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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 22, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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could make it pay per view and we would have raised a fortune for veterans. lou: that's it for us. tomorrow night kt mcfarland and fred barnes among our guests as we take you have the trump transition. kennedy: president-elect trump has laid out his agenda for the first 100 days in the white house. will hillary clinton ever see the inside of a jail cell in we have big news from the new administration. are you nervous about family fighting this thanksgiving? you are not alone. the party panel is here. if i provide any service in this big cold world, i'm and natural helper. i would like to help 0 you are
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president. mr. trump tear down that emotional wall and let the greatness begin. here is my favorite trumpian idea of the bunch. regulation can suck it. he's on to something. >> i will formulate a rule that for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated. kennedy: i love it. although by his logic since that rule is the first rule, he has to throw out two of his other rules, but why stop with rules. b how about for every dollar spend, two dollars must be savored. and could you do that with legislation? here is another great point he made. >> i will cancel job-killing restrictions on american energy row deduction including shale
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and clean coal, creating millions of high-paying jobs. kennedy: shale. this is so american. are we a nation of limited choices and diminishing resource? are you fracking kidding me. give the earth a safe and loving enema and tell the russians they can eat a bag of hockey sticks. >> i will ask the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff to develop a and to protect america's infrastructure from cyber attacks and all other form of attacks. kennedy: our national security hasn't been upgrade since matthew broaddrick was playing war games. was that fancy pelosi's voice? as mr. trump goes to washington,
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he's taking his misguide immigration talk with him. >> i will direct the department labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that under cut the american worker. kennedy: do we need a department of labor? and two, immigrants found over half of the billion dollar u.s. startups, $168 billion, and each one employs 800 people. we need fewer regulations, with fewer restrictions, fewer entitlements, fewer gators in the swamp. drain the swamp, and the gators will foul all the way to the andry where they will make lovely bags and cowboy boots. i'm so glad i can help you drain the swamp, in president-elect. let's get it going.
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i'm kennedy. what can we glean from mr. trump's to-do list? you have been covering the president-elect and this is a big agenda. what strikes you most about the youtube video he eliseed today? >> he's trying to do the things he can get common in the first 100 days meaning without congress. i think, for example, the tpp will be just that. soothing words to people in the midwest who essentially elected him onal rebellion d on a rebellion against the trade pacts and the tpp. but it's something that wasn't going to ha -- going to happen anyway, it's not a job creator.
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on his infrastructure plan, he will need just like obama needed republicans, he will need democrats. he's got an even narrower majority to get his campaign pledge which is jobs. i'll be looking at the specifics of that infrastructure plan and if he will reach out to democrats and get something done or if it will be a research of tax credits. >> it's the taxpayers who are the ones who will get hosed, and they will be stuck with that massive bill.
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you also touch on the tpp. the markets like that. but it has divided republicans and democrats. is there anything here aside from potential huge poor crony projects in the infrastructure spending that can bring both sides together quickly, and do you see him purposely doing senate. >> i hope that he will. i'm optimistic that he will because of donald trump's unique back ground. not being a politician. i do think -- i disagree if they do do this infrastructure plan the right way and funds it which are two big ifs, it could be the one thing they actually get done. president obama also wanted to do a stimulus akin to this. but it comes down to major mill some of cal differences how you create those jobs. if you do fit priew private sector.
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i think donald trump has to show he's willing to compromise on the infrastructure. where is the american taxpayer going to come down on this. because we are talking about massive, massive, $1 trillion is what steve ba -- what steve ban. kennedy: those are areas in the military where he promised to spend more money. he and the media have enjoyed a strained relationship throughout the campaign and the dance goes on. president trump canceled a meeting with the "new york times" and changed his position. how do you see these two days of media meetings going. >> we are off to a rocky start. but let's hope there were some fences menldsed in these
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meetings. certainly the meade why played a big role helping to build mr. trump up in the beginning of the campaign. but it's legit moot there was a pile-on in the end and fence mending to go on. but we have established norms and customs for a free press in this country and in covering the president of the united states. that the includes having a protected pool. the protected pool was there on 9/11 and reported back to the american people on the safety of the president and the whereabouts of the president of the united states. there are reasons we have these customs in place. i hope we can come out of these meetings with an understanding between the new white house and the press that we have to upshowed some of these traditions. kennedy: we have to ask ourselves, and having an unforth doksd person in the white house allows us to have some of these
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traditions. we'll continue to have that discussion. height he, thank you so much. let's bring in my glow in the dark party panel. kirsten helpin heglund. and ask jessica tarlov, polester anpolester -- pollster and democratic strategist. i think upsetting the apple cart is great as long as it doesn't violate the first amendment of the constitution. where do we draw the line? >> i think we law draw the line that donald trump is taking.
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it was supposed to be a kumbaya moment. then he called jeff zucker a liar. at some point he has to start acting presidential. but i think the youtube video today was a good thing to do. continuing to connect with the american people and the fireside chat. kennedy: also using technology with a direct media. establishing with the american people. >> i think it's smart. and people can complain less about that. i think some journalists. kennedy: there is nothing in the constitution that says the president has to have a specific tone. i see you shake your head. usual one of the founders of this media. >> i created it.
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kennedy: how does this new president work with new meet yeah to honor the constitution and maybe do things a little bit differently? >> i don't understand what's wrong with that meeting. he booked a hotel, got 30-40 people there and lampooned them for being totally separate from the flyover states. it was gorgeous. i was already tired of winning before he did that. now i need an i.v. drip from all this winning. kennedy: he obviously wants the press to say nice things about him. do you think antagonizing him will achieve his goal? does the president have the rite to totally shut them out. >> there was that meeting where he said screw up, i hate you. on the second hand, and i don't think it's related to that meeting. is he going to try to
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controlling the press. he is -- i'm a big trump guy but he is too obsessed with insults. we got -- with hamilton they were saying he shouldn't be antagonizing people. we were forced to elect what you are looking at presidential. if he does start messing with the first amendment you will drag him out of there by his heels. >> do we want another president obsessed with the news. president obama has been so obsessed with fox news. what can president-elect trump learn from that obsession? >> that obsession didn't fit his personality style. he was super cool and aloof. the criticisms of fox news was like where is there is coming from with him? donald trump staked his brand on
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the crooked media. this isn't necessarily about the first amendment. ed the "times" will love being part of this story all week it's how media makes its money it's eyeballs, it's clicks. all this is good for trump's brand and the media. kennedy: a new "daily caller" report said she have attracted only five donors since november 8. almost as if an f.b.i. investigation and the possible sect of donating to a non-president scared donors away. this is supposed to be one of the greatest moach most efficient charities in the world. why wouldn't so many donors be flocking to it?
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>> i think because how it's been treated in the media. there was a lot of conflicts much interests. i am a big supporter of hillary and i was concerned myself. i said give us bill and melinda gates. i'm concerned about hillary clinton and bill clinton's legacy. i had a discussion with someone close to the clinton foundation. more donors are asking for tran spanish i -- for transparency. we have been talking about these charitable entities that the entire sector has been affected. i thought it was an interesting phenomenon. >> is this the first sign that her political career is officially dead? >> yes.
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i always hated charity. it's stupid. it doesn't work. we give this money to africa and it goes would warlords. how many people got money from live aid. they are always an abomination. even those water containers on the street. those are all a scam. kennedy: they single handedly improved lymphoma drugs that made my mother's life better. >> government is so inefficient and there is so much waste. the non-profits and people. sometimes the smaller you go, local governments are usually more accountable than smaller governments. but if the clinton's brand is drying across the world, it's sad because of the good work
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they have done, they will get less money. >> they are not hurting. but the money that has given way. we don't know where it's going. there is a presidential legacy to protect as well as her legacy. the party panel returns a little later. melania trump planning to stay in new york city after the inauguration. some are suggesting perhaps we retire the office of the first lady. is it time? donald trump reportedly reached a decision on whether he will prosecute hillary clinton. let's hold hand and stay together.
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not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> lock her up, that's right. lock her up! kennedy: today donald trump met with the new york times and seemed to dial that back saying it 7 not something i felt strongly about. did you hear the sigh of relief coming from the clinton compound? is trump just doing what's beth for him politically or the nation or is he going back on an important promise. rich, welcome back. let's talk about this. what is the benefit of seeking an indictment for hillary clinton or at least appointing a special prosecutor? >> the benefit would have been the investigation was corrupt or at least tainted all along. so you have someone independent
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taking a fresh look at it. i thought that was always unlikely to happen. because if trump won he would be saying i'm going to spend political cam of capital and time pursuing my rang my vanquid rival. any new president wants to put points on the board and move forward. that's what he's doing here. kennedy: is it going to upset the base of voters who were the kind of people who showed up at rallies and chanted things like lock her up because they want to see justice and they know she has done something wrong. >> i think trump's base is so cemented to him. it's not moving off of him for any reason anytime soon. so i think they will get over this. trump will make the case, i want
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to do the things i promised. substantively that will help the country. kennedy: what else do you think he will shift on that he made an important part of the campaign? >> there won't be a wall. at least there won't be a wall along all of the bored. when you look at immigration enforcement, the border is important but it's not the be all and end all. the point of employment is much more important. and there is a number other things where i think the best gloss on trump was from the tech guru peter teal who said his voter take him seriously but not literally. kennedy: with conservatives and others whisper in his ear? >> a lot of the indications are encouraging.
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basically if you subtract some of the tweets in his public statement. striking a unifying tone, and all of that is encouraging. happy thanksgiving. kennedy: thank you very much and to your family as well. coming up. counter culture on university campuses used to be hippies and protesters. we'll tell you the new way student are repel belg atu campuses near you. and i've got 9 days left before retirement. look jim, we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry. knowing what's on your mind and acting accordingly. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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kennedy: administrators in maryland urged the cancellation of a post-election party claiming it could be divisive. the party went ahead as planned because of freedom. but the incident highlights a buzzfeed article where underground rebels fighting an epidemic of political correctness. robbie is the associate editor at let's talk about this. this is an interesting time politically on college campuses. you hear the story about low olea and maryland.
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are they talking about consequence langeling parties. there was a deefn student who said of the party an opportunity for student to dress or behave in any way that offend or oppresses others. she said they couldn't have something like that. how does having a party like that offend or oppress people when you are talking about the country where you live? >> this isn't even the first time i have seen them get upset about a theme party on campus. there was was a kanye west party at ucla that was investigated. kennedy: these issues keep coming up there. >> my fast it was the mad scientist theme party that was marginalizing people with a mental illness. kennedy: they couldn't be angry mad scientists, they have to be mentally deficient. >> administrators are too
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concerned about student safety if they think harmless, funny theme parties are putting people in danger and feeling are the same as physical security. kennedy: they talk about security and you say they have mutilated the concept of safety. >> they have. they think the college's purpose is not to educate you, not to expose you to ideas or views you haven't heard before. if you ar -- if you are uncomfo, february you are not learning anything because of it. kennedy: there are people who go through their entire academic career without being exposed to different points of view. some of these trump supporters and college groups have become
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unpopular because they are a total snict mud. and they poke political correctness with a stick in the eye. >> it's just that writing trump 2016 in chalk was a good way to make everybody mad. they treated that like it was a hate crime in an o orwellian society. kennedy: these places used to be ground zero for free speech. this is where so many of the discussions we had in the 60s emanated from u.c. berkeley which is completely shutting count idea of multi lateral thought and discussion. robbie, unfortunately we have to go. i hope you come back because there is so much more to talk about.
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we have to make sure college is safe even for nut jobs. >> indeed. thank you for having me. kennedy: the party panel returns. are you hoping to turn your thanksgiving dinner into a bar fight? we'll talk about mass uninvites. maybe you are one of them. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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melania trump shaping up to be a first lady living in new york city. the office of first lady comes with a staff and budget of over $1.5 million. so should we fold up the office of the first lady all together? the party panel is back. kirsten haglund. skier step, do we talked about tradition at the top of the show. should some things be retired? >> yes, i do think so. the first lady is never going to stop being the first lady. but it's the $1.5 million budget that goes with it. a staff of plus 20.
8:37 pm
it's essentially an unelected official. also i would argue without the chance to be politicized during the years that your husband is in office. save the work you want to do for after. laura bush is really on fire with education. her support of afghan women and receiving a lot more press now than when she was first lady. i say scrap it all together. >> it's stupid. scrap it. you know, if you have a human skull and you want to make it just a skull and get the meat off. there are bugs that come and eat everything off. you libertarians are like the bugs that eat the eyeballs off the skull. the first lady has got to go. it seems oh random what they choose. nancy reagan said i hate crack. kennedy: does she need an office
8:38 pm
and a staff? >> i'm a democrat. i think that we are kind recreating the rules for the trumps on an unbelievable level. if barack obama said i'm staying in chicago and keeping the kiddies, the country would have gone mad and not in a good way. >> they would have called it racist. >> i think the president-elect and first lady. i don't want to make fun of them anymore. but it's $1.5 million which is a is -- which is a pittance of what we actually spend. she marketed she doesn't like cyber bullying. kennedy: thanksgiving could be a long day for families divide.
8:39 pm
folks say they have been uninvited to the family feast or warned to keep their nowts shut at the dinner table. 77% of americans say the nation is divide values. the highest in 20 years of record keeping. is aunt jane going to stab granb grandpa bill? do you celebrate thanksgiving with leftists? >> we have a thanksgiving of outcasts. my cousin in chicago who i haven't seen in years. he's coming up bringing the whole family. he's in the dog house. me and my cousin are both trump guys. our wives are mad at us. kennedy: i thought your wife loved trump.
8:40 pm
>> she hugged me and said i forgive you. >> i said forgive me for making america great again? kennedy: a post on facebook from a young woman who said she was uninvited tbawflts nasty things she said about donald trump. her parents said you can't come. she said fine, i'll hang out with my two cats in the apartment. >> i won't see my family this thanksgiving for other reasons. many of them have political beliefs that are different from mine. i arpged with my family enough prior to this election. if you do get into a beef with someone, practice your deep breathing and excuse yourself and go to the kitchen. >> we are going to vegas. kennedy: so thankful.
8:41 pm
>> we'll sit around saying we thankful for hillary clinton. we don't have enough time for the list. kennedy: coming up, donald trump has a delicate balancing act ahead of him with the war in syria. i'll talk to rob o'neill about how donald trump should handle isis and putin. that's next. start your day with the number one choice of dentists. philips sonicare removes significantly more plaque versus oral-b 7000. experience this amazing feel of clean.
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kennedy: president-elect trump spent a lot of time on the campaign trail claiming he's going to not ever living spit out of isis. >> that would be great, right? focus on destroying isis and radical islamic terrorism. i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. kennedy: now the united nations envoy to syria is begging trump to avoid going count rabbit hole in that war-torn nation. he says increased military involvement could make things worse, especially if we team up with russia. should we get ready for war or stay the heck out.
8:46 pm
joining me now is the navy seal who killed usama bin laden. this is quite a storm russia and syria created in aleppo. >> this is a storm that has been happening for 1,400 years. right now what is doing is not based on religion. their one naval base is in syria. they are not ridgele -- they art religiously based. they are fighting each other. and don't forget the kurds. kennedy: are the kurds our allies? >> some yes, $no. but that many pretty much everywhere. kennedy: in aleppo you have this humanitarian crisis. you have a special enjoy calling
8:47 pm
for aleppo to be deemedathon plus. >> there there was a thing before the bin laden raid. there was a pastor who burned a quran and so they murdered 11 people. and they said the person responsibility was the man who burned the quran. kennedy: should the u.n. be take dating our foreign policy? >> no. but there are five pemple in the members on the security council. and one veto, it's over. they try to do some stuff before where they will try to get rid of bashar al-assad. russia vetoed it, it's over. we'll use the u.n. at some point though.
8:48 pm
kennedy: would you work with russia? >> yes. i'm fortunate to be in the spot where i don't need to make the decision. but we are seeing president-elect trump put people there who can hopefully make a good decision. they need to find a way to semi negotiate with russia without become an ally with iran. they have an interest in having assad or someone like assad in there. that can still maybe fight the islamic state. it's very, very complex. >> putting someone in there and us doing it. it seems like we are poking a hornest's nest. >> but we are learning. some places need dictators until they are ready for democracy which we cannot instill in them. kennedy: do you ever worry for your personal safety? >> no, i'm aware of it.
8:49 pm
worrying, no. not getting come play sent. it's the time when they need to be right once and you need to be right a thousand times. i have dealt with everything from people shooting at me to suicide bombers. kennedy: in your civilian life when you are walking purchase new york. >> i'm a big believer to have guns when you can. i cannot going to geinto the tactics. i don't talk about my movement or where i go. but just an awareness it's out there. a lot of these people don't want to spend the time on a point target or a medal of honor recipient. they want the spectacular attack at a parade where they can get hundreds of people. kennedy: i love your honesty and your analysis. i know you study it all day long. >> it's fascinating.
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kennedy: what you have done for this country i'm not going to even try to describe. thank you, rob. coming up. archeologists find biblical references to pokemon "topical storm" is next. stay here. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head! go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b crossaction delivers a clinically proven superior clean vs. sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush.
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kennedy: when a rowboat has
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sprung a leak, this is the "topical storm." our favorite part of your favorite part of your day. topic number one. different cultures around the world celebrate different christmases in their unique way, including the nation o singapore which has decided to add picadd pikachu. knack niece anime critters doing the -- japanese anime critters. they gave it baby jesus frankincense and chee-tos. can you guys wait for your parade of cuteness? let the turkey cool.
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switch blades. while they may seem skiddish when you see them on the street or in a starbucks toilet, you should think twice before provoking them. how does that feel? the animals are revolting. they are nasty and can get frighteningly big. >> i have got a big rat and it's been here for a long time, and i can't shift it. what do you where he con. i don't even think that's the word. topic number 4. there it is. i don't think you guys are spending enough time contemplating plants.
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that's freaky stuff right there. help me, i'm trapped in a sticky hug. this would be like if a pine tree had gobs of sap and wanted to digest you. now we flash forward to what the plant will look like in two months. that's right, boy. maybe it will eat that rat. delicious. topic number 5. do you want to see an amazing example of something a cat can't do? how long in unison to the theme from "star wars." hit it, boys.
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[♪] i can watch that all day. not the dog. that's just weird. loveable. isn't that incredible? he's humming along with the theme song. john williams god rest his soul would be so deeply impressed. take that, cat ladies. the dog's name is curb. so his owner is clearly a stoner. he has an even greater connection with the force because we know this darth vader does not like cat food. thank you for watching the slow. you can email at tomorrow dana perino, tom shillue and dave smith stopping by with cheer, delight and hopefully some spiked nog.
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after thanksgiving when the turkey is cool, have a glorious evening. bye. >> 100,000 creepy crawlers... >> spiders that'll cover your whole face. >> all collected from the far reaches of the world. >> wait. is it alive? >> talk about a bug's life. >> walt disney went into the museum and wanted to buy the collection. >> but there's a bigger story behind this bizarre bequest. >> that was an interesting and eye-opening experience all of its own. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪ >> i'm jamie colby, and right now i'm driving on the outskirts of colorado spng


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