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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  October 25, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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stuart: what? >> a true american. [laughter] >> outrage. stuart: my head is exploding. >> nil-nil, three hours later. [laughter] stuart: fortunately, we're out of time. neil cavuto, it's yours. get me out of this. neil: i cannot top that. thank you very much, stuart. all right, two weeks. it's two weeksm today. we will know who americans have elected as their next president, and it is anyone's guess, because despite the polls you are hearing, don't assume it's a slam dunk. now, the numbers certainly look good for hillary clinton, rcp poll average shows her up by about six points. that gap has narrowed a teeny bit as it has in some other direct one-on-one numbers, but the trend, is it too late to be donald trump's friend? let's explore a little bit of this with connell mcshane. com, what are you finding out? >> reporter: we're looking at this investors business daily poll over the last few days that donald trump has been talking so
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much about on the campaign trail. it shows the race much closer, in fact, a couple of days ago he had the lead. in the most recent version -- it comes out every day at 6:00 in the morning, we're now in day seven, the hillary clinton with a one-point advantage over donald trump. that is much smaller, obviously, than what we saw in the average of what we've seen in other polls. don't dismiss this out of hand. i know some people are as we look at a chart of it since it began. this is, as i said, day number seven. the trends are in fave of mrs. clinton, they're her friend. instead of being down two, she's up one. still margin of error stuff in this poll. she's been doing better in the south, among moderates, so it is trending in her direction. but polls like this are outliers, and a lot of people will ask questions, how do they compare to other polls like abc or cnn which showed her up by five points. you know, we don't necessarily
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find any issues with this idb poll. its history is quite solid over the last three election cycles, it's been very, very accurate. in 2008 it was right on the nose with then-senator obama's victory over john mccain, hit it just right, and in the other years it's been accurate as well compared to other polls. then you start to look at methods, and a lot of the polling experts will say, well, the way they do the poll is different, or it's not done well. not the case with this either. it's a telephone poll, they call cell phones, land lines, similar in many ways to the polling that's done at other big media organizations, fox news included. the difference is, neil, it is an outlier, and we see this. that's why one of the reasons we look so closely at polling averages, because when something is so different from the average, you start to wonder why. we don't know, but it is an outlier. look at the averages, the swing states, still advantages for hillary clinton, but don't dismiss this other poll out of hand, because it's been accurate in the past.
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neil: you know, it's interesting for a garrett johnson in this poll and other polls, it's his support that's crumbled. that's pretty clear. now, who is the automatic beneficiary, is anybody's guess. some people think hillary clinton benefits, others where it could be donald trump. >> yeah, you're right. we've seen them go down, and this idb poll, he was higher than this, 8% there -- it's actually pretty good compared to some other places. but you're right, in some of those polls we talk about whether it's abc, cnn or our own poll, we have seen that third party support go down. the candidates or their camps, they're always knocking the methods, knocking whatever it is. yesterday it was oversampling which, by the way, is not necessarily a fair criticism. there are more people who identify as democrats than republicans. and then on the left they look at a poll and say, oh, that's too close, forget about it. but it's been accurate. neil: thank you, my friend, connell healthcare shane.
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now, despite the closeness in that particular poll and others that seem to show this is still a race depending on the state although one that generally favors hillary clinton, you would think it's a landslide, it's over, pack it up, call it a day. as we rifle through some of these headlines, victory in sight, donald trump's chances of winning are approaching zero, hurington post -- huffington post, hillary clinton's chances -- that's so weird. and politico, trump starts presumably that he's going to lose. so you just wonder, where's the media coming from here? is it a bit premature to just be saying based on that sampling it's all over? kell ridell, the washington times online editor. i know there is inconsistencies to the polls, but i do think -- i mean, some are closer than others. but to almost say it's over, she wins in a walk with two weeks to go, that seems a little weird. what do you think? >> the press wants this to be over. the press has been root aring
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for hillary clinton since the beginning, and i i think they want the race to be over so they can take a victory lap. a media research center study was just released today. 91% of donald trump's coverage from the networks has been negave over a 12-week period from july to october. and he's received the bulk of their coverage. not hillary clinton. so, yeah, they want to put him down, and they think that they've got the poll numbers to do that -- neil: but they don't even care, do they? [laughter] and i should posit that donald trump doesn't do this show, he's not a fan of mine, although i think he likes me, that's just me talking vulnerable -- [laughter] the collective media isn't even trying to balance this out with the negative stories that are disproportionate on donald trump by a factor of 10 to 1. it's like this wikileaks story outside of the more egregious revelations don't even get covered. forget about page 1, they're not on page anything, and that's weird. >> no. yeah, no, and you see in the polls over the past few months
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whoever's doing the explaining, defending themselves, is the one that takes the hit in the poll. when hillary clinton after the fbi came out with their indictment of her -- it wasn't an actual lawful indictment, but when james comey came out talking about her e-mail server use e her numbers cratered. the same thing after wikileaks started to release some of these e-mails showing the connection between the clinton foundation -- neil: right. legitimate stories, all. >> yes. neil: right. >> but this is a change election, and this is something that isn't being discussed, and donald trump is talking about it today. the obamacare story, i think, is going to be huge for him. i already spoke to two people today who had their premiums skyrocketing and don't know what to do. they've lost the plans, they have to search for a new one that's going to offer them less than what they had at a higher price, and he's got to get out in front of this story. he's been doing a good job today at his rallies, as well as he did an interview with fox news on it. when people get hit in their
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pocketbooks, that makes them go out and vote. it's one of the key motivators -- neil: it depends on how the media will spin that story. i saw one item, i think in "usa today," but it posited all of this phenomenon with the higher premiums by saying, yeah, but a lot of those will be balanced out by big subsidies that will cushion the blow. in other words, pay no heed. >> yeah. it's just the taxpayer that has to pay those subsidies, right? where is that minnesota coming from? -- money coming from? from the taxpayers' pocket. that's where the real reporting needs to come in. we'll see how it plays out, but there's two weeks, there's still a lot of issues, this is a change election, and it's the american voter that's going to determine it. neil: that's exactly right. kelly ridell, thank you very much. all right, we were mentioning what's going on in obamacare land, the premiums on average expected to shoot up 25 next year. their penalties to consider, triple what we were seeing last year at this time. the biggest annual jump to date
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in this now six, seven-year-old program. donald trump adviser betsy mccoy here to say i think i told you so because, give this young lady credit, when everyone's saying this was the greatest thing since sliced bread -- which depending on your views on bread might not be such a good idea -- [laughter] but she's saying, look, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. which is what we were saying when they were cooking this up. donald trump pounding it no less than three times already today. we expect a lot more. what do you think he should be pounding? >> well, first of all, contrary to what the president has said, this is not growing pains, this is not a starter house. obamacare has a fatal flaw which will make premiums continue to go up very fast and enrollment continue to. >> rink as a result. -- shrink as a result. so the situation is only going to get worse. he should stress that his plan and also the republican house plan offer americans coverage
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for people with pre-existing conditions, they can keep their kids on their plan til they're 26, things that people really like, but it will repeal the fatal flaw in obamacare so that healthy people can afford to buy health insurance again. neil: yeah. but the fear that people have of a donald trump coming in and republicans ripping this up is that, you know, 10, 12 million americans lose their health insurance -- >> that is not going to happen. that's exactly what i'm underscoring. i've read both those plans very carefully, and they will also offer help for those who can't afford health insurance -- neil: who will offer help? >> taxpayers. and most importantly, neil, most importantly people with pre-existing conditions will be guaranteed coverage under both the house republican plan and the trump plan -- neil: but is there a turnover period where you're junking one to protect those who did get the coverage? >> no. and here's what's really key. the people who are or chronically ill, who need on average ten times as i much
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health care as healthy people, will be in a separate risk pool, and their insurance will be subsidized by everybody in america instead of the small number of people who are in the individual insurance market. that's what's making obamacare fail. neil: but won't that make insurance go up for everybody? >> no, it won't with. it will be taken out of general tax revenues, not out of insurance premiums. neil: i don't know, that sounds weird. >> and more importantly, i've talked to the trump campaign, and they're looking at suspending these incredibly big penalties on day one. be. neil: and how do you pay for that if you suspend the penalties? >> there are more people incurring the obamacare penalty right now than are signed up for obamacare. and the penaltity is $995 on average, it's 2.5% of your gross income, but it's a big penalty this year. over $2,000 per household. so people are looking at that penalty, they ought to the realize that if a republican is elected to the presidency, they're going to get that penalty probably waived right away.
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neil: all right. a lot of people are looking at this and saying, folks like you crching the numbers that if it sounded too good to be true, it probably was. people do like coverage for pre-existing coverage, depending on if they like their kid, keeping them on their policy longer. [laughter] they had to realize when they were cooking this up that it was going to cost a lot. did they hoodwink us when they passed it -- >> absolutely, they did. they lied. they told you you could keep your doctor, you could keep your plan if you liked it -- neil: i think they were counting on more young people signing up, and it didn't happen. >> it was never going to happen because, as i said, chronically ill people -- 5% of the population -- use 50% of the health care. so to try and force young, healthy people into those plans and pay the same price, we saw it in new york state. what obamacare is like was tried in new york state the decade before and absolutely collapsed. everyone should have learned from the new york mistake. we warned them. i was lieutenant governor of new
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york. i saw that happen. i warned them it was not going to work. it's like trying to feed a chihuahua and a great dane on the same budget. neil: i see where you're going here. a chihuahua is a little dog, and a great dane is a big dog. [laughter] betsy, thank you very much. betsy mccoy. all right, the virginia governor is saying, you know, it must be silly season, dismissing charges that he set up a candidate running for the state senate in his state because that candidate's husband would be playing an integral role at the fbi deciding the fate9 of hillary clinton and those e-mails. the candidate lost, but this issue isn't going away. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ neil: all right, virginia governor terry mcauliffe says there is no there there, it must be silly season, all this scrutiny of his political action committee donating about half a million dollars to dr. jill mccabe, democratic candidate for the state senate. she went on to lose, but people are looking back at that donation because it so happens she was married to andrew mccabe, now the deputy director of the fbi and a key figure in overseeing what the fbi was going to do about those hillary clinton e-mails. a fella that wants to get to the bottom of all this is the virginia republican party chairman. john, you have called for more information, the e-mail, the correspondence, the communications between the campaign and the governor, i guess? enlighten me. >> right. well, you know, we've made a foia request to the governor. we want to know what the communication was with between dr. mccabe during this campaign and governor mcauliffe. and, you know, out of nowhere
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the lieutenant governor of virginia calls a person who's never run for office before and asks her to run for office in a district that is completely unwinnable for democrats, and they proceed to give her almost half a million dollars out of a super pac, and the democratic party gives her over $200,000. and then that race is over, and then all of a sudden this, her husband is appointed to be the, you know, second in command at the fbi and is overseeing the clinton e-mail investigation. so it's, these coincidences that the clintons find themselves in and our governor, they look shady. neil: you know, john, they come back and say there was no quid pro quo, he gave, or his political action committee gave more money to two other candidates. i don't know that they won or lost, but that this is nothing special or different. what do you say? >> well, you know, they had an established candidate running already in that district, probably someone who had a better chance of winning, at least the candidate thinks so. i live in the county where this district is, it's a very conservative district.
12:18 pm
and, you know, for them to clear the field for this particular person who's never run for office before just as one of those coincidences that the clintons keep having happen to them. o'neil neil so let's play this out and what might come of your request in trying to get more information. would it even be that blatant? in other words, in the communication would -- are you looking for a smoking gun, someone on the governor's staff saying do you know who her husband is or that kind of stuff? i mean, short of that you might come up empty, right? >> well, i think -- no, i don't think so. i think no matter what happens, if you look at the timeline of this and, you know, what we're hoping to do with the foia request is find out what terry mcauliffe knew and when did he know it. and with this foia request if we get back communications between him and his campaign or her campaign and his office where they're talking about the fact that he's a high-ranking fbi official. and, you know, one of the things that created this situation in the first place that made us really question what's going on
12:19 pm
here is the denial that came out from jill mccabe and the fbi. she put out a statement that you all reported where she basically denied that her husband had any involvement in the campaign whatsoever. the fbi then came out with a similar statement that said he had no involvement, and they were emphatic about it. well, my staff spent five minutes on facebook, and you could still go on dr. mccabe's campaign facebook right now, and you see her husband campaigning for her on election day. he's in mail pieces which are paid for and authorized by the mccabe campaign and by the democratic party of virginia. he's on social media saying write up a sign that says why you're voting for my wife. that's fine in normal cases for a pows to do that, that's expected -- for a spouse to do that, that's expected. but when dr. mccabe and the fbi both say he had nothing to do with this campaign, we've proven that false with a very cursory review. and the erosion of the public trust in the fbi relationship is really what's at issue, and this is another example of it. neil: but is it affecting polls?
12:20 pm
one side seem to put the state out of reach for donald trump. maybe i'm reading it differently. he's even withdrawn, you know, monies from the state himself thinking that maybe it's a lost cause. what are you hearing? >> well, i mean, that was an erroneous report, that they withdrew resources. in fact, he invested $2 million in ads. he's running tv ads -- neil: but the polls look pretty tough still, don't they? >> they look tough for republicans, miraculously, every year. in to 13 our governor's race, ken cucinelli was down by double digits and barely lost. and be mark warner almost was beat by ed gillespie -- neil: no, you're right about that, i forgot about that. >> that was a double-digit lead by mark warner -- neil: you think it's still winnable? >> well, you know, i don't think anybody knows in 2016 what's going to happen. i think states are in play that aren't necessarily in play. virginia's always winnable for republicans. we're a swing state, we're still
12:21 pm
a swing state. neil: we'll see what happens. john, thank you. all right, that at&t/time warner deal, is it a slam dunk? because if it is, the markets have a funny way of showing it. look at time warner. even with a nominal uptick, it is well below the $107.50 that at&t is willing to pay for that. a former sec commissioner weighs in after this. ♪ ♪ there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all, the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in...
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neil: all right, looking at this at&t/time warner deal, at&t's going to go into a load of debt to pull this off. but barring that, even when it does, is it going to get approved to do it? former sec commissioner robert mcdowell on that. what do you think, robert? >> hi, thanks for having me. neil: it's good to have you. >> nothing's a slam dunk in washington, but you haven't seen antitrust regulators or shoot down a vertical deal in a very,
12:25 pm
very long time, in fact, i can't think of the last time when they did that. that's a distributer buying a supplier, essentially, is what we mean by vertical rather than horizontal where you're taking out a competitor. so i think from that starting point, they're in a strong position to have this deal go through. neil: so it wouldn't be like t-mobile that was quickly shot down, it would be different many that sense. there was a long fight for directv, but again -- >> right. neil: -- this one, it's interesting that both democrats and republicans have raised concentration of power, a concentration of services. donald trump and hillary clinton. what do you make of that? >> right. well, first of all, you did have the obama administration clear the comcast/nbc universal deal, and that is probably the best analog we can find for this deal right now. so if you want to say that deal was okay and you want to have a competitor to comcast/nbc universal, the best way to do that is to have a different kind of bund being, but with the new 5gireless --
12:26 pm
ilbut you mentioned that combination -- i'm sorry, i didn't want to jump on that, but now some have said because there's disappointment with comcast as to whether it stuck to the provisos regulators had hoped, with hulu, for example, that maybe they've got to be more inquisitive here. what do you think? >> right. well, they're not going to unwind comcast/nbc universal -- neil: right, too late for that. >> now try to promote competition in the marketplace. again, it's a vertical deal. and it's hard to find how the department of justice can sue many in court to block a vrt call deal. that's very difficult, if not impossible to do. then there's the question of the role of the fcc here which is sort of minor because there's only a few minor licenses. twc has one tv station and a few satellite licenses for deliver riff of its -- delivery of its content.
12:27 pm
i think it's mainly an antitrust analysis that's going to happen here, and i think they're actually starting off in pretty good shape despite all the bearish market news. keep in mind, markets can be bullish and then be wrong, they were bullish on at&t/t-mobile -- neil: no, you're right about this. the markets seem to be thinking that this doesn't go through, time warner trading well south of the price that a, the and, the's willing to pay. now, it's had a nice run-up, 30, 35% since this whole thing started, so there could be that at play. but there's concern. what do you make of that? >> i i think it's the election in part, the uncertainty with an election coming occupy or who will be the next attorney general, the next assistant attorney general for antitrust, who will be the fcc chair who will ultimately decide this -- neil: and that is the time frame, we're looking at a year to 18 months at a minimum? >> i think so. the transition even from democrat to democrat just delays
12:28 pm
things, and it takes a long time. these are complex deals, the government, regulators have to gather aot of data. neil: robert mcdowell, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. neil: young, yesterday we had the applebee's ceo saying obamacare is killing his business. i want you to meet the sonic ceo who says not the case. not the case at all. after this. ♪ ♪ you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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siriusxm. road happy. neil: you heard the news that obamacare will cost you more than a lot of folks factored in, 25% premium increases might not be unusual and for a lot of folks that is triple the rate of increase we were seeing last year and the highest on record add that to the fact that a lot of employers have obligations on obamacare down to the staffing, how many workers they have and demand for a higher minimum wage, we have a couple saying it is going to be costly. chairman and ceo cliff hudson says no. he joins us right now, good to have you. >> happy to be with you.
12:33 pm
neil: this is adding up in a business like yours and it could have damaging effect. what do you say? >> i think these are challenges our industry will be facing but the fact is we all face it at the same time. it is not a competitive disadvantage for one industry versus another. to the fact, to the extent it is something we all confront i would rather have that kind of level playing field. one of the things we had the last several years with a lot of industries here have been relying more on part-time help. that is true on an increasing basis according to the people report so many operators, our system is more than 90% franchised, the average employee of our system is a smaller franchisee employee, the data we attempt to keep we don't have
12:34 pm
specific data because the independent nature of them. neil: the number is a sharply higher minimum wage, hillary clinton to effectively double the minimum wage to $15 an hour. you have been quoted as saying franchisees would adjust and make allowances for that. would that improve doubling the price of the food they are offering? >> doubling? i don't know. that is quite a jump in a short time but over a period of time there is no doubt over a period of time, doesn't mean immediately but no doubt adjustments meaning price adjustments to deal with this so it is a challenge. it is a challenge for employees that are looking for ways to increase hourly income and overall income and a challenge for small business. the tension that is inevitable
12:35 pm
in small business, inevitable in the economy, and we as employers are better off if our employees have more money in their pocket and at the same time we have to pay the more -- neil: you find raising the minimum wage is one thing, doubling it is another. in california, is it more pricey for this franchises then it would be somewhere else? >> the answer is yes, the cost of doing business is higher, as labor runs up more quickly, creates a bit of a challenge on a national basis, national promotion standpoint. this is not something we are confronting in all of our market, california and the west coast a little bit ahead of things. this is a broader challenge, we as an industry have to be sensitive to and have to work as members of the community to
12:36 pm
address this over time doing it rapidly can be disruptive but over time i am not sure it is something we can easily ignore. neil: the latest earnings from august 31st, same-store sales fell 2%, 1.8% decrease franchise drives, 3%, driving margins down 207 basis points. where any of these factors at play here? >> the fiscal year ends, 2.6%, the latter half of the year got soft from a traffic standpoint. the healthcare stuff and higher minimum wage. >> i cannot tell you that had an
12:37 pm
impact. and in company stores primarily two things there will be deleveraging anyway. secondly we consciously made an effort as it relates for management to begin compensating more aggressively. neil: what does that mean? >> that means raising pay is what it means, assistant managers, we in company stores have gone through a process of increasing faith. in the early part of the year we had nice positive sales increases but from april forward on a broad basis retail restaurants there is a real traffic challenge. neil: there is a limit to how much you can do. obviously to pay for that the underlying price of the product has to go up at least a little bit. your customers are very loyal blues not like going to mcdonald's or burger king so they are willing to pay a little
12:38 pm
more. are they willing to pay potentially a lot? >> the key to the extent we are able to absorb this is it is done in stages over time but all of us as employers have to get more clever about the way we treat our employees, the offering we have to customers, doesn't make things easier but it is something we are dealing with. neil: who becomes president is a reality. >> one of the things we are confronting already is occurring by municipality, not at a national level but most of the adjustments are at state and local level. this -- neil: a national federal $15 wage. >> probably at least not in one step. the fact is allowing regional approaches to that is important, it is more expensive in a major
12:39 pm
urban area in california than rural texas. neil: very good seeing you. thank you for stopping by. in the meantime some more revelations in the wikileaks emails, how much is worrisome to hillary clinton and how much is not? there is a new wrinkle here. president obama. i will explain. this man creates software, used by this bank, to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician,
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and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. nicole: i am nicole pedallides with your foxbusiness brief, a little pressure, mixed bag of earnings down 50 points, tech movers we are watching, microsoft, facebook and alphabet with down arrows and this morning they hit lifetime highs, watching facebook surging with a lifetime high, 21st record close outpacing the s&p 500 to facebook, in particular up 22% this year outpacing the s&p, twitter watching twitter announcing it is laying off 8% of the workforce and also announcing they will move earnings to the morning thursday
12:42 pm
rather than the afternoon. apple, one to watch, we are seeing apple on the move to the downside. keep it here on foxbusiness, we will keep a keen eye on the moves, what they say for the iphone, earnings per share, what about the holiday season, what about samsung, options markets betting at a 3.4% move. de. we only do it for everyone gary. well, i feel pretty smart. well, we're all about educating people on options strategies. well, don't worry, i won't let this accomplishment go to my head. i'm still the same old gary. wait, you forgot your french dictionary. oh, mucho gracias. get help on options trading with thinkorswim, only at td ameritrade.
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neil: it looks like the
12:44 pm
president of the united states has some explaining to do, hacked emails so president obama did in fact know that hillary clinton's private email, claiming he did not, blake berman has the latest. >> reporter: new emails joe how concerned hillary clinton's campaign was that clinton in her role as secretary of state had been emailing the president from a private account and not one that was issued by the state department. we take you back to march 2015 when president obama was asked this question. >> when did you first learn hillary clinton used an email system outside the us government for official business while she was secretary of state? >> the same time everybody else learned, through news reports. >> reporter: after that aired, campaign speechwriter josh irwin, according to the wikileaks document, the following, quote, you probably have more on this but looks like
12:45 pm
the president just said he found out hrc was using her personal email when he saw it in the news. that very email was forwarded to other top aides including cheryl mills who responded by simply writing this, quote, we need to clean this up. emails from her that do not say a couple things to point out. the president said he did not know clinton was using a private email server and we do not know in what form the email address is presented when it hits the president's inbox. clearly the bottom line, the email starting was starting to unfold in march 2015 last year, someone in the clinton campaign had big concerns about the president's first response. neil: the president claimed he didn't know about this. he doesn't see the source of the email, that is what they argue. >> everybody's email box has a different way of going about things.
12:46 pm
the email shows up in his inbox, that is one response they might deal with this, at least the white house and josh earnest expected to speak in a couple hours and we hope to hear something from him on this. neil: between this and the revelations on premium hikes for obamacare or the affordable care act, any of this getting traction or worries in the white house or from people you know in the clinton campaign? >> the president was asked about this last week. donald trump is hammering it. mike pence going after it again. i was talking to a prominent republican in the beltway area who said to me speaking of a different topic, this is 2016. throw everything out the window. that is probably related to this, how it will play over the
12:47 pm
next three days. in a normal election, this one. neil: any one of these issues could stick. here is how 2016 is shaping up. arizona, a risk of turning blue. not the only one. ♪
12:48 pm
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12:51 pm
he was here reminding republicans they have a presidential nominee they should stick by and stand by. many have not done that. what do you make of what is going on first in your state? >> they always say arizona is in play, you saw that two or three times and it never turns out to be true and i don't think it is true this time. democrats in this case have to create a bandwagon effect because they are afraid of t movement quality of donald trump's campaign, make it sound like you know what public opinion is, what everyone else thinks everyone else thinks and that is what they are putting forward. neil: i don't trust them, we look at this, nationally shows
12:52 pm
it flies in the face of others. the fact that a number of prognosticators, always a suspicious bunch, painted your state pink, texas pink, georgia pink, what do you make of that? >> that is because they themselves are pink. the left is constantly trying to twist things to make a case for their candidate on the issues. neil: what if there is something, rage at donald trump, colleagues who have not stood by donald trump, maybe it is all a frame and he is the reason. >> i got to tell you, i am disappointed in the republicans that look reasonable and look
12:53 pm
cool, and the real principles of the party. fundamentally we are not choosing a personality here, we are choosing a direction as a nation and sometimes we forget what made ronald reagan great was not that he was a great personality but the things he aspired to and believed in and the way he loved this country and if you consider the foundational aspirations of each of these candidates republicans only have one opportunity, americans have one opportunity to turn back this tide of big government and socialist nonsense that seems to take us down this path to european socialism and forgetting who we are as a nation. people have a chance to rise up and tell this nation until the world they are still the ones in charge. if hillary clinton is elected it is more of the same and a pretty dark day if that happens. neil: there are those who have played out the dark day and said
12:54 pm
there will be all searching in the republican party as a result. do you think that will be the case? >> there should be soul-searching in america in general but certainly the republican party because this party was born out of a commitment, we believe a certain group of people were human and deserve their rights like all the rest of us even though the democratic party held the opposite position was we were born out of that commitment and can't forget who we are and ultimately the republican party is in the center of the declaration of independence, we hold these truths to be self-evident that all of us are created and that makes us equal and if we hold to that we have a chance in this country. if we fall short of that our children will be the ones who will suffer. i got to tell you this is an aside, hillary clinton has a commercial out now saying how pro child she has been for so long and yet this woman is the most pro-abortion candidate we
12:55 pm
have had more so than barack obama who believes you can abort a little child moments before they are born and she won't even support the born alive abortion survivor protection act, children born alive and if you don't have the courage to protect those children you have to be suspect as to what her reasons are for standing up and suggesting she is pro child. i am terrified of a personality and the mindset like that. the american people don't understand what we are up against, we will pay a terrible price. neil: thanks for taking the time. it is a weird election year. the affordable care act is no longer affordable. it is doubly weird that it has not gotten the attention that it should. made history when it sold for a record price of just under $30 million.
12:56 pm
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neil: the affordable care act increasing signs not so affordable but that wasn't w remember this? >> americans buying comparable coverage to what they have today, i already said this, with the premiums fall by 14% to 20%. a plan that lowers premiums by $2500. i also have a healthcare plan that will save the average family $2500 on their premiums. all this will lower premiums, make healthcare more affordable. neil: said it would lower premiums, didn't happen, did it? peter barnes with the latest. >> health insurers are raising premiums on an average of 25% for most popular benchmark plans in obamacare according to a new government report, more than triple the increase of last year
1:00 pm
which was 7%. that the promise of health and human services that ensures our hiking premiums, 11 million customers in 38 states with obamacare marketplace is to bring revenues in line with costs. translation, more insurers are dropping out, people are signing up, a number of younger healthier people to subsidize them are not. in one state arizona premiums are more than doubling to $400 a month for the benchmark silver plan, second lowest cost plan in obamacare in oklahoma, premiums jumping 69%, illinois up 39%, north carolina up 40%, increases in single digits in six states and declined in one, indiana down 3, $229 a month and here are what some insurance companies are getting in some states, new mexico, blue cross blue shield adding a 93% increase, crystal run healthcare, and 80% increase and so on and so on, the administration says premiums are lower than they would have been, most obamacare market place
1:01 pm
customers pay much more out-of-pocket because of government subsidies, tax credits will increase to cover much of the extra cost, $56 billion projected for 2017 and increases would likely be tacked onto the deficit. back to you. neil: thank you very much. another poll coming in in arizona, shows a contest that has donald trump over hillary clinton by a single percentage point. this is a saver republican state we discussed. anything but right now, but what is interesting is hillary clinton has surged, she has 65% to 30% lead among hispanic voters. that shows one out of three hispanics like donald trump are very high numbers, were thought
1:02 pm
to be very unclean on donald trump. john mccain trying to hang on, a double-digit lead over democratic challenger, if mister trump's travails in the state are hurting him, the poll indicates a funny way of showing it. arizona virtually dead even, by a single point. let's switch to another state, a must win, that is florida. adam schapiro. >> trump supporters still pouring in. as you go through you see the sign, the trump aircraft coming in, and talk about obamacare. in florida they had 18 insurance
1:03 pm
providers on the exchanges. here is what mister trump had to say as he rallied the base. >> obamacare just blowing up and even the white house, our president announced 25% or 26%, that number is so wrong, such a phony number, 60, 70, 80%, and replace obamacare, having a tremendous problem. >> reporter: when you hear about repealing obamacare, they cheer that, and her name is elizabeth yvonne. her husband has cancer and she is living a nightmare because of obamacare. >> my husband in the middle of chemotherapy. insurance companies, insurance pulled out because of obamacare.
1:04 pm
in the middle of chemotherapy, and the first of the year. >> he doesn't know where they will get that insurance. florida used to have 18 insurance providers dropping like flies, and the future does not look good. back to you. neil: adam schapiro in florida. the fallout from this, the affordable care act and will it live up to its name? washington examiner's healthcare reporter page winfield cunningham, and the democratic strategist, adam green, as the democratic strategist do you worry this could undo the big poll lead mrs. clinton has enjoyed or too little too late? >> too little too late for 2016 purposes but 33 democratic
1:05 pm
senators, hillary clinton, and a bunch of other groups are questioning, more competition and accountability in the marketplace having public -- very popular with republican and democratic independent voters and the solution to these woes holding insurance companies accountable as they tried to pull out of these marketplaces. neil: a lot of republicans have said that is like rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. what do you say. >> we were sold a lie from the beginning, not that the administration didn't know how this would turn out or the marketplace turned out different lee, they both lied to us about the results of extended entitlements like obamacare. neil: they assumed more young people would sign up, they would entice more young people because you need young healthy people paying into a system to pay for people like me who had open heart surgery so that didn't happen. i am wondering what that means now. we are stuck.
1:06 pm
>> that proves a leap of faith from the beginning that they couldn't guarantee young people were entering the system so it was flawed from the outset where free-market practices will go in a totally different direction in this notion we will see more competition from democrats is another falsehood because hillary clinton completely embraced bernie sanders's single-payer concept, people get used to even -- neil: republicans have to be careful on this, you have millions of people, millions of people paying a lot more for that coverage. people with penalties. >> i think you saw a hint of that recognition after republicans released this summer because there were elements they were gradually phased down, and
1:07 pm
repealing it immediately. and they will not bite on the public option plan. obama calls for it last week. and speaker ryan, will not support any fixes so politically speaking you will see both parties at odds over the public option. neil: i don't know your views on corporate monopolies but a lot are okay when it comes to big healthcare monopolies like single-payer or government monopoly but not when it comes to companies and whether they get too big for their britches. >> one of the big asks of the hillary clinton administration is we have more robust antitrust enforcement so we have more competition in the marketplace, more jobs, higher wages, better quality goods for consumers.
1:08 pm
neil: replacing companies with the government in that role. you feel that prospect? >> if you ask fox viewers whether they like the brand of medicare it is a pretty popular brand. neil: we could have avoided all this and the problems associated with it would be for medicare. >> part of it is a public option keeping private insurers like medicare and donald trump said something either very erroneous or very new. he said his employees are having trouble with obamacare. i am an employer, we are barred from that. employers can't get obamacare which is why we don't having of young people in the marketplace. and allow -- that is never going to happen because elizabeth warren has made it very clear she will be the change in the a
1:09 pm
clinton administration. she will not let hillary clinton get away with proposing anything but a single-payer plan. that is the pressure hillary will be under. >> warren supports the public option like medicare. competition from this administration. neil: something has got to be done. the argument that has been raised, we need a public option, they knew that all along, other republicans say stop this, start from scratch, you alluded to the fact they cushion the blow by keeping those who have insurance right now and finding them or transforming to this new system. it is safe to say both candidates looking at and making substantial changes. >> there is recognition something has to be done but how much political capital the clinton administration wants to spend on it like tightening up
1:10 pm
the special enrollment period and be stricter. neil: she went? >> assuming she wins. we have a different scenario if trump wins altogether putting republicans in a tighter spot. it is up to them what they will replace it with but there is recognition. neil: let you finish the thought. >> i think there is recognition, that is significant, conversation was always about whether obamacare is working as intended but everyone recognizes the debate is whether it is on its deathbed or has a bad cold so i think you will see something related on whether trump or hillary wins. neil: you could stick a syringe in it if it is done but your analysis is far better. i want to thank all of you, appreciate you taking the time. polls all over the map.
1:11 pm
the bottom line is a lot of you already voted, we are closing on 7 million who have already voted. this is a moot point. we sought this down in the 30 states where this is happening, how many democratic dollars went out and how many republican ballots went out with a safe assumption we think is a safe assumption democratic ballots voted for democratic candidates, republican ballots vote for republican once. that is often wrong. we live in a country where there are more democrats than republicans. by that math it should always be a democratic win, right? not always that way. after this.
1:12 pm
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neil: when i was a kid i don't think they had airplanes. when i was a kid they didn't have voting. things have changed. this great democracy of ours. it is such a big deal now because so many of utterly that by the time it is election day it is a moot point. sometimes more than half the voters had their ballots, 7 million have to this point. what some of that early voting is, do we know? >> do we know at this point? hard to tell. for the campaign some tight rope walking experience might come in handy when it comes to early voting polls. neil: if you look for how many democratic ballots, the assumption is those democratic votes or republican votes but not all of these. >> campaigns do look at that, early indications so hillary clinton could turn that, it is a
1:16 pm
must when state but we see as of a few days ago more republicans, 2% more with early votes, then democrats but in other states like nevada clinton is tapping the edge of early voting, her campaign is part of the fact that clark county, very democratic strongholds, a record number of early votes. neil: democrats, democratic voters can hop to a republican candidate, unlikely that a republican will hop to a democrat. is that true? >> this is tricky for the campaign, on the one hand they want to show their candidate has the momentum to hop on the bandwagon, on the other hand they don't want to appear overly confident, they don't want folks to send in early ballots or show up on election day.
1:17 pm
neil: early voting is based on what the mindset is at the time you are voting so things can change a lot. by election date will be very different, whatever we are motivated to vote on today. yet it has become a big phenomenon, the overall voting numbers, just your thoughts on whether that is good or bad. neil: it is like reading tea leaves and this moving target, so everyone is not casting their ballot on the same day so the target keeps changing. neil: record early voting, it will be a record number four years from now. with we spread this out, the drama of election day doesn't matter. >> it will still matter, don't worry, drama won't be missing from election day.
1:18 pm
it hasn't been missing from this campaign in general. neil: i live for drama. very smart, entertaining my questions. in the meantime, virginia governor is already already dealing with the conversation and whether he helped the candidates, in this case hillary clinton, avoid one from the fbi. he is calling it much ado about nothing. donald trump is saying he could seal the deal in this election, to read from a former virginia governor after this.
1:19 pm
1:20 pm
1:21 pm
>> terry mcauliffe is the single closest person to bill and hillary clinton, there is nobody closer. terry call of gave to the fbi person at the high level, doing
1:22 pm
the investigation, in charge of the investigation, $675,000. you think of that. that is clinton giving the money because that is how close they are. neil: all right, the virginia governor himself called and said this is much ado about nothing. let's ask former governor jim gilmore, very good to have you. you heard what donald trump was saying. do you think there is a lot there? >> yes i do because this is a case where the governor of virginia in order to elect a candidate to the state senate donated $675,000 to that candidate which is an enormous amount of money. of the 20 they came back, you know this better than i, two other candidates got even more money.
1:23 pm
being singled out because of who she is married to, how do you explain the other shift? >> it doesn't matter. what does matter is $675,000 is not a trivial amount of money and you know it came up at the breakfast table one the chief people at the fbi, the husband noticed this and they made the case her election was over when the clinton investigation goes on, but you don't forget a donation of 6 $75,000. neil: the fbi overseeing the clinton email case certainly would have come up should he have recused himself are taking up the matter. >> based on that he will never forget it. the question we have to ask is did the assistant director recused himself? did he make a recommendation of the clinton matter? did he recuse himself from a clinton investigation? governor mcauliffe has been
1:24 pm
under investigation by the fbi. on july 5th i called for an independent prosecutor to look over this whole mess and make sure it was all on the up and up and i was ignored but the fact of the matter is this is something that has to come out. that he recuse himself? did he make a recommendation? he knew his wife received an enormous amount of money and the fbi's reputation is at stake and the american people are entitled to know that the fbi is on the up and up. neil: i want to switch gears, this revelation about the affordable care act, premiums expected to rocket 25%. bill clinton was speaking about this an hour ago. >> let's talk about healthcare. all the headlines, stories that average premiums are going up
1:25 pm
22%. but the subject line is if you are in the healthcare program, your subsidies go up too so the increases won't be as much. neil: subsidies will carry the day. we are paying for subsidies and not all of those dealing with these big increases will qualify for those subsidies. what do you think? >> the clintons don't get it. the taxpayer is paying subsidies. this isn't free. this is exactly what is wrong with socialized medicine kind of arrangement we have got. if you are running out of money, to make the deal work, you got to get back to a more free market based society, more free market based system and for clinton to say don't worry about that just because prices are going up, taxpayers will cover it, that is a crazy way of thinking about government and you will get that with hillary clinton in spades so this is a real problem going forward. neil: virginia, some republicans have given up on it, what do you
1:26 pm
think? >> our job is to make the case to the people of virginia. i know the people of virginia. they are reasonable responsible people and i don't think the people of virginia want this kind of behavior to repeat itself one more time in the presidency. people of virginia have to know if they vote for this lady they are voting the same thing we have seen in the past and worse but this business of all this money by governor mcauliffe going to the wife of a member of the fbi looking at the clinton case when clinton is tied to the mcauliffes is dad. it means people in virginia have a bad sense. they shouldn't be voting for this. warner: the thank you for taking the time, i appreciate it. in the meantime, two weeks ahead of election day this is the day the world series starts. two teams that combined, haven't
1:27 pm
seen a world series since ever. what happens now? the mlb commissioner is next. there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all, the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, . .
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the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $369 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at
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neil: you know the nfl might be struggling when it comes to rates. major league baseball not the case at all and the world series kicks off tonight. a little history to be made between the cubs and indians. together we have never seen a world series where it has been so long since one of them won a world series. 1908 for the cubs, 1948, for the indians, the man who made all the ratings magic possible, the nlb commissioner rob manfred live from cleveland. thanks for coming. >> glad to be with you, neil. neil: must be kind of a slow news day. how do you hide your bias? you must have a team you want to see win, right you? can't reveal that, right? >> you sit on your hands when anything happens in the game. you look as neutral as you possibly can look. whatever team wins here, great
1:32 pm
outcome for major league baseball. it has been 68 years cleveland is waiting. 108 for chicago. great outcome for us. neil: that is a brilliant answer by the way. commissioner, i look at difference between baseball ratings and football ratings? why is that? playoff games and ratings are through the roof. one-game mets-giants playoff eye-popping and not so football. what do you think is going on? >> it is our post-season. i don't like to compare our sports to others. i do know in this particular post-season we've had really compelling storylines. we have two of them made it through the world series, cleave and and chicago obviously. the mets were very interesting. we have exciting young group of players who are make the game more interesting for people. we're very fortunate this that regard. neil: i don't know if you can do anything on this, who am i to recommend things, please remove
1:33 pm
this one-game playoff thing, the one-game play-in, whatever you call it. could you address that? >> well, look i actually love the one-game play-in. neil: so do i. you took the words right out of my mouth exactly. you don't think it is nutty, don't think it's a little weird? >> no, i really don't. in terms of the regular season, it encourages people to play hard to win their division so they don't have to be in the one-game playoff. in terms of the post-season it gets us off to fantastic start. we had two unbelievable games, one in toronto, one in new york. you can't ask for a exciting start to your season. neil: but it is one game, one and done. >> win your division. you don't have to play one game, that is what i always say. you're exactly right. let me switch a little bit -- we don't see the protests in football either, the colin kaepernick thing where you sit out the national anthem or kneel
1:34 pm
it out. are there rules to that effect in baseball? >> we don't have a rule. we issue a memorandum to the clubs as what we expect from players, with respect to the playing of the national anthem, but it has never been a rule. we've been very fortunate, our players have been uniformly respectful. neil: so what would you do if one player from either the indians or the cubs were to do something similar on international stage like tonight? >> we actually had a situation a few years ago where a player did not come out for the national anthem. i think we did what you have to do. we respected that individual's right to express himself. neil: all right. so you're prepared to do that if you have to but, it is not a free country when it comes to team ownership. these are employed individuals working essentially for a company. they don't have those kind of rights, right? >> right. like i said, we've been fortunate.
1:35 pm
our players have uniformly done the right thing. i fully expect that's what is going to happen tonight. neil: we're told some tickets tonight are going upwards of $6,000. how do you police scalping? >> well, the pricing you're talking about is largely in the secondary market. neil: right. >> the secondary market is a fact of life for all major events, not just sporting events. and i think those prices are an indication of just tremendous interest in this particular matchup. neil: as commissioner do you like to see this go a full seven games? could you live with four or five? the longer the drama goes on usually better ratingswise and popularitywise, right? >> you know, i answer that question based on the fact that i'm a huge fan. the more baseball we have the better. i'm hoping it goes seven games. neil: you feel personally awful the new york yankees are there and these two other teams of
1:36 pm
little note are? >> well all i can say to that, we're happy to have the chicago cubs and the cleveland indians. they're great representatives of the national and american league and we're going to have a great world series. neil: that is very diplomatic answer, commissioner. finally, 8:08 start time, the first pitch, why 8:08? >> we pick our start times along with our broadcast partners in order to maximize the number of people that n watch the games. we've got great data on start times and 8:08 seems to be the best spot for us getting most people watching a great world series matchup. neil: it should be big, it should be big. any predictions? >> i'm not in the prediction business. i think we'll have a great world series. won't go further than that. neil: as you can tell from my questions i live and breathe this stuff. i'm all over it. commissioner, seriously, very good sense of humor as well, sir.
1:37 pm
wish you luck and baseball luck. >> nice to be with you. i hope you will be watching tonight. neil: where else would i be? thank you, commissioner. >> my pleasure. neil: do we know? we'll have more after this.
1:38 pm
>> good afternoon, live from the floor of new york stock exchange. i'm lori rothman with your fox business brief. let's start with volkswagen. shares down half a percent but you're looking at a chart over last year.
1:39 pm
that is when the scandal of emissions test broke. $14.7 billion deal to get 500,000 volkswagen vehicles off the road. basically cars were equipped with devices meant to trick the emission tests. not good. look at gm today. been the worst day on wall street since the post-"brexit" vote. shares down 4%. all this about shares of future profits for automaker. look at auto stocks across the board performing with all of this news. toyota is holding up. fiat chrysler is little changed. fiat chrysler did boost its full-year profit on strong demands for jeep suv. time to get you back to neil and "coast to coast."
1:40 pm
1:41 pm
what's happening here? this is my new alert system for whenever anything happens in the market. but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for all the things that are important to you. i guess we don't need the kid anymore. custom alerts on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade. neil: made a lot of news with that baseball commissioner but i'm on to other things, america. connell mcshane on gop control, whether the senate is up for grabs. i guess, connell they need four votes with clinton victory to lose that. >> if hillary clinton wins plus four, go 46 to 50. tim kaine would be vice president to give democrats control. that is the magic number. talk about down ballot races, big picture before we get into specific, democrats have much better chance of doing this taking control of the senate than they do in the house. something that is possible,
1:42 pm
maybe even likely, house we'll talk about in a few minutes is something that is possible but probably unlikely. with that, let's go to the map, like we do with presidential race we have scorecard map for senate races. the way it lines up, could come right down election night. 47 seats with the democratic side with polling data. 47 seats to the republican side and six actually tossups. same deal as with the presidential maps. the way we color it in blue and red. notice some states in white, texas, forget about it. there is no race. those are states where there are no senate races but democrats like chances to pick up seats in wisconsiand illinois. that is why we have both of these seats or states colored light blue. that would give them two, right? six states are absolute tossups, indiana, pennsylvania, new hampshire, north carolina, out in nevada and missouri. those are very close races. if they win the two they were talking about, you need to get
1:43 pm
four, only one currently democratic hands is the harry reid seat out in nevada. democrats would need to hold on to that. presuming they do, it is very close race if they do, probably need if you're democrats pick up two of remaining five if you're doing math. indian is interesting. earlier versions of this map had this colored in light blue, it is evan bayh race where evan bayh is trying to take back the race he once had. he has been polling fairly well, running against a todd young, but not as well lately as he had bin been. evan bayh slipping makes that toss upstate. democrats would really love to have the indiana seat. in new hampshire, kelly ayote is vulnerable incumbent, running against the sitting governor, maggie hassan, doing well, might have slight lead in average up about a point with kelly ayote.
1:44 pm
she has issues association with donald trump is donald trump a good roll model. does she support him? that hurts her in polling. other final one, missouri, neil incumbent republican roy blunt is in the midst much a fight for his political life in a state mitt romney won by nine points in 2012, roy blunt has only one point lead in average of polls in missouri. another seat democrats might take. i said at start of things to end on house of representatives, more likely democrats do well enough to take back the senate than here. you need plus 30, for democrats to take back the house. market impact of that a few times, something that is possible, still according to polling data, that sun likely. better chance in the senate. neil: thank you my friend, connell mcshane. that is where the battle stands. we showed you earlier this monmouth shows that in arizona, very tight race between hillary clinton and donald trump. he is up by one point there, but
1:45 pm
interestingly enough, john mccain widened to double-digit lead over his democratic opponent. those thinking that maybe that could be unexpected pickup for the time-being two weeks out, less likely. we'll have more after this. ♪
1:46 pm
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say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ neil: all right. her husband has just said everyone take a chill pill on these whole revelations on affordable care act, 25% premium hikes, a lot will get subsidies, so everyone calm down. that explanation probably didn't do much to help his wife but we are expected to hear from hillary clinton gaggle of reporters probably on her plane. lizzie macdonald on latest from fallout with all of this. hey, lizzie. reporter: you're right, neil. news white house finally
1:49 pm
admitting premiums for the low-cost silver plan in the obama exchange will go up 22%, 25% next year. what you will likely hear next out of the clinton campaign this, medicare for more. in other words, we're hearing that the the clinton campaign says government insurance option in the pool. expand medicare. offered expanding it to 50-year-olds. something that the president also mentioned last week, have government-backed option. we're hearing from the health and human services department on news that premiums spiked. neil, the odds are that the costs for obamacare, the insurance exchanges, are likely going to be lower when you factor in the subsidies. meaning that taxpayers costs could go up. subsidies in obamacare and certainly, neil, if hillary clinton says, yes, her plan
1:50 pm
which we're hearing could be called medicare for more, an expanded government insurance option and people buy into medicare and medicaid. we're tracking that story for you, neil. neil: do you think in all your reporting on this, that they kind of were surprised by this or knew this could happen? i will give them benefit of the doubt, maybe they didn't expect so few young people to sign up, that is what pays it, but maybe they wanted that single-payer option in the beginning which many of them did? i know hillary clinton i had d by the way, that is the hillary clinton's plane. she is in fort lauderdale. but that, they might get what they wanted anyway? reporter: i think you're right. in the beginning when you watch how, what the white house how they framed this debate and issues, i think they were, they sincerely thought it was going to work. neil: right. reporter: irony they put in that option for 26-year-olds to stay on their parents plan. maybe that undercut the pool. we don't know raw numbers yet.
1:51 pm
how much that could have undercut the insurance exchange pool. be an irony there. i think all along the single-payer idea has been out there. in fact when bill clinton said it is crazy that premiums are doubling in your coverage that you get is being cut in half. what he basically was talking about was idea of medicare for more. it was in context of that. insurance pools for health insurance, obamacare they're not like life insurance, not like auto insurance. it is entirely different. he is saying crazy what is going on. the option, fix for democrats is again having individuals buy into medicare or medicaid plans. we know that president has talked about that we know bernie sanders crowd, neil, wanted single-payer option for some time, even though that catastrophically fails for state of vermont. vermont tried it and budget costs really soared in the state of vermont for single-payer. neil: be careful what you wish for. we all might get it. lizzie, appreciate it. "after the bell" we'll get
1:52 pm
latest earnings news out of folks at apple. got a lot of attention amid rumors it was kicking time warner tires. company certainly has cash. ahead of that it poo-pooed any takeover talk and focused on revamping a long overlooked macbook line. jonas max ferris, not what we expect only after the bell but later this week. what do you think. >> they will jump ahead to thursday, find out little ports in newer mac books they haven't refreshed in long time. jump screen like function screen on pc. a little touch-screen. earnings after the close this, could be first quarter where expecting sales growth declined year-over-year, first time in 15 years for the company. been on hyper successful role. global economy is weak, mostly focus on china because that economy may not be able to handle this premium product.
1:53 pm
it's a big growth area but there is a lot of competitors close in price. on plus side, they had major boost so-so upgrade the iphone. samsung they had to literally take off the market which blows up in people's pockets. neil: that is generally what you don't want when getting a phone, right. >> watches are in decline. might look like a fad. apple is leader in it. no one seems to think that is cool. that is a loser area. they have to keep people in the ecosystem because they make money off the app store and "pokemon go." as long as people don't switch to other phones enough to support high market cap, not valuation of the company. neil: i hear you. now the phones, account for more than half their revenue i guess but, they have long kind of, not long, but, given short-shrift to what you used to be their bread and butter that is these various computers, laptops, imac, et cetera. do we know whether that is going to become a new focus now?
1:54 pm
because they did take their eye off the ball with other windows, the machines and likes of hp and dell and lenovo are making are stealing a little bit of their thunder. what do you think of that? >> they finally making cooler-looking pcs competitive with the mac but ultimately the non-pad which is dying business at this point, the pc, upscale pc market is basically apples to own. it is not that big after market. they can't support $600 billion market cap with it but most people who are on the low end of the market will go to chrome web browsers or pads or your phone basically. anyone needs computer at high-end is definitely going in apple's direction. they're leading market in changing things around. that kind of annoys some fans. ultimately the market is just not enough, stay alone business not worth $150 billion. talking about much more valuable company. they need everybody in it to buy
1:55 pm
stuff at the app store. includes only pc and mostly the phones. as long they don't decline anywhere, that is okay. neil: do you get a sense they have to come up with the old steve jobs, you know, blockbuster product, that redefines either new technology, products, not just innovations in the existing stuff they have. they have yet to do that? >> i'm sorry. i have no audio. neil: we just lost him here. that happens. that happens. we'll know about apple right after the bell. expectations are again that it could see its first back-to-back revenue and earnings decline here but what will be important, even only covers two weeks of, period, it will include, a brief period where the new iphone 7 is on market. might get idea how many of those sold. might telegraph interest looking forward in new technologies, including making souped-up powerful laptops and the like.
1:56 pm
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(announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. ♪ ♪ neil: all right, it could be the biggest deal of the year right now, i'm talking about the $85 billion offer on the part of at&t for time warner, time warner still trading substantially below that offer, about $20 worth. it's had a nice run-up on all of this, but there are hurdles, regulators might not approve it at least in whole, so we'll see what happens. there is that side issue that at&t with this deal will be saddled with well over $100 billion worth of debt. no company on this planet would have more. the argument is it could quickly work off that debt with the revenues and profits it gets off time warner and cnn, whatever, but the concerns are out there,
2:00 pm
and that is weighing on this deal, something i'm sure trish regan will be getting into in the next hour. i think your going to have a very busy hour. trish: we're going to have a busy hour. thank you, neil. breaking right now, florida in focus as donald trump narrows the gap in a brand new national poll with hillary clinton. there is now just a five-point spread be between these two candidates. i mean, this race is closer chan anyone in the clinton camp or the mainstream media could have predicted. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." donald trump and hillary clinton both campaigning in the swing state of florida at this hour. this is going to be donald trump's third event in the state today, he's also got a fourth event scheduled later this evening. meanwhile, this poll just came out about an hour ago out of arizona, and it shows donald trump with a one-point lead over hillary clinton. so here we are, status check. you've got the election 14 days


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