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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 14, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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lou: good man. great american. great to have you with us. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. congressman jim jordan joins us here tomorrow. we hope you will, too. good night from new york. kennedy: tonight president-elect trump has made the first round of appointments for his inner circle in the white house. what goes into making those choices? what's next for the libertarian party after a campaign marred by missed opportunities. we'll talk to today mangu-ward. hillary won the popular vote and lost the election. grab a chair. time to shine. thousands of young unwashed harry reids continue taking to the streets in protest throwing
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a fifth over the electoral victory of donald trump. no matter how many anarchists you hide behind. the unending public tantrum will not undo the results. how many of those brick throwing leftists actually voted? start a movement. get your people elected. throat a tea party. just stop begging for attention like an army offal tent of lena dunhams for the 11:00 news. speaking of harry reid, when he's not fighting with his a&m equipment, he's penning statements like this. if this is going to be a time of healing, we must put the responsibility of healing where it belongs, at the feet of donald trump who is a sexual predator who lost the popular
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vote and fueled his campaign with gig oughtry and hate. harry has an obsession with trump and sex. he lost a fight with his exercise band. >> a harry reid on healing. so sweet. they really are internalizing. exiled ice queen hillary at her better never than late concession speech. >> we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> you babies need to check your diapers and lock it up. our guy was never going to win as libertarians. we never get what we want in presidential races. but at least we know we are not stuck with her.
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we are like cleveland browns fans. some day our hell will also freeze over. it warms my heart to have you here. i'm kennedy. president-elect trump. chose former rnc chair reince priebus as his chief of staff and tapped sarah pali tap temped steve bannon as the chief counselor. what does putting these clashing perspectives together. john bolton's name has been bandied about. how serious is president-elect
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trump about you being his next secretary of state. >> i don't know, you be should ask him. kennedy: i would, but he's not here. i reached out to ed henry earlier to ask if the rumors are true. he said your name is still on that list. would that be your ideal cabinet post in a trump administration? >> at this time in transitions the media often talk about the great mentioner. mr. x has been mentioned for this position and mr. y for that position. but there is only one safe course of conduct which i will pursue here which is not to speak late on it. kennedy: speculation is so much fun though. >> i'll be happy to speculate about other people, but not about me. kennedy: who else do you think would make a good secretary of state? >> there are 0 wasly a number of people interested in it.
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this is going to be an important selection. the same would be true if hillary clinton had won. but this is something ultimately only the president-elect will ow the answer to and we won't know the final decision until it's announced publicly. kennedy: i want to read to you a tweet you were mentioned in by the progressive wave. he said regarding you, this is one of the most dangerous men in america. word cannot describe how evil john bolton is. he likely will be secretary of state. >> it's almost as good as being called human scum by the for korean news agency which they did during the bush administration. jean kirkpatrick said you and i have the same enemies, i took it as a freight compliment. kennedy: mike pence has been
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labeled the president-elect's dick cheney. how much of an influence dose have on the proceedings? >> i don't think dick cheney was pulling the strings behind the scenes in the george bush administration. history will reveal joe biden was a more powerful vice president over the 8 years of the obama presidency. how it works out for mike pence and donald trump we don't know. it has been evolving over time. it began in recent years with ronald reagan fan george h.w. bush to make sure the vice president was involved. let's not forget, when franklin roosevelt died and harry truman
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become president, he had to be briefed on the manhattan project and the atomic bomb. that's unacceptable today and it's a waste of good tall don't have the vice president sitting around to go to the funerals of foreign leaders. kennedy: that's how it used to be. that's why they put teddy roosevelt in that job because they wanted to make him irrelevant to the party and the nation. are you close with mike pence? >> i have had a lot of respect for him for a lot of years. i knew him when he served in the house of representatives. when donald trump named him as the vice presidential nominee it was a powerful sign. i think he's a solid, steady guy who will provide a lot of leadership in a variety of substantive policy areas during a trump administration. kennedy: ambassador bolton, when
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you become secretary of state are you going to invite me to foggy bottom. >> sure, if you continue to invite me to be on your show. kennedy: here to shed some light on the upcoming president is my chrome plated party panel. glenn hall, u.s. news editor at the "wall street journal." julie, i'll start with you for reaction to what ambassador bolton had to say. do you think he's one of the host evil men in america? >> he would not be my cup of tea for secretary of state. he's too trigger happy. kennedy: it would be a different direction in that we don't normally associate our secretaries of state with being hawkish.
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we think them as docile diplomats. >> i'm a little hawk i shall on foreign policy but i have a problem with threats of a nuke or bomb every single person who looks at it the wrong way. kennedy: i have a close friend on the left who texted me and was upset about priebus and bannon. >> trump has been an etch-a-sketch. the reason he contradicts himself so often on policy questions. he's saying with the exception of immigration and trade, it's whatever the last thing to him was. that makes the people who he surround himself particularly important. kennedy: i think that would be true of any president with no political experience. >> i think the career can make
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someone more decisive. his is more rans on policy issues makes him resort to the people he surrounds himself with. these are two diametrically opposed people. he reviles paul ryan and he's close friends with reince priebus. how that shakes out -- kennedy: he's the monkey in the middle. >> bannon will be directing the ship and priebus will be steering it. bannon will be handling questions of what do we do and priebus will be handling how do we do it. kennedy: you have to insulate the president, you have to take so much incoming fire but at the same time stay cool, measured and well organized. >> you are managing the president's schedule and the
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flow of information in and out of the oval office. that's a pretty organizational role in a lot of ways. a lot of opportunities to have that whisper effect. ryan ireince priebus has shown n manage the affairs around donald trump and keep everything moving in the right direction. kennedy: you think pence is a bigger story? >> pence is a bigger story. >> let me ask you this. is that because there has been so much more power concentrated in the oval office and the office of the president to begin with under clinton, bush and obama? so naturally does it flow down hill to the vice president? >> i think with this president he doesn't have the political background others. he needed to surround himself with those people who have the connections and can do part of the deal making he needs to have done. he's got those connections in there. and you see an upper midwest
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coming into place, the speaker paul ryan from wisconsin, reince priebus, wisconsinite and the vice president from indiana. kennedy: it's a part of the country where president trump did very well. the panel is returning in homes to discuss the next move for the democratic party. a little later bernie sanders joining a growing list of sore losers who is questioning whether we should be change our electoral process. let's discuss it.
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kennedy: the democratic parting reeling from its big defeat. failing to keep presidency or keep house or the senate. house democrats are convening for leadership elections. liberals eyeballing 2020 candidates. what is the next move? my party panel is back. julie, you are our resident democrat. there are a lot of younger house members saying let's delay this vote to re-elect hoyer and pelosi and talk about where we are, how we should move forward, and she hasn't been in charge since 2010. that's three elections that have passed with big defeat.
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>> the problem largely is we as democrats have forgotten who our base is. and i blame myself entirely as part of this problem. we sit around in our ivory towers, we are not worried. the washingtonee athletes and media he athletes. kennedy: the clinton spokes people never betrayed they were having any moments of introspection. >> it's easy for me to sit here and say the economy is getting better because my portfolio is getting better. but i'm not worried about the fact that i can't put my kid through college and i'm not worry about the fact i can't pay my mortgage or put food on the table because more of my money is coming out paying premiums for obamacare. it's made a lot of people pay a lot more money. we con desend.
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i'm mea culpa. we have con desended for a long time to people who have come to us and said these are problems. we really have concerns how to live our life on a day-to-day basis. kennedy: there is a disconnect between the grassroots -- >> we know what's best for you, we don't get it yet. i don't blame these people for being ticked off. kennedy: the same conversation could have been happening. republicans could have been saying the exact same thing. they could have said it was a failed experiment. we have no idea what's going on with people on the ground. by the turned out to be a big victory. >> that's what the republicans were saying after 2012. you do see within the democratic party, where is the bench, what's the future of the party, which factions are winning.
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you see the tea party effect in reverse. you have a left ward leaning liberal faction, and where are they going to pull the party versus what's left in the moderate middle. these have difficult challenges for the democrats. kennedy: maybe that's the compromise democrats shouldn't make. republicans with donald trump, he's not tied to an ideology, but he didn't compromise his views 20 come off like ward cleaver. mitt romney was doing his impression of a safe tv dad. do you think the democrats should be more authentic and stick with the warrens and the sanders. >> elizabeth warren scares the hell out of me. if anyone can channel that populist energy, bernie sanders had success with this, but he has a cranky grand a character.
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he's an older guy. elizabeth warren has potential to carry that movement forward. a few hours before we sat do here you haddock pie wall street and black lives matter protesters storming chuck schumer's office demanding bernie sanders be the majority leader for the democrats. he seems like at natural choice. i don't like her, but if i were a democrat i would be rallying behind her. >> keep your eye on cory booker. he's the opposite temperamentally than donald trump. cory booker has an ability to kumbaya everybody to the point where he will be everybody on the democratic side, almost their national service.
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kennedy: has he done anything? >> we didn't see much from barack obama when he emerged after 2004 after he got elected. >> i think the point you are making is there is an opening here. >> there is a huge opening. the reason i say that is he's got this incredible way about him of bringing people together and making people feel good about themselves. after a few years of donald trump and steve bannon people might say wait a second. kennedy: you have unknown quantities. last two times democrats were successful in getting the white house. you had barack obama and bill clinton and i think that ultimately hurt her. nothing to see here. the panel returns a little later. hillary clinton may have lost the election and won the popular vote. but there are calls to get rid
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of the electoral college. katherine mangu-ward joins me to talk about whether freedom lovers should be celebrating or kicking themselves in the pants. [ male annnouncer ] with customink, you can design custom t-shirts and other great products for every occasion -- from the first day of school to game day and everything in between. with the best collection of styles and graphics to choose from, it's easy to go online and create custom t-shirts and more for all of life's events. ♪ [ all shouting ] get free shipping and on-time delivery guaranteed. go to to get started today.
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kennedy: libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson. he was hoping to nab 5% of the vote in the election which would have given them minor party status and $5 million in cash to spend in the next election. but he did considerably better than any previous libertarian candidate. will this go down as a giant missed opportunity?
8:25 pm
and what does it mean for the future of the party? i'm joined by katherine mangu-ward. unfortunately not enough of the electorate embraced the ideas of gary johnson. a lot of libertarians were hoping this is the year. so what was it? was it base was kinds of a jv republican all along? >> for it to be a missed opportunity, there has to be an opportunity. but i'm not sure the opportunity was there in the sense we would like it to be. the electorate doesn't like the idea of cutting government. he did three times better than anyone before him. so i think we should give him some credit. kennedy: we should give him some credit, but he also lost a lot more in the sense he was with polling in the teens. if he could have maintained that
8:26 pm
going into election day, that would have been the moment. for so long, people have talked about the libertarian moment. but wouldn't -- wouldn't this have been that moment? >> it do have been, it other of was. at the beginning of the campaign cycle i had a moment where i enjoyed saying my guy is not an embarrassment. not the guy i actually voted for. but the guy out there saying the thing that i more or less believe. not under potential indictment or a rapist. whatever the accusations were thrown at the other candidates. it was a year to say you accused us of being insufficiently serious. kennedy: you are hearing gripes from both sides. you are hearing people say bill weld was a total sellout going on rachael maddow and endorsing
8:27 pm
hillary clinton and now his mitt cal career is officially over. thank god, we need some sort of a purist, but then we need people to say we need to reach out to liberty-minded republicans and democrats. which way do you go if you are the libertarian party? >> say the libertarian party had run a super pure brain in a vat as libertarians. saying their ideas are too far from reality. then you had conservatives saying i would have voted libertarian in this cycle if the libertarian had been a conservative. i think as in so many things with electoral politics. it's about the talent. and frankly out of the pool of people who know they are not actually going to win the
8:28 pm
presidency, but want to go through the trouble of running for the presidency which is not fun, i think gary johnson and -- i think the libertarian party has four years to find new talent. kennedy: someone like kmele foster. coming up. trump hasn't been inaugurated yet. but he's already dancing around campaign promises. what will he do? katie pavlich joins me with the answers next. sometimes when brushing my gums bleed.
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kennedy: last night seems to
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suggest to the boishedder fence he promised to build the beautiful wall from the gulf of mexico to the pacific ocean. take it away leslie stahl. >> they are talking about a fence. would you accept the fence in. >> in certain areas i would. but certain areas the wall is more appropriate. kennedy: i watched that interview and thought when did carol channing start working for cbs news? kennedy: president-elect trump also promised to put hillary clinton behind bars. now? >> are you going to ask for a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton over her emails and are you as you had said to her face, going to try to put her in jail? >> i'm going to think about it. kennedy: is he having second thoughts on that promise? what about the promise to
8:33 pm
completely tear down he shred of obamacare. >> when you replace it, are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes, because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. also children living with their parents for an extended period. it's cost, but it's something we are going to try and keep. kennedy: put those filthy beggars to work and let them get their own insurance. joining me now, town hall editor and fox news contributor. let's discuss, obamacare, the wall, prosecuting hillary. which one of these promises do you have to follow through on as president. >> i'm not sure he has to follow through on any of the promises. donald trump waffling on the
8:34 pm
issues we have seen in his past. and look at the past year and the way people came in and voted for someone other than hillary clinton, i think people quite frankly care about promises being kept. they just wanted to try something different. the fence, the wall is not something that's new. wee i think the hillary clinton prosecution thing might get a little more traction because if the f.b.i. is investigating the clinton foundation that's separate from what he can do as president. so there is a variety of things he promised, and a lot of things he said on the campaign trail that didn't add up to what he said later on in the campaign. but i think we are going to learn that all politicians are the same, they all make promises and they all break them. kennedy: it's easy to make promises when you haven't been in government it's hike a game of political janga.
8:35 pm
if you pull out the whole piece the whole thing falls apart. that's the problem with passing something like obamacare. you can't just work purchase the edges and african-american here and there because you are left with the status quo. of those three things, the most important if you are talking about preserving freedom, particularly economic freedom, is doing something drastic with obamacare. >> that's something the majority of the country believe in. politically for republicans it will be a good thing to repeal all of obamacare and replace it with something like paul ryan suggested in his pathway forward plan. trump argues he wants to keep certain aspects of that. he says there won't be a period where we hear hysteria of not having healthcare. he says there will be a two-year period. obamacare isn't just about healthcare.
8:36 pm
it's about the economy as a whole. the reason why they are looking positive. they believe a little of that will be alleviated in congress beels back some of these regulations. but it will be a big task. >> you will see members of the media pushing him on these divisive issues. they want to continue the device as opposed to coming together. so they can spring up small businesses. and create more tax revenue that way instead of forcing people to pay higher taxes. katie, come see us in the studio sometime soon. kennedy: the democrats crashing defeat. bernie sanders says change the system when it comes to electing the president. get your degree next.
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kennedy: hillary clinton winning most votes but losing the election. that's because of the ling early to college. bernie sanders says it's time to scrap that system. he's joined by michael dukakis and eric holder. eric holder, just go away. is this a good point or are they sore losers. i see you shake your head. >> if this election has taught us anything, it's that a lot of americans are upset with the outsize role coastal elites have on the american political process. getting rid of the electoral process that swelled the influence the elites have. for the most part i think you
8:41 pm
would see a rising influence in highly dense urban centers which i think would be the exact wrong conclusion to draw. kennedy: so i want to hopefully break down the two party system so we introduce more parties and more ideas because we are americans and we deserve competition and real choice. if people hate the lack of choice in healthcare, why do they accept it with a two-party system? what is your argument for or against bolstering multiple parties with the electoral college. >> i think more choice is better. it's hard to break through the hegemony of the two parties. the electoral college creates a different challenge. the challenge is trying to have a federal system of government where people are thinking about a populist-based system. you can't have it both ways. trying to prevent the big states from overwhelming the little states, that's why each state gets two senators.
8:42 pm
it's not a perfect system, but it's meant to prevent absolute populism. whether that's good for today or not, it's a different kind of question. but i would change the dynamic of the elections. all this talk about swing states, that's because of the electoral college. some people say that's where people are focusing most on the election. >> is there something wrong with focusing on places like pennsylvania andio and north carolina? >> you should focus on all of them and we should have a national primary that takes place on same day. the electoral college is here to stay. why is my vote in new york worth less than ohio. so if we have a one-man, one woman collectors in new york. why is it one man/one woman does not equal one vote.
8:43 pm
>> we are not apportioning the electoral college the way nebraska and maine do. >> that's one way to look at it. but you have to be cognizant. we have thad had two times in the last 20 years, romney actually got more votes than donald trump and donald trump is president today and she is not. what does that say about how much my vote here in new york is worth? pennsylvania and wisconsin which have smaller numbers of populations. if people don't want urban centers to have influence they should live in the urban areas. i don't -- why do cows get more space than people who live in urban areas.
8:44 pm
>> no single region has enough electoral votes to pick a president. kennedy: maybe we should start coalitions with other states. either talk about seceding or have the maple syrup council. thank you so much. way to start off the week. already batting a thousand. it's been a year since the terrorist attack on the bataclan in paris. but the controversy hasn't stopped. i'll explain why jesse hughs is in the spotlight again.
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kennedy: yesterday marked one year since the terrorist attacks that killed 139 people. but there was reportedly some drama involving the band's lead singer when he showed up at the venue. in march i interviewed jesse hughes who made headlines suggesting some of the club security might have been in on the attacks. was there anything about that night that was strange or off. other than see these people with their dour expressions looking out of place. >> i walked past the dude who was supposed to be the security guard for backstage, and he didn't even look at me. i said how it that dude, i want to put another guy on. i found out six or so wouldn't show up at all. y.
8:49 pm
kennedy: why is that? >> out of respect for the police still investigating i won't make a definite statement. but it seems obvious they had a reason not to show up. kennedy: jesse said i sum reply beg forgiveness from the people of france, and the security at bataclan or anyone else hurt by the absurd accusations i made in my fox business interview. but the bataclan's manager says there are some things you can't forgive. saturday that manager reportedly refused to allow jesse and another band member into the sting concert. but jesse denies he tried to get into the show. >> i wanted to see the place open. but i never actually tried to go
8:50 pm
into the show. i never even met the dude. i don't know him, i never met him. i don't know what he's talking about. it could be little bit harder to get rid of me than that. i love this place. i love my friends. if you look around all you see is people determined to not let the bad guys win. if there is any place i would want to be, it would be there. reporter: jessee and the band and the bataclan will be linked forever. he said because of political correctness more people died than had to. the bodies were horrifically caused up and mute late. i invited jesse on to the show and he accepted but his manager make him back out possibly for
8:51 pm
fear he would speak the truth. let's hope we don't repeat the same mistakes by licensing those who tell it like it is even when it's not what we want to hear. the average american household has 7 ninjas hiding in it. "topical storm" is next.
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kennedy: come to me and i'll soothe you with a sweet melody of news. topping number one. what else the biggest threat to american security snrt answer is of course ninjas which makes what i'm about to show you all the more horrifying. that's a ninja you are seeing break into a card shop in anchorage, alaska. now what is he doing?
8:55 pm
walking through, poking around. now he's fleeing the comic bookstore with a white sword which reportedly is the only thing he stole. look at him running in circles. a ninja wouldn't just grab random stuff. you know how difficult it is to become a ninja? here is video of one training. are you okay? no, man. i just hit myself in the head with a nunchuk. topic number two. you know you are in a rough week when your own trash can turns against you. thre is just doing his chores.
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oh, that's going to leave a mark. kid, you are losing ground. there he goes, and he's trying to lands it up but it's not cooperating. once again crash can 3, kid zero. that poor urchin. why was the trash can so anxious to get away? the answer of course, romance. ♪ i will always love you recycles is for ocd hippies. topic number 3. buzz aldrin is an american hero. he's touch as nails and he eats live babies for breakfast
8:57 pm
because it's a humanitarian. he also started a cultural revolution by kickstarting the selfy craze. the second man to walk on the moon snapped this photo of himself 50 years ago and tweeted it out to mark the anniversary of the gemini something or other landing. i got the chance to interview buzz aldrin earlier this year and i liked it. do you think the government is hiding aliens from us? kennedy: that's right, bro. wise man. if you ever see him, ask him about faking the moon landing. he loves that question. topic number 4. you know when i was a dancer some of my male patrons used to make it rain.
8:58 pm
in the champagne room. that's how i put myself through college. lou dobbs and i have so much in common. watch this malaysian man get rained on at the atm when the machine malfunctioned and leaves him wading in bills. he's picking it up making sure no one is looking. go ahead and gather this like i'm on a game show. he's not wearing pasties or crisco. his loss. much more fun that way. the bills stick to the chris to it's a trick i learned back in college. winter is almost here. that means norwegians are getting weird and no and nordic tripsing around the snow drunk. that's offensive. i apologize for stair ohio typing norway.
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let's get to a quaint village celebration. that's how you do it. just puzzling vodka. i was right. rolling around in the snow like a labrador retriever. he's going to freeze his lin tbrks onberries off. can we go back to him for a second? oh well. thank you so much for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on twitter and instagram. on facebook kennedyfbn and
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email tomorrow i have harris faulkner and kmele foster. good night. >> was he a lifelong hoarder or a shrewd collector? the answer lies inside this salvage yard filled with rusty old cars. >> did you know how many cars grandpa had? >> the locals say it's a worthless eyesore. >> whoo-hoo! >> his grandson calls it an "iron gold mine." [ auctioneer calling ] which is the truth? we're about to find out. >> sold it! [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] >> i'm jamie colby, and i'm just driving in to enid, oklahoma, which is about 90 miles north of


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