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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 10, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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but i do not think it will drown her. i think people will come out for her. charles: thanks a lot. we appreciate you watching every night. stay tuned for lou dobbs and our primary coverage. lou has a very special guest, corey lewandowski next. lou: voters in west virginia and republicans in nebraska casting primary ballots tonight. good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. we're now half an hour from polls closing in west virginia, and donald trump is expecting to have a big night there, certainly a substantial number of west virginia's 34 delegates will help trump close on the 1237 delegates he's now expected to win before the convention in july. on the democratic side, hillary clinton facing a tough test by senator bernie sanders. we don't know how many of those west virginia voters are ready to forget her pledge to put
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coal companies and miners out of business and out of work. and sanders fighting clinton for every delegate he can win. still vowing to go into philadelphia and do battle with her in a contested convention, and while today is primary day, you can also mark down may 10th as the day two former republican candidates for their party's nomination went off the rail. senator ted cruz still with plumbs in his eyes leaving the door open to restarting his campaign were he to win nebraska tonight. a state with no reliable polling. he later acknowledged some form of reality and with understandable peak, he facetiously thanked the national press for their enthusiasm for his candidacy. >> we suspended the campaign because i can see no viable path to victory. let's be clear, we're not going to win nebraska today. no mystery, no excitement in
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that. we've withdrawn from the campaign. it's in the hands of the vores. if circumstances change, we will assess changed circumstances, but i appreciate the eagerness and the excitement of the media to see me back in the ring. lou: and senator marco rubio isn't quite over it all. today letting the world know he does not want to be considered for donald trump's vice president. it turns out rubio had no reason for concern. trump responded to rubio's presumptuous remarks by tweeting -- trump personally weighing in on the matter of who will be vice president telling the associated press he's narrowed his list of potential running mates down to five or six people. that's one of the issues i'll be taking up here when i talk with trump campaign manager corey lewandowski. our primary coverage
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including former reagan white house political director ed rollins, pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the "new york post," michael goodwin and former arkansas governor, mike huckabee. also billionaire investor wilbur ross will be talking trump, conventions and unity. our top story tonight, new evidence that donald trump is now making good on his oft-repeated promises to put states in play before november. election day six months away and trump is delivering. today's new "quinnipiac poll" shockers, they show trump and clinton in an absolute dead heat in key battleground states. in florida, trump statistically tied with clinton. clinton 43 to trump's 42%. the same margin in pennsylvania, trump also virtually tied. clinton 43 to trump's 42%. in ohio. trump running ahead of clinton
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by four points, 43 to clinton's 39%. joining us now, republican campaign strategist tony sayegh, and washington times online editor monica crowley, both fox news contributors. monica, the battleground states, the idea they're in play at this stage, you name it, is remarkable. >> polls are always fluid and tending to mercurial. lou: that's why they do more than one of them. >> that's right. but the fact that we're seeing the battleground numbers tighten up so quickly is fascinating and ought to be cause for concern for hillary clinton and the democrats overall because talking about three critical states for november, and you're talking about particularly the key, the most key swing state of ohio where donald trump is ahead. now it is a snapshot, but what it tells you is now that donald trump has rapped up the nomination, he was running in a republican primary. now that he's wrapped up the
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nomination, he can turn attention to the general election campaign where he's just started hitting her. if this is the beginning of a trend, that donald trump is going to pull the whole thing off in november. lou: yeah, this looks -- i can't think of anything that one could ask for, for the trump campaign to dream about than this early result. >> that ohio number is spectacular. it's outside the margin of error. monica is absolutely right, this early, you can't take too much from the types of the numbers. you look at trend. if we see another "quinnipiac poll" in the next few weeks that shows trump increasing or moving in a positive trajectory, there's going to be a lot of renewed enthusiasm, and i believe he could put not only pennsylvania in play, minnesota, wisconsin, michigan, the upper midwestern states where you have economic jobs. people described as reagan democrats. this shows as clearly opportunity no doubt. not the whole story but good
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opportunity. lou: i'm a little more effusive what i'm looking at here, i see poll numbers that everyone was counting. the republican establishment they think are reeling tonight in shock, perhaps, some of them when they look at polls because the man they want to abuse and to reject and who they have fought tooth and nail over the course of the last month, when it became clear he was going to be the nominee. they look at polls and know they've been idiotic in reasoning, that should not come as a surprise to of them they have been for ten months. >> if the trend holds true,ul see them starting to zip their lip first and be more enthusiastic in terms of support for donald trump and more active. remember, that this, again, if this holds true, it is going to kill off the narrative that trump cannot beat clinton or whomever the democrats choose to nominate. lou: the nature sif not coming
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from just the democrats, incredibly the leadership of the republican party, the capitol hill leadership as well as a handful of fallen victims to donald trump's candidacy in the primaries. >> they've been late to the party all year, lou. they're not the lead indicators, the people are. that's what makes the year so special. the poll numbers show me the importance of trump in growing the party, making pennsylvania competitive and the importance of the party getting behind him so when we get to november, we have boots on the ground to deliver the states for him as the nominee. don't forget, mitt romney was ahead of barack obama in many of the states, ohio, and florida in particular, and lost because obama's ground operation was significantly better, and that's where i think trump benefits from creating a strategic alliance with the party. lou: let's put it in context. it has been, well, you have to go back to george w. bush in 2004 to look for a republican being elected in those states.
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>> and pennsylvania, certainly. lou: well, no, florida and ohio. in pennsylvania, it was 1988 and his father george h.w. bush, that's how significant the tight races are. >> the reason is twofold. one because donald trump is the consummate anti-establishment candidate running in anti-establishment year. moreover it's the economic message. he's speaking to the rust belt in terms of the issues that directly affect our livelihoods, illegal immigration and bad trade deals and responding to him in ways that the establishment could not anticipate. lou: business practices and public policies that have been destroying the middle class in this country, now down -- it has shrunk 15%. tony, thanks for being with us. monica, thank you. >> thank you. lou: a lot more ahead. polls closing in west virginia. we'll have the results within moments of the polls closing. the trump train is rolling and
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or six people. trump saying he's giving special weight to political experience because he wants a vice president who can help him, quote, with legislation. getting things through washington. trump also says he's not ruled out new jersey governor chris christie as a potential choice of vice president. i'm joined by trump campaign manager, corey lewandowski. lewandowski now overseeing the campaign's vice presidential search and selection process. great to have you on the show. >> thank you. lou: and congratulations on donald trump's amazing march to presumptive nominee of the party. how does it feel tonight? >> it's remarkable. and you know what? mr. trump set out to do on june 16th, many of the political pundits and ruling establishment class said he would never get to where we are today. and time and time again he's proven them wrong. every poll, he was an asterisk.
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he didn't qualify in the poll. >> he avs at the top of the polls and stayed there and remained there and now the presumptive nominee and we have a great night tonight and we're excited. lou: looking at west virginia, about to close in about 16 minutes. we'll have the early numbers. we're then going to nebraska. that poll doesn't close until 9:00. we'll have those numbers for you as well and coverage throughout the evening on the fox business network. i want to talk about three other polls if i may, and i don't think you'll be unhappy discussing these polls either. that is the "quinnipiac poll" that we just reported to you at the outset of the broadcast showing donald trump now in a dead heat with hillary clinton in florida. 43-42% for clinton. ohio, 43% to 39% for trump, and in pennsylvania, trump with
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42%, clinton with 43. i don't know how many times donald trump said throughout this campaign that he will put states in play that haven't been for a long time. you've got to go back to 1988. when you look at pennsylvania. and george h.w. bush to see that state won by a republican. he's got three of them right now. >> what you have is a candidate who has a broad appeal to working-class people because he's talked to cutting taxes for the middle class, which i think is something that is desperately needed. talked about renegotiating bad trade deals, cutting national deficit so we're not burdening children and grandchildren going forward. they cut across every demographic, it's about putting people back to work. when you put states in play that republicans haven't been able to do so in a long time. it changes the map. not just the three battleground states. new york, florida, michigan and places where our bad trade deals in this country have decimated the economies there.
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lou: not many states immune to the consequences of those trade deals and certainly we've seen through those bad trade deals as you describe them, 40 consecutive years of trade deficits for the country. extraordinary. and as you say, donald trump, focusing on the middle class, focusing on the consequences of public policy decisions that are frankly inexplicable to most americans, particularly those suffering the consequences. i want to turn to, if we can, to the vice presidential search. donald trump talking about he wants a political person. you can share with us further parameters that you're examining in his behalf for the search? >> i think the important thing is when you have a president trump, you want somebody who's going to be a partner with him, who's going to set the legislative agenda he set forth. you need someone who fully understands washington.
7:17 pm
he's run as the outsider, someone who can fundamentally change the way washington works. finding a partner to make sure legislative agenda is achieved is important to him. he's looking at a number of people. five or six might be on the list, i think it's fair to say all the people have had elective office experience at one level or another, whether it's a ceo or chief executive officer of a state be a senator or governor or someone who can move or shepard legislation through the process. that's the type of person we're looking for. lou: within the parameters, any preference for gender, for ethnicity, race, any specific quality beyond the perential background? >> you want to have that person prepared. and it doesn't matter if the
7:18 pm
person is a male or female. what race they are. it's having the best qualified person for the job. that's who he will find. lou: and fund-raising now as you go into the general election, already fund-raising has started for the campaign. a lot of controversy whether it's being manufactured or ginned up. i'd like to share with you and the audience something that goes back to october of last year in which donald trump talked about exactly this phase that the campaign, the candidacy is entering. if we could, talking with my colleague, neil cavuto who we'll be working with throughout the evening tonight. let's hear that. >> after that, the party comes in and they raise a lot of money. but it's not money that i'm raising. the party will raise the money. what my pledge is and what i said strongly, i'm going through the entire process. through the nominating process, and at that point, at the very end, the party kicks in and that's fine with me. lou: the party kicks in, is
7:19 pm
that being worked out. are those discussions and strategizing taking place right now? >> they are. it's important to know if mr. trump is elected president, he wants majorities in the house and senate to work to achieve his legislative agenda. he's going to work to raise money for the party. making sure they have the resources to be successful, so he will be raising money for the party for the general election for sure. lou: and paul ryan, donald trump meeting with ryan and the republican leadership of both the senate and the house, but a separate meeting between the two men, thursday. how strained and how possibly productive will that meeting be? >> what you find in the meeting is two individuals have a lot more in common than most people think. they understand the need to cut taxes for the middle class. balance our budget. reduce the deficit. what they're going to have the opportunity to do is talk about what their objectives are and
7:20 pm
how to get there. that's not just between speaker ryan but leader mcconnell. so as the nomination progresses, laying out what mr. trump's vision is for america first 100 days and beyond is with the party leaders to make sure that when he takes over and is sworn in on january 20th, he'll have the opportunity to have the agenda set and work closely with congress for the american people. lou: with the results from possibly tonight's two primaries, he may have some numerical support, donald trump, with the speaker. it will be interesting to see. do you expect resolution by thursday afternoon? >> what you have is 10 1/2 to 11 million people who supported donald trump. he has a clear mandate going in to be the republican nominee, and what that is going to allow him to do is make sure his agenda is coupled with the speaker's agenda and the senate majority leader's agenda which is the best for america. lou: good to have you with us.
7:21 pm
>> pleasure being here. lou: corey lewandowski. joining us former arkansas governor, former republican presidential candidate, mike huckabee. governor, good to have you with us. you just heard corey lewandowski talk about bringing together two agendas. that sound rather magnanimous on the part of the trump campaign to me. what do you think? >> well, it was, and i think donald trump has exhibited that throughout this anticipated meeting with paul ryan. look, i just -- i don't understand what paul ryan was thinking when he made comments that indicated, hey, i may not support the republican nominee. in other words, what he was saying is i don't care that donald trump has more republican voters than anybody ever has, i just may decide that the voters are too sdpupd act indifferently toward them. and can't imagine he intended for it to come across that way. it was disastrous. lou: and, do you expect them to shake hands and be ready for
7:22 pm
the future, and for speaker ryan effectively to salute the party's presumptive nominee at the end of that meeting and a warm embrace between the two? >> well, i think so, and i think if it doesn't happen, then it's paul ryan that's going to be hurt by it. donald trump goes into the meeting with the wind behind his back. look, people are mad at congress. you know why? because the republican congress pushed a trade deal that the republican people didn't want. they pushed immigration policies that the republican voters didn't want. they didn't defund planned parenthood. they didn't change the debt ceiling. lou: by the way, speaker ryan led two of those efforts and pushed through the omnibus bill in his first six months as speaker, that his own conference didn't want. >> let me add too, lou, that donald trump has also said we're not going to go in there
7:23 pm
and gut social security payments for elderly people. we're not going to somehow make the debt disappear by balancing the budget off the backs of the people who have stood on concrete floors, worked hard and lifted heavy things their whole lives only to be told you have to work another 10 years. lou: yeah. >> i can't imagine that anything ought to happen other than donald trump goes in, paul ryan shakes his hand. sir, i've been thinking about this. you know, you've got something going here. i'm onboard. i want to talk to you, give you some thoughts but i respect the fact that the voters have put you in this room and only one section of voters in one of the 435 congressional districts have put me here. so yes, sir, let's talk about what we need to do to win this thing. lou: that first district, by the way, in wisconsin, that he represents. a lot of people aren't aware, he didn't win his hometown in
7:24 pm
that election. a little tough for him, and might give him some sense of humility and modesty in appropriate respect. i think some respect ought to be built by what we saw in the quinnipiac today, governor. florida, ohio, and pennsylvania in a dead heat between clinton and trump. i mean that's impressive, isn't it? >> it's not only impressive but indicative of where the election is going to go. i believe donald trump is going to beat hillary clinton. hillary clinton is funded by the people and the companies and the wall street interests who think that they're too big to fail. and hillary thinks that she is too big to jail. and i think that the arrogance and hubris of her donors and her own campaign will be her undoing, and i believe donald trump will put into play people who have historically voted democrat, but they're going to be voting for donald trump come
7:25 pm
november. lou: governor mike huckabee, great to have you with us. >> thanks so much. lou: up next, election results from west virginia. polls about to close. donald trump expected to do well tonight, bernie sanders looking to capitalize on some of clinton's unfortunate comments for her at least on coal. we'll have the results out of west virginia right after this break. stay with us. my school reunion's coming fast. ♪ could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. ♪ when it's go, go to
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. lou: in a matter of seconds, we're awaiting results out of west virginia. we should have those as i say, just about 40 seconds, and joining us tonight former white house reagan political director, great american pac strategist ed rollins, as is pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the "new york post," michael goodwin, both fox news contributors. very quickly, ed, those three states, pennsylvania and florida and ohio, in a dead
7:30 pm
heat between clinton and trump. >> that makes the game very, very doable for trump, if he can hold that point, there's no reason he can't. he only needs to add two after that. romney had the swing states, pennsylvania hasn't been there since 88. florida and ohio, the key states for winning, very positive night. lou: it is 7:30 in west virginia. the polls have closed. donald trump we are projecting has won tonight's primary. he is the only major candidate who remains on the democratic side. senator bernie sanders currently enjoying a solid lead over hillary clinton in the state's democratic presidential primary. it is too early to project a winner in the race based on fox news exit polling so the democratic race too close to call, and put another state in donald trump's primary victory column. let's go back to that polling and what we've just seen as a
7:31 pm
result here in west virginia. 34 delegates at stake. how significant? >> lot of stories about the internal battle going on in the republican party. but to the voters, very much in the trump camp and no opposition. my sense is he's getting stronger and stronger in the polls. dead heat in the national polls. i remind people george h.w. bush was 18 points after michael dukakis. he's not going to have to move a lot of numbers, right on her tail. lou: does it look like he has to build the numbers? >> sure, he will clearly have the majority before the convention which is a very important solidifying fact in and of itself. what opposition can you have against your party's nominee if he's already got a pledged commitment that is more than a majority. lou: the answer would be futile. >> that's right. i think that each -- so, in a
7:32 pm
way the race is over, buts not over because there's a lot of convincing he can do through the remaining primaries. lou: that convincing, he's already succeeding at least again in the three battleground states which haven't been won by a republican since, what, 2004. george w. bush. >> the truth of the matter is trump is a great salesman. people are seeing he's a leader, successful in everything he's done. the people are settled in. some of the conservatives may not be. settled in the two choices for president. him and hillary clinton. hillary clinton is four more years of the same thing we've had. he's a change agent. >> as far as the battleground states. it's a fact that i'm sure, both of you know that no president of either party has won the presidency since 1960 without winning two of the three states. at this stage to be even in all
7:33 pm
three gives, you know, it's a real tie to begin the general election. lou: coming over very quickly as did anthony scaramucci coming over. >> boone pickens. lou: the list goes on. >> the reality is that this is already moving significantly. >> yes, it is. lou: is he going to have any, any delay in fund-raising because it's only now being formed? >> i don't think there's a delay. i think it's a monstrous task to raise the money that you need to raise today, but i think no other republican could do it at this point in time and he certainly can because of friendships and contacts. but we've got to play catch-up. the democrats do what they start to romney. start firing with the super pac real quick and find him before the convention, and he's got to get on the air and respond. lou: it would be helpful, the not necessary as trump
7:34 pm
indicated but helpful if ryan would get in line and screw his head on straight, in the vernacular, and we just heard corey lewandowski talking graciously on behalf of the campaign, talking about bringing their agendas together. i thought that was particularly magnanimous on the part of the trump campaign. do you think this can be resolved thursday? >> i don't think if it will all be resolved thursday. it should be substantive and that should be a first big step. i would say too, lou, when you think about the mitt romney's of the world, the lindsey grahams and paul ryan, this is the party that gave you its support and you expected everybody to get on board your train when you were driving it. there is some -- i understand they don't like truchlt some of it is personal, some is principal. lou: nobody cares, the fact of the matter is lindsey graham has been whining from the moment he entered it, to the moment he left it and beyond.
7:35 pm
>> right. lou: but mitt romney, no one can figure out his spite. >> and trump famously endorsed him in 2012. so it is a weird situation for all these republican leaders to be abdicating their own party. lou: and who he has already demonstrated that he wasn't exercising hyperbole when he said it looks like he can do it without them. >> he certainly needs the party, and best to have ryan. at the end of the days, you don't need ryan's total agenda which most of the country doesn't want anyways. lou: he's in a dead heat in three states not won by a republican. we can add it up, 20 years, you see how quick i did that. >> very well. lou: did it in my head. >> you promised no numbers. lou: we're waiting on results from the democratic primary in west virginia. too close to call. the nebraska republican primary
7:36 pm
we'll have at 9:00 tonight on the fox business network. stay with us. we're coming right back. who's winning the most votes this primary election season? we'll break down the revealing numbers and what it all may mean for the outcome in november? and an absurd idea, conservatives for hillary. [ laughter ] >> who are these people and what are they on? we take it all up with radio talk show host mike gallagher and real clear politics rebecca berg here next. stay with us. we'll be right back. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. mountains, and conquered highways, and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the new audi a4. with one notable difference...
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. lou: a lot has been made of donald trump's ability to defeat hillary clinton in the general election, especially the popular vote. so let's bring us all up to date. so far, the republican party is responsible for over 26 million votes compared to the democrats. there it is. 22 million. of those votes, donald trump has managed to garner over 10 million of them. clinton has taken over just 12 million. it is important to note here that trump pulled in that number while fending off 16 candidates. clinton was at times outgunned just facing, well, at most two candidates, one of whom didn't get many votes as i recall. joining me political reporter for real clear politics,
7:41 pm
rebecca berg and mike gallagher, great to have you both. >> hi, lou. lou: these numbers are impressive. republicans are running ahead of democrats, who would have thought, 11 months ago. >> and it's the kind of number and this fact is something that never trumpers never wanted to acknowledge. they don't want to give credit for donald trump, a guy who's never really run for public office in his life as reince priebus told us on my radio show to garner those kind of numbers and you see three swing states where he's neck-and-neck? wait a minute. i thought the never-trumpers said he was going to get clobbered by hillary clinton. why do we think they're right now? lou: point of fact, rebecca, we have an establishment that hasn't been right about a darn thing since the very onset of the primary season. that in itself is remarkable. >> certainly, lou, we all have
7:42 pm
gone the a lot of things wrong in this primary season. lou: what do you mean, we? speak for yourself. >> present company included, of course, one of the interesting phenomena in the election cycle is as you see the rise of donald trump and his great success in the republican primary, we've only had one incumbent from congress lose their primary so far. now their primary's yet to be fought, but i find it interesting when we have the very anti-establishment feeling among many republicans and americans in general and anti-washington feeling. incumbents are still winning. so it's a very weird dynamic that we're seeing. but in terms of the general election polls it's really early. i'm trying not to put too much weight on any one poll and it's still may and a lot of races to be run. lou: we projected west virginia for donald trump. the democrats are still close
7:43 pm
-- too close to call between sanders and clrnths but -- clinton, but one thing that isn't too close is donald trump's idea proffered by the establishment or members of it, he's winning or tied with hillary clinton in three battleground states where republican hasn't won since 2004. >> rebecca has a point of this being may. we still have a really twisty, windy road ahead. lou: and you rebecca are no fun at all. [ laughter ] >> if you like the poll, go with it. we're going to poll throughout. you are going to have plenty of time to say, you know that poll back in may? right now it's a shocker to the establishment. >> what we know is the more that's thrown at donald trump, the stronger and the bigger and the more successful he seems to be becoming. and that doesn't seem to be changing. lou: rebecca, you get the last word here, your thoughts on
7:44 pm
this primary election night in west virginia and in nebraska. >> certainly, of course, a good night for donald trump. he has no competition at this point. at least on the ballot. for me his biggest competition now, lou, is this really himself transitioning from the primary to the general election. we've seen him starting to make those moves within the past week but he really needs to win over more people in his own party. you can't win a general election without party unity. we haven't seen it before. >> watch paul ryan, see what paul ryan says. that will be big. lou: all right. rebecca, thank you, mike, appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: more election results from west virginia. trump winning west virginia but too early to call the democratic race. house speaker paul ryan says he was following his gut when he aired reservations about donald trump. >> this is my gut. just me being candid. my gut.
7:45 pm
the other point is a lot of us didn't think it would end this quickly. i was getting ready for an open convention. lou: dog gone the surprises in life. i'll take that up and more with billionaire investor wilbur ross who proudly represents the establishment, and a great american. stay with us, we're coming right back. ♪
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. lou: hillary clinton raking in a lot of money from justice department employees, all the while she's under investigation by the department. hillary clinton has received more than $73,000 in political donations from those working at the department of justice. reports "the washington free beacon." the hefty donations save the need for a special prosecutor in the clinton case, by comparison, donald trump from the justice department received, let me get this number right, $381. joining us tonight, billionaire investor wilbur ross, chairman and coo of w.l. ross and company, one of the leading private equity firms. good to have you with us. >> good to be on, lou. lou: the polls, it's impressive what he's done here, in basically a tie in florida, in pennsylvania and ohio. three battleground states.
7:50 pm
>> well, you know, in the primary, he got about as many votes in florida as she did, even though she only had bernie sanders against her and donald had at that point, i think three people against him. so his strength in florida is real. it's quite real. lou: you have decided to support some time ago, donald trump. >> correct. lou: going to turn to you about money. fund-raising for donald trump now, entering the general election phase. do you see a problem here in his ability to raise money? or do you believe people are going to get behind him and drive it? >> first of all, people can still give money for the primary because it's not over yet. you haven't had the convention, so they can still give him primary money, in addition to general election. i think he'll get money. it won't be from necessarily the same traditional sources,
7:51 pm
it's unfortunate that a paul singer is not going to help him, but i think there's a whole new group of people put off by some of the other candidates who will come in and support him. steve mnucin is a good case in point. he's more or less a convert. lou: as the money starts coming in, people say donald trump should be putting together the same machine that served barack obama so well, that has served senator sanders so well, just bring it in because people want to invest in trump, want to invest in the future as they see it. >> remember, he has gotten a lot of unsolicited money, in mostly in small contributions, even when it wasn't clear that he would be the nominee. lou: and your sense on ryan and trump meeting with the republican leadership on capitol hill this thursday. what do you expect to come out of that?
7:52 pm
what would you urge rye span and trump to accomplish? >> i think they need to kiss and make up. i think both parties need it. i think ryan needs it and trump could use it. it's silly to keep waging old fights. this is time to get people organized and go forward. lou: are you encouraged by the tact that trump is take? he's going straight at hillary clinton and not backing off one iota. >> he's not known for backing off anything. lou: i think most people -- i won't say that. he's gotten a lot of votes from people who obviously like his approach is the way to say it. >> well, then they should. i think that there's another wild thing that will happen. i believe bernie sanders is going to stage an independent candidacy, and that could be a really, really interesting factor in the election. think about it. why not? he's a movement. he's not just a person.
7:53 pm
movements need continued momentum. if he just drops out of picture, that's the end of his movement. lou: who will benefit from his third party? >> i'm not so sure that either one will benefit from it because i think a lot of the sanders people would otherwise go over to trump being anti-establishment. lou: it's going to be interesting to watch. you heard it here. wilbur ross, always great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: good to see you. up next, awaiting numbers for the democrats, which will tell the tale of course, in west virginia, and the republicans in nebraska. that happens at 9:00. by the way, nebraska, where ted cruz thought he might have seen might upset trump, what do you think? we'll take that up and more next. stay with us.
7:54 pm
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lou: back with us, former reagan political director ed rollins. you will itser prize winning columnist, michael goodwin. we are watching the results come in. still too close to call for the democrats. trump is expected to win in nebraska. everything seems to be moving this way right now. >> that's absolute lire right.
7:58 pm
-- it's absolutely right. it's an unopposed juggernaut. the only question is whether people in congress or other party types around the fringes recognize this or continue to try to resist it. i think they frankly are on the wrong side of where this is going. and i think they will embarrass themselves eventually. lou: do you agree with michael? >> i do. he need to run his own campaign. raise the money he need to raise. focus on hillary and not pay a bit of attention to the washington conservatives or house republicans that may not be intact, they will come in at the end. lou: he has won women in west virginia. he has won he demographic group over the course of the last six weeks. this is -- and people keep talking about his problems. going to those battleground state polls, he's doing tremendously.
7:59 pm
the rhetoric from the so-called elites and establishment and the empirical reality couldn't be more divergent. >> in three of the battleground states, hillary clinton's women's vote was under 50%. so she is not exactly knocking it out of the park. she was beating him by roughly 13 points, but she was under 50%. so there is room for him to grow as well. >> there were people that loved it initially. i acquired a lot of it over the years. but in this case people are seeing him as a viable candidate for the presidency and they are jumping on the bandwagon. lou: yes or no, do they make up? >> yes, they make up. lou: fox news is projecting
8:00 pm
donald trump the winner in west virginia. the democrats are too close to call. our election night coverage continues with my colleague neil cavuto. [♪] >> announcer: fox business coverage of election 2016. here is neil cavuto. neil: a week ago at this time it did not seem necessary that there would be a loss of drama when everyone dropped out by donald trump and he was all but crowned the republican nominee. a week later west virginia, donald trump won the state. he will get the overwhelming


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