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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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smell medieval era. david: remember when mayor of new york said, don't use salt, and i saw him at a restaurant, salt all over his food. >> i've never seen anything like it. >> i knew before the buckeye alert, i had been up. a couple girls and guys came in panics, they said they seen someone drive up and run over a crowd of people, someone jumped out i heard there of a i-- machete or something. >> our thoughts prayers and speedy recovery to those who were injured. >> it seems like this is happening more and more, it is harder when it is at your own
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school, it is heartbreak, sad and frustrating. >> one suspect dead, 9 hospitalized one in critical condition after a brutal attack at ohio state university, involving a somali refugee, plowing his car into students and slashing people with a butcher knife, i am cheryl in for deirdre bolton, sources tell fox, the attacker was 18-year-old mai male somali refugee. fbi has been brought in on the case, my colleague ashley webster is joining me. >> the use of a vehicle, and then a knife attack, that has authorities wondering whether it was terrorism at the heart of this. using a vehicle, jumped on curb, hit people standing there before 10:00 this morning on ohio state university campus.
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then the suspect gets out of his car starts running after people with a butcher knife, he stabs some people,9 -- 1 person critically injured, 9 others injured. here is what we know student at ohio state, 18-year-old somali refugee, left his homeland in 2007, lived in pakistan, came to u.s. in 2014, he had legal permanent residence in u.s. he told the ohio state newspaper, the lantern in august, he -- or was afraid to pray in public. a quote from that story done with him in part, i wanted to pray in the open but i was scared, with everything going on in the media, i am a muslim it is not about what the media portrays me to be, i don't think what they will thing,
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what is going to happen, i don't blame them, what of the the motive -- what was the motive? authorities all they will say is investigation is ongoing. >> we do not have information at the moment on motive, the investigation is ongoing in that regard. >> you can be sure, cell phone any personal devices, personal computer, where if anything pay have been inspired to do something like this. we may never know, the use of a car and a knife, manage that isis has said in past, said, if you don't have a bomber a gun, use a car. use a knife, it does have hallmarks of a terrorist attack. >> soft targets they said, in u.s. and europe, which they have, ashley webster thank you. >> there are concerns that the
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suspect is a somali revenue, that might be war an -- warranted with 10 cases brought against legal refugees in the united states dr. jasser is joining me now, authorities don't want to say terrorism, they just saying we're investigating. what tells you that this is home grope terror? >> i mean everything points to that, my heart and prayer with the ohio state university, and families, thank god this person was eliminated. this has all of the hallmarks of the nice attack, the isis journals and on-line radicalization manuels said use a vehicle to commit slaughter in large public places, then the san bernardino shootings and
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orlando softer and softer targets, and magazine, was talked about on-line that said use knives, use any public setting with schools, kids with backpacks, so you can commit slaughter and bridge attention to -- bring attention to the west against enemies of islam, we're seeing that precursors of violent radicalization are nonviolent ratification, fierce of west media of using terms like islam phobia. >> does part of your theory on this, we should say this is early going. this happening this morning, but he did spend time in pakistan, he was quoted as our correspondent mentioned saying he was scared to pray on the campus in ohio, does that lead you to believe there is more than what authorities are telling us. >> like you said, a lot is
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we're putting pieces together, it does not help to be in denial, as we saw with boston bombers and many of the folks in orlando, they traveled to saudi arabia, to pakistan, this family had gone from somalia to pakistan, thin to ohio, and he went to school since friend 2014, radicalization process likely started with anti-americannism before coming here. we need to be vetting them not only if they were part of terror groups but are they anti-american? is this something they are embraces or they are afraid of? and feel it is not part of their identity, i think we as we learn more it will be aapparent he did not fee tha feel this was his home. >> isis called for random knife attacks.
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allies, forests, beaches, quiet neighborhoods, they have 58 ways talked about soft targets in europe, could this be a part of that strategy? >> yes, they use that strategy, by the way we talk about them, you know telling them that they are more afraid, well, that does not make onus on americans it is their onus, they are trying to radicalize muslims, they tell them to to these very soft targets because they realize, homeland security is squeezing them more and more, they have to use victims of opportunity, which are in public staces, they -- spaces, they want to unravel our society from within, the way to do that health care facility like in san bernardino or national guard recruiting place like chattanooga or bar like in orlando. they simply want to get on front pain, and commit heinous acts of terror, we need to
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look at earlier precursors before they pick up the knives and launch into anna attack. >> looking at social media chatter, and profiling may be down the line, dr. jasser thank you very much. >> any time, thank you. >> well, switching gears, trump is resuming heatings in trump -- meetings in trump tower with possible candidate for the cabinet. word he is meeting with mitt romney tonight over dinner. all this, as clinton's team says there is no evidence existing o of a tampered elect, but hillary's campaign jumping on jill steyn's recount, i flip flop. >> that is horrifying every time donald thinks that things are not going in his directs here, claims whatever it is is rigged against him.
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he said something horrifying that was that, he would not say, he would accept the results of the election. i want everyone to know that i respect the choice you make. >> we were asked if we would respect the outcome of the election. i will. >> well flash forward to today, hillary clinton is joining the drive for a recount in 3 states wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania, president-elect trump chief of stand rins reince priebus slamming the by jill steyn. >> this is a fundraising notary to driven fraud. fraud.
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>> carl paladino is joining me now, good to have you on. >> how are you doing. >> what do you think of clinton camp joining the recount effort. >> i agree with what ryu hyun-jin said -- reince priebus said they are trying to disrupt the seating of the electoral votes, that is their goal for what the reason, they will go through this effort, and which is will be very -- it is steep hill to climb. legally. but they seem inclined to do that. this is hillary being hillary. i guess that is all we got. >> expensive hill to climb, estimates to be about $6 million. if you really want to go down this road, we're not hearing
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any more from camp hearing as far as financial backing, in fact the opposite, mainstream media accusing donald trump not having proof of his claims of vote or fraud. -- voter fraud. however, hillary clinton team saying there is no proof of fraud, they are going for the ride. on the recount. this is what many of us don't understand. they found no evidence. look at this, obama official saying that federal government did not observe any increase level at malicious activity.
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you have donald trump saying, i have the popular vote, no iftd o evidence of that, but you have jill steyn saying, let's go in, there is voter fraud. is hillary clinton's camp being a bit hypocritical here, and sides with jill steyn. >> i'm not sure what is wrong with jill steyn, she has very little to gain. in donald trump's statement, these reasoning is based on reality, we have elect on election -- we have evidence of election day of illegal activity in florida, and pennsylvania. and in other battle ground states. that evidence was clear. the press reported it. they reported about the woman walking into the room with
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four campaign -- or excuse me elected people, filling out absentee ballots for hillary similar reports a woman complaining she receive a ballot of that already filled out for hillary, and election machines being played with, if you vote for trump your vote would be cast for hillary, we know thigh things, they -- we know these things, they are based in sound evidence. mainstream press still wants to argue that trump is wrong, wrong on this and wrong on that. trump is exercising what he faced, really faced. he has a right to make statements about it. i'm sure he will do something about this terrible elect fraud that has gone on and on.
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>> we shall see, carl paladino thank you. >> thank you. >> you want to watch jill steyn on kennedy tonight, 8 p.m., she will defend your call for a recount. well, florida republican lawmakers now up in arms, over president obama's seepin seemingly pro casto statement, the difference from trump statement, and. black lives matter now also praising the cuban dec dictator's accomplishment. john bolton is going to weigh in, he is coming up next.
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>> in your beautiful country. liberty. >> everything is going to change now i think. >> darkness of cuba is dead. it dead. a chapter has been closed. cheryl: cuban socialist, dictator, fidel castro is dead at age of 90, while many americans celebrated. the end of his decades long regime, president obama said. history will record and judge the impact of singular figure on people in world around him, we offer condolences to fidel castro's family, our thoughts and prayers are with cuban people, president-elect trump, saying. >> today the world marks passing of a brutal dictator who opressed his own people for herlfor nearly 6 decades.
5:19 pm
-- denial of fundamental human rights. joining me now, former u.n. ambassador to united nations, john bolton. which statement is more accurate. >> not close. trump's, is there is an important point for all of the things that castro did, what obama a statement reflects is castro's iconic status to international left, which is why his finally meeting up with act warily tables is so important, i always thought that the day castro died would be like day the first hole opened in the iron curtain, like a pin meeting a balloon. this regime has no legitimacy, this is an opportunity to find a way to finish it off, i think it will have potentially
5:20 pm
if u.s. and others size opportunity, dramatic impact all over the hem i hemisphere too have this iconic figure gone from the scene, what does it do for their hero is gone, this is a moment we should seize, bo yonda deal that obama -- beyond a deal that obama made. that castro regime has violated repeatedly. cheryl: ambassador, that was on my mind. when the news of the death came and the president's statement, i thought to myself, why would president obama take such a out of tone, several u.s. airlines are flying into havana today, timing is everything. of all those flights that are leaving miami to havana, and hotel chains and uber, list goes on in business.
5:21 pm
is it in protect of our interest to take a lighte tone against fidel castro right now? >> a protect for barack obama's deal, for those who say, you can hear them, now we have business interests we have to protect, i am saying that everyone american business, every ceo out there listening if you are really thinking of doing anything in the next two months, to increase your exposure in cuba, chill out for a couple of months, go skiing or something else, this is not the moment to take that risk, and i think they should have known it going in, we were coming into an elect year. -- where feelings on how to deal with cuba are strong. if they have taken steps that will cost them money, well too damn bad. cheryl: okay, it is a b business network i had to ask
5:22 pm
that. and black lives matter is joining liberals in praising castro, filing an overwhelming since of loss, and praising castro for harboring cop killers. take a look at this in washington post. cuban dib tat dictator -- >> cubanrevolutionary who defied the united states, what is your response to this outpouring of sadness from the "new york times" and washington post? >> well, lennon had a phrase that described people who are writing these stories he called them useful idiots, they are. useful to the myth of fidel castro. of revolution, things they baby boom generation grew up on, guess what?
5:23 pm
even the radical jesuit in latin america have to admit that god is still alive but, fiddle is -- fidel castro is dead. cheryl: fascinating turn of events thank you. >> thank you. cheryl: well, liberal protester against our fair election, reaching a new violent level, michigan state called for trump today, but pro trump michigan electoral college member is receiving at&death threats, ordering him to change his vote to hillary clinton, he will show us those threats and tell us much more, he is coming up next.
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cheryl: today michigan secretary of state officially certified that donald trump did win presidential election in the state, but a pro trump
5:27 pm
electoral college member has received dozens of death threats, ordering him to vote for hillary when he casts his ballot on december 19, but state law, refusal or failure on vote tor candidate, constitutes a resignation from office, his vote shall not be recorded. member michael is joining me now. so, you can't change your vote even if you wanted to you and are receiving death threats? >> correct, and thank you for having me on. the unfortunate side of this election cycle has been divisiveness, if has bled afterwards, i have received a lot of hateful death wishes from people who cannot accept the results of the election. cheryl: they are bad. i am not going to argue with you, he is the president deal
5:28 pm
with it you support bigotry, hate and racism, i hope you die. your response, you are soi ignorance, thank you for wishing my death, this person says right back at you. >> i would say, i was disappointed. you have seep a lot of hypocrisy offu of of the left, it did happen. cheryl: these are serious, i say this is somebody who worked as a public figure for a lot of my career, his similar verbal architects, this is bad -- attacks, this person said, i will find you and put a bullet in your mouth . -- that person said, like i thought, you whatever, did you go to the police.
5:29 pm
did you call extra security? what kind of steps did you need to take, these are serious threats. >> they are, right now, i'm looking into options. to get the authorities involved. i have been contacted by some authorities, but at this moment in time i'm just focusing on making sure that i can cast the electoral vote for donald trump and mike pence for vice president on 19th and deliver that win officially, i would say that these guys, need to stop, because, these threats are real, they think just because they are behind a keyboard say can say, do what they want, that is the fallacy of internet. >> welcome to internet. i am wondering if they will change for you today moving forward in a positive way, fox news today put michigan in the plus you know camp for donald trump. so it. we had close states, michigan
5:30 pm
one of them, do you think that things will die down, subside now that it is basically game over in michigan. >> i would hope so, but you have a lot of rebel rousers on left with jill stein and coming in, plants a seed of doubt, have you these public figures coming that that are disrupting the system. cheryl: michael, stay safe, i mean that with the best of intentions, we appreciate you bringing this story to us. >> my pleasure. cheryl: other headlines we're following, colin kaepernick, his pro castro comments angered miami football fans last night, we will play youer wher who us -- chore us of boos that greeted outspoken, and losing quarterback. >> and protesters at colleges
5:31 pm
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>> raise your fans -- flags everybody. every person who fought for this flag. >> i would die for this flag. >> veterans outraged out of a about colleges decision to not fly the flag on campus. they removed all flags. he said we will not fly the u.s. of ike or any other flag on our poll for the time being. we will hope to enable us to focus it on addressing on dealing with discrimination rhetoric and behaviors.
5:36 pm
joining me now johnny jones has been blown away. sir, welcome. >> as a veteran what is your reaction to the decision by the school to take all these down. sounds a lot it sounds a lot like we will sit this one out. to send the message there. it's difficult for a small number of our students. we will remove the flag were to pretend were not in the freest country in the world and were discussed were discussed at this one out for a. of time. it is not the way that you groom leaders. to talk it out and understand one another. and they should add anti-american to the list of things they are trying to combat. >> they do tend to be acting out of fear.
5:37 pm
the college said that we see this conversation as an important learning opportunity that's what they said. should this be a learning opportunity. what are you teaching them. what is to be learned. instead of distressing that it stands for the fact that we can talk about these things. i wakes up every morning and says were not perfect but were to work a little harder to be perfect. the flag stands for a country that has made 100 percent of immigrants and we are proud of that. instead of discussing those things we will remove those flags. the lives that have been paid to have that flag in this country was in a sit this out. we're gonna consult those who are the largest rather than those who have paid the largest price that is not the message. that is a moment of weakness in the school in the leader should be ashamed.
5:38 pm
>> do you think the college president should be fired. >> i don't know anything else about the institution. maybe they're doing a lot of great things. i think they should reevaluate these types of policies and act with a little bit more courage in a little bit more self awareness. let's move on to someone else. calling cap her neck hate is booed off the field yesterday after he made the controversial comments about the dell castro. [indiscernible] >> he was appearing to praise them. depicting a meeting between fidel castro and colin
5:39 pm
kaepernick. he later verified those comments. >> push the narrative and the things that they have done. i support the investment in education. i never said i support the oppressive things that he did. what you make of the sky. >> it is laughable. to support the investment and education let's go down that line and talk about how those people aren't allowed to read certain things. being literate enabling to them to stay alive. the only thing we can say for sure. if that is the margin of victory of dictator and a tyrant gets praise. what we really saying here. i've campaigned in south
5:40 pm
florida. i have met cuban-americans i don't pretend to know what they had been through. i don't know what second-generation or first generation americans have been through. that came here and risk their lives to do that. it's highly publicized and easy to find the atrocities that have happened in cuba. and there are probably a few hundred other world leaders who have invested in education they deserve it to be praised before you even have a chance for your comments to be taken out of context. >> he have a chance to win the game but he was tackled. by a cuban-american player. were showing the play right now. sometimes life is ironic to say the least. i've spoken with colin kaepernick.
5:41 pm
i don't have a negative opinion of him. i think he's confused i don't think he is will researched in the things that he's speaking out about. you he need to speak to the issues but i don't think fidel castro is one of them. >> i think he needs to focus on playing football better. that is one of those issues that he might have more experience in. the ten game losing streak is not something to be celebrated. who is your football team really quick. we are doing okay. we will leave it there though. thank you for your service. great to have you on the show. trumps new chief of staff. keeping the door open on heller's prosecution. we will play you the new comment.
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>> you saw the man with the picture of the submarine. she is devastated. took a the pictures of the submarine. it's a gold submarine. he wanted them and took a couple of pictures and put them in jail for a year. i saw his mother the other night on television. i will tell you what we've never been in a situation like this. why didn't they protect a kid
5:46 pm
like this. lovely family and lovely mother. he wanted to have some remembrance of her he worked. donald trump repeatedly mentioning the sun a navy sailor who was currently serving one year in federal prison. if the attorney general and the congress find evidence that would indicate that something needs to happen in the attorney general says something need to happen i would suspect that president-elect trump will be opening to listening to what that is. here with me now. the mother of christian. he has taken on her case for
5:47 pm
free. welcome to both of you. how is your son doing. >> thank you so much for letting me be on here again. one day at a time. my son is a true patriot. it's something that wasn't right when he was 22 years old. one of the things on there is jailed for leaking there is no evidence that any of those photos were ever leaked that they were on his phone. we hear that this is something that a lot of servicemembers do. he does happen to be caught. you came out of retirement to represent her for free. i just think this cause is so important.
5:48 pm
i went and met chris in jail in prison. i came out of their thinking this kid is a hero. what is he doing behind bars. he did nothing but wanted to serve his country. he was so proud about serving his country. just talking to them brought tears to my eyes. he made a simple mistake that thousands of thousands of servicemembers to every day when on deployment. do you think if charges are brought up against hillary for her role do you think it would shine some light. and how are you right now as far as fighting for this case. are you making any progress. most of it is progress already on her own.
5:49 pm
she has been out here and all of the news media shows. and she is a great interviewer as you can tell. she does a great job advocating for her son. you and i had spoken by person before. does this give you hope that something could change when president-elect trump is behind you. did you think to yourself may be something positive can happen for my son? >> i'm a little teary-eyed when he talks about how he felt that day. i don't know what it means. if it is a part of or it's something where he could finish her's his sentence and be able to go forward in his life and have a future. i'm hopeful and i'm trying to encourage. one day at a time. we are all praying for you. for you in your son.
5:50 pm
god bless you also. i'm glad you are able to see him for the holiday. please give him our best. it's an honor to her and testament to her that you are here. thank you to both of you. forget sanctuary city. now portland elementary public school has voted to become a sanctuary. killed by an illegal immigrant. she's gonna speak out about her story coming up next.
5:51 pm
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5:54 pm
>> first there were essentially cities now their century elementary schools. they now vote to restrict the access. they don't have permission to be here. a member of the remembrance project. i'm so sorry by the way for your loss. we lost a son. this one though was deported four times have a field about the fact that they want to hide illegal immigrants? >> used to be a place of reason. they're not having children think through their processes.
5:55 pm
to work these children up to get everyone all scared and frightened and then find us a place a safe place for the children it would be really clever i was looking at spencer story it's tragic, it really is. but victor reyes was deported four times he nearly beat to death a fellow inmate. now granted their children there but there are children there. should we draw a line between the two? >> one is a we're talking about the deportation of criminal illegal immigrants this is a classmate that brutally murdered him.
5:56 pm
there are criminals in our school system as well. i don't know about drawing the line i don't know if our elementary schools and we need to get the children all worked up the way the teachers and administrators are doing. 112 people were arrested. more than half of those didn't even vote. what is your reaction when you hear stories like this. it's ridiculous. people don't really understand the full impact of falling victim to a criminal. my son dropped off his coffin girlfriend at home. he was sitting at a red light 25 years old. the age of the folks that are protesting. my son's life is over. there is not a border that i can cross. the idea that any american
5:57 pm
citizen would notthink about that. and removing criminals from our country. thank you. we will be right back. this is where i trade andrs. manage my portfolio. since i added futures, i have access to the oil markets and gold markets. okay. i'm plugged into equities- trade confirmed-
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and i have global access 24/7. meaning i can do what i need to do, then i can focus on what i want to do. visit to see what adding futures can do for you.
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>> we have a lot of breaking news for you tonight. investigators are probing why a somali refugee who was granted legal permanent residents the student plowed his vehicle into a crowd then he got out and attacked several others with a butcher knife. police officer there shot and killed him on the scene nine victims were taken to the hospital for treatment. no word from investigators yet whether this was an act of foreign sponsored or inspired terrorism.


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