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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  November 20, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EST

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. >> i like this company, i like the balance sheet. >> oh, wonderful. so it's called low tech. >> that's it for forbes on fox. have a great weekend, everybody, keep it right here, the number one business block continues with eric bolling and cashing in. president-elect donald trump is in, criminal illegals are out. the deportation plans are mounting, now some city mayors and police chiefs are vowing to protect illegal immigrants, even if they committed crimes, is it time to cut the cash off? hi, i'm eric bolling. welcome back to cashing in. welcome, everybody, now gina, when trump takes office, should he cut them off when they don't enforce immigration laws? >> we tend to lose in this argument that this is actually about law breaking, so not only should he cut them up, but they should be subject to a loss to
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say you can't harbor a criminal. the ethnic cleansing that's happened in the inner cities, that are talking about harboring these illegals, is a problem because if you look at the african-american populations that is largely out of jobs. you need too bring the jobs that. >> rahm emanuel this past weeks came to the camera said we're going to protect our sanctuary cities, the recourse, the fed could cut off the public housing in sanctuary cities, that's quite a bit of cutting off of funds. >> beblde blasio even said he w go so far as -- it is clearly a rebellion coming from these mayors and some of these police chiefs in these soon ware cities. sanctuary cities are just toxic. we need to ensure that they --
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that if there is illegal immigrants who are criminals that they should be handed over to the federal officers, and that is why with the trump administration, and with a republican congress, you're going to see the opportunity to pass case law, which would toughen penalties in individuals who try to come back to the u.s., and also the stop the dangerous sanctuary city act which would again cut the funding, and i think it has to be put on these cities to ensure that the protection of the american cities, and that's the priorities and ensuring that we get to deport these criminal ail yec aliens to the u.s. >> hi, eric, the problem is, there is no legal foundation for the federal government to demand of the lapd here where i am, for example, the chicago pd or the nypd, to do anything in terms of immigration enforcement.
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immigration enforcement is a federal responsibility, constitutionally and legally. so what happens in a sanctuary city is, the federal government issues a detainer. if you come across someone who is not documented, just hold him for us, the feds ask, we'll come and pick him up. usually within 48 hours, the problem is, that that detainer, a federal judge has just ruled and now this is the law in chicago, indiana, in that federal district right in the heart of the midwest. the law says that if the federal government really wants a sanctuary city to hold an undocumented immigrant the feds think is a criminal, then the feds have to show probable cause that that criminal committed a crime. >> geraldo how about the probable cause being that they committed a crime coming over to start. you're talking about a secondary crime. a crime after they have already broken the law? >> the reason in case law, the reason that fellow, that
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despicable murder was not held by san francisco, was there was no federal warrant for him. if there's a federal warrant, the judge ruled, then the local cops have no -- >> oh, my gosh. >> they have no choice. >> that's the problem, they need to issue an option. >> they have broken the law by coming into the country illegally. if they break the law a second time. the guy you're talking about broke the law several times. gina, listen to vicente fox, the former president of mexico saying mexico should protect the i ill legals who are in america. >> we're strong now, we're going to defend our people whoever they are, outside of mexico, in the united states, we're not going to let this buy offend them anymore, to offend their dignity and more so to deny the enormous contribution they have made to the u.s. economy. >> so those -- he's speaking of illegal mexicans in america.
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>> yeah, this reminds me of the empty nest parent who doesn't like their kids too much, to say we don't want you. you take them. to me, that is in and of itself smacks of something that is pretty ugly. but i also think that he doesn't have a right to say what happens in america, and that is the problem, especially considering the law breaking this it takes for someone to be an illegal here, that some people want to ignore. >> eric, just real quick, the mexican government actually has very strict immigration laws in their own country. if an individual enters mexico illegally, they're deported. they're sent out of this country, so the hypocrisy from the mexican government is so shocking, so the president who
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has not been willing to help out with border security, to the extent that we need it in this nation. >> i know fox -- for him to say that the maex can people and the mexican government should protect illegal immigration into the united states, that's pretty provocative against us, no? >> i want to use my limited time, eric, to really re-enforce th point that i made, and i'm speak as a lawyer now, there is no legal basis for the -- to cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities. >> hold on. geraldo, there is -- >> there is no legal basis for it. >> there's immigration funding, there's tens of millions of dollars that feds give to cities to enforce immigration laws. >> if the federal court has rules that it is illegal a and unconstitutional to require a
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sanctuary city to enforce imgaci immigration laws, that's the law until a higher court reverses it. >> i just want to make sure that you can talk all the politics you want. yourk argue that vicente fox is a radical, this, that and the other thing, but i am telling you, if donald trump attempts to defunding sanctuary cities, he will find himself -- >> not just cut off all funding to the states, but the funding that's earmarked to securing the border and deportations and protecting the immigration status of the states, you can certainly pull that back legally. >> then what you're doing, that money largely is going to these
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law enforcement agencies have determined that for the good of their cities, they need the undocumented immigrants to be able to call 911 to say my house is on fire, i'm being robbed, my husband just beat me up. and if they are afraid when they call 911 that they're going to be deported, you can see what the concern of the police chiefs are and i think that this is a nonstarter, it's a great talk show top i believe. >> don't forget we have a donald trump who promised to do some of these things. >> i think for the most part, there needs to be this shift, the only tool that the trump administration is go to have the to pull that funding. the states and the cities can decide that they don't want to enforce immigration laws, but it sends a clear message to the united states. i think that's an important mess
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sooj that donald trump is going to move forward. that should be the only way that you come and you can apply and stay in the united states, not illegally. >> i was just going to say, we love geraldo so much, but thank god, i live right here on the border, and there are a lot of attorneys i spoke with that have a different opinion than him. this is up for debate. >> and we will probably right here. democrats blame just about everything for their loss, but their own
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we are not serious about facts. and what's true and what's not. and particularly in an age of social media, where people are getting their information in sound bites and snippets off their phone. if we can't discriminate between
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serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems. >> while president obama suggests donald trump was elected because voters were affected by fake news, experts are pointing the finger to everything from the fbi to clinton's e-mails for losing the election. >> this was a referendum on liberalism. i think there was wide concern of the country moving further to the left, of government dictating how we live our lives. and also globalism, something president obama has been talking about throughout his presidency. it raised a serious concern that is america more focused on our country, and they're more focused on the outside world and not internally, and also the idea of a failed obama care, when you saw premiums skyrocket in so many cases. it was hitting americans in
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their pocket book. i think kwleerl this election showed thats there was a rejection with their liberal policies, and that goes across the board, through state legislators, governor ships, democrats have lost significant ground. >> we're going to show a couple of graphics. the first one, check it out, number of house democrats under president obama since 2008. almost a 20% drop. 19.3% drop in house members. in the senate, they lost about 10%. >> keep going. governors lost 35%, almost 36% of the governor's mansions and then the state legislature is 20%. point being, president trump will have a house, a senate, he'll have 31 of the 50 state governor s mansions and state legislatures across the country, has liberalism failed in americans? >> i don't disagree with what mercedes said at all, i think liberalism has failed to the
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extent that what happened to bernie sanders and what happened with trump is there 's a great parallel there, there's this whole knowing that the rural white people were slipping out of their hands, that things were being done to them rather than for them. >> white rural people. did you see white rural people? >> because trump -- trump only increased the white vote by 1%, he increased the black vote by 7%, and the latino vote by 8%. so the increase over 2012 was clearly -- geraldo, this was -- >> let me agree with you. >> that blows my mind. >> before the election, all you liberals said he needs to increase the latino vote. >> i am not a liberal. and i think that if you look demographically, this was overwhelmingly for donald trump, the white folks, revolting gernls hillary clinton and the liberal democrats. >> i'll push back.
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the facts don't bear that out. >> going back to -- all right, well, i -- i would -- if you want to do a fact check, please do. >> i already did, geraldo. >> the exit polls show 1% increase in white vote for trump over romney, 7% for the black vote. >> hillary baited with the white vote. >> gentlemen, yes gentlemen-- >> eric, this is exactly -- >> let's finish the thought, geraldo. >> we have to heal the division. >> no doubt. >> and we have to give donald trump a chance to be president of all the people. that's why we're disputed. >> i want to dispute your assessment of how donald trump won. gina, i'm going to throw it to you. >> division became worse under president obama. let's not forget that. and hillary was a continued episode of the obama presidency.
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if i were advising the democrat party right now, i would say look not just at the referendum on globalism that mercedes pointed to, but also a referendum of racial identity. i think that narrative is dead. but it didn't work this time. and i would also say, the narrative of the environmentalism is more important than economic prosperity and safety of americans. that didn't work either, so there were several failedary tys here, so if i was a democrat, i would be listening a little more than i'm judging and i would be trying to talk a little bit more about coming together about values that unite americans, rather than breaking everybody up by race, by gender, by class, by everything else. i think america is done with that. >> coming up, poor little protesters, many in the media saying trump's agenda and his
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,lg in.
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as many blame ,lg in. president-elect donald trump, i ask do you remember this? the same media were talking about the trump supporters acting like this if hillary clinton won. >> they could easily be clinton angry supporters. i have a big history from the
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anti-war movement who have demonstrated, arrested in washington back in 1969. 1970. i mean, when you put yourself on the line, there's nothing wrong with that. unless you break the law. unless you hurt people. unless you violate the rights of others. as long as the demonstrations are peaceful, i think they're healthy vesting for folks. and they could easily and appropriately be called to answer your question angry clinton supporters? gina, shouldn't president obama and maybe hillary clinton say, now people are getting hurt, businesses are being cut off, time to stop with the protests because they're turning into riots? >> absolutely they should, eric. not only that, you have to consider that obama is placating these people, saying that even the students who are cutting school to be part of these protests, who by the way are being put in danger's way, you would think mr. obama would be concerned. you'd think that secretary clinton would be concerned. but they're not. this really exposes the violent
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turbulent little underbelly of the left this i think the american people saw. that's perhaps why president-elect trump was elected to begin with. >> absolutely. i think that the media has been so obsessed and stressed about the fact that there could be a revolution that would come if hillary clinton would have won from donald trump supporters. and i have to say, eric, it's just shocking. i think what we're seeing is a lot of brought testers being a little bit more cry babies than viewed as angry clinton supporters. >> we've got to see it there. i want to see geraldo protesting back in the day. that would be a sight to see. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours.
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i didn't realize the challenge of playing so many roles. but above all, i'm still... her daughter. [announcer] visit we're here to help. i want to say thanks to the crew for joining us. time to wake up, america. for 18 months, i feel the barrage of insults and condescending comments from predicting from day one that donald trump could and would be the next president.
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eric? you don't know what you're talking about. eric, you're not from the political world, you're wrong. they scoffed when i predicted a path to the gop nomination for trump. hell, i even documented it on a white board several times. and oh, boy, the pundits had a field day bashing me. the white board was right, though, the establishment republicans were wrong. on to the general election. it got even more intense once the d.c. elites started worrying. they were worse than the democrats. suddenly the tide appeared to turn in mrs. clinton's favor. the pundit class went wild. when the polls showed hillary clinton had a 95% chance of winning, so i dug into the polls to find why the polls were simply wrong. immediately i saw they were wrong, and likely politically biased. again, the pundits scoffed at me. i saw something even bigger than polls. i saw you. you were demanding real change. i saw the change the people you
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wanted needed and were demanding, and i wasn't blind to it. but the political class on both sides were deaf and blind to the change you were demanding. maybe they were worried about their very relevancy blowing up with an outsider like donald trump running the country. guess what, they couldn't have been more right. that's why you have donald trump president-elect. trump tapped into the emotion of the average jane and joe. people were sick and tired of being promised a load of goods and delivered nothing. from both democrats and republicans. president-elect donald trump promised to drain the swamp and he's already doing that. but there's a ton of sewage in that swamp. dflt krflt d.c. is a big swamp to drain. the democratic party is on the ropes. donald trump, a political outsider, single handedly dismantled decades of cronyism, kennedy-clinton ism.
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we spent the last two years covering the trump phenomena. we never quit. trump never quit, no coincidence that my last words on earth, eric, never quit. have a good evening everybody, the left wing national media is not continuing its anti-trump poster that many even republicans thought would subside following the election. now eight days out from the election, it is clear indeed that left wing media means to persist their attack on mr. trump despite the fact that he's president-elect trump and the national media has a higher duty that one would


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