup i think of folks that came out after the black friday protests. it's a charge group. diverse in terms of sex, religion, race. i can ask someone what brought them out here today. >> i'm not a trump supporter and
6:27 pm
i think he's dangerous for our country. i think we are better than he is. reporter: what most strikesou. he's a hate monger. he's anti-women and anti-immigrant and anti-so many things. reporter: have you ever come out this way before to protest? >> no, this is the first time. i have a daughter in a wheelchair, she wants to come but she is not well enough to come.he disrespects americans ol kinds. reporter: would you consider yourself a develop krat or republican. reporter: do you have a favorite in the presidential race? >> no, i don't. i think he will lead us down the road to financial ruin. reporter: this crowd is continuing to swell, i think
6:28 pm
it's fair to say, as we speak. charles: thank you very much. breaking news. crowds are swelling. a huge gathering in chicago. they want him booted from the campus. and the gop race is obviously heating up. we have super tuesday on tuesday just two days away it many getting heated and we'll comey back and discuss it. we'll be right back. anti-socia. anti-socia. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. this just got interesting. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently,
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>> kasich in ohio brought obamacare to ohio and people are very unhappy about it. cruz borrowed a million doors an didn't report it base's robin hood. you have special interest groups like marco. when you need something done, marco. they give him a lot of money. charles: that was the unifier, just joke. donald trump taking a swipe at his opponents. tomorrow you have got to vote in d.c., wyoming. if five states head together polls in the winner take all states.
6:33 pm
ohio and florida, what can we expect? ron myer. again now and tuesday how is -- how is the landscape going to change? >> not much. northern virginia went for rubio, maybe d.c. will go for rubio. guam, the island nation, rubio will do well there. in ohio kasich is polling well. rubio is starting to trends up a little bit in florida. but he will need the not trump vote in florida to pull this thing off. kasich slapped rubio and didn't go along with it. charles: kasich said i don't need you to help me winnow high oh and i won't help you lose florida. i guess we have seen a couple of polls, we have seen a few just
6:34 pm
sets on the democratic side. is there a sliver of hope, and i know marco rubio fans will say he can make it over the finish line in his home state? >> there are a few polls that have it down to 8 points. one of marco rubio's big challenges is this. even if he does close that gap. the problem is 250,000 people have voted absentee and it looks like donald trump is going to get the lion's shaffer those votes like he did in other states. you saw phyllis schlafly in missouri today. i would send ben carson to north carolina. ted cruz is making a race of it in north carolina. charles: to me if ted cruz could
6:35 pm
have talked rubio into getting out, he would probably win north carolina and missouri. there is not a lot of polling there, you have to assume donald trump is leading. >> i have got to agree on north carolina. that's my home state. north carolina is very interesting. in 2008 it went blue for barack obama and red for romney in 2012. we are very open mind. we call it the new south. conventional wisdom would have you think cruz could make a play and he might. but if trump sends ben carson down there, you have got two sides of the same coin, i think most republican and north carolina voters. i was at a convention, they took a straw poll. they had cruz winning by a landslide. i thought that was -- >> it was in raleigh. it was beautiful.
6:36 pm
>> when you talk about mecklenburg county. >> i'll be watching my home state of wyoming. charles: if you give them a call. you don't want to miss our special coverage. we are calling it super tuesday 2.0. lou dobbs and neil cavuto. they have all the news as it comes out. we have the two major primaries, ohio and florida. but north carolina and illinois will have a major impact on the delegate count. donald trump has a big rally moments from now. protests are amassing outside where he's going to give this. the university of illinois in chicago.
6:37 pm
a bunch of students tried to get him booted from the campus. but we do see some skirmishes. we'll be right back. at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
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charles: students are protesting donald trump's chicago centrally. he will be speaking in minutes. we'll take you there live to update you on the crowd.
6:40 pm
charles: the major averages ending the week on a seriously high mark. you were with the federal reserve and former dallas fed adviser. the big news is the european version of the fed, the ecb. they threw in everything but the
6:41 pm
kitchen sink. people put money in the bank and pay the bank to hold on to it. what's the consequence of this. what's the ultimate consequence of this? >> next stop we'll look to see what japan does. this is a full-blown currency war. in currency wars you have to look at what the next government is going to do to offset their own currency getting stronger. charles: this week i think the yen is up against the dollar. if all these extraordinary measures don't work why do they keep doing it. there is resentment over the government and the federal reserve which is not accountable to anyone, your people. >> my former people. charles: where does it end? does it have to end in disaster? >> the stock market rally in the
6:42 pm
youth is the third longest since standard and poors has been tracking rallies. i started to hear people talk about whether this is a parallel to 1998. and central bangs keep trying to force this rally to continue. if we can end up with something that looks a lot like 2000, there is a pushback that you talk about, that central banks are not all powerful and if we lose our confidence in these wonderful central bankers -- >> thi if you print $3 trillion and the needle doesn't move. outside of student loans and a few car loans, main street hasn't seen this money, they are not taking the bait. money circulating and the economy keeps going down and down and down. every economic data point, it's not working. >> if you look at what the
6:43 pm
central bang is doing, it's like a dog chasing its tail. you get a rally in the market, then the dollar strengthens, then the market falls off all over again, and then the fed pulls back. this is ridiculous. central bangers around the world keep pushing on a bigger and bigger strength. charles: are they trying to push the stock market and economy so that a democrat is re-elected? >> i do think it's not pure perception. i think the fed has become an overly politicized institution. it's supposed to be completely objective, it's completely apolitical. but then you read about said governors making contributions to the clinton campaign. one of them drives into the
6:44 pm
parking garage in the federal reserve with the obama ticker still on his car. charles: donald trump has a major rally moment from now. crowd not on swelling inside. but outside, too. the university of illinois in chicago. report of some showdowns, little consider mishes here and there. we are starting to hear this more and more. we are going live to the scene. and we'll discuss this and what it means for donald trump and the gop party. we'll be right back. is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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6:48 pm
packed crowd as usual for donald trump. but outside we are starting to see this more and more. protesters. and they have an assortment of grievances. i guess the problem has been, trying to keep both sets of groups apart from each other. last night this was mentioned during debate. donald trump was asked about him last night and several interviews today. i want to bring back the panel. steve, i'll start with you again. we also have ron myer with us. did you see the one rally where protester were going escorted out and one was cold cocked out of left field. >> yes. charles: i have seen a lot of people defend that. i don't think anyone should get punched even if it's out of line.
6:49 pm
>> the guy who punched the guy should have been dragged out much there immediately. the guy was peacefully walking out. we have great debaters here. you purposely outnumbered me tonight. but we agreed to difficult agree in a civil way and hopefully we are an example of what other people should be doing. charles: people are saying this is a rally for supporters. they want to have fun and hear the message. it's unfair for others coming to disrupt them. maybe they are trying to bait these guys. the man who cold cocked him. 8 years old. -- 78 years old. i hope i have that strength at 78. jeff, give us the latest. reporter: certainly it swelled more since i last talked to you. that incident, the video that accompanied it at the trump
6:50 pm
rally with the older gentleman has crystallized for a lot of these folks the reason they came out here today. i repeat as we did last time, this is a very diverse crowd. as you heard last time, we talked to republicans in the crowd who feel as though this sort of stuff we are seeing and the attitude they are seeing is not what they wanton associated with. 367 it's a peaceful -- it's a peaceful protest so far. it's white, black, high school . i'm surrounded by protesters. it may be thousands. there is a line of folks trying to get in. but a lot of folks in the line are here to protest as well. i don't know what's going to
6:51 pm
happen once they get in there, but we'll see. i think i lost communication with you so i'll send it back to you. charles: i'll go to ron nyer. as jeff was talking there was one sign with trump with a swastika in the middle of it. this is the hyperbole thing. who is pushing that their after where you are associating swastikas with donald trump. pat buchanan who is a major backer of donald trump said donald trump is anette know d in ethno-maxalist. that's different from hitler. when it take you hours to denounce the kkk, up start having associations that may or may not be fair. the issue is donald trump is trying to change the republican
6:52 pm
party to her t -- to authoritard nationalism. charles: donald trump got frustrated answering the same question over and over again. we know the media does try to bait donald trump and they try to set traps for him. on the other hand there is patriotism and nationalism. i am not sure i see trump as a nationalist. he's a patriot. >> look at the man's family. wonderful wife, wonderful kid. role models. let's get off the narrative that he's a nationalist. that he's a nazi. he's an american running for
6:53 pm
president and he's a patriot. >> reception is reality. trump disavowed the kkk going all the way back to 2002 when he was asked about it. charles: if you are hillary clinton or the mainstream media, it picks up steam because you never let it go. it's unfortunate evening some of his republican rivals and people like mitt romney keep hammering away eight. any moment donald trump will be speaking. outside the university of illinois you are see big large protests. our reporter said it could be hundreds or even thousands. we'll bring you trump live and we'll discuss it more when we return. ls great rates. ls great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you!
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. . charles: we are awaiting donald
6:57 pm
trump at a rally. all the supporters have packed the house. the podium is ready, the flags are ready, waiting on mr. trump to come out there. are several hundred protesters demonstrating right outside. the panel is back with me. let me go back to you, steve. we hear the vitriol on both sides, and one of the reasons you're one of my favorite trump guests is because you stick with the facts and you don't have to -- it doesn't get tough, you know? it is that way in society at large. it is that way in social media. i keep saying this, donald trump has his work cut out for him to unify what was once these guys are all on the same page. >> you know, charles, to his defense in this case, he's attracted ben carson. he's attracted people like myself. look, i looked that the carefully, and i believe in respect, and i believe in character, and i believe in treating even those who are opposed to you with respect.
6:58 pm
he's that type of guy. people like ben carson said you have to get to know him. he's on the world stage, doing what he has to do to get the nomination. last night you saw president donald trump. >> you know what, steve, i love you for being that way, and thank you so much. and that's the kind of role model that a lot of trump supporters need. they need someone speaking in this way, that is something i know many people that have worked for trump for years and say the distinction who he is on a debate stage, minus the last debate, insulting other people and this bombastic energy that he has, versus who he is in a business situation, they're two completely different people. where is that? talking about role models, he needs to massively call for civility here. the protesters have a right to be speaking out about this. his people at the rally have a right to be upset with them. let's disagree civilly, and donald trump needs to make the call for civility. charles: ron, very harsh words on donald trump.
6:59 pm
i'm not sure your red alert politics, are you guys a conservative website or organization? >> we are conservative and geared towards millennials, the next generation. charles: why are you so angry with donald trump? >> i'm not angry. charles: form conclusions about donald trump. >> we should have a philosophical discussion about what donald trump stands for, not just about his attitude but policies on immigration and trade, and how he's trying to fundamentally transform the republican party. that's what we try to do. the problem is the next generation, poll after poll after poll shows voters between 18 and 35 years old, 70% disapprove of donald trump. if you lose 70% of the voters that age, there is no way can you win the election. so that's why -- i don't want to say donald trump is bad on everything. i'm so glad that this university has the courage to invite donald trump, to not disinvite him to. allow him to speak and allow the protesters to come. allow more free speech. that's what we need more of on
7:00 pm
college campuses. i want to say it's right he's doing that. charles: hope you all have a great weekend. have a drink when you get home. [ laughter ] >> of course, at home we appreciate when you watch the show, and you don't want to miss a moment of the show and don't want to miss a moment of lou dobbs. he's next right here on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. let's go now to chicago. we want to show you what is going on there. this is the venue. it is the university of illinois at chicago's university village neighborhood. it's a pavilion, and what you are looking at inside are a number of protesters. we don't have an exact count, who have moved into the pavilion, and outside, hundreds, as many as 700 is the number that we heard at last count, who are demonstrating against donald trump.


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