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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  September 18, 2016 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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germy up 15% in a year. >> john, you're shaking your head. final thought. >> i need a translator far fig >> thanks for joining us. neil is now. so she's too tired, and he's too fat. there you go. that sums up the week. hi everyone. i'm neil cavuto. fox on top of some over the top health accusations. first donald trump questioning hillary clinton's stamina. >> i don't know, folks, you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. i don't think so. >> just saying. anyway, clinton supporters questioning donald trump's weight. >> he complains about her health. what does he do? he's 70 years old. he's not slim and trim. he brags about eating fast food every day. >> so here's trump who, you
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know, dr. feel good put out a one-page letter, he's 70. okay. he's the heaviest president we've had -- candidate, since william taft. >> really? we're doing the william taft thing? come on. i think lbj was maybe a tad heavier. but look, i digress. fat chance says joe piscapo. we've got kennedy here, charles payne here, last but not least adam. ben stein is out this week, and dagen as you just saw doing usual great job of hosting over at "bulls and bears." joe, i don't know if it's a wise vat strategy to criticize someone on their weight. i wouldn't go there. but secondly, new jersey, you and i are from that state, there's a certain candidate who ran some time back on just that against his opponent named chris christie, and it didn't work. >> no, it backfired on john
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corsine. you don't go there. it's polite. chris christie worked out with such great humor. remember he was on the radio and i think it was don imus, he goes how much -- the first thing imus says to chris christie, how much do you weigh and christie goes 670 pounds. >> when you want someone throwing their weight around, he had a field day. i always thought when they tried that in new jersey and take pride the fact we in new jersey have the highest national cholesterol level. when they took me out of the running briefly this past summer, they kind of brought it down. but i just think it's dangerous to go there. >> well, i think if we're going to go just reduce this to retail politics. >> yeah. >> i think the average person is overweight. that's what they say in this country. but the average person who's overweight is looking -- would look at a hillary clinton falling down and not having a lot of stamina as being a real problem. and i think that's where he kind of comes out ahead of this.
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i mean -- >> but when they extended it, right? to pick on fast food, i thought that was dangerous because whatever donald trump's vice is, in the fast food -- i don't believe he drinks. >> no, not at all. >> maybe he doesn't have caffeine. so there's enough good he's doing to offset this. but you certainly don't go the fast food route because a lot of them -- >> yeah, certainly, people identify with the candidates because of themselves. listen, hillary's got the health question marks over it. i'm kind of glad this is all behind us, but we must acknowledge there are certain rigors with this job. before and after, every single breath and looks like they've gone through hell. >> was that a before picture of taft? do we know? wasn't he the guy who was stuck in a bathtub? >> he's the guy when he used to eat, he knew he was full when the stomach hit the table, i think. >> that's how i judge. >> if i may, donald trump 70
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years old, i've never seen stamina. he's like the springsteen of the political world. >> i hear you. >> bruce can do four-hour concerts, i'm telling you i've never seen stamina -- >> it's the electrolytes in the kentucky fried chicken. i'm telling you. >> it is a grueling thing though. adam, i think it's been brave, so the number of people assumed it's the age thing, the fact is we knew in retrospect that jack kennedy had a lot of health issues, but we didn't know about them. should we have a better procedure than rely on their respective doctors passing information along? oh, you had a guy sign, whether it's revealed on "dr. oz" or hillary clinton belatedly after the fact from a bed in chappaqua. >> well, the fact of the matter is we know way more now than we've ever known before. certainly as you said, when kennedy -- >> i don't think we do. i don't think we do. >> oh. well, even getting a one-page joke statement from trump's doctor, that's again, more than we would have had -- >> doesn't bother you we got mixed statements from hillary
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clinton? >> sure. yeah, i mean, i think the electorate needs to know as much as it can about whether or not these people can do the job. i want to say, neil, i think it's disgusting that both camps behave so impolitely. i know i'm going to sound naive saying this, but i think it's just terrible that this is the discourse that we have in our country. they should be behaving like grown-ups, not children on the playground. and, again, i know how that sounds. >> yeah, i know. >> i'm being naive, but i think it's terrible. >> you know what might sound terrible here, the discussion on this, kennedy, there were doctors arguing back and forth between obese and apparently the next stage, morbidly obese. and i thought to myself, isn't it bad enough to call someone obese? and then you're saying, no, no, you're so bad, you're morbid. so i'm thinking to myself, i'm there and i don't want you to make me feel any more vulnerable, you know? ya your thoughts. >> no, puts you in an incredibly vulnerable position. i think harry reid and her other surrogates are so far off base on this because they're
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highlighting donald trump's age and his weight. and they have an old candidate who also happens to be slightly portly. so if you're going to highlight -- >> that beats morbidly by the way. >> we don't know because hillary clinton won't release her weight so we can't get an accurate bmi. if that's the index that you want to go by, if you want the healthiest president, then vote for gary johnson. he's summited the highest peaks in -- on the globe, the seven highest peaks on every continent. >> and he likes pot. >> completed several -- >> you hungry. >> he didn't even know he was up there. he just kind of looked around, where am i now? mt. mckinly, what? put it down. >> he thought he was going up the poconos. >> mt. everest, wow! >> this guy's a maniac. you know, i challenged him -- >> don't go there. >> that 22 push-ups, i challenged and i did 22 push-ups, i said i challenge charlie. you know what he texted me back?
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i could do 100. >> charlie, you don't want -- my doctor first thing comes out neil, i don't know what you're doing, 10,000 steps a minimum a day. i said can i drive them? apparently that was not an option. but, you know, we look at these issues. we ended the week, if you think about it, and you can help me with this, we're talking about the berther issue, again, all this stuff, but we began talking about weight and health and whether they're up to the task. but do any of these kind of issues even matter unless it's e egregio egregious? >> we're talking about it, but donald trump gave a great economic speech this week. i think it was his best speech so far in this election. >> but was it endorsed? >> it might have been, but here's -- he could set the agenda. and if he's smart, he'll deal with what he's dealing with now. you know, get it out of the way, the birther thing came on friday. >> it's all about planning -- >> yes, but then go forward.
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>> neil. >> go ahead. >> neil, you make a good point. at the end of the day, at the end of the week, none of this is going to effect the people who are undecided. >> i'm going to have disagree. >> i think it might. >> it's not the weight issue or anything else. it's how hillary handled it. this is why her polls nose dive. you look at every poll taken through 9/11, 9/12, the way she handled this, adam, it is amazing. all she had to do is say saturday morning i've got pneumonia, i'm going down to the 9/11 memorial for 30 minutes and people would have viewed her as truly gutting it out. >> think of it this way -- >> do you think it's a valid point? >> look at it this way, adam. donald trump doesn't lie about his weigh -- >> did he give a figure? >> 236. >> oh, really? >> he's heavy. >> i would answer that, you mean on earth? >> you know he's heavy, he doesn't lie about the fact he likes to eat, you know, mcdonald's and kfc.
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but hillary clinton did lie. they told anybody that question -- democrats told anybody that questioned her health they called them all sorts of names. >> so she was caught off guard. she kind of played that -- tried to play -- well, tone to the group at the end of the week i had weight gain, some women know about that -- i don't know, too little too late. but, kennedy, my question going forward, are these the issues ones that are going to dominate? sometimes, with all respect to adam, i think they're more dominant than people think. it was ronald reagan in that debate with carter with there you go again. and people forgot the substance of the debate. so when they do go against each other, you know, a week from monday, will it be this kind of stuff that sets tone? >> i think this definitely sets the tone because we are just a little over a week out from that first critical debate. and i don't think we can place high enough importance on that.
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everyone will be tuning in to see what the candidates bring up, how they react to each other. and i think that both of them will bring this up as an issue. i think it's a bigger achilles heel for her not om because she appears to be the more physically fragile of the two, but as charles pointed out, the fact she blatantly lied about it and her husband came out with the gaffe and said she had the flu. which is it? and didn't tell her daughter she had pneumonia? >> not such a thin skin, right? >> i think donald trump's doing great with jimmy fallon this week. >> right, the hair thing. >> it was perfect. going on dr. oz was brilliant, a lot of women watching, he joked about it, i'd like to lose some wait. >> i think the litmus test is when the media scoffs at it, then you know he must be on the right track, you know? >> yeah, could be. >> in public eating kfc, you think? >> we can only hope. >> all right.
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meanwhile, will this issue come up at the first presidential debate? we'll see. live coverage all next weekend right here on fox, ahead of that debate 10:00 a.m. saturday morning, 4:00 p.m. on sunday we're going to be live from the site in new york where the first debate will take place. and monday it all goes down we're teeing up a special primetime converage on the fox business network. my math we're out just a few days for summer and they're already making up for it. >> you look great. >> horrible human being. >> charlie's going to take you to the gym. we were talking earlier. >> i don't mess with them. i like to just drive with them. all right. in the meantime, before the swearing in, will lame ducks in congress have taxpayers shelling out? you should hear what they're planning. and you don't know, do you? today on forbes on fox, president obama telling the media they've been too soft covering donald trump. we'll scour the headlines and find out which nominee's really
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get a free press pass. plus, could our elections get hacked? the head of our nation's security agency says he's worried, but would a on busine.
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all right. well, forget the spending plans of the presidential candidates. should we be more worried about the plans of the upcoming lame duck session of congress? "the wall street journal" now reporting lawmakers want to see a post election spending binge. and they just might get it. charles payne, the idea i guess being and this has happened in many a lame duck session, no one's really watching. >> maybe this get us in the whole lame duck stuff anyway, they're going to spend a lot of money, candidates are going to spend a lot of money, americans happy with a trillion dollar -- >> forget about lame duck of congress. donald trump's economic plan is obama on steroids infrastructure spending thing. if he gets elected, it's going to be the biggest sort of
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boondoggle we've seen -- >> except if hillary gets elected. >> no, donald is double of her. >> but are you worried -- talk about on your fine radio show, are people worried a lot of spending is going to get snuck in there when there's no control over that period, that roughly four-week period. >> pertinent point makes no difference to the voter. you guys know because you're in business. the regular voter wouldn't. what i would do is demand that the irs itemize all these bills. when they hit us with those astronomical irs tax bills, itemize it. >> there is that. >> that would be the mantra to go out for a campaign. but if you start saying, oh, we're spending here, spending there, we're going to shut down the government. in an election i'm telling you from my listeners it doesn't resonate with the voters. >> it's what they do in secret that bothers me. lame duck session a perfect opportunity to do lots of stuff whether democrat or republican, right, kennedy? >> that's absolutely right. i mean, this is a bipartisan effort to completely tank the economy. and they're both going for this
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big december cash grab when it just shows the contempt that they have for voters. some people have been voted out of office. some people like the president are being termed out. so what they're going to do is they're going to get their sticky little hands inside our cookie jar. we end up paying for it. they're never fulfilling their constitutional duty. >> no, no, i'm just saying that the president being termed out by the constitution, kennedy. not like this radical thing going on. >> no, i understand, thank you so much, adam. i didn't realize that. thank you for pointing that out. >> oh, now, see, i hoped to avoid this nastiness. >> really, adam, the importance here is to realize you have two presidential candidates who are going to increase military spending and entitlement spending let alone infrastructure. and now you have -- >> we don't have the money to do it. >> -- be aided by the spending addict in the white house right now. >> i hope you're proud of yourself, adam. >> we don't. >> there are systems in government or business where the new leader takes over, you know, the day of the election. you know, we saw this happen --
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or, you know, when the event happens, we saw it happen in the uk. but it's not the way we do things. these people are still serving their terms. >> the campaign -- days later the new person's in. >> but i think the bigger point is the reason why there's not going to be a lot of pressure on congress to cut is because the presidential candidates don't want to cut. >> right. a free for all. >> exactly. on the right and left we are being wronged, america. take it from someone who's morbid. meanwhile, a $66 billion deal that could mean cheaper food for everybody. charlie broke it.
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this crowd hated manufacturing, it booed way before monsanto and bayer's deal. it's a deal that our charlie gasparino broke. this crowd is eager to break up. gaspo, this is a group that doesn't like genetically modified food, they're dead set against it and they might torpedo it. >> it's a legitimate political movement, along with the movement that believes global warming is baked in, and categorically happening, and they have power, they have lobbying power. i will say this, and i said this
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to a lot of people post the story. i support this deal for this reason. god created man. man created science to do stuff. you need genetically modified food to feed the world. >> man created five-ton pumps. >> you can feed five times the people. >> that's the argument. they'll argue there's something wrong with it. >> it's so funn this is the same crowd that uses, quote unquote science, for everything else including climate and everything else. mankind has come to the aid of mankind through science and food so many times. we have saved nations from starving. the fastest growing populations on this planet are third world countries. these are elitists, mostly european elitists, they don't want these third world countries to have pesticides, they don't want them to have food. >> monsanto chemicals buying foods? this is ridiculous. and i'm from jersey. back in the day, we know what
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chemicals are. >> you're glowing now. >> i'm going to fix that one day. >> you look around, this chemical thing, burning, now you'll have them making food. come on, you can't -- and then there's selling all international, everything's global, everything's global. they're getting this guy from switzerland, this from canada. who is going to own it all? the chinese. >> i don't know what the libertarian point of view is on this, to charles' point, there are a lot of starving people here, and to gaspo's point, a lot of people could use that. what's the libertarian point of view? >> they'll try and squash this on antitrust grounds. this is what the progressive left sees as the bread basket of deplorables. it's deadly elitism. if you've got countries in africa and other parts of the
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world that are just trying to catch up, let them do it with these genetically modified seeds and foods. >> adam, i know you want to feed the poor and all that. why not give them this opportunity? what's your position? >> we should give them this opportunity. whether or not this deal goes through won't change things one way or the other. monsanto will still go on making those seeds. >> they'll make it more efficiently. >> maybe they'll make more money, at all. >> poor people don't shop at whole foods. just remember that. >> very profound. i want to thank joe piscopo, charlie gasparino, i want to thank kennedy, you guys are great, thank you very much. the stocks ready for the fed, no matter what
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sweetheart, think about your future. jeff over there did, and just look at him! he saved up, bought a house, he's got a beautiful wife. they even had a fancy-pants destination wedding, and--oh, oh! they had a baby! aah! smart and handsome! ooh la la! oh! now i've been saving these frames for pictures of my future grandbabies for years, and the shopping sprees on organic clothing and itelephone cases is not helping you save for a family. oh, gracious! look at that. he's a model! ohh! ha ha ha! i bet you he's putting that money right into a 401k or his baby's college fund. and his teeth are so straight. feed the pig!
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stocks that are set to hike whether or not the fed does
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hike. >> health care select. people are going to keep getting older no matter what the fed does, they'll need medical care. >> do you think the fed will hike? >> gosh, yes, eventually. >> noteeeeeeeeeeeee the electio. i'm saying they don't do anything. >> "cost of freedom" now. >> president obama mocking the media, scolding them for going too soft on the republican presidential nominee. >> i sure do get frustrated with the way this campaign is coming. donald trump says stuff every day that used to be considered as disqualifying for being president. the press just gives up and they just say, well, yeah, you know, okay. >> on the other hand, trump supporters say just look at the latest headlines and you'll see it's hillary clinton who gets a free pass from the press. who is right and who is wrong? i'm david asman,


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