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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 10, 2016 3:00am-5:01am EST

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lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, donald trump has done it ultimate political outsider pulling off an historic upset, this morning to be the 45th president of the united states. the republican nominee ran one of the cleanest campaigns in recent presidential history. pledging to be a president for all americans, to bridge back jobs, and restore prosperity, to our middle class. and his supporters came out in droves, to propel him all the way to the white house. trump, summed up his night in this way, on twitter. such a beautiful and important evening.
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the forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. we will all come together as never before. it is a sentiment, a confidence that trump echoed in his victory speech last night. >> president-elect trump. >> ours was not a campaign, but rather an incredible and great movement. made up of millions of hard working men and women who love their country and want a better brighter future for themselves, and for their families. no dream is too big, no challenge is to great. nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach. i can only say, that while the campaign is over, our work on this movement is now really just beginning.
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we're going to be doing a job, that hopefully, you will be so proud of your president. you will be so proud. lou: so proud. among our guests former reagan white house political director re edrollin, and michael goodwin, and fred barnes, cohoist host of the 5 kimberly guilfoyle. also tony say ieg. our top story, outsider campaign that stunned political establishment. from moment donald trump announced hid candidacy, 513 days ago, he has been underestimated, first by the republican establishment, confident by the mainstream liberal media, now clear he ouout smarted nearly all of the political is a vans and savants and everyone else.
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carl tam ro cameron has our report. reporter: claiming a populous victory. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land, that i will be president for all americans, this is so important to me. for those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people, i am reaching out to you, for you're guidyour guidance and help so we can work together and unify our great country. reporter: trump won 279 electoral college votes so far, that is what country looked after 2012, trump picked up 4 blue democratic states and flipped them ri red republican, two blue are still undecided, michigan and new hampshire as is rid arizona.
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>> this is a historic night. reporter: trump increase percentage of black and latino votes by 2% over the 2012 number, and 67% of working class quite investorses and 49% of college educated white, after one of the most tum ul -- races, trump was humble and gracious. >> she congratulated us, it is about us. on our victory. and i congratulated her and her family on a very hard fought campaign. she fought very hard. hillary has worked very long, and very hard over a long period of time. and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. reporter: with many democrats shocked, president obama today took the high road. >> one thing you rely quickly,
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the presidency and vice presidency, is bigger than any of us, we're now all rooting for a success, and uniting, and leading the country. reporter: house and senate republicans defending their majority in congress, a candidate president elect fuel thed with house speaker paul ryan, and vowed to drain the swamp in washington he got a warm congratulation from ryan this morning. >> i spoke with donald twice, we're already talking about getting our transitions working it. reporter: president offers to meet with trump in washington tomorrow. he may meet with congressional leader, now comes real work. he has started the work of transition, spikin speaking to foreign leaders, including netanyahu. and mexican president, described conversation as cordial about areas they could find common agreement. lou: thank you very much.
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up to date on latest figures, president elect winning 279 electoral votes to clinton's 228. 3 states, as carl reported have not yet been called. arizona, michigan, new hampshire, hill right now is ahead with a popular vote, with lead of just about 206,000. joining me now to assess what was a historic election and a extraordinary 24 hours. great america pack strategist, veteran of 9 presidential campaigns himself, ed rollins. ed, let me say to you, congratulations. >> thank you. lou: a terrific win for donald trump and the campaign team. pulitzer prize winning columnist for new yornew
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york post" michael goodwin. >> thank you. lou: let's start with the feeling that you have here and compare if you will to 9 other campaigns. >> only one i can compare is reagan of 1980, we knew we could win but we were beat up badly by carter, but we knew country wanted to throw carter out. this was one that as you watched it, this was all about him. this was not about campaign team, he connected with voters. you have three different -- lou: not unlike reagan. >> no, but he -- as we walked on stage last night, i have as you know, watched him evolve to become not just a semi critic or a doubter to now i really believe in him, watching him on stage last night, i have great confidence
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that he will go tackle a very significant problem, me will not flinch, no one took more shots from mainstream media establishment than he did, he did not flinch. >> talk about character. everyone got a good look at what he is made of over course of last 17 months, as ed says, mike will athat man took a shot from every corner of every segment and sector of our economy, society, political system. >> it was remarkable. i think to the ever lasting disgrace of the liberal mainstream media. i think. it was disgraceful. what we saw with wikileaks confirms that it was not just isolated opinion but it was a coordinated attack on one party by journalists conspiring with the other party. never seen anything like this in modern times.
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lou: we should also make it clear. this level of conspiracy that wikileak revealed, goes beyond individual journalist that were calling up john podesta, saying john, what do you think i should ask, your opponent, this went to level of an institutional collusion. between the networks and news rams and campaign structure of hillary clinton. >> i'm hurry we don't know all of it, we saw was a schiff irof it from podesta -- i'm sure we don't know all of it, we saw a sliver of it from podesta e-mail. i think that he condetected himself brilliantly last night as well. i thought that it of a terrific speech, a sort of thing that you would hope every winning candidate would come out after a bitter campaign and take the highest road, he did. lou: let's give hillary clinton credit. talking about being open, so
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that to her followers, her supporters and voters, saying let's be open to his leadership, give him a clan t chance to lead. i took those as heartfelt, sincere remarks, which se she intended in a gracious moment in what an otherwise hard fought, at times out right ugly campaign. >> it was the toughest campaign i have seen, interesting, two legacies since 80 have been two family that dominated politics, high-tech care of bushes in primaries they are gone. and clinton now gone. she was the nominee are in last number of years, and to a certain, he has dented the obama legacy, a clean start, he can move forward, he does not have to worry about who is behind him just clean up the mess in front. lou: you get the meeting whatever next battle is
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politically after trump presidency, whether it lasts one or two terms. i hope he is successful and lasts two. but you believe, looking forward, that we'll see a -- generational contest in the next very serious battle for that white house. as we look at kelly, losing her senate race, she is, one of the rare disappointments last night are in the republicans. we see a republican national committee, that is right reince priebus, i say, i wowoh, you an apology, he put together a strategy, got done what he said he would get done. >> she is one of the most vocal trump supporter -- anti-trump, and she walk away, she -- lou: to her shame and regret.
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>> probably her regret. >> i think. lou: he had coattails. >> absolutely, and paul ryan conceded as much, which must have been very difficult for him to say. lou: let's talk about paul ryan, a man appears at behest of mitt romney, a man who lost two presidential trying tries to intervene, and did so as ugliest moments in youliest of ugliest of ways betray the nominee of the party. what kind of future dues he have. >> i am told that, someone who knows that after romney gave the speech he thought it would change everything, he thought that would really open floodgates against trump, went republican party, and trump would be finished. i think he was stunned it had no impact. >> it is now his party, donald trump's party, he can remaining it. lou: two days ago. paul ryan said, it was not donald trump's party.
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>> let me tell you, i'll put any speaker up against any president, the president will win. when it defines a party, it ask his party to define, anyone who get in way, i hope that there is cooperation at end of day this is donald trump's party party and his agenda. >> quickly, i think -- lou: if i may, we now have a republican senate, a republican house, and a republican white house. this is going to -- this is a moment of historical opportunity. f leaderships, in his leadership prop ises to be strong and directive. >> i think, if trump delivers on the key promises, if he can harness congress to work together, i think we will look back on this as a tremendous break in american history, what he can accomplish and counter veiling force the that defeated the clintons, the
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bushes. lou: and the obamas. >> that cultural do dominic moore nation of the left -- nation of the left this is a major breakthrough of conservatives. lou: you are right, an inflection point. >> just think, working class people of america elected a billionaire, he represented them better than anyone else. >> you are right, this is about the people. shhe has made that clear, we saw it in stock market today. we had people caterwauling, poor daffodils watch the futures collapse for about an hour. and then went no time we're talking about now, over 200 point rally on wall street, it a trump rally, make no doubt. ed rollins and michael goodwin. >> up next, a truimph ant and
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. lou: donald trump's historic victory gives republicans control of white house, house of representatives and senate where g.o.p. successfully defended their majorities, republicans holding on 51 seats in the senate. to democrats 48, pending a run off election in louisiana, they are likely to win by the way. and new hampshire senate race, senator kelly ayotte conceding to maggie just hours ago. and democrats gained only 6 seats. there were expecting of as many as 16 seats, surrendered to democrats. 193 seats as a result.
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republican strong majority, 238. joining us tonight chairman of american conservative union matt and washington times fox news contributor, monica crowley, great to have you here, i think i need to say to you both, congratulations. an amazing night. republican party did itself proud. expanding not only its control in washington, d.c. to the white house but also, in governorship. >> and i just want to too toot my own horn, i was one of few who after donald trump announced he was running for president, saying stop laughing, do not know estimate him, he can win the whole thing. whether we talk about compensation of senate and
3:21 am
house, these were donald trump's coattails, the folks who lost, they are the ones that distanced themselves from donald trump, they refused to talk about him, and condemned him in so many words they paid the price, donald trump has redrawn the electoral map, and the republican party more of a populous party that can appeal not just to conservatives but to independents and disaffected democrats. lou: it is exciting to see a populous strain within the republican party, we have watched a hard press middle class shrink over last quarter sincery, household net worth not moved forward from 1990s levels, 20 years of basic stagnation for working men, women and family, this a new republican party as a result of last night, isn't it? >> yeah absolutely. we have been too cavalier as a
3:22 am
nation, we dismiss -- have dismissed energy jobs, manufacture jobs, our regulatory state is out of control, and our corporate tax policy is not at all in sink where the rest of the industrialize world is, you put that together with republic congress. donald trump could get some real things done here, and i think some thins that would do some people who poured out to vote for him, real good. you know republican need to make sure they do two things, we have to be true to our philosophy and market principles but check them. lou: can i interject, i am not su those principles are a shared tablet of receps -- presents at all any longer, the fact you have been chiseled out of those concrete tablets, if you will, chamber of commerce expb and business
3:23 am
round table, now it has to incorporate welfare of working men, women their families and sustainability of their income in this country, investment in this country, american first, making america great, not cow you toking to the chamber of -- cow towing to the chamber of commerce this is a new nevesheriff in town. >> i agree, i think wrong for republican party to have first stop be to check in with chosenties to check in with those who do fortune 50, our agenda check our math, by seeing how it impact working man and woman in america, i don't think we have done that enough, i think that will change. lou: we have not done that at all. >> republicans have never done that, and what really carry the day for donald trump, he was a supreme change agent, but his message of economy polpopulism, he spoke to
3:24 am
american people on,s that directly impact their livelihood, stagnant economy growth, and wages, he spoke to the issues in terms they could understand, they created an emotional bond with him, which is something that was unbreakable. lou: we have an opportunity here now to watch the republican party. come toe to its senses, lead by a paul ryan map, he sounds like he has take own a new medication, hopefully the elixer of success for the nation, matt thank you. >> monica thank you. >> thank you. lou: up next, been a long and at times divisive campaign for the white house, but now, president-elect trump said, it is time to unite the nation. >> to all republicans, and democrats, and independents, across this nation, i say, it is time for us to come
3:25 am
together as one united people. lou: that would be nice, how will donald trump unite the country? i'll talk about that with kim dearly guilfoyle, we're coming right back with much more on this great day in american history. how about that. stay with us. we'll be right hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey!
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lou: there desires, by order of magnitude, donald trump has pledged to make them 41 and -- front and center most important people. >> he was listening, he heard them. lou: he is insisting there will be no more, forgotten men and women, hallelujah. hor thamore than about time. serving notice on donald trump today, he getter get along with chinese and listen to them or there will be a disaster this is a jack ma, a
3:31 am
scrawny fellow, he trying to put a big grin on it he is talking straight to donald trump, warning america, it is about time they understand, i guess it will take time for them to understand, their deal warning united states just endd. >> different sheriff in town, their business as usual taking advantage of this county and run our economy into the ground, and manipulating their currency, sorry that is canceled, that no longer going to be allowed. so, they better get used to it. lou: this serves notice -- >> giving these threats to president-elect trump is not going to get them far. lou: it tells how far really president obama has let the country slide in the eyes of
3:32 am
the 9 other nations. act in our own interest, he said that straight out in last 24 hours. >> transparent, when you see people say, even russia, computer kno putin say, let's try to work with u.s. to create global st bill tie, and netanyahu feels like someone is listening to him, and saying he is going to meet with donald trump. he is trying to get to work he's trying to get to work right away. >> netanyahu understands he's got a partner. >> yes. >> in trump, and mexico understands they're going to have to grow up. they're going to have to have a mature relationship in foreign policy with the united states. >> takes a economic responsibility as well. this has to be a two-way street, it's enough of americans being the ones to carry the rest of the world on their back, let's have
3:33 am
partnerships, have open dialogue, let's do something for this country to put dollars back in the pockets, the wallets of hard working americans, i can't wait to get started. >> america first, i like the ring of it. thank you. we're coming right back, tony sayegh joining me, (sfx: glass breaking) (sfx:footsteps running) ♪music nice going spencer. i can't believe we broke old man hennessey's window correction dude, you broke. i just threw the ball. this is really bad. what are we going to do? we? go to the door and ask for the ball back. are you serious? it's my ball myrtlebeck! i'm so dead. i'd run away. yeah, to uruguay. kiss your life goodbye. sorry. let's go. bye. see ya. remember me in your will. some friends you are! ♪music ♪oh. keep smiling, keep shining♪
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. lou: speaker ryan trying his
3:37 am
best to keep his job, apparently, after trying to undermine trump throughout the entire campaign. >> i think what donald trump just pulled off is an enormous political fete, enormous fete he heard the voices that other people weren't hearing, and he just earned a mandate. and we have a unified republican government. lou: a unified republican government, and we here consider paul ryan to be among a group we called the objectionables, we learned this kind of language over the course of the campaign. these are what i consider to be objections. the mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader. all of the bushes. all of the bushes. and the ricketts, they've made a transition here. i would have put them in there months ago but they have become factors for the positive and for trump. steve wynn who had an opportunity to stand up for
3:38 am
donald trump, and i'll be dog goned if a guy who i consider a smart fella. he forgot his principles and that was to stand shoulder to shoe willer with a friend and make a difference in the country and could have been on the right side of history. evan mcmullin, trying to be a member in good standing of the mitt romney mormon mafia, senator mike lee and a few others. it was just -- it was sad to watch him and mitt romney try to intervene in the presidential election and work against the election. the stalwarts are wilbur ross, wilbur ross stood up, he's a friend of mine, proud to say, that the mercer family, steve bannon, chris christie, reince priebus, petre thiel, a lot of
3:39 am
the folks to talk about and special mention to 10-year-old baron trump. can we get a picture of him. there he is at the edge of the picture, he struggled to stay awake at 3:30 in the morning throughout his dad's victory speech, he did it! he stood tall, waivered a little and stood tall, we put you in the stalwarts. joining me another stalwart, republican campaign strategist, fox news contributor tony sayegh. your analysis last night of florida was spot-on. terrific. my compliments and my thanks. this was an incredible, incredible victory that some of the most trump faithful. the most faithful of the trump faithful didn't seeing realized. >> what were we told, lou, if it was a big turnout, trump was going to lose. it was deafening. this was a bigger turnout than 2012, trump not only won states like ohio, north carolina, the traditional must win battlegrounds, he expanded the
3:40 am
republican map to the upper midwest, rust belt states including wisconsin, iowa, ohio, pennsylvania, probably michigan, when it's all counted and said and done, and that goes to show you the power of the right message delivered by the right messenger, and you've been on this for a long time, you deserve credit, lou, economic popular streak that transcends partisan label. people frustrated with bad trade deals, bad economic policy. that led to the big win. lou: and you know what i love, he had both the intellectual insight as well as the guts to go up into the rust belt, to those deep blue states and say the hell with the democrats. he is bringing a message that he wants and he believed in so
3:41 am
firmly that he moved his campaign there in the final hours. he wrapped it up in michigan. >> correct, and forced hillary clinton and all her big sur gates as we discussed for a long time to go michigan, pennsylvania, north carolina. three states she decisively ended up losing. so goes to show you it's not enough just to have the power of personality and maybe stardom, the big surro gate names that her campaign had. they were wrong on the message, and that ended up mattering in this election, and that's why i think you saw overperform the polls which never gave him a shot. wisconsin. wisconsin! >> and he also had eight years of wrong, that is the obama administration. it is going to take a lot of work on donald trump's part to repair the profound damage of the obama administration to this country, to our economic
3:42 am
system, to restore as it points out all of the time. this country's confidence in itself, he talks about wing, got to win so much now. you're going to be sick of winning. i guarantee you mr. president-elect, i'm not tired of america winning. people will be first. people will walk down the streets of cities and towns and roads and ditches in this country and actually say, america first! and won't have to apologize to anybody. it's a great moment. >> totally agree on that one. optimism, happy warriorism has returned via donald trump's win. two things made me sad this election, lou. number one, this idea that so many americans felt the system of government simply doesn't work for them. lou: it hasn't. >> even when they play by the rules, save money, pay for kids' colleges, work two jobs in many of these cases. fact that this average american person. let's not talk about the white
3:43 am
uneducated voter. a working class person of any color and stripe. lou: let's point out the college educated white person who is supposed to be going for hillary turns out to be a lot smarter than we thought despite that white educated degree of theirs. they did learn something and they voted, about half, for donald trump. i mean, i have got to think that the college degrees didn't mean much if everybody is going to vote for hillary clinton. 49% of them. >> the second piece that makes me sad, when you hear paul ryan and others finally realizing why he won, shows the detachment that occurs when you gain power, when you go to washington, when you become part of elite. they're not bad people, but they end up losing touch. lou: some are. >> well, you get to say that, lou, they end up losing touch with the people they serve, and i think donald trump --
3:44 am
lou: i disagree, i'm sorry, tony. it's a reach too far for me. they want to stay out of touch. they want to be cloistered in publicly financed comfort on some sort of government or public payroll, and they want to have privileges and perks beyond those who pay their way. it's time for the american taxpayer, the american middle class, working man and woman in this country to get their due, and that's what i hear donald trump promising. and that makes me very, very happy. lou: >> and that's the pivot to where the two sad points replaced by the happiness of opportunity now, to have their voices represented adequately in our government vis-a-vis their president. that is a big moment for america right now, lou. lou: and i'm going to ask tony to stay with me here during the commercial break and diagram that last sentence of his. i couldn't -- i'm going to ask him to.
3:45 am
tony, great to have you, what a great day for america. >> indeed, sir. >> be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is -- cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. follow me on -- wall street welcoming donald trump with a rally. investors showing faith in economic plans for prosperity and the nation. the dow industrials putting on a first class trump rally. the dow soared 257 points. the s&p up 24. the nasdaq up 58. volume in the big board, are you ready? 6.2 billion shares! it's morning in america! listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, florida set the tone and the direction last
3:46 am
night becoming one of the first major battleground states to go red in what eventually would turn out to be a historic win for donald trump. blaise ingoglia, the chairman of the florida republican party laid out for me, 24 hours in advance what he expected to happen in florida, and he was right. he joins me next, stay with us, we're coming right bac
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on xfinity x1. . lou: donald trump's blowout victory started with the battleground state of florida. the republican nominee won nearly 120,000 more votes than hillary clinton. trump won 35% of florida's hispanic/latino vote. let me try that again. 35%. just 4 points less than mitt romney in 2012 and all of the experts were wagging away their tongues suggesting he would be tough on illegal immigration, that would translate to disaster with the hispanic vote. they were wrong. joining me, the man who predicted a trump victory in florida monday night on this broadcast. blaise ingoglia. chairman of the republican party in florida. he has a smile on his face tonight with, good reason.
3:51 am
first of all, i want to compliment you and congratulate out call and also compliment and you congratulate out victory of the republican party, in particular your nominee for president. none other than donald trump. >> well, thank you, lou, it was a great night last night. we're very excited about the results. lou: and, you know, you had said to me and to the audience of this broadcast that you believe that as the night wore on, you would see, you didn't say for sure, but you said you believed you would see the republican vote come in and overwhelm whatever the democratic lead was. you turned out to be exactly right. give us a sense of what you think led to the victory? >> well, when you look at the data. one thing i would say people looking at the data. if you look at the data of the prism of the political establishment, you're going to come up with a political establishment answer. i was looking through the data
3:52 am
as a -- through the prism of frustrated american electorate, frustrated with washington, d.c., the data was there, i think some of the political establishment refused to see it. lou: and as you look cross, as you canvass all of the pollsters, not all, but nearly all of the pollsters, it was conventional thinking with one exception. one of the exception was the polling of the trump campaign itself. kellyanne conway found a way, a strategy, if you will, that left options open for donald trump to succeed to 270. the path he had followed only she anticipated and no one else, at least in savant-land, guru-land or pollster-land had thought about. >> yeah, if we could talk about the actual results for a second. lou: sure. >> what we saw last night and
3:53 am
dove tailed into everything we're talking about, two things happened, one like we said from the beginning, this was a referendum against the status quo, a referendum against a corrupt political establishment that is tone deaf to what everyday americans really want. but this should be viewed as a mandate, a mandate to republicans to govern the way you campaign and do what you say you're anything to do. the voters told republicans last night to be bold, to be unafraid, to stand up for what you believe in, and because good policy in what you're standing up to believe in makes good politics, and the voters will get your back, and that's what i believe that we saw last night. lou: and all of those issues, of course, he identified, the president-elect identified and campaigned on. he also campaigned on globalism in favor of americanism, in favor of sovereignty, not open borders and control of our immigration system and control
3:54 am
of those that we bring into this country, whether refugees or immigrants, and these are going to stand powerfully as issues in which he says it will always be determined with the bedrock, the foundation of america first. you've got to be excited about that. >> we are excited about that, and look, i think that's one of the things that donald trump really tapped into with the american electorate and tapped into in the state of florida. all of the things you outlined are problems the federal government created and has not been fixed for the last 30 years, and people got tired of waiting around and listening to a lot of rhetoric, listening to hyperbole and listening to excuses of washington, d.c. for not fixing things and saw somebody who came along who said, you know what? i understand what's going on, i really get your point of view and i'm going to fix it and that totally resonated with the electorate last night. we saw that.
3:55 am
lou: blaise ingoglia, you saw that, and saw a victory for donald trump. one of the few in the great state of florida and, of course, throughout the great nation of the usa. up next -- thanks so much, blaise. donald trump reiterating his message throughout this race that resonated with tens of millions of americans. >> ours was not a campaign but rather an incredible and great movement, made up of millions of hard working men and women who love their country and want a better, brighter future. lou: fred barnes joins me right after the break as donald trump gins the process of bringing the country together and making america great again. stay with us. why do protein drinks taste chalky? then get worse? introducing protein shots from 5-hour energy. protein shots from 5-hour energy are smooth and tasty,
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3:59 am
lou: last night donald trump die feeted a system that was rigged. he brought the status grow question crashing down -- the status quo crashing down and kellyanne con wear joined fox
4:00 am
and friends to talk about the key to his success. >> the man is brilliant, and the man is gutsy. he ran and sacrificed to do this for the country. he can literally saishat literal that appetite for a man who goes to washington owing nobody. >> you were very generous to done center, now the president-elect has the house, the senate and the wind to his back. >> he has things he can start doing almost immediately. and i think obamacare, that's not that hard to get rid of it, repeal it.
4:01 am
>> it has to be fixed. that's all there is too it. >> it's a ru runaway disaster rt now. that's certainly something. and he will have a supreme court nominee to fill the seat of justice scalia. this is not just -- lou: this a lot of relief all over the country that donald trump is the president-elect because of the importance of replacing scalia, but also the prospect of as many as two or three vacancies on the high court over the course of the next 4 to 8 years. >> the way i put it is, he saved the supreme court. >> it would have been a disaster with hillary clinton putting on the kind of justices that legislate and rule whatever they
4:02 am
want. they are not examining the constitution to see what they can do. he has 0 do work in beginning on the two things he tbawctd most in the campaign. one was immigration. there always lot he will have to do to change the laws. the legal immigration laws in the united states. get rid of the lottery and the chain migration immigration, and stop allowing immigrants to come in to take jobs away from working class americans. >> he has to move against the sanctuary cities in this country and bring law enforcement to law. because without it, a nation without laws is no nation and a nation without borders is no nation. >> he certainly said that a lot of times. what amazed me in the campaign that he shnlt expected -- i mean
4:03 am
in the election. donald trump had coat tails. pat toomey would not have won if donald trump had not won the state of pennsylvania. pat rhori would not have won in missouri if trump had not had a strong showing in missouri. then in vulnerable house seats in different parts of the country, the fact that trump did well saved the seats of many republicans. lou: there were seats that were lost. the lowest sides of any estimate. the strength of the republicans. i want to give credit to the republican national committee and reince priebus, the chairman. work both up ballot, perhaps not with some of the energy that
4:04 am
some would have wanted, but certainly with sufficient energy and taking care of the down ballot offices, down-ticket offices as well. taken extraordinary night for the republican party. >> it was a party victory led by donald trump. lou: he brought energy, imagination, originality and excitement and enthusiasm that they could not have even approach thinking about this kind -- they couldn't have thought about victory were he not at the top of the ticket. >> if not for donald trump, democrats would now control the senate. lou: and most likely the white house as well. fred barnes, weekly standard. it was a heated election season as you probably noticed. after everything was said and done and it has been said and now we have the doing part, all the votes are counsel almost,
4:05 am
both hillary clinton and the president-elect have cordial remarks for one another and for the country. >> our campaign was never about one person or even one election. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and a chance to lead. >> now it's time for americans to bind the wounds of division. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. lou: joining me now tammy bruce, host of the mike gallagher show. both are fox news contributors and great to have you both with us. let's start with the kumbaya moment. everybody coming together. paul ryan did everything but reach out to give the president-elect a big hug today. are you impressed and are you hopeful? >> i think this is appropriate
4:06 am
right after his event. clearly everyone was stunned because of the power of the nature of this. it was a wave. it's a mandate. these are politicians and they want to play a part in this. at the same time, people are saying we have to come together and unify. the election was the unifier. it was the people who had been ignored, betrayed and pushed out of our system that said no. by this group, by these groups coming back in. when we hear these arguments that we have to come back together, i would say the election has done that. and it's the people who set up the division that have to rethink and frankly apologize to some degree about what it was that caused this in the first place and be able to embrace these individuals who said you are not going to shut us out of the system. >> i want to acknowledge when the history books write about this extraordinary year. lou dobbs will be written about. you never have wavered. you never floundered. some of us got this right, and
4:07 am
it feels great today. i have to admit i'm taking way too much enjoyment watching a bunch of scraggly protesters who are angry. lou: can we go back to the accomplishments? >> of course. but i mean it. this is very important. it's hard to watch people today who betrayed donald trump try to be gaition. i have to admit. i had a real distinguish when i saw -- i had a real twinge when i saw paul ryan speak today. >> president obama's notion of i'm hoping he's successful. a week ago he called him inhuman. nobody has changed and we are moving into a different era.
4:08 am
>> obama's legacy is shattered. trump is going to undo he executive order. and president obama knows it. his legacy is gone. >> one of the great things is we have a man about to step into the white house. i have no question about his judgment and his capacity to deal with thdeal -- capacity toe insincerity. i want to go to something you said, michael, the number of protesters that are in the streets in a number of cities in this country. this is chicago. you are looking at live pictures from downtown chicago. they are protesting exactly what? a president-elect who has just received 270 -- 279, three states outstanding, two of which he's likely to add to his total of 279.
4:09 am
but this is not going well in chicago. it's a city where things often do not go well on the streets when people assemble like this with this demeanor. and when they assemble like this, you watch mounted police moving into the crowd to try to restore order. most of them are often motivated by professional paid pro rock provocateurs. we do not know precisely if that's the case, but that has been the experience particularly in chicago. but it's happening not only in chicago. do we have pictures of seattle? these are also live pictures from outdown seattle where you see -- from downtown seattle where you see police cars and police officers massing. these pictures coming from the
4:10 am
abc affiliate in seattle, washington. another demonstration under way. and that also we can move south down and stay in the northwest down to portland. portland, oregon. we'll wait for those pictures to come up. th is portland. these are sizable protests. we don't have estimates about exact size. i won't proffer one. you can judge as well as i can the numbers of people amassed there. only in chicago are we seeing really unruly and disruptive behavior on the streets. but again we are back to chicago. and you can hear the noise and the energy rising as police officers and mounted police are moving to bring them under control. you see some of the protesters advancing -- we have also in new
4:11 am
york, a very similar situation going on, an estimated 2,000 people out on 6th avenue. and some of them i understand from eyewitnesses, one of them is mike gallagher, saying nasty things about fox news. >> my sensibilities were offend. i posted it on my facebook fan page. you will see these protesters just a few minutes ago out here. hough i understand they have one too many fs in fox news. >> it's law and order that won yesterday. this is what americans are tired of. it's law and order. >> let's see if the mainstream media denounces these protesters as they would have denounced protesters who might have taken to the streets if hillary
4:12 am
clinton had won. lou: i can't imagine the trump supporters doing so. these protest are across the country, at least a half dozen of them. four to be more precise. up next, president-elect donald trump reaching out to global leaders who are reaching out to him. donald trump says he's willing to form new partnerships with those willing to work with him. >> i want to telled the world community that while we'll always put america's interests first, we'll deal fairly with everyone. we'll seek common ground. lou: common ground. what an idea. kt mcfarland, a member of donald trump's national security advisory committee. we'll talk about that and a we'll talk about that and a great deal more.
4:13 am
4:14 am
4:15 am
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and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. lou: world leaders today reaching out to president-elect donald trump.
4:17 am
don't you love it when leaders talk like that. mexican president tweeted, quote, i'm confident mexico and the united states will continue to tighten its ties of cooperation and mutual respect. he said today he and trump agreed to meet to discuss the future of bilateral relations. israeli prime minister praised trump in this video message. >> you are a great friend of israel. over the years you expressed your support consistently and i deeply appreciate it. i look forward to working with you to advance security, prosperity and peace. i'm confident the two of us working closely together will bring the great alliance between our two countries to even greater heights.
4:18 am
lou: there is this dire warning from one of china's richest men. quote, if they, trump and china don't work with each other, it will be a disaster end quote. there is a nice positive thought to start things out. joining me, kt mcfarland. chief economist for moody's, onroberts. jack mau is a bit much to start with, but he's one of china's global ambassadors. he starts this nonsense. this is not a smart thing for the chinese to do. obama e-mails to let them lower their standards. >> they are pushing us around in the south china sea trying to
4:19 am
claim one of the world's great trade routes. we may have a confrontation with china. we built up our military. if the united states doesn't back down. what's interesting about what you just said. this is a new opportunity, a new president who thinks outside the box. he's not a status quo guy. lou: it makes it all the more aggravating that that on of a gun would start that way and the chinese would start that way. >> china needs the u.s. consumer. today we are focusing on the equity market rally. one of the worst days for the treasury bond market, one of the reasons, supposedly behind the sell-off of treasuries was the sale of treasury bonds by china. and they had been reducing their holdings in u.s. treasuries for some time.
4:20 am
and it puts upward pressure on yields. about they rise too fast, in one day 20 basis points. lou: that's the kinds of thing on which partnerships are not made. it sends a strong signal when you have all sorts of investment being called upon by the president-elect to be returned to this country. this is really dumb on the part of the chinese, and i'm used to them being smart. they are being dumb, they are being blunt and they are going to create issues that won't be helpful to them. >> they were expecting a hillary clinton presidency. hillary said you don't pick a fight with your banker. all of a sudden they have a guy who is going to be tough. >> maybe they gave a lot of money to the clinton foundation. lou: one of the issues here
4:21 am
obviously is whether or not we can get this economy moving. donald trump talked about bringing back the immense -- trillions of dollars. and most people think that's a conservative number, that corporate america has in accounts overseas, for investments in this country. with that 2.5 trillion, you could stimulate the deck tns out of this economy and do so in very quick order. >> it's provided companies want to put that in capital equipment and the like. and not redistribute that money to shareholders. but in the long run. >> i would say the reason for that is there is no real benefit from it. it creates concentration fan neither trump nor the obama
4:22 am
administration is. trump talks about competition and you see wa seet saying we can start putting that money into dividends and do clawbacks. paybacks. >> the problem with that of course is why do companies wants to merge. what do they want to acquire? lou: they have run out of opportunities. >> or revenue growth isn't there. lou: and that's what we don't want to see. we want to see growth, we want this engine driven up to 4, 4.5%. >> so we need tax cuts. and redo healthcare reform. lou: we have taken care of so much already. watch the chinese.
4:23 am
watch those russians. watch those iranians carefully for us. he i have got them under control and donald trump will put them where they belong. lou: you watch those son of a guns. we have everybody under a watch tonight. up next, his victory speech. donald trump thanking those who were critical in helping him win the white house. including the very first senator to endorse him. >> the first man, first senator, first major politician, he's highly respected in washington because it's as smart as you get. senator jeff sessions. lou: up next first member of congress to endorse donald trump for the high office that he is about to hold. new york congressman chris collins joins me. stay with us, we are coming
4:24 am
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lou very joining me now is congressman chris collins. a member of the house energy and commerce committees. great to have you with us. congratulations. congratulations! >> thank you so much. i won my reelection as well. it was a great night all around. lou: you bet. >> we are looking forward to the united congress with the republicans in charge of the house, the senate and the white house. we can actually move legislation, the keystone pipeline, repealing obamacare, putting it on the president's desk and he's going to sign sits. the legislative work we have to do now is to legislate bills that will be signed into law, which is very different than the last six years, a lot of messaging and bills we knew weren't going to go anywhere,
4:29 am
but we put keystone pipeline on obama's decks and he retold it, no surprise there. lou: you won't have to repeal obamacare but one more time after doing it six times. won't it be great to pull the trigger on live ammunition instead of all those blanks you have been firing. >> we had a conference call today with a whole conference and it will be all hands on deck starting monday to get our leadership elected. then to move into a legislative agenda on all manner of things. lou: there is a bulletin in there. you are going to elect your leadership monday? >> tuesday. lou: why so soon? >> well, i'll tell you this. i don't think anyone has got an opponents. i think we understand the pressure we have been under with president obama being in total disagreement on the direction of
4:30 am
the country -- lou: whoa! you have been in total disagreement with the president-elect on the campaign, the nominee your party and paul ryan. what are you talking about obama. obama and ryan got along greats. are you kidding me? >> we are look at tomorrow and the next day. we are not going to dwell on the past. lou: how about the present. i'm asking you a question about what is the conflict with your leadership and the nominee. the conflict with the conference and your leadership team? >> right now both paul ryan and president he select trump have been on the phone a couple of times, they are singing from the same book, and we are going to work and a legislative agenda. lou: whose book? >> donald trump's book 3-7b. lou: we got another bulletin. we got another bulletin. >> donald trump was elected.
4:31 am
lou: are you saying paul ryan signed on with the mom knee to push his agenda? >> i would say that is correct, and the president is going to be look at paul ryan and to us make sure that wee fill in the details on it. but what he has said is we are going to secure our borders and bring our jobs back and have -- lou: he said he's going to build a wall and take control of immigration, he said he's going to remove 2 million criminal illegal immigrants from the country. >> and we are going to do that. lou: super. >> there you go. we are not in disagreement with donald trump's top-shine vision. we are going to have to put pen to paper if you will. no one is disagreeing we have to get the criminal element of our illegal i am grants out of here and we need to secure the borders. donald trump said we are building a wall. that was front and center. we are going to build that wall.
4:32 am
lou: you had in paul ryan a man who said it would be better to have the task force agenda thing he created. is that dust and history? >> no, no. the better way includes a tax reform proposal that donald trump:put forward. lou: you have got to be kidding, congressman. >> what do you mean, if we don't lower taxes we won't get this economy going. lou: it's all important where you start. whether you start with the president-elect's agenda or pick up with paul ryan and his fitid agenda that d his fetid agenda that is a joke. you have got to be kidding. >> they are not mutually exclusive. donald trump is the leader of the republican party. he's going to set the agenda. we are going to take our marching orders from donald trump. and there is no two ways about that.
4:33 am
lou: amen, brother. hallelujah and have a great lame duck session. many celebrities are eating crow today. will the hollywood elites do us a favor and leave? why do protein drinks taste chalky? then get worse? introducing protein shots from 5-hour energy. protein shots from 5-hour energy are smooth and tasty, and still deliver 21 grams of protein with 100 calories. they're great for workouts, no matter how you work out... whether you're going for reps... or laps... or distance. you gotta try it... period. protein shots from 5-hour energy. great taste. 100 calories. 21 grams of protein.
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lou: canada may be on its way to becoming the next hollywood.
4:37 am
we m s an historic number of celebrities leaving the country. a slew of stars said in the past they would be part of an exodus to canada. others said they will leave north america entirely. none of the celebrities have made good on that promise yet. but the canadian immigration website lathe night was sow inundated with folks trying to climb on board that they crashed the immigration website in canada. the attitude seems to be in this country on the part of most americans i talked with about those celebrities leaving, don't let the door hit you on the way out. joining me now, the politics editor for "the federalist." mark simone, and bree, good to see you.
4:38 am
this an extraordinarily gracious moment today between hillary clinton and the president-elect. something i didn't expect. your reaction? >> i think hillary clinton was extremely gracious. and i was very impressed with the way she has handled this defeat. i think that turning over power graciously and peacefully is one of the cornerstones of our democracy and the way our political system works and it's unique to this country. in where else in the world would this transfer of power happen this seamlessly. sow i applaud her. >> what would you have thought she would do, put a barricade? it's what happens every four years when we get lucky. and that's what we had happen. the gop today -- just talking, mark, with chris collins who endorsed trump.
4:39 am
it sounded like he was maintaining fealty to paul ryan while talking about the nominee. >> do i have to be gracious here? lou: you do not. >> i think a lot of people fell for those rigged polls. they didn't know what was going to happen. why didn't hillary speak at the afterits center? i think she didn't come out because out of arrogance they didn't have a concession speech written. i think she only had one speech. lou: we were told during the evening, trump and clinton, were both preparing a victory speech and concession speech. i don't know what the answer is there. but i know podesta was awfully awkward and really intel prattly insulting to thousands of -- and inteand.
4:40 am
>> i don't think they told her who created the afterits center. it was donald trump's project as a young man. >> he broke the glass ceiling. we would love to see a woman president. but this is a glass ceiling. a private citizen as president it's what the founding fathers intend, private citizens coming into government. >> it looks like there is still the basis of great contention there. and listening to the conversation, the radio interview with charlie sykes in wisconsin the day before the election. it sounded like ryan thought that trump was going to be defeated and was making a play for this better way nonsense that he has conjured up as some sort of agenda. >> i have to say, i enjoyed quawchg the republican party
4:41 am
completely melt down. this is a party whose leadership was about a month ago oblivious that hillary clinton wanted to repeal the hyde amendment. this party wasn't able to defund planned parenthood in spite of having a majority in the house and senate. i have enjoyed watching this party melt down and realize, maybe we have to do something to make good on the promises we have been telling the constituents all along. lou: you are thrilled with the trump presidency and having the leader of the government in office in place with an agenda as he has. >> i wouldn't use the word -- i wouldn't say i'm thrilled with a trump presidency. i think that donald trump raises a lot of issues that other people have been gas lighting for so long. that's someone who is a first generation american.
4:42 am
ply parents and grandparents are often frustrated by the immigration system. their waiting in line gets overlooked. what was that? lou: are they for him or against him? >> my family has been the on the trump train this entire time. my family had a closer ear to the rest of the american electorate than i did. lou: you are on board and ready to move ahead with our new president? >> again, i wouldn't -- hough you wouldn't, but you will. mark simone, bre peyton. we'll be taking br earnings' temperature ad taking bre'stempn moves along towards pennsylvania avenue.
4:43 am
>> we have a great economic plan. we will double our growth and have the strongest economy anywhere in the world. join me next as we assess how trump broke every stagnant orthodoxy and won the white house in the doing. thanks for being with us. stay with us. we are coming right back. seeing is believing, and that's why
4:44 am
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you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. lou: back with me american conservative union chairman matt schlapp, and the former chair penfor --chairperson for the ge. bush white house. matt gets to hang out with mercedes because she decided to marry him. congratulations to you both. i have got to gift head of the republican party credit for making the call he did. you guys were on top of florida last night and had the rosetta
4:48 am
stone to what was going to happen there. congratulations to you. >> apparently the schlapps will be spending every election night with you from now on. lou: you have got a deal. it worked out pretty well, can't. hough looking at what's going on with donald trump. he looks like he was born to the role he's now in. president-elect on his way to leading the free world. i mean, it's been a seamless change of circumstance over 24 hours at least my perception. your thought, matt? >> i was informed i'm officially not going to be called a trump surrogate. i thought that was awesome. that means -- lou: i have no idea. >> it could mean i did a bad job or it could also mean they are ready tore governing and we can talk about how to populate the important roles and advisers around them.
4:49 am
this is money time. lou: that's a critical phase. in the george w. bush administration you played a prominent role there. and mercedes, your thoughts? >> i have to tell you, what's been interesting to watch has been the establishment republicans, romney, jeb bush, george w. bush coming out and in essence basically respecting what has happened, and noting donald trump's victory. i think that's very telling because i think it shows that we are moving in a direction where we know we need to have this smooth transition. we saw hillary clinton i think she gave a gracious speech today. and it shows at this point it's time for the country to heal and come together, and it will take time. but it does allow donald trump to move forward and work with congress. and as matt said, govern. there is a lot of issues on the
4:50 am
table that he will be able to push forward because of the fact we have got a united government. >> as a matter of issue here. setting up the transition, and i have been able to report on transitions since actually clinton's in 1992, in which he pulled off an amazing transition speaking just to that issue of his presidency. it is so important to put the right people in the right place who can translate the president's values, his promises, and his perspectives on the country and the way forward. some are arguing that will be more difficult for him because he is an outsider, becausee is anti-establishment. what do you think, matt? >> reagan did this in 1980. and he brought in a lot of new people into the system. i oversaw the appointment process in many ways in the beginning of the bush white
4:51 am
house in 2001 it's critical that you bring in new people. i learned lessons from that. and i relate to them by the way. it's important to bring in new people. you get ahold of these brur krat is immediately. right after you put your hand on the bible you have to have your people in these agencies because they will be up to pernicious deeds in the first couple days. lou: the justice department -- you talk about a swamp that needs draining. it has to be drained forthwith. do you not agree? >> absolutely. matt and i were talking about the attorney general and the importance of assuring we have a conservative attorney general and their role moving forward with the department of justice. it will be interesting to see who donald trump picks. it could be a senator sessions,
4:52 am
and i think that's the one pick we'll be look at very closely. lou: they will have to go well past the assistant attorney general to get that place cleaned up. i appreciate the nod there, matt. you get the last word in 15 seconds. someone thing i'm a little bit worried. they have to make sure as they make these picks from the cabinet secretaries that it's well vetted with sessions and others to know who can get it through the senate. that's the first step they have to start work on. lou: donald trump has wonderful people working with him and soon for him. this ought to be a great adventure in democracy and i can't wait, for one. i know you can't either. matt, mercedes, thank you both so much. congratulations. up next, donald trump spent about half of what clinton did on his way to the presidency.
4:53 am
spending $5 a vote. that's a bargain. how did he do it? the chief operating officer of the trump campaign joins next. ♪music runners on your mark! ♪you're rolled out at the dawning of the day♪ ♪heart racin' as you made your little get away♪ get set! ♪it feels like you've been runnin' all your life♪ ♪but why? oh why? (sfx: starter pistol shot) ♪so you've pulled away from the love that would've been there♪ ♪you start believin' that your situation's unfair
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4:57 am
dewitt. what a great night. >> i am on cloud 9, hearing said, president-elect trump. >> 3 words. >> they are sweet, if you knew how hard our team pushed and worked and our candidate, donald trump, he is tireless. how hard he works. lou: at 3:30, this morning, as we're calling the great state of pennsylvania, on this network. gets him to 2 70s. then we go to hilton for his speech to accept it. there he is in the middle of everything, he looks like it is about 9 in the morning. he looked fresh as a daisy.
4:58 am
>> he has bound less energy. lou: he is going to need it. >> it is hard for some of our 22-year-olds to keep up with him, he is a worker. lou: five rally monday. phfive sunday. how soon does it begin. you are now in transition mode. >> it began this morning, i am working on 45 minutes of sleep. lou: you are not doing bad. >> i've been known to have a lot of energy, but we're working to get it rolling. and move from campaign mode to governing mode. it is so exciting to get to say that. we want to deliver, do a great job on the promise that we made, we will make sure that we deliver for the american people. lou: right, trump leaves no doubt in anyone's mind about that.
4:59 am
there is a different sens sensibility. you get the feeling he conveys the view, that he means what he is saying. that is kind of nice to -- kind of, it is very nice to hear from your president. >> he does, he is a very straight shooter, a straight talker. and he really wants to make a difference, he wants to make america great again. it is not just talking points. this is going to be an overhaul of government, and it is going to get back to serving the american people. >> that is music to our ears, you have to be proud of having to have opportunity too be part of history, how does that feel. >> i am honored, i am. to see the two great men, to help them with donald trump, mike pence we have two great americans to do something great and be a part of that and give my blood, sweat and tears to make that happen with
5:00 am
others, i am honored to have a front row seat. lou: jeff dewitt, we appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: t >> breaking news. president-elect donald trump and his wife melania had to the white house to meet with president obama in the first lady. i am wearing femininity. >> i am nicole petallides. anti-china protesters hit the streets burning flags and setting fire in the street. more on that. u.s. stocks were sharply higher yesterday pointed higher yesterday. the dow up 250.10 we may hit a record high today. let's check in right now and see her features are shaping up with another rally on our hands.


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