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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 10, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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most powerful republicans are gathering right now, speaker paul ryan showing him around. they're having a nice lunch. this is part of a busy day of meetings, but let's listen in. >> very detailed meeting. we went over taxes, as you know, we're going to pick some fair method that are affordable and better. and that's what we want to do. [inaudible conversations] >> how does it feel to be in d.c.? how does it feel -- [inaudible conversations] >> thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> thank you very much. tight pool. out this way, guys. trish: you're looking at a live picture of donald trump there on capitol hill alongside someone who has been rather
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controversial throughout this campaign, paul ryan. he just had lunch with paul ryan. you saw all of them sitting there, mike pence, donald trump, paul ryan and melania trum there for a photo opportunity. donald trump spoke to the media before ryan took trump to show mr. trump where he will be sworn in before heading over to his fice for meetings. the president-elect met with president obama just moments ago at the white house. and, you know, take a look at this, everyone. despite all the worries out there, despite the futures market tanking when the news came in that donald trump would be the 45th president of the united states, here we are, again, in record territory. the dow hitting a lifetime high today. you see a market that's surging up 261 points following this stunning victory. so clearly, the markets are thinking it's not gonna be that bad. [laughter] welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." we've got a lot going on as donald trump tours washington,
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d.c. today. today's oval office meeting is a symbolic start to the transition of power. mr. trump will officially take office on january 20th. both men, you see them in that picture there, they seem to be eager to make that process a smooth one. listen. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future including counsel. he explained some of the difficulties, some of the high-flying assets and some of the, some of the really great things that have been achieved. >> my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that insures our president-elect is successful. and i had been very encouraged by the, i think, interest in president-elect trump's wanting
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to work with my team. presidenttrish: all right. a show of civility, some unity in washington. certainly a different picture than we saw across the country last night and throughout this caaign. you know, take a look at this. you have thousands of protesters taking to the streets of new york city and other met propoll tan areas throughout -- metropolitan throughout the country chanting things like not my president. this was highly organized. in new york we've heard that black lives matter was involved in the organization of these protests. and i would only point out that i don't remember angry mitt romney supporters vandalizing our cities when barack obama won, and yet this was the scene last night. we're going to get to our political all-stars in just a moment, but first to blake burman at the white house for the very latest on trump's very busy day. hey there, blake. >> reporter: i should mention very light protests as well here out in front of the white house as folks are just kind of coming up lafayette square, trying to
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voice their opinions as the president-elect was here at the white house for about an hour and a half earlier today. mr. trump saying he expected to only have about a 10 or 15-minute conversation with president obama, and hit it ended up going some 90 minutes long. the president saying that they spoke about a few different topics, domestic issues, international issues as one might imagine, but also operational-type issues. basically, insuring or trying to insure that there will be a smooth transition. the president describing it as a, quote, excellent conversation, said it was very wide-ranging and that he was, quote, encouraged that the president-elect wants to or seemingly wants to work with the president's team during this transition period to insure a smooth transition. to his end, president-elect trump said that it was a, quote, great honor to meet the president. said he had never met president obama at all until today's meeting here at the white house, and he described him as a, quote, very good man.
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clearly, a much different tone between these two than what we saw as much as last week and weeks prior. by the way, trish, i should mention now, should mention this wasn't just a meeting between the president-elect and the president, but also top senior-level folks. for example, the white house chief of staff, dennis mcdonough, was seen walking with jared kushner who, as you know, is not only the son-in-law to donald trump, married to ivanka trump, but also was a close adviser to candidate trump throughout the campaign. hope hicks, the top communications director here speaking to the white house press secretary, josh earnest, as well. you just showed a little bit of the video of the president-elect now about 16 blocks east of us on capitol hill. he has meetings there with the house speaker, the senate majority leader and also the vice president-elect will meet with the vice president later today. trish: it's a busy day, so much going on. blake burman, thank you so much.
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much to talk about right now including just exactly what is a trump white house going to look like, what is the future of the republican party? i mean, you saw him there with paul ryan just a minute ago. what is paul ryan's future, you know? this is a man who said he voted for donald trump, but he wasn't actively campaigning or supporting him especially at the end. things got a little strained, shall we say. so a lot of things in question including also the democrats. how do they recover from all of this? republican strategist ford o'connell along with capris -- >> great to be here with my two favorite peel. >> we love you for it. trish: it's a big day for him. i mean, look, it's got to be monumental, you know? everybody said he couldn't do this. he did it, and there he is, president-elect on january 20th he will be the 45th president of the united states, but there's a lot that needs to happen, ford, between now and then. what is it that's actually going on? >> number one question is, do
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you want to keep speaker ryan? he had terrible instincts about the donald trump phenomenon. he didn't understand trump, he didn't understand the populism, the nationalism, the message that he hit in the industrial midwest, particularly in your state. there's a lot about donald trump that maul ryan missed. -- paul ryan missed. there's a speaker's election coming up. the question's going to be if you don't like paul ryan, who is it that we think should actually be able to go through this? paul ryan can move legislation, what do you want the agenda in the first 100 days? if you actually keep paul ryan, then you're going to have a chip in the game over him, and i think that might be the wisest of two moves. trish: wow. not to mention you've got to be wondering if this guy actually has your back. california prix, he count really willing to stick his neck out there the way others were, so why would you reward that? >> frankly, nobody was on donald trump's side, democrats or republicans. so, i mean, the people that you see donald trump --
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trish: well, you had, i mean, rudy giuliani, chris christie -- >> yeah, but those people are not in congress, i guess is my point. jeff sessions in the united states senate, but when you think about who are the people, you know, in the actual house of representatives that really stuck their neck out for donald trump, there really are not very many of them. there are some from california, for example, from the state of new york, but, you know, i think at this point what he really needs to focus on is how is he going to be able to govern, how is he going to be able to execute, as ford said, his agenda? this isn't necessarily about rewarding, you know, who was with you and who wasn't, frankly, because 99% of the world wasn't. it's how do we get -- trish: okay. do you think paul ryan can get the job done, or is he so out of touch -- >> i think the -- freedom caucus is what he's going to have to worry about, honestly, and that's been the issue. you know -- >> get the ninth supreme court justice who looks a lot like antonin scalia.
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you've got the freedom caucus. remember who helped donald trump the most, which i cannot believe i'm saying this on tv, was mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader. so he's got some people in the game. there's one key that paul ryan has, and i give him a lot of credit, the man knows how to move legislation. and that may not sound a lot, like a lot to your viewers -- trish: you've got to get stuff done. >> right. you're going to have to get stuff done. it sounds like, obviously, donald trump is better suited in the senate, he's got more people on his side. but at the end of the day, he's still -- i mean, i still think paul ryan is going to have to walk a delicate line with the freedom caucus regardless of what happens -- trish: well, the thing is if donald trump comes out and says, look, i'm taking paul ryan under my wing, he is on our side, then, gosh darn it, he will have saved paul ryan's career. he has that power. >> and he also will have a chip in the game that paul ryan's going to have to pay back. >> right. >> rember, we have a very
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ambitious first 100 days, building a wall -- >> having a special session to repeal obamacare. >> exactly. that's going to be very hard to accomplish without paul ryan. but i do think there's some things donald trump needs to start thinking about in consultation with mike pence is small ball items which is repealing a lot of -- trish: all right. we're going to talk about that coming up. thank you so much, capri and ford. meanwhile, donald trump's transition team springing into action right now, looking at names to fill in those top spots in his administration. there are reports that the president-elect already has a few people in mind including the likes of rudy giuliani for ag or nsa, campaign finance chair steve my knew chin for treasury secretary, former goldman sachs guy, and early supporters newt gingrich and tennessee senator bob corker for foreign policy jobs. joining me right now, a member of trump's transition team who's looking to fill a lot of these jobs, ken blackwell. good to have you here.
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>> good to be with you, trish. trish: all right. what's top of the agenda right now? >> well, look, let me first just say i'm not at liberty to give those trade secrets away. [laughter] i signed a nondisclosure agreement, and so i won't speak to that. but let me just tell you -- trish: all right. tell us about the progress, if you would -- >> part of the fun, part of the fun of polits is speculation. but let me just tell you one of the things that will a aid and abet the trump transitions team is this: today americas has one major party, and that one major party is the gop. we control more governorships, more chambers of state legislatures, you know, at every level of government we are the dominant -- so we have a farm team. we have a stable of tried -- trish: you're there in the states, you're right. and you're there in the house and the senate.
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i mean, you know, frankly the world is yours right now. there is much, much, much that can be done, and, you know, people are looking to washington. we've had eight years of gridlock -- >> absolutely. trish: -- and we've got to break it. >> you're absolutely right. and so let me take off the transition hat and put on my conservative movement leader hat and my republican party official hat and just basically say the reins are in our hands. can we, in fact, put a harness back on the growth and reach of government and give free markets a chance at working? can we break this notion that we are permanently locked into an anemic economy -- trish: i just want to point out though, in terms of what the viewers are looking at, donald trump and mitch mcconnell are meeting behind closed doors. >> absolutely. trish: that meeting is happening right now. be he's had a very busy day, ken, meeting with the president, meeting with paul ryan, meeting with mitchmcconnell.
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what is his goal in terms of these meetings today, and how many more do we anticipate in the next 70? >> one, i would just suggest what he wants to establish in the minds of his colleagues there in washington or his future colleagues and the american public is that he is ready to govern. he understands what constitutional governance is all about, and he's going to reach out to folks who are leaders in their own right, and he's going to say, here, here's what we have to get done for the american people. this is what we have to do to restore american exceptionalism economically, from a defense standpoint, etc. trish: can you give us a sense of what do you think -- i mean, we know the economy, jobs, these are top of his agenda. what does he start with, sir? >> well -- trish: obamacare? >> again, that's at a higher pay grade than mine. but let me just tell you, i think he has to get obamacare done. that was what we, in fact, campaigned on. it's a broken system. it's causing pain at the most
2:14 pm
basic level, the family, today. that's what we have to deliver on. we have no excuses. we, in fact, can put us back on a track of affordable health care -- trish: look. you know, i hear you, ken, and americans, they'll give you this opportunity. they have given donald trump and the republican party this opportunity, but they're going to want to see results. as i imagine he does too, because anybody who's worked in business is bottom line oriented. ken blackwell, good to have you here. thank you very much, sir. >> good to be with you. trish: all right. the liberal media in total meltdown mode over donald trump's election. take a look at the daily news here. can you believe this? this is their cover. house of horrors. and they're not the only ones warning of some kind of horrible future. howie kurtz, your favorite media critic, is here. he will weigh in on the media and how they just got it so darn wrong and just can't bring themselves around.
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that's next.
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trish: the liberal media so upset, visibly upset, about donald trump's victory. here are a few highlights. >> america is crying tonight. i'm not sure how much of america, but a very, very significant portion, and i mean literally crying. >> tim kaine has a son in the marine corps. he was asked by john dickerson, so if donald trump is democratically elected and your son is serving as a marine, you wouldn't trust his life under that commander in chief? and kaine said, i wouldn't. that's a pretty extraordinary thing to say. if you have a son in the marine corp.s and that you don't trust the commander in chief. the people in the military defend the constitution.
2:19 pm
>> let's go back and -- trish: my goodness. martha raddatz -- remember, she hosted one of those debates -- she seems like she's the one who's crying right there. you know what's going on. [laughter] maybe you don't because, i'll tell you, they got you thinking that some kind of apocalypse is coming. just take a look at the daily news' front cover, house of horrors. and then there's this headline from the new yorker, an american tragedy. and then this one, the misogyny apocalypse, turns out being white and male counts for more than intelligence, grace or decency. my next guest says things are getting really ugly in liberal media world. here to explain, the host of "media buzz" on fox news, howie kurtz. howie, they don't like being wrong, and were they ever wrong. >> you know, trish, i've been saying for a year and a half that the media underestimated donald trump or frequently were unfair to donald trump and were clueless about his appeal to millions of frustrated and angry
2:20 pm
americans. but i would have thought once the election was over -- people on the left are always talking about harmony and unity and coming together and decrying the way president obama was treated. some of this stuff is just incredible. they're lashing out and not accepting the results of the election which trump won fair and square. trish: you know, i don't remember conservatives doing this. you know, you look at the protests that were happening in the streets all across the country last night in some of these big metropolitan areas, i think we have some video we can show the viewer. things were getting really rough in some places. in new york they were shouting "not my president," you had, you know, them burning an effigy of donald trump there in the streets of oakland. and i imagine, howie, the liberal media is fueling this. >> yeah. but, you know what really bothers me is this not my president -- it's also a hashtag on twitter -- because a lot of liberals felt that some on the
2:21 pm
right never truly accepted barack obama as president, thought he was an illegitimate president, and here they are resorting to that kind of behavior. let me throw a couple of examples. a top political writer for slate, he's an african-american, he tweeted: i didn't quite understand how much white people hated us. and jeff jarvis is a well respected media critic, he wrote: i fear journalism is broken. my profession failed to inform the public about the fascist they are electing. in other words, he doesn't like trump, he thinks he's a fascist, and if only the press had stopped trump, well, it's not our job, nor do we have the power, nor should we try to stop any presidential candidate. trish: yeah, i hear ya. you know what? hypocrisy is alive and well in the world of journalism. thank you so much, howie kurtz. >> great to see you, as always. trish: watch "media buzz" every weekend on the fox news channel at 11 a.m. eastern. we're going to be right back.
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trish: donald trump in washington today just moments ago we saw him with paul ryan getting a tour of capitol hill. i think we can go to video, he is right here with mitch mcconnell along with his wife and mike pence, of course. they are currently, right now, meeting behind closed doors. lots to discuss. we earlier heard from donald trump in a photo op there with paul ryan saying we are going to do some absolutely spectacular things for the american people. so there's a lot on the agenda, and he's going to need the help of republicans to get it all through in the hours and even minutes before donald trump was declared the victor, we were hearing, you know, how donald trump has been destroying the republican party and how united the democrats are behind hillary clinton. well, so much for that, right in the republicans -- right now anyway -- looking prettyarn united. but can that last? they've been, you know, taking to the streets there, some democrats, some liberals, some
2:26 pm
former bernie sanders' supporters and hillary clinton supporters burning flags, vandalizing our cities because they're so mad that their candidate didn't win. the editor of "the weekly standard," fred barnes, not exactly one of trump's biggest fans, but, you know, yeah, i think you've been coming around a little bit lately, fred. and he is now president-elect. he says trump hasn't split the party. he's actually strengthened it. fred barnes joins me now with along with democratic strategist, joe trippi. fred, this is the first time you and i have talked since all of this happened. you really think donald trump, perhaps, has saved the republican party now, though he was seen as the guy who was going to destroy it? >> well, he certainly at the end of the day united the republican party in the election. now, he got 90% of the republican vote according to the exit poll which seemed impossible a couple of weeks
2:27 pm
ago, but that's what you need, 90%. and, look, if it hadn't have been for trump winning in pennsylvania, senator pat toomey wouldn't have been reelected, and the same is true in missouri where trump got nearly 60%, and that reelected roy blunt. so he had coat tails, and in some of these very vulnerable house seats, it was -- some in pennsylvania, if trump hadn't have been there, if he hadn't have won, those seats would have been lost. here you have a guy who got 90% of the republicans, and he had coat tails as well -- trish: he dragged them, kicking and screaming i guess, all the way to the white house and now, of course, in control of the senate and the house of representatives. not to mention all the republican governors that are, you know, in power or recently elected across the country. but i've got to ask about this division that we're seeing in the country. it's remarkable to me that the very same people that didn't
2:28 pm
like donald trump saying the system was rigged, they're out there basically saying the same darn thing, protesting, showing an absolute unwillingness to welcome the new president of the united states. there's a hashtag on twitter, not my president, and we've actually seen a very dark and ugly side voiced on social media from the left. and i've got to ask you, joe, because over and over and over again the left has said it's the right, it's the right that's aggressive, it's the right that's violent. but, you know, when you read some of what they're talking about online right now, it certainly sounds like there's a very dark undertone to the left. >> well, look, i mean, first of all, there was some very dark undertone on both sides all the way through. this was one of the most negative, angry elections that i can remember -- trish: but they were accusing him of that. they were accusing the right of all of that, and now here they are -- >> trish, can i just finish my
2:29 pm
thought? so that's true, but the reality is i think we would have seen this kind of anger broke out -- break out no matter who won. had hillary won, i'm pretty sure all those people who heard donald trump say it was rigged would have responded. now, that said, what i think is important here is trump's victory speech that night, on tuesday, and then both hillary clinton and what president barack obama is doing in his speech, statement to the country yesterday and in hosting so quickly thursday this meeting with trump -- trish: right. >> this is part of, i mean, all of -- trish: no,hey need to do this. it's important. they are the leaders that that community is looking to. >> right. trish: and so they're setting the tone, they're setting the example. >> exactly. trish: and so far good for them for doing the right thing. i can tell you, i was listening to the press conference with josh earnest and some of the
2:30 pm
reporters, and some of the reporters were having a hard time believing what they saw, and they were sort of saying, look, you know, it was really ugly on the campaign trail. and michelle obama and barack obama, fred, said some very terrible things. how do you just throw all that away? how do you flip the switch and suddenly say here you go, we're happy you're going to be in the white house and strike a different tone? >> because that ooh's what american democracy is about. i mean, it is the same way. the president-elect trump said a lot of horrible things about the president of the united states -- trish: and now it's all forgiven. okay. >> no, but i think it's forgiven because it's about the healing process that we are one country and trying to bring that together when there's so much anger -- trish: it's important, it's got to be done. and, you know, we learned at least in new york black lives matter was involved in the organization of those protests last night. it's important for them and for others to recognize that we need to move forward as a country because, fred, i've got to say i
2:31 pm
don't think the parties are all so far apart in that everyone wants economic prosperity. and by gosh darn it, donald trump won this election because he a appealed to many of the very same voters that traditionally have voted for the democratic party. >> well, he did. and no question about that. i think he did it by his populist agenda, particularly on immigration and trade, which a appealed to a lot of working class people, some of whom already were republicans. they'd been move anything that direction, but a lot of working class democrats and independents as well. now for trump is trick is to merge that populist agenda with a more traditional republican agenda represented by paul ryan, and i think they can do that. there's every reason why they should come together. trish: well, we're going to be watching. i have a feeling there's going to be a lot of news coming, so we'll be on it. good to see you guys, we'll be right back. the pursuit of healthier.
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. >> we will embark upon a project of national -- national growth and renewal. i will harness the creative talents of our people and we will call upon the best and the brightest to leverage their tremendous talent for the benefit of all. we have a great economic plan we will double our growth and have the strongest economy anywhere in the world.
2:36 pm
>> i will tell you one thing wall street is buying it. we are looking and a lifetime high up 236 points right now. 18,825. so much for all of the doom and gloom out there. it seems that they are liking the idea of a trump economic agenda trumpet economic agenda for the next four years. if you're in business who what it. less regulation. kind of seems like it would be a good thing for the economy. people have been so scared of what he represents i note you are in that never trump camp. you think now?
2:37 pm
when he won that i wanted to pull my hair out but i've had six months to process this. ultimately i couldn't vote for him however when he won i saw someone that works as a paul ryan. jim and his opportunity as a house in the senate to now work together to get reform. you can always get what you want but you can get what you need. why is he playing this. you want to think you can get everything. he was basically saying you may not like me but i may be exactly what you need right now. he won the middle class and believed it. when you think of how it the democrats they put up a candidate that frankly it was so out of touch.
2:38 pm
maybe there was a point in time when she did actually understand the realities but she was so divorced from that. she was part of the 1% and a contributor to the growth of the 1% i think people in america felt like she will betray us. there is no future economic opportunity. she showed the personal corruption of the process where those who had it are gonna get more because they take care of themselves in washington. trumps economic and gender is is what's is what we are focused on. we were not for him in the primaries either but he has laid out and aggressive we also dragged him to say you can't say the things about women. he apologized.
2:39 pm
we're just a couple days in. he has is a very good economic plan. first it is aggressive. second rolling back regulations. you can start with his epa regulations. the brutality role. there is a long list. we talk about tax cuts. it has to be a tax cut that helps everyone across the board. but one of the best features and it is a trumpet ran against companies taking their business out of the united states. by cutting the corporate rate if you stay here they were both jobs. when you think about all of this in the trillions of
2:40 pm
dollars as offshore right now. wrinkly working for other people and the economies we need that money back here. she might have talked a good game. she was talking out of both sides of her mouth. at the other time i'm going to regulate you. they think threat so quickly. and politically speaking anyway. stephanie done. we will be right back. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job.
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for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. trish: let's check out these markets. the dow hitting a new lifetime high. president-elect donald trump. the nasdaq is struggling a little bit. we are not very nice with donald trump. we will see financials. they're doing great. up 4%. bank of america. perhaps some relief rally there. second day in a row. hillary clinton well not come in with massive regulations. investors are looking closely
2:43 pm
at espn. be sure to tune in. we will be right back with a look at why it's the economy and not racism.
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marched up six avenue. they gathered outside at the trump of the trump tower shutting not my president. it was happening all over the country i should say her point out. philadelphia, and new york city. donald trump has promised to embrace the challenges in our cities telling of minority voters they must demand more from their government and i have to tell you that message pays off. donald trump did and thinkable. he got a bigger percentage of the black vote than mitt romney. a new piece in the wall street journal today may some up one. arthur brooks writes there is indeed a gap in this country. and it has now led to a political revolution a significant realignment in american politics but the relevant gap was income it was dignity.
2:46 pm
joining me with more on how to restore the middle class. she is director of carnegie. good to have you here. we are talking about dignity into me i think having a good job been able to take care of your family. being able to be proud of yourself to have your children be proud of you that's what some of them have faith in recent years. barack obama was supposed to bring all of that hope and change he let them down. it's interesting that you put the numbers about the black vote for that trump got significantly he spent more time talking to african-american voters going into the computer -- community.
2:47 pm
and he did at the end of the campaign. and he was able to get to do better than romney had done. once i hear his message i think it's can be that. he was taking this on as a way that they had been so fearful to do. he got all of the backlash for it. i made all kinds of jokes about how he was trying to communicate with the black community. but the point is he was doing it. >> the way he was doing it was an inauthentic way. he didn't change his message for the audience. those in urban areas who are suffering. we talked about the dignity of work. of economic growth. it resonated with them.
2:48 pm
the silent majority that turned out to be not so silent. there could be a bigger majority. there is the one that fixed the majority. except for i also think it wasn't trumps advisors it wasn't for them to get there. he went out there. he is still that scrappy kid from queens was fortunate enough to grow up in it comfortable enough environment that he saw his dad build a business. and he understands what goes into it and that's a lot of hard work. determination in the right circumstances. you need a less regulatory environment.
2:49 pm
thank you so much. continuing to watch the big day here on capitol hill. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving
2:50 pm
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2:53 pm
over at yale one professor was canceling midterms. they don't know how an election prices works. good to see you guys. we artie talked about this before. these kids the young adults if you could even call them that. they just don't get it they don't understand. the realities of life the american people spoke that what they're doing is exactly why trump one. no midterms. and it's also professors. i can't bear to discuss this with them. you can be upset.
2:54 pm
>> 3,000 kids walking out at berkeley. we knew academia was this way berkeley university. this is just heaven for them. they love to protest. and now they will have four years and they can do all kinds of it. a lot of these young students they have to spend the entire year pretending to be excited about hillary clinton. and then she doesn't even on halloween was just a couple days ago and there was some dramatic things.
2:55 pm
that's why i'm not surprised. being conditioned to believe that you should have to see trump's name or slogan. i have to actually deal with him being my actual president. we have all of the celebrities that have said they are not gonna stay in the u.s. should donald trump be elected. i'll upset about it. at least she was sobbing at work. should we just help them. i don't think canada wants them. it happened when bush was reelected. no one ever followed through. it's close. and maybe they like it better
2:56 pm
than mexico. canada can have them. good to have you guys here. we will take a good quick break. we want to change the way we see the world by changing the
2:57 pm
complete landscape in lenses. our lenses will be more compact because we use a series of flat lenses and can be used in anything that has a camera lens. nexoptic is taking things from a conceptual stage into the real world.
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
see neckwear light queer life last night. what happened to democracy. if there is a stunning victory. i don't remember mitt romney's supporters out there. when their candidate lost to barack obama. it's a very big day. florida markets a very big day for donald trump we have seen him over the last couple of hours there in washington dc. he has met with president obama. he then went to capitol hill.
3:00 pm
january 20 is the day so the transition process begins. there are a lot of positions that need to be deal -- filled and a lot that needs to be done. we have the dow up to an and 67 points and right at the second donald trump is on capitol hill meeting with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. he has been making the rounds all throughout the halls of congress. with a lunch at the speaker of the house. after talking about how they can hit the ground running. the two discussing a host of issues in a very cordial manner.


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