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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX Business  April 24, 2016 2:00am-3:01am EDT

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but the bad news is there and state capitols everre they keep addin moreed tae. they should stop, but they > fox new reporting in jer , n new jersey. right over there is lower manhattanhehe tn tours of the world trade center oe stood. 15 of the 19 hijackers led or moved to e state of new je. a decade after the aks the again.ade center is risg new buildings will be finished in about two year time but the remains incplete to this day. on that fatefulning 3,000 pe died in new rk. athe pentagon in washington
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and in shanksville, pennsylvan after exhaustivetudies by congress the 9/11 cssnn therare questions we are still asking today. who rlly helped the 19 n? whwh helped them toe around our country largelyundetected as this man a the center of t plopsps of 9/11? we begin our report withh catherine herrididge january 5th, 2000. kuala lumpmpur, malaysia. in a conondo overlooking a golf course, a dozen operatives including these tw future hi jackers, gathered for a meeting. ththe purpose,e, disiscuss deta the upcocoming plots to bomb th uss cole in the gulofden and the plot plan. sinc the -- ctud and t.
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recorded phone calls. itas 60 miles outde the capil. the house was osama bin laden's erations center. theall came i in a and the tsau that would highjack the pla spoke. >> i remember the pictures clear as day. >> mark was an fbi agent assigned to work wh the cia's osama bin lan en >> the meetingsurveilled. there had been a meeting. these peoeoe were coming . follow th. take their photographs. see w whathey're doing, where they're going. th's ha what happened. we had no ia what they we doing.
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t somee are visas to the u.s. >> then the cia refused to sha ose with other agenciesuch the fbi and borr patrol which allowed two to leralally walk into thenitestatates in theos angeles airpo a week after tummit of terrism conclud. >>e blew it. >> withhat advance nice we could have gotten listeng device in e condominium un. the director o of the ciaad just said that al qaeda, bin laden,n wass number one priority of the agency and that every effort should be given to corraing them before theyttacked us. >> formerenator bobraham co-chaired with then congress porter goss io the inquy. this was a reptased a half million documuments which finished in domeststic 2002.
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grah wrote the acclaimed intelligence mattete and a new novel "keys to the kingdom." >> ts is probably one of the most painf tngs about me or things that i regret, i could not tell the burea aut whatt we were tking ab we are gettingpproval fro the boss's station to tell the fbi. it was cia protected infmation only. >>fter the terror summit nished 23-year-old snee and 24-year-old nadar a arrived in bangkok. unlike osama bin ladaden who wa from a wealthyhy sauaudi family was familiarr with the west, these t two sauaudis had n n be to america.
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what's so signifificant about them? >> they wewerehe first of the 19 to come to the united states. mber two, they almost immediately began receieivi substantiall assistance from t saudi government or representatives o of the saudid gornment. >> a saudi cititizen living inan diego was o one of the fst people to help thehe highjackck on our shorores in thihis dont, thehen 42-yr-old had been in the u.s. on a student vis since 93. is there any record that he wa a studentn the uniteted statates? >> herofessed t tte was a studen ihecked with the university that he said he had attended. they had no recor of hisaving en astudent. >>s a rhe san diego tribe, kellyly thorntonn s aware of him. >> he was very wellnon the community and thought to be by some a saudi y, spying on other saudis for the federal
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vernment and oftenad a video camera. >> he w collecting a salary of a ghostmployee of a subsidiary for a saudi aviation company. then this sty. >> when he com up froman diego athe requestf the cons ul for polical and cultural affas in the saudi conlate in los angele we don'tnow what happened inhe one-hour meeting that the had. as soon as the meeting was over biumi and hisriver went to a specific restaurant a ended up at a table next tthe t hijackers which led to him asking if they would be interested in relocang fro los anles to s diego which ey agreed to do. >> how likel is it that somne will have a c chance meeting wi twtwo hijackers? therere were 134 middle eastern restauras in los angeles in january of 2000. we had a statistian do a
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probabilityhat four peoeople would end up at the same place at t same time. and iwas i the more than 5 milliono one tegory. >> 5 million to on >> yeah. >> remeer, theirst two hijackers here no n nothing abo getting aroround california and speak no e english but the ever helpfuful bay umi had someone mind. a student a at gross montcolleg. >> he tolde that byumi was the one who ask him to do that. modar was fluent in english and spokeelll and the hijackers did not speak so well. he asked t to help them g get driver's licenses, socia security numbs, tt kind of thing. >> the hijackers walkednt the
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country legally b the entry into the u.s. fm canada was anytything butlegal. >> he presesents his yemeni passport. shortly aft recving his.s. visa he travels to san diego. within aeek of his arriv he has filed an applicatition for asum claimingo be a citizen of somalia fleeieing rsecution. he further says h he entntered united states through new yoror utilizing a fraulent italian passpo in the n name of franco de polo. >>he chicn? >> righ within a four-month time period. >> pat brandy haseen a flighght instructctor f for 26 years. why do you believe that pne is the planehey flew. >> this was the only cessna tha we had at e time >> what was it like toealize youavave been flying inhe same plane that the hijackers h been fingg in? >> it was an eerie feeling,
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ththat's wherett all started from. >> t the hijackers moveded here biumi signe the ase. in the 9/11 commissionon repepos a refereren to fouour phone cal february 4th,2000. >> the fbi w aware that h had hadontact with al l qaeda figures. >> jn berger, author of jih joe. filed a freedom of informatitio act. >> he wasas involved in chariti. they had c cut the investigatio shorortly before t invnvestigats had arrived andnd decided thatt was not worth investigatingng anymore and dropped it. >> what was the relaonship like betweween al lauky and thei lackckers. >> that it t was close relationship andnd al lauky m m have beenn one of the few peopl
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that theyhared with w what they wewere there for and the plot o 1111 was gng to be. >> lo and behold,t t was a time period. i was analyzing phone numbers -- >> in an exclusive interview with fox news. m bush explains how h discovered thelinks. >> there is a phone cl from al bay umumi's phone to al awlaki. what the p pne call w was or wh the phone cal was between, it's ly ececulation. you can make a rationall colusion that therere w contact at that time. >> whoho was at the welmiming party that al bayumi thrhrew
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. theirst two hijackers are
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li large isan diego courtesy of bayumi's wallet. >> their life-steecame pensiv they liked to go to bars and they spent a lot of money. hosni wanted to m mry one of the strippers he had met at the bar. >> bayumi was one of the individuals who hadad bee subjet of a countnter-terrorism vevestigation or inqnquiry by t fbi a and lo and behold ends up bein reallyy vy helplpful. executive dirtor eleanor hillemembers dails thatow shine a brighter light on the u.s. support. >>ayumi has phone calls with al awlaki. >> joi inquiry states there is no bank documentation suppoing the reimbursement of the monies al bayumi from the two hickers. if the 9/11 mmission report says the hackers paid them on
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thee spot. >> ournvestigation didn't find any record to suprt the arment that the had reimbursed bayumi. >> bayumi held party for the hijackers and videotapedhat rty.y. >> he had one party tontroduce hosni and mitta to an inner circle of kuslims primarily saudis in san diego. >> the video's caraman was a wealalthy 22-year-old, clayton rgan. he was searcng fornswers in radical islam. this document morgan is deribe as, quote, a trust kid who had grown up wealy. i ted to obtain the videotape and thebi refused saying it was bei used in a ongoing investigation. if the is an going investigation of anydy on the tape. certainly it would seemha anwar al awlaki wouldld be t
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candidate. >> al awlaki was cnected to these guys a was a a spiriritu meor to them. i was toldhey wouldo behind closed doors and have prite sessions tother. >> soon aer the par the two hijaers changed addresses and moved io this home witthisis fbi informant. >> a very important figuree in this plot who had recently gone through a verery difficult divoe and had a large vacan house. >> iwas askeded that sheikh was still liviving in california.. he was an indian bornn muslim claiming he had a doctorate and casionally taught english at colleges fox ws couldot confirm this while the congressional inquiry wrote aboutsheikh. the 9/11 commission did not even though commission investigators interviewed hihim. >> he w was doing for the unite states what bayumi was doing for
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saudi arabia. in a sense. >> he told me that he mentioned a fst name. >> heas one of the several people that was never made available to our inquiry. >>hy did t fbi denyou access? >> the asset program is so sensitive that they didn't want to have a disclosure. i found thato be a disingngenuous answer given the fact that this want as paid handsome. and yet head two of the hijackers living in hisome and aprently never tol anybody. then there was lot of negotiation, which atne point had sheikh sg i will testif if you, the joi iny, will givee immunit from anyuture
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prosecution. >> since the only thiou can conclude is the felt that he had very damaging informat >> that he wanted immity from something, and that something d to doh his relationship with these two hijackers. >> you ever speak to the fbi ctor, robert muer, about that block? >> absolutely he is the one who id the reas we're not giving y access to sheikhs because the asset progr is veryaluable an we canno have a outside intrusionnto it. >> did you feelhat was an honest answer? >> well,hat was the director's answer. > the hijacke use a > the hijacke use a mirror nwork across the
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we continue the investigation with eric shawn. >> the cold facee of this 33-y-year-old egyptian is seare into american memory. he would crash into the wor ade center's north tower. >> he is theringleader. he clearly new everything and everyby and what their roles were. >> he hadeeeen picicd by khad sheikh mohamme to be the lead hicker. he had led as a student in iro and he in hamburg, germany. june 2000. he left san diegogo moving out the home h he s shared with f f asset sheikh. it was a temporary good-bye to al awlaki. experts saye headed to yemen to recruit oth hijackers. having flown there from prague newark, newjersey.licia
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first op, veni, florida, on the ststats gulf coast w where settled with the pot whoould y united fght 175 intthe rld trade center's south tower. ready there was a lebanese manan who would crashsh united flight3 into theroround in shafrpnkvill pennlvlvania. theyey madee this video togethes thr lt will and testament. in san die all started taking flying lessons. ata wasas consistentlyy on the move flying to spain in january 2001. after he returns, they moved again int this apartment in coral ris just outside miami. were they ung a support netwk which had been in pce arica for decade >> wha you have in terms of a support syste are another layer of people whoho kindf knonow wht these guys are about, but don't want to ask a lot of questions.
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>> arew m lead prosecutor in the world trade center bombing off 1993. . >> to the extent that t they ca ve them se he, whether it's with housing or money or jobs or trtraining, they can lar tell whoever asks tm about it they were simy fulfiing thr oblation as muslims to he other muslims. >>ne person in florida who seem to fit the bill l was a thenen 26-year-old chemistry mar who now has a $5 million ice on his head for his alleged role in al qaedatoday. >> he is a saudi born i s saudi aria and came tohis cntry during the 1980s0s with his family. >> his f father was a translato forhe blind sheikh. this is the brookly mosque, home to the hard could have islamic egyptian cleriric al ra
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with a nan. >> h h hadiven the authority anw killing of predent anwar sadde. >> herresd ndreds. >> what was theelationship between them? >> rivals. one is runng an egyptian terroris organization. d around theame time that abdul rhman is running the islamic group. >> they wouldo their s separate wa. one meant too pakistan wheree met up wi osasama bin laden. shakeamame to america in 1990. >> when he got h here he was
2:26 am
already a superstar. why did we l him in? >> that's e 64 zillionollar question. one is trying to keep him out. the otr r is giving him a green cardrd as a religious rkrker. the blind sheikh did funund raising toursrs through the unid states. >> in another secret t of 9/11 this fbibi document written wee after the attacks withheldld th name of a m man who, quote, in octobe 1992 hosted a partyty fo sheikh omarrachman. the regreional joint inquiry. 9/11, hower, names the party host. >> mr. bosos non is named? >> a a saudi national who would lalar be in san diego and accocordg to invnvestigators a close associate off bayumi. yes, the ty same man who signed the leasese foror the hijackerss and threw them a a party. back i1990 the blind sheikh inspir another miion. novemb 5, 19, gugun shots ring
2:27 am
t in a new y york tel. nosar, a follower of the blind sheikhkh at the brooklynque gunsown a rabbi. >> out of nowre ce some peon, shot him righthere, and theullet came right out like that. head beenracticing for years. he was part the blind shei's cad re of leaders. >> three years later another follerer of the blindaik droshee a van wit explosive into the garagef the word trade centers. it's amazinghat only seven lives were l in e world trade center attack. >> in o october 199995 e blind sheikh was convicted of terrorism and sentetenced to prisonon but the pernanal translator and h family moved to southth florida. there was another terror cell linked in t blind sheikh and
2:28 am
al qaeda that was based in the ft. lauderle area. and that was the community in which adnan shuk ra ruchen was going off. >> new details ofhe hijackers movements in arizona, florida, jersey, and w was anwar w
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itune's chart. wah the fox business network fo t the latest inususiness and financial news. fox business giving y you powero prpepe b the sing of 2001 th keyiguresn the 9/lot were welablished in america. besides taking 727 flight simulator lessons at opa-locock airport, the two moved intoohis apart inoral spring florida, just north o miami. living i this house in nrby ramamar was another man who was raised in ameri because hisis fatherer was thehe blind sheikh
2:33 am
translatoror. >> he goes too school at browar commununity college. > he he is giving a c cla presentation at thecollege. butxperts say he wasn't only pursuing an education. >> during the late '90s he had been approached by aocal muslim who was tryingo put together a terror cell. >> he was recruitedo o be i in at plot b but got spooked by it. >> the fbi bieved he may have snsniffed out their inforormant instead he went to pakisistan ad trained there.e. >> after allegedly training with al qaeda adnan was back in south florida. bued in the last page of this declassified 9/11 documement is mention that adnan and adada we totogether on may 2, 2001, fivi monthshs before the attacks. >> an immigration officer w sa that ada and anonoth man and shuk ra juma camee into t r offifice. . >> shortlyly after he disappppe, lilikely in pakistan, where hees
2:34 am
killed in 2014. >> he is a trained operative w poses an operationalal threa to the united states >> you see almlmost a 20-year history herere going back to th andd allegegedly being with rid momohammmohamed at atta. > secrets of 9/11 lay deep i america's southwest. >> al qaeda has about a presence in aririzona almost since al qaa was founded. >> the connections t to arizona run far deeper tn any obviously anyf theothers. >> now at the goldwater institut mark flatten has been an investigative repter in arizona for or 28 years. >> he hadadeenere ii believe '91 taking classes at th university ofarizona. >> during the nine yeaearsetween 1991 and 2000 sasai natio honi hon joour. pilot of flight 77 that hit the pentagon had moved in and o outf
2:35 am
arizona at leaeast three times ststudying english and taking flying ssons. >> aot of people who have been connected subsequently to terrorism h had been to the tucn area and studi in the tucson area. >> peopleeuch as a al haj. >> he was one o the first membs of al a. >> was now in prison for the 1998 bombings of the u. embassies in africa. in t the '80s he was plane shoppiping for bin laden in the grand canyon ststate. >> he asked an american citizenn to purchase a plane on behalf of osama bin ladeden. went t to whas called bone rdnd bought aairly large cargo jet for bin laden. >> this is the pla bought for bin laden. >> it was transported t sudan and subsequentltly the crashed theplan >> the deeeep roots of islamic exexisism in arizona remain a secret o 9/1111. >> the f fbi and cia issued a
2:36 am
joint intelliligence report tha desiated arizona as a lon time nexus for arizon i was able to obin aopy of the report for the freom of formation act but everyg except the headers weredeleted. >> phoenixbi specialgent ken williams was suspicious. >> agent willis gained areat dealf noriety because of the phoenix note which he authore in july of 2001. >> describingeral flight schools in arizona thatad an usually large number of middle eastern studes trainingthere, particular saudis. >> t mem states osama bin laden is trying,quote, to esish a cad re of individus whoho wilill be in a sition in the fure to conduct terror activity against vil aviation targets. the declsified pts of the memo don't name those two men but named radicalized -year-old lebanese natitional. he was a disple or advoce
2:37 am
of osa bin laden. williams noted that in 1999 drove two men to e phoenix airport f alit to waington, d.c.. >>wo individuals had got up on an americaest flight out of phoenix, went tried to esseially jimmy or force their way intohe cockpit a wer stopped. and they said, oh,e thought it was the bathroom the tory post 9/11 became that this wasssentially a dry run, th ts was a way for themm to se h how hard it wouould be to up o out of your seat, walk to e cocockpit and go into the copit. >>enator grahamoted thahat on at least five occasions subra and hanjoor trained together at the same ft school. the memo fel on deaf ears. >> itas a priority at th time. it didn't rise above t background noise. >> by theime williams stt his memo hjoor and hazmi were go.. having leftt three mononth
2:38 am
earlier. they forwawarded the ulity refunds to thihis mosque in virginia where anwar aawla was theimam. >> what didhis man havedo >> what didhis man havedo with al awlakindp?p?h
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♪and i ♪i will always loveouou ♪i hope life treats you kd ♪and pe you have all yove damed of♪ ♪and i i wish you joy and happininess♪ ♪but above all ththis wish you love♪
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♪and i will a always love you ♪wiwill always love you, i ♪will always love you ♪i, i will always love u, i..♪ > we need to speak the truth even i ift sounds bitterer. >> in january, 2001, anwar al
2:42 am
awlaki became imam at thi mosque. within months flight 77 hijackers hazmi aanjour would follow their spiritual keeper. >> not louisiana, or michiga o new orleans. th end up in falls church, rginia, next to the mosque th t imam is al awlaki. . >> he again asked people w were his followers to hpp these gu o out with i.i.d. with driving them around, finding apartments. >> another secret of/11 isis th n, 28-yeaold jordanian. he ran illegal driver's license scschemes in n jejersey,, connecticut and v virni and had apartments inll three states. >> a investigation lead camep from our virgia office asking us to run downnd locaten individu by the name of al ra baba expected to motor vehicle iver licenses addresses similar to the hijajacks'.
2:43 am
>> we're coming up to where 's pne cards was found. >> fbi special ant led the bomb investigation team i pattern, new jersey and talald about t 9/1 casase f for the firstt timeme. >> hee found out we wewere look for him, no doubt. when he got tipped off he was i conneccut at the time. he walked int the connecticut office of the fbind said b the way, i jt happened to meet the hijackers. we knew it wasn'tt true. . >> it wass still september. our patterson office called me and said, peter, a you sitting down. >> he is an fbi scial agent in the fbi field office. >> thiis the fir live rson. >> yes. >> how did he mee the hickers? >> his first story w he met them athe local 7-eleven. he bumped into wt he recognized as two saudis. he looked at thend said, hey, iw you're f from out of state. do you need a pla to live. what can i do to help you?
2:44 am
>> his secondry involved this man, an oer roomma. >> ra baba. i know him. the two men lived here in this patterson, new jersey, apartment and later in virginia fox news found shay awe still living in the u.s. >> za hawes w always very well dressed anytime we dealt with him. nenever woworked. never had a job. > during the course of our ininvestigatione found that h h had me a call to the saudi embassy inn whingto and also made a cl to the saudi embassy in russia. ten months waspent investating the relationship with the hijackerers. >>e admitted that za hawesa to me to go to the im and
2:45 am
ask him for work. >> when he wen he saw t he was in a figig with somebodyt the sque. he said didn't fee he was a religious man becausef the argument. thene went into the praye area. after theraye wereovover, he turned aund andhe two hijackers were standin there. we thought tt was ve, very strange that they picked him to sisthem toet an artment we t was four or five hundred other people there. >> how many time did y see hahamzi and hanjour. >> thinkhrhree timemes. bring them t the house, so e e some food. ii was see them as verynice. >> we asked h if he is a religious man. he saide didn't pray andnd didn't go to any mosques. >> are you religious? >> no. >> why would you go t mosque >> i am bad muslim. how d you meet him?
2:46 am
>> i am upset about that, really. everybody have to do somhing for them. >> he just didt go dowthere d mt these peopl by accident they had to hav netwk. >> bukowski a bush belie he taed him to help the jackers. the 9/11 commission shareddhat suspicion but it didn't include ay awesa. and tre is this connectition >> a searc of al shibh's artment in newew jersey. the peopleound t the fax number for the virginia mosque whehere ananwa al l awlaki was workrkg. >> it was a aer thread that ties al awlaki to the 9/11 plo >> the hijkers med quite a bit.t. theyept moving frequently. >> t this is the apartment thata baba found for the hijackers in alexanan
2:47 am
alexexandr alexandria, virginia. >> in 202001 ra baba found them thth two newoom mates. it w a a road tri in hell. the five men drove up i-95 and stayed two nights in connecticut at this motel in room 73. 7575 phone callserere made to locate flight scschools, car agenci and apartments. >> t theyy argued over momoney. and thehey wanted to move on. i guess it j just didn't pan ou up in coconnecticut. soso al ra baba suggested i i'l take youou to patterson.n. >> he said thahat was the lasas titime h hee had seen them. the next dayhey moved to paerson. >> thehe s settled h here for t momonths on union avenue and stayed o the third for up here. >> investigators placed ra baba in patters for less than two months before 9/11 >> this is where hanjour used computer >> we have a witness putti
2:48 am
ayad with him at the library. he denied it. >> i thinke got 90% of the story. >> comg up we dig deeper and ask what happed to theeople whoelped the hijackers, where are the now. some of the answers you'll find stunning. why was anwar al awki,hean who may ow inhitqaeda, inte
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two days before the 9/11 attacks, anwar al awlaki was back in southern calififora uc irvine attending a r r for a man als known as rap brown who ventually convict of killing a georgia duty sheriff. >>n september 11 he
2:52 am
wasflywas flyg from san die to washito d.c. >> in thehaos followinghe murder of 3,000 people the idtities of the 19 hijacks emerged. 15 why saudi citizens. last points of contact were trackedown including al awlaki who was interviewed five tes between septemb 15th and9th. he was quick to go on a mededia outlet tour for islam. this email obtained exclusively by f news confirmse was invitedo and attded a lun in the whiteou dining room. many people a copied on the invitation fro the oice of geral counsel. a lawyer wrote she particularly like how he addressed h the erage middle eastern person perceiveshe united stes. besides the known relatnship with at leasthree of the
2:53 am
hijackers head a rap sheet withth a arrests for prostcutind anher for loitering around a school. >> is this lunch shocking? > it may have b bee another example of w wha the department of defense was unaware of what the departmenent of justice and fbi knew aboutut a al awlaki. >> dayays later he lefthehe coununtry and three months late an arrest was issued for passport frd. >> there was mysterious return to the united states in october 2002. despite the outstanding warrant as fox reported lasast year al awlaki was released fro federal cuody on the orders ofn fbi agent. >> i wroter concern in a fox report about t 2002 decision elease al awlaki. >> i would b happy toook into the matter. >> after ts hearing congressn wolf's office was told the fbi director consid the matter closed. one weekfter the f fox news investigation was firirst broadcdcast the chairn of the house homeland security
2:54 am
committeeent thi lettero torney generale holder. it confied congress has openedd an official investigati i into al awlaki's possisible involvemt inin thelalanning and executionf the e 9/11 attacks on n the uni states.. king and frank w wolf a announc ththey have introduced legislation. what happenened to those who facilitateted the 19 hihijacker? the party thrower. b bay umy left sananiego before ththe attacks. he was detained at scotland yard at the request of the fb but. tbi never shod up so th had no alternati buto release buy um and he returned to sdi arabia >> abdullah tried to remain in the u.s. >> after 9/11 he tried to marry somebody. >> he was trying to protect his
2:55 am
immigrationstatus. >> he was deported t yemen inn may 2004. ra ba washarged with document fraud and ported to jordan in july of2003.. his roommate is still tryingo stay rere. >> heow h a social security number and he is fre too move about in this country, which is ameful. >> heas to be deported. he went into immigtion court and somehow downplayed his involvement wit thehijackers. and he was subsequentl granted asylum. >> authorities aretill trying deport him. and tre is this secret. >> there were 27 ges in the jot inquiry that were redaed. >> wewell, ian't tell you much because it's a state secret classied, but it related primarily to saudi role in the united states in t months leading up to 11. >> would ie correct to assume at the pages dealt with the money trail? >> that was pt of it.
2:56 am
>> significant --- a major partf it. >> yeah. >> like house of mirrors there is something interesting aut the enemies we face. some are amerin born or raised here. >> do you belieight now tha there e islamic terrist cell herere in the united state that wanant toil
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vo: anne c fall victim to mong fraud. knknow your rits and respononsibilities. we h had really sied off on a price, and tt wawas about it. vo: witht signed written estimate, movers may try tcharge more. they werere chargings w $2,000 instead of the agreeuponon $900. vo: d may hold your items hoage until you pay. not only had they ughly handled or mishahandd, it seemelike they had purposely destroyed ings. vo: visit to download a freeee moving frad evention guide. search for regisd movers and vi their complaintistories. ve with confidence.
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osasama bin laden is dead b the harsh truth rememainst al qaeda and all i its frarahises flrirish here and aroround t th worldftften living in plalain sight. ththe sad fact remains thatat, r the murder of 3,000 people on a bright september morning ten years ago,o, there has onlnly b one convictction in a u.s. cour of law. ththat of t the woululd-be 20t hijacker miso youy. trials for the conspirators a a gitmo are still being wororked t
3:00 am
to thiss day. as you've just wnessed there are strong reasons to look back and continue the investigation intoto the secrets of 9/11. for fox news a a a a a a a a a o go. fox news a a a a a a a a a o as hot s spots arise around the rlrld, our military is powering down. >> most of you in t army know is that e army is s recing its size.. >> i worry about the c capility and capapacity to win in a majo fight. >> with the a armed forces gettg new mamarching orders -- >> malee rotc cadets were pressured by the military to walkround in wen's high heel >> i found that entire iident just kind bizarre. >> is the u. military ready to fe new threats? >> ye seing the message to threst of the world you're sically retreating. >> fox news reporting. "rising thre


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