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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 3, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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we thank you for joining us. good night from new york. kennedy: will the silent majority sweep donald trump into the white house? some suggest hillary clinton might be the one with the under cover support. if ed mcmullin wins utah he could be a possible spoiler and disrupt the election. bill weld said what? he had some interesting words about his feeling for hillary clinton. politics is a hell of a drug. as we have grown addicted to main lining election drama.
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we are operating under the phoney baloney idea that come next tuesday the storm clouds will lift. for all the sex talk about predators and weiners. that's foreplay compared to what we have ahead of us. let's say donald trump makes up grounds in pennsylvania and colorado. and neither candidate gets to 270. or we have a split decision that has to go to the supreme court. there is only 8 of them. if hillary clinton is elected will donald concede? >> i will tell you at the time, i'll keep you in suspense. kennedy: a hillary victory means various committee chairs promised investigation, especially if the newly pruned
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weiner tree bears fruit. especially if the 650,000 emails contain classified information or a benghazi stand-down order. she and bill have so much in common. it will further split the country at the partisan seams. but she'll grease her way out of conviction and live to see another term. mark my words. a good question for hillary is what happens if donald wins in a ask squeaker. >> are we going to ask if she is going to accept the results? kennedy: we know she has been inciting violence. all the never trumpers will run around for the next four years saying "i told you so."
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do you think it's tough to have the standard-bearer of your party misrepresent your views. >> i'm here vouching for hillary clinton, it's time somebody did. kennedy: you think this election is going to be over next tuesday. >> nothing is over until we decide it is. was it over when the germans bombed pearl harbor? kennedy: no, and it won't be over on november 8. the vitriol and the infighting and cock-fighting. the slave is released from bondsage only to find a stronger set of chains. fun. i want to chain you up on kennedy. we are six days until the election and six years until
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it's over. how bad will america's electoral hangover be? let's ask my party panel. anthony fisher is here. welcome back, everyone. gavin, i will start with you. this stress is not going away. the american psychological association says 52% of americans are deeply stressed out by the election. it's not going anywhere. are my predictions right that the drama starts next tuesday? >> the drama for women will go continuously if trump wins. but the drama for men is if trump wins, we'll go, oh, that was crazy. kennedy: donald trump says that on the stump. he says this our last chance. >> i honestly believe this our
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last chance. if hillary wins she'll get four years. 16 years of decimation, and george w. bush was such a big spender. it's like they are spending with the deficit. it's too hard to wrap our minds our -- we haven't had anyone fiscally conservative until bill clinton and george bush senior. it's been a mess for so long that hillary and obama together will be the final nail in the coffin. i give up. kennedy: if you are talking about big spending, it's 20 years in a rove if hillary is elected. florida is so close, we don't know how a lot of these swing states will go. everyone thinks they are a psychic and they think hillary has it in the bag. but what if it goes before the supreme court, what do we do?
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>> then we retreat back to facebook where we started lecturing our friends for the decisions theft already made, not the ones they will make tuesday. >> i think you are right. i think social media is the fourth branch of government. kennedy: it sounds perfectly logical. bonnie, you are canadian. you have got a bird's-eye view of this entire thing. i mean a bird in a frank sinatra sense. do you foresee a split congress, a democratic senate, a republican house and possibly democratic president? what happens to the country? are we all moving to canada? as you know, i know nothing about politics. that's why you have me on for a little diversity. kennedy: intellectual diversity. i have not yet become a full
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fledged american. i'm going to wait it out and see what happens. kennedy: when we build the wallet will be much tougher. >> canada is going to build a wall to keep you out. kennedy: what about all the people threatening to move to canada. if there noise other reason for a donald trump presidency it's so miley see you cruz and cher and whoopi goldberg. >> you have need to have a job and sponsorship, it's hard to move to canada. kennedy: this always great point about u.s. immigration. but how much tougher is it to get into places everyone wants to go. >> it's infur infewer hard. >> if you are white and you want to improve the country, if you are refugee or illegal it's
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easy. >> you come back in lying. flush your passport count toilet and i you are from somalia. that's where we are heading in america. but trump will be the end of that. he's the end of kowtowing to they are in trouble we need to help. kennedy: here is one thing that's an impediment to that. i agree wants to change the landscape of the united states and make it more isolationist. he's already disspiese decembehy people in his party. >> republicans hate the gop. america has been done with the right forever. we hate capitol hill. we hate everyone. everyone in d.c.
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>> if i may, i can see trump who is prone to fits of tantrums having a a a palin leg. i'm not a quitter. i'm going start my own tv network out of my alaskan wilderness. i could see him saying i'm no quitter. i'm re-signing before you can impeach me. kennedy: we should have told that to alex rodriguez. that was very painful. coming up, donald trump says the silent majority will push him up in the polls. cot opposite be true? new polls show more americans are secretly voting for a woman named hillary. could the rogue candidate tip the entire electoral process?
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kennedy: hello, gorgeous. donald trump has for several weeks claimed the polls showing trailing hillary clinton don't
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reflect his actual support because many of his supporters aren't being vocal about it, they aren't even answeringed the phone. but a new poll says 28 percent of republicans in florida voted for hillary clinton. it's important to point out this poll was conducted online. but does it mean the opposite of what tom claims to be true? are clinton's numbers the ones underrepresented because republicans are afraid to admit they are voting for her? the party panel is back. what do you think about the silent majority moving out of her couple and toward donald trump? i think it's a plausible narrative. >> it's plausible. but like a lot of things donald trump says, he's just pulling it out of the air. it's entirely possible there is social shaping.
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but i have seen plenty of left-leaning beltway journalists going, i'm coming out of the closet for my support of hillary clinton. so i think -- kennedy: do you think it's harder to be a hillary or trump supporter. >> depend on where you live. there are parts of this country that don't like diversity of opinion. kennedy: if you did a facebook experiment and created two sued numbers and said i like donald trump. i think he's great and did the same thing under another fake name other than hillary clinton, who would get more feed. >> there are self-described deplorables who are willing to let their flag fly. kennedy: donald trump has vocal supporters. i talked to eric bolling earlier today and said what do you think of the new florida poll that 28%
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of republicans are voting for hillary clinton in until a 25% going for trump. he said that's the malarkey nonsense. >> if you want to know what's going on. you are the on one in the media telling the truth, kennedy. everyone else is lying. when you see hillary's audience at rallies, you will see people photo shopping didn't heads. you will see them going close on the shot so you can't see there are 40 people there. trump takes out his phone and you see an insane amount of people. your mom can't wait to get on the horn and say i couldn't agree more. i think he will overturn roe versus wade and we'll have back alley abortions. those are all dumb children. they were not real voters. kennedy: i think they were real voters.
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is there up a thing as silent hillary supporters, or are women so yappy they can't shut their clap traps? >> i never met a silent trump supporter. i don't believe that. i do think in this election no matter who you say, you are going to get death threats from the other side. kennedy: i don't think it many as vitriolic if you come out for hillary. >> hillary pays people to beat up trump supporters. kennedy: she hired hockey goons. retired nhl players who will cap people in the knees. >> trump support in new york has stickers that are mag necessity tied. then queens you will get your window smashed. kennedy: the panel will return
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because we have so many fire and vinegar. bill weld he coursing hillary clinton for president. why is he dissing gary johnson so hard. not cool, bill.
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>> if they go enough for this character running all over the state and we lose the state of utah, that's devastating. kennedy: the character is evan
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mcmullin, an independent candidate who has the chance of stealing utah from the jaws of the republicans and democrats. if he does west coast, he can deprive donald trump and hillary clinton from an outright victory which would kick the presidential election to the house representatives. welcome back, evan. >> i don't think i'm a spoiler if we get into the house. if we get into the house, we are the campaign of opportunity to avoid hillary clinton and donald trump. kennedy: i respect and admire a lot of your views. but if it goes to the house representatives, they are not going to select you. >> so i guess we shouldn't even try because people like you want hillary clinton and donald trump to be president? >> no, ding bat.
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i have been talking about libertarian candidates. >> now they are endorsing hillary clinton. kennedy: is that your play? you think if you win utah, go ahead, win in utah. >> we have been running across the entire country. kennedy: you weren't on my ballot. >> we have a system that allows you to run as an independent. you don't have to run through the two main parties. kennedy: that's true. if you ever watch the show, i have been talking about third-party candidates. kennedy: don't make assumptions about my views and who i'm voting for. >> do you have a question? kennedy: i have a lot of questions. do you enjoy being in a position where you could tip the scales away from both main party candidates? >> i don't know if i enjoy it. i don't know that i enjoy this at all.
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i'm stepping into this race because i believe the american people deserve abettor option than hillary clinton and donald trump. is it a long-shot? if the race gets tight we have an opportunity to block them both. i wish someone would have gotten into this race' earlier. i wish mitt romney or somebody else would have done it. in the end they took a pass. i felt someone needed to do it. kennedy: mitt romney would probably won utah, but he's an also ran. >> i would have supported a range of people. hillary clinton and donald trump -- donald trump and hillary clinton both want to expand the size of government. we don't want that. kennedy: there are things in your platform i agree with and i know you made a pitch to libertarians. but where i think you diverge
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from libertarians is on drugs and war. you are much more of a pro war candidate than ideological libertarians. >> i said i thought the iraq war was a mistake. i also served in war. and i know how terrible it is and know we need to avoid at all cost. but i'm not going to say we are not going to be willing to fight when we are needing to fight. that's a silly thing for a lead tore say. i'm saying iraq was a mistake. so the idea i'm a war proponent is just silly. kennedy: would you legalize drugs? >> i believe that states ought to be able to make the decision for themselves. kennedy: heroin? can heroin be legal? >> i think states can make the decision. kennedy: would you reschedule marijuana on day won i -- day on
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office. i would be focusing on getting the chip and running, securing our country. that would be the sort of thing i would focus on the first 100 days. how do you think this will end? who will be our next president? >> either hillary clinton is going to win in a slapped slide or it will be a close race. donald trump if he wins, it won't be a landslide. it's either hillary clinton in a landslide or a close race. if it's a close race we can keep hope alive. kennedy: thanks for coming by, we appreciate it. tomorrow on the show it's part three of our third party fiesta. that's tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on "kennedy" on the fox business network.
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which candidate is better for your wallet and -- and 401k. next tuesday could shake up your bank account.
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kennedy: donald trump would seem like the logical choice for wall street voters, right? wall street actually prefers hillary clinton by donald trump by 8%. so why is the investment class leaning democrat and the
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prospect of a trump presidency spooking the traders? let's ask neil cavuto. if he wanted to he could fire me right now. neil: depending on this interview -- how you doing? kennedy: this is your maiden voyage. it's part of the process. neil: i understand. it's all coming together. kennedy: we discussed this on cost of business, cost of freedom. the markets are deeply spooked by donald trump. with the race tightening, people are running to gold. maybe william devane is right. neil: i heard that, too. hillary clinton is what you know. donald trump is what you don't. and hillary clinton is -- we
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kind of know what we are getting, we don't love all the attacks on the wealthy, but we know what we are getting. with donald trump and some of his protectionist, we are not sure. it's more the unknown. it's counterintuitive. but i look back in history, 1980, before you were born. the race was between known entity jimmy carter and ronald reagan. many of the markets including the "wall street journal" said we like his idea of cutting taxes, but he's going to cut them too much. even to the markets friendly to reagan's thinking he was a bit of a wildcard. kennedy: donald trump you think is a wildcard, but according to this daily tracking poll, trump has an 8-point advantage in honesty. how important do you thi honesty is at this point?
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kneel require's times like this that i regret. i always want to be on the set with him. because if you are overweight you want to be with much fatter people. if you are donald trump you want to be surrounded by people who are more objectionable with your market views and your world views. he's alone out there. not good or bad. but he's alone out there. and those views don't jibe with the market that says cool it. kennedy: i want to know your personal motivation. you are one of the hardest working people i know. noel * i think you are. between you and gasparino. i give you the edge. but he doesn't bring markers with him. kennedy: people think charlie
12:33 am
and i don't like each other. neil: i push that. that's where it comes from. kennedy: that's great. but you have had -- you had major surgery this year. neil: heart surgery. kennedy: as soon as you got okay from your doctor you were working six days a week. >> that's how i roll. irish american catholic. kennedy: there is no equal among this group. >> having had cancer and ms. i can't pick and choose my diseases. what do you want me to do? so you really can't control that sort of stuff. but you can control your attitude about it. many of your viewers have been through a lot worse.
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but you can't let that define you. one thing i discovered when they open up your chest and stop your heart for four hours while they are doing surgery, you have got to have a sense of human about it. i was amazed by the number of people who emailed me and said the good news is you have a heart. that was just from gasparino. but it does humble you. you think when i was at home watching all of you guys and great coverage, i was missing the conventions. you had the nerve to go on with this stuff without me. that's when you realize you are not the center of the universe. i kind of realized that. but i think this has been, you have always been very grounds. you are very real. i note how you are to people who can do nothing for you. the same very nice, friendly, funny person.
12:35 am
i think that's what defines us without getting sappy about it. i think we are defined by how we act. and don't act like an ass. kennedy: around great mentor and great example and i'm glad you came here today. neil: i'm twice your age. i'm like grandpa, you like me. kennedy: thank you, neil. i will see you all weekend. neil: i am putting you and gasparino together and say have at it. kennedy: coming up, the party panel returns. the libertarian veep bill weld, wait until you hear what he said about hillary clinton.
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12:40 am
and an honest person. i'm happy to say that and people can make their own choices. kennedy: my god i can smell the paint thinner and bourbon through the tv. what's welled up to? anthony, you have been documenting the rise and fall of the liberty movement throughout its many twists and turns the last few years. why did bill weld run at all? >> i don't understand yes ran at all. i flirted with running for libertarian. he came on the ticket after trump was the nominee. if he was a never trump i don't understand why he needed to run for president at all. he was a good surrogate for gary johnson and he kind of propped him up during those town hall meetings when they would both be on camera. but he has gone the squishy. kennedy: this isn't squishy. this is pudding.
12:41 am
>> he has no political footing. he's 72 years old. he's not a democrat, he's not a libertarian. >> it reminds me of high school days. we had this guy david macintosh, this nerd into our game. he got blitzed on a snap an was screaming, puking. and we realized nerds can't handle the spotlight. i see this from libertarians. every time the libertarians get the spotlight, they self sabotage. >> it's not real communism. you guys can't handle the spotlight. you freak out like nerds and implode. >> libertarians don't even know what libertarians are. kennedy: i know one when i taste one.
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anthony gavin and bonnie, thank you for being here. democrats are starting to worry one of their most reeve liable voting blocs may not show up on election day.
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kennedy: some troubling signs for the clinton campaign in three of the most spornlt swing states in this election. early voting results suggest a number of black voters who already cast ballots is down significantly compared to 2012. and there appear to be several reasons why including lower enthusiasm.
12:46 am
and it caused worry among democrats. here is jimu green. obviously early voting is important to democrats. i'm curious. why is early voting so important to minority community as opposed to white community or others throughout the country? it seems to be specific to black community to get people to vote early and in greater numbers. why is that? >> i would say early voting is important our entire democracy. when you have people working shift jobs and aren't going to be able to get away on a specific day, this helps brornd the electorate. one of the issues we are seeing is there has been a very concerted and strategic effort to suppress african-american votes by taking away early voting.
12:47 am
kennedy: they limited the number of early voting places in north carolina specifically in minority community. i was on a plane the other day trying to figure out -- i don't care. what's wrong with early voting? i don't see a problem with it. i saw people who said republicans are the ones who show up on voting day. what's the republican issue with early voting? >> republicans want to control the electric root have their voters turn out. you have one county in north carolina that had 12 early voting locations in 2012. they their oafd it down to one. the fourth circuit already ruled against republicans for their efforts to suppress the african-american vote. kennedy: specifically in that county. >> they are strategic. they are going to places where african-american voters higher percentages in those counties.
12:48 am
kennedy: why not just get an absentee ballot. >> hillary clinton is a different candidate so she'll have a different coalition than the obama coalition. kennedy: i talked to charlamagne tha god and he said black millennials are not voting. they are not excited by the and they are going to stay home. if i were a young black teen voting for the first time in a presidential race, i wouldn't be excited about this woman at all. >> when jay-z is about to be on stage with hillary clinton in a couple of days, there is a lot of energy and attention. president obama is campaigning numerous states. kennedy: he's been overt about that that it's his own legacy. you understand there is a huge difference between the president's legacy and excitement for hillary clinton.
12:49 am
you know, it's like yay, the president is done so we want his statue to stay up. >> there is excitement among women in is information out that you have 28% of republicans in florida voting for hillary clinton. this will be a different coalition. even in florida the electorate has changed. by the numbers there are more african-americans that voted now. 25% of eligible african-american voters voted now. in 2012 it was one out of seven. >> the percentage of the electorate is down but not the total number of votes. kennedy: she has an easier shot to win. but donald trump has also knit
12:50 am
together a very odd coalition. >> a coalition that had the klu klux klan endorse him yesterday. if there is anything that will mobilize and energize african-american voters, it's that endorsement he got from the kkk. kennedy: i hope you are right and people get out there of every stripe and let their voice be heard. thank you so as much, jamu. i [burke] hot dog. seen it. covered it.
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kennedy: when your backyard is infected with menatars and they are demanding sacrifices, this is "topical storm."
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it's never too late to have a fun neighborhood. this time it's a prank that's springs a surprise press conference on anyone who walks by a trap podium. watch. >> how do you responds to the allegation you drink milk directly from the carton. >> it's not true. >> is that an endorsement? are you endorsing? >> what's your favorite kind of pizza. kennedy: that's the press pool that always follows hillary clinton around asking her the same kinds of questions. if you really want to surprise
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people, hold a press conference in their house after you break in. topic number two. on that note, if you are going to burgle someone, it doesn't mean you can't be polite. a university student found a note in his cup holder. i did not take anything other than the kit kat. i'm sorry and hungry. i always leave notes when i inconvenience someone. dear john stossel. i let myself into your apartment. drank hard lemon made your fridge. xoxo kennedy. i borrowed $20,000 on your
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bright future in music ahead of her. but you know what? america i know of one aspiring pianist who is about to take the world by storm. watch out, katy perry. that horse has a taste for blood. topic number four. crickets make noise by rubbing their legs together. however, in the sport of cricket that become very difficult if you only have one leg. like this englishman liam thomas. watch. he's the heather mills of the cricket pitch.
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you can't help but respect his dedication to the play. very impressive. you might think playing the rest of the game without a leg would be a disadvantage. but he decided to make an adjustment to his prosthetic as the battle waged on. hillary clinton wants to take your guns and legs away. topic number 5. this one was sent to us on twitter from jon stewart. i would like to speak to the meant audience for a moment. gentlemen. us ladies figured out while you like volleyball so much, lots of bouncing. bathing suits. pretty clear you like volleyball because of -- dinosaurs.
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particularly t-rexes like these two smack can the old ball around at hermosa beach, california. there is nothing so challenging for a stubby armed dinosaur as having to spike a rolly ball. dinosaur costumes are always so funny. and people love them. because people love surprises. they are real. thank you for watching the show tonight. i loved he minute. you can follow me on twitter and instagram on wither @kennedynation and email me at ken web. tomorrow on the d on
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