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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 17, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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syria that the u.s. is tilting towards the shia and a lot of the sunni arabs -- charles: we have got to leave it there sir. have a good weekend everyone. lou: good evening everyone i'm lou dobbs. the obama administration is tonight fracturing and profoundly. the intelligence and diplomatic communities are eaking openly with the white house and the issue driving what is becoming all to rebellion a straightforward with this country's national security. today the political appointees of the state department and throughout the administration were jarred or the disclosure that more than 50 diplomats, professionals, state department employees, have use of so-called channel to one the president that his syria policy isn't working, that the syrian
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geopolitical military and humanitarian crises require a change in white house policy direction. those diplomats are urging the president to hit the assad regime that targeted airstrikes. the white house couldn't or wouldn't say whether mr. obama had read the critique of his policies. all of this comes just one day after cia director john brennan displayed considerable courage and contradicting president obama on the islamic state telling congress that the president's policy against the islamic state isn't working. thereby brennan also gave public support to republican nominee donald trump's view of the islamic state and the administration's inadequate response to the threat to this country. trump last night squarely blamed the demonstrations weekly to ship for its inability to successfully prosecute the war against radical islam must terrorists.
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>> the problem with our country is we have leaders that give up. they gave up on the borders, totally. it's almost like they gave up on isis. one of the top people in need is duration, the current administration, joe said and i actually wrote it down that isis is working very hard to come into the west. they are working very hard to come into our country and they are working very hard. and you saw what one's sleazebag can do. one sleazebag over the weekend, what he did. lou: general jack keane will join us in a few moments to assess the syrian policy and the battle against the islamic state and other challenges notably from china and russia. a lot to discuss tonight including more political correct is from this administration specifically the department of homeland security, a new dhs report urges the department
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reject terms like jihad and sharia because those words allegedly promote and us versus them are in pahlavi -- mentality. also tonight house speaker paul ryan demonstrated again that he seek either a tool for the republican establishment lobbyist so-called washington cartel or the left. certainly he's committed to defeating the republican nominee the speaker saying he would sue president donald trump if he enacted a temporary ban on muslim immigration. second order. >> look, it's not just barack obama who has abused executive power. other republican presidents have done it before. we believe the separation between article between article i and article ii has gotten out of control. i would sue any president who exceeds his or her powers. lou: we will talk to brett barnes and also what's the deal
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was senator bernie sanders? it seems everyone believes the democratic race is over except senator sanders. he still refuses to concede to hillary clinton. our top story tonight the obama administration's failing foreign-policy and weak knees. the russian air force bombing u.s.-backed rebels in syria twice as the kremlin warned against targeting assad. the strikes occurred near the southern city of an area where russia had not previously conducted airstrikes. russian strike fighters hitting rebel positions. units trained and backed by the cia with a second-strike occurring after united states had used an emergency hotline to demand russia hault those combat operations. defense secretary ash carter however offered only a tepid response to the strike saying the hotline was not quote use professionally.
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>> this was an attack on forces first of all that were fighting isil and obviously that's the first thing that's problematic about this russian conduct, because if you go back, remember the russians initially said they were coming in to fight isil and that's not what they did. lou: our defense secretary. russia has upped its provocation on the scene. russia earlier this week setting a propagation to the baltic sea shadowing u.s. and nato ships conducting exercises there. china shadowing our navy in the western pacific in recent days. joining us now to assess all of this retired four-star general former chairman, excuse me chairman of the institute for military analyst. jack great to have you with us. let's start with ash carter. have you ever seen a defense
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secretary more seemingly in feeble and weaker in his response and uncertain of what he is saying? >> is really significant because historically we know how to deal with russia. we have dealt with the soviet union and russia being the central country the soviet union for years and what they have always respected as the democratic and republican presidents has found its strength. here we are, the russians when they intervene in a war in syria within days of that babe aunt syrian monitors that we were supporting. the first time they did that they should have credited the airfield for which those airplanes contained just as we did in after desert shield and evert -- desert storm with saddam hussein's forces. we should tell russia if you do this again we are not just going to create an airfield where going to take your planes down to the problem with this administration is they are
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paralyzed by the fear of adverse consequence and you've got to get over that if you're going to operate from a position of us drink. lou: the american people are having trouble getting over at first consequence as well, the adverse consequences of the policies being pursued by this administration, whether domestic or foreign. and we have now, the cia director himself contradicting the president of the united states on the issue of the effectiveness and lethality and potential threats to the united states, 180 degrees opposite of what president obama had said just a couple of days before he spoke. >> it is stunning. i noted a statement. lou: i think it was one of the rare acts of courage by anyone in this administration. >> you know how close he is to president obama. he was as counterterrorism
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adviser for years in the white house and he was also the one who set a couple of years ago that al qaeda is inconsequential. he has been wrong in the past the past buddies have slim mark here. it's almost as if he was that checking the president but his statement was written well prior to the present statement the dead fact check the president and it's alarming. he said isis is formidable, it's resilient, it's a an increasing organization and we have not been able to reduce their terrorist activities or other global reach and obviously we are paying a price for that in the united states. it is stunning in its contradiction but also so harsh in the truth of it and what it portends for us because lou the only way we stop them from killing our citizens is to destroy their sanctuary in syria. it is their center of gravity and the president has no plan to destroy that. he says by policy we are setting
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the conditions for the eventual destruction of isis. translation, the next administration will face that responsibility. that is an abdication of responsibility. lou: it's an abdication and also an abject breach of his promise to the american people that he would degrade and destroy the islamic state. and it's also a profound, brennan's remarks a profound validation of what donald trump has been saying on the issue of islamic state throughout. >> i don't comment on political candidates but the reality is. lou: comment on mine. i said it. >> i got it. i am commenting on your sprayed isis is on the march. they have taken territory and we have reduced their recruiting that they have expanded to 10 affiliates and some of those
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affiliates are growing as cia director brendan has set in as i have said on your show as well. this is an organization that needs to be destroyed if we are going to stop this killing and until we have destroyed the killing is going to go on and we have no plan to destroy it. that's how sabha says. lou: general i appreciate is always your analysis and desire a call you have been saying to destroy the islamic state for a very long time well before the president had said he would degrade and destroy the islamic state so we want to give you credit too. thanks so much jack. >> good talking to you lou. lou: we are coming right back to them a lot more stay with us. don't tell takes his fight to hillary and the national media who he says are nothing but liars.
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lou: donald trump, well hammering hillary clinton at his most recent rally in dallas. he accused her of wanting to raise taxes and to effectively abolish the 2nd amendment. >> aside from abolishing the 2nd amendment, hillary clinton is going to raise your taxes big league. that's the last thing you need. she has to and you know she doesn't want to talk about it but they are talking about 55 or 60%. she doesn't want to talk about it, okay? but you notice she doesn't put that one in her little plans too much. lou: hundreds of protesters outside that rally last night, protesters who were there out of love of country. there was an issue about that however. take a look at their factory they love so much. there it is. flags flying all over and all-too-familiar site i would
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say at any of the trump protests. they are actually protesting far more than trump though obviously with those flags flying. joining us town political editor diane ann on this radio host tammy bruce both "fox news" contributors. tammy, first the protest at the rallies of donald trump. seems like there's nothing else for this country to protest other than donald trump. >> it clearly indicates the left can really only -- they can't walk and chew gum at the same time. there are cultivated issues and the like to boil it down to emotions erupted left. the fact of the matter is as mr. trump noted there are very basic issues involved like taxing and spending. that's all democrats do. the difference -- democrats have not changed. lou: donald trump went after hillary. >> the democrats are the same as
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they have always been but worse. that's our issue these days. lou: your reaction? >> if you like donald trump couldn't pay for better advertising than people protesting his rallies waving mexican flags and i'm more than one occasion getting violent and beating up his supporters which is completely repulsive. it's an unfortunate and a familiar sight. lou: it's taken almost a year for the national liberal media,g about it from jump street but street but it's taken a year for the national liberal media to acknowledge that the demonstrators, the pro-testers they themselves were the incipient cause of the violence and not donald trump. the second reaction to that was well donald trump hadn't been there people wouldn't have been getting punched in the face. we are making progress i tell you.
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we are making progress. >> well i hope so. the thing is i know a lot of people and this is where you have to look at the media's double standards. they were so much attention paid when donald trump is others think punch those people that face i will pay for your legal bills. of course i didn't i didn't than that of people freaked out over that. what he faces an audience of trump supporters from these mobs and a lot of the criticism was much more muted if it was there at all. lou: it's all changing and the marks i think a profound shift right now. there is some consciousness -- consciousness now of what national liberal media is doing and they are reacting to the fact that they been found out and is no longer palatable. john brennan, tammy bruce, i mean he stepped up squarely and said the president 180 degrees his worldview is wrong and his policies are wrong and the fact is the islamic state is rising and its potential to harm this country to threaten civilization.
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>> that's my column on monday as juxtaposing blood president obama's remarks had been in this is not the first time director brendan had done this. back in their brady noted that the world is in more chaos and there's more suffering and there are more problems than in the last 50 years. no one covered it in february. he has now doubled down here and i have to say maybe a little cynically and even john kerry said it's more of an issue than global warming. there are a lot of people that are covering their derrières knowing what's coming up. lou: i don't think they can be covered. there is something bizarre and pathological occurring within this administration right now. this is not the typical last gasp of a lame-duck administration, guys. we are watching it absolutely does in a great. whether you look at the state
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department, whether you look at brennan and the fact that people have simply given up moving ahead with any criticisms, looking for any consequence or accountability from this president. >> while lou obviously last weekend a jihadist murdered 49 people on our soil and i've had a lot of people asking why are we talking relentlessly all day all day every day about gun control? how is this a case and i think part of the reason is because the democrats in the white house would prefer us not to discuss this quote from john brennan quote our efforts against isis has not reduced the terrorist capability and global reach. that's the issue that i want to discuss and therefore guns. luke o. unfortunately all of you in this broadcast make that possible interviewer strings have to be dashed and we thank you for helping in that effort. guy benson and tammy bruce thank you both so much.
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for sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you think the house will eventually rebel against speaker paul ryan? is enough ever enough? and republicans in the house vote with courage click they have to simultaneously get the guts and acknowledge they have had a belly full of this nonsense. let's find out what happens. cast your vote on twitter a packed lou dobbs. in our veepstakes ease of the five names chosen by you. to be donald trump short list for vice president. it's our short list for your votes. it's your voice. we are simply representing you. governor chris christie, rudy giuliani, newt gingrich, mike huckabee, senator jeff sessions all making the list. and follow me on twitter @lou dobbs and like me on facebooking follow us an instagram @"lou dobbs tonight". lou we will show you video. roll the video now. one throws the -- thrillseeker
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stopping at nothing for better yoga surroundings and look at that. i have to tell you i salute that fellow. my gosh. a daredevil steeps a -- nothing but his bare hands and a lot of guts. the peerless clime captured on video by his friend using a drone. that's a pretty good operation. up next speaker paul ryan claims his motives for speaking out against donald trump. >> i'm going to keep being who i am and i'm going to speak out from things were think it's needed where our principles need to be defended and i'm going to keep doing that. i hope it's not necessary at the last thing i want to see is another democrat in the white house. lou: if anybody believes any of that crock mr. ryan is the subject of my commentary once again. coming up next.
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lou: a few thoughts now on an irritating cousin named paul ryan. there is no point arguing with ryan. he is most like barack obama a political opportunist who is a dance will be on and his intellect. ambiguity seems to be his strongest trait. what he has actually accomplished in congress amounts to nearly nothing. in prevalence is his idea just like obama and both are making a career out of attacking donald trump. the speaker, never more comfortable than when he talks with liberals and the left responded to "the huffington post" about whether he would sue president donald trump. ryan said he would quote sue any president that exceeds his or her powers create wow that was a clever qualifier that he offered.
11:28 pm
so you must be content with mr. obama who has done very little but exceeded his powers and ryan has ensued the president. john boehner had the courage to sue the president and the one by the way. the obama administration is appealing but he won. ryan has done no such thing in his nearly eight months as speaker. what he has done is with so little experience announced in his arrogant view that he's a much better speaker than a man who got in the job. ryan is not so easy to regard highly except in his own mind of course yet here he is already threatening to sue the presumptive nominee over his proposal to temporarily banned immigration in countries of the history of terrorism against his country and his motive, simply to protect american lives. but not a peep from the speaker on the current surge of illegal immigration and suspected potential terrorist crossing our southern border. the speaker has a penchant for
11:29 pm
contradiction and doubletalk. for example and claiming he won't divide the party over trump. >> this is a very strange situation. this is a unique nominee but i feel as a responsibility institutionally as speaker of the house that i should not -- because that will definitely knock us out of the white house. lou: i really don't know what to say. he is an odd duck, isn't he? either he is inadequately unaware of his own actions or he believes you and i won't notice his contravention and contortion of his own words and reality. the question now is why other republicans letting him destroy their party's? another as white house republicans think they can survive at the polls in november if they do tolerate more of this distracted nonsense. in my opinion if they do, they deserve their fate. trump is proved he is the
11:30 pm
people's choice. ryan, the choice of the tool of the establishment. voters it seems to me have an easy decision to make whatever congress are those who support donald trump or those who bend to ryan and for president while clinton's 30 years i think speak for themselves and donald trump is listening to the people. after seven and a half years of a president whose favorite words are high, me and my would be great to have a leader that talks about we the people, talks about our interests, our country, our jobs, our future? a president who talks about us and leads from the front, not the rear. our quotation of evening this one from george will who observed quote were used to be a nation that celebrated people who got things done. now we celebrate people who stop things from getting done. just think about what ryan has contributed, none in his career how much he has done and compare
11:31 pm
that sparse record to donald j. trumps career as developer and builder. it looks like another easy choice, doesn't it? we are coming right back. donald trump blames the country's weak leaders for the deadly attack in orlando. a major shakeup in a nation security is overdue. >> you think about it with a violation that took place or that was allowed to take place the violation that took place, its weakness on behalf of our leadership. lou: fred barnes joins me here next and this foul ball is heading toward some unsuspecting fans in the stands. we will show you the video of a
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[booing] former president george w. bush diving back into politics this summer. he's been on the campaign trail for republicans senators who may have a little trouble trying to keep their seats. john mccain, were blunt, rob portman ron johnson among senators who are difficult contest and senators might consider, it's interesting attaching themselves to well the bush wing of the republican party instead of the new force in the party. may have an impact on their election. i know they made the calculation
11:36 pm
they lose their jobs you won't be hearing them blame donald trump i am sure you do not so sure actually. turning the executive editor for "the weekly standard" fred barnes. it's great to have you with us. let's turn to george w. bush who i think has great class and to stay away from politics. that's understandable, and here he comes. >> will he can raise money. presidents and former presidents can raise money and he will raise money for all these candidates. lou: that's all there is to it you think? running through the blood of the bushes wanting to get that get donald trump? >> this isn't a particularly good way of of getting back at donald trump. that's why they haven't done much. they're not going to the convention and i guess bush and his father and brother are not going to endorse donald trump helping republicans this way but
11:37 pm
it's notot that big of a deal. raising money can help those candidates. some of them like john mccain have endorse donald trump endorse donald trump are not sure about the others. i think roy blunt has. lou: it's going to be interesting to see the impact and it is interesting when we talk about this election. i mean we have three survivors if you will and two nominees and one, 74-year-old socialist but to that point what we would have thought of as a generational election, you are talking about 7-year-old donald trump, and hillary clinton and 74-year-old bernie sanders. this is really are marketable. i don't think we have had this presidential contest quite the soul. >> we never have but it does you more about the democratic party than a republican party. a republican party has a lot of younger people who are governors in the democratic already is
11:38 pm
just a bunch of. they are old. look at harry reid. >> i'm just thinking to like you and me talking about this. >> we are youngsters compared to the democrats. republicans have some old ones would look at the other candidates who are running who trump would be. much younger candidates and democrats don't have them. it's a problem for democrats. lou: is a problem for the country too and as our cia director tells us pointblank that the president is wrong, that the islamic state is all the threat that donald trump has been telling us it is. 51 professional employees of the state department say the president's policies on syria are wrong. this is an industries and that is beginning to fracture obviously. the problem is it's over national security and that affects each and every american potentially. your reaction? >> well look 51 state department
11:39 pm
employees, employees of barack obama declare that his policies in syria are failing and they want him to bomb the head of the syrian government, president assad and his forces and kill hundreds of thousands of people? i mean this is a reach that i don't remember anything like this and sometimes an individual will disagree with the policy but 51 members of the state department? that means they are declaring the obama policy of failed policy and you are right about mr. brennan saying the president is wrong on his terrorism question. the threat of vices is not shrinking. they are not being reduced and what we have seen this week of course is seeing the president trying to downgrade the seriousness of isil.
11:40 pm
lou: he has lost all credibility frankly i think. >> on that subject absolutely he has. he is try to pretend like barry radical islamic terrorists who killed 49 people in orlando, he's just another guy. lou: a troop of boy scouts in the middle east. fred let's turn to a quickly to another boy scout and that is paul ryan. >> i knew you would get there. lou: i am there, i really unfair and i think ryan has become one of the most objectionable speakers perhaps congressman. we have had a lot of objectionable commerce meant that of a good objectionable speakers in the country's history. he is fighting and not it knowledge incorporated the party's nominee.
11:41 pm
he is subverting the party and the will of voters. there are a lot of words from the vernacular that i can use but i will leave them to you. how will this be tolerated by the house republicans and if they lose their jobs as he did not squarely responsible? >> i don't think so. we will have to see who they were but look paul martin -- paul wright has endorse donald trump for president. paul ryan wants for the specific reason once donald trump to be president. the better donald trump does the election -- lou: are you saying that is somehow mentally challenged because what he is doing is subverting his candidacy and undermining the republican party and every member of the house and you were saying not only that he is mentally challenged but each of those members of the
11:42 pm
house who are running for re-election are and don't understand their own self-interest? >> i'm not saying either one of those things actually. lou: let me write that down. that was a no. >> that was a no one both. if you are a republican senator running this year he would either endorse donald trump or not and i take lots of them have , george w. bush wanted to come in and raise a few million dollars for you. lou: i got the message if the candy rock mountain. my concerns are late and we thank you especially on father's day, happy father's day little early. >> happy father's day to you as well. a programming note donald trump will be our special guest here tuesday night. you don't want to miss it so please note accordingly. next tuesday night at 7:00 eastern. please be with us.
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i just got a nearly father's day gift. watch this video. waldmack, let me say that again a little slower. watch this. with this kid in his lap. i thought i was the only one they could do that. that's amazing to me. his young daughter lounging in his lap. i've got to tell you way to go their pop and happy father's day to you. what a hero he is going to be to his daughter. up next donald trump mainstream liberal media is looking to elect hillary clinton. tonight i did love the press during the primaries but now it's like brutal. these people are so one sided. i have never seen honestly, i have never seen -- lou: i think some minds are just exploding right now.
11:44 pm
we are listening to a man running for president who saying exactly what he means and saying it about the national liberal media and how does that work in politics? how was he going to overcome all that opposition and win in november? we will talk with someone working to elect donald j. trump working to elect donald j. trump co-chairman ♪ ♪ working to elect donald j. trump co-chairman
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lou: the great america super pac has released a brand-new campaign ad showing some the dangers of country faces under president obama and potentially hillary clinton. >> atlanta tragedy is to start for the battlefield and enemy moving here. donald trump is that leader. donald trump would give our military the national security agency the tools and resources they need to protect our citizens. lou: joining us tonight co-chairman of a great america pac eric beach a very powerful ad and to have paid the there is your spokesman, that's. powerful and another self, former navy s.e.a.l.. >> there's no greater
11:49 pm
spokesperson than carl being in iraq twice and for my standpoint there's no greater discrepancy between donald trump and hillary clinton and their positions on isis and their positions on national security. lou: what he reseen the polls? we are seeing a slight narrowing but still a significant lead for hillary clinton. what are we going to see in the days and weeks? >> look comedy threads and flows prayed when she became a nominee which took her a little bit longer than expected she honestly had a bump in the polls. when donald trump was a nominee he got a bump in the polls. lou: what i meant was we are going to see a change in these polls. i just don't know which way it's going to go because following the horrible tragedy in orlando that hasn't been reflected in the polls yet. what do you think we will see? >> after the paris attacks in the primaries are done i'd dump her donald trump in the polls and i think you have to look at the two candidates the voters perception is that he's a strong leader and the voters perception
11:50 pm
of hillary clinton you think about the gaza and weaknesses and protecting american lives. it's not a perception that people think about when they think of hillary clinton. lou: battleground states particularly ohio and pennsylvania and florida and virginia all within four points, some as low as one and two points there. what are you going to do? are you going to target back with us at? >> that's actually right. we are going to run this ad national. i think the art of the super pac is to make sure that we can go affectively in seven of 10 states. we want to make sure we can turn these blue states into red states and some the purple states as well. >> and are funding how's it going? >> we had a recent event by calico. we are doing great and we will be a force to be reckoned with in the general election. >> good to have you with us. good talking to you. stocks are lower head of the brexit vote next thursday. the dow jones industrial down 58
11:51 pm
points and markets all over the world are reacting negatively to the approach of her today. the s&p lost seven points and the nasdaq down 45. 4.8 billion shares changing hands for the week day the dow and s&p 100 down -- that latest brexit poll showed a majority of brits 53% want to leave the european union. russian president vladimir putin weighing in saying he doesn't understand why the british prime minister allowed the brexit vote to take place if he's opposed to it. think about that. i think we are getting a little sensitive. is it a democracy or authoritative -- authoritarianism? >> sure to is that my financial reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. president obama was secure our border but he will build a higher fence when his security is at stake.
11:52 pm
we will be taking that up with we will be taking that up with republican strategy
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lou: 92% of you say donald trump can vanquish the clintons as he did everyone else the past year. and the plan to increase the height of the fence around the white house has been approved.
11:56 pm
the design would double the fence's current height of feet. it is washington. construction can't begin until 2018. joining us now from denver. republican strategist and former aide to condoleezza rice. and mike slater. first your reaction to the white house getting a higher fence but mocking donald trump's call for a wall. >> we just had the largest shooting attack in the history of our nation. the cia director came out the other say and said this is a real threat. why are you talking about building a wall around the white house. i don't understand it. it make me angry. lou: do you think we should build a wall along the southern
11:57 pm
borderer? lou: we are also talking about the wall along the southern borderer with mexico. >> if that's what they agree is needed for the safety our country. but they are talking about the building of a wall around the white house when america is mourning. it's disgusting me. >> the irony of this can't possibly be lost on the white house. they are saying no wall on the southern borderer. and in philadelphia they are building walls around different areas to keep people safe. the anti-gun left is all protected by private security and secret service by guys with guns. lou: how about the tone deafness of this president. 53 people wounded. 49 people killed by a terrorist
11:58 pm
in a nightclub in which apparently no one had a personal side arm with which to return fire at this terrorist. and the first move by the left and this president is to ask america to disarm so that he can protect them. is this -- this is beyond stupidity, is it not? >> yes. and i like what donald trump did the other day by going to the nra saying let's have a conversation about individual under the fly watchlist and f.b.i. investigation. but think about a pause before selling arms to them. that should be the discussion, not disarming americans that know how to use a gun and they are not criminals. >> the speed at this narrative went from being an islamic terrorist attack on americans to being a homophobic hate crime perpetrated by christians and
11:59 pm
conservatives is so incredibly troubling to me. but there are law-abiding gun owners across the country who are putting together begun classes specifically for gay people so they can arm and protect themselves in the future. and i love that. i think that's fantastic work. >> it's a matter of considerable controversy. i can't imagine a person in the lgbt community, knowing what the country is facing, the threat who would not want to have a personal side arm concealed carry or whatever. it's just to me it's essential for personal safety. >> you would think, lou. but a lot of people on the left support islam and muslim countries around the world. if they step foot in them they would be beheaded. lou: mike slater thank you. sarah lindsey thank you.
12:00 am
that's it for us tonight. we are looking forward to monday now. happy father's day. have a great weekend and good night from new york. >> announcer: we talk about anything that affected people and their money. from the fox business addr headquarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." anthony: welcome to wall *. i'm anthony scaramucci. gary: i'm gary kaminsky. since the height of the


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