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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 18, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EST

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please join us. good night from new york. kennedy: liberals are whining about president-elect trump's victory. nick gillespie tonight house. are democrats going to try to cause a rift between the white house and republicans? and will it work? gold prices are up. it's great news for the miners on discovery channels gold rush. grab a shovel. time to dig in. the people who are lost their mind over the election have been overcome and punch drunk by the toxic cocktail of emotion and i are rationale.
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what are you so mad about? donald trump is not even president yet. rachel maddow lost what's left her frazzled mind when donald trump went out for a steak. she said his protocol lapse is a matter of national security. >> it's a matter of tradition, security, national interest. you may recent that you are not allowed to have a private life anymore, but you are not. it's a tradition with a national security basis? kennedy: it does? so how was anyone's security compromised when a guy who hasn't been sworn in yet go ahead out in public for a teak with his family. the left complains about trump's her to tearian impulses. but the desire to know everything he's doing and taking his rogue stakery as betrayal is
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a bit much. how did that affect your life. i didn't vote for the guy, but you don't see me sobbing like a war widow because i didn't get my way. govern your own damn life. stop focusing on some his tearial future that hasn't materialized. texas congressman james hensarling. former d.c. school commissioner on michelle rei has been named as a potential education secretary, and she is for school choice. this is america. give us choice, potato chips,
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deodorant and schools. be good to people around you and create your own administration. one of the classic lessons from the children's book "pink-alicious." , you get what you get. i'm part of the show, i'm kennedy. trump candidacy had any number of dark clouds. but are there any libertarian bright spots? let's ask tonight's party panel. katherine timph, matt welch from "reason" magazine and jamie weinstein. how's it going? so let's discuss this a little bit.
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president-elect trump an' got a number of cabinet positions to fill. do you expect to see libertarians classified by any of the names so far he put forth? >> the most libertarian candidate in the republican party set down markers saying he's willing to filibuster candidate that are out of bound. so trump is looking for other possibilities as secretary of state. nikki haley is visiting donald trump. and mitt romney is coming saturday. >> donald trump has a right to only appoint loyalists. he guess beyond that and appoints those who opposed him, that will show something good of donald trump. what is floyd ma floyd mayweathg
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to get? >> he only likes passion, not a fan. probably bothers him more than anybody. kennedy: the fact that she was only lukewarm on his candidacy. first she endorsed marco rubio, then ted cruz. but you are more worried about the man you call cuddles bolton. >> i like john bolton. he's a friendly guy. i think he's more hawkish than trump ran on, campaigned on. trump ran as a critic of the bush war in iraq. i am worried about that. but i would point to what you said earlier. there are a lot of people here. george w. bush was a regulation
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president. and a spending president. even compared to bill clinton. we'll see here in a bunch of different agencies, transportation, education, we might see the biggest deregulatory president that we have seen in 25 to 30 years. i say this as someone different' iting. people who are actively hostile to the regulatory growth we have seen in the last two presidencies are around the transition team right now. kennedy: fresh off their embarrassing election laws, democrats my have found a new strategy. find issues where they would agree with president trump. divide and conquer. stuff like infrastructure spending, child tax credits and paid maternity leave. are these wedges the dwem krats are going to expose to give themselves a shot at getting the
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senate majority in 2018. >> they understand donald trump is a conservative in the way a marshmallow is a mammal. maybe his number one advisor jared kushner was a democrat. ivanka was a democrat. donald trump may need coalitions, both the left and right. kennedy: one of the most surprising may start with bernie sanders who had this to say about the president-elect. he's consistent with his views that our trade policies have failed american workers and we need to rethink our trade policies, yes, i will work with him. kennedy: there you know. populism. >> he called elizabeth warren pocahontas on the campaign trail.
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she has been playing footy with him as well. the "new york times" is saying this is some kind of psychic way to win back something in 2018. but jamie is right. we want to pass this stuff. we like ivanka's child care thing. when she came out with that, it was more to the left of any democrat. and we caused it in the same language. so a lot of democrats will say yes. donald trump is beholding to nobody the republican party. maybe reince priebus, but not that's. kennedy: if you are friendly with both john bolton and elizabeth warren, i think you are to put it mildly unpredictable. is that good, though, kat? >> i don't think trying to get along with somebody you be need to do stuff is shocking. it's kind of how humans behave
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or should behave. if you don't like your teacher you still are nice to your teacher. this is about the country and not just their own professional lives thee reddickally. >> it may turn out to be a brilliant strategy to put steve bannon and jeff sessions in the white house. what are they going to do? the biggest critics are the attorney general and his white house. so he's able to maneuver without the thorns in the side. kennedy: maybe by putting some of his critics in his administration he is giving them power and silencing them. that's exactly what barack obama did with hillary clinton. he didn't want to have lunch with her so he didn't name her his vp, but she was secretary of state.
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i will let the panel return a little bit later. i'm am secret libertarian. not so secret. trump got he atlantic on a drain the swamp ticket. they are they are trying to felt with earmarks. nick gillespie joins us to nick gillespie joins us to discuss the most dangerous this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire?
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>> democrats are in a def-coh panic or president-elect trump. but with hillary in hibernation, is another politician the real danger to freedom? chuck schumer just became the senate minority leader and he likes to regulate everything from breakfast cereal to airline leg room. joining me, the editor-in-chief of i would say if there is anyone anti-lib tear glant state in would be chuck schumer. >> chuck human were is one-stop shopping about everything that's bad about politics, know and america. he has tried to regulate the cost of breakfast cereal. in the 90s he doesn't
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understand there are house brands of captain crunch and was going after general mills saying it's too much to have fruit loops. and then he also --'s the guy who banned juice with caffeine because he has never heard of irish coffee. he will not have a great deal of power, though in the senate as minority leader, you can checkmate a lot and he's good at that. he was big for the bailouts. he's terrible on foreign policy. he's very interventionist. and he's not particularly good on free trade. he likes protected markets and having the government involved with every transaction. so he's very, very bad. kennedy: in that regard he's bad on guns, too. >> he's terrible on guns. kennedy: we have seen him at the factory in new york state.
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>> one of the things that's good, and this election showed. both trump and hillary did not do well. one of them won barely. but the turnout was not particularly great. people like human were web's a dying breed of politician. there are people like him on the right. somebody like jeff sessions, the senator frommal bam pa who gave trump his anti-free trade. jeff sessions may be the secretary of defense. but he's the counterweight. these are models of politicians that i hope are dying. these are why only 26% of people call themselves republicans and 29% call themselves democrats. kennedy: some of the younger house democrats are looking around, we can't keep losing elections. they have to do the same thing the senate. is it good news or bad news he appointed a 10-nor leadership
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team? >> what the trump victory gives us a time for a reboot. i was not for trump, i was not for hillary. but what trump allows is a moment where we can say we have two unpopular parties one is dominant in washington. we all need to reboot. including within the republican congress. there are people like rand paul and jeff flake who are going to upend the republican party business as usual. they are truly in favor of constitutional limited government, smaller government, more deregulation across the board. wee might see coming out of this, this is the optimistic scenario. both the democrats and republicans rejuvenatethe youngr poargtss of their parties in a more freedom-o-oriented way.
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kennedy: the house freedom kaw kuls is painted as ultra conservative. but they are literally conservative. they are trying to make the size of government smaller which will benefit is all. >> the last time we had a full republican congress and republican president, even apart from the war issuers which are gigantic. spending on domestic issues was out the door, and that can't happen anymore. >> i remember realizing george w. bush is not vetoing any bills. then he has a democratic president after him. thank you so much for coming by. it was sow great to see my mentor and colleague john stossel honored. he was our friedlander bride winner. john stossel is a wonderful
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advocate for freedom and liberty as are you. kennedy: will president obama pardon hillary clinton for past wrongdoing? we heard from republicans to want to rake her across the coals. stay with us. world.
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kennedy: jet jesse jackson called upon the * to pardon hillary clinton for any and all things we may have done wrong with regards to her seem scandal.
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will president obama spare hillary from the republican rod and should he? or will he punt to the next administration to deal with the big political spectacle and all the fallout. guess who is here? judge alex ferrer. how does a presidential pardon work if the woman hasn't been bn indicted. >> article 2, section 2 of the u.s. constitution gives the president the authority to impose a pardon for any owe fence. >> he knowledge pardon before charges are filed, while the trial is proseeding, or after the trial. the president clinton pardoned all the draft dodgers. president ford pardoned president nixon.
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he did it based on time. i'm pardoning you for all crimes that may have been committed during that window. now we are hearing i am legal immigrants wanting to pardon them. could he do it? he could do it. is it unusual? it's unusual. typically they are supposed to admit their guilt. kennedy: a lot of people are saying he won't do it because it tarnishes his legacy. what tarnishes his legacy more, her losing? because she was supposed to preserve his legacy. >> i think her being indicted and convicted tarnishes even more. but i think pardoning her -- anybody can lose an election. she was expected to win, but not overwhelmingly. but a pardon, even though i think if he does it, he will step in and say, look, there is
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no need to pardon her. but these republicans will continue to go after her so i'll issue a pardon and put this to rest. but most of the country including on the left will say the fix this. you will remember -- >> there were a lot of people saying that during the democratic national convention. there were bernie sanders supporters feeling like the democratic establishment was aligned against him. >> you remember the questions were being fed to her during the debate against bernie. remember that hillary's brother collected $400,000 from two felons and president clinton pardoned them. they claimed they didn't know about it. generally there is sometimes a lot of tarnish that goes along with pardons. could he do it? yes he could. kennedy: jesse jackson wants the
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president to say our long nightmare is over. but the problem is jesse jackson probably thinks he's healing the nation but he's making hillary clinton look like nixon. >> she could tell the president she doesn't want a pardon. pardons are generally granted because a person applies and they are vetted through the department of justice. the year write mentioned the clinton pardon and two felons. there were two dozen pardons granted to felons that never applied for pardons. the constitution doesn't put that limitation on them. that's a limitation done by regulation. kennedy: i wouldn't be surprised if trump pardons her early in his administration just so the country can move on. we talked about his unpredictability. but it wouldn't surprise me.
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>> it would surprise me. kennedy: you don't think he would extend that ultimate olive branch? >> i don't think it would move the country on that much. the congress is going to do way it's going to do anyway. it would limit her ability to take the fifth and she would have to testify whether she didn't want to. she could still be dragged before congress and forced to testify. it's great being here. kennedy: i love the legal perspective. the party panel returns. the oval office is probably the most important office in the world next trump tower. so why on earth would it be out of order for the first year of donald trump's presidency?
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kennedy: president-elect trump won the presidency largely by prop ising to drain the swamp in washington, d.c. so why are the legislators trying to bring back earmarks. remember the $250 million bridge to nowhere or the study of how fast shrimp can run on a treadmill. it turns out 7.5 miles an hour. that's very, very fast. the party panel is back. i missed you all terribly. let's talk about the stupid earmarks. they are supposedly under a self-imposed earmark moratorium
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but they still managed to spend $5 billion in 2016 on earmarks. >> he should have said we are waiting until it's more convenient. you wait to he the bagel until after the swimsuit vacation. you wait to tell your mom you are failing out of college until after christmas. everybody does it it's not politics, it's humanity. kennedy: you pay for those things. >> it many more enjoyable overall. >> how about that $125 million for the national guard counter drug program which is a duplicated program from the d.e.a.? >> here is the thing from paul ryan. i'm glad he stopped for two weeks. when is the last time you said something positive about paul ryan? kennedy: he has petty eyes.
12:32 am
>> they waived out of existence the debt ceiling. remember when the debt ceiling was bad? that has been waived away out of existence until spring of 2017. donald trump didn't run at all on -- kennedy: unrestrained, jamie. >> none of this matters unless you do entitlement reform. at the end of the day unless you do entitlement, it doesn't matter. donald trump probably wants earmarks. because when he goes to tell mitch mcconnell to get the deal done, he doesn't care if mitch mcconnell has to give someone a bridge to nowhere, he just wants the deal done. kennedy: president trump's new
12:33 am
digs may be getting an update. karl rove says the oval office is in need of security updates that could take a year. will donald trump get his wish of being able to govern the world from trump tower before he starts slumming at pennsylvania avenue? it's music to his ears. you guys go ahead and do it. >> you can't even walk from here to where you live because of the trump wing of the white house. block after block. the elevator rides are interesting. >> he's got stuff in his home he doesn't have in his office. like his golden throne. >> what does it mean for
12:34 am
la guardia air traffic. >> you have to shut down the space. i think what you would do, i'm guessing, do they have a heli-pad. >> he said new york airports are a lousy disgrace. >> they are. i cried in them both. kennedy: you couldn't do world class shopping? kennedy: i saw that movie with tom hanks where he's stuck in the airport. wilson. so sad. so happy to have you guys here. great way to cap off a week of fun shows with this sort of concentrated intelligence.
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kennedy: should the lgbtq community panic about president-elect trump? trump invited the first gay speaker to a republican convention to give a keynote address and said same-sex marriage is settled law. what does a trump administration mean to gay americans. he's a gay american and the founder of lgbt for trump. let's talk about some of the stuff baits many been an easy
12:39 am
target for the left to say life in america for people who have various expressions of their sexuality will be different and difficult for them, what do you think? >> it's a complete and total lie. the foundation of the democratic party is a coalition of victims. they want everyone to believe around victim. i can tell every lgbt person out there right now that donald trump was not on the most pro lgbt republican until knee ever. but he will be the most pro lgbt president ever. anybody telling people they ought to be afraid of donald trump's position on lgbt is lying to them. kennedy: harry reid said many couples are scared walk down the street holding hands because they are scared of being attacked.
12:40 am
it doesn't come as a huge surprise. this an easy wedge to drive into the identity politics-driven culture coming from the left. >> i understand that people are afraid. they are afraid, though, because the left and the mainstream media lied to them about where mr. trump stands on lgbt issues. the guy has an entire career in business of excellence on lgbt people. he's the first nominee outer the phrase lgbt. he talked by the in his acceptance speech at the rnc. openly gay speaker in prime time at the convention. i knot it must be weird for democrats because they are so used to playing the culture war card at every turn, it must be strange to have a have you can now. kennedy: i understand you are lgbt for trump, but what about mike pence?
12:41 am
you are someone who i think it's almost as offensive to me that he wants money directed at places where you can change your sexual behavior. money from the state. he wants -- he's a statist. he wants to use federal funding to pray the gay away. that's an issue. >> if he was president of the united states it would be an issue. for 8 years the left told us it didn't matter how pro-cheney dick cheney was because george w. bush set the policies in the white house. he they had dheny's role was to give president bush a cup of coffee. at the end of the day, the man hop sets policy in this white house is donald trump. if anybody thinks somebody else is going to tell donald trump what his position on an issue should be is sadly mistaken. kennedy: would you like to spend the evening with mike pence?
12:42 am
>> i think mike pence was a good governor in indiana. i hope spending time around donald trump will rub off on him and he will be more like mr. trump. kennedy: thank you very much, i always love talking to you. much remains to be seen. world.
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>> on the new season of gold rush. todd is betting the farm on oregon. >> my future isn't in the klondike.
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>> i lost several hundred thousand dollars. kennedy: that's a look of the new season of "gold rush." my favorite miner, tom hoffman has searched for gold until alaska, the yukon in canada and south america. todd has moved his operation back to oregon keeping niengt u.s.a. is there more to dig in oregon or could the team lose everything. joining me, todd hoffman, "gold rush" star. it airs on the discovery channel. this fights going on, riots going on. hunter is still good. he's 17 years old. he's now an active part of our operation. it's awesome.
12:47 am
and he's just an incredible kid. the problem is, he looks like justin bieber so now that he's on tv i worry as a dad, is this kid going to be owe kay being on tv. it scares me. kennedy: it will change him because it's a millennial and handsome and famous and people think he's rich because he's a gold miner. he's cursed. i don't know what to do. kennedy: who cause you to lose more sleep? parker, one of the villians on the show? >> you know, that rivalry is real. but now i'm so far removed, i'm back in the united states. parker and tony are mining in canada. i'm moving my operation to the lower 48. there is gold here. you are not seeing me do very well. you are seeing me struggle this year. but something, kennedy, i'm
12:48 am
telling you something is coming that changes things. kennedy: it's such an emotional show. who ever knew before you developed it that gold mining, watching this process. it's the dream that you finds something beautiful and rare that can enrich you, but it's so glorious and difficult to actually -- >> it's tough it's emotional. this year you will see some things -- i'm not that proud of. there is some emotional things that that show that's coming up, and it's tough. i probably won't be able to watch it because it is tough. kennedy: family stuff? >> there is some personnel issues and some violence. i'll be honest with you. it's real stuff and scary. but also somebody does something for me later in the season that i'm never going to forget. you know how you have somebody
12:49 am
in your life when you had a tough time, they came in and helped you in a bad situation. something happened like that with me and it was amazing. this year of "gold rush" is probably one of our best. dramatic and scary and hard. kennedy: i thought you were going to win the whole thing last season because parker was having such a hard time, and was getting his mining rights stripped away on a bad deal. >> $3.3 million out of the grounds. you can talk about the competition. but the fact he took a lot of gold home last year. not as much and you and these gold shoes guys it's amazing. unbelievable. kennedy: look at those. todd had some gold melted and put into a nice mold. a perfect size 8 and here we are.
12:50 am
>> tell me about politics. what's going on? kennedy: someone compared you to donald trump gold mining. >> i asked is that good or bad? i said in some aspects it's good. in some aspects it's bad. i have been married 22 years and i have been faithful to my wife. i'm not a playboy. if you are talking about some of those aspects it's not good. but if you are talk about a guy who sets lofty goals and goes after them. i will be frowfd it. i voted for trump and i felt there was a silent majority. i had a feeling they were going to come out and vote. kennedy: some surprising states. >> look at michigan and pennsylvania. kennedy: we'll look at "gold
12:51 am
rush" friday night 9:00 p.m. only on the discovery channel. i wish you all the success in the world. is it possible to jump 80 yards and hover? find out in the "topical storm." does he make
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keep * it's that time of day when we unleash our favorite motto, win, or lose. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. remember the i have fallen and i can't get up? remember that lady? >> i have fallen and i can't get up. uncanny. here his one better.
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this is i'm falling and i can't get out. a short and loving grandma trying to put that sleeping baby to bed. and she goats right in the crib -- that poor thing. there she goes. physics takes over. nana and baby were fine. you can see, smack that down a type or two. you have got to love kinky nanny cams. topic number two. bungee jumping is fun. but halfway through you usually need a pick-me-up. which is why the sport of dunking a biscuit into tea came about. [♪] the precision required for that
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to are that coordination, the coordinates alone. that's simon barry jumping 80 yard to dunk a biscuit into tea. maybe it's just me but i prefer the subtle excitement of dunking tea the old-fashioned way. it's rather delicious and brilliant for dunking. the subtle excitement of an atomic tea explosion. dogs are great but sometimes even the sweetest of canines can be a little slow on the uptake like this guy.
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he can't seem to get that bone. you cruel, optical illusion. why do you vex this puppy so. perhaps because dogs though loving and loyal, are terrible at physics. or this guy -- wait a second. is he eating a tea biscuit? stop. oh well. topic 4. first there was planking, then came the ice bucket challenge which raised awareness all over the world. but now there is a fad where people pretend they are in the
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movie toy story and they have to go live around humans. >> that's amazing. i want to try. andy's coming. i love that. too bad he's going to hell. topic number 5. there are days when viewer mail go together like peanut butter and sulfur. here is viewer mail. let's tune up with june who says i think it's time for kennedy to go back to mtv, so original, june. i have never heard that one 2,000 times today alone. even my 18-year-old find you annoying. joe writes, kennedy should get a
12:59 am
private corner office at fbn. patrick tweets, kennedy, you are okay except that you have a silly sense humor. not mature. but you know what mature is one letter away from manure. and i'm not manure. snowflake tantrum watched "topical storm" and said i'm swearing off kennedy for at least 12 hours. lastly we have richard a who promises. [♪] so many feeling. i'll see you in 12. and thank you so much for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on twitter and instagram.
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