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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 6, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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holmes, jon hilsenrath, and everybody. >> thank you. maria: that will do it for us. we'll see you tomorrow, same time and place, stuart, over to you. stuart: i've gotten seconds to spare. maria: i know it. stuart: congratulations, you're beating your opposition. i want some of your audience. maria: you've got it. stuart: 2016 has delivered its share of surprises. good morning, everyone. here is another. joe biden says he will run in 2020. yes, he said it. he would be 78 years old. seriously? a reporter asked? >> yeah, i am. we're going to run again, he said that statement sticking in the water. they're having trouble with new thinking and we'll bring you the party who can nt figure out why they lost.
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the donald trump victory tour goes to fayetteville, the nominee general mattis will be there. you can expect a big crowd. at trump tower, many from business riding the golden elevator looking for a job in the trump cabinet. including exxon's ceo today, rex tillison. the trump rally, as in the stock market rolls on, too. since his election the dow has gone up 883 points and will be a little higher today. look at rahm emanuel's dead broke crime rid den city, for illegals. and hillary clinton throws this for her donors. amazon has a plan to eliminate jobs. do we have a jam packed show for you or what? "varney & company" is about to begin.
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♪ >> you really never know who is going to show up at trump tower or as i like to call it white house north. yesterday, that was al gore in and out of trump tower. today, exxonmobil chief rex tillison, he is a possible secretary of state. and conservative radio host laura ingram will be riding the golden elevators. we will watch who shows up. it is, of course, by invitation only. vice-president joe biden sounds like he's running for president in four year's time. here is the quote, i'm going to run in 2020. what the hell? i'm not committing not to run. i learned a long time ago that fate has a funny way of intervening. look who is here. ed rollins, a trump guy, actually. ed rollins, trump guy. what do you make of that.
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>> i've always been fearful of joe biden because ronald reagan's record 49 states and worried that anybody running against biden could beat that. biden got about 1% of the vote in iowa before he dropped out. never won anything, but delaware. he can dream all he wants. at the end of the day they can't give it up. they believe they still somehow got cheated out of their election and obviously they didn't. they have full scale election, lots of resources and won't make it. he won't make it either. stuart: a lot of people say if he had won and nothillary, he, joe biden, would have won. >> no, she would have clobbered him. she had the resources and whole nine yards. he's never been a dynamic candidate, he said i'm going to pennsylvania, win pennsylvania, my hometown and last time i looked didn't win pennsylvania. stuart: i didn't expect you'd have anything nice to say. >> i think that joe biden served well as a vice-president in this administration. stuart: goodbye.
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>> bye, pack your bags and leave. stuart: we've got a lot more for you, don't spill it all out there immediately. arch leftist tanden one of hillary's biggest supporters went on megyn kelly and defended keith ellison's anti-semitic remarks by attacking steve bannon. roll tape. >> keith ellison is not going to be, you know, steps away from the oval office. steve bannon, is going to be steps away from the oval office-- >>, but no-- but that's done, and we talked about that. but it's not-- >> we talked about that. >> to be clear if you were concerned about statements people are making, the fact that steve bannon who is going to be in the white house was behind a website that trafficked in anti-semitic-- >> point to one controversial thing to defend another controversial thing. stuart: what do you make of that? >> i think that steve bannon has taken a terrible, terrible rap.
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steve bannon was a brilliant strategist who won the election and ran this campaign, came in, when they were behind. he's an invisible figure, he's not out there-- not appearing on the shows and kelly ann is doing that roll, but he was the organizational guy. stuart: but she could not answer the question about keith ellison. >> no this, they want to pretend that everything they say is irrelevant and things he has not said is relevant. stuart: but not dealing with their loss. and they're not dealing with the future. >> well, the mourning period is going on for at least four years and beyond so i think the reality is bannon is a critical player, a brilliant guy, great success in his life. anybody who knows him likes him and they've created this bogeyman and the reality is, he's going to serve president trump and the country well. here it is. socialist mayor of new york city, mayor deblasio.
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and can trump walk away from this, they keep trying to smear trump as a racist. >> the mayor has problem in the city starting with traffic and everything else and nowhere near as well run, and in the days it's a fight of his life and the coalition to build, it doesn't. the facts aren't right and aren't truthful and i think at the end of the day, he will have a run for his money. >> hold on a second, i want you to stay there. i've got breaking news, moments ago donald trump was out there tweeting about boeing. here it is. boeing is building a brand new 747 air force one for future presidents, but costs are out of control. more than $4 billion. cancel the order. boeing stock is about 1% down, premarket on that news.
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and come on in, steve cortez, market watcher and trump guy. well, it's just breaking. what do you say to this? >> stuart, i think this is emblematic how he approaches this. i know air force one has a lot of security protocol not a regular airplane, but $4 billion strikes me, i'm not an aviation expert, but strikes me as ridiculous. he's a president not a monarch, symbolically this is a terrific gesture. as far as the stock, i like boeing and defense stock, but it's a big part of business. i think that defense stocks will do well as he rebuilds our military might. i don't know it's that important for the stock, but i think it's an important as a symbol to the taxpayer. stuart: good point. in a few minutes we're opening on wall street and i want to
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point out now, we're 883 points up from election day. and we're up 16 points this morning. my question to you, steve, is, what comes first, 20,000 on the dow or a pull back for stock? you're going to have to have a pullback at some point, but what comes first? >> we have to expect pullbacks. my guess we'll see 20,000 before the pullback and the stock market rally has been about as raucous as the actual physical trump rally he had in stadiums across the country. what i most like about the rally, it's the rally of the little guy, just as his campaign was all about the forgotten american worker, about the little person in america. you look at small cap stocks and they are massively outperforming large caps, the kind of stocks you find in the s&p 500 and the nasdaq and why, stuart? i think the main reason is because those stocks tend to be pretty domestic and this is an america first economic policy, security policy, and even stock market policy.
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you want to do business in america under president trump as opposed to investing in emerging markets. i've only got 30 seconds left. why was al gore riding the golden elevators yesterday, a climate guy. do you know what donald trump thinks about climate policy? >> he's been pretty public we do not need some of the drastic measures proposed or enacted under president obama that is enacted under president obama. i thought hell would freeze over before al gore would get invited into trump tower, but i would say, look, it shows he's a man willing to listen to many voices. in the end, i don't think he'll take advice from al gore, but willing to have the best input and best information to make the best decisions. stuart: you can confirm that al gore will not be the next epa administrator. i think you're on pretty solid ground. thank you, very much indeed.
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i've got an outrage for our viewers this morning, i think it's outrageous, rahm emanuel mayor of the dead-ridden city of chicago. paying bills for illegal immigrants. judge napolitano on that. and department of defense burying a report showing 125 billion dollar worth of waste at the pentagon. the question, what wipresident trump do about that? an epic car crash, a pickup truck crashes into a bus, you saw that, the bus, another bus then hits the pickup truck, what's next? along comes a police car, sliding down, crashes in the back of the second bus and we're not finished. this is out of control, hits the police car, the crowd watches from the sidelines. that took about ten minutes to roll and crash in mon real.
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>> they sell car parts. their name is autozone. solid profits reported this morning and that stock will go straight up this morning, nice gain coming. we talk about amazon every day. they're rolling out a grocery store without checkout lines and adam is going to tell us how it works. >> that's right, what you do, you walk into the store, swipe your smart phone over a kiosk, as you're picking things up from the amazon shelves, it's calculating what you've got and walk out. that's done. >>. stuart: i told maria, this is going to knock out the fight for 15. they're going to replace cashiers. >> you're wrong, 674 billion dollars wrong. that's the total amount spent on groceries.
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within the next five years, it's only going to be roughly 5% at stores potentially like an amazon. stuart: all right. >> so you're still going to need people to-- >> the way of the future? >> in about 50 years. stuart: stop it. next story, chicago's mayor rahm emanuel sets up a million dollar legal fund for illegal immigrants. judge napolitano is here. what is a broke city with a massive crime problem doing setting up a million dollar fund for to defend people breaking the law? >> right, this is a broke city and a broke state, which has given extraordinary authority to the governor to spend money he doesn't have and to the mayor to spend money that he doesn't have. i don't know if he actually has a cash fund set aside or if they have some mechanism for borrowing and i'm really not in a position to second guess rahm emanuel except he's a big city mayor and big liberal and likes to spend on left wing cause. if you're asking if he can do it, constitutionally, can he
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pay the legal fees for people that the trump administration will attempt to deport? the answer is yes. he can do that. if you ask me if he can say to chicago cops and bureaucrats and administrators, you will not cooperate with the immigration authorities, you will not help enforce federal law, the answer is yes, the supreme court has been very clear on that. stuart: the answer is politics-- >> we will be living with this unless and until the congress changes the law and imposes financial penalties by reducing the amount much federal aid on cities that refuse to cooperate. stuart: and i hope that's priority number one. >> i think it will probably happen. i think the president-elect feels strongly about it and he has the votes in congress to do it. probably something he'll do pretty soon or whenever he is budget comes out for the next fiscal year, kicks in october of 17. stuart: hold on a second, judge. i want you to comment on this next story. thousands of trump-related hate crimes against white students
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have not been reported in the first days after the election. >> the national federation of teachers supported hillary clinton. teachers got a survey asking about hate crime statements and derogatory statements. what they did not report 20% of the teachers responded that there were hateful comments and derogatory comments directed at white students. it wasn't included in the report which has been used to call for funding for hate crimes legislation. to give you an idea. roughly 2000 educators who responded they'd heard derogatory statements or racist slurs against white students. stuart: now, judge, you're here. >> i'm not surprised at anything-- dismayed, but not surprised at anything that adam said. this is right out of the left's tactic book. this is almost exactly what saul walynnski told the left to
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do. what are the trump related hate crimes? that the president-elect's name is mentioned. stuart: i'm a trump supporter, i hate this group, i hate that group, i think that's a trump-related hate crime. if somebody comes up to me and punches hee in the nose and says you're a rotten conservative? is that a hate crime? >> it's probably not. the problem with hate crimes. stuart: yes, it is. >> it prescribes only certain thoughts. should the government be in the position of punishing thought? >> no. >> well, that's what hate crimes are. as horrible as hate crimes are, it's the government punishing thoughts. stuart: you wicked episcopalian. ashley: then it's a hate crime. stuart: is it? >> yes, in one case you're punched in the nose because
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your you work at fox. your religion is protected from hate crimes and your thoughts are not. stuart: hillary clinton will throw a lavish bash to thank her rich and famous donors. the democrats kind of out of touch with average americans? yeah, i'm going to say that. and we will be back.
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>> well, the price of oil is down this morning. it dropped about 2 1/2%, but it's holding at $50 a barrel as we speak. the apple watch, i'm going to call it a failure. according to analysts, sales are down 70% for the apple watch. yes, i will call the apple watch a failure at this point. the stock still languishing around 109. back to politics, ed rollins still with us. hillary clinton throws a big bash to thank millionaire donors. why is she doing that? maybe going to stay in the game? >> there's no place for her in the game. she was defeated unexpectedly and badly and i think she had, you know, my sense is the foundation will go on and do whatever it's going to do in a much smaller manner. she's going to be kind of like mike dukakis, took him years to
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get a job. she's going to live in the wilderness a long time the clinton dynamics out of there. stuart: arguably, it's rich people who voted for him and she won't abandon them and she doesn't realize. >> i would cancel this. i think a difficult night, a lot of tears and a lot of scotch drank that night. stuart: is it true to say? i think you know more about this than i do, that all of those foreign governments which contributed to the foundation before the election have stopped. >> absolutely. stuart: giving any money at all now that trump has won? >> absolutely. you know, they had some foundation money, but it just is never going to be the same thing again and it's not going to be relevant. obama will go out and create his foundation and obviously, a whole new cadre of democrats have to come forward and right now there's nobody. stuart: that's putting your final touches on it there. the democrats are in the wilderness for how long?
9:25 am
>> at least four years, could be beyond that because in two years from now, there are 25 democrat senators up and 10 of them are in states carried by trump so they could lose big time. stuart: why are you so gleeful? you are. >> i've been in the wilderness, too. [laughter] >> the nice part about this, nobody saw is coming and she never saw it coming and democrats were picking out their apartments in d.c. and houses and inaugural dresses and the rest of it. >> at what point on election night did hillary clinton know? >> by 10:00. stuart: as of 9:30 she thought she was going to be the president. >> had no concession speech written. still has not given it. the perfect environment to give it to her millionaire friends, i lost, you lost. stuart: you couldn't resist. what a guy. ed rollins. >> it's a warriors business. stuart: it's a tough business and that's a fact. let's talk about amazon showing off their new grocery stores.
9:26 am
you walk in, you scan your phone, you walk out with your groceries, no need for cashiers. i call that progress and the future. adam disagrees. check this out. here is your trump rally. the dow has gained 883.50 points since election day. next question, what comes first? dow 20,000 or a market pullback? the opening bell is next and we've got news on both.
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>> all right. just a few seconds to go and we start trading. let's see if the trump rally rolls on. we're up 883 points since the election and where did we start this tuesday morning. we're up a bit more. eight points, we'll talk it. 19,224. left-hand side of the screen, a mixed bag for the opening bell, half up, half down for the dow 30. the s&p 500 is up only two points. what's the direction in the early going for the nasdaq and the tech companies? we're up .1%. across the board. fractional gains for stocks this morning. price of oil, down a buck 35. 2 1/2% at $50 per barrel is holding as we speak. joining us this tuesday morning.
9:31 am
adam shapiro, todd horowitz, mike murphy and welcome back, ed butowsky. president trump tweeting, the new air force one way over 4 billion at boeing, cancel the order he says. the stock is down a little bit. cancel the order, that's from trump first thing this morning. mike murphy, that's got not much to the stock price, but the president-elect looking at the-- . >> it's a multi-billion dollar company, but having a businessman in washington, this is what the people who elected mr. trump were looking for, someone who is going to look after their taxpayer dollars as if it were their own. i think the symbolism here on the heels of the carrier news, i think it's positive. stuart: ed butowsky you have to
9:32 am
like it? >> we have to cut waste out of the budget. so many examples how we can cut waste and this is symbolic, the stock will move up and down and we need to cut waste across the board in the country. stuart: before we go further. you looked up the cost of the current air force one. >> right, there were actually two. there's always two with the order. it was $325 million dollars delivered in 1990. when you putit into an inflation calculation, 600 million. this is two billion for two planes. stuart: 4 billion out of line is what mr. trump is saying. and the 19th record close of the year, when is a pullback coming? todd, do you see a pullback in the immediate future for stocks? >> probably not till after the first of the year, i would guess. there could be an event before that, but right now, with the time of the year, the less
9:33 am
buying, and less volatility. it could continue to creep higher. when it comes it will be a doozy and good morning, everybody. stuart: good morning, todd. stuart: do you think we'll have a pullback? >> we're basically selling at this point 19% over the projected earnings for next year. that's not sustainable for a long period of time. and the growth, by the way, i want to say this, 883 points, a third of that is one stock, it's goldman sachs. this is not a broad-based rally at all. stuart: well, the smaller companies have done nicely. >> they've done fine, but not like this. stuart: pullback soon? >> i think there is a pullback coming soon. just look at the momentum in the market, stuart. for those people out there watching the market hit new highs on a daily basis the momentum is to the upside. to ed's point i think we need a pullback more from a valuation standpoint, but right now there's a lot of momentum in the market pushing higher. stuart: look at the share price of energy transfer partners. now, that's the company that operates the dakota access
9:34 am
pipeline which the government, the obama team said, he know, you can't finish it, deal is off, no pipeline. let's go around the block. what do you make of that move from the obama administration. do you first, todd, no pipeline? what do you say? >> i think that there should be a pipeline and i think that we are making another mistake, but this is the same mistake that obama continued to make, which is why we have lousy jobs and very little real growth because we keep making ridiculous decisions that don't help the overall economy. stuart: ed butowsky. stuart:. >> it's a fantastic company and there's a need for that. anybody who protests it, shows again they don't understand how it works. they say it will impact the water supply and so on. it's a false narrative out there. stuart: i hate to see the obama team chucking a land line onto the arena that's going to explode for president trump in january of next year. why do that? it's bloody-mindedness, isn't it?
9:35 am
>> i agree. it would be great to have a bipartisan team to get-- hopefully president trump will get real facts on the table and see this is good for the american people. stuart: exxonmobil ceo rex tillison, he's going to be at trump tower today. he's reportedly a contender for the secretary of state job. exxon is the largest oil company in the world. again, i'm going around the block. it seems to me, is, mike, there's a heavy business presence in the cabinet, whether tillison is appointed secretary of state or not. there are a lot of business people there. >> absolutely, which is stark contrast to the last cabinet the most i think only 8 or 9% of the previous cabinet had business experience. we want people coming in, that's what the vote told you, we want people coming in who understand business and make good decisions for the american people based on business careers. >> do you want as businessman as secretary of state? >> hold on a second, donald trump is speaking in the lobby.
9:36 am
air force one, is that something-- >> well, the plane is totally out of control. it's going to be over $4 billion for air force one program, and i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing it make a lot of money, but not that much money. okay. thank you. stuart: okay. there you have it. so that was donald trump, president-elect and he's about to ride the golden elevator. stuart: make way for the president-elect. and he repeated his statement which he tweeted earlier and that's for the plane, and for the program, that's two planes. >> it's much more expensive than what we experience in years past. >> he says cancel it, they're out of line and they want to make money and not that much. that's donald trump moments ago. and we slip to the down side and we're now off 11 points for the dow industrial. much of that loss is because boeing is a dow stock and boeing's stock is down and that
9:37 am
accounts for about ten points of the dow's loss. we're still at 19-2. a couple of individual stocks that are moving. autozone, they make, or they sell auto parts. and strong, let me see, weak sales. profits strong and the stock is pretty much dead flat. up .2%. home builders toll brothers say they are sales are good among memorial home buyers next year. is that because of the tax cuts coming. >> i don't know where they get off saying that. what millennial has a job? how are they going to pay for a house? don: millennials next year will get homes. >> a lot of pentup demand, under serving for this category of the population. at some point they're going to buy homes. >> they're saving money and getting married, it's family formulation. they've got to get out of their parents' houses, that's it. stuart: todd, go ahead.
9:38 am
>> rents are way out of line and bring more, if we can free up money and banks will send a lend again, really lend, that will bring up money to buy new homes because the rent numbers are so ridiculous, that rent does not come into a bubble by itself. >> which implies to me that small single family homes are the way to go for an investment vehicle. what's wrong with na? >> nothing's wrong with that. numbers work out and it's a great way to go. >> it's a great point, blackstone has been buying up single family homes and announced they're going to be spinning that part of their business off in an ipo in january or february of this year. so-- >> i like the sound of that. >> all of this inventory is going to hit the market, so you're going to buy at the top of the market when blackstone is going to be sending stuff out? i'd be careful buying the single family homes until prices go down. stuart: oh, okay. i'm buying a single family home and you're going to mess up my investment here? >> they're selling shares in the entity, not selling actual
9:39 am
homes, they're selling shares. stuart: excellent. thank you, murphy. >> you're welcome. stuart: straightening that out. that's very good. according to one analyst, apple watch shipments were down 70%. nicole, give me more on this story, please. >> well, this analyst, this is ibc, and they're estimating, their research firm, ibc estimates that during the third quarter, apple ships 1.1 million units of the apple watch, and how do they do last year? you know what they did. 3.9 million. you know what that's a drop of. that's atrocious according to iec. guess what? mr. tim cook comes out and has statements to make, very positive at that, saying in fact, talking about the holidays now and there's word on the street you never short apple in the fourth quarter. right? so he's spinning it forward and saying sales, growth is off the chart. we're going to have our best quarter ever for the fourth quarter.
9:40 am
and saying that, kwaet, this is-- quote, this is his quote, looks to be one of the most popular holiday gifts of the year. one analyst is agreeing with him. bob mcdonald says it's a hot gadget. who is right? maybe they stunk it up in the third quarter and pick it up in the fourth quarter? maybe that's the plan. stuart: let's ask a few questions here, mike murphy, the apple watch is a failure yes or no? >> yes. stuart: failure? >> yes, complete failure. the phone does everything that the watch does. i've been in stores recently upgrading to apple 7. it's a tremendous device, you don't need the watch with the phone. i think they kind of killing the market there. i think the phone continues not the watch. stuart: would you buy apple 109. >> i wouldn't touch apple or the watch. most of those watches are in drawings in bathrooms. stuart: or in the garage, the next stop. the garage sale is the stop after that. big tech names, check them
9:41 am
every day. facebook, microsoft, twitter and google, banding together to fight terror. what's that about? >> well, they've done this before. microsoft actually invented or came up with the technology which would we had out child pornography and they're going to come up with digital fingerprints that would allow them to remove terrorists on twitter or youtube and trying to circumvent that on social media. stuart: google, alphabet what's a conservative outreach director. >> we're from a foreign country or another planet. >> they've had the position though, this is a lobbying, a lobby is what it is. >> they have to analyze it to try to figure out where do-- how do conservatives think? what do we like and eat and what's different about us? we're 50% or more of the population of the country and these fools don't understand us. stuart: these fools? >> absolutely. stuart: welcome back, ed.
9:42 am
are they trying to convince us that silicon valley has a conservative side to it? i don't believe it. >> oust of peter theil. let's find a middle ground there. stuart: 30 seconds, no, ten seconds, adam. >> google is going to lobby the drum p administration, it's about winning contracts. stuart: very good points. >> well, thank you. [laughter] >> amazon, i want to get back to the new grocery store, no checkout lines. i say this is the future. let me brief explain the way i see it, you walk into the new grocery stores, two in operation, i believe, and you slide your phone so it opens your amazon account and you then go into the store and particul take things off the shelf and it's immediately registered to you. you walk out the store, no
9:43 am
cashier, you get your e-mail bill and no cashiers. i think that's the future. don't say anything, adam, i know you don't agree with me. mike murphy, you're the future. >> 100% it's the future. you're seeing technology affect every part of our lives, seeing is everywhere, as you know, we run a venture capital fund. tyson foods is creating a capital firm. >> the jobs are going away. am i right here? those jobs are going away with this kind of technology. >> they're all going to go away and this is the future and it's sad because the way that we pushed the minimum wage debate. little ceasar's pizza, they need one employee, they have a machine that makes the pizza and boxes it and one employee to open the door. and the way they're going,
9:44 am
mcdonald's and burger king have those to wipe out part-time employees because of what's going on the last few years. stuart: adam shapiro has ten seconds to tell us we're wrong. >> on-line purchase of groceries 5% of that spent in the country. if you buy stock based on this technology you'll have to hold it for about 20 years. stuart: who says on-line grocery shopping is only going to be 5% of the market. >> they could be wrong. stuart: who says? >> the analyst projections. right now it's 1%. stuart: have you ever known the annals -- analysts to get it wrong? >> there are lines and statistics. the new york times added, wait for it, 200,000 new subscribers since late september. is that the trump effect? did the-- did trump, that gentleman right there. did he just save the new york times? what do you say, ed?
9:45 am
>> he must have done something because i can't imagine anybody subscribing to that, who wasn't a subscriber to begin with in the new york area, outside of the new york area, nobody reads the new york times. you have to have people who subscribe to it. people in texas aren't subscribing to the new york times. stuart: i read the new york times every single day, i think it's a great newspaper, the breadth of coverage is spectacular, but what they've done is confined themselves to the narrow left and not a paper for everyone with all kind of interesting stuff, it's narrowly focused towards the left and that puts me right off. moving along, officials at the pentagon tried to hide $125 billion worth of waste. they got a report saying you're wasting all of this money. they suppressed it. details. >> it was roughly $123 billion, to $125 billion in back office kinds of bureaucracy and what they found out was that there are 1 million, roughly 1
9:46 am
million people supporting troops. and the report played out how to do it without firing people. it plays into president-elect trump's plans to rebuild without spending new money. stuart: there's a plan that the number two man in defense is going to be a business oriented guy. i think they've been interviewing for that position. so a business person gets to grips with this kind of waste and cost overrun. i mean, you've got to like it. >> you have to love it. i think that's the overriding theme here. we have someone coming into washington. anyone who doesn't think there's not waste in government is in the minority. we know it's out there. if we get the right people in there it's amazing what can happen. get rid of some of the regulation, start getting rid of some of the waste and look for growth in the country. stuart: and to repeat the story we got earlier. boeing is the stock that you can see quoted there. president-elect trump says the
9:47 am
$4 billion cost for the new air force one program is way out of line. he says, cancel that boeing order. boeing stock is down. that accounts for about 10 points of the dow's 13 point loss at this moment. how about chipotle? take a look at that, please. they've announced-- well, the dow is down 13. look at chipotle. they've announced new board members and the stock is down 5 1/2%. the ongoing problem with chipotle, unsolved, they've not gotten over their-- what is it the e. coli scandal. they've not recovered, not at all. >> i don't know how much about this is about the new board. i was in there getting something and it was kind of a mess. you know, the first time i went into one particular place, it was clean and nice and management. the police is not being run right, which is why i understand they've not gotten the e. coli in there. it's not run the way it used to be. >> this dropped today, almost
9:48 am
6%, had to do with the ceo talking down guidance for next year, they're not going to earn as much next year as analysts predicted. stuart: that's a stock that has come down to earth. i want to thank everybody, todd, mike, ed. listen in. we've got trump speaking, i believe. let's go to him. >> everything fine? we've got great people coming in today. you'll see them. >> what did you talk with mr. the mayor from washington d.c. today? >> we are going to talk about a lot of things with a lot of people. we've got a great group of people coming up well. >> this morning, about canceling the contract for the new air force one, is that something that you're serious-- >> well, the plane is totally out of control. it's going to be over $4 billion for air force one program and i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money.
9:49 am
okay, thank you. stuart: i'm sorry, i don't mean to confuse everybody. that was a repeat of what mr. trump had said literally ten minutes earlier. that was not live. to repeat what he said, the boeing $4 billion contract for two air force one new planes, he says it's way out of line. cancel it, he says. boeing stock is down on that. we're of course on trump tower watch throughout the day. those who are expected to visit today would include exxon's ceo rex tillison, conservative radio host, laura ingraham, i should say, and president-elect trump will continue his thank you tour. he goes on to north carolina tonight. fayetteville in particular. lou dobbs, my college on fbn will be covering that as he speaks tonight. here is what's next. one of the lawmakers whose name is being floated as secretary of state, republican dana roarbacker from california. we'll ask him. what does he think about japan's prime minister visiting
9:50 am
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9:54 am
>> all day long, in fact, the last four weeks, we've been on trump tower watch. we'll do it again today. our next guest is reportedly one of those running for the job of secretary of state. he also has a bill in congress to stop the christian genocide in the middle east. look who is here? the congressman dana rorbacher from california. i've got to ask you, are you going to be riding the golden elevator sometime this week, are you? >> i'm in some discussions with some of the top people in the trump campaign, but in terms of what those discussions are all about is confidential. stuart: we understand that, sir, i've asked that question of about a half dozen other people who have ridden the golden elevator. thank you very much for at least addressing the question,
9:55 am
sir, we appreciate it. now, the christian genocide bill. i know you've got it in front of congress. i want to know, would the new president in the oval office and a republican congress, do you think at long last we'll get this through? >> we're going to solve this problem or confront the challenge, i should say, of the christian genocide going on in the middle east. we're going to come at it both from the executive branch as well as the legislative branch and we haven't had that so far. in the executive branch, as we know, we're bringing in hundreds of thousands of muslims from the middle east who are from that turmoil, but only a minuscule number are christians and we know as well that the radical islamists have targeted the christians or genocide so it makes no sense what our policy has been on the executive branch. i have no doubt that mr. trump
9:56 am
is going to correct that asap. in terms of the legislative side we're ready to act and have a president who is leading us and i think this will get done in the first 60 days of the next administration. stuart: sir, you're going to be called an islamophobe if you single out a religion and say, members of that religion can't come in, but members of this religion, who are suffering genocide, they can come in, they're going to say, you, sir, are an islamophobe, how would you respond to that? >> they're already saying that, of course. the fact is when a group of people are targeted, like the jews were targeted by the nazis, you're not discriminated against the other christians that wanted to come here as hitler was taking over europe. you're not discriminating against them by saying, no, the jews are the ones targeted, they're the ones we should try to save immediately and this
9:57 am
idea that we can't criticize radical islamic terrorism, can't call it that because that in some way relates to islam, welco well, i'm sorry, if there are islamic murderers in the world, we have to try to take care of their victims and we have a responsibility to point out who the criminals are in this murderous type of behavior. stuart: congressman rohrabacher, if you come to new york and ride the golden elevator i hope you come on this program. thank you very much indeeds. >> the wall street journal calls it president obama's last stand that's blocking the north dakota pipeline. i'm going to editorialize on that. and joe biden says he's not ruling out a run for the presidency in 2020.
9:58 am
he would be 78 in 2020. the same age as reagan when he left office. we've got the story. hour two, "varney & company" next.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> we've seen this before. the outgoing administration plants a few land mines to mess up the new guy coming into the oval office. that's what president obama is doing to president-elect donald trump. the obama team has stopped the dakota access pipeline. they have six weeks of power left and they choose greenies over growth and jobs. just step back a minute. the pipeline is 1,200 miles long. only a few miles are left to build. it's almost done. the route has already been changed 140 times to accommodate native americans. the tribe said, not good enough. they sued. a federal judge rejected the suit.
10:01 am
along comes the obama team and over rules the judge. pure bloody-minded politics. having lost the election, having lost house seats, governorships and state legislatures, the president and democrats are doing everything to stymie the trump agenda. they don't want well-paid jobs if it means building fossil fuel pipelines. they don't want energy independence if it screws up the paris climate accord. they don't want anything that shows the left is totally wrong on virtually every issue. as the wall street journal says the pipeline decision is obama's last stand. good. let's hope it is the last vestige of a failed presidency and a failed ideology. bring on the trump agenda. we voted for it. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> all right. let's start the second hour
10:02 am
with this, president-elect donald trump tweeting about boeing. quote, boeing is building a brand new 747 air force one for future presidents, but costs are out of control. more than $4 billion. cancel order. he spoke about it moments ago in trump tower. roll that tape. >> well, the plane is totally out of control. it's going to be over $4 billion for air force one program and i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money. stuart: joining us now is congressman kevin cramer, republican from north dakota, which has a few things to do with pipelines. first of all, what do you make of the president's straight forward statement there, cancel the boeing air force one order. what do you make of it? >> well, you know, part of me says, i don't know, we'd like to have a really good safe, up-to-date functional air force one, but what i love about the
10:03 am
statement, it shows you the difference a business person can make, even in building public infrastructure. and i think it's a forte of things to come. and i don't think that government will be ripping off building highways in the future and bringing a business sense, instead of a billion here, a billion there, i think that's quite okay. stuart: i believe you've met with mr. trump. i'm not going to ask you about the job you could be in line for, but the nature of the conversation, and the conversation that the president has taken. a lot of business people are going up the elevators and speaking with mr. trump. what do you say? >> well, one thing i assured him, i said if you're worried about your image of having too many billionaires on the cabinet on day one, i'll do my best to lower the average net worth of the cabinet significantly. but i like the idea of having
10:04 am
business people in the cabinet. i think it's important to have people who have lived with the ramifications of bad tax policy, job creators who can bring that perspective. you still need technical experts around for sure, who understand how the sausage is made in washington and maneuver that i think business people at the helm, exactly what americans were voting for when they voted for donald trump. stuart: do you think he will reverse the decision to halt the dakota pipeline when he's in office? >> we had a good visit on that, he's supportive of infrastructure, especially infrastructures billion dollars of dollars paid for by the private sector. he doesn't have to do much. all he has to do is stop imposing the presidency on a legal process. as early as three weeks ago, the army corps of engineers send a letter to the tribe saying we reviewed it one more time there's no legal reason to
10:05 am
not do that and once again indicated a green light. i think being less intrusive on private sector development he'll do all he needs to do. >> would you like the job of energy secretary? >> i think i would be good at it. i would enjoy it, yes. i have lots of idea how you can make that agency more efficient and make the research and development more outcome based rather than political. it's been very political for the last 10 to 20 years frankly. when it comes to research and development, if we want to save coal jobs, there is plenty of r & d to make coal cleaner and vie environmentally friendly. if you kill the innovators, that will not happen. i love my job in the house of representatives and carrying that same agenda here is mighty important to the people of my state. i'd be honored to serve in either capacity. stuart: got it. kevin cramer, north dakota, thank you, sir, we wish you
10:06 am
well. >> thanks for the opportunity. stuart: the trump thank you tour is going to roll on again tonight actually. fayetteville, north carolina, who is appearing with donald trump tonight? >> a man who a lot much people love, general mattis, who is finally expected to be named secretary of defense-- nominee, anyway. >> he was speaking to marines in iraq when he said the first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event. that said, there are some, fill in the expletive, in the world that need to be shot. he was speaking to leaders in iraq. iraqi leaders and he said i come in peace, i didn't bring artillery, but i'm pleading with you, with tears in my eyes, if you expletive, starts with a "f", with me, i'll kill you all. >> liberals are aghast anybody in the cabinet would say something like that.
10:07 am
we're going to shoot you. you didn't say that, but-- >> the 1.3 men and women in the armed forces think he's a badass and they like him. stuart: a lot of military people in north carolina, too. of course, we're on trump tower watch and i believe that rex tillison ceo of exxonmobil is going to be there today. >> yes, he's going to be there and the list of potential nominees of secretary much state keeps expanding and people try to have the inside on who is president-elect trump going to name? rex tillison, he has dealings with russia, putin and others. >> it would be extraordinary to have the head of an oil company to be the secretary of state of the united states. an extraordinary move and one more business person in the cabinet. let's see how it works out. adam. thank you. check out the big board. very modest loss. most accounted for by boeing,
10:08 am
which is a dow stock. which is down, because president trump-- elect trump would like to cancel the order for a couple of new air force ones. what's the plural of air force one. air force ones? i think it's air force ones. and policy, $50. chipotle, sales have not recovered as much as the company thought they would and that stock is taking it on the chin. 21 bucks down, 374. amazon, the grocery score concept. no checkout lines. it's up 8 today. 767 on amazon. let's talk about democrats. vice-president joe biden told reporters he would not rule out running for president in 2020. i'm going to quote you directly now, i'm not committing not to run. i'm not committed to anything. [laughter] >
10:09 am
>. stuart: sirius xm host is here. the fact that he would say that tells you what about the democrats? >> nothing. stuart: no? >> i mean, uncle joe says i'm committed not to run, he would be 78 years old. that's how old when ronald reagan was when he left office. joe biden gave i'm not running, running, in the last election cycle. the democrats have other problems including the man you saw on the screen, keith ellison. stuart: the fact that he's toying with running, he's very much the old guard. >> your father's democrat party, so to speak is gone. there are very few liberals left and now the liberal progressives are in charge and
10:10 am
that's why there's a serious conversation going from debby wasserman schultz to keith ellison to run the dnc. stuart: a very important position. >> right. stuart: and still, keith ellison, the gentleman on the left side of the screen, is the number one candidate. >> the bottom line, the party has been moved so far left. think about this, the democrats go after the republicans and say you need to come center, you can't be so far right, but yet, they have dragged their party far left. their arguments make no sense. it's about agenda. it's like the dakota access pipeline, it's a complete farce, stu. the pipeline will be 100 feet below the river bed and across the cross the missouri river and chairman said if you're not a sioux go home because the issue is put on hold with the latest issuance from the army corps of engineer. the devil is in the details.
10:11 am
>> very interesting, david, stay there, please. a lot more for you coming up. now this, angela merkel, she's allowed millions of muslim refugees to settle in germany, now she's calling for a burqa ban. she says the full islamic veil is, quote, not appropriate in germany. now, there's a turn. and this, president obama making a secret deal to take in thousands of illegal migrants from australia. the man who broke that story is with us in just a moment.
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
>> yes, breaking news indeed. we've got a ruling from the
10:15 am
supreme court in a lawsuit again apple and samsung. adam. >> money for samsung, they get to keep $548 million that they had originally lost in court. damages for allegedly infringing on patents with apple products. they lost the first round and agreed to pay the $548 million, but appealed to the supreme court, the supreme court unanimously ruled in their favor that they did not violate patent law. this is important because google, facebook, also were in line with samsung. that what they had done was not a violation so they get to keep that. stuart: samsung wins and apple stock goes up a fraction. >> go figure. stuart: how about this one. more on this story, angela merkel is calling for a burqa ban. she says the full-faced veil should be banned wherever that is legally possible. david, still with us. what do you make of this? >> well, there is a legal precedent when it comes to germany where safety concerns in the workplace or street or traffic make identification
10:16 am
necessary, where communication is obligatory, you can ban it by law. the practice is all across germany on passports and other documents you're not allowed to wear it, it's a safety issue. stuart: i've got to tell you, i don't care whether it's legal or constitutional in germany or not. what i care about is this incredible switch. angela merkel is the lady who let in way more than a million migrants and suffered enormously politically what she's done to germany. now she's turning full circle, ban that burqa. we don't like it. >> she's been travelling through germany to fight for her political survival. this is pure politics by angela merkel because she hasn't gone to the boys m brussels, i like to call them, because she haven't enacted rules to deal with the crisis. stuart: and this, president obama making a secret deal with australia to take in thousands of illegal immigrants.
10:17 am
the australians didn't want them and mr. obama says we'll take them. with us now is nick adams, he is the founder and executive director of flag, that's the organization that broke this story. nick, did i have it write? i mean, australia says no, and america says yes? >> 2500 illegal immigrants to australia that australia didn't want and put into detention. stuart: why didn't australia want them? >> they're law breakers, qeue jumpers and australia has a policy, if you come to australia the wrong way you never get to be in australia. stuart: who are these people? >> these people hail from all nations that are of significant national security concern, two in fact are on the state sponsors list that the united states has. stuart: it's a secret agreement that our president put in
10:18 am
place, secret? >> look, both the australian government and united states government have been reluctant to speak about details. we don't know much. what we do know is that 2500 costa ricaen christian refugees are going to be part of the swap. so the united states is going to swap 2500 christian refugees for 2500 illegal muslim immigrants to australia. stuart: wait, wait, wait, are you kidding me? >> i couldn't kid you. stuart: 2500 christians from costa rica cannot be in america, they're going to australia and a similar number of muslim migrants. >> are coming here. if i wanted to be unkind, stuart varney and put it in varney parlance, i would say that australia is dumping its rubbish, its trash on america. stuart: that's a little strong, nick adams. >> it's strong, but it's clear to see there's no upside for america in this deal.
10:19 am
stuart: i'm astonished, we get rid of christians and bring in muslims. >> you couldn't conceive of this deal. stuart: when was this inked or signed? >> it's a secret deal between the secretary of state john kerry and president obama with the australian prime minister malcolm turnbull. a parting gift. talking about land mines for the incoming administration, bloody-mindedness, the good news is the greatest deal maker in presidential history is about to assume the desk at the white house, this doesn't require a wall to stop it, just a signature. stuart: you're a trump guy. welcome here. >> it's my first interview with you as an american. stuart: i'm an american you have a green card. >> i have a green card, i can live here and work here, i love it here. stuart: you can't vote. all right, adams, get out there
10:20 am
and get citizenship. amazon showing off new grocery stores, you walk in, scan your phone, you walk out with groceries, no cashier, i call it the future and i call it progress. we'll have more on it. look at this, what you're looking at, where is it? can't see it, is that the right video? i don't think it is. there it is! that's a 112 pound catfish caught in north carolina's cape fear river. it took 30 minutes to reel that thing in, massive fish, five pounds short of the state record. now that's a catfish right there. >> that's a catfish. [laughter] ♪ another one bites the dust ♪ ♪ we live in a pick and choose world.
10:21 am
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10:24 am
with sleep number. >> all right. look at the big name technology stocks. they were the big winners up till the election. they've been some of the big losers since the election. the exception though is amazon. yes, come down way off its high. but it was up 20 bucks yesterday. up another 7 as of today. and here is one of the reasons why. they've got a plan for new grocery stores. it includes no checkout lines. all right, adam. take me through the new grocery stores. >> simple, you have your smart phone and you walk into the news store and they're testing this in the seattle area. you walk in and scan the phone. as you go through the different shelves you pick what you want. the phone is in sync with i.d.'s on the products and you have what you pick and they charge you. and you said is this the future.
10:25 am
>> no, james called me out on it, as david pointed out you're going to have to have to hire people to stock the stores, not just checkout people. stuart: and the demand by organized labor and the fast food industry, $15 per hour, seems to me that amazon is going to kill that stone dead because it will kill the jobs. >> look, i love technology innovation, but in fact this is transition jobs, they will lose some jobs, actually won't create jobs. the other part is on the items in the grocery store, which there are tens of thousands, how railroad going to tag each one. >> some product manufacturers already have the digital i.d. >> the entire industry will have to exist and be create today support the system. >> new jobs. >> it's going to be plagued with issues. stuart: it's not just a money saving device, it's a time saver. the worst part of going to the grocery store standing in line. >> i love that part. if you can get me through the checkout faster, i would love
10:26 am
it, but i think it's going to be plagued by issues. see how the test goes. the fight for 15, that's-- that's had a more negative effect on cities like seattle where they've mandated this. stuart: i've got to move on fast, something completely for you. some royal underwear is up for auction. queen victoria's bloomers, received next month in the u.k. and estimated that those-- i'm going to call them bloomers, why not. could sell for $7,000. queen victoria used to wear them. al gore, climate warrior, turning up at trump tower having what he calls an extremely interesting conversation with mr. trump. what is that all about? more varney in a moment. ♪
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: the tremper elliott still pretty much plays down 27 points, but still up 850-cent election day. i'll call that the tremper rally. as of right now there's a congressional congressional hearing going on about the dw emissions cheated settlement. this doc is down 27. look at this chart. it shows how far vw stock has dropped over the past three years. that is another chart. it is still not recovered from the candle. breaking news. john roberts fox news says mr. trump will attend this weekends army navy football game in baltimore. chester this for the first time. >> going to choose navy or army. i mean it's a little help.
10:31 am
stuart: he's going to give rave reviews from the crowd. from beginning to end they will chair donald trump. >> eisai started not your president the earliest president-elect go into this go into the football game is a pretty good start to that. he better be careful which side he chooses. >> you should take general mattis within. >> that would be great. trade to al gore at trump tower yesterday met with ivanka trump yesterday and spent time with donald trump yesterday. >> i had a lengthy and protect discussion with the president elect. it was searching for areas of common ground. i had a meeting before hand was ivanka trump. president elect donald trump for
10:32 am
the bulk of the time. i found it extremely interesting conversation into the continued. stuart: extremely interesting conversation to be continued. can you tell me what is president-elect trump's position on climate? >> he has said he believes that the hoax made-up by the chinese. why he would invite someone like al gore who's the biggest front turn when it comes to climate change on the planet to talk about this issue. did al gore leave his 20 room mansion in tennis date and fly in his private jet to new york and take his suv to that meeting? possibly. he didn't take the subway. he didn't take the bus this meeting and is telling everyone else what we should be doing about climate change. he's not a businessman. he doesn't understand the impacts. he himself has been found to be a hoax. the fact he's been listened to at trump tower should be discerning to everyone. stuart: surely what the president-elect is doing the
10:33 am
same and look in on all forms of opinion. this is an open forum, an open mind. >> al gore has a lot of opinions but they're not a sound fax. let's look at his record and remember who he is and what is documentary is. stuart: if he becomes a member of the cabinet, he would be one of the poorest members of the cabinet. you may make $500 by his tv channel. >> balis hypocritical as well. he sold it to the country that makes all their money off of oil. back to my previous opinion which is al gore is the biggest fraud when it comes to this issue. stuart: you are having far too much fun discussing that. how about this one, ivanka trump, the president elect daughter met last month with shinzo abe last month and now she's going to move to washington d.c.
10:34 am
is there a conflict of interest of the daughter did it with four leaders are moving to d.c.? b. mike is more complicated because she's married to jeri kushner. she's moving to d.c. to be with her family obvious way. i want to get the benefit of the doubt in terms of the amount of time they have to sort this all out. it's complicated, she is about the business but she can't do both. she can't fit with prime minister is close to running the family business. she has to choose one or another. she can do that from d.c. but there is conflict of interest questions that are often the next three months. stuart: it's not just her. other members of the trump family. i don't know how you resolve that conflict of interest. >> is going to be complicated and difficult but everything they can do to keep them separately to avoid the appearance of a conflict would be important. stuart: i never worked out whether you are for tremper not before the election but it sure seems like you are having fun after the election.
10:35 am
>> it's been a fun couple weeks. i'll say that. sure into thank you for being on the show today. chicago's mayor rob emanuel said the city has set up a million dollars legal protection fund to help illegal immigrants are being deported. with us now, the former vice chair of the national diversity coalition for mr. trump, loki brunel donald shea. god bless you and god bless america. god infers. >> god bless you and god bless america as well. stuart: ur chicago lady. would you make of a million dollar fund to protect illegals? what do you say? >> in chicago we have so many people that need protection. we've got the homeless. it's cold out. he could donate to that. we have shelters, veterans who are homeless that need help, schools that are dilapidated, neighborhood that are
10:36 am
dilapidated. we have so many different programs he can put the money into double help americans. ultimately federal law it is what is going to rule. our city, chicago will suffer behind any type of challenge to our president elect donald jay trump when it comes to the sanctuary cities. what i think mr. mayor rahm and manual should do is invest that money in americans, people who can vote for him. protect and take care of the people who put you into office. that's what he should be doing with $5 million. stuart: i'm writing to say -- waiting to see a real change. until the election anyone who supported mr. trump is a racist,, and they get, deplorable and irredeemable. i have not seen that change.
10:37 am
have you? >> no. what i would say is this. imagine being from chicago come the president city come in the first lady city as well as the state of hillary clinton in a black woman attorney democrats picking up on behalf of our president elect, donald jay trump. imagine that. but i'd say it is. it is an amazing thing to see that the president-elect is moving and doing everything that he said he would do. he's going to help americans. he's going to make sure we're taking care of and protect it. so make sure federal laws are enforced. i am happily a deplorable, happy trump supporter, trump motivator, anything i can do with respect to our president elect i am happy to do it. i am blessed to do it. stuart: if you're a christian, you would not be redeemable it was into me. >> i am redeemed by the blood of
10:38 am
jesus christ did you know i know that already. amen. stuart: what happens to you in private conversations in chicago? you're obviously a shrub supporter big time. you're outspoken for the man. >> you know what, a lot of people have come to me, black, white, hispanic, arab, conservative, democrat, republican and told me i was the reason i they voted for the president-elect right here in illinois. you don't vote republican in illinois if you're democrat. so many people across the board had that i'm glad that you spoke a very hidden. he seems to be all right. he's not the races xenophobe misogynist i thought he was especially with this fix on the cabinet now. stuart: how about has hostility and thanksgiving dinner? >> you know what, i went to a very supportive family member for things giving.
10:39 am
jaime, she threw down. keisha, i want to thank her. there is backlash. there is hostility. my practice slowed down a lot. it did not affect my family, but what i'll say to you is this. if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. i stood up for this nation. i stood up for what i believed then and i didn't receive a dime for that. i wasn't paid. he saw me up at 4:00 in the morning, 3:00 in the morning, i did that because i was fighting on behalf of this nation and our country. i believe in our president elect and i still do. stuart: god bless you, god bless america. >> i receive and god bless america and god bless you. stuart: thank you did see you soon. one analyst says apple watch shipments down 70%. nicole at the new york stock
10:40 am
exchange. >> the question is the apple watch hot or not because the analyst research and the third quarter dropped over 70%. now we are looking at the fourth-quarter. end quote coming out and really looking at the fourth-quarter and indictee cstring and looks to be the best quarter ever. it holds up to be one of the most popular gifts of the year. he's coming out and doing somewhat of a damage control or maybe a vision. back in 2015 he did much of the same. he said don't worry, we've got that, too. maybe just stepped out and tries to get more forward-looking. by the way, sit back, all-time low. stuart: wearables not doing that well if you ask me. nicole, thank you. documentary filmmaker dinesh to souza, whose had my democrats have been the headline and he will make his case for us today.
10:41 am
slow motion starts at a bus hitting a car at the intersection. then a bus goes and hits the car. wait there's more. the police car can't stop sliding backwards into the bus. it's not over, folks. here comes the snow plow. can't top that. that just about creams the patrol car. this is a slow-motion slide in montréal lasted about a minute before it was all over and the crowd was watching. we will be back. ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
ashley: congressman and consideration for secretary of state. here's what he had to say about muslim immigrants coming to our country. >> we are bringing in hundreds of thousands of months once from the middle east from that turmoil, but only a minute you'll numb or our christian and we know as well that the radical islamists have targeted the christian for genocide. so it makes no sense of what our policy has been on the executive branch. i have no doubt mr. trump is going to correct that asap. on the legislative side, we are
10:44 am
ready to act and have a president who is leading us. ♪
10:45 am
10:46 am
stuart: more in the bowling story. donald trumps its $4 billion for the new presidential plane is too much. >> fox business talk to mr. trump and fox news as well before all of this. back in may, bowling was talking about these threats have tariffs on businesses because they were moving a facility, machine facility for the 737 to china. but they said was having the finishing facility in china allows us to sell more in china which allows us to grow u.s. jobs. it's one of the reasons we're taking today's dirty 79. 42 planes a month in washington. they made the case that having a sale of these overs these doesn't necessarily cost a u.s.a. stuart: i've kind of got it. a report on trump related hate crimes. ignoring attacks on whites do this. i want more on this one. >> they're probably teamed up with the american federation of teachers which support hillary
10:47 am
clinton 71.6 million teachers, asking if they've heard racist or derogatory slurs or comment directed at events. they did not include in their final report all these people things from ey did not include t that two dozen teachers responded directly 21st 10 that they were hearing racist slurs and derogatory comments direct that way students. it was not put out and when they released a report from a lot of people not only in the media to civil rights groups have been calling for some kind of action based on that report. stuart: thank you, adam. filmmaker dinesh to souza from the best-selling author of hillary's america. welcome to the program. i'm sure you've just heard that last report that a reported two dozen teachers reporting racist comment directed against whites duties. that was suppressed. what is your comment on that? it seems to me that conservative
10:48 am
trump supporters in general are still being branded racists by the left. >> yeah, it's very clear that face of bigotry has changed in america and the lefties pretending like it has been. in other words, today white supremacy is sent forth. if they were to organize a rally there would be lucky to get 50 people and the protesters outnumber them 10 to one. this is different from the plan a century ago but it could mobilize tens of thousands of people to new york city shouting racist slogans and burning crosses. at that time, the ku klux klan was the domestic terrorist arm of the democratic party. it's a great white supremacy was a real force, now they are trying to blame it on the right. stuart: i feel that their analysis of america is completely off the mark. the left seems to believe america is fundamentally
10:49 am
basically a racist society. i think that is completely wrong. i don't know what your experiences, but that is flat out wrong. >> i think in their hearts the left knows that's not true in my proof is the following. if someone were to accuse someone they would expect the person to apologize and say they are not too pleased in the same period only a nonracist would behave like that. if someone with a racism out of it they would say so what. if someone accuses me of being an asian indian is a great, thank you very much. the fact that the left makes these accusations in the expectation that people will go on the defensive shows that they understand deep down that people are not racists. stuart: i'm sure you are familiar with the news that joe biden says he may run again for the presidency in the year 2020. i'm sure you're all so familiar with the news that keith allison
10:50 am
wants to be chaired by the dnc. far out on the left. this was seen to imply to me that democrats are in flat out disarray. when you make make of news developments? >> i think the potential allison appointment as a good example of the way in which bigotry has a new face in america today. we saw from the wikileaks revelations that in private high-level democratic operatives will make slurs against latinos, against catholics, evangelical christian. this is the new face of bigotry in america imposes a greater greater threat to the country and social cohesiveness than the old bugaboo of white tea. trained to do you the times have really changed? do you think the election four weeks ago today was a real turning point for america and american culture? >> it's the biggest come-from-behind election in
10:51 am
american history. not only was there a terrifying array, but a revolt within his own party. it was against almost impossible odds that he pulled it off in what was that jake is nothing less than all three branches of government so the stakes could not have been higher. this makes the big rialto more speed. stuart: dinesh d'souza, it's been a long time since we've seen you in the program. do not be such a stranger. thanks for your >> look forward to it. stuart: how donald trump's election boosted "new york times" subscriptions. find out how many joined up with the times. up next, you heard my take on the north dakota pipeline top of the hour. obama's last stand. as it turns out, some "varney" viewers took exception to our coverage yesterday. we will read your comment next.
10:52 am
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10:56 am
julie says he certainly didn't have the false tory. there have been 12 meetings by the pipeline people and native americans showed up to two. the pipeline was already rerouted was. hold on effective. it was actually rebounded 140 times. what do you think? did we give a fair representation of the pipeline dispute? >> i think we did. it's important as members of the media, we have to listen to our colleagues in different people in our profession don't listen. the issues they talked about they we touched upon. this is a step towards energy-efficient cms pipeline would supply light sweet crude. we also pointed out this was rerouted. it was originally going to go by the city of bismarck but it posed a threat to their water supply. we talked about that. these are all issues we've discussed. stuart: yes, we did.
10:57 am
jeff flock is at the pipeline thing yesterday and gathered most of these reports. if there's any blame blame, it's on jeff flock. we'll be back in just a moment and that is a promise.
10:58 am
. .
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: several news items suggest the democrats are in disarray. old guard leadership, no new thinking, in fact, they still can't believe they lost, and they have apparently no clue why they lost either. item one. joe biden says he will run in 2020. he was asked, if he was joking. he was not. yeah, i'm going to run again, he said. what does that tell you? he will be 78 in 2020. it tells us the democrats have no new blood, no young bench strength. item two. congressman keith ellison is the only significant name running to chair the dnc. that is the democrats party apparatus. a very important position.
11:01 am
ellison a far left socialist with a record of anti-semitism. surely that's not the new thinking the democrats need? but it's all they have got. item three, according to the "new york post," hillary clinton will hold a thank you party for her millionaire donors. that's fascinating. rich people now vote democrat. what a switch. evidently, democrats don't see that as a problem. hillary is probably tapping the money spigot to an eye to the future. where is the new thinking? the democrats at this point have been reduced to role of spoilers, nitpickers, sniping from the sidelines. it won't change until they have new leaders, new blood and fresh ideas for america! the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: it is still a loss but loss is narrowing.
11:02 am
we're down 10 points. that's it. check the price of oil, 50 bucks a barrel. that is down nearly 2%. we take a look at amazon, that company of course makes news all the time. they're rolling out a grocery store without checkout lines. we have brian benburg, business professor at kings college in new york city. amazon cutting out humans in this particular instance. i say it is a look at the future. i say it is a direct hit at $15 an hour movement. you say what? >> you're absolutely right. that is exactly the future. everybody out there advocating higher minimum wage have to pay attention to this story. it is not going to work. companies that have to pay artificially high salaries will say we can automate business. stuart: we have videotape of these things. you walk in with your phone. you open your amazon account, essentially, walk through the store, pick out what you wants,
11:03 am
records automatically on your phone. you leave the store, you get the bill, you're out, no cashier. >> one thing amazon is trying to test will consumers be okay with this? consumers have a scenes feel like they're stealing something if they put it through the basket. they're making this work with amazon employees f it works, it surely will, they will roll it out across the country. stuart: next case, the obama administration halted development, halted finishing of the north dakota access pipeline. energy tran if he were partners, the company that is building this thing, they say this is purely political move. president-elect trump announced he will revisit plans to complete this thing. i think he is basically saying, when i'm in the oval office we'll finish this thing. i fully support it. i want pipelines. i want american energy to flow. are you going to take me on? >> the economy needs abundant energy to grow, no question about it. this looks like a process where
11:04 am
there was due process. the army corps of engineers looked at it multiple times. 140 alterations. gone through multiple levels of the courts. process was served this is important to the long-term energy needs of the company. stuart: pipelines are key to moving our own domestic energy around to the places that need it. you stall that process, you stall the energy plan. that is i think what the left wants to do lear. >> it's a bigger question about infrastructure spending. trump talked about a trillion dollars in infrastructure spending. if we don't fix approval processes, environmental reviews, don't get that streamlined you will see a lot more over coming years. this is one of the first things that trump has to deal with in office. stuart: streamline the permitting process that will make a difference. >> has to be step number one in trillion dollar infrastructure plan. stuart: stay there, brian. back to you shortly. now this. president-elect trump continuing his thank you up to. he is actually continuing it tonight. where is he going? adam: in fayetteville, north carolina with general
11:05 am
james mattis who will officially be his pick for secretary of defense. later in the week, thursday in des moines and friday in grand rapids to say thank you to his supporters. stuart: over the weekend he is attending army-navy game. adam: we learned that last hour. we don't know if he will be rooting for army or navy. stuart: doesn't matter. >> he will get cheered. stuart: he will be popular guy at army-navy game. i can't see any opposition. now this. president-elect trump will use tax subsidies and other incentives to try to keep jobs in america like he did with the carrier corporation. all right, look at this headline from the "washington post." experts, colon, trump's tax operation may not be enough to keep jobs in the united states. itch not gone through the reasoning behind "the washington post" article but i will bring in grover norquist who runs americans for tax reform. what do you make of that headline? i know it is
11:06 am
"the washington post." they're no fans of trump. what do you make of it? >> well there are two things. right now carrier has lived under eight years of obama's regulations, eight years of obama's tax policy. what trump is promised to do take the corporate rate from 35 to 15. if we had a 15% rate, for the last 10 years, i'm not sure some of these companies would be moving jobs. if we had the permitting process you're talking about for new factories, for new infrastructure, getting permits on a timely basis, and reduced the regulatory burden on all of the businesses we wouldn't have beaten some of these he businesses senseless to the point where pieces of them are moving overseas. the big change is to take the corporate rate way down, zero would be a good number. 15 is better number than 35. take the epa, get serious about reducing cost of regulatory burdens and get permit process
11:07 am
to move rapidly. look at labor laws and labor regulations that make work projects and bring that cost down which doesn't help productivity and doesn't help workers either. stuart: grover norquist is the guy who says no new taxes, no matter what, no new taxes. you're nodding, that's you. >> taxes are never the answer to anything. stuart: okay. what about this? the president-elect says, he will slap a 35% tariff on on companies that send jobs overseas when they bring their goods back here. you could call it a tariff but in fact it's a tax. ii presume you don't like it? >> tariffs are taxes. a big part of the revolution against britain. south carolina in the 1930s called their militia out because of tariff of abominations. tariffs are actually taxes on american consumers. the reason why a lot of people
11:08 am
are doing better in having lower costs in their lives because walmart around other companies keep prices down. and that's very important to the economy. i understand his frustration about all of the damage that previous governments have done to the american economy and to american workers but you fix that, not by raising taxes on the american people when they buy products. you fix it by reducing taxes on the business and reduces taxes on individuals. stuart: you're clean cut. you know exactly how you put it. that is very good and very consistent guy, very good indeed. grover norquist, always a pleasure. >> thank you. stuart: brian benburg, you're nodding vigorously, you approve? >> i like what grover is saying here. he is talking about real answers. cut corporate tax rates, forget about regulations and special deals. forget about raising taxes on consumers. create broad based reforms that help everybody. he is right on money. stuart: make businesses more efficient they will stay?
11:09 am
>> absolutely. they have been dealing with a bad environment last eight years but let's do the right fixes. stuart: we stay on trump tower watch. today's exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson expected to ride those golden the straighttores. he reportedly is a contender for the job as secretary of state. exxon is the biggest oil company in the world. the stock is fractionally lower this morning. president-elect trump sending out this tweet, i will read it for you. boeing is building a brand new 747 air force one for future presidents. the costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. cancel the order. boeing's stock is down, helping a small loss for the dow industrials. coach of louisville's women's basketball team goes off on participation trophies. says that is not how the real world works. we'll play you a clip later this hour. check out this video. this is montreal. can't get you have in of this one. pickup truck goes into the back of the bus. a bus goes into the back of the pickup truck.
11:10 am
wait, it is not over. there is more. then what happens? a police car rolling backwards down the street, backs into the bus. wait, the snowplow then hits the police car and everybody standing by to watch. we'll be back.
11:11 am
11:12 am
11:13 am
stuart: news alert from belgium. prosecutors say eight people have been taken into custody for questioning. houses were searched on suspicion of supporting isis. that just in. mr. trump going around the media, literally going around them to take his message to the people. we're calling it the twitter presidency. here is what he is tweeting about this. if the press would cover me accurately and honorably i wouldn't have a reason to tweet. sadly i don't know that will happen. a large segment of the population agrees with mr. trump. from the "huffington post," a
11:14 am
survey, 41% say he has faced, unfair, negative coverage. joining us brent bozell, media research president. do you approve of this, leapfrogging over the establishment media, using twitter to go directly to the people? >> well, sure. stuart: well sure. >> look, he has got 25 million twitter followers, and facebook fans. he can converse directly with them. and if the media cover his post, his tweets, they have got to cover what he said. that allows him to control the conversation. that said, i would recommend that he change the tone of his tweeting. the candidate is one thing, the president is another. and i think that there is a call for that but look, why does he do this? because the press, not only has not been fair, that poll you
11:15 am
just cited, it is a bit of a head-scratcher because other polling data have it far, far worse, whether it is "usa today," whether it races muse send, both of them had it at 10 to one -- rasmussen. we took a poll, it was eight to one negative against trump, that is perception of the public. in fact the coverage was 91% anti-trump. so, yeah, he has got a point saying if he doesn't need to talk to them he is not going to. stuart: i guess it was a high number for "huffington post," that is why we said a large chunk of the population. that is "huffington post" poll, i will give you that. what do you make of this from "the new york times"? they have added more than 200,000 digital subscribers. i think that is paying customers who are going to read "the times" on line. that since late september. i mean could you say that donald trump is helping to save "the new york times," because, this increase in subscriptions is largely, i suspect it is because of trump? >> yeah, i think you're right.
11:16 am
look, if you're on the left, and you are looking for common ground and you're looking for someone to give you aid and comfort with this monster coming on as president of the united states, it is rather natural thing you go to the "new york times" because that is going to be the outlet that will be attacking this man. it will give you comfort. so yeah, i see those numbers growing. i see cnn and others growing as well because of their opposition to trump, however, i see them being neutralized, and i see them being neutered again because donald trump will go around them, not talk to them, around he will communicate directly with the public. stuart: got a couple of headlines for you, first from the "new york times," about the state of the economy as president obama leaves office. first of all from "the times" reads, president obama is handing a strong economy to his successor.
11:17 am
look at this from "politico," trump inherits obama boom. now i know you're not a financial kind of guy, but, you know when a boom is happening to the american economy and when it's not and i take it you agree with us that it's not happening right now? >> well i think by any objective it is not happening. you don't have to be art laffer to understand that. the american people are no fools. 55% of the public believes that the country is on the wrong track. when you have got a growth of 2.1% annually, and they call that a boom? when you have got 48 million, think about that, 43, 43 million americans on food stamps, how in the world is this a boom? when you have 95 million americans not in the workforce, how is this a boom? that is all-time high by the way. no, this is spin, spin, spin. stuart: you know, brent bozell,
11:18 am
i'm sorry the interview is so short. i get the feeling you're warming up. right towards the end the fire in the belly is emerging, the big laugh. we have the hard breaks. you know how it is. >> thank you, stuart. anytime. stuart: you're a good man. i got to show you this, big banks and stocks how they performed since the election. would you look at that!? can you imagine green arrows like that in the banking sector. way up, banks since the election. we're on that story. the department of defense, point number one, burying a report that shows $125 billion worth of waste at the pentagon. number two, president-elect trump wants to cancel $4 billion worth of air force one planes because of all the waste involved. we're on those stories. listen to this, trump on boeing this morning. >> well the plane is totally out of control. it's going to be over $4 billion, for air force one program and, i think it is ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little
11:19 am
bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money but not that much money.
11:20 am
11:21 am
11:22 am
stuart: officials at the pentagon failed to disclose, in fact covered up, a $125 billion
11:23 am
worth of waste at the pentagon. adam: this is roughly a quarter of the pentagon budget. $600 billion. waste is 125 billion. to put it simply what they did in the study, this is back office bureaucracy, roughly one million people, in support jobs to make things run and to support 1.3 million men and women. they could let people go to lay people off to save money, but they wouldn't tell congress because they worried congress would cut funding because of this waste. stuart: president-elect trump wants to appoint a business out. adam: you recover that through more streamlined processes cutting out the bureaucracy. you can rebuild the military without spending extra money. stuart: mr. trump was talking about waste in the air force one contract. he wants to cancel the boeing $4 billion deal? adam: he wants to, that might be hard to do. you can read the tweet, you can
11:24 am
read it when it comes on screen. boeing is building 747 air force one, two planes actually, costs are out of control, $4 billion. cancel the order. gao said it would be $3.2 billion. we bought two planes in 1990. 325 million. with inflation that is 600 million bucks. the question to boeing, what is the extra costs. technology is also better but cheaper. stuart: brian benburg, you're a business professor at kings college in new york city. >> yeah. stuart: you must love what is going on here. i have never seen so many business people being a part of the new cabinet. >> i love the tone trump is setting here. i love the people putting in place to deal with business problems. he will have his work cut out with him with congress though. congress loves these jobs. they love sending military equipment they don't need but help to create jobs in their districts. this will be a big fight and tough one for trump, because you know he is all about jobs. stuart: because he is business guy against the politicians. >> yeah. stuart: that is fascinating.
11:25 am
good point. hillary clinton throwing a lavish bash as in party, to thank all of her rich and famous donors. up next, a democrat who says he is ashamed at how tone deaf the party has become. don't miss it. it's next. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
11:26 am
do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. .. more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card.
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11:29 am
stuart: take a look at this, bank stocks, that is a surge in bank stock values since election day. the bank analysts with gravity capital minutes, welcome to the program. i presume the bank stock surge is because donald trump will do away with banking regulations but look to the future. how much further have these stocks got to go? how much bank regulation will be swept aside? >> an enormous amount to go. just to give geewhiz numbers, regulatory costs were $200 billion to put this stuff in place and report to the government, litigation costs around 170 to $200 billion.
11:30 am
over the past few years the bank lost $400 billion in litigation, and regulatory costs, $80 billion a year, and it will be 10, $15 billion, the savings is staggering. that is not where savings will come from. they will come from the fed is redone. if you get rid of board members and put board members in that are oriented toward capitalism and business, you will change minor things like the adjustment, and supplementary leverage ratio. if you do that, could be hundreds of billions of dollars in profits. the opportunity is really substantial. stuart: in the interest of full disclosure, do you own any big bank stocks we are put on screen? >> i own a lot of them.
11:31 am
stuart: that is what i am looking for, and honest man. you get into the minutia of changes in regulation and changes that the fed. for a lot of people, more political people like myself i'm interested in a change in the relationship between government and banks. at the moment we have a punitive relationship, we want to punish them and run them out of business. if we change that, that is the change i am looking for but are we going to get it? >> exactly right. we know how it focuses on what mister trump is going to do on the supreme court. the federal reserve is supposed to be seven members, there are only five. we can immediately put two members on. miss yellen is, by february 2018, you have a third one there and mister fisher has to leave by june 2018. now 4%.
11:32 am
if he can move mister tarullo out who is socialist and anti-american, move him out, basically he has five of the seven people on the fed. once you put five of the seven people on the fed you don't have to worry about getting rid of godfrey, shouldn't waste your time doing that, you have to change all the little rules and every we you change does exactly what you want. a relationship between government and industry which is positive, progrowth capitalist which we haven't seen for eight years. stuart: you are the only analyst who appears on "varney and company" and you know why? because you tell it how you see it, directly to the deck and everybody knows what you are talking about. you are all right, don't care what they say, i say you are all right. does he make sense? >> one thing i would add is the growth story, banks make money when the economy grows interest
11:33 am
rates, they haven't had that for years. stuart: thank you. i have a headline for our viewers, it is this. i am a democrat and i'm ashamed how tone deaf we have become. that is on the man who wrote that letter is a former cia operations officer who joins us now. in what way do you say democrats are tone deaf? spell it out. >> we opposed and slammed the deal trump and mike pence brokered, you would think in times when people are so angry at globalization and unfair trade my party would stand up and complement the president on keeping 1000 jobs right before christmas in this country but instead we slam the guy, the minutia of trade policy, this makes no sense, the gentleman used to represent different
11:34 am
parts of the party that didn't stand up for blue-collar workers and now is doing a committee the folks who used to be part of the blue wall. if we abandon these folks that becomes a problem. stuart: it seems to me i am reading behind the lines of the article you are not exactly happy that the elites especially the coastal elites, the media, top executives, government people, they are the bedrock of the democrat party and it is not working people. that is what you are concerned about. >> absolutely right. i live in a rural part of oregon, there are still fdi democrats in that spirit that is alive and well and that spirit is no longer represented by the party and that is why i am trying to raise the flag, we have got to get back to our roots, represent the american worker and that will bring us back and be on the apologists who don't care, as long as people are being served, our country is not free, we are not
11:35 am
kim jong-il and, we need more parties at the table. stuart: why don't you leave the democrats? why not go to the trump faction of the republican party? >> i don't think so because i think it is important for libertarians and democrats and republicans to have different kinds of voices. what happens if you start tossing democrats out because they are not, quote, democratic enough. it could happen in all parties. that is why i think it is important for people to speak to power and that is what i'm trying to do among my fellow democrats and it may or may not make me popular but i don't care. what i care about is people see there is a voice in the democratic party that is reasonable and responsible and it will focus on american workers. that is where we need to put our energy. stuart: thanks for coming on the show, you are an honest man and a brave man, we appreciate it. throughout that interview my colleague here was laughing,
11:36 am
why? >> you asked great questions. why are you still sticking with the democrats if you believe all these things but he had a reasonable answer, i got to hand it to him. stuart: honest man. next case, judicialwatch asked a judge to release videos of the deposition from hillary clinton about the email case. judge andrew napolitano is here. go ahead. judge napolitano: had my fingers crossed hoping dick would suggest something that would bring true prosperity which is abolished the fed. let the free market regulate everything. stuart: not going to discuss it. judge napolitano: brian disagrees. this is, there are 49 freedom of information act losses against the state department seeking mrs. clinton's emails. for the most part they are back burner, not so with judicial watch. they are still pursuing emails,
11:37 am
released by the state department. in that pursuit they got and order. taking mrs. clinton's -- by videotape. and mrs. clinton got an order that authorize the deposition to seal it because we wouldn't want to disrupt the campaign with the legal proceedings lose too that the fbi didn't get it. nevertheless they went since the campaign is over to remove the deal so the videotape deposition can be played over and over again. stuart: the transcript of the videotape. judge napolitano: the transcript of what the colleagues said, the immediate circle each of whom was supposed, didn't get a transcript of what she said, got a summary from those who were there and didn't get them. stuart: up to a judge, the public can see the videotape or no, the public cannot. judge napolitano: the judge appointed by her husband has
11:38 am
been tough with her because she misled him. she warned her about the consequences misleading up federal court. use the code phrase which is used to lawyers when the judge is sending it signal. and certify, in penalty of perjury and close coat, and the judge says that to a lawyer, the judge is sending a signal to the lawyer, the client is lying, judge sullivan sent the signal twice to mrs. clinton's lawyers. learned after the first time. stuart: you must be -- odds are the videotape. judge napolitano: i don't know it has -- and curiosity to what it said.
11:39 am
check the big board. we are down 20 points. we are 19192. oil is moving, off a buck, and $50 a barrel. the former president and ceo of mcdonald's found love on the fight for 15 is in $15 an hour. he mentions the new automated machine that fast food restaurant, he said get ready, it is just the beginning. in the coach of louisville basketball team gets off on kids getting participation, how parents are raising a generation of entitled children. you are going to want to hear, you will hear what he said next.
11:40 am
11:41 am
nicole: i am nicole pedallides with your foxbusiness brief, stock the entire in the dow was up 14 points and anything higher will be a new closing record for the dow, the 20th this year. we can expect that, the dow is down 15, s&p up not even one point and the nasdaq down 6, the dow winners and losers as commodities will back, verizon and american express gaining and nicely to the downside, cutting nike to neutral with market share to adidas and under armor.
11:42 am
toll brothers sprucing the building segment, kb homes and lynn are doing well as toll brothers did well with double-digit revenue growth and the retailers, auto zone was a winner and michael's, craft and home to core stores and came under pressure starting at 5 am on foxbusiness.
11:43 am
11:44 am
stuart: boeing has released a statement on the air force one program that donald trump once canceled because it is very expensive. adam: we are under contract for $170 million to determine the capabilities of these complex military aircraft that serve unique requirements to the president of the united states, look forward to working with u.s. air force on subsequent phases of the program allowing us to deliver the best planes, sound as if we are talking washington post story about $125 billion over five years, could sound like it may be a $4 billion price tag on this program is part of that. stuart: a warning shot from trump across the bows of boeing, don't charge so much. >> air force waste. stuart: it is in their. wish you had a comment on that. out of time, out of luck. california, i think you know by now is deep blue. look how they focus, 62% from
11:45 am
hillary clinton and state lawmakers are doing everything they can to fight mister trump. what our state lawmakers saying? >> the legislature and california both houses pass identical legislation that would fund the legal representation for noncitizens facing deportation. stuart: sounds like they are doing what chicago is doing. >> chicago is only but $1 million in. they have to put up the actual figure but they pay the legal fees to defend illegal immigrants and make the argument illegal immigrants contribute $130 billion to california's economy whether that is a valid number or not. stuart: it took me saying that would someone who knows better is larry elder, nationally syndicated talkshow host. you live in california. that is where you work at of lived all your life. what do you make of this? california top officials here say we are going to defend these illegals, spend government money
11:46 am
to do it. >> i would point to one study that showed california loses $25 billion every year to illegal aliens, half of that goes to education of illegal alien children or children of parents who come here and were born here. parents have not been here illegally california would not have to abort cost so i differ with politicians when they argue how much money illegal aliens benefit the state by. the bigger thing is this. in the 50s and 60s there were southern lawmakers, one in arkansas, one in alabama refused to allow black schoolchildren to immigrate. the fed sending federal marshals to make them. it seemed they were on collision course. it is the federal government's job to the with immigration, not the states's job. lawmakers in the state stand up against the federal government they in my opinion will run the risk of having the fed sending marshals and make them and force the law and kill these sanctuary
11:47 am
cities. stuart: it will be fascinating to see president trump do exactly that. not sure he will do it. >> i think he will. keep in mind they are afraid of deportation forces which donald trump backed away from a long time. i don't know why the local authorities don't want to get rid of the violence donald trump claims will be a top priority. it benefits everybody. stuart: it depends who they vote for. the fight for $15 an hour, a fight that is raging across the country. the protesters, i say, are hurting themselves. here is what the former president of mcdonald's had to say about this, quoting directly, early this month mcdonald's announced nationwide rollout of self-service kiosks, striking to the employees who once would have managed the cash register now reduced to monitoring a customer's choices at an ipad style kiosk and he
11:48 am
continues, not just mcdonald's embracing job replacing technology, numerous restaurant chains look to computer tablet is a solution for rising labor costs the won't adversely impact the customer's experience with sorry i'm going on so long but that is quite a statement there and i think you agree with it. >> of course he is right. i say economics, when you artificially increase the cost of labor, you will decrease demand for it and a number of ways, they will cut hours, raise prices which cause decrease in sales, won't hire certain people or won't automate if they can do it, that is what is happening in the fast food industry, the same people arguing for $15 minimum wage are arguing fewer and fewer minimum wage workers, it is asinine and contradict economics 101. stuart: the amazon grocery stores with no cashiers, that is another story. the head women's basketball coach at the university of
11:49 am
louisville went on a rant about participation trophies. listen to this. >> right now the generation of kids coming through everybody gets a trophy. you finish last you come home with a trophy. are you kidding me? what does that teach kids? it is okay to lose. unfortunately it is our society. it is what we are building for, not just in basketball that life. stuart: you heard him. what do you make of that? >> sound like my father. might as well talk about the democrats having lost the election in 2016. all these college and universities, letting kids out because they feel anguish, cutting exams because the kids right now are traumatized, a bunch of babies. the reality is sometimes you
11:50 am
win, sometimes you lose, try harder next time, instead of sucking your thumb and whining about how life is can i agree with everything the coach said. stuart: we throw lots of subjects at you because we can't believe a guy who lives and works in california thinks the way you do. >> some people in california have common sense, believe it or not, hasn't been outlawed yet. stuart: we will see you soon. thank you. look at this. companies represented by love force have canceled their holiday party and you won't be leave why but
11:51 am
11:52 am
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11:55 am
presidency. alas, long time since i heard that word, alas, election day did not go as we hoped so it is with deep regret that we are canceling business party. you first. >> if your target, banana republic or others, once you step back and say wait a second, do i want a pr firm that can't exists in the world we live in? can't even have a holiday party? you got to help us in the trump administration so let's get on with it and have your holiday party. stuart: i had not thought of that. what to their clients think about this pr company's outside pr company doing something like this? >> you can't even throw a party? we are asking you to represent our brand? forget it, we will go with somebody who can handle this. >> this is what 4-year-olds do when they don't get their way, i'm not going to play with you. had they had the party you would still have the 60 million people who voted for hillary clinton, they won't pair care one way or the other if you have this party but you just alienated 60
11:56 am
million people who voted for donald trump and now if you are at one of those stores, banana republic you have to question, wait a second, you are not representing our brand in a way we might agree with. stuart: i was a trump supported, i supported trump all the way through the campaign for one big reason. i thought he would restore growth and prosperity to america. that is the most important thing we can do in our society. i want growth, i want prosperity, the glue that binds us together. the great joy of this election is watching the elites in their defeat dissolve into tears and stamping their little feet like children. it is astonishing. you cancel a holiday party, you do that kind of thing was people in manhattan in tears to this day. it is the sons and daughters of the elites. >> this is supposed to be a christmas party where they call the holiday party but it is a christmas party, what on earth do politics have in a christmas
11:57 am
party or holiday party? why were they going to celebrate the presidential election at a christmas party? stuart: that is another good point. >> the first today. stuart: maybe the second. a good point. it is supposed to be a holiday party but you can't hold it if your political candidate loses. >> if you live your life as if everything is political you live a miserable life. stuart: more time on this, more serious story during the day, fine of the times for this is happening in our society. you can come back any day you like, you are on. day there, we are not finished yet, there is more to come next.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stuart: four weeks ago today donald trump became president-elect of the united states of america, four weeks, adam schapiro, ashley webster, great job which and go straight at it. my time is up. >> we will focus on donald trump and stuart pointeded out, is he causing a lather on this back and forth about corporations and whether they are gouging folks. the latest, boeing, take a look at how he added to the heat. >> we are playing this out of control. over $4 billion, air force one program. it is ridiculous. boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money but not that much money. >> that was the latest estimate to cpl


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