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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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is that james taylor singing? a two-hour special lou dobbs live from cincinnati will begin at 7:00 right here on the fox business network. be sure to watch lou and our coverage of the president-elect trump and his thank you tour. charles: rear awaiting president-elect trump to take the stage for the first leg of his thank you tour. it starts off in cincinnati. trump is expected to address his supporters at 7:00 p.m. eastern. trump of course won the state of ohio decisively over hillary clinton. he will be joined by vice president-elect mike pence. the rust belt and heartland were forgotten by the washington, d.c. elites, but not by trump. joining me to discuss now, adam goodman, steve rogers and kelly riddell.
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i think it's a brilliant post-election whistle stop tour for people neglected by elites on both coasts. >> this is what the new republican party looks like. he's defining it with his populism and reaching out to the middle class. the working class voter who has been ignored by washington, d.c. it was an unbelievable display seeing him go back to carrier and vice president-elect mike pence and delivering on those jobs he promised. he's already done more before he's even in the white house than president obama has done in 8 years. what a great economic accomplishment this was as a president-elect. charles: steve rogers, i have got to tell you, throughout the election there was one man who came on this show azillion years before everybody jumped on the
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trump train, before it became cool, and you said he's touching something. you saw something amongst regular folks in new jersey and other folks. he touched the heart of the american people. i love the way deli just described it. the new republican party. now we'll have a new america. he's bringing back the core values of this country. duty, honor, god, america. that's what the american people love. charles: do you think he was an unlikely messenger for these things? >> the pundits said he was unlikely. but the american people, he spoke their language. he was on main street, not wall street. even in the minority community a lot of people supported him because he had the message. charles: adam, it's good to have
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you face to face after coming on the show for years via remote. you witnessed obviously, i'm sure you had to go back in your playbook and rewhere it and add a few things. i'm calling it a thank you/victory tour. i think it's a way -- i saw the crowds, they are immense. a way of donald trump saying thank you and the voters saying thank you. >> think of the campaign he launched for president. he sent a clear message that he will be a hands-on active president that will go right at trying to put american back to work. instead of exporting jobs he wants to import opportunity. if there is a label, i think you are looking at the beginning of the:now president. he wants to get things done right now. there will be an impatience to what he's doing.
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he will try for a hundred carrier stories as quickly as he can. that's what america has been waiting for, a shot in the arm. charles: we can see the way he's putting his cabinet together to go along with the now president. i want to take the audience out to cincinnati. blake berman is at the site for the event. hell us feel the electricity there. reporter: this almost feels like a campaign-type event. but take a look at the sign there. it says usa thank you tour 2016. this is the president-elect thank you tour. you can see the folks in the stands wearing their trump hats, bringing their trump gear. we'll dip in for a live interview. linda and alex. we have been talking with them. you are a trump supporter be you felt the field to be here.
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why? >> i wanted to be heren to support trump in his post-election celebration. reporter: what do you make of him setting something up like this after the election. >> i think it's great. i'm glad he's thinking outside the box. reporter: you brought your 13-year-old grandson. what do you want to hear out of the president-elect tonight? >> i want to hear, it's pretty keel's doing the thank you tour after the election, and i kinds of want to hear how much work's been putting in on everything. reporter: as you see from these two wearing their trump hats and strum geerm. charles: it looks like you will have a lot of fun out there. grab me a hat if you can. we just heard it from him. mrs. ewing saying he thinks
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outside of the box. he's not afraid. this kid always future voter saying pretty cool. again, these aren't necessarily associated with presidents and certainly not the current president. i'm not trying to dis barack obama. but he was always cautious and tepid and some would say feckless. i think america does want a certain boldness. >> they want to win again. donald trump with carrier and ford motor company. he's showing america we can win again. just today in his first press announcement since winning the white house. he said a lot of people don't think it's presidential of me to call a ceo of a company and negotiates one-on-one. but this is the type of president i am. this is the type of president 60 million americans voted for. it was an inspirational story. right now donald trump is on a
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major winning streak. char thrirls our very own sean hannity in the crowd there. let me ask you, steve. this donald trump movement, it's a singular movement. do you feel it can perhaps over the next four years become a permanant part of the gop, even the political lands scape? because obviously the democrats have been totally blinds sided and ignorant. they are tone deaf. they are going the wrong direction, still. every statehouse across the country will see a lot of the changes. you mentioned that young man, donald trump showed young people in this campaign that they kownlts and should be prowft their country. that's the message that will sweep across this land and change the gop and change america.
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>> he sent a message out tonight, today, rather. he said we'll do tax reform and regulatory reform and there will be no reason for a company to leave a america with jobs again. that was a warning shot to every ceo in america. you have a darn good reason you are not keeping jobs here. you need to invest in america and that was the message here. charles: even some conservatives had criticism of that. lou dobbs is going to be live tonight for a two-hour special from 7-9:00 p.m. extended coverage of the trump thank you tour. also more breaking news from starbucks. howard schultz announced he will be stepping down as ceo. he will remain as an innovative ceo of sorts. some people say this was not necessarily a surprise.
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howard schultz left the company once before. its sounds like soilings calling him. maybe perhaps the white house in 2020. >> i'm not sure about the white house. if we think we have a caffeinated president-elect now. my goodness. schultz is always the if idea guy. do you want some guy who is a billionaire web found his company 30 years ago. i don't want him working day to day at age 63 even as a ceo. he needs to enjoy his money and think of the big new idea. that's what he has been doing anyway for the last few years. i think this is more p.r. and it's winding down. charles: we have seen a couple restaurants in the blast few years where new people came in and the stocks have been inrig voted. will wall street respond to this
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positively? this is one stock that missed the rally. >> this is a great both stock priced for perfection for almost 20 years. the point way you can buy his stuff is when you get a 4% or 5% down day when analysts say starbucks, everything changed. from my perspective, i love to have the change of guard. i want to have somebody 10 years younger with more energy that can whip these things into shape. he will try to come out with these new stores, the high-end roasting. i don't know how that will work out. remember when the apple stores came out and everybody said that will fail? if there wasn't rise next stuck to can't make money. wall street loves this because now we have an unknown. we don't know if the reserve stores will flop or if he will
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be a brand-new shot in the arm that will make this stock start rocking again. charles: he's going to run in 2020. you heard it first here. trump transition vice chair, marcia blackburn will join us. we'll speak to the tennessee republican about the deadly wildfires tearing across the state. dolly parton's dollywoo dollywod most of the damage but she is still helping out. >> we want to make sure the dollywood foundation provides $1,000 a month to all those families who lost their homes in the fires until they get back up on their feet. t t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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charles: three more deaths have been confirmed as a result of the raging wildfires in tennessee. they are the state's largest in nearly 100 years. joining me congresswoman marcia planningburn of tennessee. i appreciate you coming on with us and to sort of ask you how the folks are doing in tennessee. this is one tragedy that no one was prepared for, i can see. >> you are exactly right it's absolutely horrific. the first responders are doing a fabulous job. the churches are reaching out as the stories, charles, are so tender. the neighbors coming to help those that are so displaced, even people that have lost their homes, going to those that have lost their loved ones, and
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trying to provide aid and comfort. just a tragic, tragic situation. >> everyone is dealing with the tragedy and loss of life. there is a lot of curiosity and some suspicions about it. i'm not sure if you want to go there just yet. but it's something the public is eager to hear about. >> they will be eager to hear. that's the story the t.b.i. and f.b.i. and local law enforcement will be able to tell. at this point we focus on tending to those who have been adversely impacted and wait for law enforcement to tell their story. charles: the trump transition team, it's the news he night we talk about it, and you are the vice chair of that team. so swirling speculation. first i want to start with the secretary of state. i know you are loathe or reluctant to say how like the most. the big debate.
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if donald trump goes with mitt romney who clearly sabotaged him. he was more of an enemy than a regular foe during the campaign. rather than a rudy giuliani, there will be such an uproar from the voters. is that something the team is discussing? >> what we know is there trump is going to choose whomever he thinks is going to best fit him with the rest of the national security team. and he is focused on having a cabinet that will get the job done. he is certainly wanting to be sure that national security is at the top of that team. he's going to get whomever he thinks has the best understanding of the middle east and what's happening there.
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the impact of the u.k. extracting themselves from the e.u. has on europe. look -- i can't tell you who i think that will be. charles: we are talking about all these candidates are qualified for the most part, and i guess the -- we heard kellyanne conway come out and newt gingrich come out. there is serious vocal opposition to mitt romney. i'm wondering how much you talk about that as you are pondering who is going to get this job. martha: i get more pushback and more comments from constituents and colleagues and more opinions than i do from working with them, working with the transition team. i think everyone is very respectful, providing mr. trump the opportunity to make his decision and he will make a good one. charles: representative
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blackburn, i know there are a lot of positions to be filled. a lack of diversity. a lot of women have been chosen. but i'm also hearing from the trump camp diversity of idea as a theme rather than based on race. is that something the interm workings of the camp -- the internal workings of the camp are thinking about? >> there are so many qualified women coming forward. you are going to see racial diversity, gender diversity. you will see that diversity of ideas that will provide for robust discussion and great opportunities to throw idea on the table and brainstorm out loud and decide what will be the best, most cost effective and efficient method to change the federal government.
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people weighed in and they want something done about the size, the scope and the cost of the federal government and donald trump is going to deliver on that. >> you were my favorite, though. i think you are doing a wonderful job. you don't necessarily need another job. you are one heck of a diplomat and we appreciate you coming on the show tonight. >> i love being on your show. thank you very much and merry christmas. >> president-elect trump has a message or any u.s. company that tries to move oversea'. don't do it. don't even try. next. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo.
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>> we are going to have a lflt
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phone calls made to companies when they say they are leaving this country. because they are not leaving this country. they can leave from state to state fan negotiate good deals with the different states and all of that. but leaving the country is going to be very, very difficult. charles: president-elect trump saying there is a new sheriff in town laying down the law to any company thinking about smog jobs overseas. the carrot and stick approach which included a $7 million tax break for the state, letting the company keep 1,000 jobs out of 2,000 that were initially going to mexico. eric, let me start with you. the critics are saying great p.r. move, but you can'treplica. no one malls ever given tax breaks for a company not to leave. the critics are come down
6:25 pm
harshly on this. but the american public and the folks keeping their jobs love it. >> and the market is going up. donald trump projected certainty for the market. he's a job creating president-elect. when he takes office january 20. he talked about policies that will help companies. rerateateing money coming back into the u.s. reducing the corporate tax down to 15%. when you are talking about that kind of certainty and real reform when it comes to keeping jobs here at home, i think that's yes won these states like michigan and wisconsin and pennsylvania because that's the kind of stuff he communicated during the campaign and what i believe helped him win the election. charles: do you think this situation with carrier that donald trump is citing a template or model that could be applied throughout the country.
6:26 pm
we know low regulations and low taxes. >> making the calls, keeping the jobs is a great thing. it's like the constituent work i do as a congressman. but a template for how you are going to do business as president, the president can't be on the phone all the time telling businesses which plants to close and which ones to open and which ones to move. he has a much bigger job. some people will be left out in the cold like the 300 carrier employees in indiana about 100 miles north of there. they didn't get to keep their jobs. pivoting the way trump did back to the tax cuts and regulations, that was smart. he got the bona fides, the goodwill by doing this. now he's going to push the democrats and say look i'm going after your constituency. these were union workers.
6:27 pm
if you don't pass my tax cuts and relief bills, it's on your heads and i'll show. i thought that was very politically smart of trump to do. if anybody in washington should be quaking in their bites's chuck schumer. charles: the white house and josh earnest. but what will happen when a company says it's not enough, we are going to move these jobs and he will have to come down hard on them. >> that's the real concern. what kinds of precedent it sets. we don't know exactly what donald trump is going to do in terms of these policies. they talked about several different items that could encourage people to keep things here. the under lying issue they have to address is why manufacturing is down in terms of job numbers. a lot of this is due to automation and those sorts of things. there are lots of things going on here. the symbol that this provides for donald trump, a lot of
6:28 pm
politics is being able to claim a victory in this stage. so being able to go back and say i said i was going to do this and i did do this, i think sets a precedent for him. you talk to a lot of his supporters who say we just wanted something to get done. so it gives him some political capital. charles: breitbart news take on kellogg. they are urging a boycott of their products. culture wars and politics don't go well together. this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for
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so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car.
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charles: the culture wars in corporate intoord rooms. breitbart news calming on a boycott of kellogg products after they culled hair ads because their values aren't alined. should companies keep their political opinions to themselves to protect their products and the consumer? towd? what do you think? the frosted flakes.
6:33 pm
i group with them. >> i'm a big fan of the s' mores pop tarts. i'm not quite sure how much influence they have at the end of the day. the american family association is boycotting target over their bathroom policies. charles: target stocks have struggles. the stock hasn't been gangbusters. but to that point, tom, i see where consumers are calling for these boycotts. but it's interesting and it feels like more and snowstorm corporations are -- >> the problem with big businesses is they should sell their product to everybody and not take political fights. for so many years they have been under the left of the left-wing
6:34 pm
activists. activists say something and companies jumped. companies haven't realized yet that the right is starting to push back hard, and their brands will be jeopardized. kellogg's just walked into a buzz saw. they bragged by the and issued a statement. that's putting a stick in the eye of breitbart, bannon who will be in the ear of the president and maybe even trump voters. the problem is there is no ideological diversity in corporate america anymore. a lot of people are very left and they scnlt think right. charles: a publicly trading company. my first job is to build prove fits, not cut them in half. a number of companies whether it was pepsi.
6:35 pm
a lot of these others. charlie, why is it that these companies feel so compelled to voice their own opinion at the risk of a company its workers and employees and the public. >> the media has been blaming breitbart for going after kellogg's. kellogg's fired the first shots against breitbart. but what i think is most disturbing is ways kellogg's saying they don't want it on breitbart or they don't want the breitbart deplorable readers to buy their products? it's being driven by a disturbing ideological drive. they are saying we don't want to advertise on breitbart it's one of the top tracked websites in the world? you don't want to be on fox news. charles: i think they are calling breitbart readers deplorable. >> they are saying we don't want
6:36 pm
to engage with this part of america. charles: we are used to this when it comes to christians. at hgtv you wrote a piece about this. people looking into the church. tell us about this. >> this is the case of chip and joanna james. necessity came under fire from buzzfeed who publicly shamed this couple for attending an evangelical church that believe in a traditional definition of marriage. demanding to know whether they support same-sex marriage and whether they would remodel the home of a gay couple as if it's anybody's business that they have to do that. charles: when you hear the media get this upset about reverend
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charles: we are moments away from the president-elect's thank you rally. this thank you comes after the victory lap.
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charles: so i got an email from a subscriber that said, good morning. my husband and i have seen you mention animal spirits in your newsletter. i have not heard what you are meaning specifically. but i believe in animal spirits and i'm intrigued by what you mean. charles: the official definition. natural exuberance. i think americans have courage and confidence it's a traift ours it's in our dna. it allows us to take risks. it's like a bald eagle or mountain lion. but record-low business startups and formation. record-high adocuments living with their parents. but i think something is stirring in our hearts and souls. case in point, a key trump stock
6:42 pm
that it talk about on election night. the stock of caterpillar was halted midway through. because it had bad earnings. typically such news would send it into a tail opinion. a -- tailspin. but almost immediately he reversed to higher. that's an example of what i call animal spirit. the news means we can see a rebownld in construction and building projects. this year just $136 billion. the difference $149 billion. think about all the jobs that could have created. there is already a dearth of welders. the industry needs 600,000 replacement workers over the
6:43 pm
next 20 years.mal spirit. the tech meltdown got worse today. some of the blame goes to apple and the semi conductors. but there is something else brewing and it could be tied to politics. it seems the higher president trump's approval gets, the higher the pressure on the tech stocks. i think there are some buying opportunities. the democratic party has always been the party of the youth. but is it the party of the future?
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charles: the times are a change. the democratic party shows no sign of turning with the tide of the voters. the leadership of yesteryear all near 80 years old. house republican leadership barely 50 years old. who represents the party of youth and the future. it's always been taken for granted when you are young, you are liberal. the old saying is if you are not a liberal when you are young, you don't have a heart. but if you are not a conservative when you are older, you don't have a brain. we just had a kid, alex ewing at the trump party. he can't even vote the next time out.
6:48 pm
but something is going on here. >> democrats have abandoned young voters and now young voters are abandoning democrats. two million people more voted for donald trump than people projected. the democrat millennial base shrunk significantly this year. republicans are picking more young people to run for public office. that's being reflected even in the speaker of the house and house leadership. considering how much younger the republican leadership is than pelosi and hoyer and the democrats. republicans have an opportunity to reach the next generation. because democrats alienated young people and the bernie sanders supporters, republicans have that chance to make it case to the next generation. charles: a lot of millennials
6:49 pm
didn't vote. they didn't have the motivation, a sign they had given up on the democratic party. >> ron made a good point, the democratic party abandoned the younger voters. the democrats debt their clocks cleaned, they lost both chambers of the house and the white house and what is their response? renominate nancy pelosi. paul ryan, 46. the youngest speaker of the house since 1860. charles: you go from college campus to college campus. we have seen where millennials freaked out. they go to safe spaces. if they are not wearing safety pins they are burning flags. but you made a major dent on these campuses.
6:50 pm
do you think you are at a point where the conservative idea can grow out fear? >> there are more people who believe in the conservative free market than they might tell a pollster. there is a vocal minority of leftist activists that try to silence students who believe in limited government and free market values. charles: ron, what do you think donald trump can do in his first term to take this momentum and indifference or apathy that charlie talked about that millennials have towards democrats. is it something with student loans? what can you focus on? you talked about a few things on the campaign trail. >> that's what you need to do. that's what i keep saying with all of these millennials need to wake up in a couple years. they will realize especially if
6:51 pm
trump is successful that their lives will be better. with obamacare gone, millennials were targeted with price controls. the individual mandate hurts us. the tax structure is hurting us. there is massive under employment. pa. when you talk about college costs, he put out a college plan that will hold higher education accountable and have strings attacked to colleges where they will have skin in the game on these loans. charles: thank you very much. appreciate it. we are going live out to cincinnati to trump's thank you tour starting in a few moments. can you hear the music? i think i hear sly stone playing. we'll be right back.
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charles: breaking news just
6:55 pm
moments from now president-elect trump will take the stage in cincinnati, ohio, kicking off the first stop of his thank you tour. blake buhrmann on the scene for us. reporter: program getting underway here in cincinnati, ohio. his thank you tour is what it is being called. here in ohio where president-elect has chosen to start this tour he received nearly 3 million votes, beat hillary clinton by almost 500 thousand. secretary of state, saying he won almost every county here in the state. he will be joined by vice president elect mike pence.
6:56 pm
you hear them chanting, drain the swamp, the campaign theme. outside of u.s. bank arena, there are some protestors about 100. from what we've been told, it is largely peaceful. president-elect is expected here within the next half hour or so. charles: thank you. i want to bring in my panel republican congressman bill johnson of ohio and christian whiten. there is so much electricity in the air. reflected in the stock market. reflected at the caterpillar plant, how much of a change do you think this is? >> it is a tremendous change. american voter said so november 8, saying they want a new direct for our country.
6:57 pm
that is what you saw reflected in the vote of ohio, 17 of my 18 counties witness for mr. trump. he won every county in my 18 county district, except one, he came close to winning that one. shutabsolutely, i think we're looking at a new era of policy, pro-economic, private sector growth policies in america. charles: do you think there should be some cautious optimism. people are not going to wake up tomorrow, and a factory is not going to be in their backyard, although a thousand people woke up today, finding out they have jobs they thought they no longer had. >> there will be some things that will require legislative action, some he can do right
6:58 pm
away. unleashing and our national energy policy to go after oil, gas can cold, they might take -- coal, they might take legislative remedies but we have a republican house and senate ready if are that. charles: christian, a lot of people said that dinner this week between -- with donald trump and mitt romney was the official takeover of the republican party, it is done, signed, sealed, it belongs to donald trump. maybe the coast to the east better get used to this. this. >> i hope so, the republican party had their civil -- internal war if you will. this is a settled, until 2024. the democrats on other hand have not done that, they have stuck their head in the sand, doubled down following uk labor party going farther
6:59 pm
left. in ohio and indiana, with trump going out i hope that is a template for trump administration with how to handle communication, speaking beyond the press core that is not giving him a fair chance. reminding power brokers on capitol hill, and elsewhere that american people want change. >> you think about last days of the campaign. donald trump hit mainstays and -- many cities and time zones he worked for this presidency, perhaps a precedent example for us. >> i think you will see more of this, with donald trump and vice-elect pence going vecly
7:00 pm
t-- directly on american people. charles: thank you very much, audience, lou dobbs is next, he is live until 9 p.m. with special coverage of the donald trump thank you tour. it is rocking and rolling, no better person to watch it with than lou, here he is. lou: good evening, you probably noticed that change is in the air. while early, it is far stronger than a light breeze. with 49 days to go until donald trump's inauguration, it clear he is already beginning to lead the country in a new and brighter direction, mr. trump arrived in cincinnati, eye ohio. where he will shortly hold a rally. part of his thank you tour across critical battle ground states that voted hear him -- for him and put him over the top in electoral college.


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