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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 10, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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the system is broken and hillary clinton is the system. as he talks about her negatives. there is the f.b.i. investigation. he needs to mention those issues. if he calls her crooked hillary, that's what it seems to be. charles: have a fantastic weekend. here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. donald trump focused on the political ballot of his life, the outcome of which will define him and the country. he means to restore to prosperity and greatness this country. he spoke at a faith and freedom conference in washington where he made it clear he will be leading the prosecution of clinton's public career over three decades. her record as senator, first lady and secretary of state and
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now as her party's nominee. >> hillary clinton jeopardized national security by putting her emails on a private server all to hide her corrupt dealing. that's the reason thee she did it. she is now under criminal investigation. that was announced yesterday by the white house. the first time ever a president of the united states endorsed something under criminal investigation. lou: trump also made it clear that he's breaking with the traditional constraints of republicans mike mitt romney and paul ryan. he says the repeated failures of democratic program and policies are at an end, promising his policies will benefit all americans. >> regulation, bureaucracy, government control and open
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borders have economic allly destroyed our inner cities. her policies will be a crushing blow to all poor people in this country. her education policies, economic policies, immigration policies and trade policies will plunge our poor african-american, hispanic community into turmoil and even worse, despair. lou: among our guests tonight, influential pastor robert jeffers will talk about the trump difference. and how tell neutralize resistance from speaker ryan and other he athletes and ultimate are you defeat hillary clinton. fred barnes is trying to convince mitt romney to run as
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the head of a third party. we have a lot to discuss including what the establishment is playing at. not only ryan and romney. but knew senator majority leader mitch mcconnell joining in to an apparent resistance movement to the republican party's elected standard-bearer. he said the remarks about the trump university judge were beyond the pale. ryan in his typical fashion took no note at all of the judge's potential political organizations. what could be better than two women leftists on the democratic ticket. hillary clinton stoking speculation she may choose senator elizabeth warren as her running-mate.
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clinton met with warren at her home in washington. trump tweeted pocahontas is at it again. goofy elizabeth warren has a nasty mouth. hope she is vp choice. warren called trump a thin-skinned fraud. the race already heated. i'll be talking about it with a number of tonight toes and a haven'ts -- a number of politicos and a savants. another social media giant is accused of cyber ask kren orship. news that google hid negative
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stories about hillary clinton. >> google has been actively altering search recommendations. >> it typed in the words hillary clinton cri. if you do the same on yahoo or bing you get hillary clinton criminal. hillary clinton ind, google fills in hillary clinton indiana. yahoo fills in hillary clinton indictment. >> the intention is clear. google is burying potential searches for hillary clinton by manipulating recommendations on their site. reporter: trump rac for racist.
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this time the google search matched yahoo and bing. >> this appears to be a consist don't ask. reporter: predictions are produced based on a number of factors including the popularity of search terms. >> based on what the results are. there is definitely a problem. google also explains its systems automatically filters out inaproper yapts auto complete searches. so negative information is not the first thing that pops up. lou: we'll have a lot more on this issue tonight. donald trump presented a clear contrast between himself and
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evangelicals. both candidates in washington giving dueling speeches. hillary clinton addressed the planned parenthood. and trump addressed the faith fan freedom conference saying clinton's policies would set america back. >> religious freedom with government mandates. she'll push for federal funding of abortion on demand up until the moment of birth. which is where she is as you know. she'll undermine the wages of working people with uncontrolled immigration, creating poverty and income insecurity. hillary clinton's wall street agenda will crush working families. lou: joining us tonight, dr. robert jeffrress.
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fox news contributor and early supporter of donald trump. you got a shout-out a donald trump today. how did that feel? >> very nice. he's a great guy. lou: he's a great guy use say, and he's also for the second time in a row talking off a teleprompter. this is a signal of how important detail and specificity is to him. >> i think donald trump did exactly we needed to do today to not only cause evangelicals to coalesce around him, but also all conservatives and that is, he painted a stark contrast between himself and hillary clinton. take the abortion issue. here donald trump said dea's going to appoints pro-life justices to the supreme court lo
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who will restrict late-term abortions. hillary clinton says she is for murdering children in the womb up until the moment they are born. there couldn't and greater contrast. not just in abortion, but religious liberty, the' economy and national security. trump will continue to points out these differences. he will win and win big in november. lou: there are members of his own party, paul ryan, mitt romney, bill kristol of the weekly standard. we'll be talking with his co-found for fred barnes later in the broadcast. what are these guys doing, and to what end? do you have -- are you confident you have a sense to what end they are resisting the party's nominee? >> i think what they are trying to do is save their own skin. they have this fantasy that somehow they can decouple
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themselves from the republican nominee and retain control of the house and senate if trump should lose. it doesn't work that way. has been gentleman min franklin said, either we all hang together or we hang separately. i think they have manufactured a sued so moral principle that keep them from voting for donald trump. some of our religious viewers think there is a moral principle to keep them from voting for donald trump. what moral principle would allow hillary clinton to become president. hillary clinton said in order to women to have unfettered access to abortion, the deeply seeded religious feeling of some will have to be changed. that's tyranny on the part of hillary clinton that she wants to change our deeply held seeded religious beliefs. that's why we need to vote against her.
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lou: it raises the bar for donald trump who has to go to some extraordinary distance to bring those people along. it is just another challenge of to which one assumes he can certainly overcome and meet. pastor, we are out of time. it's good to have you with us. you were accused in a "washington post" story -- i like the way they put this -- of sacrificing, compromising your faith to support what the "post," "the washington post" which is so neutral and objective in its language and reporting, a strongman like donald trump. i guess they would have been fine if you had compromised your faith in support of a weak man. but you have done it for a strong man.
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>> it's built on the false premise that there is something unchristian about a candidate who wants to protect our country and keep us safe. i was arguing with a professor not long ago on npr. he says don't you want a president who would talk like to jesus in the sermon on the mount? >> i said heck know. government has a different responsibility and that's to protect its citizens. lou: unto ceasar what is ceasar's -- i know you are impressed i knew that much. we are coming right back. stay with us. much more straight ahead. some republican elites appear to be more loyal to mitt romney than to the party. will the anti-trump percent como
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lou: gop elites on capitol hill continue to hammer away at donald trump. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he will not rule out rescinding his endorsement of donald trump. speaker ryan says he privately rebuked donald trump for his comments about the trump university judge. >> i think it's pretty clear. i have been clear publicly about i think he ought to change directions and i hope that's what we'll see. >> this is something that needs to be condemned. it's not political correctness suggesting somebody can't do their job because of race or ethnicity. that's not a politically
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incorrect thing to say. it's a wrong thing to say. lou: joining us is the editor of ""the weekly standard"" fred barnes. ryan looks like he was pandering pretty hard. when is he going to give up his bizarre obvious opinion of himself as arbiter of what is and is not acceptable in the republican party. >> he is speaker of the house. lou: so what? >> it's a pretty big job. wait a minute, lou. here is a guy, paul ryan, he endorsed donald trump. he's been attacked for endorsing donald trump. he hasn't backed away at all. he and donald trump have negotiated a lot of domestic issues, the issues ryan is putting out every week on the military buildup, on national
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security, on the anti-poverty program. lou: they have the opposite view on social security. >> that's not one of the things they agreed on. but there are some they have agreed on. lou: who is the speaker who thinks he's setting the national agenda for the republican party? i have never heard of it with a presidential nominee in place. >> i think he's the highest ranking elected official. lou: that's a bogus definition of the party leader as you well know. traditionally the nominee is the leader of the party and coming out of the convention will be so in fact. i think it's bizarre behavior for a speaker who is supposedly supporting the nominee. >> he is supporting the nominee. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell
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both want donald trump to win because they think he's much preferable to hillary clinton. they want that because it will help them. the senate may stay in republican hands. lou: that's big of them. i'm pretty excited about that. they have enough common sense to tie their shoes, but not much else. >> i think they will both be happy, because donald trump. lou: i want them to be happy, fine fellas. >> it will make me happy, too. donald trump turned a corner not only with his speech today in washington, but his speech in west chester county tuesday night the night of the california primaries. an excellent speech. he's not some irrelevant thing about some judge, but stuff about economic nationalism. immigration. lou: controlling immigration.
7:21 pm
all of this that paul ryan insists his agenda has to supplant. but you promised you would let me ask my question. i waited my turn. you began your answer with look. what i have noticed of ladies elected official, savants in washington, d.c. increasingly begin their responses with the four-letter word "look." and i have never -- why has this become such an in vogue way to begin a response in "look." >> i'll make sure i don't say it anymore. it sound awfully bossy. lou: tino you are a wonderful fella and a great american. i just noticed it has
7:22 pm
increasingly with folks from washington, d.c. for some reason. i want to turn to this business with the clinton donor ending up on the state department's intelligence advisory board. despite the fact he had no professional experience, no educational experience, no reason on earth to be on that board. appointed in 2011. it came after his large, generous donations to the clinton initiative foundation and to of course the clintons themselves. this looks to me to be another major scandal for the clintons. your view? >> i agree with you. this is the way the clintons operate. you give them money, you donate to their foundation, hundreds of thousands of dollars and you get something back if you wanted it. this guy got on a top secret
7:23 pm
advisory board. lou: he is a man of mystery. we still know very little about this fella and we have been working hard to find out. >> abc news when they asked about it, the clintons stalled so they could get him off the board. lou: we wish you a good weekend. his vice presidential choice at the convention. we wanted to help him choose with our own veepstakes. we'll move forward to a subsequent round. so far you have chosen rudy giuliani and chris christie. tonight we move forward with three more names. newt gingrich, ben carson and former secretary of state condoleezza rice.
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from that list, who would be your choice. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. would a democratic the of clinton-warren be a dream or nightmare for donald trump. look at this video. it must be the world's most daring supermodel. watch as italian bombshell makes a death-defying leap from a helicopter at 15,000 feet. this is what she is jumping over. soaring over an active volcano in a wing suit. the adrenaline junky holds a number of world records for her
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death-defying stunt and was voted sexiest athlete by "men's athletic magazine." >> she even appointed to the national security board someone with no national security experience. instead he was a donor. he made a contribution of $250,000. all of a sudden he's on an important and vital board. lou: that's part of what i'm talking about tonight in my commentary. poor mouth breather.
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lou: a few thoughts on the latest scandal to hit the clinton campaign. newly released emails indicate how a clinton don't year ended up on a national intelligence advisory board despite no experience.
7:30 pm
the donor who tonight we designate as an international man of mystery. he was born in denmark. educated in london and chicago. he suddenly was appointed to hillary clinton to that panel, tasked with assessing nuclear strategy and sensitive intelligence assessments. a poonlter prize comprised of cabinet officials and members of congress san fernando. his 2011 appointment came after donations to the clinton's 2008 campaign and $250,000 given to the clinton foundation. even state department officials couldn't justify his inclusion on that panel. the true answer is the secretary
7:31 pm
staff, cheryl milleed ad it. he -- add it. fernando resigned from the board just days after his appointment was questioned. but continues to serve as a major clinton backer. he's also donated between $1 million to $5 million to the clinton foundation and will serve as a superdelegate to the clinton foundation. the children tons no strangers to scandal. the latest fox news poll shows 54% of voters say hillary clinton doesn't have the integrity to serve as president. the clintons i believe have established conduct and patterns of behavior that raise serious disqualifying question about the
7:32 pm
their character and integrity. what is this country about if hillary clinton can escape the consequences of scandal after scandal that have followed her throughout her public career. this one from samuel johnson who said, integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful. we are coming right back. senator warren endorsing hillary clinton and taking the fight to donald trump. >> i'm ready to get in this fight and work my heart out for hillary clinton. lou: does warren's goofy attacks on donald trump mean hillary has her running-mate? a baby dolphin heading home thanks to the kindness of a stranger. stay with us.
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>>announcer: enter a world build a mighty fortress. summon the bravest heroes... ...and fight for glory! forge alliances with other players! unite your clan. send your vikings on a war of conquest. and battle players from around the world! play vikings: war of clans for free lou: joining us tonight, matt schlapp and tammy bruce. let's start with the possibility that mitch mcconnell might rescind his endorsement and paul ryan might do other grotesque things with his.
7:37 pm
>> washington, d.c. is sounding more and more like a johnny depp movie, cry babies and snowflakes. i wish there would be pirate every once in a while. where have all the men gone? i suggested we should send some tea patches over to washington, d.c. they know in trump has over 1,500 delegates. there will be no way to do it in the voting. this is about wanting mr. trump to lose and that should outrage everybody in this country and every republican and conservative. lou: tammy is making it pretty clear the ryans and roll any and the snow flakes and daffodils are really talking about hillary clinton as their preference for president. >> i put some of those people in different categories. mitt romney broke news today.
7:38 pm
he's not going to support donald trump. how many times is he going to break the same news? lou: he has been saying that for six months. he's a sore loser. >> he's saying he wants hillary clinton. >> that's right. when these conservative writers in the never trump movement, when you talk to hem, they say i'm worried about donald trump when it comes to some kinds much foreign affairs episode. i think they are saying they trust hillary clinton more than the wisdom of republican voters who picked dorch rr. lou -- who picked donald trump. lou: how did you differentiate? i think tammy is right. they don't have the stuff to sway they mean. >> i think mitt romney is in a categoryb by himself because a
7:39 pm
lot of us pulled the lever for him even though was or third or fourth choice. but these dead-enders, i think -- lou: they have threatened to do so. >> i guess i'm saying i don't think they are going to. >> there is a lot of damage that's done when someone who endorsed you have tries to rip your entrails out. that's the impact of that. when the american people -- mr. trump needs support of one group of people, and that's the voter. when it comes to fundraising, this is where governor romney and others come in. the infrastructure for an international campaign. i love that fast for freeze has endorsed donald trump. lou: are you saying that's a vulnerability?
7:40 pm
>> i think that it's better when everybody is hearing everyone is together and unified. but when it comes to infrastructure and money it maybe makes a difference. but i think this is something he can overcome. this his uniqueness. lou: i think if he continues to get this kind of recities answer. donald trump can combine his own money but to say to all of the people who are going to be supporting him, we are going to have an opportunity for everybody to join in. let's bring in your money, you can support our campaign as individuals, small amounts. and make countrywide the entire nation participate. you know what that does? that freezes the status question activists, and the orthodoxy of
7:41 pm
the establishment in place. romney and ryan, they start puking in point of fact. because there is no place for them or their money. donors are out. here we go. >> let them go on "the weekly standard" cruise. >> donald trump is running against washington, d.c. he has don't effectively. if the people inside the system are going to fight it, i think it's good for donald trump in the end. lou: i do, too. what do you think of the idea of saying let's get small donations and make it a nationwide campaign, and movement in reality with money. >> it is workable. the problem with all this is infrastructure and getting it started. the biggest problem when it comes to the finance question about the trump candidacy. they have to get started on it now. they are trying to raise the
7:42 pm
money through this rnc project. i'm worried it's not going to go as fast as it needs to. we are four months away. lou: the word yesterday was it has gone very well indeed it's early days as they say. tammy bruce, matt schlapp, thank you both for being here. let's take a look, a rescue just in the nick of time. this beached baby doll anyone. a local tour guide spotted the dolphin strands on the beach. he wasted no time picking it up in his arms and taking it back to the sea. it was returns to its natural environment. getting ready to take off, and when it makes up its mind here. moves straight away. a happy ending if ever there were one.
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donald trump laying out his case against hillary clinton. >> bill and hillary made $153 million giving speeches to special interest groups. these donors own hillary clinton. they own her. lou: the former chairman of the south carolina republican party van hipp joins us next. stay with us. look at all these purchases you made with your airline credit card. hold only got double miles on stuff you bought from that airline? let me show you something better. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase... not just...(dismissively) airline purchases. every purchase. everywhere. every day. no really! double miles on all of them! what's in your wallet? ♪ steak used to cost an arm and a leg.
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lou: joining us is the former chairman of the south carolina republican party, van hipp, he's one of the smartest strategists in the republican party. good to have you with us, van. let's turn to this business with mitt romney and paul ryan. they keep chirping, they have a big summit going. how can we get hillary clinton into the white house under a republican flag. why don't people have the guts to sway they are doing and other have the guts to say don't do it. >> the never trump establishment movement has less impact that it
7:48 pm
had a month or two months ago. mitt romney's annual summit. far less attendance than they have had probably ever. one man came forward and wanted to raise money for trump. that didn't goat over too well with romney. like i said the republican base has rallied behind donald trump. we have seen that in the polls. lou: 56% support of the republican party. >> those voting for trump are more motivated than hillary clinton supporters. some of those folks have gone so far and they have begun to embarrass themselves and it's probably time for a family intervention. lou: why doesn't trump cut everybody off at the legs who wants to create this noise.
7:49 pm
these donors, the old establishment types, the ryans and romneys, why not turn to his supporters and say we are going to have a national fundraising campaign, we want your donations to keep them small, but we want everybody participating in what is a movement. >> he's got to do that. right now i'm reminded of the old country song, he's got a long ways to go and a short time to get there. he need at least half of what romney had for the ground game, the turnout of the voters. you name it, he can win this thing, but he's got to have at least half of what mitt romney had. mitt romney wasted and blewa half of that money.
7:50 pm
the problem is the people running it are not trump people. then you have got trump donors who want to get involved. who want to raise money, can't get phone calls or emails returned. they need a mechanism to capture those people and i think your recommendation would do just that. lou: he appreciate you being with us. van hipp. los angeles a lot. on wall street, the dow jones fell 100 points. the nasdaq down 64. we wrap up a week of trading, $3.5 million. gawker media filing for bankruptcy months after it lost that privacy lawsuit brought by hulk hogan. gawker is ordered to pay $140 million. it will be sold through auction. up next, president obama
7:51 pm
embracing his role as hillary clinton's newest attack dog. >> have you been watching the election coverage about donald trump? >> no, but i have been watching my favorite show. lou: kathy lynn taylor is with us next. ars ago, i was starring in a one-woman show about a cat allergic to other cats. opening-slash-closing night it hit me: hats for cats. everyone said i was crazy. when i went online. i got my domain, from godaddy. now these things are fee-ly-in' outta here. got a crazy idea you think you can turn into a success? we know you can and we've got a domain for you. go you. godaddy. and i quit smoking with i'm chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker.
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lou: results of our online poll, 90% of you respond it is a conflict of interest for president obama to endorse hillary clinton while she is under investigation by his attorney general. kfmb radio talk show host mike slater and kathy lynn taylor. let's start with that little gathering out in deer valley, utah. kathy lynn, why aren't you there? >> i thought were going to come with me. they would love to have us. lou: imagine my walking through that door. why in the world can't they do something productive. >> if anything this evening -- weekend should be used for lessons learned versus any kind of attempt toward third party
7:56 pm
candidates or anything like that. lou: they are graceless people. are you kidding? >> there are tenets of the republican party that are valuable. that hasn't been completely disregarded. we say where did we go wrong. lou: they called it romney red. they have ailtd an autopsy and now they are trying to bury the party again. >> it will take a lot more than a weekend to fix the republican party. yes, there are some things obviously the republican party does well at. but they are horrible at messaging. that's what trump is better at than anything. message and brand and persuasion. the things they are wrong at and the catering to different groups, playing party politics.
7:57 pm
they have to stop with all that nonsense. lou: what about they should be honest enough with the american people that they would prefer hillary clinton over donald trump? why can't they say we want hillary. that's why we are trying to destroy the party. >> that's true. hillary is the status quo. and they like a certain amount of status question. >> that leaves me speechless. they can't possibly think that. if they think that they should register democrat and have a weekend there. there they can't possibly think that. >> their behavior leads to only one conclusion. and it could only be motivated by one desire. and that is for donald trump to lose and hillary clinton to win. this is not as the saying goes, high, high rocket science. this is what we are staring at and the national media doesn't have the guts to sway these
7:58 pm
people are all about. it's quite remarkable. >> i would say the republican party's behavior the last two decades has created donald trump. they are more to blame -- lou: these are the same people who brought you the results of 2008. the results of 2012. and by the way, donald trump is absolutely correct every time he says romney and ryan lost a race that is ridiculous, that they absolutely should have won. and blew it. >> that's true. but there are people -- lou: it's a major part of the people who are in deer valley thinking -- they are having some conference about big ideas and they never produced one previously. why did they think this would turn out differently.
7:59 pm
>> in 2003 and 2004 there were good things that came out of the republican party. lou: why not go back to 1860. >> we go back to reagan all the time. lou: what's your point? >> you can't discard everything. you have to look at what's good and incorporate that with what we are going to do going forward. lou: are you talking about donald trump and his leadership? >> i'm talking about deer valley and romney. >> look how they acted in d.c., how they led -- look at the debt and deficit it's been a disaster. they have the power of the purse. we are spending more than ever, and they haven't commanded any
8:00 pm
leadership at all. lou: with that we conclude our conversation. thank you very much. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. have a great weekend and good night from new york. >> announcer: this show has never been solely about investments. we talked about anything that affected people and their money. from new york city the new "wall street week." anthony: welcome to "wall street week." i'm anthony scaramucci. gary: i'm gary kaminsky. it's been one week since wall


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