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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 12, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EST

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artistry. i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance." show, and you don't want to miss a moment of the show and don't want to miss a moment of lou dobbs. he's next right here on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. let's go now to chicago. we want to show you what is going on there. this is the venue. it is the university of illinois at chicago's university village neighborhood. it's a pavilion, and what you are looking at inside are a number of protesters. we don't have an exact count, who have moved into the pavilion, and outside, hundreds, as many as 700 is the number that we heard at last count, who are demonstrating against donald trump.
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it is far from certain exactly who they're representing. certainly, they are opposed to donald trump. among them we're told will be some 180 members of the faculty of the university of illinois at chicago, who are displeased that donald trump would even dare to be on an institution like the university where apparently the idea of free expression is no longer prevalent or in any way valued. we're four days right now from donald trump potentially securing his grip on the republican presidential nomination, and it seems to me that in all likelihood. if we can go back to the pictures. people are basically not following the direction of police officers, who are clearly asking some of these demonstrators to please leave. it's not a coincidence, because
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this is also what we saw some of. on a much smaller scale, earlier in st. louis. but we're going to be going back here. donald trump expected to start talking probably within the next 15-20 minutes, and so we will be going back there and keep you apprised as to what is happening with the demonstrators and their efforts to demonstrate, and obviously, that is colliding with the rights of some 10,000 people who want to listen to donald trump speak there tonight and, of course, his right to free expression, so it's going to be an interesting, an interesting moment there in chicago, but we'll have it all for you, and live. let's turn to our top story tonight. the high stakes in the republican race for the white house. donald trump right now has taken on a conciliatory tone as he is heading into the last weekend before the critical
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primaries that will decide, well, 367 delegates. as for marco rubio, he is apparently beyond desperate, and is now, are you ready? now urging his supporters to back his rival john kasich in ohio in order to, quote, unquote stop trump. kasich spokesman reacting to the news telling the associated press -- fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron in miami now with our report. >> reporter: following a relatively tame debate in miami, the candidates resumed the battle today and fanned out across the country to the various states that will be voting this coming tuesday. at a jewish synagogue in west palm beach, marco rubio emphasized commitment to israel and donald trump's refusal to take sides and the front-runner's general lack of
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foreign policy understanding. >> mr. trump perhaps does not understand that his position is, in fact, anti-israeli. i do not believe that is his intent. that is the practical implications what donald trump says his position is. >> reporter: rubio has no intention of joining forces with ted cruz against trump. >> this is not the house of cards. >> reporter: voters should vote for kasich to stop the front-runner. >> i suspect a voter in ohio that doesn't want donald trump to winnow high may well conclude the best way to stop him is to vote for kasich and i respect that. >> reporter: they used it as a chance to raise money. ted cruz held a rally in orlando with carly fiorina and slammed trump for having no solutions for the world's problems. >> donald trump's perspective is government is the answer to answer, whatever the problem is we need more government, and to every issue he doesn't agree with obama and hillary on substance. >> reporter: cruz on the
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anti-trump editors of the "national review." former rival ben carson was hit hard with attacks like this. >> i had a large camping knife and tried to stab him in the abdomen. >> reporter: more than one persona. >> there are two different donald trumps. there's the one you see on the stage, and there's the one who's very cerebral. that's the donald trump that you're going to start seeing more and more of right now. >> reporter: it didn't happen last night as trump struggled with policy questions repeatedly falling back on promises to make deals. >> i can't believe how civil it's been up here. >> reporter: trump's rivals pulled punches. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct, i'm interested in being correct. >> there are two of us that have a path to winning the nomination, donald and myself. >> our county is in serious, serious trouble. it's a bubble and it's going to explode. >> i'd be running for president of croatia if we didn't have
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immigration. >> reporter: on the sidelines of that debate, one thing is clear, the republican national committee has begun planning and preparing for the likelihood of a contested convention this july in cleveland, lou? lou: carl, thank you very much, carl cameron reporting. new details revealed to the fbi from the man responsible for assembling hillary clinton's private e-mail server and system. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with our report on what this means for the democratic presidential candidate? >> reporter: an intelligence source tells fox news clinton's former i.t. specialist brian pagliano about how clinton's e-mail system was set up. he told investigators who had access to clinton's system and what devices were used. >> brian's a fly on the watch. he's seen everything. may not be involved in every conversation or decision, but he's had to implement every
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decision, every action that has to be taken. >> reporter: the intelligence source knit together the e-mails with other evidence including images of mrs. clinton using devices on the road as secretary of state. cbs asked clinton about the fbi probe and pagliano's immunity deal. >> the security review, i'm delighted he has agreed to cooperate as everyone else has, and i think that we'll be moving toward a resolution of this. >> reporter: the intelligence source said the fbi is extremely focused on the 22 top secret e-mails that are too damaging to national security to publicly release. agents are reviewing the e-mails sent by hillary clinton and team to determine intent and whether they understood the information was classified. in this e-mail about terrorist propaganda clinton writes -- . >> if you have an insider that can tell you and define for you the relationships and the intent behind certain otherwise
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neutrally -- neutral sounding communications, that could be very valuable for the government. >> reporter: no comment from clinton's campaign or pagliano's attorney, next week in a civil suit, the federal courts will consider who can be questioned about her private server. lou? lou: catherine herridge. turning to the efforts to stop the spread of the zika virus. nearly 200 cases of zika have now been reported in the united states. those are related to mostly travel abroad. but also a growing number of those cases, sexual contact with partners who have traveled abroad. the centers for disease control is now asking congress for nearly 2 billion dollars to fight the virus in central and south america, and to prevent its further spread in this country. in simi valley, california, a day of mourning for former first lady, nancy reagan, family friends, political figures, hollywood gathering to
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pay respects to the former first lady. she is remembered not only for her strength but for the great love she shared with her husband. and former canadian prime minister brian mulroney read a love letter from president reagan to his wife. >> there is a sentimental lady i love, whose eyes fill up so easily. on the other hand, she loves to laugh, and laugh is like tinkling bells. i hear those bells, and i feel good all over. even if i tell a joke. she's heard many, many times before. lou: the former first lady will be buried next to her husband later this evening in a private sunset ceremony. we want to now return to chicago. jeff flock, our reporter there, is watching what is transpiring at the pavilion at the university of illinois in
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chicago where about 700 protesters have assembled and a number of them inside the pavilion where donald trump is set to speak within this half hour. jeff, can you hear me? okay, i'm sorry, i'm told that the shot isn't available. let's go to the video that we do have, if we don't have his shot, just to show what is going on inside the pavilion. well, that's outside the pavilion, obviously. and some of the demonstrations, demonstrators there, as this demonstration seems to be getting larger and larger. about 10,000 trump supporters are expected to be at the rally tonight, but obviously that's being delayed because this demonstration is creating extraordinary, well, barriers and obstacles to get through, and within some of the demonstrators, as i said, have
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gotten within the university of illinois pavilion there, and are, at this point, confounding efforts to begin, to begin the donald trump rally. we'll be going to jeff flock, as i said, who is there in chicago just as soon as his camera is up. now, let's return to the outline for the show. we're going to be taking up all of this and what role the establishment and the anti-establishment forces of the left may be playing in some of the events that we're witnessing in this country ever since our weekend meeting on sea island. any correlation? we'll explore that here next. stay with us. desperate times, desperate measures. marco rubio indulging. he wants to trade voters in florida and ohio with kasich. what kind of screw ball
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strategy is that? we take it up with matt schlapp and tammy bruce next. it's a whale of a show, and though the whales are the main event, wait until you see the next act. we'll show you the spectacular find fantasy shows.
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. lou: joining us, the chairman of the american which of union, matt schlapp, great to have you with us. washington times columnist tammy bruce. trying to figure out what they're trying to do that. your reaction, there's a meeting in sea aisle of the oligarchs and the establishment, next thing there are demonstrations in scomploous now chicago. this is a biggie. >> it sure is, i was a former community organizer for the left. i don't think this is the left. they don't know who the nominee is, they're presuming it's trump. it is fascinating the republican establishment is getting all upset and having meetings with everyone except trump and suddenly there is massive demonstrations against mr. trump. i wish i'd known that the republicans could organize like this. we might have won the last two presidential elections, who knew! >> what do you think, matt? >> i think there is truth to
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this and people like george soros are always funding massive demonstrations to make the right look bad. lou: i got to argue -- interject if i may. this doesn't make anybody look bad except the people who are doing it. they're blocking lawful assembly, and a man's right as a presidential candidate to speak. this is not making anyone look bad but those who would violate other people's rights. >> this is exactly where my mind goes which is when you have thousands of people who normally aren't involved in politics coming out to go to these rallies and trying to get involved in government, really trying to take their country back, i don't know where everyone is so against it. i think it's a very good thing, a little uneven, hurly-burly, it's democrace. lou: i have to interject, the only people who don't like it are the people the demonstrators represent and the republican establishment. >> that's very fair, and i think a lot of people, i think a lot of people in the media
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too like to cover the rallies as if they're a bad thing. lou: they are a bad thing. this is a terrible thing. >> the trump rallies. lou: i'm sorry? >> the trump rallies are a good thing. it's good to have big vibrant greweds. lou: you and i got to get on the same page, matt, pretty soon. >> right! >> i just don't understand, they're within their rights to demonstrate. this is not just a demonstration, this is an effort to keep people from exercising the rights to express themselves and it's extraordinarily. it is a hazard to public safety as well. >> look, we complain a lot about that with the liberals but in is a bureaucratic concern, this is a bureaucratic establishment that is the one thing that's threatened when people begin to say, wait a minute, what's going on, and maybe i want something to happen a little differently. so it certainly is a left wing tactic, but what you're seeing happen more and more. lou: these aren't nameless and faceless people we're talking about. they're mitch mcconnell, paul ryan.
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>> the people who went to the -- lou: the koch brothers, a group of people who complies the establishment. >> the meeting with the american enterprise institute. karl rove, mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, the usual suspects. we know who they are. they've been in government forever. lou: other usual suspects, larry page, for crying out loud. tech titans also at work. matt, we're watching a man who is moving toward it appears, ever closer, to the nomination. this looks like another attempt with, perhaps and emanates from the left or the right. i can't say with certainty, but it's peculiar, if i may say that, that it follows such a meeting and such desperation on the part of the establishment. matt? >> yeah, i think that's right. and i think these folks inside the beltway, the republican folks, leaders, insiders,
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they're in a tough spot, lou. many don't like ted cruz either. and now saying well, i don't like donald trump, and my only other alternative is ted cruz. they're just in their own little version of political hell here, lou, and i think the rest of the country doesn't care very much about that fact and trying to send washington a very clear message. and i think that's one of the reasons why the two alternatives, trump looks likely but the two alternatives are anathema to these folks. >> one thing is clear and becoming clearer. we've watched the republican party it seems struggling within itself, for the future of the party, with these kinds of collisions of demonstrations and assemblies. we're talking about the future of the country as well. and perhaps more urgenty than any of us really realize. matt schlapp, tammy bruce, thanks for being with us, appreciate it. we'll keep you up to date throughout the broadcast what is happening. we'll be going back there in
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just a matter of moments, and doing just that. updating you on developments at the university of illinois at chicago where donald trump is expected to speak, scheduled to speak within this half hour. i'm sure that's slipping into the second part of our broadcast here tonight. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. the question is -- cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs news. love to hear from you, follow me on twitter -- links to everything, well, whale watchers in california having the thrill of a lifetime. a dolphin stampede captured by one of the lucky sightseers. hundreds of dolphins. are they not extraordinary? rushing across the ocean. providing a rare treat for those on board the boat. what a beautiful ocean that pacific is.
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up next, donald trump urging republicans to unify. >> let me tell you, if we lose this election, you're going to have three, four, or maybe five justices and this country will never, ever recover, it will take, it will take centuries to recover. lou: and we're coming right back with much more. stay with us.
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you go first. . lou: large protest at the university of illinois in chicago, where donald trump is supposed to be speaking. trump is inside the pavilion building at the university of illinois chicago. it's a venue that holds some 10,000 people, or can. but there are a lot of protesters who are inside the building now where we've been watching some video of them, and they do not seem to be moving, despite being asked to do so.
3:27 am
fox business reporter jeff flock is there right now in chicago. jeff, it's loud. give us a sense first, if you will, how many people are there and whether they are being orderly and whether or not they're still within the building? >> reporter: we have protesters, lou, both on the inside and on the outside. i'm on the outside at the moment. in terms of numbers, i don't know about the inside, but i can tell out outside, certainly hundreds. we may be over 1,000, perhaps, based on what i've been able to see, and haven't seen to the other side of the arena. this is a crowd. fair to say donald trump has seen his share of protesters. in terms of a crowd this big, i doubt he's seen a crowd this big, a diverse crowd, young, old, black, white, all sorts of people in neckties, people in coveralls, there are students, there are old folks.
3:28 am
it is a large group. he has succeeded, if he's to be a uniter, he's succeeded in uniting these protesters, lou? lou: my guess, jeff, it wasn't him doing the uniting, more likely, as tammy bruce and matt schlapp were saying, this may be a spillover from the desires of the right-wing establishment or left-wing students and faculty. we know luis gutierrez, the councilman from chicago, also 180 of the faculty who apparently don't like donald trump being on the university grounds, even though it's a public university. give us a sense of what you think -- >> reporter: lou, i may be losing communication, i can't hear tremendously well right now. i think i heard you say, this is not a particularly friendly
3:29 am
town for a guy like donald trump. i think that's certainly true. this is also a campus university. they tried to get the rally stopped. there were 50,000 signatures on a petition to get the university to not allow donald trump to come to the university of illinois chicago, and the administration, it's fair to say to their credit said the remedy, if you don't like the speech, is more speech. that is what we're seeing tonight. we're not just seeing it from the students, though. seeing it from a fairly diverse crowd. i spoke to a woman who said she was republican. she felt she needed to come out tonight and make her feelings known about the fact that she does not want donald trump to represent her party, much less the democrats in this town. lou: who's her candidate? >> reporter: i may have lost communication with you. lou: jeff, who's her candidate? >> reporter: she likes john kasich.
3:30 am
lou: terrific, we'll take a note. are we seeing people be able to get into the building there, or are they blocked? >> reporter: that's the thing about this. it has not been a violent protest. they have not tried to stop anyone who wanted to get into the building and, of course, the police had something to do with that. the chicago police had their hands full with protesters of various stripes over the past year, they're good at keeping people separated. i don't know if you can see, you are able to see the police on horseback that have a line set up trying to separate protesters from those who want to get into the rally. i can tell you a number of protesters got tickets to the rally and have gone inside, and that was -- some of them decided to not go to the rally in hopes there would be nobody there or a small group there. others decided they want to go in and make their voice heard on the inside. this is quite a crowd. lou: quite a crowd, and in no
3:31 am
way was i asking you about anythi i assume if there was anything with violence you would tell us about it. i was asking you if people have the ability to freely move toward their seats in the auditorium and start the rally as planned. we're going to come back to you here and see what we can find out within. you're looking at a shot of the podium within the pavilion there at the university of illinois at chicago. as you see, donald trump is not standing at that podium quite yet. we're going to try to learn better what is planned next there. and we're coming back with much more. stay with us. it's a busy evening.. >> it was a sweet night of debate, but going to be scorched earth in florida. fred barnes and cathy lynn taylor on the campaign for the republican nomination, here next. and did you ever wonder where the phrase sly as a fox comes from? that's right.
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from a fox. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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. lou: well, breaking news now. you're looking at demonstrators and protesters there inside the pavilion at the university of illinois at chicago where donald trump had been scheduled to speak tonight. the rally, they have just canceled the rally because of the number of demonstrators
3:36 am
within the pavilion who had gotten inside as well as the hundreds of demonstrators who have been obviously demonstrating as is their right. they had been given, and this is a brilliant idea on the part of chicago, they put the demonstrators in a parking lot right next to it all right across the street from it, and anyway, what you see there is free speech at work, in terms of the demonstrators, and their free speech actually destroying the rights of donald trump to be heard and the rights of the rally and suspected 10,000 rallygoers to have heard him. so, again, out of a concern for the safety of people and all involved, donald trump has canceled his rally in chicago tonight, and we'll be bringing to you the details on what will happen next and what the reaction there is. joining us tonight,
3:37 am
executive editor for the weekly standard, fox news contributor fred barnes. republican strategist former bush white house adviser, cathy lynn taylor. first, cathy, to you, demonstrations of that size and magnitude stopping donald trump's rally. >> it's significant as we look towards cleveland in particular. lou: cleveland? did you just go by tuesday and everything else? >> i did, i did. because if you -- the cleveland police commissioner came out this week saying we haven't gotten riot gear ordered yet, we're not prepared. asking for help, and i think it's important -- lou: who runs that state? who runs that state? >> who runs that state? the governor. lou: the governor! and the governor is? who is that? he was a guy -- john kasich, right? isn't that right, fred? >> that's so i hear. lou: so that's sort of an embarrassing position for him to be in, isn't it?
3:38 am
>> well, i don't think he said anything about that yet. >> yeah. lou: can you hear us, fred? >> i can now. lou: i can tell there is something. cathy lynn saying the cleveland police are not ready for demonstrations if this is the direction, a la 1968. what's your reaction? >> there is a national guard. lou: there's great optics for. >> you not great optics, you can't let demonstrators take over the city as they practically did in 1968. i don't know where donald trump scheduled a rally on a college campus. that's probably not the most congenial place for him to have a rally. lou: isn't that a heck of a note when we have to sit there and say that a college campus where freedom of expression should be prized.
3:39 am
freedom of thought should be prized and these people are acting like this? that's extraordinary! >> i know, but lou, you know college campuses aren't like that anymore. college campuses are now -- lou: shame on us. >> shame on colleges, anyway. places where free speech is suppressed because you don't want to say things that might upset the poor little students. >> that's right. lou: my gosh, donald trump is talking to grown men and women and people are getting upset about it if you want to know the truth. where are we going to go cathy lynn, if we can't speak to the learn people honestly about the issues. can't go to a college campus or university and speak freely. we're going the wrong direction. >> the wrong direction, and fundamentally un-american, and we need grown-ups to adhere to the constitution. we need to make sure we protect the freedoms and colleges should do a much better job, for sure.
3:40 am
lou: college is a college, the university shows great guts as you know, and as jeff flock was reporting earlier. the professors, the faculty did not want them there, fred. >> yep. lou: and fought against it, and i give the administration and the university credit. they said he's going to be here, you demonstrate over here. of course, that isn't exactly the way it happened, and we're seeing some scuffles now inside. this looks to be between supporters and demonstrators, and i think somebody picked a rather big fellow to scuffle with. i'm thinking he ought to reconsider that. >> whatever happens, you can count on one thing, lou. trump will be blamed. >> he will be blamed by the right and the left. and you know, and we may be watching even though a lot of left-wing folks, congressman luis gutierrez and alderman and so forth, the faculty, they may be the tools of the right-wing
3:41 am
establishment that had to meet to shut down his candidacy. wouldn't that add to a juicy delicious line to the story. lou: >> it would, highly unlikely they couldn't put together a demonstration like this. it looks like just the classic left-wing demonstration with people supporting left-wing politicians and a bunch of students. we've been seeing those for years. >> you know what? i just had another thought, though. those guys at sea island they have experience outsourcing jobs and offshoring project and services, they might have done it that way. what do you think? >> i don't think they could have put that together. beside, if this was a right-wing protest, they'd be better dressed. lou: they are. jeff flock talking about the number of people in suits and ties and a diverse group as he described them. >> we want to protect our freedoms for sure. these protests cost a lot of money to the cities. cost taxpayers enormous amounts
3:42 am
of money. maybe we should charge for a view. lou: the winning groups of demonstrators -- anyway. >> trump is going to -- look, if this is getting great coverage as we see it right now. fox is putting it on and that's going to encourage more protesters at other trump events, i predict. >> and he's not even there and it's getting coverage. lou: what you're watching and hearing did not happen, ladies and gentlemen. the last thing we want to do is bring you the truth. [ laughter ] >> come on, fred, you've got to show what's going on and the impact of a man trying speak truth on the campaign trail. a presidential candidate being denied his opportunity to talk. we have to agree, that's big news. >> i'm not faulting fox for showing this. i'm sure the other news stations are as well. lou: they are, by the way. my executive producer says every one of them. >> i think unfortunately, however, that's going to
3:43 am
encourage more protesters at trump events. lou: yeah. >> that's what i think we need to learn from. lou: that particular plan has been in place for a very long time and being orchestrated and paid for carefully. fred barnes, great to have you with us. cathy lynn taylor. who wins tuesday? who will prevail? >> i do think trump will end up winning on tuesday. lou: fred? >> i think trump has a good chance of winning five out of six, maybe six out of six. kasich has really put on a pretty good campaign in his home state of ohio. but other than that, there are five other primaries, florida, illinois. you know the others. lou: that's pretty good on the part of kasich. he hasn't been there that much. i couldn't resist it. apologies to john kasich. just have be fun. up next, lot more coverage of the demonstrations and protests. we're talking about border security. do we have the right to sovereign, sur borders in this country or moved past that
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. lou: we want to go, as i said -- donald trump has just canceled his rally that had been planned in chicago. there you see some of the
3:48 am
disappointed rallygoers, and also demonstrators inside the venue. fox business reporter jeff flock is there right now. jeff, the latest, as we hear the chants. >> reporter: big cheers just went up here in the last five minutes or so, lou, when word came that the event had been canceled. this had been the hope all along that students had hoped that mr. trump wouldn't be allowed to have the rally, but, in fact the administration at the university of illinois chicago said we're going to allow the speech to go forward function the to protest, come out and protest. folks did come out and protest, and apparently, and again we're on the outside here, and there was no violence, to our knowledge. none of the rallygoers were prohibited by the protesters. i will tell you that there was a concerted effort on the part
3:49 am
of some protesters to get tickets to the rally and go inside and have their voices heard on the inside, and apparently, the campaign thought they've been successful in ejecting protestors in a lot of places. if you get enough protesters on the inside, that could be very difficult and may have made the rally very difficult to go forward. lou: yeah, jeff, i can tell you just from the overhead shots and if anybody can get through the crowd, they had to be extraordinarily determined and willing to put their personal safety at risk to do so because the crowds are dense, and as we see -- >> i'll tell you, lou, just walking past here with a trump sign and nobody bothered him. lou: that's great. that's super. i just watched a demonstrator tear up a trump sign inside. as you said earlier it's a diverse group. i want to ask but why the
3:50 am
mexican flags? is vicente fox sending a message personally to mr. trump? >> reporter: well, you know, certainly mexican-americans would be part of this group here tonight. a said, it's tremendously diverse, you can see the people, not just blacks or whites, it is a whole host of different folks. lou: can you see that. >> reporter: some more intelligently spoken as others. >> that happens in television news as well as university auditoriums. >> sure enough. lou: thanks for the report. we're going to be coming back to you for an update straightforwardly. i want to go now to sheriff joe arpaio, maricopa county, arizona, sheriff. great to have you with us. we're watching a rally of 10,000 disbanded by hundreds of demonstrators there, all peaceful. your reaction to that?
3:51 am
>> well, maybe all the supporters can come to phoenix and we'll take care of them. but i've been with donald trump, you know -- lou: you've endorsed him. >> yeah, and i was also at several rallies introducing him, and i've seen what happens in the rallies. you have a few demonstrators. they're removed. the cops do a great job, security, i could go on and on. i think this has gone a little too far. it looks back -- i look back at history. i had 10,000 people led by sharpton come after me, and everywhere i go i have demonstrators, i try to talk some sense, i don't think you can talk any sense to this crowd. they're motivated. i wonder who's behind this? i smell politics everywhere over this one. lou: and we've got just a few minutes, actually a few seconds
3:52 am
here, joe. your thoughts about security on the border, whether or not we're going to see truly secure borders and a wall, if folks vote for donald trump? >> yeah, i'll tell you, one guy will do it, that's donald trump. the wall will go up and we will continue to crack down, but really crack down on this problem that's facing our country. it's an international problem. i can't forgive the former president what he said. i lived in mexico city. i was a director, and they won't let me go into talk to the officials. this is sickening. where is the international cooperation? lou: yeah, and we appreciate as always, joe, you being with us. sheriff joe arpaio. we've been talking for a lot of years, and the situation hasn't gotten any better. sheriff, thanks a lot for being here, all the best to. >> you thanks, lou. lou: up next, more on the breaking news out of chicago. adrianna cohen and john gibson with me next.
3:53 am
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[crash] get on top of it before they do. every 24 minutes, tipped furniture or a falling tv sends an injured child to the emergency room. preventing tip-over incidents is easy, inexpensive, and only takes 5 minutes. learn how to secure your furniture and tvs to protect children at lou where we want to go back to chicago, they are trying to keep supporters and demonstrators
3:57 am
separated. i want to read to you donald trump's statement after all of this ensued. he said after meeting with law enforcement he's determined for the safety of the tens of thousands of people who gathered in and around the arena. tonight's rally will be postponed to another date. thank you very much for your attendance and please go in peace. the demonstrations succeed in what may have been one of their objectives, and that is to shut down donald trump's free speech. a presidential candidate being shut down is a big deal and extraordinarily lamentable, whatever the cause was that they were trying to demonstrate. joining me now, john gibson, and "boston herald" column tonight.
3:58 am
john, your reaction to our seeing on the screen now. >> this is 1968 chicago. and this is also in the face of people demanding that donald trump be prosecuted for inciting violence and look what the left is doing. who is the violent, who is causing the trouble it am not donald trump. it's not his followers. it's the left and you are seeing it on your screen. lou: that piece you are referring, john, shows "the washington post" is under new management and specifically new ownership. jeff bezos. even the liberal "washington post" would not have been led in such a radical direction by any other owner in its history. adriana, your reaction to this, and trump's decision to shut
3:59 am
down the rally so as to not risk anyone's safety. >> donald trump made the right call. safety comes first. if you free speech is being thwarted and that's wrong. political candidates on both sides of the aisle have the right to have rallies. this is a setup by democrats. lou: is it democratser to the republican establishment? >> it could be one or the other and requires an investigation. george soros funded the occupy wall street movement. >> this is the obama left in chicago. don't kid yourself. you know who this is. lou: i know this much. it's an amazing coincidence, the left of this country and the establishment right in one
4:00 am
evening both are achieving success in their mutual goal. john gibson we are out of time. adriana cohen, thank you. >> a living wage, $15 an hour. john: politicians promise. >> we are carpet bomb them into oblivion. >> every 4-year-old in america have access to high quality preschool. >> get private insurance out of health insurance. >> we'll open up those sliebl laws and have people sue you like you have never been sued before. john: our top 10 worst political promises this election. and a few good ones. that's our show tonight.


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