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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 8, 2016 3:00am-5:01am EST

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real passion. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening everybody. one day until election day and both candidates are barnstorming the battleground states. donald trump as he has this entire campaign, is outworking hillary clinton. he is holding five rallies in five states today, florida north carolina pennsylvania new hampshire and michigan that sector five rallies yesterday as well. this afternoon in raleigh, north carolina trump said he will who ride the nationwide anti-establishment ways straight to the white house. >> tomorrow's going to be a very historic day. i really believe that.
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i think it's going to be brexit plus, plus, plus. i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear the words we are all about to sink. i thought it was hokey, but it's not hokey. it's called chain the swamp. trump holding another rally and about an hour in manchester, new hampshire. we will bring that to you when donald trump takes the stage. hillary clinton in philadelphia tonight, one of the four events she is holding. she will be campaigning with the president and mrs. obama, bill and chelsea clinton will be monitoring that for you and bringing you those moments as well this evening. among my guests tonight former reagan white house political director ed rollins pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the "new york post" michael goodwin, the director of the falk's news decision desk to give us his knowledgeable analysis of what
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is happening all that is shifting even as we speak in the battleground states from the southwest to the midwest and east coast and where we are headed tomorrow election day the upcoming come the trump campaign senior communications adviser jason miller joins us, the trump perspective and analysis of twitter, where trump stands with the voters on this election eve. a little later on this special edition of "lou dobbs tonight" fred barnes monica crowley trumps cheap operation operator jeff dewit a big night ahead of tomorrow's very big day pair top story hillary clinton out the four percentage point lead over donald trump according to the final "fox news" national pre-election poll of likely voters. she was up only two points a week ago. it's a two-way race. it's also clinton over trump 48- 44. these are encouraging numbers for trump nonetheless.
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trump leaving clinton with the all important independent voters. they go for trump 42-36% in that poll and another critical number reflecting the intensity of trump voters, 60% of trump backers strongly support their candidate. a seven-point lead over clinton in the category. trump continues to possess clinton on who is seen as more honest or trustworthy. trump there has a four-point edge. joining me now the director of the "fox news" decision desk managing director of mishkin associates arnie mishkin. it's good to have you with us. >> thank you for having me. lou: we have seen the closing of the will of the margin in the electoral gap in a widening of clinton's popular vote is measured by your poll. >> the "fox news poll" shows a four-point margin. here's the thing about a four-point arjun. it's great israeli clinton on one level. her numbers which have been holding a 45% went up to 40% but here's the problem with the
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numbers. number one, whenever we see hillary clinton looking like she's close to winning people are convinced she is going to win and that dampened the enthusiasm of some of the less enthusiastic people on their side and it also increases the likelihood that people in the middle, people weighing trump versus clinton are more likely to say while trump is not presidential. i don't care about some of the questions that were raised but i like his issues i'm going to vote for him. the second thing is democrats because of the way the country is cut run up the score in the populous states california, new york, illinois where they are deftly going to win. we did the calculus yesterday and roughly 3% of the popular vote in the national popular vote goes to democratic wastage in the easier states for them to carry. that's a net. lou: for example 2012 popular vote in california and new york abounded to effectively the margin by which obama won
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nationally. >> precisely so three or four points national margin could translate into electoral college photo finish. lou: photofinishing sounds like 2000. >> if it is indeed a photo finish, what do you think is the most likely as we stand here right now the most likely in outcome in these east coast battleground states and i'm talking particularly about north carolina and florida and pennsylvania? >> i think if you put a gun to my head i would say florida will win and trump's column and north carolina mice and severely vote is the clinton people have done a better job in north carolina than they did in florida so they have a really good chance there. pennsylvania is unknown and the other big none in the eastern part of the country's michigan which puzzles me. it doesn't puzzle me why trump is there because they think of it as a hail mary.
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clinton is fair, the present is there so we know her polls are saying there something going on in michigan so that to me could be very interesting. lou: you are saying trump has correct the perceived as an opportunity in michigan. >> yes. lou: and he is acted on it forthrightly and quickly and will not only be there for the course of this week but actually wrap up tonight in michigan. people were asking, i have said this hangar approach to campaigning is something brand-new for americans. to see his jet pull-up and 20,000 people be awaiting his words on the issues that matter the most to them, but it has proven to be effective in the ground game is put up by the g.o.p. the republican national committee seems to be in-place
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augmented but we have heard very little about that. why is that? >> it's not clear how big a ground game jump hazard rnc has in the rnc has no states bury the ground game is about money and devoting resources and we haven't seen that level of resources applied to that. on the other hand as you point out trunk clearly has a lot of enthusiastic backers so the question is tomorrow we will learn what's more important enthusiasm of the voters or the fact that clinton does hold them the solid ground game. lou: and that enthusiasm, there's no way to quantify it so it reflects in the polls. >> except in the measures of enthusiasm. lou: and failing math we are just about hours away from watching one of the dog gone list presidential elections that appears in the country's history. >> yes. lou: with that cryptic answer we are going to go forward. we appreciated and it's great to
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see you. it's going to be fun and i know you have immense challenges ahead. >> i think it will be a late night. lou: uganda. arnie mishkin good to have you here here. up next donald trump's calling out hillary clinton for her abuse of power. he is urging voters to send him to the white house to clean up washington. >> hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency of the united states. she sells her office to the highest bidder. she deleted 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena and nothing happens to her. >> i will be speaking with republican strategist tony sayegh polster lee carter about the damaging revelations from wikileaks about the corruption of the clinton campaign and the issue of character in this race.
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lou: we are getting to the good part, election day tomorrow. everybody is pretty revved up i
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would say, anxious, questioning whether you are for clinton or whether you are for trump. it's going to be quite a 36 hours. wikileaks today releasing its 33rd batch of e-mails bringing their total number to more than 55,000 protest e-mails released. these e-mails show raider collusion between democrats and the mainstream left-wing media. "cnn" colluding on questions for both trump and cruz. dnc research director lauren dylan dylan on the 25th of april 7 e-mail to dnc staffers. the subject? trump questions for "cnn." the e-mail reading wolf e-mail reading wolf blitzer is interviewing trump on tuesday ahead of his foreign-policy address wednesday. please send me thoughts by 10:30 a.m. tomorrow. i mean, are you kidding me? the interview ultimately was canceled but dylan and an e-mail three days later said "cnn" is looking for questions for ted
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cruz. "cnn" now under fire after previous e-mails revealed that democratic national committee boss and former "cnn" contributor donna brazile gave hillary debate questions in exact wording in advance but "cnn" not the only member of the media colluding with the clinton campaign. oh no cnbc's john harwood e-mailing last september about what he should ask jeb bush during an interview. are you kidding me? harwood of per -- appear frequently in e-mails released by wikileaks banking podesta for setting up a meeting. clinton is slamming other reporters were asking about clinton's e-mail scandal, shameless of them, wasn't it? my gosh they could have been up to podesta like harwood. harwood even wrote that he didn't get included in its primary debate questioning of
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trump a performance for which he was widely criticized, mocked and i mean it's unbelievable what the left-wing media is doing in particular folks like harwood. my god, no pride, no self-respect whatsoever and certainly not concerned about journalistic ethics. or they make political journalism expert lee carter republican campaign strategist "fox news" contributor tony sayegh. thank you both for being here. this is an extraordinary night because we are looking at these polls closing, the electoral maps. arnie mishkin was here talking about the "fox news" map. this thing is getting awfully, awfully tight. >> it is awfully tight and i was spending all the time looking at the members trying to figure out what's going to happen and there are some critical states that have turned today. the race is tightening.
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we have pennsylvania is now less than two points from clinton. it's absolutely and heard of. florida has gone to donald trump again. lou: it is remarkable. it looks like pennsylvania a little over a week ago was solidly clinton. >> let's include michigan into that. look where the big clinton surrogates are tonight and tomorrow president obama built and once in himself and hillary clinton are in the state of michigan. donald trump spending time there as well. now you have two humongous electoral stores in michigan and pennsylvania, up for grabs so when you talk about what this donald trump need beyond the critical swing states that we talk about a lot north carolina florida and ohio? he could solve a lot of problems when it one of those two states between pennsylvania and michigan. lou: the clinton campaign is quick to talk about the ground game that is better but most
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people don't realize you are not talking about a lot of incremental points through simply a ground game. what donald trump has demonstrated is an immense appeal to the american voter, talking about the values and goals that matter and the issues that matter the most to him. and he talked about hillary clinton. as he says, it's demonstrable, it is empirical. she is the most corrupt presidential candidate in the modern era this country. she. >> there's no question she is infrastructure and operation but she doesn't have the messages in the hard for the people. the thing i'm looking at the most is the enthusiasm of supporters and she has a 10-point deficit in enthusiasm. the enthusiasm thing is going to try people to the polls. lou: do you think that's understated, 10 points? >> when you really look at the cross paths with a selection went didn't need the barack obama style turnout at like
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2000. african-americans are turning out by less significantly north carolina and florida according to early voting in ohio lou she's almost within single digits of donald trump winning. and the young voters, president obama's campaigning at the university of michigan ann arbor they were the university of pittsburgh today. that's because they're not getting the same a lineal enthusiasm for hillary clinton that barack obama was able to get. lou: where is the enthusiasm for hillary clinton and where is it demonstrable, and what demographic? because i don't see it. >> the celebrities. >> the elites. >> the people of vested interest in the status quo supporter. why don't we talk about michigan and pennsylvania. these are underage educated white people that barack obama once called this group of people
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they clingers onto guns and religion. guess where they live? western pennsylvania and northern michigan and guess what to states on the verge of voting republicans for the first time since 1988? michigan and pennsylvania. lou: let me just say this to all of our college-educated white people or whoever they are. you are demonstrating a certain lack of education. you may have gotten a degree but if this is where you come down with that college degree, you are not paying attention or you are not processing or incapable or just horribly tortured values. >> i also think it's important when you look at how many people think the system is broken, the washington d.c. -- lou: where did you ever get that idea of? >> people think how can you vote for hillary clinton if that's what you believe? she's not going to go down there and fix fix it. his works are advantage and that's one thing i hear from voters over and over again. whether or not they like donald
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trump. lou: would he think of a president that stands in front of a camera set to illegal immigrants, please vote and we will prosecute you. this is absolutely illegal what he is doing. it's immoral and it's unethical and frankly i didn't see a major mainstream media outlets even deal with the issue. >> he also said you must be sexist if you don't vote for hillary clinton. >> president obama is the president at one point to brag about having the most deportations encouraging illegal immigrants to vote. the maps of the selections have never change. people are dissatisfied with the economic direction of this country and word about a national security and this runs perfectly for a candidate like donald trump. with a national race under five-point under five points he's within striking distance of a significant rue. lou: tony, it's great to have you here. on wall street today stocks
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posting the biggest gains in eight months. some investors apparently got the idea early that somehow because hillary clinton wasn't going to be prosecuted in the e-mail scandal but that was good for the establishment so they got all ginned up in their we have that printed and 71-point gain in the dow and i ask you why. the s&p up 46 points in the nasdaq up 120 points. all is well with the world when the establishment is happy. volume on the big board 3.7 billion shares changing hands. listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network reader minder follow me on twitter lou follow me on twitter lou dobbs like men faced follow me on twitter lou dobbs liked him facebook follow me at instagram @lou dobbs tonight. we are not always supportive of the establishment in our politics or economics. up next donald trump says momentum is on his side and it will help them break through
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those blue law and tomorrow's historic election. >> i think we are going to win michigan. we are going to win minnesota. we are leading big in ohio. we are leading in iowa. we are leading in new hampshire. we are leading in north carolina. lou. lou: no one says north carolina quite right. >> he's got them all down and joining us donald trump senior discriminations of pfizer joining us with the latest from the campaign on the electoral maps that will determine the future of america. stay with us. we are awaiting at trump rally in manchester and after tonight and also awaiting the clinton rally, the big rally in philadelphia tonight. we are going to have it all for you, a lot more. stay with us, we have a lot of
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lou: with the latest fox scorecard map on the electoral
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vote and the path to 270. the numbers are moving now and trump's direction. clinton, according to the fox electoral map, she has 274 projected by fox and trump, 215. this is the first time by the way in the fox electoral map that he has been above 200. there is still nine tossups of coors arizona iowa utah have gone from tossup to leaning republican. north carolina has gone from leaning democrat to a tossup. wisconsin also moving from leaning democratic to a tossup state. nevada has gone tossup to democrats. three weeks ago fox was giving clinton 307 electoral votes on a map. two trump's 181 with 50 tossup states. using that shift, that shift is basic way from her to him bringing him again above 200 for
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the first time. joining me now for senior communications advisor to the trump campaign jason miller. it's good to have you here. >> thanks for having me on. lou: you have to feel good about much of this, the margin winnowing here the opportunity for 270 expanding. give us the campaign view. >> if you and i were sitting here a week ago or two weeks ago and said the entire political university having to michigan today, the day before the election you would have said we were absolutely crazy. no one would have thought deep blue michigan would be where the battleground as and if not michigan it's also being fought in pennsylvania but that's where the movement is in this race so mr. trump is really shoring up the vote in florida, north carolina, ohio and iowa all the key battleground states. through the last four polls that come out of new hampshire shows trump ahead the fourth poll having tied silly feel-good fare.
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we feel pretty good about our efforts in nevada. that's going to be a close race and obviously it will be tight going into tomorrow's election day and two others that if come on late. colorado. it's a vote by mail state and republicans were trailing initially on ballots returned. just on friday friday republicans went ahead by 80 votes statewide out of all the ballots that have been returned. today we went up by 7000 votes so right now they're been 7004 ballots returned to colorado by republicans and democrats in michigan. we are seeing something special happening in michigan where mr. trump and governor pence will be finishing up this evening and secretary clinton bill clinton president obama all in the same area getting the vote out and it shows just how mr. trump has changed not just the issues we are talking about but also the states. lou: let's start with colorado which is i think a shocker for a
3:30 am
lot of people, dismissed as a potential when for the republican nominee. your sense of the opportunity there, your sense of the opportunity in michigan. talk about a competitive state, i mean both campaigns shoring all of their resources there. trump wraps up pm governor pence wrap up the evening there tonight. >> we are excited about michigan and then i'll get into colorado. michigan is this trade message that mr. trump has been talking about on the campaign trail. for folks that a solid corridor in different parts of the country may not realize the impact of what happens when for jobs that up and go to mexico and other manufacturing sector jobs. if you live in michigan and these jobs are leaving this message of renegotiating trade deals and bringing back american jobs is a bit one. it matters for republicans and democrats alike. lou: people talk about there is
3:31 am
no impact and i don't know on this broadcast alone factories abandoned, overgrown and really the enormous economic potential of the country simply rotting in a large number of places in the midwest, the rust belt. >> there's also a sense of frustration at democratic leaders have failed to turn the trade around. a once proud city that has hundreds of thousands of residents who have said why have we got the same failed solutions over and over again in that is where trump is pertinent there. lou: we are pressed for time. let's go to colorado. would he think the odds are they're? >> very good. i would rather have our odds in colorado than secretary clinton. libertarian leaning state and i
3:32 am
think her anti-energy policies have really hurt her out their trump spent a lot of time in colorado. lou: his message about her corruption and the corruption of weight on the broadcast called the clinton cartel, it's in your face. what is the reaction to the fact that he can offer to drain the swamp as he puts it. that has to be a strongly appealing message. >> it's one of the strongest messages and you heard the people at the rally in pennsylvania chanting drain the swamp. the corruption everything he sees, even after yesterday's news from director comey the clinton foundation is still under investigation. lou: yale and the fact is we don't know what under investigation by the fbi means anymore. jason miller could have you with us. good luck.
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appreciate you being with us. up next, ed rollins michael goodwin joins me next to discuss new details tonight on how the federal government may intimidate voters tomorrow at the polls. that's right, intimidation.
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lou: the same people that ordered the fbi to stand down on the hillary clinton investigation apparently want to
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intimidate american voters. the justice department saying is sending more than 500 staffers to 28 states on election day to monitor the polls. the civil rights division will be on the ground monitoring the election in among other states the swing states of arizona, florida michigan nevada ohio north carolina and pennsylvania, a total of 60 -- six jurisdictions will be monitored. democrats not letting a crisis google waze by the way the battleground state of pennsylvania. the transit strike wraps up today in philadelphia just in time for election day. officials fearing the nearly weeklong strike would paralyze public transportation and keep voters from the polls. a tentative agreement reached overnight five years long that agreement, it looks like it was used almost as cover to give the transit union members exactly what they wanted. there was a service in full by tomorrow. the clintons and the obama is campaigning in philadelphia tonight holding an event at
3:38 am
independence hall and there you see the camera position that we will be going to shortly. and it's going to be quite a festive evening i'm told in philadelphia. joining me now former reagan white house political director great america pac strategist ed rollins pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the "new york post" barbara goodwin. let's start with we have heard from michigan and we have heard from jason miller from the trump campaign. we have heard from lee carter and tony sayegh, republican strategist. this thing is tight. it's getting tighter and i have to tell you i'm excited. it's going to be it looks like an amazing thrilling day. >> it's certainly turned out much closer than anybody anticipated a couple of months ago and i think at the end of the day we still don't know who
3:39 am
is going to vote. lou: you may not but i've got it all figured out. >> a lot of people vote on election day. i think it's going to be a very positive experience for americans and i think trump is very much -- lou: what have you there could looking at the 6.4 million voters who have are devoted in the state of florida we are talking about somewhere around 50 million people who have voted in this country when the polls open tomorrow. michael, that's amazing and right now both north carolina and florida are ahead for the trump organization ahead of where romney was against president obama four years ago. >> lou i was looking at a bunch of polls today because going all the way back right after the republican convention in july was the last time trump was doing this well in all the polls across the country.
3:40 am
since the democratic convention which followed the republican convention, he had greater deficits than he has had in the last couple of days. lou: sort this out for me. what are you really saying? >> there's a real surge. it's been building it just the right time. i must say, i think some of his early voting may work against him because people may have gone to the polls when he was further back in the polls. they went to vote when he was further back. we won't know that until it's over. lou: you are trying to figure it all out. >> i would like an answer before i leave. lou: so would i. arnie mishkin was basically saying it would be a long night. >> i can tell you this, i have a lot of democratic friends who are in the other camp and they have been very nervous for the
3:41 am
last week. you can see by where she has gone, democrat hasn't campaigned in michigan or -- for a long time. it was a long time ago so my sense is they wouldn't be bounced around these places. they have much more expensive than more extravagant voters than we have. my sense is they are worried about the spots. lou: we have over 190 and independent or unaffiliated votes in florida. no one seems to be able to identify who they are. some of the latest measures at least in the "fox news poll" link put the numbers around breaking about 8% towards trump, 6% of the most recent poll. i have to believe it has to be much larger than that. >> no votes are counted so you could have democrats turning out
3:42 am
with early voting but basically could be voting for him too. the reality is all the measure here is the republicans to go but the votes are not counted until tomorrow. lou: they are not counted them till tomorrow but obviously we all want to know the outcome as quickly as possible and what i have witnessed on the part of donald trump is the energy that he has shown yesterday, five rallies and today five more rallies. it didn't sound like he was thrilled to be able to get to michigan to join up with donald trump so they could do a wrap on this campaign. i mean he has been at it for relatively short time. trump has been running since last june. >> i was struck too lou sunday when comey does his letter, that the jubilation among the democrats that oh she is not
3:43 am
going to be indicted. that's good enough. that's the only standard. if you are not indicted you are perfect. lou: not indicted for e-mails. >> just the level they are operating at is disgraceful. lou: two things, one it's rigged and two, drain the swamp if you don't want to drain that swamp in washington d.c. after what you just witnessed yesterday with the justice department and the fbi and hillary clinton and the clinton cartel, what would it take for you to take some notice of the corruption that is the size, the depth and the scope of the swamp that is washington d.c.. >> he came to this position that they gave him the opportunity to give examples and i think the examples basically are of a lot of people. >> the sense of corruption among the media. a lot of things have come out during the campaigns that have
3:44 am
lined up with this idea, with his arguments. lou: you remember he would be talking about the corrupt national liberal media. oh my goodness what's he talking about? we have started to learn what he's talking about. the primary debate on cnbc and then -- it's disgusting, it's appalling. >> it really is a form of corruption that i didn't realize it was that bad. >> it's coziness. lou: cozy, hell. >> i am a hack. i know i'm a hack but don't tell anybody. lou: ed rollins, good to see you. and michael goodwin a nice piece in the "new york post." up next to donald trump says there's a clear choice in tomorrow's election between an outsider, hell-bent on draining
3:45 am
the swamp and an insider hell-bent on hanging onto power. >> this election will decide whether we are ruled by a corrupt political pledge. everybody is watching, or whether we are ruled by the people. that is going to be the choice. our failed political establishment has delivered nothing but poverty, nothing but lawsuits. lou: chairman of the florida republican party joins me here next. we will be discussing how things are going to shake out in the critical swing state of florida. what is the early vote mean and how does it look now for the outcome tomorrow night? early or late? a lot more straight ahead. donald trump set to address supporters in manchester new hampshire and watching for the clinton rally. it's a big one in philadelphia tonight. stay with us.
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lou: you are looking at bon jovi in philadelphia where hillary clinton is holding a huge rally tonight. right now bon jovi is on the stage.
3:50 am
20,000 people we are told are in attendance there. it's an extraordinary rally in terms of the big names that are going to be there. we are told bruce springsteen is going to be there with the easter event of course. we will be bringing you the clinton rally once she takes the stage. early voting results are in for florida. data released by the date commission of elections that shows roughly half of all registered voters, nearly half, 6.4 million floridians voted early this year. that's a record number of early voting in the state eclipsing the 2012 election. these new numbers show hillary holding a razor thin, 1% lead over trump. trump however generating incredible enthusiasm at his rally in sarasota this morning. >> in one day, we are going to win the great state of florida and we are going to take back
3:51 am
the white house. take it back. florida is my second home. a state i love so much and by the way hillary once this is over, she will never come back to florida. lou: joining me now the chairman of the republican party of florida, blaise ingoglia. it's good to have you with us. this is a razor thin margin, at 6.4 million people. that's astounding. what do you make of the results right now packs are you comforted or are you anxious? >> i am actually anxious because i still think that's a good number for republicans. that 1% margin translates into about 87,000 votes and the same time in 2012 we were down 165,000 votes so we feel good
3:52 am
where we are at plus also included in those number of democrats who voted are a bunch of democrats in north florida in the panhandle who are very conservative and definitely voting with mr. trump. lou: cuban-americans we have heard anecdotally that there is a movement toward trump. what do you hear and what can you give us in the way of some indication about how the cuban american vote is breaking? >> well we are seeing big numbers of voters coming out especially early voting in miami-dade which has a heavy cuban-american population but the latest numbers we are seeing and we save from a new york time "cnn" poll that they are breaking 52-42 in trump's favor in the reason for that is barack obama's policy with the normalization of ties with cuba and we are seeing them reject the obama policy and you know clinton is going to carry that on also.
3:53 am
i think that's one of the reasons we are seeing numbers coming out of the cuban-american community. lou: the hispanic community across the state, how is it breaking? i am told there is extraordinarily heavy turnout and likely to be tomorrow. give us your. on the overall hispanic vote in florida. >> overall we expect to lose when it comes to the hispanic vote but i do not think it's going to be as drastic as hillary clinton would like it to be as evidenced by the cuban-american vote but also a lot of these voters, the hispanic vote vote have already come out of voted early and absentee and they had traditionally voted on election day so all they are are doing is they are shifting the weight of their bow. i think him tomorrow you will see normal numbers of hispanics. yes it will be up a little but nothing hillary clinton should write home about. lou: we have looked at various polling results from florida. give us your best judgment about
3:54 am
how you think this is going to go in terms of margin and in favor of whom? >> this is what i believe is going to happen. if we tomorrow, if we see light to moderate turnout of donald trump is going to win the state of florida. if we see moderate to heavy turnout, hold onto your hats it's going to be a long week. lou: thanks so much. a long week, not long evening. blaise ingoglia thank you very much the head of the republican party in florida. up next donald trump slamming fbi director comey for clearing hillary clinton in the e-mail scandal investigation. >> the rank-and-file special agents at the fbi won't let her get away with these terrible crimes. right now she is being protected by a rigged system. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it, the fbi knows it.
3:55 am
the people know it. lou: the people. monica crowley byron york join us next. stay with us. we are awaiting to big rallies tonight create trump in new hampshire, clinton in philadelphia. we are coming right back
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lou: one day until the election.
3:59 am
polls in several key battleground states are very, very tight. trump is up there by 3.5 points. that looks like a huge margin. in pennsylvania clinton is up only 2 points in nevada. trump up by 1.5 in nevada. trump and clinton virtually tied in new hampshire. that's where we are in terms of the averages. the latest polling suggests an even tighter race.t in north carolina. early voting ended saturday in noarl carolina. 1.3 million democrats voting early compared to 90,000 republicans. but in 2012, president obama also built an early lead and was trounced by mitt romney in that state. the big focus tomorrow of course, who will win the
4:00 am
presidency. we'll have the first results for you on this show tomorrow evening. we also will be beginning early at:00 p.m. eastern time. so please joins. tonight we are also following the balance of power in congress. right now republicans have a 4-seat majority in the u.s. senate. there are 34 seats up for election. look at the explores our of the republicans. they are defending 24 of those 34 seats. 7 of those races are within 2 percentage points. kelly ayotte is facing a tough reelection battle in new hampshire and $130 million has been spent. marco rubio expected to just hold on to his seat in florida. republicans have an opportunity to pick up the seat being
4:01 am
vacated by the retiring democratic leader harry reid in nevada. democrats need to win 30 seats. only 16 of those seats are considered competitive in the house. darrell issa in california and john mica and scott jarett in new jersey. great to have you here, byron. monica crowley and byron york. just talking about the head of the republican party in florida. he feels good about the prospects, the margin as we look at these polls is very, very close. >> donald trump has the opportunity to say florida is
4:02 am
his second home. i think he will carry florida by a more substantial margin than what we are seeing in the poll numbers. if it goes to donald trump, he's in this game. >> he starts with 206, florida is the single biggest prize. the three he has to win, florida, north carolina, ohio are way the biggest. lou: and it's unclear to me how successfully hillary clinton mass been campaigning there. her connection with florida he seems hike he would have at least a slight advantage and he outperforms in the primaries. >> mrs. clinton can win the presidency without florida, he cannot. it's a must-win for him. he spent a great deal of time
4:03 am
there and i think he will pull it off. >> you are hearing a lot of talk about greatly increased hispanic turnout in early voting, the assumption is it's a democratic vote. lou: but as blaze pointed out, in a cuban americans are tilting and by a strong margin. that does not eliminate a vast number of puerto ricans who are living now in central florida. >> it doesn't take into account the diversity. lou: nothing as dramatic as the talking points. >> it looks like marco rubio will be strong there. and it's possible marco rubio could help donald trump win florida when you think back to their primary battle -- it's an interesting result.
4:04 am
it was something, yeah. lou: the prospect in north carolina have brightened for the trump campaign. they also according to the trump people brightened in colorado and mitch iman. apparently that's correct because clinton, she is throwing everything she has got into the state. it's a humdinger of an election. >> anybody who says they know what's going to happen tomorrow night has no idea what they are talking about. there are so many cross currents happening. it's why you are seeing the rust belt in play for donald trump. lou: in play as well the state of new hampshire, a battleground indeed, and for real. and that's where donald trump is holding a rally in the battleground state of new hampshire. a according to the real clear
4:05 am
politics average the race essentially tide. mike pence -- essentially tied. mike pence at the podium. let's listen to him now. >> he's a fighter and a winner. and until recently it seemed he was fighting on his own. but this movement is coming together. new hampshire is coming together. we'll make donald trump the next president of the united states of america. you know, i believe, i do believe that donald trump literally embodies the spirit of america. you with me on that? strong, freedom-loving. independent. optimistic. and willing to fight every single day for what he believes in and for what will make america great again.
4:06 am
it's not like it's exactly been a fair fight out there. you know what i'm talking about? ever since i joined this ticket, i thought i have got to turn on the television with a stick. i don't know what's going to be on there. it's like it's been 2 on 1. with the national media doing half of hillary clinton's work for her every day. [booing] >> the amazing thing is donald trump is still winning hearts and minds and he will win all the way to the white house. it was kind of fun to watch a week ago. remember those tv shows about how this campaign was rolled up? all but over. hillary clinton was out there naming cabinet appointments or something. she was measuring curtains in the oval office.
4:07 am
lou: this is a lot of fun listening to governor expense talk about -- you can tell they are feeling pretty good about where they are tonight in this campaign as are all of the folks at the rally. no offense to governor pence. but they are waiting for the top of the ticket, donald trump. i want to bring you guys back into this conversation. he's talking in michigan, he's talking in new hampshire. he's talking in nevada. crisscrossing the country. we haven't seen this kind of energy from a presidential candidate since i'm going to argue, john f. kennedy. and it's remarkable. >> i knew he was going to finish in new hampshire because he has such a feeling for new hampshire it was his first victory and it was a big victory. so i was not at all surprised when we found out they are going to close up in new hampshire. then they added another rally
4:08 am
tonight, i think at 11:00 p.m. in michigan. which gives you an idea they think they can make some progress there. lou: if there is a state in this country where his message on the global elites trashing our middle class which hasn't grown in 30 years, it's been dwindling, that's where the american dream lives. michigan, i can't imagine why it was ever a question whether that message would work in michigan. >> donald trump has stayed focused, but he kept his focused message simple and he's also kept it consistent with the nation's core values. he's been talking economic populism. job creation. he's talking about law and order. he's talking about restoring a strong national defense and defeating the corrupt rigged system. which the comey deliberation the
4:09 am
last 10, 11 days has helped him. yesterday when the last deliberation came from comey, mrs. clinton was totally energized. i thought, this is going to help donald trump. it feeds into his core message that the system is corrupt and rigged. >> i have been to a trump rally in michigan during the primaries. this an extra connection when he talks about ford taking jobs to mexico. that hits harder in michigan than anywhere else in the country. the danger for trims that's kinds of anecdotal. you go there and the crowd is louder than anywhere else, and you think they have got the love me. but you look at the polls, and it's a difficult lift for trump. lou: the polls now are tied up. sow the lift has eased in the view of one polling organization.
4:10 am
we'll see if they know what they are talking about. but watching the enthusiasm today, i mean, those aren't people cheering. it's a booming ra booming, rauct assemblage of people. >> this has been true for donald trump throughout the primaries. this is not a new phenomenon. this has been true for donald trump for a year and a half. lou: the booming nature of this thing. it was at a decibel level i haven't heard. >> that tells me he created and i emotional bonds with voters which is something money cannot by something mrs. clinton does not have. lou: he always, always talks in the first person plural. he talks about us. he talks about we. he talks about our.
4:11 am
and we listen to obama report other day campaigning for hillary clinton using the first person 207 times. the first person singular. it only took him an hour and a half to do it. >> that was one of trump's biggest lines in th lines in thf the campaign with her supporters saying i'm with her. trump said, i'm with you. it was a very effective line. lou: and very effective campaign. because after all he has endured for a year and a half. no billionaire has endured more in the way of criticism and the awful attacks, here he is tied essentially at election eve. thank you very much. monica, thank you. donald trump says our foreign policy is a mess and needs to be rebuilt from the very foundation.
4:12 am
>> new foreign policy is going to put america first. just think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days of a trump administration. lou: one of us watching closely is somebody by the name of vladimir putin. kt mcfarland and ambassador john bolton, they watch him. stay with us. we'll be right back with much, much more from the campaign trail. i love it. i love it. 2016.nflict ...
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4:17 am
and former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. putin and his provocations have been unrelenting. nato is not reacting. the u.k. has. but within certain limits. and the united states nothing at all thank you very much. >> why hillary clinton keeps talking about the russians and trump. i think maybe they are setting things up. what about this theory, that they are thinking if the election is close, they will challenge various states saying it was russian interference because of the russian agent donald trump. lou: there are times different happens frequently when people get so deep i don't comprehend
4:18 am
what's going on. i'm not sure i follow that. but i do know this. once she accounts for the $145 million put into the clinton foundation and the transfer of 20% of uranium assets to russia, then i will worry about the rest of the russian issues as they pertain if at all to the trump campaign. but that first basic question hasn't been answered. >> this is the secretary of state who gave it reset button to the russians. their failure has been clear throughout the last 8 years. we are now moving into the period beginning tomorrow night around midnight. the most dangerous time in the entire obama administration after the election but before the inauguration. i think that's what putin has in minds. whatever he has done or may do in the elections, he sees that 2.5 month period as their last
4:19 am
chance to take advantage of barack obama. lou: john's clear warning here, it's perfectly suited in time. but it harkens us all back to the cold war. during the cold war, that would have been a period in which everyone was on top alert. everyone would be during a lame duck presidency prepared for the worst. >> it won't be just russia. the chinese will take more of the south and east china sea. iran is going to get much more aggressive. its relationship with russia, iran, syria, i think we can assume there will be a lot of challenges to the united states in various parts of the world by anybody who wants to grab now while the grabbing is good. lou: once they grab, i'm not sure i know obviously the
4:20 am
interests of russia along the ukrainian border. president xi in the south china sea. but it goes well beyond that. we are watching a gain of some sort being played between the leadership in the philippines and beijing. so as we were looking at extraordinary challenges potential, what do you think -- what do you think is going to be the first place we are going to see that challenge manifest itself in terms of are they going to require a response? >> i think you will see the new administration, hoff gets elected tested across the board as well. if putin begins his challenge against a nato member this time, the baltic republic, not a non-nato member. that is an approach that threatens to shatter the nato alliance.
4:21 am
lou: an alliance by the way -- i love the fact that hillary clinton is always accusatory toward donald trump. that was an alliance that was ossifying and badly infeebled on the energy policy. >> when he started talking about nato has to ante up, the germans increased their defense budget. lou: in a little over the week we heard about new initiatives on the part of the americans and the members of nato. it may not be original but he is adaptive. thanks so much. appreciate it. john bolton, kt mcfarland. donald trump begin slamming hillary clinton for her failures in everything from the economy to border security. >> hillary clinton is the candidate of yesterday.
4:22 am
she has been doing this for 30 years and failing all over the place, folks. everything she touches turns bad. lou: coming up. fred barnes joins me as does new york democrat and trump support egg andrew stein. i said democrat. we are watching two major rallies. trump in new hampshire, clinton in philadelphia. let's see who is on stage now. bruce spring seen on stage in philadelphia. -- bruce spring seen on stage in philadelphia. getting the crowd warmed up for donald trump. split screens all ni
4:23 am
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4:27 am
standard," fred barnes. and speaker of the borough of manhattan, andrew stein. great to have you both with us. let's start with these polls. one day before the election fox news poll has a 4-point margin for hillary clinton. meanwhile the industrial business daily tracking point has trump up by 2 points. others have it close as well. fred, your thoughts? it looks like he couldn't have to be much closer to make this a great contest tomorrow at the ballot box. >> that national poll, it's accurate. for what it many worth. it's just not worth much. we need to look to states. the electoral college -- the electoral college is not elected
4:28 am
nationally. it's elected state by state. the trump has a formula that's been described as a narrow formula, a narrow path, i think it many a pretty wide path. win the romney states, win ohio, win florida and ohio looks pretty good. florida i think trump will win. and then there is pennsylvania. pennsylvania is a remarkable state because republicans have tried so hard to win in presidential races and haven't recently. but trump appeals all over the state except for philadelphia. we'll see how the philadelphia vote turns out. there are a lot of -- rick santorum from pennsylvania elected the statewide said it will surprise people. the philadelphia vote will be higher for trump than the republican vote normally is. lou: that's interesting. andrew, a lot of your friends in
4:29 am
the democratic party partying with hillary clinton. and bill clinton, and of course mr. and mrs. obama are there. the president is there. this is a lot of fire power. plus bonjovi. it's a pretty good a-list party. but they are in philadelphia. what does that mean about the vulnerability of the democratic party and the nominee in pennsylvania? >> the reason the democratic mafia is in pennsylvania and philadelphia is because they see what others see, which is that donald trump is going to win pennsylvania. i think that the reagan democrats, the working class people see a 53% increase in their premiums in obamacare. they look at hillary's record. there is no place in the world that you can say was better
4:30 am
after hillary left. every crisis is a disaster. i think donald is going to win pennsylvania. lou: fred, what do you think? >> i think if he wins pennsylvania he will be president. in pennsylvania they don't have early voting. voters have to show up tomorrow the way it used to be. i was reading about the reagan campaign against jimmy carter. there wasn't early voting then. pennsylvania doesn't have it. there is tremendous trump support everybody where around the state and i talked to a lot of people about this around the state except philadelphia and the suburbs. lou: do you think the republican party has closed ranks behind the nominee sufficient to take him over the top, your best judgment? >> you see gary johnson, the libertarian, his numbers have
4:31 am
shrunk. they have gone to trump. i think he's awfully close. maybe not quite there, but we'll find out tomorrow. he's certainly done a lot better just in the last couple weeks among republicans. lou: along democrats? >> he didn't have to do well among democrats. they have already come home. >> i was a democratic office holder as you mentioned in my introduction for 25 years and a lifetime democrat. bobby and jack kennedy are my heroes. i think there will and lot of democrats who are going to vote for trump because i think that they -- they want growth, they want jobs, i think a lot of the millennials who people assume are going to go for hillary because they can't find jobs when they get out of school are going for donald as well.
4:32 am
lou: go ahead, fred. >> how many of these people that andrew stein is talking about and trump is appealing to. how many do you think were helped by that advance on the stock market today? i don't think many were helped by the. the 1% were and hillary clinton. they think hillary clinton is going to win. lou: you sound like a populist. i'm proud of you. fred barnes, economic populist. great to have you both. up next, donald trump says hillary clinton doesn't share the same values as the american people. next we'll be talking about trump surrogate pastor mark burns about clinton's character. we are watching two major rallies as weed told you. trump in new hampshire. trump in philadelphia. governor pence still warming up the crowd, and bruce springsteen warming up the crowd in
4:33 am
philadelphia. we'll stay with them no matter what. they are set to take the stage soon, perhaps even next. stay with us.
4:34 am
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4:36 am
lou: joining me now pastor mark burns, donald trump surrogate. i was talking to friends about
4:37 am
you the other day and talking about the energy you bring and absolutely electric energy to politics in the form of stepping up for donald trump. how do you feel tonight on the eve of the election. >> we are going to win. i'm 100% confident the american people will vote donald trump. evangelicals, people of faith in this country, we are going to rise up together and we'll make shiewrts one candidate house not for abortion and for overturning the johnson amendment,. lou: putting religion back in the public square where it belongs. lou: where it's desperately needed. >> when you see the state of our country. this is america when you try to take god out of it. isis tries to kill us.
4:38 am
you bring god back and isis dies. lou: if we had more men and women of faith in the public square. >> men and women of faith have left politics because they felt was so corrupt. but politics is so corrupt because men and women of faith have left politics. we have to vote our faith. lou: it's true. the minister of the church i go to was talking about the fact that people saying, he's a sinner. so we better shun him. sinners are the people you have got to go to. >> it works for all of us or it works for none of us. lou: he's now head from manchester, new hampshire, he's going to head up to michigan.
4:39 am
how do you feel about the prospects for his candidates i tomorrow? >> -- for his candidacy tomorrow? >> this our time. this is the moment where -- this is a moment where mayor case going to rise up together and we'll take the presidency tomorrow. lou: pastor mark burns, i'll have to say thank you. we'll turn to former president bill clinton. we have been waiting for him forever. and we are delighted. thank you for stopping by. see you again soon. hillary clinton holding a rally in the battle grounds state of pennsylvania at independence hall in philadelphia. let's listen in. >> we are stronger together.
4:40 am
and our candidate has lived a campaign as she has lived her life. dedicated to making changes for other people, proving no matter what came along and no mat wear they hit her with or what obstacles were in the road, she would keep her eye on the other people, on the future our children and grand children deserve, on how we can move forward together. no matter what happens, she said we are stronger together. that means answers better than anger. working together is better than fighting all the time and it's way better to lift somebody up than put people down. tomorrow the american people
4:41 am
will be given a chance one more time to form a more perfect union. it will be because we are losing our great president to term limits. it will be a change election. and we have to decide are we going to change forward together or backwards? i think you know what the answer is going to be. and i think that all of us owe a great debt of gratitude to the president and first lady, to the administration of barack obama. i loves it when he said at the democratic convention in philadelphia [inaudible] lou: we are having technical problems out of philadelphia. the former president was talking in advance of mrs. clinton
4:42 am
stepping to the stage at the podium in philadelphia. bonjovi and bruce springsteen. and back with us i'm told reliably is the former president. i don't trust this guideons. however, as i -- i don't trust this guidance. give me advice control room, producers. i thought so. it turns out, pastor, that my lyin' eyes weren't lying. i wants to apologize to the audience for those technical problems. i won't speak in the first person plural, i don't know why we are having trouble with it. but getting back to the candidacy of donald trump. he has suddenly it seems to me reached a point where he has great -- pastor -- >> are they cutting me off?
4:43 am
lou: the first lady is at the microphone and for her they made it work. >> philadelphia, look at you. wow! what an amazing crowd, what an amazing night. this is truly an emotional moment for me for so many reasons. first, we are one day away from once again making history. tomorrow we have the chance to elect someone who is singularly qualified to be our president, our friend hillary clinton. she is a phenomenal woman who has devoted her life to helping others. she has been for women who need a voice.
4:44 am
when the going gets tough, hillary is the person we want on our side because she never gives up. she never quits. she refuses to ever be knocked down, pushed around or counted out. and on top of all that, she is an jownds standing mother, a loving and loyal wife, a bold and brilliant woman who is an inspiration to me and millions across this country, and in just a few hours, we have the power to make her our next president. how amazing is that? so i'm honored to be here on the stage on the eve of this historic moment. i'm also emotional because in many ways speaking here tonight is perhaps the last and most important thing that i can do
4:45 am
for my country as first lady. and let me just take a moment to thank you, to thank the people of this country for giving our family the extraordinary honor of serving as your first family. thank you for your love, thank you for your prayers. thank you for welcoming us into your community with open hearts, for giving us a chance whether you agreed with our politics or not. every day you have inspired us with your courage and your decency. and every day we have tried to make you proud and live up to the standard of citizenship that you set. because we know that our words
4:46 am
and actions are a reflection to the world of who we are as a nation. and more importantly, our actions are a reflection of what behavior we hope our children will emulate. we believe our responsibility to you and this country does not end when we leave the white house. that's why barack and i have been work so hard in this election. we believe that we have a duty to insure this country is handed over to a leader we all can trust. a leader who takes this job seriously. someone who is truly ready to be commander-in-chief on day one. we deserve a leader who will insure that our daughters are safe and respected. and that our sons understand that truly strong men are compassionate and kind.
4:47 am
we deserve a leader who sees the dignity and humanity in all of us. and who will encourage us to see the better angels in one another. we deserve a leader who sees our diversity not as a threat, but as a blessing. a leader who sees us not as rich or poor, but as hard working folks doing the best we can with what we got. a leader who sees us not as democrats and republicans, but as neighbors and friends who all love this country. who sees us not just as black or white, immigrant tore native born, but as brothers and sisters who are all infinitely worthy. all an important part of this great american story. and i am here tonight because i believe with all my heart and
4:48 am
soul that hillary clinton is that leader. and we need to do everything we can to get her elected president of the united states. [cheers and applause] and here is the beauty of it all. this election is on us. it is in our hands. if we get out and vote tomorrow, hillary clinton will win. but if we stay home or we play around with a protest vote, then hillary's opponents will win, period, ends of story. it's important to understand that presidential elections are breathtakingly close. they are decided by just 5, 10, 15 votes per precinct. by just taking a few minutes out
4:49 am
of your day tomorrow to cast your vote and bringing your friends and family with you. each of you has the power to swing and entire precinct for hillary. and if we swing enough precincts we'll win this state, we'll win this election, and we'll continue the progress that we have all made together these past 8 years. we'll do this. that is the power that you have. tomorrow with your vote, you can stand up to those who seek to divide us and make us afraid. you can declare with one voice that we are always stronger together. tomorrow with your vote, you can say that this country has always been great. that it is the greatest nation on earth. a country where a girl like me
4:50 am
from the south side of chicago whose great, great grandfather was a slave can go to some of the finest universities on earth. a country where the biracial son of a single mother from hawaii and the son of a single mother from hope arkansas can both make it to the white house. a country where a passionate outspoken young woman determined to do all the good she can be go on to break the highest, hardest glass ceiling and become our president. that is the power you have and the history you can make tomorrow. but only if we get out and vote for hillary clinton. so can we count on you?
4:51 am
can hillary count on you? we have got to get this done. you have got to get out and vote. we can make this happen. so i now have the honor of introducing my husband to the stage. my chance perhaps the last chance i have to introduce him as president of the united states. so i just want to take a moment to publicly say how proud i am of all that he has done more this country. i am -- i am proud not just of what he has done, but how he has done it. getting the job done in the face of unimaginable challenges, always going high when they go low. showing us all what
4:52 am
intelligence, dignity and grace really look like. and never ever compromising his values or beliefs. ladies and gentlemen, i introduce to you the love of my life, the president of the united states. barack obama. [cheers and applause] >> hello, philadelphia! are you fired up?
4:53 am
are you ready to go? thank you, michelle obama. for being my partner, my love, my rock, and an amazing first lady. 8 years ago i asked all of you to join me on this unlikely journey. we set out not just to change programs or policies, but to rebuild an economy where everyone had a chance to succeed. to reform washington so your voices would be more powerful than entrenched lobbyists. we set out to keep america safe and strong, not just with the might of our arms, the
4:54 am
extraordinary valor of our troops, but with the power of our idea. the shape of changing america so that everybody belongs. and everybody has a part. everybody has a responsibility. we didn't know when we began that america would fall into the worst economic crisis our lifetimes. but in the face of great challenges and the face of entrenched interests and in the face of in some cases unprecedented obstruction and a cynical washington, we stayed with it. the american people stayed with it. and because your resolve, because of your strengths, because of your faith, we turned yes we can into yes we did.
4:55 am
look at the world we traveled. we have seen america turn recession into recovery. our businesses create 15.5 million new jobs. putting more people back to work than all the other advanced economics combined. a resurgent auto industry has led the fastest manufacturing growth since another clinton was president. incomes are rising. poverty has fallen. 20 million more americans have health insurance. we have doubled production of renewable energy to become the world leader in fighting climate change. marriage equality is finally a reality from coast to coast. we brought moment more of our men and women in uniform.
4:56 am
took out usama bin laden. and almost he country on earth sees america as stronger and more respected today than they did 8 years ago. in fact because bill clinton is here, i did some math. a little arithmetic. under the last two republicans presidents, job growth was basically flat. deficits went up. over our two democratic presidencies, jobs went up by more than 30 million, deficits went down. millions more americans gained health insurance, with democrats in charge america is stronger. those are just the facts.
4:57 am
and with just one more day to go, we now have the chance to elect a 45th president who will build on our progress. who will finish the job. who already has the respect of leaders around the world and the penal they serve. who is smart and who is steady and who is tested. someone who comes to this office as well prepared as anyone who has ever run. more than me, more than bill, the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. i now it's been a long campaign. there has been a lot of noise and a lot of distraction. at times it felt more like a reality show. or even a parody.
4:58 am
but tomorrow, tomorrow the choice you face when you step into that voting booth could not be clearer and could not be more serious. on the economy donald trump is uniquely unqualified to be our chief executive. that's why most ceos and economists don't support him. he would trigger a reckless trade war that would cost jobs. roll back new rules designed to check wall street recklessness and protect consumers and would roll back regulations we put in place to preserve this planet for our kids. lou: president obama warming up the crowd in preparation to introduce hillary clinton by first taking on the republican nominee, donald trump. who i might add has stepped to the podium in new hampshire, and has been talking about a number of people, his daughter ivanka,
4:59 am
governor pence behind him, getting ready for another rally with the nominee. you see donald trump there on the stage. we are going to be going here in the next hour to trish regan, she'll pick up our coverage ways an extraordinary night of rallies and all sorts of goings on in new hampshire where the nominee from which he will travel, donald trump to michigan for fed is now a battleground state in the most recent polls are tied up. it is, it's been a wondrous day this eve of the 2016 election. it's upon us, the decision is to me brightly clear, the contrast clear and defined and i think probably for millions of
5:00 am
americans we are arriving at that point all at the same time. our special extended election coverage continues now with trish regan. trish,. lou:


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