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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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melissa: one city naming columbus day doing more culturalty sensitive. david: bloomington, indiana. fall holiday. >> spring hol lay. so festive. here is "risk & reward." >> donald trump meeting with anchors and top executives of the media networks, i am liz in for deirdre bolton. mr. trump continues to hammer away at his cabinet picks, he is working at best as he can. after a marathon of weekend meetings. a potential candidate for energy secretary or interior secretary. this all bev the president-
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elect heads to estate for thanksgiving. mr. trump's popularity surging 9 points since before the election, more than 50% said his transition is either as organized or more organized than prior efforts. fox news channel peter on location at trump tower. reporter: latest we heard, update from trump senior advisor kellyanne conway. her focus when she got fired up was a defense of donald trump, insisting just because he had a meeting with some indian businessmen he shared interest after becoming president-elect trump does not
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mean he is having any personal, keeping any kind of interest and interest of the country separate. >> he is not breaking any laws, he has many lawyers and accountants telling him what he can and cannot do. he is a businessman and the president-elect. we're in unprecedented times. reporter: a lot of familiar faces today with president-elect trump. a big surprise. a democrat and a veteran who endorsed bernie sanders, and has been very critical of president obama and secretary clinton. she said in a state this afternoon, while rules of political expediences would say, i should have refused to meet with president-elect trump, i never have and never will play politics with
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american and syrian lives, here meeting was surprises. trump has not tweeted in over 30 hours, after spending part of his we think to go after certain outlets he did not like. like nbc's "saturday night live," and broadway show hamilton. someone else would be news media, and this afternoon, network heads from five big, including fox news channel, did sit down with donald trump behind closed-doors for an off the record meeting, it was quite a sight to see, it takes a lot to get all those competitors in a room together. >> thank you, peter. president-elect trump meeting with executives of fox news, fox business, -- cnn, and
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others today, joining me now to talk more about the move, media analysis tim graham. what do you expect will come out of this meeting? >> i think that media how to realize there is a new president. a new president they did not want. a new president they sought to defeat, now they have a to have to a working relationship, they are not going to be shy about their own patroltives -- prerogatives and somehow they are the voice of the people event when they lose elections. they have to work on a relationship, it may help the president elect decide who he wants to run his press shop. hopefully, you know conservatives who know the liberal media hope they had a very frank exchange of views
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of how well or not well they cannot last campaign. >> kellyanne conway said, that the meeting was unprecedented. it of a very cand it and hon -- candid and honest meeting she said, what do you think within on behind close closed-doors? >> well, i think they want to stress to trump i'm going to guess he has to operate in a different way, i'm guessing that donald trump said, yes, and no. the same way they treated it this weekend, and they will say, there are things we're going to tell you mr. trump that you cannot say, and he'll say, guess what i just did. there are operational things to discuss, a whole discussion about what they, to my mind call hilariously call the protective press pool.
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i think that generally trump needs protection from that press pool, they are going to talk about normal questions of access. and how that is going to work under this president. >> so, it looks like mr. trump has not held a press conference since winning the election. talking about pool coverage. i think this gets in the weeds when american people say what about policy, what is the plan? what is the reporting on that? >> i think that, the interesting thing is they are not talking too much about policy right now, you talk about personnel at this phase. with the idea those personnel will give you clues as to where the policy is going. we can say that media did a terrible job on what policy proposals donald trump made on the campaign trail, mostly in
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this campaign, the thing they found newsworthy about donald trump is things they found outrageous that he said, they not his discussions or his policy. >> lack of policy analysis, analysis. i think that american people were complaining about we saw that in polls, every other year. we have a recession. final 5 seconds for you. >> if they don't report policy, then they can say. he does not have a mandate date.
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>> we have fox news contribute be on karl rove with me now. we have basically meetings it looks like. over at trump tower. we are calling it white house north, house speaker newt gingrich, and oklahoma governor mary fallen, what roles may they have. >> newt gingrich said he does not want to serve in cabinet, he wants a white house mandate to go and review all of the departments and agents and recommend reforms and up grays, mary fallon has been a very effective governor of oklahoma would be a prospect for energy secretaries job and also interior. she has a sense. the rocky mountains not that sense, but she has a deep appreciation of the issues
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that interior department is engaged in. >> there was breaking news with the hawaii democrat representative gabbard what rolling she have in cabinet? >> well, i'm not certain that i would put much stock in that, he as been talking about jamie dimon, interviews michelle wii yesterday. might be possible for education secretary, he is very useful to have a diagramcrat in his cabinet. bringing country togethery we had secretary of transportation mineta in bush administration.
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here is trump senior advis advisor kellyanne conway talking about his meeting with mitt romney. >> it was not awkward. it says a lot about donald trump, who faces daily deluge of criticism, particularly from his own party, it shows his great carriage and leader he could set that aside to do the business of the people and form a government. >> i think she is right, we'll see if he follows through, one thing to have a meeting with a rick perry or a mitt romney another thing to put them in your cabinet if he did put one or several in, this would be a sign he was looking for best potential bern for -- possible person for the job. >> are you going to call it, carl? romney or guliani who do you prefer. >> i prefer the person that
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trump trump prefers, at the end of the day it is his choice, his administration, with his stamp on, on foreign policy, and you know, that is the balancing act on one hand make certain have you people who represent all of the elements in party on the other hand, at end of day, your administration, who's success depends on them. >> carl, could any of democrats muster enough votes, including republican votes to block any of mr. trump's appointments. what do you think? do you think that democrats will must imer attemp muster and attempt to block. >> you never say never, assuming they do a go the vetting of these people so they know what kinds of blemishes there might be in their background, i find it hard to believe that democrats would block this, make sure they are vetted.
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people are -- you know you want find no matter now accomplished some people are, no matter how exempt their record is there might be something that become out, but i assume that is buying taken into account going forward in the process. and. if there is not a good reason to vote now, you know -- from the's prerogative, something about character of individual that is not going to look good for them. >> a footnote, senator schumer saying yes that democrats will try to filibuster down the road supreme court nominees. >> well, you know, that is interesting, this has been a guy who announced that george h.w. bush would not be allowed to make any appointment in his -- to the supreme court his last year in office, he decried fill busties by republicans, and -- filibusters by republicans,
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and made it impossible for every not ni except supreme court nominee to be approved with a 51 vote margin. and now he deems is worth to lecture too president-elect trump on the one democrats are or not going to do. there snow shortage of hypocrisy in senator schumer's office. >> thank you karl rove. >> record day on wall street, markets adding to post election gains, dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 hitting historic highs. >> what a day for records, trump train, if you will, continues, folk owes wall street saying there is new money coming in to invest in stocks, dow could hit 19,000 perhaps tomorrow. not to be a party pooper, volume of the light, it is a holiday shortened week, down about 30% from average volume of last month, not a lot the
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news, not a lot of economic data points, earnings are waring in now, not a lot of points to zero in on. but they did buy shares enough today, to put benchmark index at levels that we've not seen before. o the leader, index 30 companies, dupont up 2%, apple up 1.5%, ibm and exxonmobil up, and a big spike in price of crude up 4% on talk oil producing nations, opec nations they agree to a product cut, that gave a nice boost. many of the oil companies. >> thank you so much. >> breaking news, tsunami, just hitting japan. tsunami, waves are hitting coast, here is what happened, a powerful earthquake, striking northern japan,
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tsunami warning of to 10 feet has been issued we'll bring you more information as we get it. >> also some of president-elect trump's choices for his inner circle have to be confirm by senate, still talking about this important, could democrats block his pick for attorney general or cia director? and we have this story for you, parents of a fallen soldier booed, by first class passengers on an american airlines flight. they were flying to pick up his remains, soler died saturday in -- soldier died saturday in a suicide bombing attack. that is up next, don't go away.
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liz: we want to bring you latest on this tsunami, that could be as high as 10 feet, that is headed to japan. a 7.3 quake in japan, we're talking about magnitude 7.3, possible 10-foot high wave tsunami coming in rolling toward japan right now, 5 years ago, it was struck by 9.1 earthquake and a massive tsunami. nuclear reactor there are two they say are operating in southwest of japan far from the tsunami, according to japanese officials, fukushima was an, 5 years ago. but they say not an, now, we'll bring you the development. >> next up can democrats block president-elect trump's nomination, say senator jeff sessions for attorney general, i need senate confirmation,
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can they do anything to muster up enough votes to block these appointments and others to come. could even house freedom caucus pose a problem for president-elect trump too, peter barnes? reporter: we're talking with a change in senate rules that go back to democrat when they controlled in 2013, and frustrated with republicans blocking some of president obama's judicial and other appointments, so they changed that rule that said, any senator could block -- they could -- they needed 60 votes to overcomeon object to break a filibuster on a presidential appointment. and the democrats pulled so-called nuclear option and cut, that now it just takes 51 votes to confirm. after the democrats voted to do this in 2013. a majority of 52 seats in
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congress, and an incoming vice president, who can break a tie if that is necessary. that is good news for senator sessions. democrats charge he has a weak record in senate on civil rights and immigration issues, yet chuck schumer warned his party will take a hard look at all trump gnome nis. >> -- nominees. >> for any, the watch word is thorough vetting, not saying absolutely not, but they have to answer and satisfy the american people about a lot of questions event if you are a senator. reporter: schumer said to get his vote sessions needs to pledge a strong civil right division. president-elect said he is confident that sessions will be confirmed. >> this man prosecuted the kkk in his so own state, and demonstrate personal courage,
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i think you will see a outpours of support from diverse voices, including the african-american community in his home state and the country. reporter: mr. trump tweeted, i have always had a good relationship with chuck schumer, he is far smarter than harry h . that harry reid, and has the ability to get things done, good news. the 51 vote threshold applies to all appointment except for supreme court that still requires 60, republicans could vote, if they get challenged they could vote to change that rule as well, stay tuned. liz: thank you, peter barnes, great reporting, really great thank you. >> you look at dennis kucinich congressman, he is my next guest, thank you for joining
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us, happyin thanksgiving week. >> same to. >> republicans still hold a majority in senate. how do you see this playing out with trump's nominees, and simple majority vote, what do you think? >> one thing to have the votes and take the stand that senator schumer has taken, another thing to take the stand when you don't have the votes, democrats do not have the votes, constution article 1 second -- article ii second 2 gives president appointed pou power by and with consent of the senate that is part of checks and balances in government. it is unlikely, barring any unfortunate circumstances that president-elect trump will get his appointments approved. liz: any stuck -- stumbling
5:24 pm
blocks? >> it is hard to say, i think that president-elect trump has knn when he makes appointmenthat everyone's reco cannot be screwed newsescrutinized from one side or the other, in the end, do you have the vote? at-this-point the republicans seem to have the votes. liz: what do you make this story that breaking that mr. trump met with democrat from hawaii, congresswoman and bernie sanders supporter, gabbard, this looks like a positive side, what do you see gabbard coming into the cabinet, what role? >> i don't know about anything related to cabinet a. appointment, gabbard is one of the real talented in u.s. congress, she would be a positive addition to the administration, if that is
5:25 pm
what the meeting was about. if it was about let's say foreign policy such as syria, she is well-schooled someone who served in military and active on those issues in congress, she is well schooled on those issues. with i don't insight, someone who should be listened to, i am glad president-elect trump is meeting with her, i hope he will continue to meet with her, and seek her opinions on a wide range of issues, she is one of the best. liz: she supported keeping president assad in power and voted for, in support of a g.o.p. bill last year, to conduct stricter background checks on refugees out of syria. >> well, again, gabbard is someone that i think is one of stars of the congress, i'm glad that president-elect trump is meeting with her, happy thanksgiving to you. >> all right. thank you congressman, good to see you. liz: president-elect trump top choice for secretary of state,
5:26 pm
cannot be any more opposite, so, who is better for that job? it is a very important one, political power panel next. >> and four police officers, shot, assassinated over this weekend. one is dead, killer of that officer, still at large. police say that the suspect targeting the uniform, we have sheriff paul babeu weighing in. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses.
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or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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>> coming into the bottom of the hour we had breaking news for you. let's get back to the earthquake that happened off the coast of japan. a preliminary magnitude of 7.3 is now near the east coast of japan. it happened at 9:00 p.m. local time today. >> let me back up. here is the issue.
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the 10-foot highways up for japan. they were hit with tsunami. it is headed for japan right now. residents of the coastal area are being forced and urged to evacuate. let's get to the next story about the president-elect and donald trump. they are vastly different. romney was a bitter trump rival and giuliani was a loyal trumpet supporter. thank you for coming on. mark, romney is called. mister trump phony into fraud. considering romney for
5:31 pm
secretary of state. >> as a supporter of donald trump in the spring of 2015. i can tell you i think it's a remarkably magnanimous of him to even be considering mitt romney and it demonstrates his leadership style. he's going to bring old adversaries on board. donald trump is a guy who by the way makes surprises with his ultimate pick. he is one that looks likes leaders and i think he will ultimately find that he is the guy and it will be the kind of man that will lead us across the world and the next secretary of state's can have to be a cleanup tter. they had left a trail across the middle east. i think he will be that pic. donald trump is a let guy that will make the decision
5:32 pm
ultimately. i think you'd be wise to pick either one those men. just a quick update. we have a top counterterrorism officials say their 80 operatives the isis terrace. who are being told by isis in this area don't come back to this a fight stay there. we may activate you for terror attacks. were mitt romney or either one would be good to handle that. one thing is clear about donald trump regardless of his leadership style he doesn't have the kind of government experience. what mitt romney brings to the table is a lot of experience in that arena that rudy giuliani doesn't head. he has been a critic of russia and putin on the record. i think there are entities
5:33 pm
that feel nervous about that. i think would be a smart thing. i do think it says something. he's getting a bit of a reputation. it would be a good restaurants for his country to say that experience and some diplomacy is an important piece of moving forward. >> kelly, makes it important point about russia. mitt romney said the basically the russian relations when he was running for president that it would be the number one geopolitical fall. >> that's why think donald trump is even considering him. he was proven to be right. he doesn't have that level of experience internationally but i think he would have that. they would task them with that agenda. that man is can have to
5:34 pm
deliver one way or another. i wanted to come back to you. thank you mark. you will be back in just a few minutes. donald trump wants to reset relations with russia. we have some gop senators pushing back after this. ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that make it all worthwhile. thank you santa!!! now lease the 2017 c300 for $389 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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>> welcome back.
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to top republican senators plan to stop any push to reset relations with russia. presidential candidate and john mccain has teamed up with the sender lindsey graham also wanted to run for president. they want to prevent any relations with vladimir putin. they will highlight those in senate hearings. cyber attacks around the world including here in the nine seats. the senator has also played to lead a congressional delegation to the ukraine. to reassure these countries that the u.s. is still opposed to russian aggression. here is the vice chief of staff. good to be with you here. do you agree with mister mccain that the u.s. must not reset relations with russia?
5:39 pm
>> no i don't. the fact is i have no problem with what they are doing we need to do due diligence but i think people are can be surprised how well president-elect trump and putin can work things out. he got aggressive because he knew he was working against an empty seat in the white house and he took advantage of everything. in this particular case your can have a very strong force their that i believe will deter in dissuade russian aggression. they will know how to deal with this. unfortunately president obama in the two secretaries of state he have just did not had any credibility. and so that is why the world is the most disruptive and has been since world war ii. you look at the south china sea. you look at the ukraine. i believe that a strong
5:40 pm
american president who believes in peace through strength will be able to work with mister putin. >> the officials said that they felt like the obama administration did not treat them with respect. it's also a credibility issue as you point out. is that true and will the trump administration deal with him publicly with respect be checked behind the scenes. >> i think he well. trump knows how to deal. the art of the deal. when you have it to strong two strong personalities you have different objectives we found during the cold war with the destruction and all of the strategies that we have if you have a strong presence like reagan dealing with the soviet union and now with russia that you can cut deals. you can work things out. you can bring stability to the world. i happen to believe that
5:41 pm
president-elect trump and the team that he assembles is gonna be able to do that. and then if they say they're going to do something and they do it that will just reinforce their ability to deter in dissuade aggression. >> it has been on an expansion. russia is deployed. he has submarine lunch. nuclear missiles that could be launched on the ground. sea and air. >> i'm very concerned about it. particularly because this administration has disarmed america. and that is why i'm concerned. president-elect trump is can get a military that is the worst shape it has ever been since the start of world war ii. and it has been deliberately done by this administration with the help of the congress and so now he has got to rebuild at the same time rebuild that an economy that has to grow between three and 5% per year.
5:42 pm
he has his hands full but i do believe he knows what the challenges. and what it entails. he is can a come out and we are can be in a lot better position for to eight years from now the mayor today. thank you so much. thank you for your service to our country and have a happy thanksgiving. >> six people hospitalized after a car apparently struck a group of people outside the los angeles convention center. you're looking at pictures right there right now. this is where the la auto show is taking place. the lapd is investigating the cause of this crash. we had four different unprovoked in code -- cold-blooded acts of violence against police this weekend. one of them is fatal. we still have the arizona sheriff to talk to me next. and by the targeted targeting
5:43 pm
of police officers has been on the rise. it's all next. don't go away. [vo] quickbook >> it will not stop until this person is in custody. e getting . not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette. looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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>> police officers under attack four officers ambushed across three different states with a matter of hours on sunday. two were shot and head. the attacks were brutal and deliberate. they were carried out by unprovoked gunmen. i can two officers shot in missouri, one in florida and we have a fatality in san antonio texas. the sheriff of pinellas county on there. the slain officer in san antonio. let's recap this for the viewers.
5:47 pm
he was just writing a traffic ticket. a suspect walked up to his vehicle and shot him in the head. here's the issue. they now say the attacker was targeting the uniform do you believe cops are being targeted for assassination? >> this is clear not just any of us in our families but to most americans. this has been going on for years we've seen it happens throughout the country into the targeting simply because someone is in uniform. he was shot twice in the had as he's at a traffic stop. they have video of the suspect in the police station when there was no uniform in the lobby at the time. the same suspect in time and time again we've we seen it not just here in texas it's in missouri it's down in florida. and we've seen this replayed over and over again. just for wearing the uniform and doing our job protecting
5:48 pm
our communities in responding to emergencies that people call us to and now our law enforcement continue to be targeted literally just because of the job that we have a protecting our community. >> what else could be driving it. we see that spike higher. what do you blame for this happening. why do you think it's happening. anybody who has watched not just the debate i bring this back to the attorney general eric holder. even the president himself. this started and has quickened from the cambridge. they acted stupidly. and the whole false narrative bringing doubt to the shooting in ferguson shootings in ferguson with hands up don't shoot.
5:49 pm
it's proven to be a light by the fbi. there are multiple witnesses that said no that suspect was punching the officer in the face. that's when the officer fearing for his life shot and killed the suspect in the incident. however that false narrative reverberates throughout america i walk in a parade on christmas this is last year and i have little kids whether they were white or black or african-american or hispanic going to meet because i'm a police officer in uniform hands up don't shoot. didn't realize what they are doing but this is a lie that has been perpetuated. >> we've had several come on and say the comments about implicit bias across the country they are very upset about that. your final thoughts sir.
5:50 pm
we can have a correction with president-elect trump. he said he's can support the heroes and the men and women in law enforcement and that's what we need. restoration of law and order. >> thank you for your service to our country. you have a great thanksgiving. thanks for joining us. the federal government to finally be cut back. there is a trump plan out there cutting federal spending. we will bring the latest details and you will not want to miss it. don't go away. whether it's bringing cutting-edge wifi to 35,000 fans...
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donald trump may cut the size of the federal government. includes hiring freezes stopping automatic pay raises firing restrictions meaning you're fired. my panel is back with me now. >> thinks goodness we have a business executive who was in a common m introduce that. donald trump was the only candidate to ever once address government spending. the last president to address government was a bill clinton in the first 100 days in office. to announce the formation. it's focused largely on the cost of government. he needs to go to the unions
5:55 pm
to cut new deals for long-term pensions. is a car back some of the people that are given it raises. people have suffered for eight years. it's time for them to do the same as well. kelly, they changed in 2008. every democratic platform was about cutting the size of government in tax cuts. what happened. >> i think there is an important correlation that were not talking about. the importance of government in the everyday lives of america. he is his and have any experience with government. it is to find the right people. he led this country in the right direction. >> 70% of people denigrate that at all. i think president-elect trump has a big job ahead of him. if you consult with people.
5:56 pm
he should make the job his own. it doubled to $20 trillion. we one and half% gdp growth. let's go ahead. business leaders cannot bring in the best talent. to cut the size of government. i know from folks on the inside he's can a direct agency heads to/their budgets and he has to start with personnel and payroll like you said. >> if the incoming president have a lot of his own in this deal is to take care. that's just a silly argument. mark and kelly, thank you so much for your time. well had more after this.
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mark and kelly, thank you so much for your time. well had more after this. looking at life footage of a 7.3 magnitude earthquake the aftermath of it.
6:00 pm
weights of up to 10 feet possibly headed their weight. minor injuries reported. we had charles payne who will continue to bring the latest on that. thank you for welcoming us into your home. have a good evening. >> good evening everyone. it was yet another record day on wall street. the dow and s&p 500 and the russell 2000 all closing at new lifetime highs. shattering the old records. joining me out of the gate. along with steve cortez. you are very close to the trump team. after believe everyone is elated about this. certainly it has defied the naysayers. we had defied expectations. we had defied conventional wisdom. and now


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