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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  November 4, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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you are to find out the very latest fox results. we are life here tomorrow and sunday we are camping out. it is a big weekend i am going to be here 2:00 p.m. as normal 2:00 p.m. eastern i will see you here tomorrow at that time. liz: at this very moment democratic nominee hillary clinton is on her way to detroit michigan. mark cuban attacked they have hundred 61,000 jobs. and that was good enough to stop an epic market losing streak. dead in its tracks.
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the tao is just flat at the moment. all three major indices very close to the flatline. he is heading to ohio right now. perhaps it is a chance to shift the senate control. we will ask the republican national committee what the gop is doing to prevent that from happening. after nine days in the index. still slightly higher for the index. about anything can happen.
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can they do it? at this hour which is 57 minutes until wall street's close out the week. just up a tiny fraction of a point. where had s&p up in about two and a third point. so right at this moment it is the fight to stay in the green. with 58 minutes left now. we are all seen those boosting the broader index. to a two-year low following a
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bleak earnings report. it is pulling them into a bit of a black hole. they are all moving lower. anywhere from two to 3%. quite a crazy day for whole foods. after a top shareholder said he was planning to push for sweeping changes even a possible sale of the company. this is interesting. they voted to have it not there. america's big decision just four days away. mark cuban setting up the pick and roll for hillary clinton. i would rather lose every penny that have a donald trump as president. clinton's beaks about the
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state of the economy. so the trump campaign catching another lifeline for its part. also a new wiki leak e-mails bring into total the count of more than 47,000 e-mails all from one person's account. john podesta the campaign chair. you're absolutely in the right place. peter barnes is in dc with the latest. we want to talk about this investigation into the clinton foundation that some of her other colleagues have been working on and working that story very hard. more than six of them have specific knowledge of the clinton investigation and they confirmed that there is an active investigation into the clinton foundation over possible pay to play. they characterize it as wide ranging.
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new evidence is slowing in. new interviews. sources said there is a split over this not only between the fbi and the department of justice but within the fbi donald trump jumped on the story in new hampshire this morning. >> it also showed that the political leadership at the department department of justice is trying as hard as it can to protect their angel. >> it is not aware of any investigation into it by the department of justice. or any u.s. attorney's office. we have not received a subpoena from any of those agencies. >> peter, thank you very much for updating us here. keep us here.
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we will be here in our usual time slot. our day starts at 6:00 a.m. and then goes all the way through to 9:00 p.m. both saturday and sunday. this is a changing landscape and there are changes in the news flow every single second and that goes for the markets also. for the the s&p 500. pretty much flat. they have a slight advantage here actually look at the s&p you can see that part of this positivity and i say that because we are going certainly into a change over the past four days where we were down, down down. that comes from the jobs report. let's look at the other indices here and they are losing direction because just a few minutes ago we have the tao i can give you the highs of the session. the tao had been up 56 points the s&p have been up ten.
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it was about 25. with the down three and had points. is it fumbling what gains it have seen earlier as we go into the final hour. let's get right to the floor show. let me start with you. what happened to the 56-point gain on the tao. and we i think that's what were getting too. people are getting sick of the headlines and the jobs number. that is already priced into the market. it's too tight to call and i think people are nervous. >> we have the jobs report number. that is good enough because it certainly turns the eight date losing streak not into a 98 losing streak but at the moment it looks like we might see a gain here these are the
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higher paying jobs out there and that's where we saw the movement to the upside. no one was really even look at that. that is just not enough to get us going. that is what we are seen in this market. we need a bigger things. there is not enough uptick. looks like we're about to go in the aftermarket session and here is the breaking news. slightly before $44 a barrel. forty-four and six pennies for a likely crew. what's going on here now. this market as we said the last time it was on broke down below 46 and half. in the truth be told this market is now in somewhat of a downtrend. you have supporters about 42 and a half or so. and that's about it.
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>> let me throw in a couple of reasons. we saw the rigged count. this time they started back up nine. has 20 the last 23 weeks. that is a trend we saw as it works its way higher. that is in line with the way the price is moving. the market is a sale there. until we break out this market is under pressure. unless they can really show a united front here. i don't know that's can happen. the analysts are always saying that they will not be able to make even a tiny dent in cutting supplies. we watch all of that. >> can i play away pull you away from the cubbies parade for a second after five days
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of losses we saw the buying opportunities and some are dusty participants. the interesting thing is. when you look at the brexit low in june. halfway back. today's low was exactly 50%. a lot of people stepping out. i think the market is just kind of hanging higher. i think it's an opportunity. >> madison square garden. there at 162. they came out with earnings good enough to juice that stock. and basque policies and goes into full swing. we will turn to names like that. it's good to see all of you. happy friday. i hope you are tivo in all of this.
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they have wilbur ross who is supporting the trump presidency. that's 8:00 p.m. eastern. john's focus is beyond the big ticket. of the election. 9:00 p.m. eastern. fifty minutes before we hear the closing bell. general electric is spinning off. as the top two when it comes to big moves here. go pro on the other hand spinning out of control today after missing badly in its quarterly report. he will have a week holiday season and will still be unprofitable next year. revenue down 40. it's just $10. up next he's one of the
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smartest ferris, on the face of planet earth. he is with us exclusively to reveal the secret in the jobs report and why he is not frightened by either candidate becoming president. this woman owns this house,
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liz: economists are laser in on one specific fact of the october jobs report. it's higher wage growth. there is a secret within the report that were about to reveal through the eyes of a famed economist. can the former ims chief economist and also a chess grandmaster. grand master. i did not know that about you. let's get it out there. i may get to the secret that you see in the october jobs report that opens a window into what the feds will do and whether we should be concerned about a recession on the way. i think they see this as midcycle yes there can hike in december unless the markets go crazy after the elections for
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some reason. the wages going up is really the best news. there's competition for workers. and eventually some of this gets passed out into prices. let's talk specifically in explain it. on what to see in wages. we did see them go up 10 cents. >> i'm not sure i know the exact statistics. it's the largest gain in some and half years. >> wages have been very large. and there's a shift out of the higher paid manufacturing jobs which are not growing into more service sector jobs. it's not fantastic news. it's certainly a better picture. again if this is coming
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because productivity is higher than they don't need to raise prices. they don't have to charge more. but that doesn't seem to be the case. there's a bit of increase. but workers are now starting to be in more demand. they've been trying to push up inflation. i do think we will see one in december. what must of the video december 16 when they make their next announcement. what do you think. i think they need to raise unless they're going crazy in financial markets. or really bad number in november. something really bad where they are giving a pause. if it's under hundred thousand
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they have the right policy. they had waited a year. and i think they well. is the fed played a game of chess. there is historical precedent for that. they jazz up the economy. i don't think that is what is going on here. they've been out there saying that rates are going higher than the market thinks. they had been talking of rates. that's not what you do when you're trying to juice up the economy. >> there are 70 concerns about which candidate is more economically sound.
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do either of the candidates scare you. donald trump wants to basically declare war. go to the bull -- open global markets. do either of those positions scare you. >> trump just in general scares me more. i don't know what he's gonna do. it is there for the left. even if it's good for inequality. it's great to see you. is your class oversubscribed at harvard. >> it was great to see you. s away. they're down eight points. we told you about it. the pacemakers and the insulin pumps that can be hacked but
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what if your vote could be hacked? it's already happening. and with the government is doing right now. with a live report on the specific issue straight ahead. the cubs fans they turned the river blue. we will get you an update.
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liz: it is the party chicago has waited more than 108 eight years four. the windy city. it's quite the parade. the chicago cubs. the chicago river has a twinkle of cubby blue in it today. chicago major said a major conservationist. it would hurt wildlife in the river. just as long as they use natural food diet that is used every year to turn into great on st. patrick's day. congratulations cubbies. >> that's so hard for me to say. enjoy the blue river celebration in the blue fish
3:27 pm
they have to eat now. >> my eating --dash mac my indians might not be celebrating. guess what in pretty much the blink of an eye in 72 hours we've gained something like 400 followers so that means new viewers and we are so thrilled that you're joining us. it's also on my weite. we are beating the competition. why they celebrate state law enforcement officials are taking extra security precautions. the voting machines themselves. the election system along with arizona actually already been hacked.
3:28 pm
they are sitting by in washington dc. what are they doing to combat this. >> there is really not much of a threat. it becomes a greater threat the closer the election is however. the voting system in the united states is deeply decentralized. they are done state-by-state. in polling place by polling place. as a senior white house official told fox news earlier today that intelligence community it would be extremely difficult for someone including a nation state to alter them by cyber attack. that said, there is little doubt among national security
3:29 pm
that russia has been trying to disrupt our political process. forty-eight states have asked for security help from the department of homeland security. >> they are confident that they directed the recent government in the political organizations. it resulted in the embarrassing ouster. during the party's convention. also related to the john podesta e-mails. others remain skeptical about. of involvement in this hacks. it is slated to air tomorrow. it is not behind the leaks. it's really a murky area we are dealing with here. >> this is very upsetting. if all this voting is certainly open to hacking. it's very upsetting.
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we have the closing bell 31 minutes away. it had been positive. just one and half points. we are watching that right now. the dow is down seven. the airbag controversy this is a long one. we have it all coming up in today's foxbusiness brief. it could upset the balance of power. account onto the closing bell coming right back. don't go away.
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i'm on the floor of the new york stock exchange. a foxbusiness brief. and the nasdaq tourney negative. they are still holding onto gains. the longest losing streak. the aftermath of what is a largest recall ever. it was for 16 deaths. now it's adding another shiny portfolio. this is the tv company behind
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liz: president obama live right now. this is fayetteville university. that may be the president should be in new hampshire or missouri instead. where democrats are in pitched battles to win over senate seats. twenty-four of them are currently democratic seats. they only need 45 seats to swing the majority in their favor. it's actually happening in wisconsin. johnson will get some type profile help tomorrow from the vice presidential candidate
3:37 pm
mike pence and governor scott walker. let's bring in john spicer. he is a director of communications at the rnc. the momentum and the excitement on the republican side all of these battleground states where they talk about the top of the ticket. they continued to trend our way. we feel very confident in maintaining the senate. suddenly that is very much in place. what step is the rnc taking to ensure that the gop holds on to important seats and wins important seats. >> we were on defense from day one. defending 24 seats.
3:38 pm
we have the best ground game operation in the history of the party and most of the seats match up with battleground states. it's really allowed us to have a unity of effort. because we were in early and we made that investment we have a presence in the states from us for years. each of them have done a phenomenal job they knew this is gonna be a tough year. in terms of staffing and funding. we are fairly company that we are to maintain the majority in the senate. i want to switch it over to what we just mentioned. when his democratic challenger who is a military veteran alitay
3:39 pm
intelligence expert put this edgy commercial up where blindfolded he released i to try to get them to understand that his pro- second amendment but that background checks that are common sense are reasonable. the ad has gained traction. and he seems to be gaining traction. are you focusing on registering right now. i think white it definitely tightened up. they have started to open up a decent lead and we feel very confident that he will be reelected. they had have a great job of representing missouri for years he truly has his pulse on what the voters want. better education, health care
3:40 pm
needs. i think it's because he is effective at what he does. we feel very good and that he will be back representing missouri in the senate next january. he is really focusing on a new hampshire as well. to that seat which is a tossup. they are defending her senate seat she is a governor but this one is coming down to the wire. as a small state. they are both well known. i think they have a great campaign she was the attorney general before being elected to the united states senate. she's very well known and got a very attractive record for the voters. she is focused on jobs and the economy. and again she is running a really really strong campaigns. the thing that's interesting,
3:41 pm
you mentioned at the outset that we bet on defense in terms of the number of senate seats. the beauty thing is because we are prepared early that helped us. it is really interesting the number of states that obama won twice that donald trump and mike pence are now making extremely competitive. all of the these states are states that obama carried twice that they now had within that margin of error in each one of them is trending in their direction. wisconsin, i'm so glad you brought it up. he's can get a little bit of that. >> i have to say that is what surprised a lot of people in this interview in the national review mike pence declined not once but three times to answer the question of whether paul ryan should be reelected as speaker of the house.
3:42 pm
mike pence was giving a bit of a wishy-washy response on that. maybe it was because his boss on the ticket certainly has tussled with paul ryan. paul ryan will be reelected speaker of the house. they knew each other very well in the house. when governor pentz i understand. mike pence was there the is there the other day. he's can be back. between governor walker and paul ryan and ron johnson. morgan and kerry wisconsin both electorally in the state for the senate because of ron johnson has done a phenomenal job. he is still brings that business experience that message of change like i am elected in the first place. depending on washington.
3:43 pm
wisconsin was supposed be written to be written off the mat. it was a great campaign. >> i have some breaking news and i want you to respond to. apparently there are two new classified e-mail batches from the state department in hillary clinton that the fbi has found and has released. we are sifting through them. they are making publicly available 74 documents. it's a total of 285 pages here. this is material that was received from the fbi and we are watching this very closely. were looking through them. but again some of this is classified it did go through the unsecure server. unfortunately i'm just not
3:44 pm
shocked anymore. they're 70 times when they have told us over the past 30 years didn't do it not ask and it turns out over and over again that they did do it. every time. let's put this in context. all of these e-mails now supposedly again. they're looking at a laptop anthony weiner who was sexing with an underage woman in the case. this is just a reminder. if you think this is bad you would have this for the next four years. concert scandals. i think this is why people are ready for change. we are sifting through these e-mails right now. as soon as we get some context with them we will give it to you. sean, good to see. i think you. thank you so much. we are going to get a lot more clarity into an half hours less than that when charles
3:45 pm
payne gets brand-new fox news national polls on making money. please just stay here on foxbusiness. don't tune out. we will have a wall-to-wall coverage of election night on tuesday with the business spin. how it affects your money and your wallet. will start the day on the floor of the new york stock exchange and then we have an awesome assignment election night. a balance of power in the house and the senate. they take you from the closing bell all the way through election night. the closing bell 15 minutes away. it's now down 27 points. now the s&p 500 once again headed for its ninth straight day. that will be the longest losing streak in nearly 36 years with is 14 and a half minutes ago i need you to stay with me to see if that happens. donald trump would have a
3:46 pm
cabinet role for the new jersey governor. that was if he didn't get tainted by the bridge gate trial. to that i'll just change. with two major convictions on that trial. we break cap next on the countdown. ♪
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>> with some breaking news to give you right now. with two police officers shot in the bronx. that is in new york. they said there is a heavy police presence we don't know many details they been taken to jacoby medical center. it comes on the heels of two police officers were shot this week as well. a working-class area. with the one borough that has not gotten that that anything else is gone. it's one of the main thoroughfares there. two police officers in the bronx had been shot.
3:52 pm
let us get to a big story that actually brings us to possible trump presidency choice. just a few hours ago chris christie the former governor of -- the governor of new jersey and two of his close allies. the george washington bridge was shut. it was squeezed down to political reasons and play. the governor was possibly a favor unless the guilty verdict. >> they closed the lanes on the gdf wb as radical payback. one of his enemies have not supported him. it was payback. the two aids that were involved were found guilty. his name is mentioned a lot in
3:53 pm
this. he's on the short list. if trump wins and still think it's an uphill battle. he is on the short list. maybe the aji choice unless there is more stuff coming out with us. unless there's more negative publicity. they reported to him which runs in the new jersey park. both of them have said he knew about this. he was well aware of this. if that keeps coming out he wasn't charged. he says he's innocent. that's the problem with him getting that. he is qualified for the job. this will dog him. who will be the aji for
3:54 pm
potential trump administration. a great choice for that job. people talking about him internally. they must have a matrix with boxes. another guy i hear just say this is a dark course is ken feinberg. he's a democrat his highly respected. he was the pay czar for all of the banks that were under tarp he was also had of the victims compensation fund for september 11. >> is only been on the network 80,000 times. ken feinberg could be one of the choices as well. he is a dark horse. there we go.
3:55 pm
he is a friend of the network. dark course. it democrat. he is a guy that is above reproach. those are two possibilities. before we have to the break. this out of rutgers business school. in new jersey following early reports of a stabbing the university has now treated that the suspect is in custody the area is safe the police investigation is ongoing. >> there's just too much violence going on. our next guest has an investment map that is speaking volumes about who will win the election. you have to hear this. the countdown is coming right back. will we see nine sessions in a row down. these goofy glasses.
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liz. breaking news.
3:59 pm
we're on track for historic negative streak, specifically for the s&p, nine day streak. that is the worst in 36 years. we have sam stovall. sam, first of all, looking what is boeing on with the markets, what is your thought? >> hey, liz. there is awful lot of uncertainty out there. investor taking whatever profits they can before they head into the election by could be very big surprise. >> liz: you came up with presidential predictor test. what did you find? >> going back to 1944, whenever the s&p 500 fell in price from july 31 you through october 31, the incumbent person or party was replaced 86% the time. failing only onc in 1956. i think because of geopolitical issues that would be implying but not guarantying that donald trump will be the winner this time around. liz: so investors should do what, sam with a few seconds left? >> i think they should sit on
4:00 pm
their hands. not react negatively. because down this long this far i think market will be bouncing back. [closing bell rings] liz: our good buddy, sam stovall. have a good weekend, sam. longest losing streak in 36 years. s&p down 3 and a third points. david, melissa can they move up in this market? david: i doubt it. looks like they're going down. melissa: s&p 500 down for the ninth straight session. we were saying this. it is the longest losing streak since 1980. i'm melissa francis. david: of course i wasn't born then. i wouldn't know. i'm david asman. happy friday. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on big market movers. here is whats we have on the busy political friday. the finish line is virtually in sight.


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