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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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their hands. not react negatively. because down this long this far i think market will be bouncing back. [closing bell rings] liz: our good buddy, sam stovall. have a good weekend, sam. longest losing streak in 36 years. s&p down 3 and a third points. david, melissa can they move up in this market? david: i doubt it. looks like they're going down. melissa: s&p 500 down for the ninth straight session. we were saying this. it is the longest losing streak since 1980. i'm melissa francis. david: of course i wasn't born then. i wouldn't know. i'm david asman. happy friday. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on big market movers. here is whats we have on the busy political friday. the finish line is virtually in sight. one more weekend, folks, america
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will decide. donald trump and hillary clinton in a battle ground blitz, campaigning in key states. trump speaking in ohio. we have latest on state of the race. racing to cross the border, a wave of illegal immigrant surging into the u.s. just ahead of the election. how are voters responding in texas? the texas gop chair joining it. state department emails showing up anthony weiner's laptop according to fbi sources. does this put hillary in even more trouble? melissa: quick check of the markets. the dow ening the day and week lower. proctor & gamble, travelers, disney among today's biggest drags. oil dropping as well. phil flynn of the price futures group is a fox business contributor. he is watching all the action from the cme. lori rothman is on the floor of the new york stock exchange, and lori, historic milestone in the selloff for the s&p, yikes! >> unless you're long on the vix. the vix has been up, melissa, just as long as the s&p's been down.
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right now you're looking at the s&p 500 down today, off three points t was looking good until the last hour of trading. benchmark indexes turned green and south as we headed toward the closing bell today. the election uncertainty continues to cloud the election forecast. that is the overwhelming theme here this week. dow for the week, down 1.3%. the nasdaq worst of three major indexes on the week, 2.6%. want to show you a fascinating chart. s&p versus the vix. as i mentioned, s&p has come down the last nine day, the vix, the fear index, has gone straight up and it is a perfect x. looks at those trends. there is definitely fear and uncertainty baked into this market. guys, back to you. melissa: thank you. phil, rough week for oil. ending the week down 9 1/2%, the biggest drop since january. some calling for $40 a barrel. i know you thought you were close to bottom. what do you think now?
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>> i still think it is getting more and more like the election cycle. it was incredible day, up and down in oil. rumors, denials, denials of denials. sound like presidential campaign. they're talking oil, oil prices tanked after unsubstantiated report out of saudi arabia if iran didn't go along with the production cut, guess what, they would flood the market with oil. later on oil rallied almost a dollar when the opec secretary-general sate hey, wait a second. that is not true. saudis are on board. they are nice guys. no truth to the rumor. market came back up. another rumor, denial of that denial from another opec source. if we don't get a deal everybody will raise production. it was a wild ride and wild week and negative on oil. so i still think we're crows to a bottom but it is going to be scary. believme. back to you. melissa: already, phil. david, over to you.
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david: wildness started 8:30 with the last jobs report before the election adding 161,000 jobs, missing expectations of 175,000. the unemployment rate did go down a tick to 4.9% but that is because more discouraged workers pulled out of the labor force. donald trump slamming what he calls president obama's failed policies earlier today. >> these numbers are an absolute disaster. labor force participation fallen to the lowest level in 40 years. that is what is happening. nearly one in four people in their prime working years are not working. david: here now for reaction, steve forbes, forbes media chairman. jack hough, senior editor of "barron's" magazine and. steve, trump right? >> he is david, especially looking prime working years of 25 to 54. that labor participation rate is one of the worst in decades. even though compensation went up
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a little bit, look at bits investment, new business creations, back up in the very market for loans to small and new business, not good. david: ingrid, look at the market. this is historical. 1980, that is the year ronald reagan was elected. last time we had nine straight down days. ingrid, there was time when the market was okay with so, so, jobs report, because that means fed won't be raising rates but not today. >> not today and it has been down such a long time as you said. only know what we see ahead. jobs report is not particularly strong result. fairly middling and temperate. that won't get anybody excited. it doesn't bode well for what the next phase of this election. david: jack, one positive news, hourly earnings are up a little bit but so is insurance. so you get a little more money in your paycheck but then you have to pay it out in insurance because of obamacare. >> yeah, i thought the report was pretty good.
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no one cares in terms of voting. if you're a voter who didn't know who you liked on thursday you were weren't hanging out -- david: you already know, you're right. >> good news about the stock market, yes it has been falling a little bit each day, a lot of us were worried in the event of a trump win you could see a real tumble in the market. this is kind of invalidating that. it has been a very gradual decline and trump's chances are rising significantly. david: let me ask straight out then, steve forbes, is the market more worried about a trump win or hillary clinton win? >> short term, trump. long term, he has better tax plan than she does by a country mile. david: ingrid, ba about the world? the world is looking what happens. they were very dubious about ronald reagan before he had a track record as president. it has happened before but does the world think america has gone nuts? >> unfortunately sometimes and some people do but look what is
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happening in the rest of the world too. it is not only america. this is global phenomenon. we've seen upticks and rising in different parts of the country and uk and other places. america is not alone by any means. melissa: cigna, a major health insurer provider announcing it will not expand its obamacare offering next year. president obama is downplaying number of americans affected by these premium hikes. >> because premiums are going up. it is true premiums are going up for a handful of people who don't get tax credits. that is important. melissa: hmmm. how big a handful? according to the department of health and human services, around 8.4 million people. david: big handful. melissa: those are some giant hands, and i would say, steve, that doesn't even take into account all other people who have seen all of their premiums go up as a result. my deductible has gone through the roof. it has gone up for everyone. >> the key thing it is not premiums. president is right.
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if you meet certain criteria you get a nice credit. get a nice subsidy, but fact of the matter deductibles are going into the stratosphere. melissa: right. >> people getting insurance they're finding out they pay more than ever before. 5000, 10,000, 15,000 deductibles. this is insane. melissa: ingrid, there is basic math problem with this if you add a whole bunch of people and not pay for their health care conditions, you have whole bunch much other people you want to buy in and premiums go up, they're not going to buy it if they're not sick. the whole plan just never was mathematically viable. >> it is ever decreasing spiral the i think that is the problem. if premiums go up, healthy people don't sign on, numbers will not make sense. insurance companies themselves will find themselves pulling back, potentially pulling out as we her from one or two people. it's a problem. you also don't get offset if you're paying premium you can't deduct. melissa: yeah. >> then you have more money coming out of your pocket. that will not help people who you are trying to design the
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whole system to help. melissa: jack, the health care companies are telling their shareholders when they go on the conference call. here is the problem. people signing up are older than we thought. they're sicker than we thought. and there were fewer of them. so even as we hike premiums 116% in some cases like arizona it is still not covering the costs. how do you fix that? >> you don't. this system is not working. that is problem for the managed care companies. the bigger problem is that health care costs, not just insurance companies, drug companies and service providers they are out of control. they have been shielded from market forces too long. this kind of thing doesn't happen forever. get very nervous about some of your health care stocks. they're already starting to tumble. they have ridden too longs on rampant price against without a lot of innovation there. i think it will be a pretty sour period for health care investors. melissa: you're right. they have been going on and on without market forces. that is the problem, we only
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made it worse. guys, thank you. david: plus they had bailouts. donald trump is blasting election as rigged and officials are on high alert for voter fraud around the country. how one city in a battle ground state is getting ready to respond to any irregularities last tuesday. melissa: october surprise keeps surprising. another batch of hillary clinton e-mails are out, new total to 47,000 emails. what is hidden in today's release? fox news's he had henry here to break it all down. david: one candidate, two investigations, possible avalanche of evidence. fbi finding new emails from clinton's private server. >> she couldn't be trusted with the most basic task of being secretary of state which is to protect information and protect our secrets. and she doesn't could it. -- couldn't do it. if you have medicare
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melissa: another dump of emails for the clinton account. bringing the total to almost 47,000. fox news's ed henry has the latest what was in this batch, ed. reporter: melissa good to see you. i think i have gone through 43,500 of them. maybe not all 47,000. what is interesting today, bryan pagliano who you remember took the fifth early on in the email scandal, i.t. specialist for hillary clinton, interesting exchange when it emerged in the fall of 2015 that he was going to take the fifth against self-incrimination in which neera tanden, a liberal activist, suggested to john podesta maybe there were deeper issues here. she said at one point bryan pagliano is the one who retrieved her email and email of
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others. and it appears she was referring back to the 2008 campaign of hillary clinton. so it makes you wonder if there is more there with pagliano that did not come out and that this was not just about recent server issues for hillary clinton. then it really fascinating exchange trot beginning of this whole email scandal, march 2015 when we first learned hillary clinton had her own server. there were indications they were going to drag colin po they didn't but later did that not in 2015. they said he did same thing as secretary of state. yes he used personal email as secretary of state but did not have his own server. he got wind of this, colin powell. we learned of an email where he said a sharp reply to cheryl mills top advisors. i haven't said anything about hrc. you guys start taking first shot and i will respond and respond in kind. it was sort of warning. in 2015 they didn't bring up colin powell.
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but recently they did, suggested this was allowed. colin powell wrote up a memo for hillary clinton said you could do all this. this past summer colin powell said that is the not case. they're trying to pin this scandal on me and i'm not going to take it. what i found more fascinating in the last week or two colin powell endorsed hillary clinton over republican donald trump even though he had reservations about email scandal, medical list. melissa: amazing. things that caught my attention, there is so much back and forth. public corruption stresses me, says where we could be headed having the whole entire country for sale if she wins. they talk about, bill clinton doesn't abide by the same set of rules, they're kind of asking other people in the foundation. his own people that are working so closely with him, tick off ways that he is conflicted, taking money he shouldn't, they really spell out how corrupt the organization is. and they're mad he is getting away with it and he can't do it.
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reporter: sure. we've been reporting how the fbi is not just investigating classified information that was on hillary clinton's server, now in the laptop from anthony weiner, but also the foundation itself. these emails are telling us bill clinton took gifts, personal gifts from clinton foundation donors. paid speeches. new one emerged last few moments, melissa, you won't believe this, in order to get donations for the clinton foundation, bill clinton was charging $100,000 for one-on-one meeting. the money not going into his pocket but going into the foundation. what a former president's time worth $100,000. if hillary clinton is elected there will be donors that might want to collect favors. melissa: a foundation only atiny fraction of money going back out to help other causes. ed henry, thank you so much. reporter: good to see you. david: clinton rules and rules for the rest of us. fallout from the fbi investigation. sources telling fox news that there are likely classified
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emails on anthony weiner's computer, something donald trump said cowell months ago. gregg jarrett, fox news anchor and former defense attorney joins us who wrote a terrific piece, called, "an avalanche evidence may now actually bury hillary clinton." talk about the evidence. we now know state department emails have been found on anthony weiner's laptop. >> right. david: something that donald trump warned us about two month ago. everybody said you're nuts. >> they're not duplicates of what hillary clinton turned over. this is huge in several ways. first of all if she sold the fbi she turned over everything and this is evidence she didn't, that could be perjury. second of all if these new emails demonstrate that among the 30,000 that she destroyed, these were among them, that is obstruction of justice for destroying evidence and finally, remember how jim come my was struggling over her -- comey intent over mishandling of classified documents?
4:19 pm
exfoliation of evidence, under the law intent is automatically inferred on the underlying crime, mishandling classified documents, if exfoliate evidence. david: you say agents will try to get human and others to turn on hillary. that's fine in normal cases but these are the clintons. they're anything you but normal. nobody has ever -- we've seen people go to jail, jim mcdougell, web hubbell. people die before they give evidence, like vince foster. only person whoever turned on the clintons is woman whose name is infamous now, monica lewinsky. >> monica lewinsky. david: her turning over evidence led to impeachment of bill clinton. >> huma abedin could be somebody that the feds could pressure. people's allegiances suddenly and magically begin to vanish when they're looking at prison stripes. and you know, this is not good news for huma abedin, depending upon what in particular has been
4:20 pm
seized but cheryl mills, heather samuelson, who got immunity deals, if they were in part with furans conspiracy to commit a crime, immunity doesn't protect them. there could be a whole bunch of clinton aides. david: one other big investigation going on, we weren't sure until this week, now we know the fbi is looking at clinton foundation. we were talking about with melissa, pay for play. whether or not there was pay for play. give one example of that. ubs, the big swiss bank, had troubles with the taxman of the state department under hillary clinton came in to help them, immediately after they got enormous help which saved them if tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars, billions of dollars, they gave a big donation to the clinton foundation and 10-fold increase and began to pay out money to bill clinton. >> $1.5 million into the pocket
4:21 pm
of bill clinton, right after hillary clinton used her position to help ubs avoid the irs. david: quickly though, why legally is that not pay for play? that zooms so obvious pay for play. >> it does. believe me, it probably part of the investigation into the clinton foundation. look, it could constitute bribery. it could constitute racketeering, a criminal enterprise, organized criminal enterprise much like the mafia. if you use your position to confer a benefit in exchange for money, that is a wide variety of crimes. david: gregg jarrett. very interesting stuff. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: all right, a race against election day. surge of illegal immigrants continuing to cross the border, trying to get into the u.s. while they still can. plus the wikileaks dump critics say validates your worst fears about the mainstream media. fox news media analyst howard kurtz weighs in, coming up.
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melissa: media bias bombshells keep falling. wikileak emails reveal cozy relationship, between john harwood, you know him, cnbc washington correspondent maybe you don't. says thanks for the chance to meet with hrc this week. i did my best to lobby for the first econ interview. david: lobby? melissa: major part of cnbc's election night coverage. here is howard kurtz fox news media analyst and "mediabuzz" hoist. howard as we look through the e-mails, okay, he kind of buttered into his way into meeting with hillary clinton and tried to lobby her for interview. that is something i could see reporters doing. i don't know about the word lobby. david blanched at that.
4:26 pm
you bring it to the other, one of many other emails that were exchanged between podesta and john, where he says, watch out, ben carson could give you real trouble in a general main. he goes through and links to different interviews at cnbc and he notes how much discipline he has when he is pressed on issues. i mean, my goodness, what do you make of that? >> well, that second one really bothered me because it almost was like, john harwood is doing opposition research. melissa: opo research. >> for the clinton campaign. find to links to cnbc stories this guy would be trouble, wink, wink, we are on same side, i'm giving you intel here. buttering up podesta for. hrc interview a lot of journalists do that for interviews an inside information. we saw the cnbc presidential debate. john harwood seeming to have disdain for donald trump ask
4:27 pm
whether he was comic book character or other condescending questions? melissa: here is the takeaway. if you're a journalist and you're engaged and passionate and intelligent you probably do have an opinion but owning that opinion up front is something and also going out and making an evident to be unbiased and john harwood is someone who exemplifies the opposite. he acts like he doesn't have a dog in the game but here you can see he certainly does. an he clearly goes after one side so much more than the other. where am i going wrong with that? >> we haven't seen the secret emails of the trump campaign i kind of doubt there are a lot of friendly emails from john harwood to top lieutenants or donald trump's campaign manager at time. i think you may be wondering because there is some other emails of journalists, particularly with john podesta, hillary clinton's campaign chief, in which they seem to have a running core respond dense.
4:28 pm
some of it crosses the line, some of it doesn't. podesta spending all time to email the press, did he have time to run the campaign? melissa: that is smart on his part. they try to lure you into the relationship, you give us nice coverage, we give you more access. that is always the temptation that goes on behind the scenes. that is what can be challenging for some journalists. we'll give you access to this great interview that might get you ratings, might make you look good for your boss. we want to know you're on our side. some journalists may pretend, i think it was katie couric this is great way for her to seem relatable and go viral. selling interview. >> no problem with that whatsoever. melissa: this is here's what in it for you. she may ask whatever questions she wants. with this one, it sort of, another one of those things where donald trump says the mainstream media is colluding with the campaign and then these emails come out with the
4:29 pm
dialogue where he is offering them ideas and helps and hints and encouragement, saying i feel good about my performance. that was another one. when he was getting so much blow back from kind of everyone, for the treatment -- >> gop debate. he felt vindicated. this comes against a backdrop, far bigger than harwood of media coverage against donald trump. just simply no debate that he has gotten far, far more media scrutiny than hillary clinton and far more negative avalanche, despite all that and media repeatedly writing trump off going back to when he first got in the race, he is still in position to win this thing. still uphill climb, has to win series of states. he is moving up in the polls, says something about the media, many of its members have been so tilted yet at same time trump's still standing. >> says something about cnbc, that you have john harwood coming out now, to wikileaks fame and he is basically leading
4:30 pm
the coverage on election night. kind of a rewarded for what has happened. i wonder if they introduce him. you know john harwood of wikileaks fame. you wonder how that is going to all play out over there but he is getting rewarded for this. just interesting for viewers to know as they go and watch. howard, thank you. go ahead. you want to comment on that real quick. >> if he was commentator i wouldn't have my from with it. he is chief washington correspondent. he offered him a chance to comment but he has declined. melissa: if he were commentator, no problem but don't present yourself down the center when you are not. if you don't want to watch john harwood's coverage on hillary clinton. we'll have fair and balanced election night coverage tuesday. live coverage from the first vote, final results. much, much more, you don't want to is in it. you know wherever one stands. a lot of people from both sides enjoy the coverage. david: we'll do it live overnight all night.
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berkshire hathaway is reporting, after hours right now. this is warren buffett's outfit, beating revenue but not earnings per share as you can see. the stock price is down quite a bit after-hours. this is for the a-shares. b shares are much cheaper per share tracks the a share as well. company says the stake in ibm continue toss be profitable. melissa. melissa: celebration day for the chicago as fans continue to flood the street after the cubs win. david: still wonderful to see that. donald trump's path seems difficult but is it possible the polls are off and that he will do a lot better than expected? we're diving into that next. >> in four-days we're going to win the great state of new hampshire. [cheering] and we are going to win back the white house. the pursuit of healthier.
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the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. melissa: we have breaking news for you right now. following a shooting in the bronx, new york. one of two nypd police officers that was shot is now dead. the other officer as condition is unknown. this shootout occurring earlier today, leaving the gunman dead as well. we're going to keep you updated on this developing story. david: awful news. we have some breaking news on the political front. we're awaiting donald trump rally. this is in wilmington ohio.
4:36 pm
ohio is one of the toss-up states seems to be leaning towards trump right now. fox business's peter barnes in d.c. with the very latest on the campaign trail today, peter? reporter: david, donald trump was in new hampshire this morning and he continued to hit hillary clinton hard on trustworthy issue. clinton was in pittsburgh going after trump on immigration. ♪ >> and when your kids and your grandkids ask what you did in 2016, when everything was on the line, i hope you will be able to say, i voted for a better, stronger, fairer america where we build walls -- we don't build walls, we build bridges. and where we build a future that we want! where we prove once and for all love trumps hate!
4:37 pm
reporter: we have donald trump sound bite in there too, on the trustworthiness issue. i think we have it. >> as you know, the fbi now has multiple open criminal investigations into hillary clinton. [cheering] this includes the discovery of another 650,000. mails, and also a far-reaching criminal investigation into her pay for play scheme at the state department. reporter: speaking of emails the state department released another 74 emails from clinton's private account when she was secretary of state but these once again are from thousands that the fbi reviewed as part of its first investigation into it. the department retroactively upgrading two of them to confidential. david: peter, thank you very much. we saw donald trump getting down off of his plane. he is now stepped up to the podium. let's listen in wilmington, ohio [cheering]
4:38 pm
>> i worked in ohio. did well in ohio. gave me confidence to go out with life, but right at the beginning i was in ohio. so we love it. thank you everyone for coming. in four days we're going to win the great state of ohio and we are going to win back the white house. [cheering] new polls just out have us with a very substantial lead in ohio. nationwide, many of the states. we're looking great in florida. we're looking great in north carolina. we are looking great in the state of pennsylvania. [cheering] we just left new hampshire. we have a lead in new hampshire. these very dishonest people back there, the media, they're getting a little worried. [booing]. they're getting a little bit worried. this wasn't supposed to happen.
4:39 pm
this was not supposed to happen. you can vote early in person or you can show up on november 8th. who has voted? whoa! not great, but you are saving it for november 8th i think. all right. you want to be traditional, right? real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing horrible obamacare. [cheering] it has just been announced that the residents of ohio are going to experience massive, massive problems with their obamacare. you know about that, i guess, right? you know about it. it is a serious problem. it's a serious problem, and you're going to have numbers, in the great state of arizona, it has gone up 116%, okay? 116%. so you're going to have a lot of problems. we're going to work on it very hard.
4:40 pm
88 counties in ohio are losing at least three obamacare insurers a year. okay? so next year, you're going to have almost, almost nobody even to negotiate with. by next year, but it is not going to matter. because if we win the election you're not going to have obamacare to worry about. [cheering] you're not going to have obamacare. nothing to worry about, believe me. we'll have great health care at much lower price. and it is going to be something you're going to be very proud of. right now it is an international joke, obamacare, it is an international joke. premiums are surging, companies are leaving and insurers are fleeing. doctors are quitting. i know some doctors, they have quit. generally speaking deductibles are going through the roof, some higher than others.
4:41 pm
we have deductibles as high as 15 or $16,000. hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare, make it even more expensive. i'm asking for your vote so we can replace obamacare and save health care for every family in ohio. more importantly because we don't want to think of ourselves but for every family in the united states. it's a big problem. it's a big problem. real changes also means restoring honesty to government. so we ought to start by getting rid of hillary clinton that would be a good way to start. it would be a good way to start. [cheering] [shouting] >> yeah.
4:42 pm
the fbi now has multiple open criminal investigations going on hillary clinton. lots of bad things are happening, lots of bad things are happening. i tell you what. you will be amazed when you look how it is all flushing out. it beautiful system when it works. we have a rigged system so many times. you see this. things going on incredible, that includes the discovery of another 650,000 emails and also a criminal investigation into her pay for play corruption at the state department. [booing]. amazing. last night, it was just confirmed that the 650,000 emails include brand new emails, not previously seen by authorities, likely including classified information. [booing] hillary is now facing major problems with perjury.
4:43 pm
the fbi agents say their investigation is likely to yield perhaps an indictment. however -- [cheering] however, the reports also show that the political leadership at the department of justice is trying as hard as they can to protect their angel, hillary. this is no angel. they want to protect their angel. did we ever have a situation like this, seriously? first of all, forget about as of last friday with the new 650,000 emails that was found. forget that. she should have been disqualified for running for president from the first batch of emails and from all of the crimes that have been committed. [cheering] take a look at the first batch. why do we even have to go? we're looking, oh, look what we found. how many times do we have to do this. i believe the fbi wanted to do
4:44 pm
it and she was protected by friends of hers at the department of justice. [booing] that's the department where as you know the attorney general was on the airplane. now they say it was for 45 minutes. talking about the grandchildren, and talking about golf, for 45 minutes. i don't think so. i think they were talking about a position, in other words, a continue ages of a position, i think that is what they were talking about, folks. hillary has engaged in a criminal massive enterprise and cover-ups like probably nobody ever before. remember john podesta said she has bad instincts. you know as i was getting off the plane they were just announcing new wikileaks, and i wanted to stay there, i didn't want to keep you waiting. i didn't want to keep you
4:45 pm
waiting. let me run back into the plane and find out. i didn't want to go. there were some beauties coming out and i'm saying do i listen -- you could listen for hours. you but think of it, john podesta, her top person said bad instincts. who the hell wants a president where the person that knows her best said her instincts are bad? now bernie sanders said she has bad judgment but at least he was running against her, right? but the person working with her -- tell you what i would fire podesta very quickly if i were her. he should be fired. and honestly shouldn't huma be fired? huma. [cheering] can you imagine, can you imagine, did you get rid of all the emails? yes, ma'am, they're all gone. yes, ma'am. this has gone for months. did you get rid of the emails? yes management, they're gone. we deleted 33,000 of them
4:46 pm
they're all gone. i think we're in the clear. and then they find out going through a pervert's file. anthony weiner. anybody in new york knows all about anthony weiner. and i predicted it a year ago. did you hear me, right? and i said all the things i said and they all said, what a horrible thing to say. i turned out to be right! and even, even some of these very dishonest people in the mead you -- media said trump called that one. i called a lot of them. can you imagine, huma, i got rid of them, they're all gone. 33,000, didn't i do a good job in then they find out, uh-oh, we got bad news, boss. aye. i think they went on the cloud, you know the cloud? never disappears off the cloud. for those people when they advertise the cloud never disappears, she said boss we
4:47 pm
have bad news. they just found 650,000 emails. can you imagine? and i'll tell you, some of those emails, i would bet anything, some of those emails are so bad, they're so classified, they're beyond classified. they have emails there that are beyond classified. and it is all coming down because, i have always had a lot of confidence in the fbi, i'll tell you. you have amazing people in the fbi and they're not happy. they're not happy about what's, what's happening. and they're not happen about the way they're being pushed around. you don't push them around for long, believe me. she created an illegal email server to shield her criminal activity and corrupt pay for play. and then she illegally destroyed 33,000 emails after, this is the big key, after. that is the key word, after
4:48 pm
receiving a congressional subpoena, right? so after. so she gets the subpoena and says, get rid of it. and that's fine. and yet they put four-star general last week, james cartwright, highly respected, current four-star general, they may put him in jail for up to five years for doing nothing by comparison. general petraeus, suffered, suffered horribly, reputation destroyed for doing nothing by comparison. they took the kid who wanted some pictures of the submarine that is an old submarine. they have plenty of pictures, if enemy wants them they have plenty of them. he wanted them. took a couple of pictures. put him in jail for a year. i saw his mother the other night on television. i'll tell you what, folks, we've never been in a situation like this, and then she is allowed to run for president and general
4:49 pm
cartwright is put in jail for doing peanuts. and he said he did it and he said he, he said that he lied for national security purposes, okay? who knows. but he did nothing by comparison to what she's done. if she were to win it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. she is likely to be under investigation for a long time, concluding probably in a criminal trial. hey, look, we all want to go through a process and we want to make sure everyone is guilty, properly guilty, properly, everything has to be perfect but she did things where, and we have our trial, have, but what she is, she is guilty, she is guilty. if you took emails, and that is the least of what she did. she got rid of emails. that is the least of what she did. if she ever got into the oval office, hillary and her corrupt
4:50 pm
friends would rob her blind. hyatt with the american voter begins with a plan to end government corruption. i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear and heed words we all are about to say, are you ready? amazing how this phrase caught on. i didn't like it. i thought it was corny. i thought it was really sort of a corny phrase. i didn't like it. when we win on november 8th, we're going to washington, d.c. and we are going to drain the swamp. [cheering] telling you. i thought it was corny and then i went to one rally and another they're all screaming, drain the swamp! but frank sinatra didn't like my way. he didn't like it until he sang it, audience went crazy. sang it again. became number one.
4:51 pm
all of sudden he liked it very much. at the core of my plan is to bring back jobs. ohio has lost one in four manufacturing jobs since nafta, a deal signed by bill clinton, supported by "crooked hillary" clinton. america has lost, it hard to believe because it doesn't seem physically possible, 70,000 factories since china entered the world trade organization, another bill and hillary backed disaster. we're living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world. it's true. the single greatest jobs theft. look what happened, not only ohio. you look at upstate new york. you look at pennsylvania. you look at north carolina. look at south carolina. look what is going on.
4:52 pm
look at new england, new england, boy, they got it had. general motors laid off 1150 workers in morain and moved their jobs to mexico, china and various other countries. company laid off 356 workers from troy. anybody from troy? good? do you still have your job? and moved their jobs to mexico. delphi laid off 5800, what is with delphi? you know about that, right? 5805 workers in dayton. boy, oh, boy, that is a lot of jobs and moved their jobs to, mexico. [booing]. we have one way highway going into some of these countries especially mexico. everything goes in, i always say they get the jobs, the plants, the money.
4:53 pm
we get the drugs, we get the unemployment, one-way street. not going to happen in anymore, folks, not going to happen anymore. [cheering] there have to be consequences. when that happens there have to be consequences. don't worry about it, we'll build the wall. it will be a great wall too. [cheering] going to be a great wall. every time i see a delphi and every time i see these companies leaving, that wall gets a little bit higher. keeps going up. it is going to be a great wall. we'll fight for workers. we'll fight the delphi and these other companies don't leave us. and they're going to be consequences. because people got a raw deal and they deserve so much better. a trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving ohio and from leaving america. and we'll stop the jobs, i'll
4:54 pm
tell you what, like you have never seen before. it will happen quickly. the theft of american prosperity will end. if a company wants to fire their workers, leave ohio, move to another country, build their big beautiful factory, ship their products back into the united states, we will make them pay a 35% tax going through a very strong border. it will be a very strong border. [cheering] and you know what's going to happen? they're not going to leave. they're not going to leave. now the politicians could do something about this. how long have we been talking about this? 15 years, right? gotten really bad over last five or six years. gotten to be catastrophic. they know this. some do, some don't. some are not exactly, i won't say it. some aren't too bright. some aren't too bright.
4:55 pm
and some are betting tremendous amounts money from donors and people that want to see those companies leave. they have reasons for the companies to leave, including ownership interests in those companies. the problem is, the politicians are working for those donors. they're not working for the american people. they're not working for the all the people that got fired from what were good jobs. [applause] so what is going to happen they won't leave. the ones that do leave, that is okay too, because the country will make a fortune because that is going to be called the consequence. we can stop it dead. and as we speak right now, you have leaders in your company going out, right now, as we're speaking, you have leaders going out trying to negotiate deals to leave ohio, other place, go to mexico and other countries. don't worry about it. if i get elected there will be very little negotiation. a trump administration. melissa: let's bring in our panel real quick for reaction.
4:56 pm
blake rutherford, democratic strategist. hadley heath manning, independent women's voice policy analyst. hadley, what is your reaction. went off prompter a little bit. people getting nervous. hillary clinton getting excited. he went back. your thoughts? >> well we made the mistake of underestimating donald trump and movement behind him before. that is what republicans did in the primary. democrats would be unwise to do that now in the general election. he has a lot of enthusiasm behind him this is untraditional election year with untraditional candidates and news cycle that swings back and forth, putting an enthusiasm on either side any day of the week. this is donald trump doing what he should be doing, focusing on obamacare, jobs and economy. trying to drive the message home. melissa: blake, he didn't get distracted. set his fire hillary clinton's way, talked about obamacare, trade, all those things. no mistakes he is in ohio. that is must-win. >> there is absolutely no mistake is in ohio today but i
4:57 pm
think evidences the problem trump has. he hasn't been able to bank ohio yet. he is having to spend, time money and resources there. and electoral map just doesn't look good for him elsewhere. he has to win ohio. he has to win florida. and yet he is having to still spend time in ohio. hillary clinton is checking states off the map all over the country. states where she is doing very well in early voting. look out for ohio, because you're starting to see early vote numbers come in franklin and cuyahoga counties very, very well. trump is not foregone conclusion in ohio which is why he there. melissa: hadley, i would counter that if you look what the clinton camp is doing they're sending all their firepower to pennsylvania on the night before the election. i mean that is place supposed to be wrapped up for them as well. that indicate they're very worried about that state. >> that's right. travel schedules are very telling but when it comes to electoral college system, hillary clinton had advantage
4:58 pm
baked into the system even before donald trump started campaigning as nominee. that is the way the electoral college system works, works to advantage of democrats. they have advantages in populated states that hold a lot of electoral college votes. would i recommend gop candidates for white house, any other office stick to the message that should have very broad appeal about growing free market economy, strong civil society and robust national defense. that is a winning message. melissa: blake, how do you counter that in places like, michigan which has been since the '80s has been place where only democrats have prevailed. now you see trump breaking through a bit there, thanks, you know this message about sort of forgotten man, working man who has been left behind by those who are on the inside, who gain access and political power? also as they work, those who get free handouts. >> what you have to be mindful of in michigan, first of all donald trump hasn't led in a poll in michigan in a very long time.
4:59 pm
as much as his campaign wants to say michigan is in play, nothing in the data suggest that's right. i want to comment a little bit about pennsylvania, one thing we always have to talk about is turnout and the ground game. that simply something donald trump doesn't have. he doesn't have it in michigan. doesn't have it in ohio. and doesn't have it in florida and doesn't have it in pennsylvania. hillary clinton has spread wide. her campaign is organized wide. she has lots of surrogates out there, want to come into key states to do well. that is why you're seeing president in philadelphia. melissa: all valid points. >> really about turnout now. melissa: absolutely all good points she does have the machine behind her without question. thanks to both of you. we appreciate your time. we've got to go. david: so much is changing in these last days. a lot of leans are moving solid. a lot of solids move in favor. everybody working for the weekend. you don't have to move any place. keep it here on fbn. fox business is live saturday, all day saturday and sunday and special coverage and analysis
5:00 pm
for the election. melissa: catch us right here "after the bell" at our normal time 4:00 p.m. eastern saturday and sunday. we have special guests, congressman marcia blackburn. former governor mike huckabee. you don't want to miss it. every twist and turn. can't wait to see you here, my partner. david: we'll see you then. >> i'll tell you what, i'm ready to grab that baton and will have to bend down for me to reach it. he is a tall man. >> if we win on november 8th, we will once again have a government of, by and for the people. [cheering] >> you have trump who looks like happy warrior. hillary looks like lady who didn't give anybody candy on halloween and shut her door and turned her lights off. >> she is is under multiple criminal investigations avery moment for criminal conduct. >> to get contracts in haiti, they said is this contractor an fob, friend of bill?


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