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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 11, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EST

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america first and we are all americans. >> we are connected by that. god bless you and thank you. lou: god bless you. >> i receive it. lou: god bless you at home. sheriff david clarke joins me tomorrow. good night from new york. kennedy: president-elect trump at the white house to pay president obama a visit. bret baier is here to lay it on us. is hillary's defeat the end of the dynasty? is legal weed here to stay? or could the new administration squash that. grab a plate, it's time to get served. it's done. the presidential campaign of hillary clinton.
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the political grape who had the burstle wipeness. and she is now dried up. good-bye you sharifled witch, good-bye. this election was by no means a mandate for either candidate. but as an optimist i have to believe it's a rejection of statism and corruption. and for that my heart sings.havo ind so intoxicating. the fools who thought she stood for anything other than her own concentration of power. they are sad becauser shred data. every word that dripped from pundits' lips assured them fireworks would accompany katy perry on election night and their side would win.
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>> wrong, wrong, wrong. kennedy: what about the legion of celebrities who promised to move far, far away from trump's america. >> if it isn't hillary in november, does our act change in. >> i'll need to learn to speak spanish because i will move to spain or somewhere. >> i can't believe that. i need to come into your country if you will let me in or canada. >> you are very welcome. kennedy: canada where they have extremely prohibitive immigration laws. why do they want to go to canada, australia or new zealand where they are not wanted? because they have soft uncalloused hands for being out of touch with the part of the country hurting so badly, donald trump was their best option.
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these rich, entitled compassionness flunkies are more than entitled to make good on their word and leave before inauguration day. but they won't, because like their displaced queen they are hypocritical gum flappers who are willing to put up with a cronyist system that benefits only them. let me have just one more day to bass income the tragic beauty of hubris as pundits, pollsters and pop star as got it all wrong. i'm glad you popped in. i'm kennedy. president-elect trump visited washington to meet with president obama at the white house where he will be moving in
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just over two months. >> my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that insures our president-elect is successful. >> the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half, and it could have as far as i was concerned it could have gone on for a lot longer. we discussed a lot of different situations. some wonderful, and some of focus. kennedy: what is the transition of obama to trump going to look like? anchor of special report, bret baier. welcome back bret. i want to know, at what point tuesday -- all of the polling we heard and all the indicators leading up to the close of the polls on the east coast was hillary clinton was going to win the presidency. at what point did you realizee was winning?
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bret: about 8:30 we started realizing the raw vote total was not what the exit polls were showing in different states. a lightbulb went off. we said if that's not the case, then maybe her turnout is not as high in these states where she needs this turnout. and as we started going on from about 9:00 to 9:30, 10:00, then it became a reality. as we called florida and ohio for trump. pretty soon after that kennedy we were flipping the scripts saying how can she win? what is her path? and it took a long time to get to the finale. but by 10:00 we knew it was heading his way. kennedy: it did head his way. it shocked a lot of people, especially hillary clinton and also donald trump. people were wondering what this meeting with president obama today would be like. how would you categorize it?
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>> i think they are committed on making a peaceful transition of power. you mention a great point. the trump campaign itself, its date internally did not show that trump was going to win. they were -- there were some people saying good-bye at the final event to some of the reporters. like some of the staff was saying, you know, it's been great. and so it was a bit of a surprise for a lot of people, including the campaign. the transition has been in operation for a while. the trump team didn't focus on it as much. chris christy was the nominal head. but they have to fill 4,000 jobs on the lower level and 500 on the top level. so it's 4,500 jobs in 72 days. kennedy: imagine a fortune 500 company having to do the same thing. fill an entire building with bodies. and they have to do that in the city.
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a lot of those bodies in the obama white house probably thought they would make the transition to a hillary white house. you can see some of them are very, very glum. bret worth rose garden? kennedy: there are some strong sad faces there. many in washington stillling with the shock donald trump actually won. he will be the 5th president of the united states. it's still sinking in. i said heads are exploding in washington. they are. for the day, complete day after the -- after the election. if you went to any shopping center, starbucks, whatever in washington, it was this cat tonic zombie-like, no one was talking, silent. a deep, deep blue democratic area in washington, d.c. fan about as elite in establishment as you can get. the heart of the country, the middle of the country spoke, d.c. is now listening, and i can
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tell you this, there is a lot of printers with resume coming out of them. kennedy: those people have been speaking for a while. d.c. has been completely tone deaf and they have no choice but to listen now. because obviously they are calling for something completely different. they want their lives to change and we'll see if an orthodoxed president can deliver what they so desperately need. bret: he has a chance. he has a republican senate and republican house. he will set the agenda. i will bet he starts with the economy. and jobs. and obamacare. and then eventually gets to immigration. i wouldn't be surprised if the wall is starting to be built within the first 100 days. kennedy: before tuesday night just about everyone in america thought hillary clinton would handily tbeelt donald trump
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except for the 53 million americans who voted for him. how did so many media pun did and pollsters get so blind sided. juan williams is here, co-host of "the five" on fox news channel. and gavin mcinnes. so welcome be everyone. they got it so wrong. every poll that it read, every exit poll, every prognostication said she would win the presidency by 320 electoral votes. will we ever trust polls again? >> i don't know what they technically got wrong. trump is i different moment than other elections. i think they used historical precedence. and there is never been a candidate who was so shamed by the media.
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palestinian month who stu ported him you were immediately a bigot. a lot of people weren't honest about supporting him. they were talking about democrats taking back the congress. there has never been an election where everybody got it so wrong. kennedy: larry sabato was going through the crystal ball reports, and the modeling was based on 2012. because he was sow shamed. they assumed they could create the data to make it sow and it would influence voters. >> i think what happened was she could never get over 45-46. then the people who were undecided. a lot of them were people who were voting for jill stein or gary johnson. season stead all those people voted for trump.
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-- i don't know if that's it. but i'll tell you there was a wave rushing trump through in some of those states i'm still to this moment buffaloed by, like michigan. kennedy: two things i talked with larry sabato on brian kilmeade's radio show. 8:45 tuesday night, he said wait to see more returns come in. she is going to win this thing. later neil cavutoed a austin gold in and he had no explanation for why she was losing. gavin mcinnes you said all along donald trump was going to win. i didn't think his excitement at the rallies would translate on election night. i was wrong. take a gander at this. this is gavin and i making a wager some weeks ago. you wanted to make a wager?
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>> i will not only bet you 100 bucks. i will eat the 100 dollars on your show. kennedy: and you will. >> it, very good. here is the $100. do you eat it if he wins? >> i think i just get. if i was to eat the $100, that's what a loser would do. if you lost the bet -- then i wouldn't get $100. >> you didn't want the $100. you are too noble and i'm too greedy. >> we should give it back to the lady. kennedy: i'm not like hillary clinton, i don't have double standard because of my gender. if i make a bet and lose, i pay up. did the election mean the end for hillary clinton? for hillary clinton? or is it possible for bill and
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kennedy: they can't fathom a world without her in the white house. does hillary's monumental and
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humiliating loss mark the end of the clinton era? the party panel is back. juan, i will go to you first. liklike i said at the top of the show, i did not expect her defeat, nor did she or anyone on her team. what happens now? >> democrats are in the desert. with regard to her, i would suggest the foundation her grandchild. it's the end of the clinton reign. kennedy: that was hair bench. they assumed if she won the presidency, she would get re-elected. >> you know what i'm interested in is the fact a lot of libertarians and a lot of people 18-35, i think 55% voted for hillary clinton. don't dump on her like that. a lot of young people were invested in her. kennedy: but a lot of young people didn't vote.
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she didn't get enough people out to the polls. >> they got those numbers with cheating. with all that bias in her favor, she still lost. >> what does the clinton foundation do? do they take their he thunderstorms even downment and pickle it throughout the -- sprinkle it throughout. >> she should make the screaming cry like the lady in the wizard of oz. >> do you like elizabeth warn? >> the democrats are done. this is america 2.0. the system is over. >> she has hundreds of millions they made their riches off public servants and running a
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charity. this is what they have done to make hundreds of millions of dollars. she is the most damaged political figure since richard nixon. this election exposed her. the wikileaks stuff, the email controversy, the dnc stuff. she is the most damaged political figure you could manage. kennedy: that's why i look at the foundation and think this is a damaged enterprise. and all they can do now is really go out and try to do good works like the page melinda gates foundation. >> the foundation only existed to sell political access. kennedy: it only works on the promise of her presidency. it will take time and perspective and historical context to figure out what happened on both side. but last word, juan. i do think that some of what
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happened tuesday night, it wasn't just -- i know you would like to think it was a vote for donald trump and it was a vote against her and what she represents. >> i do feel as if you are liabling her. i don't think she is an evil terrible person ripping off the public. kennedy: she might be a wonderful person who has done terrible things. i think these two gentlemen, both feel like hay. enough. we want someone new. you think it shook up the political system apart from republican and democrat. kennedy: amy schumer and a dump truck of other celebrities said they would flee the country if president trump was elected. who will follow through and who is whining. what does the trump populist agenda mean for your pocketbook?
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and should he be playing out of the libertarian play book?
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switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. kennedy: trump got elected president on a populist vote. opposing free trade and porous borders. what should a president-elect trump do when he ascends to the white house? brian brenberg is here. it's time for brianh omics. i don't think we should write off this presidency. there are ideals and limited government that people voted for.
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>> you hold him accountable for what he says and what he does. there are a lot of things here to like. tax reform would be hugely helpful for everybody. corporate tax reform and regulatory reform. do something with obamacare. there are a lot of good things if he chooses to prioritize them. kennedy: i think he has to. people's personal economy is so bad, they need something didn't. they need their personal marketplace to improve. >> but he put up two things. you have got taxes and regulations and one side and tariffs and trade on the other. he sold both of those. the problem is they work against each other. kennedy: you go with regulation and barriers, that way when people's wages improve and they are able to start businesses. >> he may have to do something i am bollic and trade and scrap
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tpp. if we could get him to do that, and he would not touch the other things like tariffs great. but let's talk about regulation and taxes. those things will provide growth over the long term. let's think about spending and how we can reform entitlement spending. kennedy: congress doesn't want to talk about it, either presidential main party candidate wants to talk about it. maybe i'm wrong, but it seems to me that is the biggest pressing issue we have got is the debt service and not cutting spending, yet cutting taxes. it seems lining the path doesn't factor in the end. >> it doesn't. his campaign repeatedly tried to say we'll get enough growth to cover the tax cuts. we are taking the deficit. you are just not. we need the economy to grow. that's part of the solution. we want to get to between 3% to 4% growth.
12:26 am
you have got to look at social security and medicare and medicaid. reforming medicare can be part of that. but you have to get serious about it. >> how do you finance something like that? i look at some of these public-private partnerships and transportation. and mostly private. i think you should privatize as much as you can. >> infrastructure spending is important for the long-term growth in the economy, where people know where the money can be best spent. the problems is at the federal level the money doesn't get spent it's need. they can put their name on a plaque and cut a ribbon. kennedy: they are building $1,000 concrete toilets in national parks. >> nobody should think the stimulus will have a major effect on the economy.
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kennedy: that's what president-elect trump ran against. >> focus on removing barriers. kennedy: thank you. coming up. epic wins for legal marijuana from california to massachusetts. will trump's next attorney general throw maryjane back in the
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kennedy: tuesday night was a big night for weed. as you probably know, california, nevada, massachusetts, they are they all legalized recreational pot. florida, arkansas, legalized medical marijuana.
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that brings the number of states that allow one or the other to 28 plus the district of columbia. rudy giuliani and chris christie said they would take a tougher stands. will that put everything in jeopardy? and what about the states rights and that sweet tax revenue oregon and colorado are enjoying? joining me is judge andrew napolitano. very interesting times for freedom. marijuana one of those issues even if you don't imbibe or partake you still want to see people make their own choices. 28 of the 50 states have done just that. 20% of the country living in a state where marijuana is legal. >> it was done by popular referendum. more than half of the voters have affirmatively voted in favor of it.
12:32 am
while the is legal, medicine alley or fed cally it's illegal under federal law. the supreme court ruled recently involving california's medicinal use, where federal law conflicts with state law, the federal law supercedes. this was in the george w. bush administration where he enforced federal law. president obama obama ordered both of his attorneys general do not enforce federal marijuana laws in states where it is legal. kennedy: he did have a bumpy start and there were a number of marijuana raids early in his administration. >> eventually he came around. kennedy: will the sitting president barack obama re-schedule marijuana before he
12:33 am
leaves office? >> i don't know. it's weird that the president of the united states has the ability to do this. think about it. laws should be written by the congress. another crazy example of where the congress, our elected representatives have given too much power to presidents. if president obama could take marijuana and put it on a that makes it lawful, president donald twrum -- kennedy: or where it could be researched so we could know by the for medical use. >> president trump could take it off that schedule. president-elect trump said he will even foarlts federal marijuana laws. so the state victories will go nowhere. kennedy: do we force this to the supreme court? is that the only way to force this? >> the supreme court reveufd it 7 years ago fan ruled in favor
12:34 am
of the feds. they won't take another case because the case law is recent and clear. when federal law and state law clash, the feds supersede. >> so much has changed since then. in the last 7 years, 60% of the country now favors marijuana. >> that's an argument if we were having dinner at the white house and he seated you on one side of him and me on the other, while he does have his own ideas about government, in an area like this private use, social issue, recreational, done in the home, we would find he would be sensitive to the popular will. kennedy: he said he knows there is value in medical marijuana. i love having you here at fox business and fox news. your voice is unparalleled. >> it's my 19th anniversary here.
12:35 am
kennedy: if president-elect trump puts you on the supreme court, it's the wisest decision he could make. i don't want to see you leave. but i think it's goart good of the country. >> if i went there would you come and visit me? kennedy: probably once a week. you know i'm your biggest fan and you are a superstar. >> the feeling is mutual. if. kennedy: world leaders are horrified and delighted with trump coming into the oval office. i'll talk to kt mcfarland
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kennedy: foreign leaders across the world called donald trump to congratulate him on his victory. while trump supporters are ecstatic. most of the globes asking what a trump presidency would look
12:39 am
like. here to answer is kt mcfarland, a member ofton's national security -- of donald trump's national security committee. will this be a non-interventionist administration? >> it's fascinating. when the candidates were 17 on the stage and they talked about the iraq war on various issues. and i was asked where would you put trump? i said i would put him smack dab in the middle where ronald reagan is. you have such a strong military that no one picks a fight with you. if they are dumb enough to do it, then you respond. kennedy: this is exciting for fox. because i think we have the best concentration of talent in the media world. there are names like john bolton being passed around. a fox news contributor, former ambassador to the u.n.
12:40 am
they are talking about him for secretary of state. what role would you have in a trump administration? >> i was a foot soldier in the reagan revolution, and i would be foot soldier in this one. i think every 40 years we have a soldier who comes in and shakes it up. hillary clinton was always going to be the establishment candidate and the establishment president. trump has an opportunity like reagan had, comes around every 40 years to re-think the status quo. what's the status quo in american foreign policy. let china do whatever china wants and not question them on it including taking over major trade routes. trump said we'll renegotiate those deals. the iran nuclear deal, he said he will renegotiate that. kennedy: what do you do with the iran deal? what is the united states capable of doing now that it's
12:41 am
been executed? >> you can do a lot with sanctions. kennedy: what can a president do unilaterally? >> what he could do is go to the international banking community. and we could unilaterally do things with our financial -- the world trade dollars. the other thing is the iranians have a new relationship that they are trying to foster with russia. with iran, russia, syria. is there some way we can bust that party up? kennedy: that remains to be seen. hopefully we do it without force. i know you have the ear of the trump consortium. >> i don't really, but go ahead. kennedy: get them to nominate judge napolitano for the supreme court. >> you know judge napolitano's principle on yearbook, somebody wrote in the most likely
12:42 am
graduate this class to be on the united states supreme court it works for me. kennedy: he's one of our finest jurists. his mind is unparalleled as is yours. kt, thank you. coming up. celebrities very upset about the election are threatening to leave the country.
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kennedy: pack your bags, hollywood, lena dunham, miley cyrus and jon stewart a few of the countless celebs who vowed to leave america if a trump president i became a reality. amy schumer swore to take up residency in spain.
12:46 am
now she says she was only joking. will the stars waiver or will we get rid of cher. is there life after love? my party panel is back. so this is always so amazing to me. people who are supposed to be thoughtful, smart and funny like lena dunham said a lot of people promise to do this but i'm actually leaving. >> no one ever does. they are so disconnected from regular people. and why regular people voted for donald trump. we are coming off this phoney recovery it's a tough time for people. i heard bill maher say a week back, we made a big deal about previous republicans, but george w. bush didn't negatively affect my life. your life? the rest of the country was negatively affected by that
12:47 am
recession and the troops in iraq. kennedy: juan, why couldn't conservative celebrities like gary sinise and tom selleck threaten to leave if hillary is elected? >> i guess they are happy. i don't think they thought there would be any big change. kennedy: do they think they will influence people to vote. like miley cyrus saying i'm going to leave. i'm not going to be on the voice. >> i think some of those guys do good things in terms of raising money. but i think celebrity influence on how you vote is overplayed. i will say to you i wait for you to prove it to me this is an overreaction. i hope donald trump isn't acting out and the donald trump who was campaigning is not the donald trump who is governing. kennedy: i didn't vote for him, but i'm not going to threaten to
12:48 am
leave the country. gavin, i think we should make a wager. double tore nothing. i gave you a hundred dollars at the top of the show to make good on a bet we had. so double or nothing. i say one of these celebs -- >> not one of them will move. kennedy: i need one to leave by inauguration day. let's make a normal wager, $200. kennedy: one these people has to leave. it's a long list. >> even though trump is winning i'm standing by my disabled student. >> what are you saying? that we are going to start beating up handicapped people? are you saying that if you leave and go to canada you won't be in movies any more? no, she is in canada we can't get her in a movie. she is way up there.
12:49 am
too bad planes don't exist. that's why they lost because their stupid unicorn narrative has no bearing on reality. kennedy: or they overplay themselves as important. they are so necessary for the functioning society. >> get on a plane, live in ontario, you can still do your movies here. >> what kind of show is this? kennedy: it' the kind of a show where you are reading too much into it. >> now it's on me, miss spotty mouth. kennedy: juan williams and his candy cane tie, time for christmas. coming up, our specially trained toddler is going to overtake robots as our home butlers
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kennedy: if you are still nursing that post election
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it could steal the breath of a newborn baby. that's why they don't let cats in hospitals. topic number two. to my many, many progressive viewers who are sad about hillary clinton's devastating defeat. i remind you, don't cry over spilled milk. like this kid trying to figure out how an easy pour jug works. >> you want to pour milk? >> yes. kennedy: keep going. too much is never enough for a young socialist. maybe she mud move to canada.
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you might wonder where easy pour milk comes from. the answer is of course -- just giving daisy a little bit of a push there. robot cows. over 80% of america's milk comes from automotons in wisconsin. it's a balanced part of every breakfast. grab one and you have got robot milk. topic number 3. okay. passengers on an aeromexico flight bound for mexico city -- they had a scare when passengers spotted something crawling from the ceiling. that's not a oxygen mask.
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that's a snake. a real snake. a mother loving state in on a mother logs plane. what would you have done? you probably would have joined the mile high club with it. it reminds me of one of my favorite samuel l. jackson films. >> we'll pull together and find a way to get out of here. first we are going to seal off this ... kennedy: that was a movie scene from schindler's list. congratulations on your oscar. topic number 4. remember when aol was the most powerful entertainment company in the world? it was once aol time-warner and they paid their employees in solid gold. that friendly greeting letting you know that you weren't a
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total loser every time you signed in. >> you've got mail. kennedy: it even inspired this horrible tom hanks meg ryan romcom. eye go online and my breath catches in my chest until i hear three little words. "you've got mail." the perils of digital dating. what is that goldn't throat greert doing now? >> this is my uber driver and he just told me something very special, that he's the voice behind. >> welcome, your got mail. >> know way. >> welcome, you've got mail. kennedy: no, i'm still sceptical. the guy's a phoney. the mighty vocalist is driving
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an uber in ohio. beats the heck out of the movie phone guy turning hands tricks for sandwiches. topic number five. until the uber driver loses his job and i hire him as my official sidekick, i'm going to have to read all my mail by myself. and you have to strap in for viewer mail straight to your face. marilyn taps the keg with you scare me. i'm almost starting to like you. that's a good sign. that's the second running on the ladder to hell. you gene says if there is a snark emoji it should have kennedy's face. judith writes, i always leave my tv set on fbn so i can watch varney.
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that habit forces me to hear a small amount of your crappy dribble. sickening your views are. i like "star wars." jane says, kennedynation just realized she'll never be cool. no, i will realized that 1987. even if i slept in a freezer i would never be cool. it's hard to be when you are this hot. but pat asked, lame show. when are you going to grow up you tiny weirdo geek. that was posed to me and greg gutfeld. but i'll take it. thank you for watching the show tonight. as always you can follow me on twitter and instagap. use #topicalstorm. and
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