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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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taking refuge in storm shelters all over the state. four deaths confirmed in florida as matthew moves up north towards georgia. stay tuned to fox business for continued coverage and tune your tv to fox business on sunday. full coverage and analysis of the presidential debate. >> all right, "risk & reward" starts now. liz: it's another friday document dump from the state department. the first major batch of hillary clinton e-mails recovered by the fbi during probe of clinton's private e-mail server, just released. tonight we have the details. this is "risk & reward." i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. let's go through it. 57 documents totaling approximately 270 pages worth of e-mails reflecting work related communications involving secretary clinton, just released. the new release could potentially worsen the enthusiasm gap the clinton campaign is very fearful of. the race neck-and-neck in many
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battleground states including florida. peter barnes joins me now. what are you finding? any bombshells? what's the latest? >> reporter: these are some of the e-mails turned over by the fbi as part of its investigation, its criminal investigation into the use of hillary clinton's private eshg mail, an investigation which in july resulted in a recommendation not to pursue prosecution by the fbi as you recall. but now these have been turned over to the state department and national security agencies for screening, for security screening. there are 15,000 of these that the fbi recovered as part of its investigation, and now the agencies are looking at them for retroactive determination whether they contained classified information and indeed six of them have been marked classified retroactively, five from 2009 and one from 2011, all between
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clinton and aide huma abedin and all heavily redacted. for the six, the topics are elections in honduras, assistance for libya post-gadhafi, not around the 2012 benghazi attacks. a speech for israeli prime minister netanyahu and two e-mails forwarded to clinton from her confidant sidney blumenthal, and one there's a mem toe clinton that he wrote in 2009 after president obama made trips to germany and russia, just returned from a trip to russia and this could prove a bit embarrassing for the administration ahead of the next debate sunday, and it reads in part today is hillary, moscow summit, germany, uk, talks about a contact he heard from and said -- and there's a redacted chunk, and it goes on, this is the third message i have received from sources
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about the disastrous nature of the obama trip. the germans have nobody to talk to and don't expect to deal seriously with obama's ambassadorial appointment. we should expect that the germans and russians should cut their own separate deals on energy, regional security, et cetera, and deals will reflect narrow, parochial, economic and political needs indifferent to whether or not we deem them to be in the broader interest of the western alliance. another 14,000+ of these to come from the state department as well later on. watch the screen. liz: peter, just to recap, so the clinton side of it had released, i think, 30,000+ e-mails, and then the fbi in its investigation said, whoa, look, we've got 14,900 e-mails that we discovered and what we're finding now is a slow walkout of the e-mails that you just reported on, and you're saying that six of them were classified. do we know when they were
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marked classified, peter? >> yeah, as part of this review, after they were turned over by the fbi. so, you know, secretary clinton said that none of these things were marked classified at the time they received or sent, but as we've seen as these e-mails have been released under a court order freedom of information act suit process, that the state department and national security agencies had to go through first the 33,000 she turned over, and now they're going through this additional 15,000 that have been discovered by the fbi as part of its investigation and have recently been turned over to the state department for this process. liz: wow, 45,000 e-mails and government information going through a private server. >> hundreds of them. liz: that wasn't backed up by federal security. it was basically private.
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peter barnes, appreciate it. 75 documents about, 270 pages of new hillary clinton e-mails. this is coming from the fbi. just released here with. reaction to the latest hillary e-mail issue is arizona gop chairman robert graham. thank you for joining us. again, as peter barnes just reported, six e-mails marked classified and have been released. of course they're redacted. what's the significance of this? >> well, if you look at voters, they're looking at trust in candidates. hillary says over and over again she's told the truth, and then we watch over and over again, when we find she's been dishonest to the american people. what you're going to find is people have a hard time liking her right now and this is going to reinforce they believe she's dishonest and not telling the truth. this is good for republicans and good for the american people to see she's been dishonest. liz: is this an issue when hillary clinton said why aren't i 50 points ahead?
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there's an enthusiasm gap. are you hearing on the campaign trail with voters, hey, they don't like this. hillary clinton side of it says this is a record keeping issue, this is administrative stuff. don't be worried about it. what are you hearing? >> we've been calling, hundreds of thousands of calls into households, live calls. what we're hearing, with democratic swing voters, they despise her. they believe she's been dishonest and keeps reinforcing her dishonesty especially with this. i think she's actually practicing to be dishonest when she keeps going out and out and out. people are not just enthusiasm gap, they are moving away, i had a guy stop me in the parking lot from a local union who switched parties because of the latest information. liz: how do you think hillary is going to handle the e-mail release in sunday night's town hall where she's going to have to answer questions from citizens. again, the fbi found nearly 15,000 more e-mails in their investigation, and they're slow
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marching them out right now. how do you think she's going to handle the questions sunday night? >> look at the pattern and look at the saul olins key influence. she's going deny it, make it look a lot less than it actually is, she's going to step away and say there is no national security things here and try to sweep turned the rug. and i think at this point, the american people are tired it. want to make people accountable for the leaders. she's not doing it. you will see exactly the same pattern in the next debate. liz: what we're reporting on now is more e-mails coming out. and the last time we had these e-mail release, we found out president obama was using a pseudonym in communicating with hillary clinton's state department and hillary clintono, mail, he said three years later he didn't know
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about the server, there was an attempt to wipe and clean and erase hillary clinton's e-mails, that huma abedin was using a yahoo! account, half a billion users were hacked, possibly by russia, a yahoo! account, and bryan pagliano said i'm not comfortable with a private server hillary is using. i think she should use the federal database. this is again and again, we see this issue coming up and we know that donald trump held a roundtable discussing the florida situation, he's zooming in hard on other issues affecting the united states again and again, the hillary clinton campaign having to basically go off track to deal with e-mail stuff. go ahead. yeah, i think first of all, when you see trump doing a roundtable event in florida. what he's showing me and the american people, he's try to lead and service the people. when you see hillary stepping back into the shadows, preparing for the debate, you're seeing her serve herself. this process has been a self-indulging mission for
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hillary clinton and bill clinton. they've gone the rich on the back of the american people, and they've been serving for 30 years without any distinct outcome for the people. so this isn't a surprise. i think again, the people are seeing it, seeing boxes disappear from their law firms with more e-mails. it's a pattern that the american people are getting exhausted by. they want this election over but more than anything, i think hillary is making it easier for us republicans to win on november 8 because she's flat-out dishonest to the people. liz: sources reported to fox that mr. trump is spending much of today in debate prep at trump tower. he was heavily criticized for not seeming to be prepared at the last debate and being reflexive and doing personal attacks and was seen as losing the first debate. do you think his debate preparation has been enough this time? >> i think it is. i think one of the things i see with donald trump is there's no question where he feels about people. if he doesn't like you, he's
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going to tell you he doesn't like you. standing across from hillary clinton when she makes all the claims where she claims innocence, she pooh-poohs this, she accuses people of being bigots when she has pretty vile associations. liz: wait a second. don't you think mr. trump has to dial it back and rein it in when it comes across he's personally attacking anybody. >> yeah. when you see the next debate, you're going to see him leaning into the debate and focusing on the issues with the people. i agree with you. when have you 30 years being a career politician like hillary clinton, she's polished in a way that's unusual. trump is still visceral. that's why people like him. that's why he had 14 million votes. one side it can do damage, but when he's controlled and focused, if he's attacking, he's extremely powerful and effective. that's what we're going to see in the next debate. liz: when you see the polls, robert, the voter is
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essentially saying not feeling comfortable enough with donald trump. not feeling comfortable enough if he's using a smartphone tweet button, that finger near the nuclear button. that's an issue for him. and see how he performs. thank you, robert graham. >> thank you. liz: the presidential candidates this sunday night, a town hall-style event. fox business will be all over it, bringing you live coverage at 6:00 p.m. with trish regan, followed by lou dobbs and neil cavuto with post-debate analysis. plea to extend the florida voter registration deadline coming up on tuesday. why are democrats risking looking like they're all about politics with florida instead of what the people are facing down there? guess what? i've got the numbers. we compile the numbers here, we're going to show you what's going on with the clinton campaign. don't go away.
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. >> our first priority on hurricane matthew is people are safe. the one thing we are hoping and expecting is officials in florida adapt deadlines to account for the storm. the voter registration deadline is october 11th and our hope would be that a little more time would be given. liz: florida governor rick scott rebuffing the clinton campaign's plea to extend the florida voter registration deadline due to hurricane matthew. so why the heavy-handed push in the clinton campaign? the answer in the numbers. we've got a "real clear politics poll" showing a tight race in florida. hillary at 44, trump at 42. that's within the margin of error. did you know this in 2012, president obama beat mitt romney.
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he won florida by only 74,000 votes, and 50,000 of those votes were new registered voters, and those guys came in during the final five days before florida's deadline. there's more. in 2000, george w. bush won florida by a margin of 537 votes. now my power political panel is we me, patrice lee, democratic strategist atima lara, looks like florida law is not allowed to delay it. why is the clinton campaign pushing voter registration ahead of the storm? >> this is basically a question of access to the ballot box and making sure people do that. you know nikki haley in south carolina is going to extend the voter registration due to the fact that the storm is coming and hitting them heavily in those areas. you know the same could be said for rick scott. liz: by law he can't do that. florida law doesn't allow him
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to do that, right? >> he can have an exception -- liz: let's take it -- i'm sorry, atima, i hear what you're saying, finish your thought. >> under extenuating set of circumstances, during 9/11, no one was planning for attacks on the world trade center, you know. they extended the day of the actual primary so people could go and vote because nobody was focusing on voting. this is not a man made disaster, it's a natural disaster. if he was able to say to the courts, okay, let's have an extra couple of days, making sure everybody has the access to vote, especially not taking into account absentee ballots that are going out for everybody. liz: it's an important point. even president obama called into florida radio station urging people to register. let's take a listen. >> i was supposed to be in florida today. couldn't do it because i didn't want to take away assets as people are preparing. everybody who's been paying attention to the campaign
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should know we've got a big choice ahead of us. the president is personally asking to you make sure that you are getting registered. liz: patrice, is something else going on here? democrats are panicking, results show 45% of florida voters vote early. it seems like analysts on the ground say it seems the dems are panicking. >> politics ahead of people's needs and dire situations potentially. it sounds tone deaf when you are considering that some people are trying to decide what they're going to do if they lose everything in their home. i grew up in a small island that faced hurricane hugo in '89. that's what my family had to deal with. they weren't listening for a politician asking for their vote. they were worried how they're going to rebuild their lives. that's what americans are thinking when they see stuff like this. liz: atima, i love your reaction to this, democrats
5:19 pm
threatening a lawsuit after the governor said no to the extension. we're debating whether the laws say he can or cannot do it. according to our read of law, he can't. we have a democrat leaning lawyer tweeting governor scott -- do you think this will be effective or going too far? what are do you think? >> i'm not sure what -- it may have been her talking off the cuff. certainly in regards to the situation, florida has a history of ballot box issues, long lines, they should be doing everything they can regardless of party affiliation to make sure people have access to the ballot box and are able to take the four additional days to register. people have lives, people are concerned about getting out of the storm. this has nothing to do with cheap political points or getting desperate. it's the fact that people sometimes put off registering to vote. a lot registered in 2012 in the last four days.
5:20 pm
that was just a re-election, it wasn't as big as a new administration coming in. there are a lot of folks on trump's side who are new voters brought to the process. everybody should have the access. liz: important point, patrice, that atima is making, that the post offices can be flooded, there is a lot of mail-in voting. i think atima makes a good point about voting issues and problems in florida, it just comes off that as people are evacuating you are told to register, you know what i mean, patrice? >> like i said, it comes across as very tone deaf. interestingly i think there is a reported story of state representative going door-to-door, not asking for a voter to register to vote but ensure people are evacuating. at the end of the day when americans are looking at who's a leader, they want to see someone putting their best interest ahead of politics, and it's hard to parse out the
5:21 pm
politics because we're looking at the hurricane and they're thinking about votes. liz: atima? >> and the american people are making sure they have access to the ballot box getting through the disaster so they can participate in the process regardless what happened afterwards. liz: i was going to give you the final word anyway. you two have been wonderful. come back on the show. love to see you again. thank you, and have a good weekend. next up, a florida voter registration push, now an alleged administration push. border patrol agents now accusing the white house of trying fast track illegal immigrants to become citizens so they can get out and vote. we've got one of the border agen accusation. he joins me next, don't go away. >> first of all, it's rigged, and i'm afraid the election is going to be rigged, i have to be honest.
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meeting with donald trump today announced that the administration is trying to fast track illegals on the path to citizenship. basically so they can get out and vote in november. they say they have proof. >> immigration is so tied up with trying to get the people on the waiting list, hurry up and get them their immigration status corrected. >> why? >> so they can go ahead and vote before the election, and for us to -- >> to me, that is huge. you're letting people pour into the country so they can vote. liz: we've got border patrol agent sean moran on the phone. do you have proof of this, sir? >> yeah, actually fox news reported on it a few weeks ago with cis management sent out e-mails saying we need to fast track the naturalization process so that we can get
5:26 pm
people out to vote. this isn't -- i want to clarify, this isn't for illegal aliens to be citizens, this is people who applied and gone through the process, so cis is offering overtime and doing whatever is necessary to get as many people naturalized as possible. we're concerned that corners are cut and background checks won't be done, and that you may have people that may have red flags or criminal histories that are made into citizens. liz: and also there's an issue of voter fraud breaking out in indiana more than half the counties there are probed. virginia and philadelphia. let me ask you this, is it an open secret among border patrol agents that basically administration tried to basically fast track illegal immigrants to become voters. is that an open secret? >> well, again, it's not
5:27 pm
illegal immigrants, it's people who have immigrated here legally, but you still need to be vetted. you still need criminal checks on you to make sure that you are the type of person that qualifies to be a u.s. citizen, but if you are getting pressure from your supervisor and the administration to fast track all these people, there is the potential that corners will be cut and mistakes will be made. liz: that's my question, have you heard about this before? is this talked among you guys that this is an issue? >> absolutely. this happened in 1986 when congress passed amnesty. it happened in 1996 during immigration adjustment, and you had people that were naturalized as u.s. citizens and the process to denaturalize someone who is a criminal and does not qualify is very likely cumbersome. liz: shawn, we have a new report corroborating evidence.
5:28 pm
president obama delaying thousands of deportation cases to allow thousands to remain in the country for several years. the deportation shift describes interviews with immigration lawyers, federal officials and judges who have been occurring with public contention for months. what do you make of that? >> again, we have gotten soft on immigration enforcement in this country. the border patrol has been turned into glorified walmart greeters. we're not allowed to do our job. the vast majority end up walking out the front door of border patrol stations or worse, given money and bus tickets to go into the interior of the united states. and most will never show up. liz: who gives the money and the bus tickets? >> the u.s. taxpayers. liz: so they're handed out at control centers, is that it? >> that is absolutely true. liz: you sound really frustrated. you know, we keep hearing the
5:29 pm
success rate of catching illegal immigrants at the border, and one success rate was 81% are caught, but in reality it looks like 54% are caught. that comes from homeland security, right? >> you know, and that number might be high. i laughed at the chief of the border patrol when he testified it was 81%. i knew there was no way. we estimate that maybe we catch one out of three overall, but dhs likes to mess with the numbers and use the complicated metrics. the most important thing is how many people are getting away from us and that's a number they don't like to disclose. it shows how ineffective we're being because we're restricted by policy and not allowed to do our jobs. liz: wow, one in three. sir, shawn moran, we thank you for your service to our country. thank you. a new report about a domestic terror surge. remember when tim kaine and president obama were saying,
5:30 pm
you know what? terrorism in the united states is going down. not so. a new report showing more than five dozen immigrants in the u.s. launching isis inspired attacks for helping to plot the terrorist group. up next, trump foreign policy adviser walid phares weighing in. he's been warning about this all along. >> the terrorist threat decreased because bin laden is dead. the terrorist threat is decreased because iranian nuclear weapons program has been stopped but other parts of the world are challenging. we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens by choosing flonase, you're choosing more complete allergy relief and all the enjoyment that comes along with it. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only control 1. flonase controls 6.
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>> if you need to evacuate and haven't, evacuate. this storm will kill you. holy toledo. liz: the most powerful hurricane to hit the southeast is threatening a four-state area with a 10-foot storm surge. florida's governor rick scott is warning the worst is probably still yet to come. garrett? reporter: we are starting to feel the worst of hurricane matthew now. it will continue the next three hours. here in jacksonville we ordered
5:35 pm
evacuations of half a million people. i want to show you some of the degree. the problems with these evacuations. first it started out with two areas. but then northeast they extended it from the beach area to downtown. but a lot of folks left from the beach to downtown. when they got here, the hotels said sorry, you have got to go. they had nowhere else to go. so they went back home to their beach house. look at this bed and breakfast in st. augustine. folks there at least 20 people including children are stuck there now as the storm surge waters are continuing to rise in st. augustine as hurricane matthew continues to pound this area. jacksonville beach already the first two blocks from the beach that town are completely flood. you can see the johns * river is
5:36 pm
continuing to become more choppy. over the next three hours, these waters will continue to rise about a foot and a half more. this entire boardwalk will be covered and be part of this river. elizabeth: you have done such a good job reporting it. is it true the majority of deaths come from flooding and storm surges? reporter: yes. storms are the real problem. the wind can knock things over. but it's isolated. the storm surge is much more widespread. these are extremely low-lying areas. so the terrain is much different. that's why governor scott said earlier today that worst is get to come. he was talking about here in jacksonville. we'll see the next 3, 4, 5, 6 hours if that holds on to be true.
5:37 pm
>> 8 out of ten deaths from hurricanes. switching gears, now this. president obama and vice presidential candidate tim kaine said terrorism in the united states is going down. how, a new report shows the growing scale of isis activity here in the united states. 62 people in the u.s. launched isis attacks or plotted to help the terrorist group. they are responsible for 62 deaths. 21 are immigrants. 13 are children of immigrants. the exact number of those who enter the country as refugees unknown at this point. but it's reported to be at least six. the orlando terrorist attacks and the san bernardino attacks. joining me now, walid phares. america is a nation of immigrants.
5:38 pm
it's how we started, including yourself. but the president and tim kaine are saying, there is no issue here with immigrants or refugees or naturalized citizens when it comes to terror. >> yes the nation is a nation of immigrants and descendants of immigrants. but it has become a nation. once i was an immigrant but now i'm a citizen. the question is how many people are using the system and are jihadists. the problem is the jihadist factor. 60-61 cases of attacks, all of them are jihadists. the administration and the kaine and clinton campaign aren't focusing on the ideology. liz: five countries have
5:39 pm
collapsed in the world. five of them. they include libya and iraq. you see sleeper terrorist cells burgeoning over there, and president obama, secretary clinton hoping to bring more refugees into the country. you understand the humanitarian side of it. you want to bring women and children in and you get that. but the administration says yes the screening processes are state of the art. some say no. what do you say? >> no, and no, and no, but to what? the obama and clinton administration didn't have to bring refugees here. they stopped talking about that issue from the airport on. we are not humanitarian if we don't accept them. but have they asked the refugees themselves. i did. they said they want to go home.
5:40 pm
do you know the names of the leaders of the refugees in syria and outside syria? no, they are just bringing those refugees here, collapsing syria, more refugees are going to come because they are not able to solve the situation in syria. the second problem they talk about vetting. he cannot vet. if they can't recognize the ideology of the threat, how can they vet. liz: james comey says the terrorist diaspora is coming like we have never seen. i really appreciate your time. more aggression from russia. russia threatening to shoot down u.s. planes in syria if we launch airstrikes against assad. my next guest is warning about a new axis of evil after hillary's not so successful toe to toe
5:41 pm
with putin. >> she went to to t went b thee. is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at
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but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges. >> hillary has the ability to stand up to russia. hillary clinton went to to to with russia, went toe to toe with russia. liz: russia threatening to shoot down any u.s. planes that launch
5:45 pm
strikes in syria. the u.s. military bases are covered with air defense systems, the range of which may come as a surprise to unidentified flying objects. thomas mcinerney, what's going on in syria. is this the result of hillary's toe to toe with putin? >> exactly it was so successful they changed the whole calculus from what it was five years ago, the problem they kree waited their vision of an arab spring. this means we have been defeated there, the dominant role that we had.
5:46 pm
when they brought the s300 and s400 missiles on, it meant they would be focused on the u.s. to neutralize our air power advantage. we only have f22 and b2s that can survive this. our allies have nothing. it's a foremiddable threat. liz: isis doesn't have an air force. it goes beyond syria being russia's new afghanistan. you say it's also about a new axis of evil forming there. what do i mean? >> you have got syria, russia and iran. that is the critical calculus developing over there because of the number of things we did with the nuclear treaty that we have now made -- this administration made iran the hegemon in the
5:47 pm
arabia peninsula. elizabeth: what if russia shoots down all of s. aircraft. what would happen? >> that's a good question. my particular take on it, we are not going to a world war with russia because of that. so they have the leverage on their side. so our people have got to be careful. what would i do, would i counter it and take that missile site out? but we should never have gone the here. and that's my point. liz: we shouldn't be where we are at. >> he put himself into a boxed corner and he's not going to do anything. and putin knows that. liz: you mean president obama. >> putin knows president obama cannot get out of that boxed canyon. liz: up next, tim kaine, it
5:48 pm
looks like he was wrong again. let's take a listen. >> she worked tough negotiation with nations around the world to eliminate the iranian nuclear weapons program without firing a shot. >> the iranian nuclear weapons program has been stopped? >> stopped the iranian nuclear weapons program has been stopped. it was hillary clinton that worked with to get them engaged in a community of nations. to stop the iranian nuclear what he phones program without firing a shot. liz: we have the u.n. atomic chief, the one who polices iran's side of the iran deal. he's warning quote small technical mistakes and small failures in implementation can have a large negative influence on the iran deal. your thoughts?
5:49 pm
>> liz, this is the greatest nuclear agreement mistake that has ever been made in the history of nuclear weapons. we gave them 150 billion dollars that they pulled their struggling economy out of a swamp. we gave them advanced technology for trading off certain amounts of fissile material. we modernized their nuclear capability. they are continuing their development of icbms, and the third part of the eef quaition is they are testing nuclear weapons in north korea, and they will have one coming up in my prediction in the near future. their fifth one. so we have modernized the iranian nuclear weapons capability as well tas as their economy. why would we do that? liz rsh thank you so much for your -- liz: thank you for your time.
5:50 pm
next up we have a pro trump art show shut down after violent liberal threats. my effect guest is a pro-trump artist. a trump sign he made was burnt down. we have artist scott navado speaking out against the intalt rant left. -- i will tolerant left.
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5:54 pm
made was burned down. do you know who did it? >> no. this whole thing with this trump thing getting shut down, this art show. i have been dealing with it for 27 years. liz: what were you going to have in the show. >> my artwork. american flags, creative versions of the american flag. try to get them into a gallery with them knowing you are a republican, i have been shut out so many times. an art organization is refusing my donation for a fundraiser, the director told me, she said she doesn't like my politics is what's keeping me out. this is an art organization. liz: the art is gorgeous. >> it doesn't matter. here you have the art world which preaches more than any
5:55 pm
other club, they preach tolerance and to be open mind and to be outside the box. unless you vote republican. they know my name in the stay. you won't see my name published in any art magazine. i want to tell the artists trying to have this trump show. ways a gallery, it's an empty space with lights. there is a thousand empty spaces. but they take money. there you go. you have your own show. you don't have to deal with the elitist club that refuses to -- it boggles my mind. liz: i think you referred to yourself as a leper child. is this wall of intolerance, you can't talk to them? >> the hypocrisy.
5:56 pm
everything is accepted in the art world. and it's accepted. but my beautiful flag artwork is not accepted because i am a traditionalist. liz: there was something involving a mural. can you tell us about that? >> recently. i'm promoting this envelope -- promote be this nfl blackout sunday. liz: what happened? >> somebody pray painted kaepernick across one of my beautiful flag murals. that's in rhode island on a vfw post. liz: will you come back with one your stories? >> yes.
5:57 pm
♪ approaching medicare eligibility?
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liz: round two for the presidential candidates sunday. we'll bring you live coverage starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. the latest fox news poll set to be released at the top of the hour. charles payne hates coming up. charles: new fox news national polls just being released shows hillary clinton and donald trump in a statistical dead heat in a four-way race. hillary clinton 44%, donald trump 42%. the difference is within the 3% margin of error. in a three-way matchup she has a 4-point lead. among independents donald trump leads.


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