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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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charles payne is up next. charles: president-elect donald trump holding an unprecedented rally that he declared to america in the world that a new day is upon us. we get a lot of talk about us becoming a globalized world. they are local family, city state. there local. not a one-way road.
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they made it appeal to the patriotism of all americans in order to ignite the country. >> we had 70 problems to sony problems to fix in our country but i know if we set aside our differences and we do have differences we are very divided nation but when i were not to be divided for long. the next stop on the think you to her. it is all about the rolling rock show. you are one of the first ones to jump on the party train. do you like this move. the. >> i think is a great time for us. we are calling it a thank you to her because us just to he is. but most of all i'm seen as a
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unity to her. they didn't even support trap necessarily during the general election but they like his cabinet picks. and they're coming out to hear the president. they want to hear him directly. it's become a unity to her more than anything. think about the headline. what is can happen when the republican party falls apart. as it turns out everybody is asking those questions. the rumbles through the nation. what we saw last night was president-elect trump rising above all of everything that you just mentioned. his speech it was enough fine. it was inspiring and a call for all americans to put their differences aside and come together so that we can move forward as a whole as a nation to put america first.
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donald trump always likes to say. it was great timing in terms of what he just did in terms of saving a thousand jobs before he has even become the president. >> the new defense secretary. it's somebody that almost something that almost everyone in the republican party said this is the guy. every marine heart skip a beat. we are ecstatic over this one. from every command and every base. so famous among this. one of our greatest. what i would have to say about that. now isis is getting it nervous. that man does not pull any
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punches. i think americans need that. the rest of the world well had to recognize with when you take away the american rights and prosperity that we're so we are so grateful to have every single day. >> also donald trump worked a lot last night talking unity. there has been the protest and he has a real serious call road with this. they haven't expected that. i like the way they've gone about it. bringing them over. seems to be tacking in the wrong direction it really shows that the democrats are not moving forward in that. you know it's interesting to see.
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they realize that they could maybe actually can maybe actually find common ground with donald trump. when you're seen the pushback from the protesters. for the electoral college. that's why think that they take the thank you to her. it was really such a great line. of course ohio is the epicenter of a place in this country where the elites are both forgotten about. when does donald trump go he dit win. when does he say to these folks a minute share the same message with you. >> is a great question. it's something we have discussed. is not just a thank you to her it's not just the many states
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that he did win. i'm in a fight for you as well. charles: next week donald trump is already hinted that we will get all of the cabinet positions felt. that means may be maybe a secretary of state. i want your thouts on that. can we have a cabinet with three generals. president obama of course he can. these generals are great experienced leaders. they have decades of experience. with leading people in the massive organizations and all
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of the leadership skills that come along with that. i think especially this general mattis pick. he is an unapologetic war fighter. he has traveled across america. he is the real deal. unfortunately some of the best quotes. he is someone that you would be honored to follow. earlier in the day. more than half of them. they want to hear and they continued he continued this move.
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you know what the democratic party has done. we still see with the protest today. they are dividing us. you are americans. we hit nine cities in five days. i did not see a divided country i saw united country behind donald trump. we are americans. and a side bar on general mattis at the end of the day people feel very divided and some people have very different opinions but he is gonna do things hopefully for the economy with the healthcare law with a lot of things that will make real differences in people's lives and it's a policy that's can unite people at the end of the day more than anything else.
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i salute those who serve in the military. later the rock icon jean simmons. as a what is the deal with a fellow entertainer. we will walk --dash we will rock 'n roll all night. ♪ [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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we will be announcing him on monday of next week. keep it inside the room but that's what we have. and he's the best. they say he's the closest thing to general george patton that we have and it's about time. donald trump. he will nominate general james mattis. charles: let me start with you. you like this. this is someone who foreign-policy once a go forward. they love him. he was one of the early ones. so far you've have a line.
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the establishment. this is a guy who is on both lines. both sides of the republican party they were rooting for this pick. they're actually bringing it in this rule that the department of defense that the congress had up until today. which prohibits anyone from being appointed as a department. who hasn't been out of the military for at least seven years. they're trying to make that a stipulation. it's only been one waiver granted since 1947. they will try to get around that. already from upstate new york. he shows he is a heart of compassion. they needed 60 votes to get it through. they would need enough democrats to get behind it.
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maybe this might change the romantics -- the dynamics. i will continue to do everything i can. listen, that's what people need. not the kind of bitterness that you will see. what's going on. i think what they need to do is literally pick her battles. it served us and is well well-versed in the history and the culture we knew we would need somebody in that role. and there was a legal and constitutional reason for having separation. it's something that's in the constitution. as the president has more powers. he can always wager more and pay with war. >> you agree that your fellow democrats are making things
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worse for the party. i think we have some battles to pick. were concerned about a couple of the pics. i think this is something we can and should agree on. were talking about a guy right now it feels like with this carrier deal that president-elect trump is becoming a giant way nest type of figure. carry a big stick. maybe not had to use all it all the time. it feels like he is i don't want to use it. write exactly. it's not that most controversial pick that he have. they don't want to insult the military by voting against. and enough democrats to sit there and say yes we have bagel -- bigger battles to fight.
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so let me not had that one. next week we get a secretary of state if it is romney to the pics so far mitigate the rumblings and anger that we've heard for the last couple of weeks. however, when you look at the totality of the pics he's picking insiders and outsiders and people in the middle. what he's trying to do is collect the party. that's making the democrats upset. romney will be a big gut check. do they take the job. but with a sin up to in the opposition.
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charles: what in the world do donald trump in the front man gene simmons have in common. both our businessman. they are fighting to create jobs and always worried about things like healthcare. and then there's this. let's welcome gene simmons.
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you are a powerful and attractive young man. how electrifying was that. did you have visitors at some of your own shows. these are semantics. everybody should just take a big deep breath and why anybody including yourself would care what a celebrity things or otherwise is the height of foolishness. america has finally come to the edges and rank of insanity. to decide at the foreign policy. i'm not one of those. i think they should keep the pie hole. woman do what an informed
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citizen does. go in there and vote. i saw some of the great examples. people actually demonstrating on the street. we don't like our elect. and then the newscaster said did you vote. >> here we are president-elect trump you could like it or not like it. what i want from you. you understand people in the sense that you have to relate to them. i don't know if it's distinctive or not even on the road. you understand what appeals to the average person.
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this is what i'm looking for not from political policy are we seeing something postelection in despite the purchase that you talked about that seems to be excitement or electricity that can help this country. plausibly and other big words like that. the founding fathers actually did many things right. the actually used words like other people, the college has spoken. it was created to circumvent all sorts of issues including the popular vote. into those who are uninformed i used to teach sixth grade spanish harlem. i don't like the electoral college. got there in force your
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charles: are the inching for round two. it's hosted by harvard yesterday. we will have the discussions. take a look at this fiery exchange. if providing a platform for white supremacist i am glad to have lost. what i am more proud of her all right speech. she the courage to stand up. i would rather lose than when
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the way you did. know that would work for you. how exactly did we went. i sacrificed the last four months of my life to do it excuse me. and we did it. >> i think that was a knockout blow. june i will start with you. we talk about relitigating things just sticking to your guns. the democrats did not hear the true story of the selection.
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for the fact that they handled this election so badly. i remember the speech they were talking about. hillary clinton had advertised it as an economic speech. she have explained what it was. then she have explained the threat and explain the connection to donald trump. and it was all muddled i think there was one of the big mistakes of the campaign. >> i agree with you. absolutely. i didn't know what it was. they have to scramble to figure it out. what they're really missing is a fact that barack obama in 2008 1700 counties twice. they had 33% of those over one
6:34 pm
third. the american people are tired of the bullying tactics. tone deaf to where the american people have wanted. they wanted roads and bridges. they wanted to make sure that they were in the country illegally. we chose a message. they decided to say it's all about racism. how can that be the case. donald trump have 33%. i know in texas there was one county where a black woman was elected sheriff. there were many of those examples. i think what they keep doing that donald trump is one thing and that means' voters are the same. the deplorable speech was an example of that and i think they are digging themselves in the jade gannett coal. i think picking on her was not
6:35 pm
the way to go. she represented the good reasons. would she be able to cover time magazine. she should be posed with the statue of liberty. leading the way as the first woman to lead a presidential campaign. that said i do think it's fair to address those concerns. a voter in ohio. that wasn't their motivation. but i think trump advanced that narrative. he tweeted out that's what they mean. those things gave an impression. and choosing something like that doesn't really help the case. i think it's a huge mistake for the democrats to keep
6:36 pm
going down this road because again the average voter is king us -- this very personal. not i only did you ignore my pleas for a better job, higher wages but now you're calling me a racist. >> including the famous deplorable speech made it very clear that she was not talking about all of the trumpet supporters. they did not walk back a single thing. there were plenty of things that he said that were truly offensive. the basket of the plurals that were not even redeemable. >> she was wrong. the other thing that is not fair. they were worried about jobs and immigration. hillary clinton did have a plan for immigration.
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they kept telling us to read 400 pages on a website. i want to take a minute renown to say thank you to the viewers. our program for the second consecutive month. really pumped. we tweet a lot. and we listen to you. whatever we have to do to make it three in a row let me know. could it be the straw that breaks their back. we w
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charles: now italy over the weekend they are to make a decision tha
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the today the market ended with a whimper they say it was mixed. just how entrenched or job recession hasn't come within 200,000 people dropped out of the workforce the jobs are for his two surveys. one of the so-called establishment survey. there's also that. this is a hundred 18,000 part-time jobs. it was an improvement from october. they cannot offset the hundred three last full-time gig not shacking detriment to this new
6:42 pm
enthusiasm. according to the american association for individual investors is about 44% it serves over 100 percent. now why they like to have individual investors i've have a lot of respect for the intuition the main problem with main street investors is poor diversification. those are two main problems. but i like that they had calmed down just a little bit and that bullishness is still well above the historic average. particularly for the so-called trump stocks. we saw some equilibrium. i had been it had been a big winner. i gave up just a little bit. the big losers were the s&p
6:43 pm
500. it continues. only netflix hired this week. they all gave up big chunks. i'm watching silver right now. i think that could be the next big trump winner. i'm looking for. i love the risk and reward for it. have a great weekend but make sure you also go to my website and get my daily commentary. the european union and the dreams of the one world government. the italians have to the polls. it will shake up the world one it will shake up the world one way or another.y day starts betr with a healthy smile. start yours with philips sonicare, the no.1 choice of dentists. compared to oral-b 7000, philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque.
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charles: more than a few investors are jittery i head of the vote in italy. if the boat is no the prime minister says he will reside and of course that leaves room for the entire establishment. after the victory. italy actually could be the next low to the utopia notion of a one potential government. try to me now. now let me start with you. i think the states are even higher than the economic side. you a lot of both coming up. it's a tidal wave. the winds have changed.
6:48 pm
in the referendum vote on sunday for them to move parsley -- powerfully up cross. it was unpopular. they have the public debt of a hundred 32 percent of gdp. it could also have a run on the bank as well. the european project that has grown is starting to fall apart and you may see the rise of this. it was the ruling political elites. the latest country in europe to face that change. i guess the most leverage.
6:49 pm
they would love to keep that together. and maybe that would be the ones that buy all the bad debt. they can't sustain themselves. they believe that it's something going on there. the notion that they can escape the eu is overstated. i'm not a fan of it. italy can leave that euro but it's not going to leave the euro. if he it goes back to your own turn signal and having your own central-bank. i think that is absurd.
6:50 pm
would it be a more prosperous country. i am not defending the eu. but let's be clear the much bigger interest of the government is in each country. if they have a different currency for each of our 50 states. were lucky to have a common dollar. nevertheless since its introduction. it's hard to call it an economic victory and of course there are the other things taking on variances. and there is a lot of pushback because there is zero skepticism as part policy is also part migration it's a serious ugly mess. there is a tidal wave happening i don't know how hard it would be to take it apart. i think you're absolutely right. is not the united states what
6:51 pm
you had is that suppression of national sovereignty. these are very powerful forces. in europe's ruling elite is out of touch. the project is a monument to big government high taxes soaring public debts. the euro frankly in my view is a political project more than anything else. they were a potentially. italy as well. there are the structural issues. i had breaking news. two senior u.s. officials say that he has requested a pardon from president obama he was held captive for five years. after being captured by the taliban he returned to the
6:52 pm
united states after a controversial exchange of five prisoners he faces charges of exertion in misbehavior before the enemy and he could face life in prison. that's what else can a look like. by the way. have i mentioned at the show that the man money for the second straight month. we are keeping up that thing called patriotism. help us make it three please ♪ [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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>> it's a lot of fun to fight them. it's a hell of a hoot. it's fun to shoot some people. charles: retired marine corps
6:56 pm
general mad dog mattis is who donald trump picked to be the secretary of defense. michael, let me ask you right out of the gate. your thoughts on this election. i have seen very little pushback against this pick. >> i think this is a pick even hillary clinton would have considered. general mattis sends a strong message to iran and putin that u.s. engagement in the middle east and north frequent is about to change -- north africa is about to change. he knows not to put the military at risk unless you are going to use them to win. charles: does this selection dovetail with donald trump's rhetoric on the campaign trail? >> the thing about general mattis and the selection of general flynn. they are not yes men. they pushed back against their commander-in-chief and they
6:57 pm
pushed back against president obama. mattis will offer sound advice the trump. i think the selection to be able to put him in there, a guy who is not considered a yes man is a great asset for commander-in-chief. charles: there may be some rumblings, he involved in a company that turns out to be maybe a scam. it doesn't look too good. and his position on women in combat which is something you are passionate about. >> i think he will be an ideal choice. he has been vocal about women fighting in ground combat. we have no evidence it will sustain our forces lit alone maintain combat readiness. it's always those who have no experience with boots on the ground like senator gillibrand.
6:58 pm
all of the lactation stations will be removed from the army field offices. they will insure we don't have transgendered getting surgeries and non-deployable. she is upset women won't be able to fight isis in hand-to-hand combat. the liberals are terrified because they wanted to make our military a social services agency where everybody could get a job and be happy. that's not what the military is for. charles: let's talk about what the military won't be for under president-elect trump. we have serious issues brewing. japan and china, it will be ugly at some point. then you have the nut case in north korea. we may have to step up to the plate. >> the good thing about this is we'll have a team that's actually going to be able to provide commanders on the ground with what they need.
6:59 pm
the intelligence assets and proper special forces, operate towards anded a advisers and operators. you are going to have experts who will be able to weigh in on north korea and weigh in on the geopolitical threats that face this country. charles: they have 8 years of feckless leadership. they are going to test donald trump, won't they? >> they will test donald trump and i do believe that when iranian boats come toward u.s. carrier group in the persian gulf, they are going to do something. charles: jesse you feel the same way? >> general mattis will be a no-nonsense kind of guy. he will restore our military. we have been depreciated to levels below world war ii and he won't allow our military to be used as pawns. i heard from marines today who
7:00 pm
told me he restored their faith in the military. he will redeem what we have lost. charle i agree 1,000%. the men and come even who put . good evening everybody, it is been just over three weeks since donald trump became he's already leading and capturing only he can the attention of the left wing media that seems to ultimately impressed and dismayed that mr. trump is in command and working diligently to staff the white house and administration with top talent choices and already hard at work to make good on a hard list of


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