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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 11, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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neil: trish regan right now. trish: hey there, neil. democrats blame everyone, everyone in the world except for themselves for their stunning loss this week. thousands rioting in the streets causing mayhem as they refuse to accept the democratic process. i am trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." the clinton campaign and its supporters just cannot admit they did anything wrong, blaming the fbi, blaming donna brazile and, of course, the media for her stunning loss. meanwhile, outgoing senator harry reid adding fuel to the fire, issuing this statement. let's take a look. the election of donald trump, he says, has emboldened the forces
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of hate and bigotry in america. if this is going to be a time of healing, we must first put the responsibility for healing where it belongs, at the feet of donald trump, a sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate. harry reid, you see, wants more protests. the people have spoken. hillary clinton has lost. and yet thousands, like mr. harry reid, refuse to accept it. on the third night of protests, things came to a head in portland, oregon, where people sparked fires ask smashed windows chanting "we reject the president-elect." trump, at first, firing back on twitter saying: professional protesters incited by the media are protesting, very unfair. but earlier today he said: love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. can you imagine if the right were actually out there, the ones protesting? [laughter]
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as one conservative commentator told me the other day, that would never happen because, you see, conservatives don't riot. nonetheless, can you imagine? the media would be condemning it. joining me now, capri, i get that members of your party are upset, they're upset they lost, but this -- and let's take a look at what i'm talking about -- this, let's see it, is an attempt at anarchy. it is an attempt at chaos. they are undermining our democratic process, everything that we stand for which is a peaceful transition of power. capri, what do these people want? >> you know, they're not necessarily sure what they want. yesterday i was passing the new school here in manhattan, and i saw people with three or four different types of signs, one sign said something to the effect of, you know, listen to the new generation. the next sign had something
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about obama and climate. i mean, so, you know, it's a little bit disjointed. this is, frankly, one of the reasons why democrats are unsuccessful. i often say democrats don't win elections, republicans lose them, and it's because we have not had a coherent and cohesive message to the american people. the only thing i would say about the protesters -- two things, i guess. one being if they really want to affect change, this is not the most efficient way to do it. trish: correct. >> and, two, i will say that i understand the concern that some have, you know, with the lgbt community potentially being, quote-unquote, at risk -- trish: for goodness sakes, donald trump has been way more progress irv on that front -- >> i don't disagree. but, you know, some of his more fringe supporters, and i'm not saying -- i don't say that people are part of the basket of deplorables. for goodness sake, my entire district voted for donald trump, but i know there have been people that --
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trish: right, right. there are people -- yes. but right now the american people have spoken, including your state, including jay's state, you're all from the great state of ohio. people have spoken, and this is, this is part of who we are as americans. as patriots. we have a democratic process, and at least you've got to hand it to hillary clinton and president obama for encouraging a peaceful transition. what the heck is harry reid doing out there trying to feed this kind of stuff, jay? >> well, capri makes a lot of great points, as she always does. you know what's funny about these protests? i did not support donald trump. i left my ballot blank -- trish: because, by the i way, everybody's jumping onboard now that he won, right? sorry -- >> look -- trish: help me understand what the heck harry reid is trying to do by encouraging this behavior. >> and what i don't really understand about this is the violence -- if everyone's allowed to protest, and that's
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okay, that's our american right, but this violence is counterproductive for the left because a lot of people that didn't support donald trump, republicans, independents, people that respect the office of the presidency are now going to be drawn to him because he is the president-elect, and they want him to succeed. i think there's -- trish: well, but maybe, you know, the political hacks out there, they still don't want him to succeed because, you know, they want to create this tension. >> yep. trish: i think that's why you're seeing harry reid say what he says. meanwhile, the media effectively helping to fuel this and basically putting their stamp of approval on all of this. so much so that there are many now in the business community that seem to think it's okay to be anti-donald trump, anti-the president of the united states right now. in fact, one guy actually over at grubhub which if you don't know what it is -- >> delivery -- trish: yeah. you can order your lunch online. ceo matt maloney came out and said, effectively, that, you
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know, if you work at grubhub and you're a donald trump supporter, get out. you have no place at grubhub. while demeaning, insutting and rid -- insulting and ridiculing immigrants and the disabled, i want to be clear that this behavior and these views have no place at grubhub. he sent this out right after the election. he has since walked it back and tried to say, look, i'm -- let me clarify that, you know, i'm not telling people to resign if they voted for trump. you saw the first message he sent his employees there, and so it basically is helping to feed this sense of anarchy, this sense that you don't have to accept donald trump, capri. >> you know, this is really disturbing. i mean, the fact that a place of employment would suggest that, you know, you can't work there because of your political i views regardless of what they are, you know, is a really disturbing fact.
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and, you know, again, i voted for hillary clinton somewhat reluctantly, but i voted for hillary clinton -- trish: i get you were never a hillary supporter, but you're a democrat. >> right. at the end of the day, we all have to work together to make sure our nation is functioning, that our economy is thriving, and the only way we can to that is if we work together. trish: and let's not forget, we're all in this together in that we all want jobs, economic prosperity. you guys are from ohio. 2,000 people were laid off right around the time of the election, capri, in your district. >> that's right. trish: what do you tell those people who are saying, gosh, i need to be able to take care of my family, i need a future? >> i'm heartbroken over it, to be quite honest, you know? those folks -- and, again, my home county, trumble county, which is where the general motors plant is, they lost 1600 jobs, the remaining were up in michigan. but, you know, i was on the phone with them yesterday, and i said i want to do what i can to maybe bring someone from team trump in --
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trish: good for you, because this is what needs to happen in this country. we need to be working together. enough with the political discourse. >> that's right. trish: she never talk to those people out in ohio, she never resonated with them in michigan or in pennsylvania. this is the result. capri, jay, good to have you guys here. thank you so much. i want to get to this, again, unbelievable footage coming to us out of portland overnight. riots in the streets. all over donald trump's victory. we know that many of these protests including this one were organized by different groups including the black lives matter movement. the keyword here, organized. and yet look at what cnn's senior white house correspondent tweeted. he wrote: worth pointing out the protests i covered in front of trump tower last night came out of nowhere. we reported as it grew around us. come on, really? out of nowhere? take a look at this facebook
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invite for that exact same protest. it came out of somewhere. so why does the media want you to believe something else entirely? joining me right now, dan gaynor from the media rearch center. hi, dan. >> hey. trish: all right. cnn is telling us people just started gathering in the streets, that this came out of nowhere. what's the truth? >> the truth is the left has been rioting, burning, vandalizing, attacking people for years. this is not new. occupy wall street, 7700 arrests for everything from violence to arson to creating chaos. then you've had black lives matter in ferguson, hands up, don't shoot. they've been doing this for years, and the media treat it like it's no thing, they downplay it, they don't want to talk about the bad. then they try to portray trump's supporters as violent even when they're the victims of attack. trish: so it's a double standard yet again.
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>> it's -- or it's the one standard. everything the left does is great, everything the right does is wrong. trish: you know, i'm amazed at the whole process, how the media has gone on this attack. ask you know what, dan? people see through it. people like the folks in ohio, the ones that just lost their jobs that capri was telling us about, they see through it. and, you know, for whatever reason, the media, they fuel this kind of anarchy while simultaneously leaving the rest of america completely out. why do you think that is? >> well, because they are just as angry as the protesters. this is a national -- trish: and they're using their pen. and their computers. >> this is a national temper tantrum. right. the digital way of doing it is to cover it, to write about it, to tweet about it, and that's what journalists are doing. they're promoting this with stuff by promoting the stories of not i my president, the stories of, oh, well, trump -- only won the electoral college.
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he's the fifth president to win the electoral college, and that's still a little unclear whether he will be or not. trish: you know what, dan? i think also contributes to this, because i've spent a lot of time scratching my head saying how is it that my colleagues on the other side of town are so out of touch with how people really feel and what's going on out there, and i think part of it is the loss of local media. you think about newspapers all over the country, and they used to have a morning edition, afternoon edition and employed a lot of people from the town. and people, thus, read news that was relevant to them. now all of a sudden you've got an environment where that's all outsourced, effectively to new york, and so reporters that are in the middle of manhattan that have their own view are basically feeding that out as opposed to it coming from the ground up. you agree? >> yeah. but even then -- some of that's true. but even then they were left-wing. and you look at what the media cherry pick. therethere was a confrontation a
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local reporter last night here during the protests in baltimore, and it got ugly, and it was clear that the photographer started to feel like he was under threat. there were lots of cursing. the media decide they're going to make a big deal out of that when it's right-wingers confronting cnn people, but when it's left-wing protesters -- trish: somehow they understand it, oh, well, can you blame them, etc., etc. yeah, a double standard, indeed. dan gainor, thank you so much. donald trump has vowed to get rid of obamacare, and now that he'll have a republican congress, he ought to be able to do it, right? how's that going to work, and what other reforms can we expect? repealing obamacare, right after this. >> real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. [cheers and applause]
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trish: breaking news we're bringing to you out of washington, fox news has confirmed chris christie is out as the head of the transition team for president-elect donald trump. sources have confirmed reports that vice president-elect mike pence is going to take over those duties from governor chris christie, this after two top christie aides were convicted in the george washington bridge scandal which happened recently, of course. here we go, take a listen -- i want you to hear this -- donald trump just one day before his stunning, historic victory. watch. >> you know, my poll numbers are going through the roof. you know why? i really believe a big part of it is obamacare, because we're going to repeal it and replace it. [cheers and applause] we'll be terminating obamacare, and we'll be replacing it with so many different options that,
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but you'll have great health care at a fraction, a fraction of the cost. trish: all right. and now a republican congress means he probably is in a good position right now to repeal obamacare and put in something else, and that possibility has been pushing health care stocks higher. gosh, i've got to tell you the whole market, as you know, has been moving higher. we are at historic highs on the dow jones industrial average, and even right now if you take a look we are up nine points on the dow. here with more on the future of obamacare is former new york lieutenant governor betsy mccoy. >> nice to join you. liz: this is obamacare? trish: this is obamacare? >> clearly, the people have spoken, and the fact is about ten times as many people are being hurt by this law as being helped by it. but nevertheless, the president-elect has plans, and the republican congress has plans to replace obamacare so that people who are being helped
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with this law will not be left in the lurch. trish president bush how soon can that happen? you heard him the day before he won the election saying i'm going to repeal it and put something better in. what's the timing like? >> well, the good news that the republicans in the house and senate -- particularly the house -- have been working on a replacement plan for a long time, and their plans are very similar to donald trump's plan. so they're ready to act. and there are some rules in congress that may slow them down a bit, particularly in the senate with the filibuster rule. i don't want to get in the weeds on that, but that may change very soon. so everyone is on the starting line but ready to act, and it's good because millions of people are being messagized for not having this -- penalized for having this unaffordable -- trish: and you think about states like arizona where premiums were going through the roof, upwards of 100%. new hampshire, you don't have a very big pool of people that need to be insured, so we've got to find a way to make this more market-oriented, get it across state lines. >> that's right. let me assure everyone that
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those who are on medicaid, medicaid will continue probably with block grants to the state which will give states the flexibility to deliver medicaid more effectively, better service for people who are on that. and people with pre-existing conditions will also be protected under both the republican house plan and donald trump's plan -- trish: so there is a plan, it's going to happen soon -- >> it's going to happen soon. trish president bush they will still have health care for a cheaper cost -- >> more importantly, he's going to protect jobs. the employer mandate in this law was a job killer. trish: can you imagine having to read that as a shawl business employer -- small business employer? you just get bogged down in regulation. >> it was capping employers from hiring more full-time workers and really pushing down hours for part-time workers. that has to stop. trish: betsy, let me share with you a trump tweet from today:
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busy day planned in new york, will soon be making some very important decisions on the people who will be running our government. we just got that news out that mike pence is now running that transition team. you are being considered for secretary for health and human services, i have heard. would you take the opportunity. >> >> of course. i would be thrilled to serve this president and my country in any capacity. i would be incredibly honored. trish: and this would be a big priority for you, obamacare -- >> this and also the trump administration is very committed to other health care issues as well. speeding cures through the fda, insuring that people who are facing terminal illnesses have a shot at prolonging their own lives, fixing health care for veterans. there's a lot to be done in the health care area. trish: what's your reaction to news that mike pence is taking over as opposed to chris christie -- >> well, i've always very much liked chris christie, but mike pence has the ear of congress. he has very strong personal relationships with congressional leaders. that's important for getting
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through repeal and replace. trish: do you think paul ryan stays on? >> i have no reason not to believe that. i haven't -- i have no inside information on that. but i know that mike pence is going to do a terrific job in the transition because he can bring the trump personnel and congressional leaders together to really work strongly. trish: you need that. all right. interesting times. thank you so much, betsy mccoy. let's watch bank stocks for a minute here, they're rallying right across the board. this is in reaction -- look at that, more michigan stanley up -- morgan stanley up 17%, goldman sachs up 15%, they're loving the idea of donald trump -- >> oh, yes. trish: -- in the white house. and it's because they're hoping there will be less regulation. maybe we'll actually see interest rates move in our lifetimes. [laughter] we've got the details on trump's economic agenda and what it means for your jobs, what it means for this market, what it means for all of us. that's next.
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trish: all right. breaking right now, more information in from the trump campaign. he's announcing a few phase of his presidential transition team. vice president mike pence is going to be serving as chairman of this transition team as opposed to chris christie, so mike pence taking over that role though chris christie will continue in a vp capacity. peter barnes is in d.c., he has the latest on this. hey, peter. >> reporter: that's right, trish. christie will stay on as vice chair and also joining him on the transition team is former house speaker newt gingrich or, lieutenant -- retired lieutenant general michael flynn, new york city mayor rudy giuliani, senator jeff sessions will join the executive committee as vice chair according to the press release just out, and he also named a number of other folks including his sons, his head fundraiser, steve mnuchin and some members of congress, marsha
2:26 pm
blackburn and others. chris collins, his first supporter in congress, to assist in the transition team. they're all joining, coming on board as well. trish: lots of developments, of course, day by day, minute by minute. we're on it for everyone, i want to reassure you, all of these developments. including, by the way, what he is planning in terms of, for a lack of, for the financial companies. and i say lack of because there was concern if hillary clinton had come into office, that she would have imposed a whole new series of regulations courtesy of her friend elizabeth warren. let's take a look at financial stocks right now. you can see at least for the week a number of them have been up significantly. i mean, check out goldman and morgan stanley. they've been surging to levels, gosh, we haven't seen since pre-2008 following donald trump's win. so clearly, there is optimism on wall street which you've got to admit is a little bit ironic because, you know, hillary clinton was wall street's candidate.
2:27 pm
but they're hoping that all those restrictive regulations that have been hurting the banking industry, that have been hurting their ability to loan to everyday americans will potentially disappear. peter, what are you hearing in terms of this? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. and repealing dodd-frank and replacing it is one of the top items of president-elect trump's pro-business agenda. we've heard also today from the head of the house financial services committee, jeb hensarling of texas, his name has been floated as a potential treasury secretary, also saying that he was on board with doing this because his committee and the house republicans and and the senate have already passed this effort. so i think we have a sound bite from him. listen. >> the legislation that i have had a chance to brief president-elect trump on that months ago, and that is our legislation to effectively repeal and replace dodd-frank. so, again, i hope i can help the president as chairman of the
2:28 pm
house financial services committee. if they're interested in talking about something else, again, i will certainly ask the call. answer the call. >> reporter: but you also mentioned senator elizabeth warren, a major critic of the big banks and trump critic, and she gave a speech yesterday in which she told, she warned trump and his republican allies in congress to back off from repealing today-frank. listen. >> if trump and the republican party try to turn loose the big banks and financial institutions so they can once again gamble with our economy and bring it all crashing down, then we will fight them every ten of the way -- every step of the way. >> reporter: but it's not all a glass half full for the financial institutions, trish. just last month mr. trump in a speech said that he criticized bill clinton's repeal of the glass-steigel act from the great depression that forced the
2:29 pm
investment banks to spin off their banking divisions. he said he favors a 21st century glass-steagall. trish: and it's kind of smart. we've gotten to a stage where you got that big, gigantic banks like citibank, and they're effectively using your money and my money to take on risk on the other side of the balance sheet. i mean, why not just separate those out, we go back to how it was in the old days? the risk takers take the risk with their own money, advisory is its own business, and you know what? the good old savings and loan traditional, steady has a place as well. that may be where we're heading, and i don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. given what we've been through. peter barnes, thank you so much. for more on how wall street is reacting to trump's big victory, i'm joined by economics professor brian bre mberg and ashley webster. we're looking at a market that's
2:30 pm
basically trading flat, but it's been skyrocketing since news of trump's victory -- at least since the market opened. what are traders telling you? >> it's interesting because i said this earlier, you have all those pollsters and pundits who blew it on election day and their forecasts, and you can say that about the financial analysts. these markets have not gone into freefall. we had some analysts predicting an 11-13% drop. hasn't happened because donald trump is seen as having a pro-growth agenda. yes, the financial stocks, to you and peter's discussion, have done very well because of the belief that the shackles of regulation are going to be cut away allowing bank to be more free. they've been awash in cheap money, they just haven't been lending it because they've been looking after their cash balances, they've been hoarding the money instead of lending it out to people to get the economy going. that's the belief. but as with everything else, the devil is in the details, and we don't have any of those yet. certainly, the markets looking forward, looking for growth. trish: stay with me, ashley.
2:31 pm
i'm here with brian, and it seems to me that, you know, they all mean well. elizabeth warren, you know, i know for some folks she's pretty tough to take, but you know what? she means well in that she wants to protect consumers. what she doesn't realize is the law of unintended consequences. and the more regulation they put into so-called protect consumers, the more they're actually hurting the actual market from working. >> well, and it's hurting -- trish: which hurts consumers. >> that's really where trump's going to go after things when it comes to what he's going to change in financial regulation, he's going to want to focus on helping community and small banks so they can lend in their local communities -- trish: and right now they have so much in the way of red tape -- >> regulation. trish: they have to hang onto so much money just in case. >> they can't deal with it like the big banks can, so so he's going to help them first. look for the priority there. trish: ashly, we're looking at yields on the two year, the ten year government bonds, and what it shows you is there's a little more on optimism right now in te
2:32 pm
overall economy. tell us about that. >> well, that's remarkable because i remember it was just at 1.5%, already above 2%. that suggests there is tremendous optimism about where the economy will and go because we're -- and go. we're seeing those yields go up, suggesting people see the inflation picking up, the economy going up and, certainly, you know, not only the banks, but the biotech sector, the drug sector, all of those sectors benefiting from this, perhaps, deregulation atmosphere if i want to put it that way? trish: yeah. >> we have to see it happen first, but that is certainly the hope. trish: you know, all those doomsdayers that said that the market was actually going to tank if donald trump won, they're being proven wrong on the spot. money doesn't lie. yes, the market got caught off guard, but there's optimism out there in the way of the potential for new things to be tone.
2:33 pm
brian, lower taxes, less regulation. i'm a business reporter, we don't have many biases here, but when it comes to lower taxes and less regulation, i can tell you pretty much any econ 101 textbook will tell you this is good. >> it's growth. every sector of the economy wants growth, and trump is talking growth, growth, growth, and that's why you see these stocks -- trish: i can just see him, he's going to be saying, did you see that gdp number? [laughter] hopefully, it'll be a whole lot better than 1.5%, which is where we've been. thank you so much, brian and ashley. good to see you. we're taking a quick break, and we're back with more on how the media is fueling these leftist protests and undermining the very essence of our democracy. that's next. second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company
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>> i would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me. i'll build them very inexpensively. i will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and i will have mexico pay for that wall. trish: do you remember that? do you remember day one of the donald trump campaign back in june of 2015? when he spoke of building the wall, it became a key part of his rallies. but was it his hard-line stance on immigration that fueled his rise to the white house? no. it wasn't. and here's the proof. despite what the pundits try and say about this being racism, according to fox news exit polls
2:38 pm
more than half the country says the economy, the economy was the number one issue. only 13% said immigration. and when it came to the economy, overall, i mean, trump got much higher marks than hillary clinton. "the wall street journal"'s jerry seib pointed out that trump's victory came by blowing through all those states that had been considered democratic firewalls, those rust belt states, places where, actually, she refused to campaign until the very end. and jerry writes: it was breached in states where damage and job losses suffered in the manufacturing sector by foreign competition and trade pressures as well as other factors. it is a more obvious voter concern, all of these things, than immigration. joining me now, liz macdonald and peter no ritchie. peter -- mow ritchie. peter, the left wants us to think this is ray is schism that's fueling trump, that his
2:39 pm
supporters just wanted to keep others out and while there may be an element of that in that, you know, look, if you're going to have a country, you need to have borders, what they seemed to be missing over and over again was this reality of life in ohio and in pennsylvania from manufacturing worker right now. she wasn't even there in the beginning campaigning or reaching out to them. isn't it fundamentally a lesson in economics? in other words, these workers are in tough shape, they need help, and they responded? >> well, the immigration issue was the way he used that to get some attention, to get himself into the game. but once into the game, he started connecting with voters throughout the country that are beyond the big, metropolitan areas of new york, san francisco, the people that aren't in finance or software, something like that, and are in the communities like reading, pennsylvania, which have been devastated by imports, often
2:40 pm
unfair competition, benefited by an undervalued currency first in japan and then in china. and over and over again, the establishment in washington -- whether it's hillary clinton or jeb bush -- their view of them was, well, you know, learn how to be a computer coder or something like that. and in many of these communities, that's simply not possible for everyone to do. they felt ignored. he said i hear your, feel your pain, i hear your cries, and i will do something about it. and simply, they elected him president of the united states. trish: you know what? [laughter] it's amazing to see. there's a piece that had some inside baseball, it came out in last night's times, and it looked at clinton's campaign and said how her husband actually encouraged her to go after these people, to go after those in the rust belt, to talk to them and campaign there, and she wouldn't do it because she said, liz, those aren't my people. i guess she was thinking she had women, she had minorities, she had millennial, and guess what? none of those groups showed up
2:41 pm
the way we saw voters, for example, in ohio. which, by the way, voters in ohio overwhelmingly there voting for donald trump. >> yeah, it's a good point. you know, i don't know why that quote played out that they're not her voters. they certainly were bernie sanders voters. peter makes an excellent point in places like pennsylvania, union workers, democrat, they're saying, you know, we don't have a job. we possibly could vote democrat but we can't, because we don't have a job. and the point is that, you know, when you look at how they went down party lines, you wonder if the reagan democrat did come out. there's going to be 3.5 million less manufacturing jobs -- workers, rather. those jobs need to be filled as the baby boomers retire. we live in bubble cities -- not bubble cities -- trish: no, no, they're bubble cities. they've got bubbles around them -- >> right. trish: saying, oh, my god, can you believe donald trump's actually -- >> right. but my point is the media lives
2:42 pm
in cities where jobs are plentiful, and they're not in areas where the jobs are hurting. trish: you know, i've spent a lot of time in places like this, and, you know, people remember when it was good back in the '70s, for example, and you could graduate from high school and get a good job at the factory and take care of your family, and those days are absolutely gone. it's a distant memory, and these towns are really struggling. as we look forward here to, one, the future of -- hopefully, a lot more click growth and, two -- economic growth, and two i think it would also be a complete blow-up, if you would, of the typical political lines, peter. i just had capri cafaro on this show saying she wants to work with donald trump because she feels like he right now is caring more about people in her district than maybe, you know, the hillary clintons and elizabeth warrens of the world are. >> well, there are two imperatives that came out of this election.
2:43 pm
one is, remember, the democrats did win the popular vote and by a considerable margin, but they didn't connect with these blue collar white folks that are beyond the big metropolitan areas. they need to connect -- trish: this used to be their base! >> well, it used to be, but it's not anymore -- trish: all right. i've got to lee it there. -- leave it there. real quick, i've got ten seconds. >> at the same time, republicans have to recognize their group is shrinking demographically, and they're going to have to start to connect with people -- trish: yeah. you know, it's changing everything, and it's amazing. we're witnessing it right here in realtime. liz and peter, thank you so much. >> sure. trish: if you listen to the liberal media and democrats right now, you would think the sky is falling, the end is near and the apocalypse is at hand. actually, they keep using that word in their headlines, apocalypse. up next, why they have it all wrong, and they are feeding this protest movement. i will see you back here in two.
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2:46 pm
donald trump's been pretty critical of some of these titans like amazon and others, and and i've got to tell you, they have been extraordinarily critical of him. investors are concerned about the impact the president-elect's policies might have on those profits and perhaps his distaste for some of the companies. we're also watching jcpenney which is way up right now, cutting its sales outlook for the year, however. we're going to have much more on "intel" next. ♪ ♪
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2:48 pm
trish: you know, all the hand-wringing, all this concern, all these protests that you've been seeing in the streets, take a look, you can hear them there vandalizing cars. this was in portland, oregon, last night. you know, i keep telling people it's going to be okay. in fact, it's going to be a whole lot more than okay. because finally we have a chance at actually seeing someone who understands business, who understands our economy go in there and shake up washington in a way that could make us all more prosperous than ever. we need to give our president-elect a chance. it's our duty as americans to honor the democratic process. part of the reason for all this worry and all these protests you're looking at in the street is a direct result of the hysteria of the media. when you have headlines like
2:49 pm
this, an american tragedy in the new yorker or this new york times opinion piece painting the trump victory as a major loss for the country. i'll tell you, it aids and abets the left in a way that's unhealthy, in a way that undermines our democratic process. so for all those worried about trump right now, i say don't be. take a break from the mainstream media, because the first time, for the first time in the recent history we have an opportunity to reshape our economy in meaningful, lasting ways. and i'm talking about taxes that need to be lowered so people and companies are incentivized to work and produce, i'm talking about all that burdensome regulation that needs to end. small business owners need to focus on growing their profits and not filling out tons of bureaucratic paperwork. we need a health care option that works for businesses and works and is affordable for a all us americans. and we absolutely need to find a way to protect our country's workers, our middle class.
2:50 pm
for the first time, there's a nonpolitician in office who has a real shot at bringing economic prosperity for all. he is our president-elect, and he deserves a chance. that's today's intel. we'll be right back.
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2:54 pm
and when the election is over, as we search for ways to come together, to reconnect with one another and with the principles that are more enduring than transitory politics. some of our best examples are the men and women we salute on veterans day. trish: here at "the intelligence report" we all want to thank all of our nation's heroes for their incredible service. one of those heroes right now, ken marlon, or author of the marine corps' way to win on wall street, ken learned important leadership skills during the decade he spent in active duty in the united states marine corps, and he says he uses all of those skills every day in his career on wall street now. ken, good to see you. >> nice to see you, trish. trish: so you wrote a book about this because you want people to know what you learned as a marine that has enabled you to be a success outside of the military. tell us about it. >> i did.
2:55 pm
in some ways i wrote the book because i was frustrated. i just kept seeing people do dumb things, things like wells fargo, which you've talked about, and other just dumb things. and i said to people why, why can't people just run their businesses the same way using the same principles i learned in the marines? i had friends that said why don't you write a book about it, so i did. trish: what is the number one lesson? what can you say is the main takeaway that you learned as a marine that applies to business? >> you know, there's 11 principles in the book, and i certainly think they're all important, but it does start with one, it's the fist chapter of the -- the first chapter of the book. it's a concept that i call taking the long view. what it really amounts to, and it's not that complicated, is the idea that in the marine corps we all understand what the long-term strategic objective is, and then all tactics are designed to achieve that objective. and it seems totally simple and totally rational, but we see
2:56 pm
people all the time, and they do things. they -- trish: they react, right in. >> or they buy a company or they sell a company or they open an office, and we say how did that particular action help them to achieve the long-term objective? and so often it didn't. it was just a target of opportunity -- trish: and maybe they don't even understand their long-term goals. maybe that's part of it? know what your goals are and constantly be working towards that. >> you know, you would think it would be management 101. i watched verizon buy yahoo!, i thought it was a smart move. they already owned aol, they said clearly they wanted to make aol into this powerhouse in sports and news and consumer internet, and yahoo! was a great move. and then i watched microsoft buy linkedin -- trish: yeah. some of them make sense and microsoft, as you point out, maybe not. lots of lessons to learn. ken, thank you. we'll be right back. >> thank you.
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trish: we have been all over this election from the very beginning and continue to be all over the policy changes that are coming forward right now. they will have a huge impact on jobs, our economy, and you're responding. we're blowing away the competition, more than a million viewers tuning in, three times the amount of cnbc's on election night and continue to be here every day, every night for you, liz claman over to you. liz: happy friday. just getting this news in, the dow has crossed the unchanged line 156 times so far up until this very minute. could it be profit taking or investors starting to question the impact of the election? we have this breaking news that may play into it. a massive shake-up at trump tower. president-elect donald trump upsetting the applecart in the big apple. fox news confirming trump has named mike pence to run his transition team. trump has yanked the carpet out from new jersey governor chris


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