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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  March 21, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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they're down 35%. we're up 72%, and it looks like even much more than that. some states are up over 100%, and that's because of me. now, they can play games and they can play cute. i can only take him at face value. i understand duplicity, i understand a lot of things. but he called me last week, he could not have been nicer. i spoke with mitch mcconnell, he could not have been nicer. if people want to be smart, they should embrace this movement. "time" magazine calls it a movement. it's been on the cover. if they don't want to be smart, they should do what they're doing now, and the republicans are going to go down to a massive loss. and all of these people, these millions of people that are coming out to vote for me, because you look at south carolina, i wasn't supposed to win south carolina. and i won in a landslide. i wasn't supposed to win nevada, i won in a landslide. i won the whole south. look at alabama. i mean, we're getting close to 50% with a lot of candidate cans.
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that was when you had even more -- [audio difficulty] it's great. and let me tell you, if they don't win, you're going to have probably four and could even be five supreme court justices approved that will never allow this country to be the same. it'll take a hundred years, but that won't work. so they better be careful. and they certainly should be careful with third party stuff. if trump gets it, we're going to start a third party. well, a third party means the democrats are going to win, almost certainly. you can't be that spiteful. you can't be that spiteful because you'll destroy the country. third party would destroy the country. i'm going to be -- [audio difficulty] i've already shown it to a lot of people. and, you know, a lot of people they're, like, a little bit worried about which judges. i want a very, we're going to have a conservative, very good group of judges. i'm going to submit a list of justices, potential justices of
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the united states supreme court that i will appoint from the list. i won't go beyond that list. i'm going to let people know because some people say maybe i'll appoint a liberal judge. i'm not appointing a liberal judge. but i'm going to have a list of ten. we're working on it already, heritage, is -- foundation and others are working on it already. and with, you know, some thoughts of mine. i've already named a couple of 'em that i think would be -- [audio difficulty] probably between seven and ten judges that i think will be, meet the highest standards, the highest standards. and from that list we'll pick supreme court judges. and i make that pledge because i want people to understand that is the single biggest problem. it would be terrible losing the election because the country's going in the wrong direction. but if the new president is a democrat and picks very liberal people, this country is in big, big trouble. okay? tom, go ahead.
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>> [inaudible] that they're going to wrestle the nomination away from you -- [inaudible] >> you'll have to see what happens. i think i'll get the votes, first of all. i mean, i think i'll get the votes. we'll see what happens, maybe i won't. >> [inaudible] >> i have a team -- [audio difficulty] it's a professional team. i'll give you some names later, but it's a top of the line team. i think that we will win without that, and everybody says if he gets the votes, he gets the votes. i think we're going to have a big night in arizona, and we'll see. it's a lot, that's a lot of votes. just like i said we were going to win florida. a lot of people said how do you beat the face of the republican party? don't forget, i watched your show, and you did a show on rubio. i have no problems with him, but you did a show four or five months ago, and you said he is the future of the republican party, he's the face. so trump won against the face. by 20 points. [audio difficulty]
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67 counties, i won 66 which is unprecedented. it's never happened before. i think we're going to do well in arizona. i hope to do well in wisconsin. and i hope to do well in a lot of other places, but i think we should be able to put it away. yeah. >> [inaudible] >> and out of 67 counties, i won 66 which is unprecedented. it's never happened before. i think we're going to do well in arizona, i hope to do well in wisconsin, and i hope to do well in a lot of other places. but i think we should be able to put it away. yeah. >> [inaudible] violence began -- [inaudible] >> sure. i don't want violence. but let me just tell you, i rent a stadium or whatever. we had 21,000 people in, near phoenix. we had 6,000 people in tucson. over the weekend. and both in the same day, both
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with very short notice. 21,000 people, and we gave them very, very short notice, couple of days. they these are professional agitators. they blocked the road. they used foul language. they put up signs using the f-bomb and all sorts of words that were horrible. these are not good people. the people that are supporters are unbelievably good people. the incident that took place in tucson with the gentleman who i understand was in the air force, i haven't found out too much about it yet, but i hear he had a very fine record in the air force, he was given a certain finger and a hand. he was talked to horribly, and he was also looking at somebody that came up with somebody dressed as a member of the ku klux klan. and he happened to be african-american, the person who was a supporter. and it was a shame what happened, but you know what? he saw a member of the ku klux
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klan, and you people don't write that, you know? it's interesting, it's interesting, because at the beginning of the news cycle early in the morning, they showed the ku klux klan guy walking up the stairs. an hour or two later, you didn't see that anymore. you just saw the man hitting. and i said, isn't that a shame? they took it out of the cycle. which you did, you know, you did it. it's terrible. this is an african-american man who is a supporter, who has a great family, and he has had enough. and i'll be honest with you, in this country on a larger scale the people of this country have had enough. they've had enough where we're losing our jobs, they've had enough where we're losing all our trade. i mean, you look at these trade deals that we have, they've had enough where our military can't beat isis. they've had enough with the increases in obamacare where you have 35, 45 and 55% increases in
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obamacare, and your deductible's so high, you're never going to be able to use it. it's really, essentially, not even health insurance. so people in this country are fed up. okay. mark, go ahead. >> [inaudible] >> three biggest threats. you know, honestly, mark, i don't see threats, i see people that are trying to go against you, but i guess you have that in life no matter what you do, whether you're in politics or not. i think they're very misguided. i think the people who go against me should embrace me, because i've brought millions -- i mean, you've reported on it. they have said, in your circles, there has never been an i vent like what we're doing through in the history of politics. i've had people that you know very well says says says in thef politics. we have millions and millions -- all over the world they're talking about it. and to be honest with you, mark, they should embrace it. but they don't. if they don't embrace it, that's
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always a threat. yeah, go ahead, sarah. >> [inaudible] >> well, i tarted today, and i've -- started today and i've had, you know, look, jeff sessions and others have endorsed me. we have some great congressmen. i watch them on television now a lot, and they've endorsed me. i will say this, i don't want to drive you folks crazy, but people that i'm watching that are against me aren't really against me, because they're calling me. i've seen people on television, we have to stop donald trump, we have to -- and they were on the phone with me an hour and a half before, and they want to set up a meeting. you have a lot of people out there that you think are against me, and it's just politicians. they want to make a deal. they want to come in, and they want to be part of it. people really do want to be part of it. >> [inaudible] >> i don't think much. they have to embrace what's happening. we have people, many democrats are coming over. that's why we're going to beat hillary clinton. if i'm running it, i'm going to beat her. we have democrats coming in. i mean, what did we have, mark,
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20% of the democrats come in for the last primary. 20% were democrat. but we have independents coming in vast numbers. and the most amazing thing, we have many, many, many people. you wouldn't think there were this many people who have never voted before. they've never voted before, sarah. you know that. and i see it when i'm doing the rope line, the signings or the shaking of the hands, every 15th person says, mr. trump, i've never, ever voted. i'm talking about 30-year-old men, 40-year-old women, 50, 60, 70. my oldest is 93 years old from tennessee. she's never voted before. this incredible woman. i actually interviewed her, a couple of you, and she's so excited. and she's going to be voting. 93 years old from tennessee. so i just tell you that there's something that's amazing that's happening. the other thing is we're going to get states that the other republicans can never even think of like michigan. michigan's not in the, you know,
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if you look at it, ohio is a state we have to win, right? you have to win florida. you have to win virginia. you have to win pennsylvania. they don't ever talk about michigan because they say you can't even think about it. i think we have a good shot at new york. new york values, remember new york values? you think ted cruz is going to win new york? i don't think so. if you win new york, it's over because it's got so many delegates. i think we have a chance at winning new york and various other states we're going to win that nobody else can win. that makes it a whole different contest. i won michigan really big. don't forget, kasich was out in michigan, he stayed there, he slept there. he actually made the statement that if he doesn't win michigan, he's going to leave the race. he was so sure of michigan. and he lost in a landslide to me. so i'm going to win michigan, and i'm going to win other state that is no other republican candidate can win. that from the electoral college standpoint throws this thing -- it makes it much different deal.
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okay, one or two more. >> [inaudible] >> yeah. well, i don't denounce the country. i have great respect for those countries. i want them to pay us some money. >> [inaudible] >> i think israel will do that also, yeah. i think israel will do -- there are many countries that can pay, and they can pay big league. i mean, we're supporting south korea. i order thousands of television sets a year from south korea. they're a behemoth economically. every time north korea raises its head, they do anything, they sneeze, we start sending the ships, the planes, everything else. we don't get proper reimbursement for that. now, i like south korea. i have property in south korea. i like it. i have a lot of friends in south korea. they can't believe they get away with it, to be honest. germany can't believe it, you know who really can't believe it? saudi arabia. i mean, we have saudi arabia, the richest country when you, no matter how you cut it, they were making -- i tell this -- until
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recently, but now they're making half which is still, they were making a billion dollars a day. and we subsidized the military. it's ridiculous. it's ridiculous. and they wouldn't be there except for us. this is how we're going to get our wealth back. this and other things, trade deals. okay. one more question, one more. who's got a good question? who's got a good question? who's my favorite reporter? go ahead. >> hoping for better relationships with russia? >> sure. i want a better relationship with everybody, with russia? yeah. but i want a better relationship with everybody. go ahead. >> [inaudible] >> no, i don't think so. i think the media understands. look, if we can get along, putin says very nice things about me, i think that's very nice. it has no effect on me other than i think it's very nice. if we can get along with russia, that's very good. if russia wants to spend millions of dollars a day dropping bombs on isis, i'm okay with that, you know? i'm okay with that. some people don't like it.
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they say, no, no, that's our job. it's not our job. let russia, if they want to do that, i'm all for it. no, i want to get along with all countries. and we will. we'll have much better -- you look at what china's doing in the south china sea, that is so disrespectful to obama and to our country. you just take a look. look what they're doing in the south. they are building a massive military complex. and yet they're draining us for money. they're taking money out of our country. we're rebuilding. we are rebuilding china. so, no, i want to get along with all countries. and, you know, the interesting thing, we'll do much better with all countries, and yet we'll get along with them better too, okay? okay. go ahead, real fast. go ahead. >> [inaudible] >> of the people that you see that they say they're not supporting trump want to support me. >> [inaudible] >> well, you're going to find
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out soon, because a lot of them are going to join the team. or, as they say, the trump train. but a lot of them -- >> [inaudible] >> i just don't want to do it now. but you'll be seeing over the next short period of time. many of the people that i watch on television that are supporting somebody else are really supporting me, or they want to support, and they will as soon as we say yes. but you're going to see a lot of people, okay? [inaudible conversations] >> what? >> [inaudible] >> yeah. we're going to look at that. we're going to look -- it's going to be pro-life. we're going to look at that. we're going to look at intellect, very important. we want very, very smart people. we want conservatives on supreme court. but we're going to be making up a list of from 7-10 people. i will be distributing that list in the very near future, okay? thank you very much, everybody. thank you. thank you. very much. liz: donald trump wrapping up his news conference right now. the republican presidential front-runner at the site of his new hotel in the nation's
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capital, trump saying moments ago that he will, he will get to the 1237 delegates needed to avoid a fight at the convention. blake burman live at the new trump hotel in washington, d.c. where you can see the billionaire candidate keeps saying i'm going to leave the podium, but he's still up there, although the press is starting to leave now. what jumps out at you here? >> reporter: yeah, donald trump was just putting a sales job on there a little while ago, he's now going to lead the media on a tour of the old post office, trump international d.c. here in a few months. this was a big day in washington, really only the middle of it for donald trump. it started off earlier this morning just down the road here, fittingly enough, down pennsylvania avenue. hook a left onto constitution, and that gets you to the jones day law firm, and that is where trump held a meeting with about two dozen people, we were told, highly influential republicans here in d.c. including some lawmakers. maybe a meeting that donald trump might not have gotten a month or two ago, but now that
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he keeps on racking up state after state, he is certainly grabbing the attention, it is safe to say, of folks here in d.c. want to read you off a list, because there are some prominent names here in d.c. it was organized at jones day by senator jeff sessions, des moines cotton, a senator, was there as well. chris collins, who has endorsed donald trump, newt gingrich, scott desjarlais, duncan hunter jr. who has endorsed trump and renee ellmers, congresswoman from north carolina. here at the old post office, trump was trying to make the argument that, as the front-runner as he sees it, republicans and even democrats should start coming together. take a listen. >> more votes have come in to primaries, to me, than anybody else. and, you know, the problem with the country right now, it's so divided, and people like elizabeth warren really have to get their act together, because it's going to stay divided. and that includes hillary and probably includes me, includes
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everybody. >> reporter: probably includes me, trump says. that elizabeth warren reference, liz, warren today on twitter called trump among other things a, quote, loser. back to you. liz: oh. boy. you know what? i can see behind you a bunch of equipment there. i guess that's the trump new hotel in washington, d.c.? were you able to get a glimpse of what it looks like from the inside? it's an old structure, isn't it? >> reporter: it is, built in the late 1800s. i'll step out of the way here just so you can get a look. this is still very much an active construction site. but this is kind of the lobby area where we are. it was the old post office, it's going to become a massive, elegant, luxurious hotel as donald trump puts it. and part of his selling point as president is that he is a businessman who has been highly successful, and he says this hotel here is going to be under budget and under time, ahead of deadline. and trump was making that pitch here once again today.
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and he, of course, let it be known that this was given to him by contract by the gsa which was through the obama administration. liz? liz: ah, okay. all right, that's why you're here, blake, to give us the full scoop. on time under and budget, boy, people like to see that when we see that doesn't happen on a lot of construction projects -- >> reporter: under budget, though, i might need to send out my dry cleaning bill for all the sawdust here. hopefully that doesn't scrap the budget. [laughter] liz: all right, good to see you. thank you very much, blake. later tonight donald trump and, frankly, all the presidential hopefuls will be making their case to jews in america but also all across the world on why they would be pest for israel -- best for israel's interests. well, all except for one, senator bernie sanders. he's the one jewish man running for president. he's skipping the aipac conference. aipac, of course, is the american israel public affairs committee. this is a bipartisan organization that's a pro-israel lobby, but bernie sanders says,
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you know what? i'm traveling to all three states that held to the polls tomorrow. hillary clinton, though, has already spoken. she was the first of the group to take the stage. she used the opportunity to attack the republican front-runner's ever changing mind. >> america can't ever be neutral when it comes to israel's security or survival. we can't be neutral when rockets rain down on residential neighborhoods, when civilians are stabbed in the street, when suicide bombers target the innocent. some things aren't negotiable. and anyone who doesn't understand that has no business being our president. [applause] liz: an absolute swipe at donald trump. let's bring in israel's ambassador to the u.n., danny denunn, welcome, mr. ambassador. >> good afternoon. liz: let's start with hillary clinton. she's clearly taking aim at
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donald trump's going to be neutral on donald trump's stance. what did you think of her speech or pitch, as it were? >> i think all the candidates will come today to aipac and will show their support to israel, bipartisan support, pause it's about the values that we share -- because it's about the values that we share. we heard hillary clinton, we will hear all the candidates saying we're standing with israel. and by the way, it is really amazing to see today thousands of people together, republicans and democrats, putting their difficulties aside and say we stand united for israel. liz: no, i get it, but does she need to separate herself more clearly from president obama's policies on israel, or are you comfortable with his policies translating over to her? >> well, liz, we have enough politics in jerusalem, so i will -- [laughter] not give weight to the politicians here. but i appreciate the democracy. i hear many people complain about what's happening now in the u.s. i look at it from a different
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angle. i think we should be proud of the democracy. in the u.n. you don't see so many countries that actually get to elect their leaders. inisrael and the u.s., we share the same democracy, it is much better than the alternatives. liz: i know that there are a lot of politics in israel, but you have a lot of american jews and americans who stand by israel, the one bastion of democracy in the middle east, who want some guidance, to who want to know what israelis think. do you have one of the candidates who speaks to you more about supporting israel than perhaps the others? or who's good? you could pick one, two, three, i don't care, all of them. >> first, i have to say that israel is following the election here. they're watching the debates, they know exactly what's happening here in the u.s. and, actually, if you ran a poll, many of them support the democrats and the republicans. but basically we know whoever will be elected will stand with us legal, because it serves the interest of the united states of america. liz: well, you've got isis.
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isis is rampaging around and through syria. the palestinians in the west bank and gaza strip are agitating with stabbing attacks plus, ambassador, we have iran on a daily basis saying its dream to wipe israel from the pages of history. which one is israel's biggest worry right now? when i talk to israelis, they tend to feel that iran is really worrisome right now. do you feel that same way? >> for the long run, i agree with you, liz, that iran is a major threat. only two weeks ago iran tested a ballistic missile -- [inaudible] liz: right. >> israel would be wiped out from earth. can you imagine that we would write the same about the u.s.? and we expect the u.n. to condemn those acts of aggression, and we know first they will go after israel, but eventually they will also go against the americans. that is a major threat for israel, still iran.
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liz: can the u.n. which, quite frankly, has been unfair to israel on many levels, i mean, they'll put all kinds of negative comments about israel and nothing about syria, for example -- >> liz, unfair is an understatement of the u.n. policy. liz: yeah. would you walk out if they don't speak out against that missile which the iranians wrote inhebrl from the face of the earth? would you walk out of the u.n. at that point? >> well, we will not walk out because we will be there, and we will fight, and we will call -- [inaudible] of the u.n., and we will say they are biased against israel. but basically, we expect from our allies, the u.s. mainly which supports israel, some european countries and other friends to stand with us and not to be quiet. you cannot be quiet because the threat is not only for us. liz: well, actually, that's coming back to what hillary clinton just said, you cannot be neutral, and you cannot be quiet about it. ambassador, thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much, liz. liz: israeli ambassador to the
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united nations. and, of course, the aipac meetings continue. 5 p.m., ted cruz, john kasich and donald trump will all be speaking. and, of course, fox business will be covering that. it is a huge issue for many of you when you come to deciding which candidates perhaps you support. the closing bell, we've got a rally on our hands here. closing bell is 36 minutes away. with the dow jones industrials up 24 points. he was once valeant's head cheerleader, but now this hedge manager is ascending to the board after losing more than a billion dollars on his long bet. will it be a willing play for the embattled drug company? charlie gasparino up next on why the so-called baby buffett did what he did. charlie coming up next on "countdown." ♪ ♪ ♪
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(ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. . liz: we've got breaking news here with about 32 minutes
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before the closing bell rings. look on the screen here. we had a little snow and then sunshine. now, that's how the weather on wall street began the day. and now the markets are following suit. they started down, they were dipping lower and now what do we have? we have the dow jones industrials up 32 points. the s&p gaining two. we've got the nasdaq better by 13. only the russell down a quarter of a percent lags at the moment. the transports been really healthy the last couple of weeks. just so you know the dow and the s&p are green on the screen at this moment. what does that mean? that means both are holding onto gains for the entire year of 2016. onto valience. in a valiant effort to save the canadian drug maker from its, valiant pharmaceuticals booting ceo but also accusing the chief financial officer of improper conduct, which he denies. a search for a new leader is on this hour. valiant has made room to their board for bill ackman. suffered a paper loss of a
3:30 pm
billion dollars in a single day as the company stock plunged after a series of miss steps including the slashing of its 2016 earnings outlook. the is to go is up 6%. but that doesn't cover the 50 plus percent it lost last week. news at the sweet changes are leaning a lot of attention here. so what are investors saying about it? and does the bond market give you a clue of the company? here's charlie gasparino. >> i mean if you're a small investor, this is something you stay aaway from. yes, the stock is up, yes, he says he's going to fix the company, yes, this was a whales darling, average investors bought the stock, by the way, down from 80 in february to 28 today. yes, there's a lot of sort of superficial signs that you should jump in. but i'm going to give you a sign why you shouldn't. bond prices and credit the faults -- the valiant bond yield -- that's the insurance policies, the cds on the bonds. so if it goes out of business when the price goes up, that
3:31 pm
means a lot of people bet it's going out of business. both the yields and the cbs 2 are spiking. what does that mean? investors are increasingly, increasingly better. that means they're sophisticated investors that this thing is going out of business. i would stay away from this. the stock price doesn't say that. but the bond prices? . liz: out of business entirely. >> well, that's the increasing bet. now, bill ackman could go in there and do something miraculous. but i'm telling you when credit the fault swaps, the price of those things nearly double, which it has. from about -- now, the way these things priced it's a little complicated. off of an interest rate named libore, went 500 basis points off, people are now paying 1,000 basis points off. liz: can you clarify? >> yes. liz: higher than libor. >> really confusing. liz: we don't want to confuse you. >> i just want you to know -- liz: the higher the price -- >> when you buy something -- liz: a problem.
3:32 pm
>> the insurance policy, the price goes up. they're buying the insurance policy in droves because they believe the thing they're buying it, the bonds is likely to go out of business. liz: you told our viewers months ago when this first started, and you had mr mr. citron, the shorts here see s and downs as the big guys fight over it, stay away. >> yes. small investors get involved in stuff like this all the time. it's our business as a business network -- not the only one over there, we're not telling you how to trade in out. we're telling you how to invest. the stocks are signaling that this thing is going down further. now, maybe bill ackman is going to fix things. it's always possible. we have reached a low here. but the way bonds are trading which are severe junk bond levels, you can buy at bond 77 cents on the dollar. liz: is ackman going to ride this thing all the way down? he loves it. it's a believer.
3:33 pm
>> he's a believer and a he lost his -- i think he blew up one of his funds before it came back up. so remember he's a guy that's thick headed. and average investor, i am telling you that that the bonds here, the way they're trading this thing is going toes up. that's what the investors are increasingly betting. toes up, meaning bankruptcy. i would stay away from this. that doesn't mean it's going to want the president going to happen. but when you credit the fault swaps, again, the insurance policy on a bond that a bond might go into default, double -- liz: in price. >> and let's put it where it was last week. 500 basis points above libore. ge trades at 100 basis points above libore. where are they now? 990 above libore. ge trades at 100 basis points above libore. that gives you some indication of what the hell is going on here. if you're an average investor, find an s&p 500 if you
3:34 pm
understand. liz: now you're sounding -- >> buy a unibond buffett is right on policies but he's good on those stuff. buy where you can sleep at night. the boz have not reached the bottom yet. liz: thank you, charlie. charlie gasparino 26 minutes before the closing bell rings. we still see gains here and full steam ahead for the remaining 2016 candidates ahead of tomorrow's arizona primary. it's the thickest winner take all, folks. the biggest one remaining for republicans at least. and one of the biggest delegate prices for democrats. 75 juicy delegates there. so our political panel coming up next to tell you what cruz, kasich, and sanders need to do to pass the front-runners in the grand canyon state race. and bring on some of the biggest names in american business looking to break down in cuba. meeting with president obama any moment now. so what we're going to do is take you live to havana to
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liz: breaking news as you've been watching the president meeting of course with the head of cuba. now, what do some people people see here? some people see diploma and other channels see dollar signs. at any moment president obama will be meeting with the leaders dying to plant their inland in the nation. cuban entrepreneurs expected, well. the president to talk to each group of how they would be better cooperate to better build a entrepreneur sector. we're going to be live in havana as soon as the president is ready to speak. air, marriott, google representatives are all there dying to do business there.
3:40 pm
to the presidential race the 2016 candidates are looking west right now. holds another big day in the elections contest in 2016. bernie sanders hitting a stump event in boise, idaho earlier today. now, one of tomorrow's battleground states is id as the candidate gears up to do big fights with the front-runner hillary clinton. meanwhile gop candidates prepare for a winner take all fight in the very important contest of arizona. that's where our peter barns is. standing by live with what candidates on both sides of the aisle, peter, are really doing to boost their chances ahead of the big contest. >> well, hey, liz. listen, donald trump hopes to win here tomorrow. expects to because the big issue here is illegal immigration. that's his signature issue. and so he is leading in the polls. he hopes to win the 58 delegates here. and it is winner take all. so he can stay on his role in a win here tomorrow.
3:41 pm
utah is always holding caucuses tomorrow, 40 delegates up for grabs there. it's divided proportionally, tuesday hopes to win in time-out continue to make the case he's the only viable alternative to trump. and then i have the democrats, as you mentioned. we have a contest here in arizona and in utah. and in idaho. 131 delegates up for grabs all together. hillary clinton leading here and arizona also in the polls and utah. but bernie sanders is neck and neck with clinton in idaho. and he keeps hammering her over her donations. listen. >> when we began this campaign, we had to make a very important decision. and that is do we have a super pac or not? we agreed with you. [cheers and applause]
3:42 pm
>> bernie sanders has been out here campaigning very hard, hopes to get a win somewhere to help keep up his momentum. liz. >> yeah. you know what? the lead story on politico is the democrats are trying to push him out. but he's raising so much money. >> yeah. liz: still very much in the race. peter, thank you very much. peter barns. well, the five remaining presidential hopefuls including bernie sanders ramping up spending last month in the head of the primaries. but the biggest spender was bernie sanders, spent $41 million to hillary clinton's 32 million and his colleagues are asking him to wake up and smell the coffee. not one senator have endorsed him and told him to check the math. but they've been saying that to john kasich as well. i'm joined by a democratic strategist and fred barns, editor at the weekly standard and a fox news contributor. welcome to you. fred, i want to begin with you. because we just heard from donald trump.
3:43 pm
>> uh-huh. liz: taking swipes from everybody to elizabeth warren to hillary clinton and hillary clinton already spoke. at what point do we look at what happens tomorrow in arizona and can you guess what happens there? and who's really in the lead? >> well, sure. trump's in the lead there. but i mean, look, arizona's the state to watch. if trump succeeds, you know, he's had his press conference. he's going to get to the 1237 to lock up the nomination. . liz: do you believe that? >> well, i can believe it if he wins in arizona, it makes it believable. but if ted cruz upsets him in arizona, that will be a huge monkey wrench. and i think it will mean that trump cannot get to the 1237, at least before the convention. liz: it's so interesting, emily, to see that the republicans have the same conversation going on as the democrats do. and that is trying to push aside the laggers. whether that is the john kasich of the party or the bernie sanders. do you think that's fair? do you think that's the right way to go? >> well, actually i don't think it's a fair comparison
3:44 pm
to say it's exactly the same conversation on both sides. it's not like the democrats have a never trump on the democratic side. liz: true. true. >> which is very strong strongly coming out of the republican side. and i think what's one of the most interesting things about it, not just never trump. it's not like everyone is saying, yes, cruz. people, especially people in washington, really do not like cruz. and really do not see him as a good presidential candidate. liz: well, they're not loving bernie sanders either. he hasn't gotten one supportive nod from any senator. >> no. he does not have a ton of support among his peers. that is for sure. so i mean to that extent, that is true. there definitely is a lot more support. on the democratic side. certainly for clinton among her peers. but on the republican side, it's just a mess. liz: i want to get to the apec situation, the american israel public affairs committee going on today. it is a huge event and everyone speaking -- except for bernie sanders who said i don't need to go.
3:45 pm
he's jewish already. perhaps people can confer where he stands on israel. but came out with very strong words that were guided almost directly at donald trump who has said in the past, the recent past, he wants to remain neutral between the palestinians and the israelis. hillary clinton said how could you remain neutral when you have bombs coming over from the palestinian regions attacking israelis and people coming out with kitchen knives and apple peelers to stab people as well? >> yeah. no, look, trump is vulnerable on that issue. the question is whether he even knew what he would be saying when he was neutral between the palestinians and the israelis. neutral is not usually where americans are. it's certainly not where the other republican candidates are and obviously hillary clinton whose record under obama as his obama secretary of state wasn't that great in support of israel. but she didn't ever -- she never said that america would
3:46 pm
be neutral. look, that was a gap on the part of trump. liz: yeah. >> and that's why his speech is the one i'm interested in tonight. can he get over that problem? can he say, look, that was a mistake. here's what i meant. i'm 100% behind -- liz: but, emily -- >> he needs to do that. liz: he'll say i have a jewish son in law, and my son converted. i have jewish grandchildren. i don't know if israelis buy that because there are people expected to walk out. >> clinton's speech was received strong. she knows what she's really talking about and you can see that in every one of the democratic debates. and it will become especially if it's a clinton trump head-to-head, itly become incredibly clear. how many chances do we really give trump? how many times do we let him rewrite what he's going to say is? many of the moderators from your own network pointed out during the debate that he had said different things in his policies proposals that he has on his website. and then he just reverse it on the stage. so how many times do we give him chances?
3:47 pm
i don't know if this is a good crowd for him in that sense. >> i know the answer to that question. he gets one more chance and that's at 5:00 point. liz: yeah. exactly. >> that's very nice of you. >> look, that's the big -- this is a big deal for trump. he's got to straighten out his position on israel or it's -- or it will continue to be something that hurts his candidacy. liz: and we should say the fox business will be covering that. and any news that comes out of that aipec meeting or speeches including john kasich or ted cruz we'll be covering. neil cavuto get things started tuesday night 8:00 p.m. eastern. watch the returns coming from utah, idaho, the best of the best. team fox business thanks to emily and fred. we're coming right back and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network,
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liz: folks, we are still waiting any moment now for president obama to address that meeting of american business leaders who are hoping to open new markets in cuba from hotels to wi-fi, all kinds of businesses there. we will take you to the president as soon as he speaks. in the meantime, don't know if you saw this. but the report out this morning show that existing home sales plunge sharply in february. let's go to the new york stock exchange. lori, looking at the homebuilders, this is a four-month low for existing home sales. >> you said it, liz. what a disappointment february report on existing home sales. now, february traditionally is seasonal slow time of year for home sales. however, this number was weaker than what the economists of all the -- all the economists they surveyed, this was the lowest number out there. so it shows that -- or raises the question i should say is the u.s. resilient against the backdrop of this global economic slow down? and later this week as you know we'll have the final print on the fourth quarter. so down almost 2%, hornet down
3:53 pm
in excess of 1%, liz. liz: yeah, let me check. also down about 2% at the moment. still 1.56 stock. lori, thanks so much. >> sure. liz: closing bell about seven minutes away. tim cook showing off apple's latest and greatest. just moments ago. but will he be on these types of stages again this time next year? maybe not according to my next guest. find out why this apple bull says the clock is ticking even faster now for steve jobs successor at the helm of the tech tighten's biggest event. that's next on countdown. [bassist] two late nights in tucson. blew an amp.but good nights. sure,music's why we do this,but it's still our business.
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reporter: ross gerber speculating on the release saying that would be exciting if tim cook had secret. do you like what they unveiled? a small phone, brand-new refresh and repumped up ipad, right? >> i like what they did in that they have to address declining sales of the ipad. this is a phage upgrade for the ipad. the iphone se is not that exciting. by having a lower price point they have more customers. as their hardware sales seem to have slowed.
3:58 pm
liz: the new one is the iphone se, $399, upgraded capability. upgraded apple pay. it'sed the first time we have seen a refresh since 2013. >> what apple did realize when they made the ipad was how good the ipads actually were. my ipads are finally beaten to hell. i love this. it's a game changer. it's great for kids and for adults taking notes and adding touches to things you are doing. i love the product. liz * with all the stock you now own in am, it's down 17% over
3:59 pm
last year. are you comfortable with tim cook? are you comfortable with him? and is he going to be on the stage next year when they do their next big unveil? >> i think the cook is going to have to acknowledge he's getting older and tech companies are usually run by people who are younger. what is his vision for the company? where do they see themselves in the next 10 years? what's next for am? i think it's tells la. they need to buy tesla and get elan musk involved with apple. liz: i can't believe you dised his age. >> it's not dissed.
4:00 pm
liz * we see the markets jumping about 21 points. at this start of the holiday-shortened week, troubling signs for the housing market. there is the closing bell. david: stocks ending the day barely higher. melissa: i'm melissa francis. david: after the any moment the president will be speaking to cuban business leaders and cuban entrepreneurs of you a kind. the president stating in a joint press conference with veul -- wh


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