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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  November 28, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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stuart: absolutely dead flat. japan is actually even worse. the most indebted society with the most extreme demographics anywhere in the world. 29 people out of every 100 adults will be 65 or older in the year 2020. my time is up, the charles payne it is yours. >> by the way, 127 to 84 million. serious breaking news. we are following the incident in ohio state university. university sanger reported reported shooting situation is over. we've got gerri willis with the latest. >> lots of news for you here. first of all, report of one active shooter and a local media report and that the act of shooter has been killed. that is the local media as saying. we have been reporting a local media not reporting nine.
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as you see in this picture right here. 1700 acres. 45,000 students. nine people sent to the hospital. that's what local media are reporting. just kidding in the details and as you know as the reporting goes on from the pictures of the campus which is right in columbus. an urban campus pack and not the science and engineering school. all classes have been canceled for the remainder of the day as the officials come to grips. here is what we thought early day about 10:15. the osu emergency management saying people should -- this isn't a choice. the standard protocol is an active shooter situation. that's what the first thing you
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do. get out of the shooter if you can't run. that is what that was all about on your screen. that was a huge sprawling campus. possible another shooter police are looking for bright now. that is what local media as saying. these two assailants if there were two, rammed a car into the science and engineering school, popped out of the car and as you see right here. the first is the god of this, there was the buckeye campus that students were being told the shelter in place. now we know this scene is secure. the shelter has been lifted. still waiting for details on the
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hard facts but the students they are very concerned about the students on the campus there who approach this day like any other thinking they were getting out of school. looking for more details right now. what we have as we have it. >> lots of questions to be answered in a still shaky situation. we will keep you updated on the situation. much, much more. meanwhile, the trump transition talk to the trump tower and of course the brouhaha over who will be secretary of state. connell mcshane is there with the latest. >> a big meeting today, charles the trump tower between president-elect donald trump and the former cia or, general david petraeus. that is certainly seen as the highlight of the day in the number of reports indicating the cia dirt may be in consideration
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to the next secretary of state. rudy giuliani, the 2012 republican that romney as well possibly between others in the backdrop for all of this. comments made over the weekend by key trump adviser who had managed the trump campaign and went on a number of the sunday shows and talked about how she's been hearing that mr. romney is even in consideration for this post at this time. with that, who is the president-elect meeting here tomorrow? you guessed it, and that romney. that is the next couple days here. we are always interested in the key finance post. today is paul atkins later on. big name for the bank and will also be here.
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we will look at all of god with some attention. as you rightly point out, secretary of state,
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determination diatribe administration to secure a
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ballot box more so than it has been secured in the past. we don't have a national election. we have 50 states but district of columbia 251 separate elections and levels of security. some underlying federal statutes that the tribe administration will want to ask and federal scrutiny of state election to make them more secure. this is the opening vote. charles: as a student/professor of american history, the notion recounts, interference, fake news, are you concerned about elections in the future? >> now, the american people know what they are doing and i don't think there's ever been an election on the national scale where the wrong person was declared the winner. charles: although it wouldn't take much to tell. if you can win three states by 100,000, a few of these states have the legal voters.
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>> jill stein has not made a single serious confirmable allegation of fraud. she just says she's looking for precision. if there is any evidence that their aggression tampering. that evidence should be made transparent. i haven't seen any of it. it was the sore loser. donald trump is going to ignore the voice of the people. what remains of a political career if anything in the folk with this kind. you can't figure it out. >> a look section is going to get out with any further investigation. certainly if i'm donald trump, i am wondering why she wouldn't take the olive branch and go somewhere and had the rest of her life. >> i would expect the trump
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administration will decide whether to charge her with espionage from a failure to keep state secrets secret, public corruption, making decisions as secretary of state, but were in the clinton best interest in front of the clinton foundation. is it a charity if/then. did they do with the money. the trump justice department whether to prosecute to criminality. thank you very much. appreciate it. we are going to left issue and the ohio state columbus fire department saying 10 people were transported to area hospitals. minor in stable condition. we will have more details for you next.
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charles: i want to direct ohio state, commissary department reporting a suspect is dead and a body still at the same future he will us in our newsroom with more. >> x-ray. details coming in now as you say the fire department now singing one of the shooters, presumably to instead. meanwhile 10 people now originally reported. 10 people taken to the hospital. one critical, nine stable. still waiting for identification on this shooter.
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multiple reports now that a car rammed into the science and engineering school on the osu campus, red mane into that school and to people getting out apparently. one on the other side with a knife in hand. getting multiple reports about. a 90 minute rampage. they shut this down pretty quickly. alessio with the massive sprawling campus in an urban setting. they are issuing a shelter saying they should run if you can. if you can't run, hide. evacuate in as a last resort, fight. that was lifted about 30 minutes ago. now we are finding out details
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leaking out and of course the information changes will be reporting on anything new we find. people in the hospital after an active shooter situation on the ohio state university campus. one critical, nine stable. they remain on that campus. this occurring on the campus. all classes are canceled for the remainder of the day. everyone told to go home and get out of the way while they clean up the situation. one other detail i want to attend to. if the local reports or collect that there were two people presumably the person is in custody because officials lifted in place orders so it would appear that the situation is well in hand, still waiting for
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the identity and the shooter to find out more about how this came to pass, who did this and why. >> thank you very much. again, recap for the audience, reports that a car mowed down and two suspects, one with a gun, together with a knife got out. former d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler who also attended ohio state university. about of speculation when these things happen in nationally. i am dead in the initial tweet that went out by the university. run, hide and/or site. what do you make of it? they don't allow students or anyone on campuses to carry guns. >> what i can tell you is the philosophy is that we've been teaching for years, especially
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civilians. if you find yourself in an active shooter situation, try to get out of the area if you can. at the end of the day if e shooting times then in your face to face, you want to fight. he sent out the three to remind students about when the shooting first place. one thing i was thinking about that i haven't heard any one day to day. the shooting took place around 10:00 a.m. this morning whether it was the shooting to ram people are what around 10:00 a.m. at ohio state, class is change at the top of the hour. when you have most of your students out there on the street. i wonder if that has some action when it took place. located at night in the college
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avenue, you have a lot of thousands of students walking up and down college avenue. >> there's no doubt this is time for a maximum injury, perhaps even death. i note earlier this year a bill was submitted that would allow students at the college is agreed. i'm not sure if it went through the ohio. young adults to protect themselves. >> i have my own opinion. my opinion the answer is yes we should. as long as the person is well trained i don't see any problem with them carrying a weapon to protect themselves from especially in situations like
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this. there's a lot of debate but in ohio right now students can not carry a weapon. the chief of police at the ohio state university as a former columbus -- city of columbus police officer. that's a good thing in situations like this because now he knows how they will respond and this is the ohio state police department. >> to shelter in place called without effort knowledge and the second suspect existed are apprehended. is there any reason for this? you be serious level of discomfort or even the campus. >> that's another good question but i don't want to speculate, but the reason they did that is because if there is another individual involved with this is one of the victims at the hospital.
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the ohio state university half ago is only three to four blocks away from where the shooting took place. they handle mass casualties but this. that's what i believe. i think that is why they lifted the order. charles: really appreciate it. we are awaiting a news conference from officials than they are bringing out once it begins. more after this. (vo) black friday may be over but the best cyber monday deals are at verizon. because a deal is only as good as the network it's on. verizon gives you the best network and a lot more. great deals on our hottest smartphones. like the droid turbo 2 by motorola for $10 per month. or the iphone se for $5 per month.
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ charles: break in his letter. i host a spokesman for avengers and the campus attack concluded stabbing when symbian had i a vehicle. awaiting an update from the school. president-elect donald trump calling the recount effort a green party scam. an exclusive reaction. governor, you believe this could be harmful to the president
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transition. >> i do. you're taking resources and time being diverted to something else that is a distraction preparing for governing. wisconsin is not going to see a change. 22,000 votes was the margin of victory. there may be a most a few hundred range that will not change the results. we've got optical scanning. you can track every vote in the state of wisconsin. so there's not going to be much of a change which they scanning taking place and can go in the recount. there's always going to be some differences that sent and occurred in the course of the campaign. you have 12 nuns located and i had to seal the envelope correctly. it's an anomaly. those types of things will
12:28 pm
happen. clearly it's being done for political reasons, fund-raising reason and not in the best interest of democracy. charles: folks who may not be familiar with the -- that sounds like a small number. for the most writers never in the history of recount in the country than 20,000 turnaround. >> not only the size of the margin of to read will not be overcome. the fact is we improve the way of accounting for both. not even in rural areas who don't have the paper ballot with most cases in wisconsin optical scanning. the margin is still in who you want to vote for. put income electronically counted but it's fairly easy to track these things.
12:29 pm
>> governor, your assessment barman and 48 hours then throughout the election campaign. is this enough for her to sort of de-stabilize, not just the term transition but to put a dark cloud over the term presidency? some people believe jill stein who's always something of a wrecking ball may undermine the process. the three state was new hampshire. that is the closest one. the other new england states had very close margins. it tends to be the states that donald trump has one and as you mentioned the margin is high. it keeps their name out and helps in this case and join in
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on it. charles: thank you again. castro is gone and cuban celebrations are beginning. they are almost over plus. following the breaking news from ohio state. if you're taking prescription medications,
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>> charles: big tax cut and big infrastructure spending, both, of course, likely to happen because they were big, big issues for president-elect donald trump. we want to discus it, though, with one of the top financial guys out there because a lot of fiscal conservatives are worried about it and it used to be one of the conservatives' number one worries, the u.s. debt. we both understand supply economics, you lower taxes, people spend more money, businesses spend more money. it circulates in the economy and more than makes up for initial loss revenue. is that formula going to work this time around? >> i think the major thing the realize is that mr. trump inherits from barack obama a budget that's fundamentally unsustainable. it's not the propose proposals,
12:35 pm
per se. that's a mismatch that has to be fixed. there has to be concerned on the entitlement spending side, tax reform, sensible infrastructure programs help the economy grow faster but neither of those will make up for big entitlement spending. charles: social security? >> sure, medicare, medicaids, social security, affordable care acts. charles: they're saying, doug, we paid into that, man, that's our money. don't try to steal it from us. >> the problem is that current law, you know, our promise to our seniors is to cut benefits 25% across the board in under two decades. that's a terrible way to run a program. seniors did pay into it. they deserve a better program. my advice will be for them to
12:36 pm
stop throwing tomatoes and give congress incentives so they can get back a retirement. charles: let's be honest, if we start talking about reforms, they kick in after 40 and under and you start to get the payments at 70, we are living longer, perhaps, some politician out there can convince the american public, but so far no one wants to touch politics? >> i think that's true. no one has. the current generation not get benefits cut and future generations think they're not going to get any of social security. that's the political key. charles: you used the word sensible, i caught that. is a trillion dollars over ten years not sensible? >> i don't know what the right number is and i'm not sure that's the best way to think about it.
12:37 pm
we know that we have some key points of congestation. the way i think about it is what to we want to accomplish, national connectivity, that's something the federal government can help on and then at the local level we have a lot of manufacturing in metropolitan areas, you have to take care of the infrastructure. we have two big problems, federal government can take care of one and help finance and help the other. charles: before i let you two, the tax cuts being talked about for individuals and businesses and let's say 40 to 50 billion in regulations, could that get us to 4% gdp near term? >> i think you could get a couple of quarters of 4. i don't think it's probably the best target. but we can probably do better than 24. we have been stuck at 2 for far too long, charles. charles: amen, brother.
12:38 pm
appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: details on the ohio state attack. >> we are getting press release in columbus, ohio where the tragedy occurred. they are saying, confirming now that a suspect shot and reported deceased at the scene. apparently one of possibly two people on scene who were going after these students who were going about their own business, the victims, there are one in critical condition and the victim injuries, this is very interesting, osu confirming now stab wounds, injury by motor vehicle which you're not hearing there is whether anybody was shot because we heard one of the people who had launched the attack had a gun in hand, apparently no one shot, according to reports from us --
12:39 pm
osu. a car apparently ran into the building and mowed over students. that's what it's sounding like. we are momenting away from a press conference with dr. michael drake, the president of osu. we are waiting on his statement and hopefully we will learn who this was and what their motivation was. we have no idea. we just got no details on this at all. the osu statement concludes with this thought and we all feel the same way, our thoughts and prayers with those injured and the family of those injured. certainly everybody feels this way. this is an urban setting for students, some 45,000 students on that campus, the cops brought this all to heal in less than 90 minutes. seriously and -- and brought it to a resolution quickly. charles, back to you. charles: we echo those thoughts as well.
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retreating off this 14-year high and opec meeting taking a look some of the oil and gas stocks which are somewhat mixed. opec meeting november 30th, put the rubber stamp, though there's still doubts about opec members done so. we are keeping an eye on utilities, this group has been a lagger since donald trump was elected. today a leader again, you see utility stocks are higher, watching rates and correlation of rates as well. those are some winners right there. right now dow jones down 27. keep it here [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here.
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charles: with fidel castro gone will cubans finally embrace capitalism. if cuban american people and u.s. as a whole, i will terminate the deal. here to discuss trump senior adviser and aj delgado, raúl castro had implemented hints that when brother passed away maybe he will bring more wholesale changes because obviously changes in russia and china in the last decade or so that communism don't work as if we needed a reminder. >> right, you would think there were some people in cuba who
12:45 pm
were allowed to resume going to church again, something that wasn't really allowed prior to that. but then -- for some reason they had been moving in a positive direction and then the state security apparatus camped up and it's oppressive than it has ever have in cuba. there was indication about five years ago when raúl kind of took over that they would be moving in a more free and liberating direction, that's not really the case right now. charles: david, again, around the world, again, cuba, of course, might be the best example of communism not working, i'm not sure how they expect to keep the current policies in place and not have some sort of -- >> well, yeah, but i honestly don't think raúl is the person to change anything. first of all, he's the guy who took out his own pistol and shot capitalist harders in the back of the head. this guy is a murderer.
12:46 pm
he's been in this game before where he opens up just a little bit and then when capitalism begins to flourish because cubans as aj can tell you, when capitalism begins to take off, he closes down again, he puts handcuffs on all the entrepreneurs, it's a cat and mouse game that they have played for decades. just enough to save their butts when they need to and then closing down when capitalism begins to take off. charles: the irony is the first commercial flight lands the day that fidel castro passes away. i have to believe the young people in that island nation to david's point have a certain dna and they want more and can do more and maybe they'll be able to demand more. >> right, we need this kind of negotiation and the talks, we all want to see them including the people on the island. even the people on the island are saying and praying, america, don't give up the cow without getting something in return.
12:47 pm
what happened with obama's orderers is we gave quite a bit, reopening embassy, reappointing embassador, lifting certain regulations on cuban imports but we got pretty much nothing in return, all we had them do is liberated about 53 political prisoners. that's ridiculous, we need to have a two-way street here. what are they going to do for their people and we can come to the table as well and perhaps continue what obama had started but only if they give up something in return as well? >> can i just add two things to what aj said? one we took them off of the terrorist list, the list of terror countries. that's like taking arafed. they've been supporting terrorist all over the globe for as long as the revolution has been in power. second thing interesting to see if president obama goes to fidel's funeral. if he doesn't go, who does he
12:48 pm
send to go in -- in his -- instead. honoring fidel castro is like hon oring hitler. if he goes, boy, what a last step that would be in his presidency. charles: listen, his statement was just horrendous, aj, it offended everyone. but he wasn't the only one. we had the canadian prime minister, a lot of well-known people in america including mainstream media who almost put fidel castro on a pedestal. >> i expect that from trudeau. i do not expect that from obama. for him to issue such a benign statement about the largest oppressor, fidel castro in the 20th century in the entire western hem -- hemisphere it chills me to the bone. he-- it was humiliating.
12:49 pm
charles: well, there's a new sheriff in town. thank you very much, i appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: there's hope that opec will reach some production deal, maybe lower. we have a life report from the cme just ahead there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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50 and over for generations. plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ charles: record setting cybermonday expect today follow a black friday sales surge but are markets drawing renew right now? post election relief rally that we are seeing could actually be sparking, i already saw retail sales the last number out was huge, we saw consumer confidence
12:53 pm
growing up big time so there are some signs of animal spirits out there. >> they are. i will warn, i think the consumer psychologist is a bit tricky but there's a case to be made that consumers for whatever reasons are more confident. we've had finally some good numbers last year and if they feel it's going to continue either because they actually know or they hope that their tax bill is going to be cut as opposed to a guaranty tax increase under president clinton, you know, that could be driving more confidence and that would actually, can make consumers feel that rather safe to pay for more taxes or recession, type of drawbacks, they can actually buy stuff. charles: the evidence is certainly there but to your point, i guess the question is it going to be sustainable and i
12:54 pm
think you've got two things here, obviously these tax cuts means more money in our pockets, that gives us a certain amount of confidence but ultimately we also need to believe, right that the economy is going to grow. we need to sense that it's morning in america once again. >> you're totally right. charles: i'm going to have to cut you off because we have breaking news. it's the ohio state university president dr. michael drake. >> used a weapon to cut several people who have been transported to local hospitals. i'm here today with two people who were primarily involved in the response, that's our chief of police and director of public safety and also our chief medical officer. let me say, first, that i want to give our thoughts and prayers and hopes and wishes for speedy recovery to all those injured and we prepare for situations like this but always hope never to have one so we are going to be able to visit the people that were injured and i want to tell them all and families how much
12:55 pm
we are looking for full and complete recovery. second, i want to commend our osu police and police agencies that responded. let me now first specific details to director of public safety, monica. >> hi, we will have more details for you later but -- yes, west 19th avenue on the north academic campus in front of watt hall around 9:52 a.m. the emergency dispatch center that a vehicle had struck pedestrians. at 9:53osu police officer called on radio that shots were fired. the suspect cut multiple individuals, the officer engaged the suspect and shot and killed the suspect. the first buckeye alert went to
12:56 pm
9:55 to alert that there was an emergency, many officers from various different jurisdictions all over the county and outside the county responded immediately. by 11:00 a.m. the shelter and notification was lifted and the law enforcement personnel in the area continue to investigate multiple other things. there are a few buildings that are still closed. we don't have any reports of anything else. we believe the threat was ended when the officer engaged the suspect, very fortunate that osu pd officer was there and took action and we believe that injuries were minimized as a result of that. we will continue probably to have an active crime scene throughout the rest of the day and we will have more updates for you later on those things. as i said, we do have a few buildings shut down just as a precaution as we go through and sweep those. but we believe that the threat ended right when the officer engaged the suspect. >> we would like to have andy thomas come in also and get
12:57 pm
information on the condition of the people that were injured an we will get back to you. >> thank you, mr. name is andrew thomas, chief medical officer for the medical center. we received a number of wounded individuals here at ohio state, we also received word from our colleagues at grant and at riverside that they had received wounded individuals, we actually had great collaboration and coordination between the systems when it comes to events like this. we train for these events. here at ohio state we received 5 wounded individuals from the scene, two with stab wounds and two with wounds related to being hit by the car. and we just received a fifth victim who was actually hiding in place as they been directed to do by the buckeye alert who actually just arrived here at the medical center not that long ago and her injuries are still being assessed. there were two individuals with lacerations that were taken to
12:58 pm
grant hospital downtown. i'm told by my colleagues theres are doing well -- not with life-threatening injuries and i'm told similarly those individuals are doing well but i don't have any more information on those folks. >> was one of the people injured, the officer injured? >> not that i'm aware of. >> the officer was not injured. >> not injured. >> i will let the chief comment on that. >> let me just start from the top and maybe it will answer some of your questions about 9:52 a.m. a male suspect drove a vehicle over the curve, west 19th, west of college a, struck pedestrians. he exited the vehicle and used a butcher knife to start cutting pedestrians, our officer was on scene in less than a minute and ended the situation less than a
12:59 pm
minute. he engaged the suspect and he eliminated the threat. the suspect is doa. the investigation is ongoing. i want to thank officers for doing a great job, they did what they were trained to do. we have a lot of agencies here assisting us, columbus police, columbus fire, there were nine people transported to the hospitals, eight in stable condition, one in critical condition. we have a lot of other agencies assisting us here today, state patrol, fbi, atf, we are making sure that we do everything we can to investigate this very thoroughly and not leave any hole unturn. >> did the suspect have any other weapon? >> it's ongoing investigation. we recovered a butcher knife. the suspect is doa. we will be able to provide additional information when we have a press conference later but the investigation is still ongoing.
1:00 pm
>> is this a planned thing, does this seem to be planned, any indication this could be a terror attack? >> it's too early to say, the only thing that you can say based upon common knowledge that this was done on purpose, to go over the curve and strike pedestrians and get out and start striking them with a knife. that was on purpose. >> did the suspect say anything to the police officers? >> ongoing investigation. as far as we know, there was one suspect and that suspect is doa. there were rumors of a second suspect and we searched garage and we could not find another suspect. we believe that it was sun suspect and we have that suspect. >> was there a fire alarm pulled and that's why some of the students were out on the sidewalk? >> earlier today there was a gas leak at a building and so a columbus fire was on scene checking that and it was a valve. >> which building? >> that was, i believe, watt
1:01 pm
hall, the one at west 19th and college. >> do you think that has any role at this at all in. >> still under investigation. >> speak a little bit more -- >> sure, there were multiple injuries related to lacerations or cuts, most likely as chief said from the stab wounds from the butcher knife and a number of people what had soft tissue injuries related to being hit by the car initially. it's hard from understanding and it appears that known appear to have life-threatening injuries at this time. >> do they have to have surgeries? >> two have completed surgery. >> students, faculty? >> we are going to release more information with the university at a later time. >> talk about how if you called for staff to come to the hospital, talk about that, you know, we saw arriving, police rolled up ready to go.
1:02 pm
>> so we have a process that's actually university wide, when the buckeye alert goes out, we jump into action. the active shooter protocol is something that went out across campus but also internally was called code yellow and disaster drill, we made phone calls, surgeons, nurses, therapists and people just descend. we train for this, we work with the other hospitals in the city, in the trauma system to train for exactly these types of events but i can't tell you how proud i am to work here at the university and to see my colleagues come together in a moment that all of us would really hate to ever have happened on any campus, i'm glad people weren't any further injured than they were. >> if you can talk a little bit about the mood on campus now and
1:03 pm
we just came back from thanksgiving break. it's a tough time. we can see it from the face of the students here. >> this is obviously a tragic situation and something as andy was saying earlier we prepare for every year, faculty and students are all trained because we have seen things like this happen throughout the country and the best thing is to be prepared an respond appropriately. i didn't want to say we were so grateful they were on the scene and neutralize the situation and injuries with were not more severe than they were and people already treated in the hospital and released in some cases. so we are pleased that those injuries aren't any serious. i will visit those injured later on this afternoon. >> what do you say to them? >> regardless of circumstances we are here for them and we want to do everything we can to have fully recovery as quickly as possible and we care for them as people as well as patients. >> they'll be safe when they
1:04 pm
come back here? >> we all do to be safe as we possibly can. we all have the normal safety protocols in place and we all live with fear of things like this can happen to us, by being diligent and focusing, we believe that we can be as safe as possible, with our safety personal and officers here to respond and help protect us, we are pleased that this was not more serious than it could have been. >> what do you plan to do about classes, did you cancel classes? >> even though the situation appeared to be neutralized rapidly or very rapidly, we we wanted to give the police a chance to investigation and we held people in place until we felt the campus was secured, but now we've disrupted the schedule for half of the day. it's emotional draining and quite frightening and we we wanted to say that this was a good day to step back from classes, sort of get our footing and then open again tomorrow. >> sir, can somebody speak to
1:05 pm
the nature of the alert that said run, fight, hide or something to that effect. is that a normal alert? >> yes, we have a protocol that we rehearse for one should do if someone engages an active shooter. what i heard at first is that there were shots fired at campus and active shooter protocol was going to be put in place to do as much as possible to protect people which is to not engage, to find some place to be safe and hide in place while professionals arrive to neutralize the situation. our first order of business was to make campus secure and that happened as you heard within minutes. we investigate and we have information that lets people know it's safe to resume normal or most normal activities, we allow that to go -- that information to be shared. >> you do that through text messaging. >> can you repeat your name? >> michael drake. >> ongoing training program, run, hide, fight is ongoing
1:06 pm
training program. when you see that in alert message that rings a bell for those in training. >> the medical professionals talk to that -- [inaudible] >> the public safety team has done a lot of training across the community and that's why they use keywords to remind folks of what options are for any violent intruder, whether someone with a gun or a knife, those same principles apply. >> what words do you have to say to the community? >> well, obviously this is a city made up of great neighborhoods and we are in one of the greatest neighborhoods and so we are here to -- to show our support and solidarity with president drake and the entire university community, lift up in our thoughts and prayers the victims, the senseless tragedy and grateful for our first responders that were on the
1:07 pm
scene and help to ensure that the situation did not escalate dramatically. i'm here with chief jacobs and chief o'connor, i want to send a clear message to the university and to the entire community that the city of columbus will devote whatever resources are necessary and work closely with president drake in his team to make sure that everyone feels safe in this neighborhood and throughout our great city and grateful again for dr. thomas and the amazing folks here and the other hospitals that are treating some of the victims here today. i want everybody in columbus to continue to lift up in thoughts and prayers of the victims and their families. >> dr. drake, talk to us about, you know, what do we say to the parents? i have two college-age students so i know how difficult it is being away from them. talk to the parents and the
1:08 pm
families what they can expect and what you're doing to keep students safe and also talk to their emotional and -- >> well, again repeat what the mayor said, we are pleased no one was injured than they were. so what we do on the campus is everything we can to make the campus safe. we have multiple trainings in place and things to make the campus as safe as we can be and we are pleased with how well those work and how people have responded at this tragedy today and we continue to work with students, falty and staff to make the place as safe and cooperation with the police, fire makes our job that much easier, but we live in an unstable world unfortunately and we have to do our best to protect ourselves from the circumstances. >> can you talk about the tools
1:09 pm
to assist police on finding a motive? charles: that was an update. jerry in our news room. >> we are listening to a press conference with hospital officials, the president of the university, dr. michael drake, there are clarifies some of the things that we heard earlier this morning, first off, there was one suspect, he is now dead. not two, one. they said they heard the rumor of being two and searched and searched for the other suspect, did not find him or her. 9 people injured, no one with life-threatening injuries. a car trying to run them over or a butcher knife. here is the tick-to be of what happened. at 9:52 a vehicle jumped the curve in columbus, ohio, jumps the curve and starts mowing down pedestrians, somebody jumps out with a butcher knife in hand and
1:10 pm
goes after people on the street on the corner there. we have another report a student describing the situation earlier before 9:52 that a fire alarm had been pulled in the building, in the watts labs and people ran out of the building, that's when they were mowed down by this week, if that is true, that's terrifying but seems to fit the to tick-tock. dr. michael drake says, of course, we prepare for this and hope never to competent -- execute our plans but what it's clear is that this was brought in hand very quickly, maybe 90 minutes, maybe not even that. police were on it and the suspect apprehended and killed. of course, the university is now
1:11 pm
shut down for the day, classes are canceled as this processing of the situation continues with the police there, but charles, that's what we are hearing now. we are still listening for more details and we will bring them to you when we have them. charles: i want to bring democratic ohio state senator, you were telling me, your phone all morning all day long -- >> yeah. charles: people are scared to death. >> people are certainly scared. sometimes -- you always think it's not going to happen to you. right, it's going to happen any place in the world instead of your backyard. obviously our state capital is columbus so we have linked relationship with that university, the whole state but certainly the city of columbus, we have interns that are from ohio state, we have page that is are from ohio state, we have a number of alumni, i myself got second degree in social work. it is very nerving but i want to
1:12 pm
commend the law enforcement that was on the scene that was able to handle this. charles: no doubt that their performance particularly to your point, no one ever thinks t going to happen to them, it happens and they responded and it's been amazing, but now that it has happened, there are a lot of lingering questions, the notion that perhaps someone pulled the fire alarm, detective wheeler and talked about classes changes at 10:00 o'clock. there was a distinct effort for maximum carnage to have many people outside as possible. >> that is the intelligence that i'm getting from columbus as well, both from local news reports as well as anecdotally that a fire alarm was pulled inside of this building, you know, conceivable to move these people out and, you know, you could only assume as much as we don't want to speculate at this
1:13 pm
point but you could only assume that if this would have been a coordinated effort where someone inside knew that there was a critical mass of students in the building, they pulled the fire alarm whoever this person was that decided to drive into traffic, so to speak, drive into this crowd and get out and start stabbing people. those two things would more likely have gone together and coordinated. are -- charles: just said i'm going to go off. this obviously took a certain degree of planning and, again, it's going to raise suspicions that maybe this was not just a fit of anger. >> you know, again, we can only speculate at this point but definitely had raised questions for me that when you have campus shooting circumstances typically it is one person that shoots into a crowd, i know that there was discussions that there were shots fired but it sounds like most of the injuries sustained
1:14 pm
were directly from stab wounds and not gunshots with the exception of the individual that was perpetrating this crime that was shot by law enforcement. whether or not that is true or not, who knows, but there are a lot of unanswered questions here that i'm sure we will be seeking answers in the upcoming days. charles: thank you very much, we really appreciate it. it's good to have you here knowing -- >> under the sad circumstances. charles: the latest on president-elect donald trump's meeting with general petraeus and mitt romney? next this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this.
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1:17 pm
charles: president-elect donald trump meeting with general david
1:18 pm
petraeus and mitt romney tomorrow and, they are up and arms. >> here is kind of interesting, a little bit of inside baseball here. generally, it's the people that romney surrounds himself with, stewart stevenson, a-team. the b team kelly anne conway. this got flipped. they see a threat with romney's team coming in. romney will bring his staff. it's been complementary of trump lately. clearly kellyanne sees those guys trying to reassert themselves in power. charles: kellyanne is echoing a
1:19 pm
real dissatisfaction in the heartland. >> yeah. charles: in part because of the mitt romneys of the world. they rejected mitt romney 100%. >> her and bossy and all b players are more renegade and they don't want to turn it back to establishment choices. we have a little bit of news here. the worldcoming out of trump tower is that treasury secretary, we are worried about, that's going to come sometime after the secretary of state is either decided or they come to terms with it. that's what's kind of holding that up. the inside track still, i hear steve mnucin. doesn't mean that donald do a hail mary and call diamon. john bolt oan's name as possibly secretary of state if he doesn't pick petraeus and bolt oan might
1:20 pm
be deputy secretary of state. he would have operating power, kind of different that went on in obama years when kerry and hillary clinton were secretary of state. there were number twos but they didn't have that much power. i think they want to give him a job and he's a valuable guy and he will only take a job like that as if he has some degree of power within the administration. charles: how does that work if it was a mitt romney and john bolton? >> i don't see that. mitt romney is a type of guy that if he runs it, maybe they are best friends. i have no idea. but just the way i think of mitt romney, he's an operating guy. i don't think so.
1:21 pm
listen, everything could change over there. listen, i always caveat this, this is what i'm hearing from my sources, donald makes his own mind up and known the change at the last minute and you're to hear about it in a tweet. charles: more news on the jill stein recount push. we are going to bring it to you right after the break
1:22 pm
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ charles: recount that's costing an uproar. peter barnes on where this goes from here, peter. peter: hey, charles. we are trying to confirm multiple reports that jill stein filed for rea recount in pennsylvania. we reached out to campaign and have not heard back yet and we will get that to you as soon as we get it, of course.
1:25 pm
in wisconsin trump received 20,000 more votes, they each got 1.4 million votes and jill stein 31,000 total votes. now she wants to do it in pennsylvania and she also wants recount in michigan as well. green party estimates recounts in all three states will cost 6 to 7 million. stein campaign says the recounts are not intend today help hillary clinton, they're about to integrity of elections. the clinton campaign is participating in this despite what clinton said in that final presidential debate. listen. >> that's horrifying, you know, every time donald thinks things aren't going in his direction, he claims whatever is rigged against him. that's not the way our democracy works. we have been around 240 years, we've had free and fair elections. we've accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them and that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate
1:26 pm
stage during a general election. peter: and, of course, as you would expect the trump camp is pushing back hard. >> it was their team that cut a deal with our team that said when the ap called the race they would call within 15 minutes and concede which they did. it is a total and complete hypocritical joke that the group of people that thought that they were nervous about president elect trump not conceding are the people that are conducting recounts in states where we won by over 68,000 votes. peter: wisconsin election officials and experts say they are unaware of any problems with wisconsin vote tally and we heard the same thing from pennsylvania officials, charles. charles: donald trump catching some heat for this tweet calling three states out for voter fraud with no evidence, but if the clinton team getting a pass for calling recount with no evidence outside of interference? the republican party through
1:27 pm
republican party and former bush 41 campaign adviser mark serrano. we are accustomed to double standards, but it really is amazing that we are getting this after -- after the media hit donald trump really hard assuming he would lose and hillary clinton even harder. >> yeah, it is hypocritical. it is nothing but hypocrisy at the finest. look, when we were claiming that there are potential irregularities in elections, the democrats dismissed it out of hand. look, the recount is not going to change the outcome of the election. they are just being sore losers, they lost bigly. charles: mark, ultimately, what could be the real strategy? obviously jill stein is not
1:28 pm
going to make up 1.4 million votes, is it to discredit donald trump or discredit the process itself? >> there's actually allot going on here, charles. first of all, jill stein is just a proxy for clinton and the democrat party by launching these recounts and it's two, number one delegitimize trump's victory and possibly throw in into haywire the electoral college vote but just as importantly it's to lay the ground work for the 2018 senate races where democrats are defending seats in pennsylvania with casey, wisconsin with baldwin but additionally, charles, believe it or not, this may also lay the ground work for possible comeback from hillary clinton in 2020, believe it or not. that is a possibility as well. charles: you know what, considering that nancy pelosi wants to be in charge, the democrats might be out of their
1:29 pm
mind. perhaps, you know, maybe this is a legitimate thing, maybe there should be recount because if you add them all up, donald trump wins key states by 110,000 votes. >> yeah, but florida has a history specially in the last election cycle of the democrat party here in the state of florida that hillary clinton campaign and actually democrat-elected officials playing shenanigans with the voters. we need to remind that the democrat party actually went to court and asked a judge to count the votes of unregistered voters. we had the supervised elections in broward county open up tens of thousands of vote by mail ballots when she didn't have the authority to do so. we are concerned but we are going to remain vigilant with this because it's important to the process. charles: mark, real quick, all the headlines i read yesterday that donald trump, tweets.
1:30 pm
>> undermining the democracy and threat to republic and jill stein was doing the right thing, the smart and intelligent thing. >> the media are the ones challenging the fabric of society. they pressure donald trump to call for national unity but at the same time delegitimize donald trump's victory. so hypocrisy is very sick and they are going to get -- they won't get far with it at all. they are trying to also prevent the states from turning in their electoral college votes in time which again won't happen. so it's foolish but it's typical of the media, charles, you know that. charles: i don't know what the game plan is but it's hurting them more than helping, for sure. guys, thank you very much, i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. charles: dow today hitting a speed bump. still seeing huge post election games, my thoughts on where we are going after this hey gary, what'd you got here?
1:31 pm
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1:34 pm
charles: the trump rally is a real thing and it faces its biggest test of the week with a series of economic data points culminating for friday's jobs report. there is no doubt that the breath and strength of the markets caught a lot of folks off guard, including wall street, which i must always tell people not to confuse the market. that being said, wall street has only been able to offer downgrades on winners here they
1:35 pm
could be an attempt to curb enthusiasm can also save face. there's some complacency settled then. it's underscored by the dip in volatility index good down almost 10% last month. the other end of the spectrum has been a 2000 index. those are smaller names. smaller names driven by smaller investors and the combination naturally draws that unprofessional masters to wall street. i will date is. millions of would-be investors missed the obama rally but the market was coming off the worst rubbing in history. one of them a little different in my mind by true in the most daring not to dupe the public into a false sense of wealth which the fed of course try to create the battlement line the pockets of the rich and gave to base a chance to dump toxic bag. there's going to be a period of time for president trying to get
1:36 pm
all the pieces in place for real economic renaissance at the market does not to wait for that. it's going to be occasional pullbacks, but i do want i do when she do i do when she do get pulled into wall street's attempt to raise these games so they can get in front of the line. the economic momentum is happening already. justify going into 2017 and justified for doubt 20,000 plus good meanwhile, oil is up as opec scrambles to finally get a deal done this week. jeff flock has the latest. i think it has to happen. one of the reasons oil is up. at last check that is not too far for today's high. because concerns they would be a lot of data not shown upon when
1:37 pm
they appear traders got back in and said i think it's a head fake. they are going to show what. so the market has risen in bed about a buck and a quarter as of right now. previous close was 4606. the opec members on the part of iraq say we can't be part of this deal because we named all revenues to fund the war on isis. they say listen, we can be part of a deal. we don't want to be part of the deal because they're out of the market because of sanctions for so long. if they can get those two guys an exception and everybody else on board, you get a deal and maybe a rise in oil prices. >> russia and saudi arabia new all-time high production. >> they have to. they simply have to. saudi arabia continues to be a big producer. if anybody thought of hillary clinton got elect that we would
1:38 pm
have more regulation, u.s. exploration with docile. that's not happened right now. we are going to have continued exploration and i'm not as opec has to deal him around. charles: jeff flock on the thank you for a much paid more in this oil thing. either way, the market coming back so there's a lot to talk about 6:00 p.m. eastern time. the fallout in cuba with fidel castro's death means for the future of capitalism.
1:39 pm
1:40 pm
>> a very good action and life in the floor of the new york talk exchange. i'm at or fax business reporter. a look at some of the major retailers performing today. amazon down 1.5% as the national retail federation x 122 million shoppers to be their holiday shopping online which should account for the forecast for a 7% to 10% jump in online sales this year versus last. the old retail stock with traditional brick-and-mortar jcpenney has come a serious, dillards all down by a wide margin. 4%, almost 5% or jcpenney. folks are snatching up tickets for the "star wars" movies. coming up december 16th. tickets went on sale so the movie put out by walt disney with comcast and fandango said
1:41 pm
they open away from.
1:42 pm
charles: it's official. green party nominee shows and for a recount in pennsylvania appeared isn't expected to change the presidential outcome, but it's still got the trump team fired up. meanwhile in cuba a week of mourning for fidel castro.
1:43 pm
many cuban-americans celebrate. blake burman has the latest. >> we are getting fresh reaction from the white house. your member of the week in the upon the administration put out a statement that did not address a decades long human rights abuses of fidel castro and the statement they offer condolences for the family. josh earnest, white house press secretary was asked about that moments ago. he did step up language just a bit bytes rating there was virtually no whitewashing with the kinds that it is that the castro government over the years but he also defended the administration's initial take. listen. >> the president statement quite clearly speaks for his golf and it made clear the president's desire to look towards the future. >> however, a lot of a spanish-language news papers, just to give you an idea of how the folks are feeling this out where and how it's playing now, one of the local news reporters
1:44 pm
held up a newspaper during their broadcasts with the title nuke hamas, which means in spanish never again. their headline is life and death of a yet another headline is cuban exile leaders are energized as you can see from a couple nights ago. one kind of feeling in miami and the little havana community you are the canine and potentially another coming out of the administration this hour. donald trump treating the president elect earlier today and i'm quoting here, he said if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, cuban american people in u.s. as a whole, i will terminate the deal. speaking with one of his advisers a little while ago and the quote he gave me was the quote he said we don't want to be played for fools with this new deal. charles: thank you very much.
1:45 pm
president-elect trump is climb for reversal of present upon this executive orders from cuba appeared he made those calls on the campaign trail. remember this? >> all of the concessions that barack obama has granted the castro regime were done through executive order, which means the next president can reverse them and that i will do unless the castro regime entire demand. charles: to immigration expert if the president elect should take a softer tone on cuba. we know donald trump always begins his negotiations with the real strong point. that's an improvement from this book and other things. we should get more consistent from this cuba deal? >> absolutely. president trump has been a circle moment and it's a historical moment for cuba, american from the
1:46 pm
cuban-americans i should say. we should send a signal to the cuban people and the cuban government. we are not the enemy. we want to help flourish the private sector emerging never sent president obama gave all the economic concessions. the problem is the cuban government is not in the business of feeding the population. the cuban government is in the business of power. giving more concession will put them in a very dangerous position. charles: having said that, we've seen over the last decade or so where much more powerful communist nations from china to russia have made certain adjustment because no matter how strong you are or how much you suppress people, and at some point they raised up, don't they? >> absolutely. the cuban brothers have had very good luck. first of all the soviet union subsidizing their needs and after that venezuela appeared
1:47 pm
venezuela was giving the cuban government more than 100,000 barrels of oil for free every day. that is dwindling down enough that the cuban government needs the american does this. at the same time they do not want to give any political market share. i repeat they are in the business of power and giving up some of that power could threat their existing spirit we are at a moment where we do not know if udell is dead, row was alone and trump is in power. so what's going to happen? charles: growlers and. >> 85 years old. charles: we don't think he'll be around much longer. what power are they protecting? is there an apparatus come a certain segment of the lake they continue to benefit from horrible conditions in cuba that he's willing to risk because donald trump isn't going to play with this guy.
1:48 pm
>> that's exactly the promise he made to the cuban-americans. it's not only that. to answer your question, row houses on an lot in charge of the economy and the economy in the hands of the military. row will have his son, his biological son in charge of intelligence and apparatus. they have the whole island and would trump needs to say to them is we want to help you. just do not eat the opposition leaders any more out in the street. allow some of the flourishing private business to emerge and don't take things away from them. allow people to speak into travel and to assemble and the church is to open up. the cubans so much and we could play ball with you. that's not even happening and that is why people that were in favor of what obama was doing and i was one of them, give them the chance.
1:49 pm
the embargo didn't work after 50 years fine. let's play ball with them. the ball has never come back to her corner. people are tired after two years. charles: life that that joanne who killed a police officer at america -- i've got to let you go, but i will say according to pew, cuban immigration has doubled from frisco for teen-fiscal 16. they are taking massive damage of the deal and we are getting nothing from it. >> the cuban people are not seen any reports. the report president obama wanted the cuban people that have so that they are coming. charles: let's hope that changes. i'm pretty sure i will. i hope it's a better deal for both countries and both sets of people. thank you both very much. appreciate it. are we headed for a record setting cybermonday? looks like it so far.
1:50 pm
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you can even enroll right over the phone. don't wait. call unitedhealthcare or go online now. ♪ charles: to the attack on ohio state law enforcement was the investigation now tell fox news the suspect in the incident this morning with issa molly mail and his 20s. the sources stressed that the motive behind the attack is still unclear but investigators are not ruling anything out at this point. investigators are now in the process of running down the perpetrators family members and associates. sources did not yet get a name and we don't know if he was a student or not but we look at the information as soon as it comes in. today's expected to be the biggest online shopping the average america.
1:54 pm
adam shapiro at an amazon facility in new jersey. what is it like there? >> is incredible. if you ever had the opportunity to be in a tree, multiply that by 10. occurring at roughly 70 amazon centers nation wide. first, 3.36 billion is how much adobe digital is type predict we will spend online today alone. cybermonday in the sun and everyone else 3.36 billion. how many of us will go shopping online? 122 billion americans. roughly a third of the population. most of those people will order something. 3% in meetings with other people not paying too much attention. amazon for his dance will ship 629 items per second just today.
1:55 pm
during the numbers that you, charles. when you consider this, you have to understand these facilities across the country are really not only set this gated machine and operations, but engineering and software. the senior vice president of retail for north america. we ask what is next for the centers. here's what he said. >> a million square feet. tens of millions of items in here. i don't know what innovation will come next. it's incredible. now we have amazon robotics which allows us to get more products than their. not sure where we'll go next, but you will come here in a couple years and be even more efficient. >> just give you a quick idea, take a look. 12 miles of conveyor belt under 1 million square feet.
1:56 pm
that is roughly 28 football fields. the environment yet just a quarter of the facility. 4000 people packing and shipping goods coast-to-coast to be under your chris mistry and time for $3.369 cybermonday holiday. i keep waiting to hear. back to you. charles: it's amazing how the economic activity and my wife is creating there alone. appreciate it. scott walker now tweeting it's hard to justify a recount and the winner won by 22,000 does. we made it easy to go, hard to cheat wisconsin election. supporters said the recount were against our voter i.d. initiatives. meanwhile, the 15 day winning streak is currently the longest winning streak for the index since 1996.
1:57 pm
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charles: wild and crazy day already, keet here on fox business as we await more appointments for president-elect donald trump's team. have the latest on my show, "making money," 6:00 p.m. eastern. neil is back tomorrow. but now is trish regan. charles: sources are tell. trish: sources are telling fox that is the suspect is a somali man in his 20s. after had man rammed his vehicle into a group of pedestrians, got out and stabbed people with a butcher night before being shot to death by a campus police officer. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to to "the intelligence report." one person is in critical condition. ashley webster in the newsroom. ashley, this may be a man from somalia. do we know anything else about him? >> we don't. exactly what you reported.


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