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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 11, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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and turning tail on him, i don't think that's going to work to your advantage. it means-- anthony and i have been arguing about it off and on all morning. >> it strikes of disloyalty. maria: thank you so much. that will do it for us. see you tomorrow. stay right there, "varney & company" begins right now. stuart: i'll take it, it's trump versus the world. the powers that be are lining up against him and hillary, new leaks, new problems. good morning, everyone, start with this, start with paul ryan, top elected republican in congress, he will not support or look to donald trump. trump's base is mad as hell. and e-mail hacks shows that sheryl sandberg handed over
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information. big tech hates donald trump. "the washington post" ap media, hosted by amazon's jeff bezos outdoing itself on trump phobia and the rest of the establishment media, he's toes they say with barely suppressed glee. hillary, another example of saying one thing in private and different things in public. in e-mail, she said we can't possibly vet those syrian refugees, we know they're bringing in jihadis. and all of that in private and now it's public. what a contradiction. now this, catastrophe for south korea's samsung, it's killed the galaxy 7 note. if you've got it turn it off. if you want to fly with one, don't. it's a gift to apple. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪
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now, this is just breaking on samsung. they are permanently ending the galaxy note 7 phone as of this morning. it's done. they're telling all ownersurn them off now. we're going to add to that one because that's pretty catastrophic there. >> it's catastrophic and how embarrassing is this, the replacement for the big problem was the same problem so they halted all production and they said turn it off and are basically going back to the drawing board on this thing. you know, listen, they issued a global recall a month ago, that was a month after the debut, which ironically those reviews for this were fantastic. stuart: they were, we had one on the show. ashley: it was terrific. and apple was like, oh, we've got real competition. they believe that apple will pick up at least another 1% market share in smart phones. globally, samsung has doubled
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the market share of apple. 22.4% so apple's 11.8%, what does it mean? apple could sell because of this, another 14 to 15 million iphones because of the problem with samsung and people going from android to i 0. s systems. tell me what apple stock is doing liz: apple stock is up about a fifth of the past months and it's beating the dow right now. base of the telecom carriers say you can ditch your samsung and pick any device, apple, basically said last quarter, our stock is-- we're getting a good performance from iphone sales because people are switching and also because of the first time phone users. the problem for apple, it could be the first year ever it has a downward trend in iphone sales, they're gleeful at samsung' problems. today the company stock lost another 17 billion. that's today liz: that's like losing a
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twitter. stuart: and back to politics, the wall street journal a poll came in over the weekend, it was done over the weekend and found signs of women moving away from donald trump big time. hillary's advantage over women. 21 points from 12 points when the last poll was done in september. liz peek, fiscal times lady is with us. look if that proportion holds still, he's got 21.deficit with women, he loses hands down. >> and he already was behind with women and obviously, the release of the tape last friday was just terrible evidence of what donald trump thinks about women, behaves towards women, et cetera. stuart: can i interrupt for one second. that poll the late poll from wall street journal was done after the videotape was released, but before the debate performance on sunday night. >> exactly, and it's conceivable that his argument, if you will, first of all, his apology, which i thought was okay, and his argument that,
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yes, he has said a lot of crude things in his past, but he hasn't done a lot of crude things as compared to hillary clinton, not bill clinton, but hillary clinton who has slammed the accusers of bill clinton, who have accused bill clinton of misdeeds, that there's some hypocrisy here in the liberal side basically making a big issue of this. whether that will fly or not, i don't know. stuart: i want to see the first poll taken post debate. >> we have not yet see that. stuart: women were arrayed in the audience and-- >> you're never supposed to say in journalism, only time will tell. >> you said it. stuart: i said it. i'm sorry. hold on a second, breaking news for you. here is comes, another wikileaks e-mail dump. okay? this is a new one. we just found out about this, just coming in. relate today john podesta,
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hillary's campaign chair. do you have. ashley: i've got-- >> anything. ashley: right off the bat, one from john harwood. stuart: oh, to podesta, harwoods cnbc correspondent and new york times writing to john podesta writing and saying well done, very strong, how are you doing? harwood replying, yep, feeling good. so you want to talk about bias. stuart: are you kidding me? that's one campaign working hand in glove with the network, how are you feeling. ashley: looking good, how are you feeling. stuart: they're working together. >> there are other e-mails list and the reporters they can go to, people in effect working for them, including the person at new york times covering this campaign. it's atrocious. ashley: harwood, moderated one of the republicans debates last year, so it's clear what side of the fence he falls on. stuart: and he's the guy who
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blew it for cnbc and kind of mocked trump to his face and the audience didn't like that and now we know why. lots more to come from this little dump, i do suspect. still on politics, hillary wants to expand the child care tax credit for families with young children and wants the rich and big corporations to pay for it. here is what she said in detroit yesterday, pay your fair share, that's what she said. peter morici, it's a $2,000 per child under 4 tax credit. does that give us growth? >> oh, absolutely not. you know, the top 20% already pay 83% of the income tax and she has americans convinced there are a least of majority who will vote, that somehow we can have a european style welfare state without half of them playing to income tax. go to europe and holland, for example, a school teacher 50, 60,000 a year, half of it out
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of personal income tax. the reality is do all the things that hillary wants to do for them. they're going to have to pay themselves. remember obamacare? she was going to subsidize your health insurance now folks are paying a lot of money, more each year for insurance that doesn't work. and as the supreme court told us it's just a tax. stuart: but it is buying votes. you put money into people's hands and giving them that money, you're buying votes. that's my word to you beater. >> it's like the old roman empire, the masses come to the colosseum and they give them grain and the gladiators. it's buying votes, you're absolutely right. i smell decay. stuart: decay. all right. [laughter] we'll get back to you, i promise. now this, facebook's ceo sheryl sandberg shared research with key members of the clinton campaign. this is revealed in the-- not the very, very latest leak from wikileaks, the one before,
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the one that we got today. liz, this is silicon valley wading right in on hillary's behalf. do you have anything more on sheryl sandberg liz: cheryl mills, hillary clinton's top aide, gender-based research and women and leadership research. don't know if it was sheryl sandberg's own research or facebook's, don't know. and including john podesta, top campaign aide. we've known that sheryl sandberg could be in the running to be secretary treasuriy, the first female to run in it in the 227 year history. stuart: she's in the running? >> talk about that. >> it's not the first time that facebook has been accused of playing politics fast and loose. what i thought was the company issued a release saying that, you know, this is sheryl sandberg's own personal research, like she goes home and sits in her pajamas at night doing gender research. >> she's written a book.
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stuart: she got it from facebook liz: she's written a book about it though, but-- >> we did put the stock up, it's going to open 130 a share. i don't believe that sheryl sandbe sandberg-- sheryl sandberg helping the clinton campaign will have any effect. oil is down this morning, and that could account for the stock market's small selloff. new cuts sending oil prices lower. are woo he surprised? and sales force might bid for if it it goes down enough, enough to put the price of twitter stock up to 18 and small change as of this morning. well, i'm going to be a sports reporter for a moment. big news from boston sports, red sox slugger david ortiz is retired from the game. 19 seasons with the red sox, three world series rings.
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five silver slugger awards and ten appearances in all star games. 's done and says goodbye to the game. how about this? tiger woods backing out of the safeway open tournament it will start this week and it would have been his first professional appearance in 14 months. woods says he's not ready to compete. by the way, he would have been paired with phil michelson had he played in the safeway open. new drone video out of syria shows the utter devastation in aleppo. later on the program, full warning here, we're going to show you some shocking images out of syria, graphic and disturbing. i want to warn everybody well in advance before we get to it because it is shocking stuff. more from hillary clinton's leaked e-mails. she says it's not possible to vet properly syrian refugees coming into our country, but hillary wants to bring more in. we're on it and a lighthearted moment from the campaign. a little boy dressed up like
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donald trump finds his way to the stage at a trump rally. watch what happens next. >> he's supposed to look like donald trump, but he's actually much too good looking. you are really handsome. where is your daddy? and your mommy, right? do you want to go back? do you want to go back to them or do you want to stay with donald trump? >> trump. . [cheers] you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. our special today is the don't you hate that? when they don't tell you how much something costs and you have to ask? maybe that's why i always make sure to...
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(cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. >> breaking news and this will be featured throughout the program today. another wikileaks e-mail dump. an anchor at a competing network congratulating hillary's campaign, at nbc they're working hand in glove. ashley: john harwood from cnbc and writes for both, they have a lot of conversations via e-mails with john podesta the chairman of hillary clinton's campaign. congratulating her at times on her primary wins and performances in the debate,
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saying, you know, congratulations, podesta e-mailing back, yeah, looking strong. don't forget, harwood was the one who was a moderator in the republican primaries, asked donald trump, do you think you're a comic book campaign right now, asking kasich, i don't remember way back when, you know, how would you insult the other two candidates, really mixing it up and of course, they were widely criticized as we know for that debate, but appears by this latest e-mail dump from wikileaks that john harwood of cnbc, supposed to be imparm. stuart: it's ridiculous. the media is based clearly, totally biased from top to bottom, they are biased. they're in the tank for hillary, case closed. we'll have more examples of this throughout the program, i believe. the other wikileaks e-mail dump in that one. hillary clinton admits in a private speech refugees can't possibly be vetted, this is a reference from jordan, syrian refugee crisis here.
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let me give you the exact quote, they have hundreds of thousands of refugees and they can't possibly vet all of those refugees so they don't know if, you know, jihadis are coming in along with legitimate refugees. and sebastian is with us, author of "defeating jihad" and a frequent guest on the program. what is going on? you say one thing in private and your policy in public is totally different. >> it's quite stunning, stuart. we now have confirmation of what everybody knew, that the political elite says one thing for hour -- our consumption and exact opposite behind closed doors. >> the list is incredible. in front of deutsche bank, she said that fracking is good. in public she says that fracking is bad. during the debate she's in favor of no-fly zones in syria, behind closed doors to goldman
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sachs, she says no, no-fly zones don't work. the fact that she wants to increase by 500% the refugee flow into america when she says behind closed doors that these people cannot be vetted to separate jihadis from true refugees tells you everything you need to know about the threat to american security, stuart. stuart: she will change america forever without telling us what she's about to do. that's my opinion. okay. i'm going to bring this one to our attention ap before we roll this videotape i want to warn all of our viewers, this is truly graphic video about to go on your screen. i don't like this stuff, believe me, but i want to show it for impact. this is a young syrian child bloodied and crying for her father inside a hospital after her town was bombed. all right. it's the video is actually a good deal worse than that. let's not see it. sebastian, that's another example of a chilling image from the catastrophe in syria.
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i want to know, who is to blame for aleppo? >> we should be the nation that leads others to stop humanitarian tragedies like this. and this isn't about some kind of neo conservative conspiracy to invade other countries and turn them into mirror images of america, it's about stopping these horrific, almost againsi againside-- gensidal attacks and when you have a white house who says we are going to lead from and behind this is what you get. when you have a white house who says we are going to draw a line in the sand and red line and red lines and when those are crossed by the assad regime, america does nothing, this is the type of picture, this is the footage that we will see as a result. remember, this is just one child out of millions. stuart: i remember the little
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boy in aleppo that made headlines worldwide. sebastian, thank you for joining us once again. appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: we're rolling and we'll be right back. your insurance company
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about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, saving you money on your car d home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> hillary clinton continued to slam trump for running a nasty race.
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it seems though, she's not exactly the nicest. listen to how she reacted to a trump supporter at her rally and roll that tape. >> insulted not just women, but african-americans, latinos, people with disabilities, muslims, i do hope somebody follows that gentleman out and stages an intervention. he clearly has not been following this election very closely. stuart: okay, that was the point there. staging an intervention. liz peek, i don't find that to be particularly insulting to anybody, staging-- this is the rough and tumble of politics. >> she's calling trump followers a basket of deplorables, this suggests intense hatred of and conviction that trump followers have something seriously wrong with them. you stage an intervention when people are sick or when they have a drug addiction or something, you don't stage an intervention because they have
9:25 am
different opinions than you do. look, hillary clinton has made no bones about the fact that she thinks everything about trump and his followers, she said the other night in the debate, i have nothing against his followers, that's simply not true. she thinks all of his followers by the way tens of millions of them, she has to be careful, if she's going to basically lead the country and bring people together she can't continue. right now she's on a roll and behaving a little bit like the smug person who knows that she's winning. she needs to be careful. stuart: i think there's going to be some interventions between couples in america separated by this election. >> that's true. stuart: i've got to tell you that north carolina is feeling the effects of-- feeling the aftermath of hurricane matthew. look at this aerial video of the flooding, 24 feet above the normal level. hundreds are stranded and waiting for rescue. matthew, 23 people have died in america because of matthew and 13 of those deaths were in north carolina. by the way, president obama goes there today. he'll survey the damage and
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offer help and yes, he will campaign for hillary clinton. samsung, they've pulled the plug entirely on the galaxy note 7 phone. if you've got one, turn it off and return it. that thing is toast.
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you should be in him
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into we are laughing because i was working myself up in a lather about something i read. with sesame blood pressure, blood pressure. working yourself to death in japanese. it 30:00 p.m. i see a lower market. do i not? down 20 points, down 18 points. 10.1%. the s&p 500. where is that you may ask? down .1%. the nasdaq is going early morning down .1%. the price of oil up a fraction. fit a 142 this morning. where is gold? still below 1300 bucks announced. the stock of the day could be apple. it is near its highs for the
9:31 am
year. rival samsung and say no more galaxy notes that in us. if you've got one, turn it off. don't buy with this thing. the replacement of the galaxy seven has been taken out as well. apple stock is up this morning because of their news from samsung. 117, $118 per share. let me introduce everybody. i want to see what we've got. just the current my immediate left. reader marie c., todd horvitz and ashley and lives. i am going to start with apple. >> obviously this is good for apple. they will lose about seven teen billion dollars. ultimately apple could pick up as revenue. the problem is apple cannot continue to rely on the iphone.
9:32 am
they cannot continue to rely without innovation. they are not going to move past this. they becoming commoditized company. the galaxy seven was there at 10 to aggressively overtake apple. >> we are saying apple could break through the $90 threshold. they report earnings in two weeks time. it could be the first year-over-year decline in iphone sales at apple. >> with an analyst saying they could pick up an extra 15 million. >> 200,000,011 iphones sold. >> if you own it, hold it. if you doubt you should look to short it because it's well overvalued. it needs to calm down. and it's take lessons from my soft because the way of right now ill and not with apple that
9:33 am
we remembered. in each of me in and and find new ways to create revenue. the iphone is not going to be their target. dream to come into this, please. >> the smartphone is a mature space. if the new samsung had worked out the integrated fans. there's only so much we would do at these contractions. apple is going to need a more mature industry appear to separate the automobile industry in the 60s. dream for apple is on track for 260 million iphone sales. how many more is it going to sell? the growth market is on the low end and places like china. stuart: can i just make the case that the smartphone is the consumer product that evybody on this planet wants and the
9:34 am
iphone represents the peak of that market. ashley: they are hanging onto their phones longer. >> they cannibalize the old models and you get lower prices. with happening in places like china when you can lower prices and the economy started doing as well, people price shot. >> samsung produces a lot of high quality fonts other than the note. my wife has been very happy. samsung has done a lot of loyal users. the issues that it had with quality and safety, certainly samsung can rebound from now. it's not the whole line of phones. stuart: i stand corrected. i got a tangential apple story. this is about the apple watch. cabinet ministers in has been told don't wear the watch.
9:35 am
don't use the apple watch during cabinet meetings because the russians might hack events by beard >> apple watchers in the cabinet meetings. they used to wear them but teresa may have come in and said no. since 2013, the cabinet level has not allowed to bring their smartphones into the media. they are so paranoid that the russians are listening. stuart: i don't know why i'm laughing. >> that's what the hackers want. they've been trained to monitor through the iphone, to listen, to take photographs. this is necessary. not only in the u.k., necessary here. >> what are we going to do with what then and ibm -- if we teach these computers to think like us, pretty soon you have to stand and stare at a red sheet
9:36 am
of paper and then read all day. dream to take a look at nike. they will auction off a pair of shoes, sneakers called aromatics from the movie back to the future. liz: they are very cool. stuart: he's just auctioning it off. transfer the michael jay fox foundation. he suffers from parkinson's disease. there is a button on the site to our mice. they do automatically lays themselves. but it's $10 each. you can buy them. this is a $10 donation. you get a chance to win one of 89 hair. stuart: how about alcoa. the aluminum co. of america. they are splitting into two -- what's this all about, nicole? >> november 1st is the big day
9:37 am
and not to two companies. alcoa with the ticker signal ama. the other is our comment. this is a 128-year-old company. first are the earnings which just came out today. with a profit on the corner and they are also not giving guidance. stock down 8%. going forward they are separating the fast-growing area of cars and arrows base. stuart: okay. i'm inclined to say who cares but i'm not. >> a 28 year company that invented aluminum? train till alcoa has quarterly revenues of $5 billion. one fifth -- >> more aircraft, more vehicles than the life. >> i stand corrected yet again. tyson foods. one of the biggest meat producers in the land.
9:38 am
shca actually. tyson investing -- they are going into a beacon started. ashley: can you believe this? stuart: what happened to my america? ashley: they are investing in a company called beyond me made from protein sources like these in soy. they have to be on her occur. >> you can make a chicken now at the 3-d printer. you basically take protein and turn it into a chicken. professors and anchors are next. stuart: okay. give me the last word on tyson and beacon startups. >> first of all -- i will never, ever eat it. ima meet enthusiast. $5 billion market.
9:39 am
this vegetable-based meet is a big thing. it's growing. the only part of the food industry should be stopped. liz: the fourth of july barbecue. sure to ask one more for you. there's a survey that shows one in five japanese were urged risks death from overwork. corona fee is the name for overwork. liz: this is the dangerous. this is the first time the government are coming out with a white paper saying this is a cultural issue. heart attacks, suicides from overwork. some workers are doing four hours a day. the majority in the study. four hours of overtime a day. they studied 1700 companies and
9:40 am
the majority working overtime. this is a cultural phenomenon. >> we've had a problem in a show for some time now with teenagers committing suicide and things like that because of the high academic pressures to get into college because we put the pressure on them younger. we wanted to study in cuba we could find no traces are evident in the native dave. stuart: i've been straight down on a few names. alcoa. let's not forget alcoa. a great session. thank you todd, jeff and peter. the dow jones industrial average as we speak is down 74 points. the early going this tuesday morning down 182. donald trump has got a problem with women voters. hillary clinton taking a big lead in the latest poll after his locker room comments. the double standard of the latch. the view cohost uses the word when discussing the women who
9:41 am
accused bill clinton of misconduct. we will play you the soundbite. ♪ upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save
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stuart: done 69, almost 70 points back to 182. another headaches at the same for wells fargo. managers accused of passing stab to sell expensive overdraft protection. what is this all about? liz: is supposed to be a choice by law. when your checking account and strain in the bank steps in to pay 35 bucks on average. they're telling customers you're required to have as. what was happening, wells fargo,
9:45 am
wells fargo is setting a bank account, summer fun putting money in the checking account unbeknownst to the customer and when they train the account they were charged with fees. remember the big scandal that banks were doing this. they're hitting checking accounts first with the charges. the checks they were written for us to church the overdraft. wells fargo is basically breaking the rules again. stuart: the stock has gone from 50 to 43. liz: good point. stuart: "the wall street journal" poll over the weekend taken after the release of the trump video before the debate. it shows hillary's advantage of 21 points. only a 12-point advantage in september. maria espinoza as they pass. national direct during trump supporter. great to see you again. >> good morning, stuart. thank you for having me on.
9:46 am
stuart: why are you still supporting donald trump in so many women are moving away from it? >> i don't know that so many women are moving away. the malicious locker room tape and people will say what it is is just a distraction from the real issues. mr. trump, as a latina and conservative hispanic women, i stand with mr. tron. he is for lies. he's reached out for families that hillary clinton has never reached out to and those are americans who have most forgotten the ones whose families were killed by illegal aliens. this is what we're looking at. we want laws that were not lawlessness. hillary clinton will not stand by loss. he said he said he would give amnesty to illegal aliens are collected. stuart: we hear that. how do you feel about paul ryan? he is the speaker of the house, and the highest in the republican in congress and is
9:47 am
not campaigning with there for donald trump. what is your response to him. >> that's a shame. however, more of the same with paul ryan. he is the individual, stuart who fled from five angels mothers when they went to his doorstep and he ignored them. this is what we are looking at. we must focus on the issues. the issues or do we want to save america, a community where children can play or where american jobs are fruitful and we can thrive as a country and as individuals. that's our focus. not someone already reluctant to support mr. trump who won fair and square by the way. stuart: there is a huge deficit with women that we know. the republican party is split. that we know. you think trump can come back from all the adversity and still win in november? you do believe that otherwise he would though be supporting it.
9:48 am
>> absolutely. i am out there in the community and people are reaching out to last. this is a man who loves america, whose dance for america and its laws. he is placing americans first and not as though we have to focus on. not malicious locker room talk tapes. stuart: we hear you, maria espinoza. interesting times, ain't they? let's have a look at the market scan. it is mostly down. 26 of the dow 30 in the right they are down. 76 points lower. donald trump doubles down, says he wants a special prosecutor to go to hillary. threatens to throw her in jail. andrew napolitano, the judge, is next. >> special prosecutor. we will point the special prosecutor.
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9:53 am
liz: going after 711 of the world and wal-mart. wal-mart was doing curbside grocery pickup. the smaller stores milk, meat, peanut butter come you order it via your found they could get to the buyer from the store or they'll bring it to your car for you. stuart: anything but stand in line at the checkout. donald trump as we all know continues his attack on hillary's enough candle. he says if elected he will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate. watch this. >> special prosecutor, here we come. [cheers and applause] we cannot allow this to happen to our country. stuart: all rise, judge andrew napolitano is with us this tuesday morning. i've heard nasty comments about this. specifically one later defeat steals leader in pittsfield theater in jail. banana republic stuff.
9:54 am
>> i wish he had not used the word jail and they wish he had a clearer about what he means by a does he want to reinvestigate mrs. clinton why does he want to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the investigation. investigation has so many irregularities the rule of law was not upheld. i can take out those irregularities if you want. stuart: not legit. >> but he was ambiguous as to whether the investigation would purse to her for the fbi agents who fail to pursue her. if he wants to pursue her, what should be on the money to pursue his opponent. he doesn't need a special prosecutor. just direct the justice department to do it. can the justice department reopen a case that is closed? answer yes. it would violate justice
9:55 am
depament internal rags but not any federal law. stuart: it only happens if donald trump was election. if hillary wins it's all over. >> at donald trump wins the election and says the same thing after you wince as he said before, would he think barack obama will do? pardon her. stuart: i never thought of that. >> that would end it. what did the fbi know and when did it know it and how did it come to a conclusion not to prosecute in the face of a mountain of evidence of guilt. i would be the subject of a special prosecutor. stuart: i want to leave time for this. samsung has withdrawn the galaxy from seven. if you've got one, stop using it. i think in liability here. i got to imagine at some point some person who ever by the galaxy seven phone would join a class-action suit and take samsung for everything they can get. >> class-action requires similar
9:56 am
damages. a car being destroyed in a house burning down. that is different from what a decent scots, 200 bucks? i spend 850 and it doesn't hurt are the least they owe you is the plus any inconvenience. to put people who lost their homes in the same category as someone who lost $850, the court won't do that. stuart: you're missing the point. the lawyers will say the psychological horror that my client went through wondering about whether this phone will catch fire or not. a million dollars. stuart: you sound like you're imitating a british lawyer. stuart: 30% will go to the lawyers. go get a new phone. >> your criticism of class actions is well taken. stuart: house speaker paul ryan is not going to campaign for board defend donald trump if
9:57 am
there's a a divide in the gop. trump is dried huge crowds. in our next hour, louis gomer joins us, republican from tech is. he says he's sticking withdrawn. he's going to tell us why. the second hour is coming right up.
9:58 am
... ...
9:59 am
>> the media finds and leaks a video of a lewd and crude donald trump. the election turned upsidedown. leaked e-mails show hillary clinton in favor of open borders and clearly stating we can't vet syrian refugees. that is ignored. no impact on the election. double standard? how about this one. trump's locker room talk video, an avalanche of outrage. follow that, bill's victim's victims and hillary's response to them ignored. barely mentioned when they appeared before the debate. double standard? sure seems that way, doesn't it? selective outrage is alive and
10:00 am
well in this campaign. donald trump, republican, held to a different standard from hillary clinton, democrat. this is not just a left-right argument, it's the elites term determined to elect hillary clinton they'll challenge donald trump on everything and give hillary a pass. i'm particularly incensed at the treatment of clinton's open borders admission. she told a closed door meeting she welcomed a common market with open trade and open borders, not much coverage for a policy that would fundamentally change america. contrast that with trump's immigration ideas, he's a bigot, he's a racist. he's deplorable, he is irredeemable. it's not right and it's certainly not fair, that's the reality in america today. double standards up and down the line. the left and their media cheerleaders will do anything to elect their candidate, hillary clinton. the second hour of "varney &
10:01 am
company" is about to begin. ♪ >> we'll get back to double standards in a moment. breaking news, the latest wikileaks e-mail dump. cnbc's john harwood frequently e-mailing hillary's campaign chair john podesta offering congratulations and praising hillary for her primary wins. remember, harwood moderated a republican debate back in the primaries. that was back in march. he was criticized for asking questions like this, roll tape. >> and make americans better off because your greatness would replace the stupidity and incompetencesy of others. >> that's right. >> let's be honest. is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign. >> it's not a comic book and not a nicely asked question the way you said that. stuart: well said. there was a lot more. it looks like from the leaks,
10:02 am
it really does look like the media is like this, hand in glove with hillary's campaign. i mean, it's just right there. isn't it? >> of course. i mean, this harkens back to the bill clinton era. let's not forget george stephanopoulos during the 2012 campaign with mitt romney is the one who asked that question about republicans banning birth control and that wasn't true, but changed the campaign of, the narrative of the campaign. fast forward to the primary, the cnbc debate was the worst of the primary cycle and let's not forget that republican chairman of the rnc, reince priebus said they should be ashamed of themselves. the rnc is in charge of who gets to moderate the g.o.p. debate. they have a responsibility this year debates were better they had one conservative moderator, but one versus three is not enough and the cnbc deba was a perfect example of that. stuart: i'm so surprise-- not surprised, but i'm shocked.
10:03 am
>> surprised. stuart: extent of the coordination of the mainstream media and the clinton campaign. >> i am not. i am not. stuart: another one for you, another e-mail, ashley. ashley: this one again from john harwood to john podesta in december of last year, i imagine obama feels some in brackets, sad vindication of this demonstration of his year long point about the opposition party veering off the rails. i certainly am feeling that way with respect to how i questioned trump at our debate. stuart: hand in glove there liz: that last sentence reveals that. stuart: well said. it does. another story for katie. things got a little nasty on "the view" yesterday. show co-host joy behar referenced bill clinton's accuser as tramps. >> i wonder if she missed the opportunity to address it in a way that the public would
10:04 am
understand, that that's just not how you behave. >> the i would like to apologize to those tramps that have slept with my husband. maybe she could have said that. stuart: good lord. >> wow. stuart: broderick responded to behar, on "the view," joy behar referred to bill clinton's victims as tramps. shame on you, joy, shame on you. >> for decades bill clinton has been, the arguments, that he had some affairs and infidelitities, and had the guests on sunday night were victims of sexuality assault. there's a difference between infidelity and sexual assault. for joy behar to call them
10:05 am
tramps. they've been defending bill clinton not because, sexist comments on misogyny, but the issue of abortion and the way they've defended bill clinton the way they have and attack women like juanita broderick to dare to speak out and be believed as hillary clinton says she should be. >> thank you for being with us, i know it's short and i'm jam packed, i appreciate it. >> thank you very much. stuart: back to the markets please. the big board shows a 93 point drop for the dow jones industrial average, 18-2 is where we are. how about the price of oil, it's down, not much, maybe that accounts for some of the stock market's loss. $51 a barrel though. look at apple. samsung, the galaxy note 7 phone, the disaster unfolds, stop making that phone, not making it anymore. if you've got one, you can't use it. apple is the britieneficiarbene
10:06 am night be interested in buying if the price goes down enough. twitter stock price going up to $18 a share. amazon expanding its grocery business, new bricks and mortar convenience store, dialing-- not dialing. i am really old. [laughter] liz: i like rotary phones. stuart: you get the point. i'm getting back to politics, with precisely four weeks to election day, donald trump has got his work cut out and then some. the latest wall street journal nbc poll taken before the debate, but after the release of the lewd comments from that video, it shows hillary with a 11-point lead. 46-35. but trump doesn't team too concerned. according to him. he's a changed man. watch this. >> i've traveled around this country talking about change. but my travels, the places i've been, the people i've met,
10:07 am
they've also changed me. i'm not proud of everything that i've done in life. i mean, who among us is. is anybody totally proud of every single element? some we are. stuart: trump's senior advisor with us, boris epstein in new york. >> thank you very much, thanks for having me. stuart: he's a deep hole. and that poll was taken before the second debate. you're hanging your hopes on the second debate turning things around for donald trump, but looks grim. >> there is something interesting about the poll. nbc has two wall street journal down by 11 and serving monkey, six point spread. they released the one that's worse for donald trump and you're seeing, again, that media-- >> still a hole. >> listen, there's no doubt that right now we're down, but america loves an underdog, america loves a comeback and that's what we are. donald trump look at him, he's energized poised and determined. stuart: the survey monkey poll
10:08 am
is an on-line poll. >> the wall street poll had less than a 100 people surveyed and there are 10% more democrats in the poll than republicans. my headline this morning when i went up on the air at 9:00 it's trump versus the world. >> right business is opposed to him, the media hates him and now paul ryan, the speaker of the house says i'm not going out there to campaign for him. it seems to me that the establishment republicans are walking away from donald trump. what do you say to that? >> you know, that's like me saying i'm not going to be in some beautiful place in bali tomorrow. i'm not there anyway. paul ryan never campaigned for donald trump. he's never been-- this event last week was supposed to be the first. you can't say this is a big change. nothing changed. stuart: he's got to rally-- donald trump has got to rally his ardent base. every single one has to turn
10:09 am
out to defeat the business, the media, and the establishment republicans. >> listen and the base is 1 milli million percent for them. and now the number goes way down, we did great in that debate on sunday and he'll do great in the next debate, you know, in las vegas. las vegas is a good thing. stuart: you've got to say it. >> i'm always optimistic here and think the sunny side, but i will tell you in four weeks, donald trump will be elected president of the united states. i'm confident in it. stuart: i'm not going to dispute that particularly. thank you. if you're curious how this election is playing out in the foreign press, take a look at china's state-run media outlet china daily. it's calling the race chaotic. ashley: oh, yeah. stuart: they say democracy in america has been lost forever? >> they're having a field day. they get upset that we criticize their communist
10:10 am
party, one party rule as they have it. they're people's daily, the communist party paper mocking saying of hillary and the election in general, chaotic and release of democratic national committee e-mails and shows a fair selection of candidate was anything, but. then goes on to talk about donald trump. which they say, he has irreversebly damaged u.s. democracy already. so, they are having a field day with this. stuart: i don't think they want him to become president. ashley: no. stuart: i don't think that putin wants him as president or shi-- because he's unpredicttable what he's going to do or say. the market is down 85 points. the dow jones industrials, 30 stocks. then this. the graphic video of a young boy in aleppo. he survived an air strike. that's the video that shot--
10:11 am
well, shocked the world. and another video is shared on-line of a young girl, this is heartbreaking stuff. it's a humanitarian disaster, we'll show it to you, but warn you before it arrives.
10:12 am
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>> don't matter, hey i'm going to take you out before you do. (bleep) away. stuart: all right, in case you're wondering what's going on there. that's a truck driving through a crowd of protesters, i think in nevada liz: reno. stuart: reno, nevada. what's it all about? >> a native american protest of columbus day. they basically stopped traffic. there are reports, this could be a hate crime. the driver of the truck was stalking the protest and drove through it. an elderly woman hospitalized and others as well. stuart: reno nevada liz: reno nevada. ashley: nevada. stuart: check the big board, we're down more, off 116 points
10:15 am
as we speak. show me the price of oil. let me see if that's got something to do with it? no, we are only down 19 cents on oil and 115 on the dow. we'll figure out why it's down so much. rent-a-center's main rent to own business continues to struggle. that's the headline. look at the stock, it's down 32%. ashley: ouch. stuart: i'm going to-- this is a warning for everyone. i'm warning the whole audience here because the graphic video that's about to go on your screen. it will show, a warning here, wait a minute and don't roll it yet. it shows a young syrian child, bloodied, crying for her father after her town was bombed. here it comes in a couple of seconds. watch this, please. roll tape. >> [crying]
10:16 am
>> i think anybody can understand the horror of what's going on in syria today. joining us now is zuhdi jasser, the islamic foreign democracy guy. whose fault is this? >> stuart, i have to tell you, thank you for covering this. my family thanks you in aleppo and here, if i hadn't been blessed with parents that had come to america in the late '60s and escaped that regime, that could be my daughter who is lucky to be growing up in america. it's the world's fault. it's the free world's fault. you have america that is asleep. the obama administration allowed putin, khomeini and assad to commit war crimes. and the ambassador wrote a book on genocide was writing about the red sox instead. and inaction is a form of
10:17 am
action. assad has-- i was apoplectic to hear both parties. hillary basically has been on the side of the islamists and jihadists and mr. trump, i'm sorry, was basically condoning assad bombing isis when in fact he's been bombing aleppo, bombing citizens, bombing humanity and we need to listen to people like congressman kensington and others calling for action to be on the right side of history. there is no solution. stuart: i'm not so sure that we could take action. the russians run syria. the russians run the middle east and they've got an air force there that would literally go after american planes if we tried to establish safe zones. >> well, american security is not on the side of russia. we need to stare evil in the face. >> it's not just russia, it's iran. it's all about iran. t they've taken it as a state.
10:18 am
the longer we sit back the longer the shia crescent into lebanon and the region is going to push. we have to push. humanity, genocide is happening. we have to have a policy that looks at american interest. the refugee problem. that's how you solve it. you solve the syria problem and then you solve the refugee problem. stuart: what about an admission in a private speech that hillary gave not too long ago, where she said, look, we know we can't vet these refugees coming in. we can't vet them properly. let me give you the full quote here. they have hundreds of thousands of refugees and they can't possibly vet all those refugees, so if they don't know, if, you know, jihadis are coming along with legitimate refugees. here is hillary clinton exposing the danger in private, but publicly embracing a flood of refugees coming to america. and that would change america, i'm inclined to say, change it forever.
10:19 am
>> that shows you, stuart, how dishonest and d duplicitous, the left it. publicly they kowtow to the labi from huma abedin on and and the tyrants who fill her clinton foundation coffers. that's who she responds to. they don't want to side with the third side, secular muslims that are reformists like our groups that are marginalized, unfortunately we don't have a seat in the table. they pretend we don't exist and the left uses this issue for minority identity politics, rather than uniting america in a policy for national security, both at home and abroad, to vet refugees against radical and political islam which is the only way to do it. stuart: well said, zuhdi jasser and thank you for your service, 111 years in america's navy, and we appreciate that.
10:20 am
>> thanks, stuart, for covering this. appreciate it. stuart: yes, sir. where are we on the stock market? falling more, now we're down 123 points, barely at 18-2. going to show you some video, it's interesting. a bald eagle stuck in a car grill during hurricane matthew. ashley: oh. stuart: it's in florida. the police department posted these pictures. the bird was freed, sent to a wildlife sanctuary and they say he is doing well. there you go. ashley: oh. stuart: this man, can-- ken bone. he asked a question at the debate and an internet sensation, and that sweater, sold out at amazon, believe it or not. back in a moment.
10:21 am
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10:24 am
>> what steps wilyour energy policy take to meet our energy needs, while at the same time reminding environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss for fossil power plant workers? >> that is ken bone at the debate. social media has gone crazy over that guy, they love that sweater. ken bone is talking about-- let me show you the sound bite of ken bone talking about the sweater. roll it. >> i had an olive colored suit that i had picked out for the day that my favorite suit, apparently i've gained a few pounds since the last time i wore it and when i got in my car to leave for the debate i tore the seat out of the pants and had to make an emergency move to something i could change into very quickly. stuart: now--
10:25 am
wait a minute, there is a back story here. he runs back into the house, throws on the red sweater and changes his life. he's become a huge star. internet people describe him as the one ray of sunshine. the atlantic called him refreshingly enthusiastic. lovable midwesterner and now a halloween costume, the red sweater, black rimmed glasses and a mustache liz: he asked a good question. and a strong question, your energy policy, hang on, how is it going to met the nation's needs while preserving jobs. ashley: oh, liz: if he didn't ask that question you don't think it would be the ken bone show right now. ashley: how he looked liz: i like the town hall look, one to rock is what people are talking about, a cute guy. stuart: are we done with this? liz: give him some credit, asked a smart question. why are you ripping into him?
10:26 am
because he wouldn't be on there if he didn't ask the question. ashley: yes, he would. that's completely wrong liz: if he's not asking a question -- i can't believe we're talking about it. ashley: because i can't believe you think it's all about his question. nothing to do with the question. stuart: please don't talk over ashley webster. ashley: thank you very much liz: yeah, i can see that. stuart: thank you liz: you brits. stuart: that's a sweater, it's not a cardigan, eighths-- it's a quarter zip. ashley: it's a cable knit sweater made by i-zod. stuart: and donald trump says if more videos calm out, he's going to talk more about bill's women. and she would raise taxes massively-- >> i tell you hillary clinton is raising your taxes, folks, you can look at me.
10:27 am
she's raising your taxes. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises.
10:28 am
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10:30 am
>> what's your name? now he is supposed to look like donald trump, but is actually much too good-looking. you are really handsome. where is your daddy and your mommy? do you want to go back to o stah donald trump? >> trump. granted that was really cool. the big board because we are down sharply up 118-point. two primary reasons for this. health care stocks are way down. investors think that hillary is going to win the election and that would be bad for the health care stocks and we are told oil
10:31 am
is down 22 cents. oil stocks and oil related stocks are down. that too is hurting the dow industrials. ford motor company, production of the iconic mustang shut down for a week because what is this, they're not telling? liz: the sales are down a third meant not that i'm just going to doublecheck the number for you. the chevy camaro is now outselling the mustang for the first time in two years. stuart: the car is iconic. when sales go down it doesn't affect the stock that much but it's worthy of note here straightforward it is the fear that the automotive sector is weakening. stuart: for weeks precisely to election day. i want to know what trumps path to the array looks like from here. according to karl rove, trump needs to win. the romney stronghold states like north carolina, arizona and georgia appeared carl also says
10:32 am
trumps got a win florida, ohio, nevada and most of maine. fox news contributor carl rove is that the now. that's an extremely difficult path to victory is it not? >> it's very difficult and it still only gives him 266 electoral votes. the estimate something else beyond that. the romney stays together a 206. three of those are at risk. north carolina with 15 electoral votes. if he wins all of those mini wins florida, that gets into 235 if he wins ohio day care tended to 53. iowa gets into 259. nevada gets in the 265. the second district of maine system one to 266 and then it's got to win something else whether it's new hampshire or pennsylvania or michigan or then or colorado, all of which are to quote, most of in the high single digits or low double
10:33 am
digits. transiently get the message. it an uphill struggle to i wonder if this will help, though. maybe this'll help hillary win florida. al gore is campaigning with hillary in miami today. it occurs to me that he only has to swing a small number of votes in florida away from jill stein, the green party candidate and to hillary clinton a democrat. only a small swing would win the state of florida and the election for hillary clinton. do you agree with that? or could. >> that's what i think they taken to a state in which it had a presence on the ballot. florida was the closest big state in 2012. president obama won by 74,000 votes, less than 1% low. it is a state to where trump has been doing well so far this year. he seen a homeboy in the southeastern part of the state.
10:34 am
as i mentioned, florida is a geographic anomaly. the only state in the country where the further south you go the further north you live and the people are retired from new york, new jersey, connecticut and pennsylvania v. trump is one of their own. is a smart move on her part. i'm not certain mr. energy himself, mr. green energy is necessarily that strong an advocate that is better than not a making a pitch to the green party supporters. stuart: really quickly, trump supporters and paul ryan and other members of what i call the republican establishment are really upset about this. >> i think paul ryan made a mistake. he should of said yesterday our house majorities at risk. my responsibility is to get you back in. i will campaign tirelessly. all my efforts are aimed at getting you back into the majority and they thought the comment about drum. it's a mistake or trying to pick
10:35 am
a fight with paul ryan. it makes him look weak and the problem worse. he ought to be the big way and stopped reading and pick a fight with ryan. rise above in focus on his job. drink you got it. for weeks precisely still to go. karl rove. i know what she wanted to. muscle car for barney. stuart: and the chrysler town and country then kind of guy in case you didn't know. that's really the truth. donald trump talking about hillary's tax plan. roll that tape. >> hillary clinton is raising taxes, folks. she is raising your taxes really high. but that is going to do is a disaster for the country. she is raising taxes and lowering taxes is that in itself is a big difference.
10:36 am
>> we are joined by donald trump senior economic advisor steve corcoran i have seen hillary's plan and all i can see a net is raising taxes for people who make either for or $5 million per year. where do you get the idea that she's going to raise taxes for the middle class. where does that come from? >> here's what i want america to remember. 12, 25, 33. 12% to make $75,000 or less. 25% between 75 and $225,000. that pays for playing. stuart: i know that's your plan. i've got it. i'm a firm supporter of the growth plan. no question about it. i want to know where donald trump gets it from that hillary clinton is going to raise your taxes massively in the middle class. >> how are you going to pay for
10:37 am
the handout program she has shared in public without raising us taxpayers? if you look at most employers in america, either subpar scores, loc commensal proprietorships. those folks are taxed at ordinary income levels. they are already at 89 plus%. by the time they pay other taxes, property taxes come in under a, most americans in that category, job creators are paying 78% of their gross income in taxes. as some point you have to get some relief if we want to get jobs back and we want to grow the economy. stuart: where is the proposal that hillary clinton taxes the middle class? >> i think it is the lack of the tax break that the trump organization has focused on. how do we give middle class a tax break through childcare
10:38 am
credit which mr. trump is outlined very successfully. if you make $75,000 or less than you'd pay $8000 in child care a year to take care of your children, you're going to be looking at a 35% tax breakon remaining 35% more money in taxes back in your pocket. how much money as an american socket to do what they think. stuart: at the citibank coming out today saying there's a 70% chance that hillary wins this election and you say what? >> i say that's false. you are going to see a large senate majority. look at the enthusiasm, come out for the election far, far closer than that. mr. trump was a victory. transiently thank you very much. we'll see you again soon. sam's son has totally pulled the plug on most troubled galaxy note seven phones. jeff flock is with us outside
10:39 am
and at&t store in illinois. people are returning their funds. what are they saying? >> just about to open. at&t store opens in suburban chicago. this is where people bring them. they're going to be able to exchange them for another sam's phone. they are pointing people to the f7 and. not as sophisticated a phone obviously but you get the difference between what you paid for your galaxy note and the sam's son a seven match or a full refund as this pointed out earlier $850 if you pay up front. you can get the full refund and full refund and put it towards something else. you also get a $25 gift card for your trouble. stuart: they are trying as best they can to fix what isn't horrendous problem. just, i'm sure you're there for the day. we'll get back on later this afternoon and this morning.
10:40 am
next case, donald trump taking to twitter again. this time blasting republicans. now what is he saying? >> the shackles had been taken off for me. at least the democrats are loyal other than the situation with this nomination and that came out in the e-mails that they basically found bernie. out of the nomination, and they have proven to be far more level. >> this comes after paul ryan missesnd more interested in saving the house. i cannot remember a time in the democrats split into two opposing camps and carry that into any election. do that the republicans this time around. transfer the last time we saw something like this was eric goldwater in 1964. stuart: you're still all about
10:41 am
the red sweater. liz: your price reaction to me trying to help out. stuart: let's move on. another setback for tiger woods. he's pulled out of the safeway opening california. he's not ready to play at the pga level. still recovering from back surgery. woods hasn't played competitive golf in 14 months now. clear example of ice in the media. cnbc is republican debate congratulating hillary clinton and her campaign chair. that is contained in another e-mail for a. we are on it.
10:42 am
10:43 am
stuart: -- ashley: remember "varney & company" starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. >> u.s. behind women and the release of the tape last friday with terrible evidence of what donald trump thinks about women, the histories women come it better. stuart: can i interrupt? not pull was done after the videotape was released. but before the debate performance on sunday night. >> exactly. it is conceivable that his argument if you will, first of all his apology which i thought was okay and his argument that yes he has done a lot of great things in his past but he hasn't done a lot of crude things as
10:44 am
compared to hillary clinton. not bill clinton, that hillary clinton who slammed the accusers have accused bill clinton of misdeeds. the there is some hypocrisy here.
10:45 am
stuart: more fallout from samsung.
10:46 am
alphabetizing google just touched an intraday lifetime high. this ensign disaster disaster with the galaxy seven phone which is no longer going to be produced or sold. that is out of business. income is a new pixel fonts from google, also that. up close google stock. 816 as we speak. our next guest on paul graham's conference call yesterday when ryan told republican lawmakers is not going to be defending trump anymore or campaigning. republican from texas, congressman louis, congressman believed olmert is with us now. congressman, you are still standing i donald trump campaigning for him. is that accurate, sir? >> yes, it is. it's not our most liberal in the stack says. in longview it was a flip-flop. i asked her to sit down with ted before the convention. he honored their requests.
10:47 am
he and ted have worked out their differences. i've seen the risk -- she's a lack that come our freedoms are gone. stuart: everyday trump supporters are mad as. >> i don't like what he said. look at who his friends were back then. hillary and bill clinton, he and bubba clinton talked like that. but now he's a devout republican and he has changed his ways and ask for forgiveness. i know the consequences and i know the difference from dave that the felony charge between someone who says something bolder, deplorable and somebody who does deplorable things and someone who lies about it. it is the line, the coverage map and the destruction of justice.
10:48 am
it is manipulating the justice system. who else would go get on it playing with the attorney general while she's deciding whether or not to indict this one then. we cannot have her as president is when it comes to. >> i want you to hear what donald tron says he is planning the clinton campaign releases any more damaging tapes on trump. just watch this. >> if they want to release more tapes, saying inappropriate things will continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton doing inappropriate things. stuart: is that a good strategy? >> that's not a good strategy. all that trump is to talk about is the freedoms we are going to lose when she replaces our late friend, antonin scalia. if she replaces scalia, all of these 5-our decision on
10:49 am
americans having the right to bear arms covered that is gone. it will flip the other way. there so many 54 decision with scully are gone, he is replaced by hillary. those rights are gone and they're not coming back in my lifetime. i knew there would be more things than a party, out than when i supported ted cruz in the primary. if these are trump or its hillary and i more adamant than other. we have got to elect trump to keep hillary from replacing scully up on the supreme court. and this garbage that some have muttered about it is so important we keep the majority in the house so that we can keep hillary in chat. my gosh, stuart. did you see how well we kept obama and check and cost them in an eric holder and napolitano
10:50 am
when they were doing damage to our country? and lying to congress. we haven't done anything. cost them ishould have been gone. we haven't even gotten a vote. we have shown that there is no consequence is by purging yourself in front ofcongress. true into your bringing fire to the debate. clearly you are sticking with trump. louis covert, and not of time. >> love to be with you. trade to the latest example of media. bias in the media. the moderator cnbc republican primary debate privately e-mailing hillary clinton's campaign chair offering praise, congratulating them on the campaign when they won the primary. cnbc is their chief competition. guess who is winning? we will be back.
10:51 am
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10:55 am
his one-sided questions of the republican debate. turns out he was e-mailing john podesta according to e-mails from a new wikileaks done. we have those e-mails and stews take on all of this at the top of the hour. that is just one of the stories our producer is talking about right now. here's a look at what else is coming up. al gore joining hillary clinton on the campaign trail in florida. climate change the topic and you can bet they are going to bring up hurricane matthew. buster asserts is donald trump's campaign performance brought him back. i'll state his case and trump's campaign adviser on why trump faces female voters with just four weeks left to go. that is was due talked to maria espinoza about last hour. roll tape. >> i think this malicious locker room tape is that people will see what it is is just a distraction from the real issues. mr. trump, as a latina and conservative hispanic women, and
10:56 am
i certainly stand with mr. trump. he is for loss. he has reached out to families that hillary clinton has never reached out to and those are americans who have most forgotten the ones whose families were killed by illegal aliens. this is what we're looking at. they must focus on the issues. hillary clinton will not stand by lies. he has said he said she would give amnesty to illegal aliens at the lack of it. stuart: we hear that. how do you feel about paul ryan? he's the speaker of the house. is the highest elected republican in congress and he says he is not campaigning with her for donald trump. what's your response to him? >> that's a shame. however, more of the same with paul ryan. he is the individual who fled from five angel mothers when they went to his worst at and he ignored them. this is what we are looking at.
10:57 am
we must focus on the issues and the issues are do we want a safe america come a community where children can play and where american jobs are fruitful and where he can thrive as a country and as individuals. that's our not someone already willing to to support mr. trump we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
10:58 am
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(announcer vo) you can sit in traffic. or you can crack up. (man on radio) but if it isn't refreshing... (announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. stuart:a levin account precisely on the east coast. we have a bombshell from another wikileaks e-mailed down the pier at this time it shows media bias right hair black and white. this time it involves a direct competitor, cnbc. john harwood who moderated cnbc's republican debate in october 2015, i debate universally panned the moderators handle themselves. harwood even a john podesta, manager of the clinton campaign a couple months later. here is the quote. i imagine obama feels some sad
11:01 am
vindication at this demonstration of his series long point about the opposition party. off the rails. i certainly am feeling that way with respect to how i question trumpet our debate. we will play you some of harwood's questions are not debate in a moment. first, another e-mail from harwood to podesta is spent after hillary swept by a democrat primaries on march 15th. here's the quote. congrats. pretty strong. podesta wrote that, yup, feeling good. wrong accent of course but i think you get the point. media buyer should come as no surprise to our viewers. we see it in report on "varney & company" everyday. to find a series of vigorously antitrust headlines. today is no exception. those e-mails that we just mentioned shell a complicit bias that the media whose job it is to keep government honest not being honest when it comes to government.
11:02 am
the third hour at transcendent is about to begin. -- "varney & company" is about to begin. >> let's be honest. is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign? >> not a very nicely asked question the way you say that. >> i talked to economic advisers who have served both parties. they said you have as much chance of cutting taxes that much without increasing the deficit as he would've flied away from the podium by flapping your arms. >> then you have to get rid of larry kudlow who sits on your panel has a great guy who came out the other day and said i love trumps tax plan. >> since you are the champion of americans living paycheck to paycheck, don't you have that backward? >> your rocker the largest after-tax gain is for people at
11:03 am
the low round of the low round of attacks specter and others a bunch of things by taxing us to help them. >> just to be clear -- >> the leading republican candidate is donald trump. when you look at him, do you see someone with the moral authority to unite the country? stuart: well, that was john harwood and john harwood is cnbc's debate almost a year ago. let's get right at it. peter cured and, former goldman sachs partner at ashley webster of miss mcdonald. peter, to you first. that was quite surprising to have that interlocking relationship between a broadcast network and a political candidate in their campaign. i was shocked it was such an intense relationship. >> it's very clear that this now answer is -- this is just as i suspect it. it's been going on a long time. what frustrates me is the moderator does have the job of
11:04 am
reading both sides of the aisle out. he clearly failed here and congratulated the other team if he will honor back to a period stuart: i've never seen an occasion where the media was so completely in the tank for one candidate. >> campaign managers do everything they can because they want reporters to give preferential treatment. reporters engage in these things because they want to get nuggets of information. what this shows is way beyond that. this is a conversation of someone who is clearly a hillary clinton supporter conserving with the campaign chair on how well did it go, congratulations on this. it's the kind of collaboration as peter said that shows we always suspected it. when you see it in the light of day is still quite shocking. stuart: george stephanopoulos is very much of the hillary campaign. >> you and i were media side about what kind of journalist he is.
11:05 am
he's proven himself at the story gets worse. it looks like john harwood has sent a tweet seine set-aside process. this is about hillary clinton female scandal. set-aside process if there's any specific suggestion that there is e-mail hillary clinton was trying to hide i haven't heard it yet. he sent that i had the time to john podesta and another campaign aide. he also congratulated jennifer pommier in "the new york times" editor sayed goodlatte are complaining about the coverage of the e-mail server. >> it's time for a complete rethink of the debates. when the leg when the lake of wonder voters are totally independent organization rented by the two parties now is correct to the core. let's tear it up and start over. true to no moderator be my suggestion. donald trump would say if the left keeps releasing the tapes, then he will keep attacking
11:06 am
hillary and bill's women. watch this. >> i just saw very inappropriate words. but bill clinton sexually assaulted innocent women and hillary clinton attacked those women vicious slave. one of them said more viciously than he attacked them. if they want to release more tapes saying inappropriate things will continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton doing inappropriate things. stuart: our next guest says there is selected outrage when it comes to trumps language in the now infamous tape and what happened with bill clinton swimming. heather mcdonald is here from the manhattan institute. a double standard and a sharp contrast between the treatment that the treatment of trump treatment that trumps tape and those women. isn't it obvious? >> it goes far beyond double standard with regards to the culture.
11:07 am
you have beyoncé beat welcome to the white house along with jay z, both of whom are engaged in the most crude demonstrations, the most misogynist on the part of jc. and a culture that is becoming more and more blatantly promiscuous. i find it rather absurd that all these women are now pretending that it's so outrageous they be treated as sex objects. women are utterly complicit is in trying to promote their own good looks. stuart: you are dangerous ground here. >> i'm authorized to speak on this. tree in two yes you are. explain that. you say women try hard to be attract you then complain when a man goes after them for their attract goodness. >> stuart, i've not noticed any diminution in the sizes the lead
11:08 am
of heels. it appears they get larger and larger. i have not noticed any collapse of the market were push-up bras or implantation surgery or miniskirts or low-cut dresses. women are exploiting their attractiveness. let's be honest about this. no one is forcing them to do that. for now the liberal intelligence to have an attack of victorian vapors and claim they are being treated as sex objects is completely hypocritical. stuart: do you think it's a good tactic on the part of donald trump that if there is another tape released about 10 he will simply go after bill clinton's women right up there in public. is that a good strategy? >> politically it may be a good strategy. i'm sick of hearing about the clintons and trump. i would like the debate to be on the policy. i would hope this would cause
11:09 am
them thought on the second part of the clinton camp. as far as i'm concerned, this is old news. that's get back to the immigration issues on the security issues. stuart: yes, growing the economy. get back to prosperity. heather mcdonald, you are a star. thank you. i want to get to the samsung company killing off the galaxy knows that in. i'm going to call this a pr disaster flat out. there is apple for you. that of course has the iphone come as a competitor to the galaxy knows that and an apple is now the highest point reached thus far this year. peter, you can assert a stay the same sun is going down the tubes because of this. >> they are going to do just fine. they have double the market share. i had the same sun no-caps e. it doesn't catch o fire. it is good news for apple. they totally blew this launch.
11:10 am
stuart: goodness for google. >> it would be great if google would sell a few of those. we will see. they haven't been a big player in the handheld market. stuart: to sports items for you this tuesday morning. red sox slugger david ortiz is retired from the game. played his last game last night. he played 19 seasons, won three world series rings for the rent out. cleveland beat boston to advance in the playoffs. dallas last night. tiger woods backed out at the safeway open tournament. this would've been his first professional appearance in 14 months. he is now. we are four weeks away to the day to election day. charles hurt up next. trump's debate performance really helped him. we will deal with it all. first, let's bring in a lighthearted moment in the campaign trail, please. >> he is supposed to look like donald trump but is actually much too good-looking. you are really handsome.
11:11 am
where is your daddy and your mommy? do you want to go back to them or do you want to stay with donald trump? >> trump. [cheers and applause] when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live.
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>> travel around talking about change. my travels, the places i've been, the people i've met, they have also changed me. i am not proud of everything that i've done in my beard who among us is? some way are. stuart: that was trump last night. it's got its issues but many supporters are rallying behind him. charles hurt as it does. "washington times" political columnist. you say that it was a strong debate performance sunday night and that is enough for him to bounce back.
11:15 am
is that your opinion, charles? >> obviously remains to be seen whether it is enough and whether he can keep this going. the performance he turned then he prosecuted hillary clinton the way he should have been the first place. the most powerful portion of the debate was when he went after talking about how she made a fortune off of her life in public office and why she wasn't investing in her own campaign. that underscores his independence of all influenza and reminds people just how indebted she is not only to political interest to corporate interests. what we have seen on the campaign trail shows just now and the one with the baby. that is the donald trump that can win. whether it is enough to turn back the onslaught that he is faced from the media.
11:16 am
stuart: i'm sure you've seen "the wall street journal" nbc poll and it showed trump with a 21-point deficit among women against hillary clinton. we have also heard today that trump is going to attack bill clinton and his women if he is attacked again with more videotape. what i'm getting at here is can he come back with women by attacking hillary because of bill clinton's women. that would seem a very interesting strategy, wouldn't it? >> yeah, but it has affected the way he handled it at the debate. who knows. one thing about the nbc poll that is important, the poll basically reflected the media onslaught against donald trump after the first debate. it was completely unfair. we've never seen anything like this where the media sort of join forces with a single candidate to defeat another
11:17 am
candidate. it is absolutely amazing. that is what the nbc poll really reflect that. i don't think it reflected the release of the tape. the release of the hot mike where he was saying those disgusting things, obviously that was a huge bombshell among the media and the political elite. whether that was really a bombshell among a lot of voters or whether they are like you know, the guy says creepy thing and dismiss it. we don't know. >> i'm waiting for the first poll to be taken after sunday night's debate. what impact did that debate have? dying to see. as always, thank you for joining us. >> you bet, stuart. thank you. stuart: down about 160 points. peter kiernan avenue timing are the men from wall street. >> don't look at interest rates. this is all about earnings. you've got a 20 times p.e. built into this market and there's low volatility.
11:18 am
if you miss your earnings today, they missed. if you miss your earnings come in your stock is going to have an accident. it's volatile in a period of life don't deliver earnings. talking about earnings growth all year long. we are in the third quarter in the earnings better start coming to your stock will not perform well. stuart: that is fascinating. north carolina we have new aerial video of the flooding. dramatic stuff. this is the lumbar river. 24 feet above normal. some of them waiting for rescue still. matthew has 23 dead from matthew in america. third team in north carolina. by the way, president obama goes there today. he will survey the damage and yes he will campaign for hillary clinton. north carolina a must win state. neutron video from serious shows the devastation in aleppo. really disturbing images.
11:19 am
that was the second against the city in syria. a "wall street journal" poll shows women moving away from trump gave hillary is 11 points ahead of trump. she has 21 points ahead of donald trump amongst women. that poll was taken before the second debate. there's a double standard from left. the view, the cohost uses the word tramps when discussing the women who accused bill clinton of misconduct. >> he brought up these allegations. i wonder if she missed the opportunity to address it in a way that the public would understand. that's just not how you behave. >> i would like to apologize for those tramps who have slept with my husband. maybe she could have said that. you do all this research
11:20 am
11:21 am
11:22 am
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11:23 am
>> chipotle down 3.5% in a report showing traffic. they have not recovered from the e. coli story 15 but as of right now. startling video coming out of syria. it shows the impact of the war on aleppo.
11:24 am
i think it is a drone video that flies over what used to be the second-largest city in theory. it is now a pile of rubble. i want to know who's responsible for this. >> this is an apocalyptic vision double haunt obama. in five years is going to write a book saying the greatest mistake was not intervening in syria. stuart: you think he'll ever say that? >> killer claim she wasn't there for the redline set in the debate completely false. he said that august 12. she was secretary of state at the time. stuart: if president obama had enforced is read by merlin, you do that if do that and we're coming after. maybe that would not happen. >> or 25 things you could do before boots on the ground. we been in the ready, aim, wait, wait. we misjudged. i can't think of the last 20
11:25 am
years of the greater humanitarian disaster. where are we? ashley: aleppo is one of the oldest cities in the world. the north of syria, government forces and the opposition kind of just came together government to the west, rebels to the ease and the poor people trapped in the middle of getting bombed day after day. >> is start the catastrophic refugee crisis. donald trump doubling down. he wants a special prosecutor to go out to hillary clinton if he is elected president. judge andrew napolitano is next. watch this. >> special prosecutor, here we come. if i win, we are going to appoint a special prosecutor. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good...
11:26 am
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(howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. ibly1 new poll finds women running away from trump, her advantage among women, hillary's advantage 21 points come at 12 points in september. trump's senior advisor, need support among women, plunging, how is he going to get it, what is the strategy? >> i hope women will focus on his record and policy positions was mister trump's record is one
11:30 am
of someone's chief lawyer in the 80s with a woman, chief contractor at trump tower was a woman and even his policies, he has broken with republican orthodoxy to help women with his policy positions, when you see what he put out, childcare policy. ibly1 the media won't let you do that they will come up with a leak of some sort, how it goes in public and the women's vote will be in question and if donald trump does not get 40% of the women's vote he cannot win. >> we are doing what we can to combat what we have had for a year. we never had an election like this where with the exception, the meat is no longer hiding what is happening for hillary clinton, never had an obstacle like this with us against hillary clinton but the media, very hard, as a woman myself to
11:31 am
combat this, trying to combat against the entire landscape but hoping female voters look at his record and policy positions and not get bogged down in the silliness of dictating who to vote for based on remarks from 11 years ago. ibly1 that poll we quoted talking before the second debate after the release of the videotape but before the second debate, maybe that makes a difference. how gore in miami, down there today campaigning with hillary clinton, a blast from the past but he only has to convert a few votes to hillary, just a few votes go to hillary in florida and he swings florida and swings the election. >> nobody's vote will be played by al gore. ibly1 this is the politics of hurricane matthew. he was an extreme weather event
11:32 am
is climate change. >> we had a little bit of rain. if anything hurricane matthew is against -- ibly1 you know what he will say. >> doing well in florida, mister trump is one point ahead, doing great in florida with latinos, the community i represent most so we will see florida voters concerned with jobs and the economy look at mister trump's position on trade deals that are killing jobs, bring back the manufacturing jobs. there is no talking point, they are my reality. that is a reality we every day see. my friends and family are unemployed, that is what we are focused on. hillary clinton has no position on it. ibly1 i have been put in my place again. the third or fourth time today, you are welcome to come back to this program. we will be right back. we will be right back.
11:33 am
you heard the judge laughing. i will get to the email scandal, trump vowed he will be president and support special prosecutor to go after the private server. >> special prosecutor, here we come. we cannot allow this to happen to our country. ibly1 judge andrew napolitano the laughing guy, here it is. >> unclear what he means by we cannot allow this to happen. he means we cannot allow a person to escape prosecution because of her last name he doesn't need a special prosecutor and direct the attorney general like the justice department reopening the investigation of mrs. clinton if she hasn't been pardoned by barack obama by then. if donald trump wins mrs. clinton will be pardoned by the
11:34 am
president in one of his last acts because donald trump has threatened, quote, to put her in jail. on the other hand if donald trump is talking about a special prosecutor to investigate the investigation why didn't the fbi use the tools available, or gather, no subpoenas, no grand jury, and that is worth investigating. it assaults the rule of law and a lot of people want to know. ibly1 nobody can be pardoned if you go after the investigation. ibly1 to your attention, ruth bader ginsburg, blasting san francisco, blasting abca19 for his constant kneeling. andymac never expressed an
11:35 am
opinion on this. i will defend his death the right to do it. i'm not on the supreme court, she should not be entering the political fray, the legal fray in a case that might come to her, suppose being fired for this and filed a lawsuit in federal court and makes its way to the supreme court and expressed an opinion. it means -- demeans the credibility of the court. ibly1 no sitting justice should make a comment with any political content at all. andymac words that were harsher than anything mrs. clinton has said and that was inappropriate for sitting full-time member of the judiciary, state or federal because they don't have armies to enforce their rulings, they are enforced by their credibility or the respect we give them or by political hacks that respectability is the next. ibly1 did you just describe a supreme court justice as a political hack? andymac they sound like it.
11:36 am
i got 45 seconds left. justice clarence thomas is not in the museum of african-american -- the african-american history museum, barely mentioned anita hill, his accuser plays a role in that new museum, a lot of people say judge clarence thomas is a conservative and not intellectually up to it. that is the criticism. andymac it is born out of ignorance, justice thomas's defense of the natural law, human liberty against the encroaching of the government and the most brilliant and powerful in the modern era. his judicial opinions will be studied by law students, lawyers and students for the next hundred years and anyone who disagrees with that has not read them and is making a judgment on the fact he is black and not a
11:37 am
liberal progressive as black leadership wants their folks to be. ibly1 he hardly ever act -- asks a question. andymac a lot of judges agree with him that you can read the argument, read the document, and a waste of time. i don't agree with that but well intended judge of across the political spectrum agree with that. we one i understand he is asking questions after the passing of antonin scalia. andymac he may replace the void created by justice scalia's untimely departure. will he be in the minority or the majority? andymac see you in the morrow. ibly1 we are at-172 points, peter kiernan said to us earlier it is earnings, companies not making enough profit, that is
11:38 am
why the stock market is down. here is donald trump talking about hillary's tax plan, roll tape. >> hillary clinton is raising your taxes, look at me, raising your taxes really high, and what that is going to do is a disaster for the country when she is raising taxes and that in itself is a big difference. ibly1 i have seen hillary clinton's tax plan and the only tax increase i can find is where she is raising taxes on people who make $5 million a year, surtax. trump is saying he is imputing tax increases by the spending hillary clinton wants to do. >> he is right. what do we get for all the money collected in taxes and thrown into the federal government, what do we get for it to cue the same mantra, tax the rich, using
11:39 am
loopholes, the big evil group that is benefiting while everyone else suffers, there are people who could use a helping hand but don't constantly blame those who have more money, they are paying their fair share of taxes. we won the top 1% of income earners. 40%. you are in the top 1%, $387,000 a year. that is the cutoff point, you are above that income level and paying $4 out of every $10. last word, lives. ibly9 hillary clinton taking a page out of what her husband did, and little gimmicky tax credits, that is not a marginal tax rate cut. that is what people want. ibly1 thank you very much
11:40 am
indeed. dow industrials down 175 points, earnings is the problem. the risk center where you can rent your own rent to own furniture, televisions, you name it. not a rosy outlook from that corporation, 28%. amazon going to expand the grocery business, bricks and mortar, curbside pick for online orders with amazon at 833. samsung completely killed the galaxy smart phone after reports of the phones catching fire. we will tell you what the store will do for you if you bring one of them in. look at this list, top gop members, john mccain, and others, congressman chafe it's, ohio governor former candidate john kasich all say they will not support donald trump. will these establishment republicans be in trouble for not supporting trump if hillary is elected? we will be back.
11:41 am
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nicolmac i am nicole pedallides, stock under pressure to the downside for most of the day, down 175 points, 70163, the s&p down 22 points, nasdaq dropping
11:43 am
64, looking get s&p winners, kroger a winner, some uncharacteristic talk of kroger, young brands, the buyback, alcoa after returning is, the split coming up in november, wells fargo, slightly lower, at the other names related to samsung, they would be apple and google as samsung com the manufacturing of the node 7 was apple the highest levels of the year 117-125. this week's btv spotlight features thunder energies under
11:44 am
the symbol tnrg u.s. president obama calls nuclear terrorism "the single most important national security threat that we face" current xray technology makes it difficult to detect nuclear components as they appear as ordinary metals. thunder energies, lead by italian born nuclear physicist, dr santilli who's been on the faculty of harvard, mit, and boston university, is developing a new technology to detect these components. we can irradiate containers and suitcases with our neutron flux. this cutting edge technology is also safe the market potential of our nuclear detection stations is truly large. every port or airport can indeed be equipped with our station. thunder energies under the symbol tnrg
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ibly1 more bad news for samsung out this morning, they have stopped production on the galaxy node 7 smart phone, multiple reports of phones catching fire, jeff flock, what do customers get? a smart phone 7, galaxy 7, if they walk into that store what do they get? >> they get an s7 edge by samsung, refund the difference between the two phones, the galaxy node is a higher dollar phone, $150, if you return to your point of purchase they give you the difference and a brand-new samsung phone. you could get a full refund and buy an iphone or the new google pixel phone coming out shortly,
11:46 am
you got to wait for that, that could be a problem. one said the galaxy node was to samsung as donald trump is to the republican party. that was his comments, not sure what he meant by that. ibly1 not sure why you brought it up, there you go. kaimac don't know why, i thought of you. we will see you very soon. let's get back to politics or continue with politics, trump had a strong showing reassuring some supporters, top gop members including senators john mccain, all those senators not going to campaign for, they won't vote for donald trump. there is a second list of people who won't vote for him or support him, jason chafe it's, scott garrett, my own guy from
11:47 am
new jersey and current governor of ohio john kasich and condoleezza rice, john caldwell, american uprising, this is the republican establishment, in real trouble if hillary wins because trump supporters that you let us down, you are traitors, you gave this election to hillary clinton, there will be hell to pay. >> there is going to be trump supporters that will be very upset and when it comes to a number of different races talking republican members of congress, largely depend on how their districts view of donald trump as of now, for some of them they can get away with it, others, that is not the case for house members, what was interesting to me with tweets,
11:48 am
donald trump has been sending out today attacking someone i consider, a conservative leader, paul ryan, very disappointed in those tweets. stuart: who sent out? paul ryan? >> some tweets, i said this, a person should not try to put me in the category of hillary clinton -- stuart: wait a second. donald trump was voted for by 14 million people in the primaries, he beat 16 other candidates, he is the republican party's nominee, why did they not get behind donald trump, speaker of the house,
11:49 am
problematic on many levels. of donald trump loses he has himself to blame, not the republican party, republicans in spite of a number of gaffes over the course of this entire election cycle have been there with them, on many occasions and fashions them. he is somebody who wants to be president. if you are going to be a person of principled and strong leader, dealing with members of different parties you have to build those bridges in your own party and he is not building those bridges and disappointing people like me who constantly come on your program and defend him week after week among other
11:50 am
programs and continues -- paul ryan, members i worked with, the romney campaign, really disappointed with this. stuart: a lot of our viewers are mad as hell at you. >> i am sure they are. that is okay. if people are upset with me. i am standing on principle and saying donald trump needs to stop attacking members of the republican party, paul ryan as an individual has defended in many times, someone i know is a principled conservative, and in the party and otherwise, he is not going to lose. stuart: the other side of the coin, support the nominee. >> has to invite that support. stuart: a small difference of opinion. good stuff, thank you. a good story at the top of the hour the latest wikileaks dump
11:51 am
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stuart: how about this, hillary clinton campaigning, former vice president and climate change guy out were in florida today. adam schapiro live in miami where this rally will take place, this is about the politics of hurricane matthew, is it not? >> yes. they will talk about climate change and al gore has a reputation for advancing the cause of global climate change, first time you will see al gore with hillary clinton. he has not been on the campaign trail, clinton and gore families have had a hot relationship with some ice in the middle because the 2000 campaign, bill clinton's sexual problems and sexual scandals, trying to keep him off the campaign trail to agree, the hanging chad incident in florida. fast-forward to today, hillary clinton according to the latest nbc wall street journal poll nationally leading donald trump 46% among registered voters to 35% but here is what is key about florida, a swing state for quite a while now but fox news
11:56 am
in the last hour said florida, the electoral college map is leading democrat. hillary clinton here, donald trump in the northern part of the day, will be here tomorrow and bill clinton campaigning in west palm beach. stuart: leaning democrat in florida, see if al gore moves the needle further. let's go back to a story with respect to the hour, and cnbc's john harwood emailing clinton chair john podesta. details on what he said? ashley: let's look at the first couple emails, very revealing of how he was coordinating, constant contact with the hillary campaign stuff. obama feel said vindication of devastation of a years long point about the opposition party off the rails, and questioned
11:57 am
trump at the debate, don't forget, one of the moderators for cnbc's primary debate, telling john podesta the president is right and i agree with him and then goes on to more informal emails, congratulations, pretty strong talking about hillary's performance and the response is pretty strong, doing well. stuart: it is in the tank for hillary clinton. ashley: emails in the light of day. stuart: i would like to hear what he has to say. more varney after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: the dow is down 169. main reason for the loss? >> people looking to deliver
12:00 pm
earnings, their stocks will get crushed. the first in line of the big companies and earnings miss, q1 and q2, big earnings at the end of the year, better pay the price. we one down 10068 points. stuart: thanks very much. it is yours, take it away. neil: it might not be exclusively alcoa, winning earnings, the economy could be slowing down. the uncertainty around this election has something to do with a broader based selloff, whether the house and senate flip. the wall street journal raising that today over the last 24 hours, raising that today, paul ryan's decision to split company with donald trump and do what he can


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