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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 22, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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now lease the 2017 gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. neil: all right, let's see if we hold the 149,000 level. i bring it to you trish regan. trish: thank you very much. very interesting stuff. lots going on. will he or won't he pursue charges for hillary clinton. it's up for debate right now as he meets with executives at "the new york times". reporters sending out tweets about the meeting tweeting while trump is not taking investigation off hillary clinton off the table, prosecuting the clintons would be, quote, divisive. is he perhaps testing the waters to his supporters after he said he would appoint special prosecutors? i'm trish regan.
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maggie tweeting that trump says, no, when he's taking investigations off the table for the clintons but he doesn't want to, quote, hurt the clintons. i think it would be very divisive for the country and he says that about prosecuting the clintons all of this after donald trump's top aide kellyanne conway that mr. trump will not pursue charges. watch. >> i think when the president elect is also the head of your party now tells you before he's even inago -- inaugurated he sends a strong message. if donald trump can help her, that's perhaps a good thing. trish: he vowed to appoint a special prosecutor if elected. doesn't the country need to move on from the decade of clinton scandals or is it sending a
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dangerous message? a message that signals, you know, if you're powerful, if you're connected, you can break the law and get away with it? very own connellmcshane is outside with the latest. hey, connell. connell: hey, trish. so much drama leading "the new york times", we didn't know that it would happen and now we are getting bits an pieces coming out of it. mr. trump started the day with the tweet at 6:00 o'clock hour eastern time saying, i canceled the meeting with the failing new york times when the terms and conditions of the meeting were changed at the last moment. not nice to which "the new york times" responded, we did not change the ground rules at all. made no attempt to, they tried to yesterday asking for only a private meeting and no on-the-record segment. you mentioned tweets she's been covering. on that word trump said no when taking investigations off the table.
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that is interesting. he does not want to hurt the clintons, it would be divisive for the country. that's one of the big topics that we talked about after this and business-related topics and mr. trump told that he has had conversations with bill gates and other leaders. president elect did have meetings in the day, he met, for example, with ben carson, looks like ben carson is back in consideration, trish for a possible cabinet post at trump tweeting. all this in new york before he leaves in a couple of hours to spend time with the family in florida. trish: busy times, thanks so much, connell. for more analysis i'm joined with democratic strategist harlan hill and ned ryan. are you still a democratic strategist these days? harlan: at this point i pretty much transitioned out of that.
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democratic party left me behind. trish: i have to ask you about no investigation into hillary clinton. one of your big concerns about clinton from the get-go and the reason you liked bernie sanders than hillary clinton was the concerns about pay to play with the foundation, e-mail server, et cetera, et cetera. what do you think donald trump potentially backing out of investigations right now? harlan: if he backs out of this investigation, i think it's a mistake, i understand why he's doing it. he put her on notice. you broke the law and that you will be held accountable if i'm elected president. but, you know, on the same hand, i have to say that putting hillary clinton in jail, investigating her, that doesn't fix the economy or kill office is. if we are georgia to focus on making america great again we have to put this behind us.
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trish: i hear you. if you can get away with this stuff, we don't know exactly what she did or what she didn't but seems to be desire on behalf of the american public to know and, in fact, it turns out to be bad, i don't like the idea of getting away with that, ned, but at the same time, but at the same time we got to move on. there's a lot to get done. if he's bogged down in hillary clinton's stuff, we never hear as a nation an we never get to see the job growth we need. >> listen, putting hillary in jail, having a special prosecutor right now doesn't fix the economy. one of the biggest problems on the campaign is bigger prosecuting hillary was i'm going to get americans back to work. i'm going to get economy back.
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people, he's going to get the economy going, he's going to be able to do things the first day he walks into the office. i had a mental picture of don who is likely hob white house chief council standing there with stack of executives and obama had 481,000 pages of regulations this year. he will be rolling that stuff back first days in office and then dealing with obamacare and then immigration. trish: he has all of those things. let's not forget, ned, the reality that obamacare, i think he wants to repeal and replace. you can't exactly replace it so easily right now. >> it's going to be two years. trish: in terms of this wall, when you talk about immigration reform, you have to get money to do that. so you need congress on your side. he seems to be outlining exactly what he can do here and now on day one when he takes office. robin, your thoughts that he's sending mixed messages on the
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clinton front in terms of pursuing investigation and potential charges into hillary clinton. what is your response? >> my response is that he actually -- he knows better. he said just last week that the clintons are good people, they didn't turn up anything. it was just wasted money. trish: we didn't hear about the wall and we didn't hear about about obamacare in his video message. are you surprised by that? >> no, i'm not. i think that that was deliberate. we just saw former governor brewer say that the wall was a metaphor, increased security, maintain the existing fence and have increased border patrols, but she never -- she never took it for an actual physical wall. as far as obamacare goes, i know donald trump supports the
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maintaining the clause which restrict limiting coverage based on preexisting conditions. trish: in many ways he shares with the left. harlan, you are evidence of that. let me ask you about just his style here because he made a video tape of himself, he got the lights, the camera, the teleprompter, you could tell there was teleprompter. he occasionally would go off and he did it himself, he didn't to have abc news, nbc with the pool camera shooting the whole thing anddistributing it. he did it on the fly. come different. harlan: a any way to lead. he put the media on notice. i think that's exactly what he's doing over "the new york times" building. he's saying, democracy does not work when you act as stenographers for the left.
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that's what the mainstream media has been doing so long. they have been able to pair it coming out of the dnc. this isn't going to fly anymore. if you don't give me a fair shake, i'm just going to skip right pass you. new sheriff. >> you have the ability in new day and age to completely bypass. trish: amazing thing. all right. thanks, robin, harlan and ned. >> thanks, trish. trish: growing our economy, he's vow to go get rid of everything that hurts america. listen. >> i am going to issue a notification of intent to withdraw from the transpacific partnership. i will cancel job-killing restrictions on the production of american energy for every one new regulation, two old
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regulations must be eliminated. to develop a comprehensive plan to protect america's vital infrastructure from cyber-attacks and all other forms of attacks, i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abuses of visa program that undercut the american worker. trish: he's going to get busy. wall street is sold, i have to tell you on donald trump's economic agenda. we are two away, folks from hitting 19,000 again, the question is is it going to -- is it going close above this key level. do you the markets are up about 4% since donald trump won two weeks ago? joining me right now former economic adviser to president ronald reagan, steve moore and looks like we are going to hit 149 again. good to see all of you guys. lori, jump in as soon as we do,
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two points away? >> i think that the dow, trish, is hitting resistance with the 19,000. a psychological milestone. you pointed it out. markets come so far. so fast in two weeks since surprise victory. not to be left out, the other benchmark are trading at record highs too. what a statement on the market. it's unbelievable. trish: we didn't think it would necessarily. we were so worried. i talked to many investors that were concerned about volatility that thought the markets would sell off. we have seen anything but that. i have to ask you, you have been pushing this agenda for many years, probably reagan years, that equals economic prosperity. my question to you right now is the market is putting a lot of hope in exactly that agenda.
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can he get it done and if so, how soon? >> he can get it done and fairly easily specially with advisers like steve moore who are working with him day and night, steve knows exactly how to do it, what to do and larry the other one who is there and, you know, i have 100% faith in both of them and trump. it'll be a great period, let me tell you. trish: what are we talking about taxeswise? >> corporate tax on the 15%. little bit later. that will take longer. 100% on capital equipment in purchase, you're talking about getting rid of inheritance tax, regulations, restrictions and requirements, on i'm care reforming, obamacare, dodd-frank, all the evil beasts that are sitting -- trish: obamacare, reform, repeal, that's going to take a little time. but taxes, can you get that done fairly easily, fairly quickly?
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we all kind of appreciate a tax cut. everyone would love a tax cut. >> we might be able to beat you on that one. but if the dow went up as much in eight years of a trump presidency as it did under the regan presidency, we would be be talking 35,000 or something like that years from now. trish: oh, my goodness. >> potential for a big bold market that we haven't seen in this country. we are talking about the dow flirting with 19,000. i'm talking about 35,000 in eight years. trish: 35,000 in eight years. steve, i hope we can replay this and say, in eight years it would be 35.
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[laughter] trish: it feels like there's more optimism although i have to point out, i was out on the street the other day and i had a few people come up to me and said, is it going to be okay to which i said, yeah, i think it'll be okay. the world is not falling apart. what are you hearing on the floor? >> obviously shortened week. we don't have a lot of economic reports, earnings reporting season is winding down. that said, the fourth quarter, trish, pretty seasonably strong time for the stock market. a lot of people used to rook at stocks like stock market. simply put a tax cut is more dollars in people's pockets. look at the retail sector. trish: sure. more dollars in everyones' pockets. i know there was an initial
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proposal of 25% and that got changed by your team, what do you think realistically can get done? >> highest rate 33%, we get rid of estate tax and surtax on investment and capital gain and dividends. it's all proinvestor. >> all right. [laughter] trish: growing the economy enough that you are able to offset the lack of revenues viewed otherwise come in as part of the left -- >> cut spending, come on, cut some spending. trish: i'm all for it. we have a program later on in the show of spending that can absolutely be cut. art, steve, lori. donald trump calling the media press to task what he calls unfair coverage and releasing his own video. i mean, harlan hill just telling us this is a very new thing, a new way to do things. today after a whole lot of back
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and forth he did meet with "the new york times", we will get the intel on that meeting and the intel on the new kind of presidency we are about to see. see you back here in two. vo: introducing the new motoz droid
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trish: president elect donald trump wrapping up his meeting with "the new york times" just moments ago after a big back and forth with the paper today, in fact, donald trump tweeted earlier very early this morning that he bont be meeting with -- won't be meeting with the quote, failing paper. this after he meet with tv executives yesterday where he reportedly had tough talk aimed at the coverage that they had done on him. trump is also putting the media on notice by bypassing the
2:20 pm
traditional news conference and going directly to the american people by releasing his own video and pretty clear that things are going the start shift, things are going to start to change at least in terms of how the president deals with the media. joining me on how that's going to look, we will get to the youtube video in a minute. let's talk about new york times. we are going to the times. and then sure and behold they were there. "the new york times" is saying, no, we didn't change anything. what do you think is the real background here? >> well, i guess donald trump can go into "the new york times", the reality here is he's trying to put them on notice
2:21 pm
that they need them as much as he needs them. if they are going to cover the trump presidency, they need access, they need information from his office, they need to get quotes and interviews and so he's dangling that out there as a reminder that, you know, this is a two-way street. trish: when you think about the media form and places like "the new york times" have you said it's been evident that they shared a certain point of view? >> yeah. that i have been doing it for years. go back to jfk. the media has been pushing agenda, pushing policies, you fast-forward 91% of the computer and fur use now that -- furious
2:22 pm
that he won. trish: hay -- they are in disbelief. he didn't wait around for the media to set up in his office or set up there at trump tower for the media to light it, for the media to get teleprompter working. he just said, i can do this on my own and post it myself. what is that telling the media? >> this is trump tv. he did you want need the media. he's more so than any president has ever been. if you look at the tweets, he tweeted 47 times, 40% are about the media and a good chunk are to try to spin the news or speak around the media. when you start making major policy statements without a network, the media -- trish: without a network and without a reporter. in the old days you would call up "the new york times" and make
2:23 pm
some of that information available to them, maybe, or you would go on network television and outline your policy proposals. any way, it's all very different and very new and interesting to watch. dan, good to see you, sir. >> thank you, good to follow. trish: legal questions over the intersection of donald trump's business dealings and new role at president. all boiling down to a provision in the constitution banning anyone in public office from taking compensation from any foreign state. okay, so what does that mean for donald trump's worldwide business empire, we will get the intel next (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies
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. >> mr. trump, your net worth is in the multibillions of dollars and have an ongoing thriving hotel and real estate business. are you planning on putting your assets in a blind trust should you become president?
2:27 pm
>> well, it's an interesting question, i'm proud of my company, as you know i built a great company. if i become president, i couldn't care less about my company. >> so you'll put your assets in a blind trust? >> i don't know if it's a blind trust if ivanka, don and eric run it. is that a blind trust? i would have my children run it with my executives and i wouldn't be involved because i wouldn't care about anything but our country. anything. trish: that was donald trump at the first fox business debate asked by maria bartiromo what he should do with his company should he be elected? he said he would put it in a blient trust so long as it could be run by his kids. now coming under fire for not having more of a separation between his business and his office. a lot of folks are saying, look, having his kids run it is not the right idea because it's not exactly a blind trust he'll be talking to his children regularly. the "new york times" and others
2:28 pm
today point out he could be running afoul of the constitution. there is a little known clause that says no person holding any office of profit or trust shall accept of any present amount, office or title or any kind whatever from any king, prince, or foreign state. in other words, you can't be getting money from overseas. what about donald trump who has a worldwide business? and what does that mean for any business owner that decides they want to run for president of the united states and gets the office? you're doing business with foreign governments, right? anyway, let's get to guests right now. we have trevor burres joining us on what could happen, what might happen and how this all works out. good to see you, from the cato institute. all right, trevor, you can answer my question? what does it mean for trump and frankly what would it mean for anybody who has a global
2:29 pm
business nowadays who wants to be president. >> hasn't been observed by the corps, it's an emolument clause, it kind of means gift. what it is focusing on is gifts from foreign states to american officials, in one instance, benjamin franklin received a diamond studded snuff box from louis xvi and the corruption that could result from. that if you have he's violating the emolument clause, he's receiving a present or gift from a foreign state, king or prince and we can put a president and other officials. it's concerning, he might be. trish: the "new york times" quotes someone saying basically anything from a foreign sovereign to the extent it's not an arm's length transaction could be perceived as this. every dollar in excess of fair market price. that's a little tricky, trevor, you know, look, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if you
2:30 pm
want to invest in a trump asset overseas, say in his golf course in scotland and you think it's worth more than the guy next to you, is that somehow considered you trying to buy access? i think you're getting into murky territory? >> i agree and i think if the courts heard this, which they probably wouldn't, they would not say that is a gift. it has to come from an official of the government and be given to trump or something he represents. for me the more concerning thing is not the share price, it's getting permits and restrictions lifted on his businesses by other governments. and that i think could definitely be a gift. and we're hearing stories not corroborated that could be happening. trish: what do you do in this case, he wants to turn the company over to his kids, if i were him, i'd want to turn it over to my kids, too. why would i want to give it to somebody i don't have a relationship with, i don't know, he's built the business with hopes of turning it over
2:31 pm
to his kids anyway someday. how does he negotiate this? >> look, he's president or will be president of the united states. i don't really care that much about his businesses now because of the job that he decided --. >> you think he should shut it down? >> no, he has to remove for propriety sake, the pall of suspicion and corruption. trish: can he put ivanka in charge? >> i would not do that. he said ivanka is his closest adviser, people think the government is corrupt, if donald trump gets in there and running businesses with adviser who is also the ceo. trish: it's a tough, no win eve of his kids, somebody at the company trying to run it, any time he gets anything, people are going to be concerned about the potential conflict of interest. a tough spot to be in. he better hope he grows this economy. thank you so much, good to see you. democrats taking on nancy pelosi in an attempt to unseat
2:32 pm
her as house minority leader. donald trump's victory was middle america flipping the bird to the establishment. but get this, somewhere accusing him of sexism for trying to unseat nancy pelosi. isn't this the kind of nonsense, the reason why the democrats were in such a tough spot in the begins of the elections anyway? that's next. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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. >> when you look at what
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happened with the great lakes states, we lacked an economic message for the working-class people in ohio, in michigan, and wisconsin. clearly that was the case or we would have won. the question really is now how bad does it have to get before we make a change? trish: all right, tim ryan there, he's the democrat in ohio that's taking on nancy pelosi. in an attempt to unseat her as house minority leader. he says donald trump's victory was a clear signal, the working class americans basically are saying to heck with the political establishment. get this, some are actually accusing him of sexism for trying to unseat nancy pelosi because she's a woman. in fact, the justice editor at the liberal website think progress actually tweeted, and i quote -- no.
2:37 pm
i don't think so. not really. when you lose an election, when your whole party completely misses the boat that you lose the house, the senate and the oval office in one shot? that's when you might get unseated and has nothing do with being a woman. the same in corporate america, if you're a ceo and stock price tanks because you had a bad quarter or two, male or female, your job will be in jeopardy, as it should be. but to call it sexism? isn't this the kind of nonsense, the reason the dems got so badly beaten in the elections to begin with. joining me "national review" editor rich lowry along with harlan hill. welcome, as the only woman here, i'm going to go on the limb. >> the expert. trish: and tell you this kind of commentary in and of itself, that's sexist. to assume that a woman should be there just because she's a woman when she frankly got
2:38 pm
beaten badly and seems to be so out of touch with her party. merit should stand for itself, right? and in this particular case, the merits aren't adding up. harlan, your thoughts? >> this smacks of elitism, too. they mentioned back bencher and saying if you're an insubordinate democrat looking to shake things up and put the party on a new path. stay home, sit down and shut up. that's what i was told and telling tim ryan who's a good moderate democrat who would do the democrats a lot of favor. and they did the exact same thing to bernie sanders during the democratic primary and his supporters accusing them of sexism by not giving up after they thought she had an insurmountable lead. trish: it's a go-to excuse, a go-to attack, rich lowry. wouldn't the democrats be well served to think about how the path forward is actually going to start to come about? >> they obviously can't give up
2:39 pm
the reflex towards identity politics and grievance politics, and what they need is something like what bill clinton did in 1992. he had a lot of appeal to what was then wasn't yet call the coalition of the incidentant and working class whites are slowly eroding from the democratic party. donald trump put an exclamation on the trend. and the democrats might think they're appealing to the voters and you're not racist or sexist or retrograde if you want to connect with the heartland. trish: look, robin, part of her problem is she relied on millennials, hollywood, women, minorities, none of which quite came out the way she anticipated. and the people she ignored along the way, her own husband, bill clinton said get out there. go to pennsylvania, campaign there. she didn't want any part of it. she didn't think she needed any of those folks. your party, you're a democratic
2:40 pm
strategist, you do, don't you? if you have any hope of getting anywhere, you need these people that are vital and have always been so vital to your party. >> most definitely, and we learned a lot of lessons here. and as far as this conversation about this being sexist. i alleged that competition is what makes america great. if he thinks he's got better ideas and can move this party forward and give america what they want which is what we need, yeah. trish: hey, maybe you learned your lesson, harlan begs to differ. he doesn't think the democratic party learned its lesson at all otherwise they wouldn't try to prop up the rich millionaires from the bay area in california. >> look, i may be a former democrat but have a lot of democratic friends, people who are democratic consultants and strategists, and they're saying the reason she lost is because of sexism and racism and bigotry and homophobia and the ridiculous accusations that are cheap and underestimate what is happening in the american
2:41 pm
electorate and the wholesale rejection of the new democratic platform. as long as we continue to hear that, democrats lose elections. i beg to differ, the democratic party has not come to the realization why they're losing elections and nancy pelosi hasn't had a successful election as leader of the democrats in the house since 2008. trish: who were you watching? rich lowry? anyone on the democratic front beside congressman ryan there that can really start to lead the party forward? >> we'll see, he's sticking his head above the parapit. the leaders old and white, at least in congress, and you look at congressional -- trish: what do you have to say about the republicans? okay, go on. >> from the coast, a third are from new york, massachusetts and california. you want to break out of that mold. trish: absolutely. it's a big, big country out there. you should get to know it. rich, harlan, robin, thank you so much. audits of obamacare spending by the states find
2:42 pm
that new york state used inflated population figures to get more than $150 million in federal spending that new york state should not have received. new york is just the latest in a long list of states caught rigging the system to get money that they shouldn't be getting. obamacare bureaucrats stealing from you, the taxpayer. that's next. [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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. trish: check this out! more than 19,000 right now. it could be historic closing levels here on the dow. 19,011 is the level we currently sit at. strong earnings reports helping stocks to go into record territory. campbell's soup and hormel gaining as the shares of dollar tree also see a big increase. up almost 8.5%. americans are buying more homes in november at the fastest pace in nearly a decade. thanks to low mortgage rates. the national association of realtors says sales of existing homes rose 2%, the strongest pace since 2007. we're going to be right back. more evidence of waste, fraud and abuse when it comes to obamacare, and this is important because it affects every single one of us taxpayers. they're stealing our money. more "intel" next.
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2:47 pm
government waste? obamacare? what? >> this is quite egregious. new york basically inflated the number of people it said that could be eligible for obamacare to close to 20 million. in other words, every person who lives in new york, the entire state population could be eligible, so they were funded on that basis. out of the close to 20 million, 14 million had their own insurance or did not participate. they were overpaid by close to $150 million. but the kicker to the story is new york says we're not going to pay it back, we did nothing wrong. you okayed it. you, the feds said nope, this plan is fine, go ahead, make your applications, we'll give you the federal grant. here's the question, if you give them false numbers and they give you an answer based on false number, aren't you wrong? trish: the irs wouldn't stand for that. >> are you kidding me? trish: i miss reported my income somehow. you would be held accountable.
2:48 pm
dow, the nasdaq, the russell hitting lifetime highs today. wow! check that out. up above 19,000 on the dow. that's the big board. we are on market watch right now. the question is, is it going to stay above here? is it going to close above 19,000. watching the big board. don't go anywhere.
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2:52 pm
who predicted a post-trump apocalypse on wall street. joining me michael block and lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange. michael, you told me you wanted to buy the dip if the dip were to come if donald trump won, that was like what, a few hours long, overnight trading? basically the market is off to the races ever since. >> the market is off and running since donald trump came out on his victory speech and said let's all unify. this is the best thing for the economy since ronald reagan or perhaps before. economic stimulus, infrastructure spending, deregulation of energy and health care and the financial sector and seen that play out where we're seeing the financial stocks go up. the health care stocks, pulling back a little now. infrastructure stocks like steel and copper stocks keep going and going and going. a lot of that is also has to do with sentiment going in. there was the negativity that you mentioned and remember, coming into election day week had the situation where for ten
2:53 pm
straight days u.s. stocks were down. that's a miserable streak that you had to go back to the carter administration. trish: a lot of people made the comparisons to the 70s and the carter administration with obama, and everybody felt bad and there's an opportunity now for people to be proud of their country in a way they were in the ronald reagan days for those who liked reagan. let me go to lori there, you know, on the floor, retailers are seeing improvement today. wow, take a look at dollar tree, up around 8% today. what's going on with some of the retailers? >> it's a lot of the hate to say buy the rumor, but so much hope and optimism that the trump pro-growth policy will not only help retailers and some of the discretionary-type stocks but also look at the names that have driven the postelection rally. your other guest mentioned the strength in financials and the deregulatory.
2:54 pm
goldman sachs making up 200 points of the 650 point two-week rally. today we're at 19,015. close to a session high. just staggering. everyone is zeroing in on specifically what trump said and priorities in office will be, and the strength of the market really depends on seeing these policies through. trish: sure, sure, everybody is going to hold them accountable, and wall street is part of that. let's not forget wall street tries to anticipate what's going to happen next and thinking about the good things and the way lower taxes and less regulation. i want to ask michael about the u.s. dollar at highest level in 14 years. we were just looking at the currency chart and the dollar near parity with the euro right now. is this a bet on america's future? is this optimism? i suppose there is concern in europe, that's part of what's plaguing this. when we see the strength in the dollar, what's that about? >> a relative bet on america's future that deregulation and
2:55 pm
the infrastructure spending is going to come in. the trump miracle if you will, and has to do with the central bank. the money markets are telling us there is virtually 100% chance that the federal reserve is going to hike benchmark rate in december. i could fight that and say maybe they will wait and see what congress and trump are going to do? the market will say raise rates now. see what the consequences of that are. trish: here's what i find funny about it all. lori, think about it, for the first time in years, people are believing the fed when they say they want to raise rates in december. >> finally. trish: like trump is helping janet yellen reestablish her credibility. >> what's interesting is trump was so critical of janet yellen and the entire fed and policy over recent years. well, this market rally has resulted in a bond route and the 10-year benchmark is up 2.03. the market is adjusting itself
2:56 pm
and predicting virtually a 100% chance of fed funds future we will finally see a rate hike before the end of the year. trish: amazing especially for all of those so worried about the global meltdown, the global sell-off, they're learning their lesson. lori, thank you, big, big day, you're going to continue to watch it. coming up, a 55-year-old man lives out his dream of playing college football and he's pretty good. we got the play-by-play straight ahead. 55.
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
. trish: you're never too old even for football. joe thomas senior made history playing as a running back for the south carolina state bulldogs where he pushed through the pile for a three yard carry, making him the oldest player to participate in a division 1 college football game. here's what he said after. >> i've been waiting for this dream for 36 years. thank god it's happening today.
3:00 pm
trish: his son, joe thomas, jr., plays in the nfl as a linebacker for the green bay packers and i believe the 55-year-old is getting his degree at the state college as well. i will be back with you next week, enjoy! liz, big day! >> huge, huge, trish, have a lovely thanksgiving. it's not how the market opens but how it closes. right out of gate at opening bell, we hit 19,000, we are there right now. in fact, we're at 19,010! the first time we've ever seen that 19,000 level any, move higher whether it be the dow, the s&p, the nasdaq or the russell 2000 that locks in a second day in a row of record closes. the trump rally boosting by 3% the s&p and the dow since election daysa the president-elect gets more questions about what he plan


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