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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 21, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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charles: surveil some mosques if very signs bad guys are gathering there? >> i completely agree. >> if you can't catch the show, dvr it. we have been making money. here's lou. lou: good evening. 59 days until the inauguration and president-elect trump meeting with former rivals and candidates from both party auditioninger advising in trump. kellyanne conway praised the trump open process. >> he's been talking about transparency and it's part of draining the swamp. he's been somebody who has been transparent throughout.
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a man of the people, president-elect of the people. he's been meeting with a diverse group of people from all backgrounds and all raise andette this advertise and both genders. lou: democratic congresswoman from hawaii. the form ear iraq veteran you -- the former iraq veteran supported bernie sanders for president. one-time gop rival former texas governor rick perry meeting with trump, a potential candidate we are told for energy secretary. here with us ed rollins and michael goodwin. president obama using his last
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international speech in peru to target donald trump. obama said he won't hold back from criticizing trump if he does anything but threaten the values or. >> i deals of america. >> if there are issues that have less to do with the specifics of some legislative proposal but go to core questions about our values and our ideals. and if i think that it's necessary for -- or helpful for me to defend these ideals, then i'll examine it when it comes. >> i would have taken him up on that offer 8 years ago. ambassador john bolton here to discuss the changes facing the administration. mr. obama's legacy is in
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difficult piewt. but there is no question his legacy has been bad for our police officers. four officers were shot this weekend and one of them murdered. our top story tonight. president obama back in washington tonight after his final foreign trip before leaving the white house. mr. obama went first to athens where he was met with large demonstrations protesting his visit. where he praised the greeks for taking in tens of thousands of syrian refugees and where he further incredibly explained the benefits of democracy to the nation in which democracy was born. mr. obama's next visit with german chancellor angela merkel. mr. obama blaming the democratic electoral disaster on bad
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messaging and bad luck during his speech in lima. also saying democrats did not do well because of quote the nature of our system. clearly implying he would like to fundamentally transform our country and our constitution. but it wasn't just the electoral votes why trump won. the republicans increased there number of governorships 33 states. republicans have control of both chambers in 32 states. joining me, former reagan right house political director. ed rollins. and pulitzer prize winning columnist for michael goodwin.
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>> if i'm donald trump and barack obama is threatening to come after me, i would say bring it on. what just happened president obama apparently didn't get the memo. 61% of the american population has chosen total republican leadership in the state. this is have much about the obama legacy. the obama policies, and as president obama himself has said. when my policies are always on the ballot, even when i'm not. he's a great vote getter himself. but when his policies are on the ballot they get slaughtered. so he's not on the ballot anymore so i would be careful. >> donald trump has got to be.
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i think after he has used his opponent for a foil, he won't mind it a bit. >> putin brushed the president aside in the farewell today. the president better put on his seat belt because in six months he won't recognize any of his legacy. obamacare and the 15 years' wars in the middle east will be in a different environment. lou: this will be interesting to see. his choice for defense secretary. i said and i think he meant it, that he knows more about what's happening with those wars in afghanistan than many of the general officers and a 15-year-long war against rad -- radical islamists demonstrates his case. >> he's looking at superb men, great leaders. whether in the military or not
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in the middle, they are leaders. anybody who gets a star in the marine corps walks on water. anybody who gets four stars really walks on water. this is a fabulous person. lou:er's referred to as the greatest marine in a generation. i see nothing or anyone who can dispute that. i just think he's of up a caliber i can't imagine who donald trump would put before him, especially after trump's glowing remarks about the general being the real deal. what do you think? >> he seems to be closing in on the job. i'm struck by the -- the record of president obama with the military is not a record that any president should want to copy. essentially it was a purge of those who did not agree with his view of the wars.
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>> we are looking forward at a president-elect from what i have seen, the people moving through there are of such quality that any president would be delighted. >> that's why they are not in current service. obama didn't want that type of leader. >> i'm a big fan of patton. i think i have seen the movie 16 times and i have read the books. if you read the quotes from this general, the modern-day patton. to be called mawd dog by the marines is, to be called mad dog by the marines is a compliment. lou: he also said where there is innocents, do not take the shot. he also said that don't a squander a victory with an
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immoral act. and i think that that is a leavening george patton did not always produce. a great general and stirring fellow and highly successful. but it's nice to hear that leavening quality in his character. >> all the characters they are looking at today are very strong leaders so i'm pleased with that. lou: where do we go from here. secretary of state. is it still giuliani's to lose? >> my concern is i think romney would be big mistake because he never endorsed the president-elect. he mate not even have voted for him. he has no expertise in foreign affairs. at this point in time you ought to reward the people who were there in the trenches with you. lou: you are sounding as shallow
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and petty as i am to say any man who offended me to that degree i couldn't tolerate. >> he has had his shots and i don't think he has the credentials. lou: if it's unanimous. >> in terms of giuliani, if he's going to be the candidate. what stands him in good favor is the fact that he would be a forceful advocate for trump's position. lou: what about ambassador john bolton? >> the same thing. romney would not be. roll numbers whole demeanor, everything about him says a ch softer waive approaching it. a forceful message has to be delivered to our allies and enemies. lou: animal spirits have been high.
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now you have got sentences that go on for a paragraph. >> you trained us well. lou: thank you both. appreciate. japan under a tsunami warning following an earthquake with a preliminary strengths of 7.3. the epicenter that was felt in tokyo off the coast of fukushima at a depth of miles. waves up to 10 feet could accompany that tsunami. fukushima is home to the daiichi nuclear plant that was devastated in 2011. and the devastating tsunami that followed and tore up the plant. workers have been evacuated just
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hours ago. the quake 6 years ago. magnitude 9, the strongest on record in japan. there is a lot to talk about on this first day of the working week. donald trump has been setting the pace for working. stay with us, we'll have all of that and more. president-elect trump committed to training the swamp in d.c. and committed to building a team to make america great again. we'll take up the president-elect's outreach to democrats, adversaries and allies alike. president obama's final apology tour gratefully coming to a close. but nonetheless, he still has the volume turned up. we'll be right back. stay with us. your insurance company
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lou: president obama weighing new measures in which he could bolster the iranian nuclear deal. one measure would be allowing more american businesses to
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enter into business in iran. joining me now, the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise institute senior fellow. john, great to have you with us. let me ask you, as everyone knows your name at the tomorrow of the list of candidates to be the secretary of state we are told, so tell us what is the latest from be bed minsteh or trump tower? >> all you will get out of me is name, rank and serial number. lou: i was afraid of that. we have a lame duck president
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with less than two months remaining in his term talking about bolstering a deal the president-elect says is the worst deal in history. what are the hazards and what is the fix? >> the deal is in trouble quite apart from anything the president-elect or any of the others have said. what you see now is a fairly desperate effort to try and get more american businesses into trade or investment deals with iran. the underlying theory is if you can success in more businesses in the united states. you will make it politically more difficult to withdraw from the deal. lou: he has a template. when it comes to healthcare, he wants to suck in all the young people who don't need healthcare so he can preserve one of the
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worst architect tiewrd for any kind of plan ever, that is obamacare. this is a president who seems to be admitting that the deal isn't quite going the way he wanted, isn't what the american people want, and certainly the incoming president wants. and he knows that obamacare is a disaster. he can't even hide from that in is literally nothing left of his so-called legacy. it's a smoking heap. >> these are the two signature initiatives. obamacare and the iran deal. i don't think either one of them will survive. the administration on the iran deal has been scrambling all leading speaker of the house to call john kerry a shill for the ayatollahs acting like he's the
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tehran chamber of commerce president. lou: i like kerry and paul ryan becoming polar opposites in the battle. but neither of them has done what they should to prevents the deal. same can be said for mitch mcconnell. it's the president's deal. but why they were not in court to stop it and why they did not go to the highest court in the land to assert the constitution is beyond me. i know it's because other presidents have conducted such an imperial office. >> i think the president -- it is an historic retreat by the senate for 75 years. they are where their presented sellsors put them. but that's why it's important for donald trump, once inaugurated, to move quickly in
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the early days of his presidency to abrogate this deal. we have to send clear political signal. warn companies, give them fair warning that any deal they do through a our green subsidiary is at risk. this is an urgent matter. when the ayatollahs get nuclear weapons, therpt biggest financier of nuclear weapons around the world. this is extremely dangerous for us and others. lou: it seems to go without saying. why would they not take -- no mat wear his interests are, how per verse his interests are, as president of the united states, how dough not see exactly what you have said? >> because his world view is completely backwards. he thinks if we can convince the ayatollahs america is not a threat to them, they will say we
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don't need nuclear weapons and sweetness and light will break out. it's a misconception. lou: you are saying we all owe a debt of gratitude to donald trump for preventing a third term of the same thing. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you think barack obama has any idea how much failure he's responsible for and how much little americans wants to hear from him after he leaves office. follow me on twitter at lou dobbs. follow me on instagram pat "lou dobbs tonight." on wall street, a record-breaking day for stocks. the trump rally goes on. the dow jones industrials jumping 89 points. nasdaq up 47 points. all closing at new all-time highs.
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volume 3.6 billion shares. the first time since 1999 that all four major indexes have hit records on the same day. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, hollywood, broadway and the left in wing national media uniting against president-elect trump. but the american people are no longer listen together tired lectures from the tired left. and that's the subject of my commentary. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses.
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lou: a few thoughts on the left-wing media and celebrities. monumental left-wing ignorance on full display at the american music awards as they stupidly
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mocked the trumps. >> i love my husband, president barack obama. >> i love bruno mars. i don't know what color he is sow i can't deport him. lou: those nasty comments turned off the audience. the is more rans of the production generated a quick economic consequence for the ama producer and abc network. a noles dive in audience numbers. the rating hit an all-time low. the low-life ama production followed the cast of the broadway musical cast hamilton* lecturing vice president electric mike pence. but brandon dictionon say dixons
7:29 pm
nothing to apologize for. but if broadway only calls out republicans, then broadway will soon goat way of the left wing national news media. there are far too many exciting entertainment choices that are cheaper and more convenient that a play that insults its audience. the public editor saying the number of complaints the paper received over its election coverage has sphiekd five times the normal level. one can assume that normal level would be fairly high. that comes five days after the "times" publisher and executive editor got together and claimed they had reported on both presidential candidates fairly. their word fairly. which means the "times" is clear yulsl -- isdeliriously delusion.
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npr said they should not air live interviews on the radio if they are with a conservative. i have never been a fan of npr or left wing anything. but i have never been a fan of economic boycotts either. that doesn't matter now. rising call for boycotts on social media is gaining momentum. the left-wing fashioning a media, broadway and hollywood have overreached. while their leftist politics won't shrink, their audiences are. you'd yens and customers after november 8 are no longer feeling
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constrained to tolerate lies. they will no longer tolerate mind control through political correctness. tens of millions of people who voted in this presidential election. our quotation of the evening. government is not the generator of economic growth. working people are. guess what? working people went to the polls and they saved the nation. with a little help from donald trump. we are coming right back. vice president-elect trump having to put up with manufactured criticism and hyterics of the trump transition team and the national media. >> i want to reassure the
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american people and the media that in the days ahead they will see president obama be a president for all the people. lou: it's game time for this trick shot artist hoping to make a mir rack lulmake -- a mish a . we'll have the video of this incredible shot for you up next. a lot more straight ahead. stay with us. yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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>> lou: joining me now the host of the chris plante show and fox news contributor tony sayegh. thank you for being here. let's start with all that's going on with this administration. i can't think of it as a transition. this is already an administration and they are giving the left fits in transition, aren't they? >> they dragged -- trump dragged representees of all five networks up to trump tower. read them the riot act. called them liars and gave them hell. lou: just because they lied? >> just because. that's their job. that's their mission. that's what they do.
7:37 pm
that's fake news. they will be band by facebook maybe. they have given the people at "hamilton" hell. the culture war is on and trump is wing all by himself. they don't even know it but trump is already working on a second term. this is going wonderfully. lou: let me go to one other part of this. the culture war chris is referring to. it's as if the people who are honest and truthful and not in media, but the people who do lie and who are de duplicitous wille under some pressure. >> the voters marginalized the media left at the ballot box. that's the most powerful rebuke they suffered in 20 years. and guess what they are doing?
7:38 pm
they are marginal sizing themselves. they are acting like sore losers. if you look at the norm "times" and the cast -- if you look at the "new york times" and the cast of "hamilton." the thought that they are not part of mainstream culture shows how low they have gotten. lou: they just have to spew their bile on their front page and home pages. if you look at "the washington post" and "new york times," 59 days away from the inauguration, and they are still acting like they are in a death match for the presidency. they don't understand, it's a new time. they are not going to to stop. >> this is just beginning of
7:39 pm
this. losing the election for hillary is the equivalent of 9/11 for the presidency. they had an hic fail. they had it in the bag for hillary. they told us she was going to win. 82%. 91% probability she would win. they were wrong it's like the cia after 9/11. if the news media could invade iraq they would. they are completely out of sorts because they don't know what to do. they despise trump, they will try to destroy every person as though her war criminals. lou: who cares anymore. why would you believe them about anything? >> they completely devalued the
7:40 pm
terms racist and exen oh phones. -- and exe xenophones. this transition process has been seen the way it's been run, transparent. people from all sides of the coalition being brought in by donald trump. acting as a leader and unifier who will build a government that's gag to work for people. lou: it's wonderful. i wish the next time the president president-elect holds a meeting with those folks from the network. do you think it would be unseemly for him to have a camera?
7:41 pm
>> it should be on pay per view. >> last week they were declaring trump's administration to be the least transparent in history because he went to 21 with his family. the news media demanded towers at -- cameras at trump towers. the made line is "trump turns it into a spectacle" as. they have no credibility whatsoever. lou: just because they are utterly con found. >> when the press has nothing good to say about you they create a process story. they criticize you on the most mundane aspects of what you are doing.
7:42 pm
you are a glaring exception. you avoid those. lou: i don't get to be called glaring very often. roll the video, please. the true definition of a free throw. look at this. trick shot artist netting a basketball from the top of a nearly 600-foot tall damn in switzerland. who knew basketball was a sport in switzerland. they should come here. the ball is in free-fall for 10 seconds before he swishes it through the hoop. they hold the record for the longest basketball shot in history anywhere, any time. this amazing. i don't even care if they cheated. it still would be amazing. but they didn't cheat.
7:43 pm
the third time they got it. president-elect trump campaigning as the law and order candidate. >> law and order must be restored. the war on our police must end and it must end now. lou: our nation's police officers being targeted. four officers were shot over the weekend. former d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler joins me next to talk about what has become part of the obama legacy. at medicare. or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment.
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when filling at any of the more than 8,000 walgreens nationwide. call unitedhealthcare today to learn more about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ lou: four different police officers have kownlds attk in 24 hours from four different states. suspect otis mccain is now in custody and he targeted marconi. >> i think the uniform was the target. anyone who happened -- the first person who happened along was the first person he targeted. lou: police officers also targeted in missouri and florida.
7:48 pm
all three officers shot are recovering. joining me tonight former washington, d.c. detective rod wheeler. this brings to 9 the number of police officers shot this month. we are looking as the raging violence on the streets of this country in our major cities. it seems to be directly led by a president who decided that law enforcement was the problem, not the hoodlums, not the crooks, not the bad guys and gang members. >> there is a lot of truth behind that. when you look at statistics and facts and circumstances surrounding each and every one of the 56 murders of police officer this year alone. you have to say to yourself what is giving these criminals the ability to commit these murders on our law enforcement officers. we are glad from a law
7:49 pm
enforcement perspective, and i think i can speak for a lot of the comes. we are glad donald trump will be in the white house because he ran on the premise he's the law and order candidate, and we think we'll see a different. criminals don't care about police officers. this guy marconi, this 20-year officer was killed for one reason, that's because he wore a uniform and cared about his community. but he won't be at the thanksgiving day table -- marconi won't be at the thanksgiving day table thursday. lou: a lot of police officers will not. i don't know when this country decided that somehow there wasn't going to be outrage. that there was not going to be some sort of backlash against this kind of violence. this is a president when he wasn't attacking law enforcement agencies and officers, he was trying to explain away the
7:50 pm
violenca in socio -- violence in socioeconomic terms in of law and order and right and wrong. donald trump made it clear this is not going to stands. what does law enforcement want so at least they are respected, they can't always be safe it's a dangerous job no matter what. but they should have our respect, support, and certainly this kind of violence has to be stopped outright. >> it has to be stopped. our communities need to be outraged by what's going on. president obama has been what i call the nickel and dime supporters of police officers. he hasn't really supported us like he should have. as well as president obama and loretta lynch as the top law enforcement officer. we had four police officers gunned down in this country in the past 24 hours.
7:51 pm
have you heard a word from the department of justice? have you heard a word from president obama? i'll tell you when you did hear from president obama, two weeks before the election you found him campaigning for hillary clinton. but now that police officers are being targeted we don't hear a word. it's time for change, and i believe with the new president we'll see that change. america is tired of this crime. we are tired of crime in our community and crime against our police officers and it's time to do something about it. lou: enough of group and identity politics. rod wheeler, always good to talk to you. up next, the trump administration plans to bush an aggressive agenda from the very beginning. vice president-elect pence revealing the top priority for the administration. he wants to focus out of the
7:52 pm
gate repealing obamacare and begin the process of replacing obamacare with the market solutions he campaigned on. lou: steve forbes joins me next. stay with us. we are coming right back.
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lou: in our online poll we asked, are you, your family and friends considerably more optimistic following the election of donald trump?
7:56 pm
9% of you said -- 96% of you said yes. one of the heaviest results in lou dobbs scientific poll history. joining me, steve forbes. great to have you here. what a start for donald trump. he seems to be at least, i will admit considerable prejudice. but he seems to be a bigger figure with almost every passing day. he's insisting on respect in his transition as if this were the beginning of an administration. >> you would never know it from the headlines but he made has made more appointments than barack obama has made at this point after his election. it doesn't look good until you get on the stage. if you focus behind the scenes, no, that's the way the thing works. lou: i'm enjoying this
7:57 pm
immensely. i watched governor romney walking out from the portico in bedminster, and there is trump and pence behind him on the steps. as romney was come forward you will see this -- this is them entering. that's them going in. i organized this so carefully to go with my discussion of them leaving. but there they are going in happily. when they come out romney -- looks to the camera, catches himself but not before an instance of him rolling his eyes. here we go. e if you catch this as he walks with out. i'm hoping this handshake won't be overly long. it was brief. he looks to his left very
7:58 pm
quickly. that's not a man in a happy situation with donald trump. you didn't know i could read body language like that. >> it's one your many talents. >> all of their experience together have nothing to do with my conclusion. >> i think the fact that the two of them got together, i don't think he's going to get a major post. but it shows okay, b bygones are bygones. lou: i'm too petty were i in that circumstance and i applaud the president-elect. >> paul ryan is not coming to your christmas party? >> no. i'm sure he has plans anyway. but if we look at what's happening here.
7:59 pm
this is starting to percolate. just the outline of these faces and these names. secretary of state have the sense giuliani is the frontrunner followed by ambassador bolton and others as well. do you have a preference? >> i think i wrote a piece on fox that rudy giuliani has all the qualifications. he has been to 80 countries around the world. dealt with the most severe crisis possible. executive ability? he turned this city around. the ability to learn. you have got to learn a lot on this job. he's got it. lou: it's clear and trump get along famously. they are smart as well and quick-wited. i can't think of anything as
8:00 pm
hard as campaigning as hardrumpd then having a white house staff you didn't find amusing and good friends. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. good night. kennedy: tonight think about all the celebrities whining about president trump. maybe all the blubbering is a good thing. the president-elect's $1 trillion infrastructure sounds great for a crumbling nation. what about immigration? the incoming administration's latest plans they say will keep the nation safe from terrorists. flip the switch. i'm going to light it up. if politics is a reaction, we have gotten a


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