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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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reach. if you watch this video, this person is not in arm's reach. and they could choke. i really don't like it. jo ling: thank you for watching. "making money" with charles payne starts next. charles: the underwhelming jobs report sent the dow down but rallied later. wildfires rage in western canada. 88,000 people have been evacuated from the area. and now the fire is threatening the country's oil sands.
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donald trump swinging back at well-known members of the republican party who said they won't support him as the candidate. >> i will talk about lindsey graham who had one point. have you ever seen this guy and television in he's nasty. he fails with his campaign more any, then he endorses bush. he's like bad luck. as soon as he endorses the people, they drop out. i'm not surprised with the bush family because i have been critical of what happened during the term. and jeb we hit hard. here is the way i look at it. i won, sow i don't carry inmore. charles: that's donald trump the uniter. his schedule now is to try to figure things out. reportedly him and paul ryan, i think it's probably going to be
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next thursday. lindsey graham, he's voiced his refusal to support donald trump. he said i absolutely will not support hillary clinton or president, i also cannot in good conscience support donald trump because i don't believe he's a reliable conservative. are we still looking at this republican breakup civil war getting worse, not better? steve rogers, you are a trump supporter. but you see around the gop, there is a lot of by therness. >> there is a lot of bitterness average they are irrelevant. donald trump won. paul ryan and those individuals are going to have to come on board. they are opposing the will of the american people, and they have got to get that through their heads. unless they jump on board they will be left out of that train come november.
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charles: paul ryan is sitting pretty good in washington, d.c. if donald trump wants to get his agenda done, he won't be a king when he goes to washington, d.c. >> he will have to work with these people when he gets there. but the problem is, ways their objective? i understand paul ryan is being asked what his stance is so he has to say something. what is lyndsey graham or jeb bush aiming for? what is their objective? i don't understand what they are trying to accomplish by saying things, it doesn't help anybody. charles: i guess people keep sticking mics in their face and asking them. who is it incumbent upon to extend the olive branch? do to me i think you will need a -- to me i think we'll need a
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united front to win in november. last tuesday he went after cruz's father, i thought why is he doing this? he's going to win by double digits. then something occurred to me. he brought in so many democrats and independent that maybe he does haven't to bring the party together. maybe he's realigning the republican party and the democrat party is being realigned in historic ways. he won the nomination by getting independent and democrats to vote. maybe that's his path to the election. charles: i believe the president should be the president of all americans. when you are in the white house everybody in the country is your constituent. as a strong donald trump supporter, would it be beneath him to say i'll make the first move and make it seem if we can
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accommodate them? >> paul ryan was asked. trump came out and he did react. and he said we'll have a meeting next week and talk it out and smooth it out. so he is making that move and trying his best to unite the party. i respect senator graham a lot. why does this? is this sour grapes? almost 2 million people more voted for trump than romney in 2012. there is no reason for the whole republican party not to say he's the guy. we have six months. this will shake out. charles: i think the writing has been on the wall. why would he bring up ted cruz's dad on the eve of a major win
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right before that. i understand the trump folks are angry at everyone else. things linger for people who voted for cruz. >> they do. but what's really langerring is the establishment, paul ryan, lyndsey graham, they feel entitled, think think the jobs they have her ebb titled to. they don't want to let go of their power and they are going to have to. >> i fundamentally disagree with steve. people are like ben sasse, they are allowed to have their opinions and say i'm worried this guy isn't a principled conservative. we would like to you make some policy concessions to show us you are conservative. i think -- i don't think
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everyone who opposes him is worried about power. >> there is opposition based on principles. >> another option is hillary or bernie. she is our nominee. >> paul ryan is saying i'm waiting. i want to have a conversation and i want to see. but i don't respect somebody saying under no circumstances will i vote for him. i understand it's going to take some time. it's emotional. you are not sure what he's going to do. charles: the same thing is happening to a certain degree and will happen on the democratic side. bernie sanders will push hard to have some of his things added to the agenda. >> it happens and its understood.
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but now the lesson is over and it's time to unite behind the candidate. reince priebus did it. if you are jeb bush or lyndsey graham you can say i'm able to support him. but don't say i don't believe in him. charles: i don't know why the meade what keeps asking jeb or lindsey their opinions. i don't think it's paul ryan trying to cling to power. i think it's a wake-up call. i don't it's a power play. i agree religion would like to have some aspects of his ideology and ask donald trump could you do some things to help us. >> i'll concede to that. but on both side of the aisle it's about time they put the good of the country first which is very, very important. and they are not doing that when they are squabbling.
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then graham is like a graham cracker melting down. >> he says i'm waiting. so it's fine to say you want to hear some things. you want to talk policies. but to say i'm still undecided. undecided between whom? trump, hillary and bernie? charles: he wants to make sure -- he can't impact who the nominee is, we know who that is. but i think he thinks his role is for the greater good of the party. i just read a communique that came from representative kirk. he said donald trump is so distinctively different that illinois voters will be able to recognize he's not donald trump. there are internal issues, and it would be smarter if the party did knit this together better so they could go in the booth and
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say gop, gop, gop. >> if he wants to unite the party, don't go out and hit them and make childish statement. that's how he's going to get everything on his side. >> jeb bush tried that and it didn't work for him. >> but he's the nominee now. charles: lee, you take the pulse of voters. you understand them. what do you think? at some point should the tone be a little bit -- should the tone come down or stay at this high level particularly with the infighting. >> one of the things i have learned is this is not politic as usual. charles: you think the republican voter would like to see this infighting continue through the convention? >> i don't think they want to see anything that seems like typical politic.
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ifer were to fall in line it would seem totally disingenuous. if they came out and talked about it in a didn't way, that will seem authentic and real. it will seem real to poem. if ebb set we are all friend now, it would be wait, something is wrong here. >> sick month to the elect. -- six months until the election. there is a lot of time. donald trump can help both more moderate republicans and the conservative republicans. they just have to understand that. >> and top the blame game. charles: most governors jumped on board in the last 24 hour. but as the core washington, they are still putting up opposition.
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"wall street week" is back with a special guest, the ceo of double line capital, also known as the bond king. >> i been predicting donald trump presidency and people gasped when i said that. charles: we are talking about conservative activists floating some names around. if they do it we know they won't win, but it could be suicidal. we'll debate it next. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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gundlach. charles: a third party push is gaining momentum. there are conservative activists floating around a lot of names they would like to see on ballots. gary johnson is poised to become the libertarian nominee. joining me to discuss it all, evan, we have two trump supporters. you have gone out and actually said you will take hillary over donald trump. >> i would vote for hillary over donald trump if there is no viable third party alternative. asking me to vote for donald trump is asking me to betray my principles.
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and principles are only that if you stand by them when it's inconvenient. charles: people will be tweeting me and say what the heck is he talking about. what are these principles and where were they the last 1 years. >> i believe in a smaller more limited government, i don't believe in single payer healthcare. when it comes down to hillary clinton i trust her more to handle the military and our nuclear code than donald trump. there was an article about his hand being tiny and for years he sent the writer of his hand. >> being in the military for 25 years. i can tell you, hillary clinton is the last person on otheru want to be commander-in-chief. after benghazi and the foreign policy we don't have in the middle east because of her. >> what happens if vladimir
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putin provokes donald trump? >> he will not provoke. >> we lost four lives in benghazi and their lives matter. charles: if bill is like you lost, you going to take your ball home, you fought the good fight. jump on board but don't say anything. you can debate whether that's a vote for hillary or not. you have got now perhaps a third party. basically what establishment republicans are doing is they created a circular firing a squad. but by even entertaining a third party candidate. how did it go for ross perot. donald trump won fair and square.
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there were 17 candidates. they are acting like sore losers. >> they are not putting the interests of the nation first. you are putting the interest of ideology and your party first. >> i could counter where it would be good -- you have a significant percentage of republicans saying they will stay home or vote for hillary. the stay home should worry all of us. and that would emperil the house and senate. if we could get a conservative third party candidate, mark kirk, rob portman. charles: that' that's preresumps
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on your part. >> because i like you, kevin. i'll reserve a seat on the trump train for you right next to me. charles: you have got six months to turn this guy. don't this "mornings with maria." she'll talk to donald trump monday 7:00 a.m. right here on fox business. the f.b.i. reportedly interviewed huma abedin and now they are expected to set a date to interview the democratic frontrunner herself. we have the latest details for you on that next.
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charles: the f.b.i., they have interviewed top hillary clinton aide huma abedin on clinton's use of private servers. there is a report out that says the f.b.i. may interview hillary clinton as early as next week. how will this impact her campaign. kirsten, let me start with you. she may have something bigger than a campaign to worry about. >> it's fascinating the timing of this. we are kind of getting toward the end. the report came out today, but she was interviewed about a month ago, huma was. it could would up right around the convention when all this is coming to a head. but for democrats. they are on her side, they are on her team. as far as affecting her campaign
6:25 pm
it won't do very much good. charles: clinton says there is top secret and wink wink top secret. here is my theory. i think they want to get it out of the way before november. >> i think this a on of pressure -a ton of pressure on the f.b.i. they may throw the book at her. huma abedin is interesting. she is not only within the clinton state department but she was on the clinton foundation. that suggests they are looking that connection and whether influence was trafficked through the clinton foundation. charles: it doesn't look great, some of the connections when you start connecting the dots.
6:26 pm
but i want to ask you, julian brought up the f.b.i. if the administration were to stonewall all this. there are high-ranking members of the f.b.i. that would come public and spill the beans. >> i heard that rumor, too. there was a glowing review of huma that said she was almost brought to tears because she heard a story about hillary clinton having to carry her own bag up the stairs. you know a woman so connected to hillary was handling this information. do i lie to the f.b.i. and come clean? so they are in serious trouble here. clapper also made a reputation for himself in d.c. of being a man of serious principle who has threatened resignation before when he felt the law was being -
6:27 pm
being flauted. it's not unlikely he would resign. >> we have seen this information leak out like i mentioned, high members of her staff that leaked out months afterwards so they can leak it to the mainstream media so they can spin it in the way they want. clinton is a classic spin machine. charles: bernie sanders has refused to use it bit's not going away. >> he has this in his back pocket. the establishment backed her and she is a weak candidate. >> we talk about how trump and hillary have the highest unfavorable ratings. but also they have the situation where they are trying to hand over classified documents to potential presidents. and on both sides we are asking do we want to do that?
6:28 pm
but democrats have to ask in light of email scandal can we hand over those classified documents to hillary clinton? >> we are getting a preview of what she would be as president and americans are not liking it. charles: donald trump particularly when it comes to the university, and he won't have to testify until after the election, it's nothing on the scale of hillary clinton. speaking of donald trump, he has people on wall street a little some of the things he talkedt about including how he would handle the national debt. a lit paging alexander hamilton. and you up your life insurance because four people depend on you now. then, one weekend, when everyone has a cold and you've spent the whole day watching tv, you realize that you didn't plan for any of this, but you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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charles: i'm the king of debt. i love debt. i love playing with it. those are the comments from donald trump earlier this week. would the presumptive gop candidate force holders of american debt to take a haircut. alexander hamilton negotiated the first american loan. he promised to pay 100 cents on the dollar. the 14th amendment states that
6:33 pm
the public debt shall not be questioned. what about these bondholders taking haircuts? would it be a brilliant ideaer destroy the reputation of our economy? joining me now, kelly, i'll go to you first. the conversation donald trump was having with wall street folks when you talk about interest rates and the dollar. when he was talking about renegotiating our bonds, people got. >> little worried. >> let me tell you something, some of this makes a lot of sense it was 2013 when an economist from the university of chicago proposed in the "wall street journal." if we take all of our debt and convert it into 30-year bond, we lock in the interest rate it's at an all-time low and 40% of it turns over every year.
6:34 pm
65% turns over every three years. when interest rates go up and they will go up, we can lock in a good deal. that isn't unfounded. it's not like it hasn't been talked about before and it's not completely unreasonable. charles: boris, you understand when we see the world falling apart our treasuries do extraordinarily well because money pours in. our dollar does well because it's the world's reserve currency. all that is based on the full faith and credit and the idea you would never give anybody less than a dollar credit on these bonds. >> nobody is talking about default. >> that's not true. >> from a financial perspective. if you have a loan or you are a lender or creditor, it's a negotiation. charles: i understand businesses
6:35 pm
do that. i understand bankrupts do those kind of things. but one of the things that keeps america far apart from the rest of the world is our reputation. that's a reputation based on a commitment to always pay 100 cent on a dollar for those bond. >> it's locking in a rate and refinancing. no problem with it. >> i'm not surprised trump wants to couple with a solution. that's what he did in atlantic city. i think this is quintessential -- i think you are trying to distract from the point. he's proposing default. default is not leg up to your financial obligations. >> we rear financing, not default. charles: it would be extraordinarily complicated and
6:36 pm
we would be asking global holders of this debt to accommodate us on this. >> as you said earlier. whoever is the president is not king or queen. they don't have unilateral authority to do this. the bigger discussion is he will have to work with paul ryan and congress. who is he going to appoint as treasury secretary. what is that person going to recommend to a president trump. and the bigger discussion is on debt and entitlements. i felt for a long time we needed a teddy roosevelt-type president. that's -- charles: maybe donald trump is trying to get rid creative ways. first he said he would get rid of the debt in three years. some people think we'll end up with more debt. we'll see it's a creative idea. but i think it would hurt us badly. >> no one is talking about doing
6:37 pm
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charles: the stock market tumbled out of the gate. blue chips brought us back.
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charles: the market today was crazy due to the disappointing jobs report. we couldn't even rationalize it. the jobs report was a dud.
6:41 pm
160,000 total jobs. 171,000 were from the private sector. the labor force participation dipped. the government of unemployment rate at 5%. a more realistic rate. there were 19,000 fewer jobs in february and march. and 362,000 people left the labor force. but as the session moves along, investors started to pivot toward the blue chips. that is a bullish signal. perhaps the mood changed with the realization even slightly better wayne growth. now a fact, a lot of scuttlebutt we could cruise through the entire year without rate hike. the nasdaq composite is in trouble. if you look at the market
6:42 pm
breadth it underscores the cautious nature of this session. late in the session around 3:00 we learned that consumer credit surged by $30 billion. it was driven by credit card use up 14%. some may point to this as a sign of the wealth effect kicking in. you see the fed giving itself high fives. but some point to this as people using any means to make it day to day. everybody needs to have something, you need to be involved no matter how you feel about the market. get your buy list together. go to it is free.
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90,000 people have had to be evacuated as the fires rage that put the two of canada's big oil sands projects in jeopardy. and it impacted the price of crude. the human toll. 1,000 firefighters battling the blaze. 125 helicopters. 22 air tankers. this thing is completely out of control. next week you can't miss it. fox business' coverage of the next presidential election. it all starts next tuesday 7:00 p.m. on fox business. obama takes a shot at donald trump today. he played the celebrity card. getting the celebrity treatment and obama is jealous. he talked about scrutiny of the record. maybe the pot calling the kettle black.
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charles: history was made in the united kingdom. sadiq khan is the mayor of london. he has been criticized for his ties to radical organizations. you are looking at on does new mayor. earlier today president obama addressed the nation and talked about the state of the economy. but course he didn't miss an opportunity to take a jab at donald trump. >> he has a long record that needs to be examined.
6:48 pm
i want to emphasize the degree of which we are in serious times and this is a serious job. this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. charles: it looks like the president is starting to take a page from ted cruz. we understand what's going on with donald trump. in 2008, president obama then candidate obama got the rock star treatment. so let's talk about it. kirsten,. >> it's funny coming from obama. charles: he's in "people" magazine. >> the cover of "vogue." charles: the champion of the bowlers' association. >> he should totally understand. i understand as the president he has to say this. but he should understand the appeal of the reality show, the entertainment and playing into
6:49 pm
people's emotions. he worked out of the exact same playbook in 2008. >> i can understand him trying to push the media into saying hopefully you guys give hillary more coverage than you gave cruz and kasich and these guys. >> i think you are right. this is celebrity reality tv. donald trump has gone the as of march $2 billion in earned media. that's more than taylor swift, more than kim kardashian and kanye. ' we are seeing an awful lot with a chill up their leg for trump. i think it's laughable. >> do you have a chill up your leg? >> according to john mccain he once said if you are not over the target you won't get shot at. donald trump brought fear even into the seat of the president of the united states, you have
6:50 pm
got to shoot something at them. i suggest president obama retire joy any and peaceably. charles: 's so, so rich, i consider this president obama being more slesh lit than the president. >> i enjoyed the exploits of ash carter the. charles: that mitigates any complaint or argument he has no matter what the numbers may be. >> the on president other than president obama who had this media circus around him is vladimir putin. charles: in a general election do you think there will be more even handed coverage. but let's face it. >> here is the thing. yes you can criticize the media all you want for the way they built up this candidates i, by
6:51 pm
the is newsworthy. charles: does the term "earned media" accurate or is it more free media? i think it was a quid pro quo, everyone benefited from it. >> it was earned. he said things that were explosive and rude and newsworthy. the news covers what people should know. this has never happened before. >> there are two dynamics at work here. he's the frontrunner he deserves attention and cute any. >> unintended good consequence, it's drawn millions of people into the process. >> everyone talks about it on the streets. charles: great point, steve. more potential donors are starting to warm up to the idea of donald trump, the presumptive of donald trump, the presumptive nominee.osts!
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charles: casino magnate schellen aiding -- sheldon edelson saying he believes trump will be good for israel. as more potential donors warm up to the idea of donald trump as the presumptive nominee, the big names are starting to support him. joining me now, adriana cohen, boston herald columnist, boris epstein, lee carter and kelly ridell. kelly, let me start with you. sheldon, he played it kind of coy this time around -- [laughter] and it felt like he was more of a cruz guy, perhaps, but he is a true blue republican. however, how does donald trump accept money in a campaign that where, for the most part, was pegged on being self-funded? >> self-funded? yeah. he said this week that he's willing to accept funds. now, what he's done is he's opened up a joint account with
6:56 pm
the rnc, a joint fundraising account. we don't really know the details of whether that money will be split 50/50 with money to the trump campaign and also being used to fund some senatorial and house races, but he needs at least a billion dollars to run a competitive race against hillary clinton. he's about six months behind her in terms of fundraising, so it's great news about sheldon coming on, harold hamm, an oil baron in oklahoma, has also kind of endorsed trump, and he can write big checks. charles: yeah. >> we'll see what he can do. charles: although i'm pretty sure he wished he got the harold hamm endorsement before the divorce -- [laughter] but that's a different story. you can get moral support too, okay? adriana, do you see anything where -- i know loyal donald trump fans don't care, but some people said, hey, we thought you were going to be self-fund throughout the process. >> well, i think he's going to have to clarify that, look, he doesn't want to be a puppet on
6:57 pm
anybody's string, and that was apparent when he said i'm self-funding. but i think at the same time we have to be realistic, like kelly said. he's going to have to go up against a major fundraising apparatus, hillary clinton and the democrats are going to have, and there's no way he can challenge her unless he's got the funds to do so. if you're a republican and you want to see a republican take back the white house, you're just going to have to accept that donald trump is going to need to raise money bigtime whether through pacs or other means. charles: would it be good if he did? sold a building or something like, hey, listen, i'm going to write a check for $100 mill just to show you how serious i am? he's loaned his campaign $30 million -- >> 37 million. which is how every candidate who is wealthy do it. you do not just contribute -- charles: we understand how it was done before, but part of his appeal was he was making this financial sacrifice, but he's going to get a lot of money back
6:58 pm
by lending it to his campaign, and now, of course, with sheldon adelson writing checks, do you think it hurts him at all? >> it would have been a sacrifice if he doesn't win. when he started out, you can only get your loan back if you win. now, he has won for the primary now hopefully, from our perspective, we'll win in the general. but it's important to remember throughout the primary process he said i'm not taking outside money during the primaries. i likely will or i will consider it for the general. so this is not a flip-flop. he's staying steady. charles charles i had not heard that party, but i'm being educated here. >> yeah. charles: a billion is going to be enough, you think? last time around both parties spent over a billion. [laughter] >> that's right. >> one billion dollars! >> i think this is going to be so hard for the american people to get their arms around, and i guarantee you that donald trump is going to come up with a story that's something totally different than we've heard before. we were talking before about is he just going to be able to skim over this? i don't think he can. he's going to have to come up
6:59 pm
with a story on why he's fundraising, how he's going to do it -- charles: what about the notion that -- [inaudible] go ahead, kelly. >> yeah. no, part of the story is that he needs to help other gop people in the race that are running for senate and the house. he's got to fundraise for the party, and that's part of his responsibilities as being the presumptive nominee. so i think that the rnc was going to need him to do that -- >> that's right. >> -- regardless of whether or not his own campaign -- >> and it brings in those large donors into the fold of the republican party. they donate, that's how they feel included. charles: i think -- i never heard this joint account thing before. >> it happens. charles: really? >> they're both doing it. hillary's doing it -- charles: who decides how the money is divvied up? >> that's between the campaign and the rnc -- [inaudible conversations] >> from the perspective of the voters, this election has been so illuminating -- charles: all right. guys, let's leave it there. also, he's not donald trump, but
7:00 pm
he's an american success, we're talking about a company focusing on helping people sell assets of one's estate. happy mother's day. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs can. presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump and house speaker paul ryan battling it out for the soul of the republican party. trump today escalated his attacks against the speaker after ryan said he isn't ready to back trump. trump tweeted this. quote: paul ryan said that i inherited something very special, the republican party. wrong. i didn't inherit it, i won it. with millions of voters. nearly 11 million votes so far, and this morning on fox trump


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