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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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hillary clinton taking the stage. donald trump is expected to speak later from the state of pennsylvania. [closing bell rings] here comes the closing bells. thanks for joining us here on "countdown to the closing bell." david and melissa pick it up here for "after the bell." david: stocks selling off a little bit in the close. the dow set to end the day down more than 100 points. we vent seen a move like this in about three weeks. hi, everybody, i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have all the big market movers. here what else we have coming up for you this hour. this is it, america. you vote in one week and it is full steam ahead for both campaigns. hillary clinton taking the stage in florida as the fbi is currently working to identify new classified material on anthony weiner's laptop. intelligence officials are working around the clock and looking unlikely this will be wrapped up by election day. donald trump is continuing his path through blue states today,
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trying to win over voters and using unraveling of obamacare as the prime example of quote, why we must win. david: back to the markets. the dow ending the day down triple digits, whoever verying above 18,000. pfizer, apple, caterpillar. those are among biggest losers today. oil following stocks lower. gasoline is spiking. trader scott shellady from chicago is here to tell us why. lori rothman on floor of new york stock exchange. lori, what about politics and markets, how do they affect each other? a great point, david. everybody is tuned in what is going on with the political race and really before friday, pretty complacent. it was a steady climb up for the stock market. since news of latest fbi investigation, markets come down. s&p down six consecutive days. same story for the nasdaq, dow just off, a above a four-month low. look at vix, volatility, fear index.
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it is up six days in a row with just above a point gain to level just over 18. one. great proxies or signs this election is leading, mexican peso, reflective of donald trump and trade and immigration policies. peso getting crushed down 2%. dollar trading lower. peso came down against greenback. trump presidency means uncertainty and markets don't like that. breaking news regarding valeant, in last half hour of trading. valeant is in advanced talks to sell its salix business after shares of valeant fell news of a -- up 33%. melissa: wow, that is a big turn around. lori, thank you. major pipeline explosion in
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alabama sending gasoline prices soaring. this is the second time the pipeline has been shut down in two months. wonder if we see a major supply disruption on the east coast. scott shellady, what do you think? >> i don't really think so. we were worried about the yesterday's bloodbath in the crude oil market and dollar as cheap as you said it was, we couldn't get a rally out of crude. thinking crude is heavy and goldman sachs said, maybe 40 is in the cards. i think that is not good for oil or good for the market as well. melissa: tell me more about that. why do you think it is not also good for the market? >> if you remember in 2008 and 2009, the energy sector helped us get out of our problems. as we see some of those guys roll over, that is not good for the economy number one. number two, don't you think opec and fed are kind of same and negative reaction? i've been watching a lot of that lately. melissa: you're right about that i love that point. scott shellady, thank you very much.
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david: great analogy. is the market getting cold feet about possibility of a trump victory? wall street appears to show fears that the republican chances of white house are increasing. they're is technical point, s&p 500 down three months before the election, incumbent party usually loses favoring trump. gary kaltbaum, jonathan hoenig, capitalist pig hedge fund. both fox news contributors. these things what happened in the past may not apply, gary, this is such a different election. are the markets kind of worried about a trump victory? >> look, i don't think so. i read something yesterday that the market has to crash because of trump i don't believe in it. i don't believe two or three months market is down. it is only down couple percent. david: true. >> if it were down 10 or 15 percent that would be a different matter f the market crash this is week i think that will have effect. two to 3% for me does nothing.
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david: jonathan, gold spike on news trump succeeding, any relevance on that? >> i see more in the peso which lori rothman talked about earlier. that collapsed, almost going down to the september lows. that indicates much better chances for a trump victory. i also watched what are called the prediction markets, iowa electronic market. these are online prediction markets. trump's chances are spiking there as well. stock market seems a little confused. breadth is negative right now. not a lot of stocks are doing well. as has been talked about, a lot of traders simply want to sit on their hands and see how this shakes out. melissa: meanwhile do-or-die for obamacare as open enrollment begins today. donald trump is blasting the law, telling voters that the future of american health care is on the line. >> hillary clinton wants to expand obamacare and make it even more expensive. she wants to put the government
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totally in charge of health care in america. if we don't repeal and replace obamacare. we will destroy american health care forever. melissa: can't think of anything more frightening than the government in charge of my health care. jonathan, this is the first year insurance companies are not getting our taxpayer dollars to make up for losses in the system and they're all bailing. what are your thoughts? >> the system is as some of us predicted here, melissa, the system is literally imploding. forget about keeping doctors. people lose their health plans. premiums jumping up. deductibles jumping up. this is probably donald trump's strongest point. the dot dot dot, replace with what? obamacare imploding and hillary clinton and her policies are much to blame. melissa: gary, we showed map up on the screen, how hard they get hit.
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a lot are swing states. arizona, 116% premiums go up. pennsylvania, 53%. these are battleground places. you think that people are focused on this when they go to the ballot box? >> well, if i'm trump i'm riding baby home and running ads 24/7 they say. look, bottom line, options down, coverage down, premiums up, deductibles up. i have to add one thing, last week gruber as we've been grubered, goes on tv, in order to fix this we need to force people into paying higher premiums in order to force them to buy the coverage. i don't think this guy knows cuba does not work. it is amazing to watch. melissa: no. he is mit economist. that is what is so amazing about it. >> fabulous. melissa: hang on. herbalife out with third quarter results. we want to go with lori for the numbers. >> hi, there. let me go through point by point. headline is probably announcing their ceo transition.
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the current coo richard fudis will succeed mr. johnson as chief executive officer of herbalife. let me give you numbers. eps was a beat, $1.21 a share versus expectation of $1.09. revenue increased. my numbers looks a little bit soft. 1.14 billion was for cast. currency impact to the bottom line, that is what the company is out saying. the stock has come way down in extended the session, down five, 5% in, tended session. melissa: lori, thank you so much for that. david. david: back to the mix of politics and the markets controversy at cnn that saw them cut ties with dnc chair donna brazile. adding another dimension, at&t proposed merger with time warner, donald trump said he will block the megadeal as president, while hillary clinton yet to address it. jonathan and gary are back. first of all what happened with
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donna brazile, is cnn a drag on the deal now? >> fact that it is in the news is somewhat of a drag and i just asked myself, if it was fox that handed something off to trump, they would be going 24/7 at this point. amazing to watch this at this point in time. but look, trump doesn't want it and if hillary wins, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders already out not wanting it. unless at&t starts paying million dollars to bill clinton to do speeches i don't think the deal gets done. david: jonathan, no matter how much i hate cnn, the fact it's a business and i hope all businesses do well in the united states. it bothers me a little bit that trump would be so anxious to for tell intrusion in the market wanting to break up the deal. what about you? >> i appreciate you saying that, david. this is scandal that hurts cnn. it destroys their credibility. news organizations take years to build it up. only a few events like this to completely destroy it. cnn will feel effect of these.
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i wish trump took opposite side of elizabeth warren and hillary clinton stood against antitruster. you can't be against regulation and for antitrust, that is complete government regulation over companies that might emerge. this is the best example. david: we don't know exactly what hillary might do if she is president. by the way bernie sanders said he opposed the deal as well. thank you very much. appreciate it. thank you for your time. melissa: seven days and countying hillary clinton email scandal reigniting week to go. wikileaks revealing push from her campaign to quote, dump all those emails. david: what does that mean? not exactly sure. shockwaves sent through the clinton campaign as the candidate is currently trying to change the conversation with voters in key battleground states. melissa: yet another controversy surrounding the clinton foundation. new evidence is outlining how former president bill clinton wants to handle foreign contributions if hillary clinton is elected. here's hint. he wants to keep them.
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until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. shares of electronic arts, easy for me to say, down about 2% after-hours. it had been as low, it was, was down 2%. it is now down a little less. actually looks like it is trading up. the videogame maker reporting a miss on revenue and profit for the second quarter amid expectations of a lot of competition from other rivals. as you can tell after-hours the stock is moving both up and down. we'll keep following it for you. melissa. melissa: hillary clinton hitting
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campaign trail and one of her closest aides huma abedin is nowhere in sight. adam shapiro live in dade city, florida. what do you have? >> hillary clinton addressing 1500 supporters in dade city. huma abedin, key aide to secretary clinton is not here. hume -- huma abedin's lawyer says she is in brooklyn and she is willing and ready to cooperate with the fbi investigation. they haven't contacted her yet. the computer she shared with her husband, anthony weiner, estranged husband. look what hillary clinton is doing here. she is not addressing the email issue. she is addressing something that reared its head in the election campaign earlier, how women are trited in our society. she is attacking donald trump on that issue. then she is pointing out to these people they need to vote. she is trying to energy her bays. listen to what she said to why she is addressing that key issue.
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>> florida can decide who our next president is, which will affect the nation and the world! [cheering] and i want to make sure that every voter in florida spends these next seven days thinking about what's at stake in this election. reporter: so she is trying to get her base to go to the polls because the republicans are beating democrats, at least in the number of people who are registered with affiliated political parties at polls so far. here is what is going on. latest polls on enthusiasm. hillary clinton is suffered a big drop in enthusiasm according to the latest polls. if you take a look, last week she had 48% of the respondents enthusiastic for her, 50% for trump. look what is happening. clinton fallen to 45%. donald trump has risen to 53%. look what just happened today. florida in particular, according to fox news, fox news was saying
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originally that florida was leaning democrat. today it is a toss-up. and that was reflected in the latest "real clear politics" average which showed that donald trump is winning by one point over hillary clinton here in the sunshine state. back to you. melissa: adam, thank you for that. david: here thousand to react, marianne marsh, dewey, square group principle and gianna caldwell, red alert politics, republican strategist. thank you both for coming. marianne, no sign of huma. hillary calling her, just one of her staffers as opposed to her absolute closest aides. are they getting ready to throw huma under the bus? >> no, not not all. you heard that from everybody on the campaign since this happened on friday. no issue there. the fact i think, as every hour passes it is pretty clear this is an error of omission and not commission, and not going to amount to much in the end. david: gee auno, let's be absolutely clear here, if by any
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chance, any of hillary clinton's state department emails end up on anthony weiner's laptop, as awful as that is both for anthony weiner and huma if it happens, we have to remember who put it on the private server to begin with. it was hillary clinton. >> yeah, absolutely no question about that i have to think with mr. comey making such announcement as he did last friday which he knew would shake up the race and change the dynamic of things there is something actually there. democrats realized that as well. why they're attacking integrity of fbi director when they praised him continuously. everyone but the president united states, everyone but him. david: marianne -- >> david, i will push back for one second. david: >> there is plenty of footage on fox network at large criticizing james comey for the press conference he did in public. that was wrong. you can draw a straight line from that press conference where we are now. >> didn't you praise his integrity or no?
4:19 pm
did you praise his integrity or no? >> we can go to the videotape. here is the short verse. i praised his decision. i personally believe he wanted to indict her. david: marianne it is not about you right now, its about the -- >> he decided to indict her in the court of public opinion. david: praising from harry reid to nancy pelosi, who are absolutely praising comey after the july 7th decision. >> yay. david: there is plenty of that on record but i have to ask, marianne, how much is continued scrutiny of hillary emails with regard to the fbi investigation, how much do you think it is hurting hillary in the polls right now? >> i think it is on the margins, really. when you look at votes that have been cast thus far, in florida, it is only .25% between donald trump and hillary clinton in the early voting. you look at nevada, florida, and other states, running well ahead of the 2012 projections in early voting. so you can see that is not the issue.
4:20 pm
the fact is, donald trump -- >> that is part of the issue. >> he knows exactly those steep hill he is climbing by trying to go to the blue states because he can't win the states he needs to win. david: marianne, what about trump? so far he stayed on message. he hasn't focused a lot of attention on what hillary is going through with regard to this investigation, et cetera. do you think he will continue to do that, or might he get drawn back into the personal stuff? >> no. no. i think he has been doing a fabulous job at that, focusing on things like obamacare. talking about things that americans care about. we see in the senate races, hillary emails are impacting her democratic senatorial candidates. in addition to that fact, this enthusiasm fact which exists in is happening with black americans. black americans aren't coming out to support her. they're not enthusiastic about the race, according to "politico" today. it comes to me, my belief that it is what i wrote about today in red alert politics. black lives don't matter to hillary clinton. black votes matter to hillary clinton.
4:21 pm
people see her as being disingenuous corrupt candidate. david: we have to leave it at that. thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. david: melissa? melissa: breaking through enemy lines. strong gains in the mission to take back mosul from isis. details of major developments are coming up. plus, growing questions of mainstream media bias. cnn responding to donna brazile's reported dealings with clinton campaign. is it enough to resolve the matter? >> why didn't hillary clinton report that she was given essentially unethically, probably illegally, why didn't she report that she had the questions?
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used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured. melissa: mounting calls for cnn to conduct an internal investigation, this after dnc chairwoman donna brazile appeared to have shaped questions, shared, sorry, questions with the clinton campaign ahead of the cnn town hall debate. the latest email reads, quote, one of the questions directed to
4:25 pm
hrc tomorrow is from a woman with a rash. her family has a lead poison, has lead poison i think it is supposed to be. she will ask what if anything will hillary do as president to help the people of flint. here now is joe concha, media reporter at "the hill." we've seen the video afterwards, and she goes on to ask the question pretty much verbatim. what do you think of this -- there is no doubt now. >> there is no doubt, because melissa, it happened twice. melissa: yeah. >> happened at another town hall event as well. donna was getting fed questions by somebody within that organization. jeff zucker said, he is president of cnn. it is disgusting and hurts all of us. melissa: right. >> those are pretty tough words. the network says they're completely uncomfortable with this. that is all well and good but you have to back up those words, melissa, with actions. melissa: yeah. >> that means an internal investigation not done by cnn you bring in outside law firm, some sort of investigative unit to figure out how this happened. quite frankly not hard --
4:26 pm
melissa: i was going to say, do you even have to bring in somebody from the outside? >> yes. integrity. melissa: it is very, very few people, would take like three seconds to figure it out, wouldn't isn't. >> not so much to figure it out. optics of it. if you want your network to have integrity you bring in independent investigator to figure out exactly what happened. but,cnn won't do that. they keep insisting this, is what drives me crazy, that brazile didn't get questions from anybody at the network. outside of fairy dust how exactly did they appear to her? melissa: yeah. >> they originated from the network. they had to be leaked somehow. melissa: the woman with the rash was on fox news channel earlier today. she only shared questions with people from the network, who had solicited what questions would you ask? she put them forward. they looked at them. picked one. seems like it would be a pretty small group. i want to play for how donna brazile reacted when megyn kelly asked about emails. this is how the deflect shun has been going all along. >> i did not receive any
4:27 pm
questions from cnn let's just be very clear. melissa: where did you get it? >> as a christian woman i understand persecution i will not be persecuted. your information is totally false. >> i'm getting them from podesta emails. >> boy desstray's emails were stolen. melissa: we knew, persecuted like i'm a christian thing. she looked very guilty. more emails came out. we come to find out cnn cut her lose long before the second email came out. >> yeah. melissa: they didn't say anything about it then. how do they clear this up now? is the rest of the world paying attention or just us in the media? >> that is lost point in all this you brought up. cnn said after it broke for the second time, i've been calling for internal investigation after first time, october 31st, donna brazile reshined from the network october 14th. why did you make that notice. he is major political analyst. you have to disclose that as business standpoint.
4:28 pm
we're on business network. they looked horrible. they couldn't handle it any worse, donna brazile last check is still chairwoman of dnc. josh earnest, white house press conference, somebody asked him what do you think of the donna brazile situation? donna were seal of person of high integrity and view professional even with the overwhelming evidence, the process to use trump word, rigged, even the white house can't say this is wrong. we don't agree with it as all. that is how far gone we are in this society. melissa: lost that hillary clinton cheated at the debate. somebody gave her the question. there is that too. we're talking about donna brazile. hillary clinton appears received the question, or do we not know that? have we not seen, we would have to see the mail trail to see if it given to her. >> goes to john podesta or jennifer palmieri i think i pass along the question. why didn't hillary report it?
4:29 pm
yay she will throw her party under the bus and create controversy. i get moral part, what is she going to do in the situation? melissa: debate is ridiculous. >> plays into trump's narrative not only government is rigged but the media is rigged. that argument has foundation because of examples like this, melissa. melissa: joe, thank you so much. always terrific. don't miss "the kelly file" tonight. megyn kelly will interview cnn former president john klein on this whole thing, donna brazile leaking scandal and this whole thing. should be interesting. david: as you see we have more breaking news. tesla laying out the financial case for acquiring solarcity. solarcity will add $500 million in cash next three years. will contribute one billion dollars to revenue in 2017. shares of solarcity, they're up about 1% after hours. tesla is just about flat. major development in the fight to retake mosul from the islamic state. just two weeks after the operation began to recapture
4:30 pm
iraq's second largest city, iraq forces have pushed through enemy lines. they're now within the mosul city limits. first time iraqly troops set foot in the city since isis took it over two years ago. melissa. melissa: is the clinton campaign preparing to celebrate a little bit too early? might be time to hold the fireworks until the results of the race are actually in. what do you think, david? david: they're already preparing those fireworks. meanwhile as the fbi is investigating in full swing, what would hillary clinton's first 100 days in office be like if she ends up getting elected, amid an fbi investigation? >> to the best of my recollection director comey did not tell her to set up her own private email server. he did not teller had to lie about almost every aspect of the email. the pursuit of healthier.
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reporter: new wikileaks emails on the clinton side. they cast big questions how top hillary clinton campaign aides sought to deal with state department emails. back to 2015, "new york times" broke the story initially. detailing clinton's use of a private email account while at the state department. later that night, just before 11 that evening, john podesta, clinton's event all campaign chairman, emailed following to top aide cheryl mills. quote, not to sound like lanny we're going to have to dump all those emails. so better to do so sooner than later. mills respond ad few hours later in the early morning hours of march third, quote, think you just got your new nickname. clinton campaign is very reluctant to discuss the content of weeks long wikileaks releases. today they are addressing potential inferences surrounding that very one email. clinton campaign official is explaining it this way to fox's jennifer griffin. that official says, two days before "the new york times"
4:36 pm
broke, that they had discussions basically about releasing all the emails and so they contend, dumping refers to releasing the emails, and not destroying them. that contention from clinton campaign official. they also say that lanny, the lanny that was referred to in that email is surrogate lanny davis, and that campaign official contends the reference meant they wanted more transparency and not less. so that is what they are saying this afternoon. meantime the clinton campaign as you mentioned not only one dealing with fbi questions. fox confirmed that the fbi has been looking into paul manafort and two others involved with donald trump's campaign. now the preliminary inquiry involves foreign business connections. manafort, trump's former campaign manager left the campaign earlier this summer after "the new york times" reported that manafort had business ties with a former pro-russian, ukrainian president. now in a statement today, man for
4:37 pm
manafort called it outrageous smear driven by harry reid and clinton campaign. nothing wrong has happened. david: too bad there is no news to report. blake, good to see you. melissa. melissa:s at fbi investigation hangs over the clinton cam inmany are questioning what would happen if the democratic nominee is elected, what would she be able to accomplish in office? you guys go ahead and scroll up, in the first 100 days amid an fbi investigation. leslie rutledge, republican attorney general from arkansas and she joins me now. you wrote a very, very harsh article, i got to say, some of the quotes, i hold the same office where these two began their career of corruption. arkansas knows the clintons best, and donald trump will win 60-40. whew. what do you mean? you know where they started their corruption? what do people in arkansas no? >> well, for years, in arkansas the clintons conducted the same
4:38 pm
sort of practice and disregard for the rules that apply, should apply to everyone that we have seen now with president clinton and secretary clinton when he was in the white house and while she has been secretary of state and running for president of the united states. that, hillary clinton, throughout her entire 30 years inthe public life is riddled with scandal on top of scandal, on top of scandal. acts of her own choosing. she chose to have that server in her house. her campaign chose, her campaign manager chose to say, let's dump these emails. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out, it is time to dump these emails has seen. the american public is a lot smarter than the clinton campaign giving them credit for. melissa: when we see emails, see the machinations going inside of the campaign you're reminded very much what it was like when bill clinton was in office, and there was one sort of scandal after another and they said there was a vast right-wing conspiracy.
4:39 pm
to that extent at this point too, it is always we're being persecuted. this is made up. you said she will lie even when the truth would serve her better. what is an example of that? >> well i think an example is just what we've seen, i don't remember or, i thought it was okay to have this email server when she knew in fact it wasn't okay to have that email server. we've seen time and again secretary clinton will lie when the truth would serve her better. she had the opportunity when this server first came out just stated in march of 2015, to just set the record clean, bring everything out into the open. instead here we are, now, with director comey and the fbi finding 650,000 emails on a computer where her key aide had, downloaded them on to a shared computer with her and her husband. melissa: yeah. you're the attorney general of arkansas. there are a lot of people saying to me, you know what? this is just how politics is. we're seeing inside of the
4:40 pm
campaign but really all politicians are just as dirty as this. this is how you get things done. how do you respond to people who say that in regard to everything that the clintons have done, and just business as usual? >> well it is business as usual for the clintons but for many of us that are good, honest public servants it is not. i think we should all abide by dr. king's rule that the time is always right to do what is right. it is a shame that the clintons don't abide by that themselves and hopefully the american public will know that it's time to keep america safe, to get our jobs growing again, our economy boosted. that is why i think we'll see, trend continue over the next week with mr. trump surging, not just in the polls, that are being taken over the phone, and on emails but the polls at the election booth. melissa: attorney general rutledge, thank you for your time. we appreciate it. david: wow. >> thank you. david: so as fbi opens a new probe of hillary clinton the
4:41 pm
democratic presidential nominee has fallen back on an old counterattack strategy since she used in days of whitewater investigation, remember them? according to article published in "the new york times" today, headline, for the clintons two investigations, one protective reflex. joining me knew to weigh in on this "wall street journal" deputy editor, editorial page editor dan henninger, once at the heart of the great right-wing conspiracy at editorial page of the journal. let me read to you what hillary clinton said about an investigation against her. it is just a very unfortunate turn of events that we're using the criminal justice system to try to achieve political ends in this country. now a lot of people familiar with what's happened recently, might think she said this yesterday. this was said in 1998. we're back to the old pattern of behavior that the clintons have exhibited as attorney general just mentioned. >> which kind of raises the question, what sort of presidency could we expect were she to win next week and go
4:42 pm
forward with the email server investigation? what we could expect, david, is essentially what we lived through the entire length of bill clinton's presidency. it began in 1993, with travel office affair which they fired all members of the travel offers, replaced them with friends of theirs. then -- david: threw the head of the agency under the bus. he was facing 20 or 30 years. billy dale was finally found innocent. to your point, danes i have own the desk here, six books, each one of which is pretty damn thick, all of articles in these six volumes concerns corruption in the clinton administration. >> all those articles appeared on the editorial page of "the wall street journal," either as editorials or articles about events that began with travel office in 1993. were bookended so to speak by monica lewinsky in 1998. in middle, health care task force. you had questions about
4:43 pm
bill clinton's political fund-raising overseas which is illegal. involved endless lawsuits. involved clintons using white house lawyers, justice department lawyers, to protect them from the federal courts. david: we should mention by the way, it wasn't all bill clinton. hillary clinton had a draft indictment drawn up against her for those missing billing records. >> rose law firm. david: rose law firm, her defense, work for an s&l, went bankrupt, cost taxpayers millions of dollars. of the draft indictment was drawn up. it was dropped because after women named monica lewinsky. ken starr decided to go ahead full steam on monica lewinsky. >> this was engulfed in the controversy like email servers. involved finally federal judge said they were stonewalling and they dishonored the government. david: pattern of behavior, a lot of people say it stems from the '90s. dan henninger. good to see you. melissa.
4:44 pm
melissa: another bombshell from wikileaks. leaked email revealing bill clinton thoughts on foreign donations to the family charity. new details on the clinton foundation's latest scandal. yikes!
4:45 pm
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4:47 pm
melissa: new set of wikileaks emails indicating that former president bill clinton wanted the clinton foundation to continue to collect foreign contributions, even if his wife hillary clinton is elected president. that is the opposite of what they said to all the rest of us. fox news's ed henry is standing by in washington, d.c. with the latest. it is astonishing to me, things they are saying to each other in these emails are the opposite of what they were telling the public. go ahead. run down. >> melissa, this summer in order to help the campaign bill clinton announced, look if hillary clinton wins the white house, he will step down from the clinton foundation, and they will no longer accept foreign contributions. okay.
4:48 pm
that sound like a good idea except we get these emails from april of 2015 in which both bill and hillary clinton were saying in private to their aides that they both want foreign contributions to continue if she's elected president. bill clinton had an interesting caveat. but we'll run them past an independent body, maybe at the white house or the state department, although the email said there really is no such independent body or umpire that could do that. so basically it would be pointless there. is no referee to say whether this is good idea or bad idea. quick example we reported on today. we learned from new emails with one phone call bill clinton was getting $6 million from sheikh mohammad in ethiopia. we got talking points in another email for the phone call. it included, mr. former president, remember you met back with the sheikh in 2006 and you dropped, quote his private suite at a nightclub attached to the sheraton in ethiopia. he invited you there, because he
4:49 pm
would thought you would enjoy the saxophone player. you chatted with the sheikh and played the saxophone with the band. sounds like they had a merry time until you get to the talking points the sheikh didn't like the coercion he felt at one stage for his donation. so here you have the sheikh who is giving millions of dollars. they're playing the saxophone having a grand old time i don't like the coercion, mr. president. even people giving money to the foundation are telling him, saying it in these emails it is coercion. it is really amazing. >> amazing he said you were staying in his suite. he stopped by your room. then you went to his suite at this nightclub. you got up on stage, played the sax but feel like they're coerced into giving money. how much money -- it is jaw dropping content of emails are jaw-dropping. reporter: first email said it was $6 million from the sheikh. when you read the sheikh, make over many years he committed $20 million. melissa: right. >> sort of sky is the limit on
4:50 pm
foreign donations. this was shortly after she was secretary of state and she might be the next president. these leaders might want to get something from the next government. melissa: you think? letting him stay in the suite. ed henry, great reporting. appreciate it. reporter: thank you. david: they call trump unseemly. race for white house is heating up in the sunshine state. why candidates urging people to get out now for early voting.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
jo early voting underway in florida. voters heading out in droves to vote ahead of schedule. more democrats headed out to vote but republicans outpacing democrats in mail-in ballot. what will happen on election
4:54 pm
day? here to talk about all of its the florida gop chairman. thanks so much for joining us. first of all, with do you think is behind that, more republicans voting by mail, more democrats going to polling places early? does it have to do with the way different parties getting out the vote? >> yeah. over the years, traditionally here in the state of florida the republicans have voted more often by absentee ballot and democrats, their plan to get many people out to the polls but i will tell you during early voting but i will tell you, even though the democrats are beating us right now in early voting, overall, we still have more republican votes banked than they have democrat banked. melissa: okay. i would be interested to know what is the number one issue that you think is driving voters? if you look at obamacare, for example, your premiums are going up 14%, which sounds like a bargain versus the rest of the nation. but i would point out it is double what the average was last year. it is also much faster than inflation, much faster than wage growth.
4:55 pm
it is still a huge jump for people. is that one of the drivers or are people looking at email situation? or looking at trump's personal life? what is driving voters? >> well, here personally the issues that, i'm sorry the issues in florida that drive, that are driving the vote today is the economy and national security. we want a economy thriving but the federal government put as lot of handcuffs on us where we can not thrive as quickly as we want to be. hillary clinton is just going to be more of the same. more of a stagnant economy. obamacare is part of that. obama care is another regulations killing our families here, killing our small businesses. quite frankly they can not afford the rate hike but they also see obamacare as sort of like a microcosm of what the federal government is. more government control that forces prices higher and higher on everyday floridians. melissa: you said national security is a big concern as well. >> yeah.
4:56 pm
melissa: at beginning of this campaign, that was huge point. we were seeing attacks elsewhere on american soil. that has quieted down past couple months. is it still at forefront in florida? >> it is. it has not quieted down here in florida. florida, we are extremely veteran-friendly state. we have a lot of military installations here in florida. we have a lot of retirees that are veterans. they can not stand the fact after hillary clinton presidency. hillary clinton who would lie to the families of benghazi, these people remember the veterans remember that. they will come out and vote for mr. trump. melissa: i hate to cut you off. we're it of time. we're up against a hard break. blaze. david: we'll be right back. stay with us.
4:57 pm
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melissa: ordering up fireworks too soon, they have hillary clinton celebration for
5:00 pm
election night. david: already orders, law forms in new york have been told to prepare for fireworks at 9:30 a.m. >> she is really thinking she is going to win. to. david: here is risk risk. >> hillary is the one who broke the law over and over, thank you huma. thank you huma. >> i'm not making any excuses, but i will tell you this, if they want to look at some more e-mails, of one of my staffers, than by all means go ahead. >> no matter how good the election result. if you are a criminal, if you have obstructed justice, the system grinds you down. >> we commend the fbi for reopening the case, no one is above the law. >> director comey made a grave mistake. >> this week, the clinton camp


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