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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 8, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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nicole: all right, we thank you for watching fbn:am. lauren: we sure do. now we hand it over to mornings with maria and say good morning to you maria bartiromo. maria: happy thursday, everybody. thanks for being with us. i'm maria bartiromo. it's thursday december 8th. another huge day for the trump transition team from homeland security to epa. president announcing high-profile names that would take over the country's leadership. we will bring them to you. busy schedule for the next commander in chief. trump is plan to go stop in ohio today to meet victims tat tragic attack at ohio state university before continuing the thank you tour. >> people are excited that people are -- our president is doing good.
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you see with carrier deal last week. indiana was a not a swing state. he won by 11 points. maria: not everybody is happy. president elect heated exchange with union leader, chuck jones, president of the united steel workers 1999 has done a terrible job representing workers, no wonder companies flee country. we will talk about this exchange on twitter coming up. the war on police continues. breaking details as a cop is stabbed multiple times, vicious attack in georgia that left one officer dead and another fighting for his life. we have all the details coming back. wasn't admiral says he gets
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standing oation at colin kaepernick, how he honored those who, quote, never fail to stand whenever they herd our national anthem being played. apple reported plans that could give iphone fanatics a new color to choose from. take a look at where we stand. futures once again indicating all-time high. dow closing at another record close yesterday as the talk is now shifting toward dow 20,000, something stuart varney has been predicting, actually. 7 points on the nasdaq. stocks are mixed in europe. investors are waiting for mario drogi. we will bring you any headlines he makes this morning. markets better on the session in europe. asia jeefer night. nikkei average up one and a half percent.
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all the stories joining me to talk about it dagen mcdowell, river front investment group michael jones this morning and author of american wife, widow of navy seal chris kyl e,taya kyle. dagen: i turned off my uber location office. maria: we will talk about it. dagen: stock rally that you saw coming. maria: incredible rally at election night. i was looking at the growth plan and said i would be buying the market with both hands. >> he has done a masterful job since winning election foe using on things that investors are focused about, the tax reform, structural stimulus with deregulation and getting dodd-frank rolled back. all things investors are happy about.
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the things that investors were little worried about like deporting 141 many people, -- 11 million people. maria: we had had a jpmorgan analyst this week. a cut will raise s&p 500 earnings by 20%. dagen: yet scott minor pointed out that people are worried about the yield and higher interest rates. that's not because of inflation. the protective security tells you it's not an inflation security, it's simply bonds and rates are going up because there's going to be better growth down the road. >> if we have to accelerate rate increases because growth is stronger, that's a good thing and not a bad thing. maria: i want to find out how
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you're allocating capital. getting it now, i don't know. we will talk about it. maria: notre dame coach is with us. john bolton is here. alan miller, nintendo of america president reggie is here and actor and manufacturing job's advocate john is with us. big three hours, stay with us today. meanwhile president-elect trump deal with carrier getting backlash, united steel workers 1999 president blasted jones on cavuto coast to coast on tuesday. >> trump and governor pence are taking credit for 350 jobs that are research and development jobs that were staying here in indianapolis from the start. i think peel would feel a lot better if tax dollars will go to
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try to save the company that was struggling, but they are uncomfortable about a highly profitable company. maria: with that trump fired back. chuck jones president of the united states steel worker since 1999 has done a terrible job, if the steel workers were any good, they bowled have spent more job in indiana. spend more time working and less talking. gabi, your reaction. >> vintage trump is back, certainly. unfortunately for him this twitter storm is going to take something away from the positive coverage that he's been getting for cabinet appointments and, you know, it really raises some questions about whether there are going to be people who criticize him and hold him
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accountable and can only do so in fear of retaliation. he went hard instead of simply releasing the details to prove his claims otherwise which is what i would have done if i was in his situation. maria: you don't want to see this fight on twier. >> on the wasn't hand i don't want to see the fight and the other hand he got elected. people are appreciating the fact that he's not hearing the same old. we understand that the workers don't always like the union and you're always in direct competition with the president. as the union, if you don't want to look that easy and we need you to make it right. so in some ways, i don't love it but at the same time he's speaking to people that say, good, he's cutting through all the bs with a quick tweet. >> he really understands the modern media and communication and how he can pretty usk effectively cut autoall of the
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layers of the news that gets between him and the message he wants to deliver, it's not what you call presidential in terms of the way prior presidents have communicated but this maybe what is presidential going forward because it's a more effective way to get the message out. dagen: column today is trump as lady gaga. [laughter] dagen: trump is a political performance artist who challenges what we think is normal. that's refreshing in this day and anal. we talked yesterday about all the technology ceo's are going to meet with trump next week. maria: wednesday. dagen: tech business is built on disruption and disrupting the norms for a better future. how is that not donald trump? that is donald trump. maria: right. dagen: down the road, if he delivers on his broad promises the kind of performance art that
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we see day-to-day, hey, it's entertaining. maria: it sure. retired general john kelly for homeland security and wwe cofounder linda mcmahon. gabi, what's your take on the candidates and what they bring to the table? >> starting with scott pruitt most qualified people, individuals to carry out campaign promise of scaling back the environmental regulations and leading america to energy independence. scott pruitt on several occasions sued the epa for burdensome regulations. he's been opponent of the clean power plant for the obama administration and strong supporter of the keystone pipeline. all of these things are -- have
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led to many critics in the environmental group saying he's going to be a terrible epa administrator but i think this is really a solid choice for donald trump. the same goes for general john kelly as the head of dhs, highly respected former four-star marine general. he has significant experience along -- commanding marines in afghanistan, in iraq, he has helped the obama administration oversea the closure of gitmo and criticized obama's policies both abroad. lisa mcmahon her and donald trump are friends for a long time. now has 800 employees world wild. maria: we are just getting official release that, in fact, he's intending to nominate all of the above, so that was great
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characterization from you, gabi. dagen: with scott pruitt, the ocea and rivers are going to suddenly catch fire because he is just -- he's going to destroy planet earth as we know. for the sake of air we breath and the planet we will leave our children, his nomination must be blocked to the woman who passed the affordable care act, she's really concerned about our health on that one. but in terms -- he's a lawyer who is going to challenge the overreach and overstepping of obama's epa. that is is what's going to happen. that agency and the bureaucrats have been interpreting and reinterpreting statute after statute to essential crush the energy industry which hurts all businesses, which hurts all individual. maria: what dill wilbur ross tell us, 7,000 regulations.
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dagen: donald trump delivering exactly what he promised. >> very smart about the nominations that he's making. the nominations that are all about deregulation, all about the things that the market is excited about are out of the mainstream, they are the ones who are really doing to make democratics in the senate upset but when you look at the ones that could upset the market, like defense, potentially mitt romney at stake, he's going for more consensus republicans that are very reassuring. again, i think he's pointing his hand pretty well. maria: incredible strategy. dagen: anything that the times hate, you love. [laughter] >> people that aren't going to be swayed by trying to cater to another group. that sounds like you hate queen, anything that's queen power, that's not true. somebody who has had guts to sue the epa before. that's something important and give power to oil and gas. i can tell you that my friends in oil and gas have been laying people for years. we have charityies that they mod
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to have. maria: that's been the word about the epa, gabi, now, for several years in terms of the rule-making coming out of the epa and the rules rising and the numbers of rules really hurting business. >> right. >> yeah. they've certainly been one of the most overreaching federal agencies that we see and donald trump to put scott in charge we are going to see significant change, a lot of the regulations scaled back. for every new regulation, he anticipates killing two existing regulations and i'm sure that that will be put into practice at the epa going forward under his administration. maria: i like that rule allot. when you add a regulation, take back two. >> take one back. [laughter] dagen: you have two words on the bureaucrats in dc who like their job, look out. >> democrats and senate are
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going to -- rules come back to haunt you. they change the rules where it only take 51 votes and now republicans are going to easy make nomination pix. maria: thank you. we will see you soon. we will be right back healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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the officer recovering in the hospital in stable condition. as for the suspect, investigators say michael alan williamson escaped last night, authorities believe the 47-year-old traveled to colombia where the officer was stabbed several different times after respond to go a shoplifting call to wal-mart. a life sentenced williamson in 1998 for armed robbery after convicted of assault and battery with intent to kill. another manhunt underway in america's georgia for the shooter who killed one police officer and critically wounded another yesterday. officers believe the gunman is 32-year-old manuel. 25-year-old nicholas. georgia south western officer smith was injured in the shooting. someone opened fire on him and smith.
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the university was locked down for hours as police coarved through the buildings in search of the gunman. police offering a 30,000-dollar reward for his arrest. take a look at that. that's a double door. one door is snow. it's the imprint. the international airport is finally back open after closing for nearly 12 hours to clear away the snow and in the small town of glinburg woke up to that. 35million of us are planning to fly. it's 3 and a half percent more than flew last year. the group says improving economy, lower airfares, that's
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dagen: who called it right when futures starting selling off, who saw prosperity down the road? maria bartiromo. maria: thank you. yeah. dagen: looking for rally yesterday, it continues. maria: it's fun to watch because it's all about fundamentals. you don't want to see a move in stocks based on things that are not integral to growth. this is about economic growth. dagen: rolling bag regulations too because that once again as you pointed out repeatedly flows to the bottom line of a business. >> don't underestimate the impact of looking two and a half to $3 trillion that's been trapped overseas by our crazy tax policy. we are the only country in the world, for gosh sakes, don't
6:24 am
bring money back and create jobs, leave it overseas or we will hit you with another 35% tax rate. by getting rid of that, 3 and a half trillion dollars back into the economy. there's no telling what you can achieve. maria: soft bank ceo investing in the u.s. the dow industrials posted 12th record close yesterday since election night. it is up better than 1200 points since then. investors are cheering the reduced regulation plan under president-elect trump. i want to bring in jon hilsenrath chief correspondent at the wall street journal. steven mnuchin, 3 and a half to 4% growth, how viable to do you see that. jon: we could see that for a short period. you know, i think 2 to 3% might be viable. you were just talking about the to be market, i just wanted to say one of the things that
6:25 am
impressed me most about yesterday's rally is what we are seeing in dow transports. they are often seen as leading indicater of where the broader market is going, 2 and a half percent yesterday, the first all-time high since 2014, that's a sign that the market believes we are getting more growth. ria: great point you make. transportation average has been on fire. these are cement companies, infrastructure companies that will benefit from the infrastructure plan. dagen: also the dow but also the russell 2000 has been completely running away and that speaks to make it easier for businesses to hire, easier to grow, infrastructure spending would benefit a lot of these smaller companies. maria: yeah. >> also a small businessman let me tell you that the tax reform shows huge potential for map cap companies. if we get a flatter, fairer tax, apple's tax bill is going to go
6:26 am
up and small business' tax bill is going to go way down. dagen: that's what i said about tax reform over and over againened when you have exceedingly complicated tax policy, it actually benefits the biggest, it benefit it is rich and benefits the biggest companies with the best accountants and attorneys. maria: you would think so. dagen: you royally screw individuals and small businesses. >> that's where the jobs come from. by making this change in tax burden, causing bigger companies to pay more and smaller companies a lot less less the overall revenue -- jon: on top of this trump rally, we had an economy that was getting back on its feet again and priming the markets for this move up, you know. we had gdp growth came back after a really weak first half. unemployment coming down 4.6.
6:27 am
it looked like the economy itself was getting back on the feet and you have the double whammy that investors are responding positive to. maria: russell 2000 up 14%. european central bank meeting today. jon: right. maria: what are you expecting out of mario drogi and you're expecting the fed to raise rates when they meet on the 14th? >> ecb has a buying program that they have been doing a couple of years, it looks like they are going to extend that. there's so much political uncertainty and the economy is so weak in europe that they're afraid if they end their bond buying program they'll get something like what we got a few years ago, the taper tantrum where long-term interest rates shoot up and disturb the markets. it looks like they're going to extend that for about six months. that's going to be supportive of
6:28 am
the dollar and hold the euro down. as far as the fed is concerned, that's baked in the cake, consider it done, quarter percentage point rate increase next week. the important point there is that the markets expect that, that's not going to be a surprise. the really big question is what do they do next year. i think the fed goes into a wait and see mode because they want to see what kind of fiscal policies are coming out of the new administration. they are expecting to do two rate increases this year, i'm sorry, next year. it's probably not going to happen until later in the year because they want to see what kind of fiscal landscape they have to play on. maria: good point. somebody came on the show expect more than 2 if the economy is expect -- jon: trumpan to get a 4% growth economy. when you have full employment. if you job down to low 4's or
6:29 am
3's, fed is not going to let that happen. dagen: it could stay there, jon, because labor participation still at the lowest level since late 70's. jon: that's true. dagen: people flood the market, i finally fl optimistic, unemployment rate wouldn't necessarily tumble. >> isn't that what yellen says about a high-pressure economy. i want to take a little bit of risk with inflation to bring those people that dagen is talking about back to the workforce, won't see give more rope? she's prepared, the jobless rate is below where they think it is going to be in the long run. it's just a question of how do you define high-pressure economy. you see stocks going through the roof, inflation back up over 2%. you see inflation of 4%, the fed is not going to standby and watch that. they remember what happened in 2008. they don't want this head all
6:30 am
over again. maria: great to see you, thank you so much. we will watch. we will get the info. coming up the president elect enjoying a rally on his own. why favorability ratings are higher than ever. bright partnership between ge and amazon, online retailers alexa, back in a afoot and lightd i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, minute. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: good thursday morning, everybody. back welcome. thank you so much for being with us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday december 8th, top stories. 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. pick for top administrator positions as cabinet takes place. polls out saying that the president elect's favorability is 50%. first lady michelle obama weighing on the transition of power. >> once you do what you can do, you rest easy. it was in the hands of the american people. i think that anything that i felt about the election, i said and, you know, and i standby, this is -- this is our democracy and this is how it works. and so we are ready to work with the next administration and make sure that they are as successful as they can be because that's what's best for this country. maria: president elect plans to stop in ohio today to meet with victims of the tragic attack at
6:34 am
ohio state university before continuing onto iowa to continue trump's thank you tour. new details this morning surrounding devastating wild fire in tennessee. two teens, juveniles charged with arson following the blaze that left 14 people dead. this coming as the stars unit for the victims, the major names joining dolly parton as she helps to rebuild the area. apple is eyeing a blockbuster deal to bring films to i tunes before anybody else. the deal could cost you big dollars, we will tell you about it coming up. markets this morning continue to go rally. the trump rally rolls on, futures indicating the market will open at yet another all-time hgh with gain about 8 pints right now on the futures dow industrial. dow closing yet another record close yesterday as talk shifting to dow 20,000 or 19,525, stuart varney made the prediction a couple of weeks ago. in europe stocks are mixed. investors are waiting comments
6:35 am
from mario drogi. we will bring you all the headlines from the ecb meeting today. 35 points. in asia overnight, stocks were mostly higher. nikkei was top performer hitting highest level since january up one and a half percent. a new bloomberg national poll shows that trump's favorability has jumped up to 50% which was taken on august 16th. joining us right now lou. >> thank you, delighted to be with you. maria: what do you think is causing the increase in favorability for president-elect donald trump? >> he provides leadership. he has a vision and wants to take this country and he has a plan, when you have a vision and a plan, people are going to follow it. maria: that's what you said earlier.
6:36 am
>> absolutely, greetings from william william & mary and the constatino family. >> john was my favorite. >> he really has played the symbolism of the carrier job savings and so forth. what do you think the next big moment for presidency is? >> ic -- i think the fact that putting together a cabinet. he's named three different generals to his cabinet and i think that is great. the reason i say that, number one, they have a great education, two, they are outstanding moral courage but more important they they know how to take a group of people, they know how to put together a team and they hold people accountable. this nonsense about well, they'll start a war, that's ridiculous. i've been to afghanistan, i've been to iraq, i've been to a hospital. a general understands more than anybody else about the difficulties of going war and
6:37 am
the harm it causes so many people. you're not playing video games in washington where you have somebody who has never been in the army and military and never had to make the decisions. let's go do this. i think he's on the right track, as long as he continues to have the vision and the plan and hold people accountable in his organization, he will continue to survive but there's always going to be people that aren't going to be happy about it but that's because they have a different objective. he has an objective. as long as you have the same objective, you will never have a problem with anymore. it's when you have two different objectives that problems occur. maria: saturday is the 117th game. it's going to feature uniforms made by nike and under armour. lou, what do you make of donald trump attending the game?
6:38 am
>> everybody should go to one game. having been in the army i'm tired of losing 13 years to the naval academy. i've been up to west point. but the one thing that i was impressed with, you realize that according to the west point, a west point graduate is a greater command than a harvard graduate. that tells you volume about it. these people -- football won't be the greatest in the world, however, the young men are -- i was at notre dame. i have nothing but the greatest respect for the people on that field and that represents the best of this country. maria: you're a military man's wife. tell us about how you're seeing this. so many military people in trump's administration now. >> no, i think it's brilliant because there's one thing to have theory about war and there's another thing when you
6:39 am
have actually fought it. when you look at nominations like mattis, these aren't people that this could be, no, this is the threat and what you don't know about the enemy is this and what ewe don't know about the ranchers in texas and border control are x, y and z. so i think it's brilliant somebody that has inside scoop and actually knows what's happening boots on the ground. dagen: have you been talking to donald trump, giving him some tips, pointers since he won the election? >> he doesn't need any advice from me, but just like anybody else, number one you put togetherra great group of assistant coaches and ewe come up with the plan and you expect people to carry out the plan and execute. there's going to be ups and there's going to be downs. most importantly,
6:40 am
president-elect trump, when things go up, be the leader, give people hope. you can't worry about the critics and the people. what you have to do is understand you are there for a greater mission. that's to help this country. keep them safe, make it prosperous and help people to get jobs. maria: coach, did you see yesterday the ceremony for the 75th ceremony harris and because he took a swipe at 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. >> you can bet that the men and women that died 75 years ago never took a knee and never failed to stand whenever they heard the national anthem being played. [cheers and applause] maria: your reaction, lou. >> i'm not surprised at all.
6:41 am
that is the way they feel. i have always told the football team prior to beginning of the year. we will not promote any cause other than university. we are not going to promote gay rights, you want to promote a cause, you do it on your own. we are not going to bring it on the football team. you're part of the team, that's it. if you want to do it on your own, god bless you. i think it's ridiculous for colin kaepernick to do that so show dishonor. go in the hospital in afghanistan, somewhere else, see the sacrifices that people have made. what made this country has made. he has the right to do it but doesn't mean it's right. maria: take that. dagen: yesterday i wanted to say and i know the coach is going to agree with me on this, if you think about pearl harbor and you think about all the young men who lied about their anal to fight for this country and in this day and age there are
6:42 am
plenty of people who are worried about words triggering and the need for safe spaces and therapy dogs because donald trump's election to the presidency bothers them, that's where -- there are a lot of people fighting for the country still but again there's been a shift in attitude among a lot of young people. >> to lose point not at west point, not among the death of our country. >> that's great. people should check because he's a pearl harbor survivor and it puts it all into perspective when you talk about the kids to bring hot cocoa after an election. maria: he wanted so much to be able to fight for this country. lou, good to see you, thank you. >> always a pleasure to be with you, maria. have a great day. maria: and to you as well. coming up apple could be seeing red. the colorful new changes that could be coming to the next
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maria: welcome back, markets are soaring since the election. we are continueing money moving. apple pressing hollywood studios for earlier access to movies. warner brothers, univeal pictures, 21est century fox, the deal would set apple apart from the online movie competitors like netflix among others. amazon's alexa, voice activated system making its way to ge products. it will tell you the weather,
6:47 am
similar to amazon's echo, arches over a speaker base. amazon at 770 and change right now. two teenagers have been charged with starting the deadly wild fires in tennessee. lauren simonetti with headlines. lauren: suspects are being held at a juvenile detention center and a juvenile court judge will decide if they are eligible for bail. severe county district attorney says the teens could be charged as adults. they have not been identified because of the anales. the wild fires began in smoky mountain park and went through city of gatlinburg and destroying more than 1400 homes. residents being allowed to return to their homes with businesses opening tomorrow. dolly parton is getting celebrities to step up to raise money for the victims of wild fires, riba.
6:48 am
sad news for former astronaut and ohio senator john glenn, he's been hospitalized for more than a week. there's no word on the 95-year-old's condition or prognosis. glenn became the first american to orbit the earth back in 1962. he served as u.s. senator from 1974 to 1999 and we wish him well. and apple maybe ready to ring in 2017 with a red iphone. a japanese flog 7s plus could come in all new red color in addition to the current choices, black, jet black, gold, rose gold and silver, of course, you put a case on this. the report says this iphone will
6:49 am
have aluminum design but faster chip. apple would remove the headphone jack with iphone 7 and there's also talk, maria, that next year we will bring three different iphones because it is the tenth anniversary and i don't know if red is going to do it. maria: ten years. coming afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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♪ ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back. from wolf on wall street to captureing wolves. thank you so much for joining us. you're just back from a lot of traveling. i know you're all over the world. you were a wall street trader, left that career to take pictures. tell us how that happened. >> i'm so glad i'm not a trader any longer because thinking of run-up to presidential election, prejudging of the results, the reaction to the results and aftermath -- maria: yeah. >> what i do know get on with my own life and i get traders get on with what they're doing. maria: you love photography, so what happened, you said, you know what, i'm going to do what i love after the crisis in 2007?
6:54 am
>> identify done it for 17 years. i run a hedge fund for 17 years. i think it was okay. we compounded 11%. i lost -- i feel it lost its soul for me and the idea of having information edge in the year of heavy compliance and regulation was almost a questionable skill. and so i found quite difficult to know what my job was, how do you have more information than analysts and other people but i always was a photographer. maria: we have been looking at your pictures as you have been speaking. it's incredible that you have up close shots of these wild man -- animals. >> amazon had as book of the year. maria: come on. how did you get so close to this
6:55 am
loiness? >> people are too far away from the animal. if you're going to photograph a beautiful woman, you're going to be very close. , why you would it be different with an annual mall? proximity affords magnificence and majesty to animals. that's the only way to remerge yourself and we tried very various different techniques to get as close as possible. maria: you put the camera right up there, you lure the animal close to the camera and you're in your jeep. >> sometimes it's the reverse of a zoo. with loins they have instincts. i wouldn't be there, i would be in a capable and maybe come toward the camera and with elephants i wouldn't be there but trajectories are more predictable. like financial analysis, employ predictive analysis.
6:56 am
maria: tell me about the tigers, all of the tigers, this is not photo shop, they were all standing like that? >> certainly. >> tell me about that. >> they're taken in northern china. this is a big conservation area and i worked to the chinese government to persuade me to put me in a capable in my news 30-degrees in hope that i could then, the tigers would come to a chicken handler who was behind me in a cage. we worked for three days. nobody spoke english. holding one hand and speaking to your translator and i was trying to get the position of the chicken with would determine where the tigers looked. i was saying throw the chicken to 3:00 o'clock andled go at 9:30 and he didn't understand my accent or language. finally after three days we got it right. there's an awful lot of light there because it's winter light, the snow. so i've got that fulfilled. all the tigers in focused.
6:57 am
it's a very rare and special picture. maria: you say that they can smellnd that's how you lure them. what did you put on the camera for them to walk over? >> with the tigers just chicken. maria: chicken. for the loiness it was spice. >> we can't afford tom ford, it has to be old spice. we called it the wolf of main street after the wolf of wall street that had been released. i was filming in montana. the best ghost towns in montana. we finished filming for a day and went to the war for whiskey. can we bring a wolf into the bar? of course. the picture is in the bar. worry free and even carry over the data you don't use. and right now get four lines and 20 gigs for only $40 per line.
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maria: that there's a morning everyone. thank you for being with us today. it's thursday december 8. your top stories right now have an a.m. on the east coast. could he be going back to major campaign promise. trump officially named oklahoma attorney general is the next had of the epa. they are weighing in on the transition of power. they appear to have in many
7:01 am
cases many different priorities. different styles. and in some cases starkly different bank accounts. the president-elect should benefit from the latitude and the significant latitude. >> inauguration day as more than a month away. they may now start in new york with the parade in the helicopter. he's calling on all protesters to disrupt the inauguration. they're changing their tune on the war on terrorism. he was surprised by isis. be careful what you do at 30,000 feet. the report that says the government might be spying on you to verify -- wi-fi airline
7:02 am
connections. eighty-five-dollar rock. we talked about this yesterday. the sick prizing success coming up. a look like this. there's another record close for 12th time. it doesn't seem like it's so hard after all. in europe stocks are flat this morning. they're set to speak at 8:30 a.m. eastern. we will bring them to you as it is we hit the tape.
7:03 am
i gain of one and half percent. all of the stories the stories coming up this morning. riverfront investment group. and author of american wife. chris kyle fox news contributor. great to see you.
7:04 am
7:05 am
7:06 am
silence is not an option.
7:07 am
this is a route to being a banana republic. the people are by and large are extremely frustrated with the way the government does not perform. it is not one of them. people want to know why they've lost civility. look at your answer. >> i listen to these people call for disruption who are wildly upset. about the election of donald trump. where they during the election -- during the actual election cycle. spoken in terms of donald trump selection now they are not satisfied with it. at some point you have to accept the results of the election and move on.
7:08 am
if that's what they want to do again the more outrageous their behavior the more unreasonable. i think the bigger the public reaction against it. >> how would you characterize the team that they were putting together so far. the pace of the transition the pace of the transitions in recent years. it's a delayed understanding that trump won the election and so when they see the unfolding of that and what it means when you take over the executive branch of government and hold the senate in the house the realization sinks and upset level goes up. this is good have to be something they get used to. i think it's gonna be very
7:09 am
active. for than he is president trump. to have the epa. he tapped general john kelly. and linda mcmahon. to spearhead the small business administration. what do you think they say about the leadership style. >> i think it means he's gonna carry through on his promises that he made to the voters that was on his election. i think he would be an outstanding administrator. it really demonstrates a problem in washington there are a lot of people in the democratic party that said the have of the epa should be someone that favors a bigger epa. and more environmental regulations. once something happens you can never roll it back. if you disagree in any
7:10 am
particular with a situation that you inherit some how somehow you are not qualified. that is fundamentally wrong. this agency is out-of-control and has been for quite a while. i don't think that is what the framers of the constitution intended the senate's role to be. that is not what the senate's role was for almost all of our history. they should look at competence. these are disqualifying factors. disagreed with the nominee is not a reason to vote against them. do you think that trump is making a mistake by walking back a little bit on his position with the dreamer act or do you think he is striking a reasonable compromise between what may be some of his more right-wing campaign supporters might have wanted.
7:11 am
do you think he is walking a deadline or do you think he's making a mistake by pulling back on some of the dreamer issues. there is a lot on the table here. you can do everything at once. that is a reality. and i have to say fundamentally what americans would really set them off is less the particulars about admission to the united states and more about the question of americanization. i think people recognize the strength of our society is people from all over the world have come here and been made americans. i think the tendency was to go on the other direction. to symbolize not by obama but by al gore who once talked about our wonderful national motto. out of one mini. that has been the secret of success. i think if we give up on americanization that is real problem.
7:12 am
how do you turn the ship so to speak. how did you without legislating it. by forcing the law. in a big a sack of executive order's. this is the ril of the obama approach. that lasts right up until a new president comes in. there is going to be some resolute -- legislation required. with majorities in both houses of congress how much you can get through. and if the democrats are choosing to be obstructionist which is entirely possible the new ticket to the country in 2018. people did not want to kings john bolton joining us. we will take you live it to
7:13 am
the next leg of the thank you to her. they're bringing us live a special coverage. join him tonight with that special coverage right here on fbn. hospitals are warning could trigger a public health crisis. what you need to know next. the pet rock is back. eighty-five dollars later back in a minute. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
7:14 am
the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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7:16 am
maria: welcome back. an intense search underway right now. he was ejected from an 18 jet off the coast of southern japan. it was fine with another jet. it crashed. the identity has not been released. to mark cruise line ceiling to cuba. they had been given a green light to sail from florida to cuba in the new year. it says it will have to have been on march 7. the march. it actually set sail seven
7:17 am
months ago after the long process of getting approval from cuban authorities. how much would you pay to head coffee with vodka trump. that's the highest bid so far nine people have been on the coffee date auction. twelve days are left. there are some caveats here. it has to be at trump tower in have to pay your own way even after you bid $50,000 and you have to go on the date sometime in 2017. with that keep on bidding. yesterday we told you about the rock been sold. the frugal shoppers who didn't want to spend $85 they also
7:18 am
wiped out the stock of the $65 rock virgin -- version. i guess the economy is in great people are buying that. no word on whether they will actually restock. this year's winter for the second year in a row. after accounting for recent box office disappointments. they returned $2.80 per every dollar he was paid. one of the stones gross just $77 million domestically. it was released in late may. the couple eventually reached a $7 million settlement. so now you know. he looks like not johnny depp anymore.
7:19 am
that's what they're paying him for. and how about that rock. just what we think all the things from the 70s can come back they do anyway. maria: hospitals are saying they are fearing it could be a costly mistake. what you need to know next. an election recount is underway. federal judge decided to halt the efforts in michigan. back in a minute. the real gift isn't what's inside the box... it's what's inside the person who opens it.
7:20 am
give ancestrydna, the simple dna test that can reveal their ethnic origins. order now at and save 10%.
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maria: welcome back. president-elect donald trump has called the plan a disaster. mitch mccoell promised that repealing the healthcare law would be the first priority come january 3. alan, great to see you. i think so much for joining us. as a veteran of the healthcare industry in general what is your reaction to this. should it be repealed and replaced quacks. >> the problem is that it covers 21 million people that have not been covered before. through exchanges. the problem is that it's hard to pay for the insurance companies. they don't have the young people that they expected.
7:24 am
that's been the problem. you have to try to fix that. but there is a lot of good things in it the both sides say there they're getting key. the children are on the policies of their parents if you have a pre-existing condition that does not disqualify you. those are good things. but it's important for the economy i have jonathan gruber on recently. one of the architects and he said it has nothing to do with economic growth. it is 18% of the economy healthcare. obviously it's too expensive it's can hurt economic growth. the other problem is you had 21 million people that have coverage. i can't imagine that any parties get a cut these people off. how do we phase-in different economies. but we have to have those
7:25 am
people covered. >> became allowed those 21 million to lose coverage. these are sick people but there is some hospital insiders were the leaders that if you repeal obama care it could cause an unprecedented public health crisis. it could cost hospitals i hundred $65 billion by the next decade. what do you think about this. if hundreds of hospitals do you growth that. in order to get obama care put together hospitals have reimbursements reduced. the traffic was we will review some of that but you'll get 21 million more people who well have coverage and so it will impact your bad debt they were supported so that
7:26 am
they could cover certain mandates and now if it was to be repealed which i doubt then you have to take the cuts at the hospitals willingly observed and you have to put them back. you're saying the hospital industry is going to see a huge drop off in revenue if this comes to pass. the cuts are not restored. donald trump has set in those two areas that they will say --dash mcstay. were in every congressional district. hospital probably is the biggest employer and every area. it's part of the economy. we have to be efficient. you can cut them away down and expect the american people will be properly served with
7:27 am
those are in need. tell us why that is important. we bought the adult portion of their business. it's very successful in its growing and we have a business here now we put together a really wonderful business in the uk. and this adds to it very complementary a lot of people wanted this company. and they selected us obviously we paid for it but the management supported us. our people are very excited about it. i'm very excited. yesterday the stock price traded down. i want to ask about this. it is alleging that psychiatric patients were kept lower than they needed to just to make money.
7:28 am
hattie respond to this. i read it briefly. we are answering it also the writer really didn't have an understanding of clinical procedure. it's mostly doctors and government in hospital lead deals with the patient. and what they're referring to in the coating. as i can be administrators in the company that will decide. how long that they are sitting at the hospital. and it's inaccurate. i did impact of the stock. where it is a growth come from in the next three to five years.
7:29 am
there's been an incredible amount of hospital consolidation. or is it organic growth. 10million people a month for getting into medicare. they get older and they tend to use hospitals more. that is the growth of the population that is an ongoing margin or dividend. that's why we see the future positively. great to have you on the show. we will talk about that with the panel next. how the singer kid rock said he's cashing in on a trumpet victory. packing a minute.
7:30 am
the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
7:31 am
7:32 am
happy thursday everybody. thank you so much for being with us. it's thursday december 8. as president-elect trump and his cabinet takes shape trump is on the move. he plans a to stop in ohio today. the commander in chief president obama is changing
7:33 am
his tune on the war on terrorism. he said now that he was surprised by asis. our country is less secure than it was eight years ago. we are grappling with the calamities in the failed foreign policies. as an obama called for strategic patients. too often he was inclined to tell us what he wouldn't do to defend this country rather than what he would do. >> the very latest on the war on terrorism coming up. for more if it's in new york city reported to have birth defects related to this virus. with the details coming. take a look. the trump rally continues to this morning. another record high at the opening of trading with the dow up to 20 points right now. it closed and another record close yesterday. since last month the election
7:34 am
they had gained over $1 trillion major moves. he will talk about the future of monetary policy. in indonesia overnight. it's the highest level since january. kid rock cashing in on the trump craze. and from princesses to toads. nintendo has a real peach on its hands. i will talk with the ceo of nintendo coming up. president obama admitted to cnn and the special report yesterday that his administration underestimated
7:35 am
the rise of isis. the ability to initiate major land offenses that was not on my intelligence radar screen. this comment of course is a stark contrast to what he said during an interview back in 2014. >> i think we can underestimate the danger. they are a tariff -- terrorist network that has not limited itself to the periodic attack but have aspirations to control that possess resources and effectively an army that poses a great dangers to our allies we could destabilize entire regions that are very
7:36 am
dangerous for us. take, we know that t president was receiving daily briefings about the rise of isis for several years what is your reaction to this. >> i think it's fair and some ways for a president come in and i have all the information. when he was elected it's fair for him to be surprised and underestimate some of our enemies. i don't think we tell the public a lot about the enemy. on some levels i think that that is understandable. telling the american public that it's okay and we just need to be gentle with everybody i know it's a slippery slope between saying we need to be aware and still ask people to be reasonable and not go rogue at every person that looks like they could be a terrorist or from the middle east. san bernardino could've been prevented if we miss all of
7:37 am
the signs of the terrorists living terrorist living in the united states. he was surprised by asis. i think what he's really trying to do is put a little bit more of a gloss over the early pull back from iraq. he made a campaign promise. there was confidence that they were ready. and obviously when put to the test it wasn't true. by his behavior in front of cameras since the rise of isis. referring as the jv team. he goes golfing after the beheading of james foley and then talks about will, i should've understood the optics better. he's at a baseball game when
7:38 am
radical islamic terrorists attacked a nato ally at a baseball game in cuba. doing the wave. so over and over again i think that his behavior actually tells the american people how he feels about this threat and he doesn't see it as grave as great as it is. who wants to think that everybody can just get along. is the difference of getting a secretary of defense than a secretary of defense that has fought in iraq and the middle east. he's getting people that are very familiar with the enemy and how they work. they're not collecting this army. its individual people that are living among the stars that will rise up and like you said take over. that's where he is mistaken.
7:39 am
they see attacks on america as justified. you see that. and that kind of goes to the root of some thinking. if we just remove ourselves from the world stage even more than somehow and they won't come to america soil. it doesn't worry people about trump. i think you're right. there people that feel that way but the other dimension of it is that there are people on the right to feel like we need to bring everything home. i don't think that is a workable answer either. i think degen's point about obama not understanding the sum of the visual messages that he was sending. we can all love a donald donald trump or hate him or be somewhere in the middle.
7:40 am
he will understand the visual media dimensions. they were saying that we have to be careful how we classify u.s. versus islam. oregon had more attacks. if you classify them incorrectly you will provoke them. if it matters so much then why would you go golfing. that is what a lot of people in this country cannot get their heads and hearts around. they're bringing them coverage. join us as we continue to follow.
7:41 am
donald trump on that think you are to her. five more babies are born with birth defects because of zika virus. your phone is not as secure on fight as you might think. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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7:44 am
more babies born with defects related to the zika virus in new york city. the health department reports for additional the correct cases. the infants have consented of zika virus. they have shown no symptoms of birth defects.
7:45 am
big brother at 30,000 feet. according to an investigation by the french newspaper american and british intelligence is fine on passengers phones on civilian aircraft going back to at least 2005. it's based on secret documents just turning on your phone will tip off your location to the national security administration. the spy agencies were able to see things such as your e-mail address. also tell it what you are doing on your phone. >> a supporter of the president-elect he is selling donald trump themed merchandise. the ones that we can show you because they are to be appropriate or something like this. and another t-shirt heavily criticized blue states.
7:46 am
no change in interest rates. you are not seen a major reaction but we will see what they say in terms of that's the key. the press conference is where it is all at. they want to know what is the plan for their quantitative using purchases whether they can to be tapering them after march or whether they will extend the program further. and it was up as much as a half a%. they have muffed the press conference in the past. will he walk that exact line they are wanting of giving confidence that he's not going to abruptly end this program but also not give too mu
7:47 am
fear and uncertainty over the course of the european economy. they want to be able to express a good sense of confidence but that he will be very measured and how he tapers back from this conversation. it's almost astonishing what we've seen in the shift. the need for more monetary policy to fiscal policy. just with the simple election of donald trump in terms of what is on deck in terms of a donald trump's plan for plan for the economy. that will be another source of uncertainty in europe because there is a huge election in france. they are either going to embrace the free lunch. we don't have to reform we just had to leave the euro or taking a reaganesque restructure of the economy. then you can actually see the kind of recovery in france
7:48 am
that you seen in spain, in ireland and other countries that don't have the strict labor laws. looks like the euro is moving here. we will get more coming up. the release of the nintendo. that is sure to appeal to the intra- child. thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! xerox customer care services... ...soon to be conduent. wait i'm here! mr. kent?
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welcome back. kids and adults alike are reliving the super adventures. it's one of the hottest toys of t year. next week the videogame icon is making a jump from the nintendo console and a brand-new adventure. mario is coming to iphones. reggie, good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. this is a major departure for the company. but what we see with literally billions of its parts --dash make smart devices there out there in markets where we don't have a physical presence with our consul business it's a great opportunity for them to have that. tech to us about the classic nes. it said it select games are over 20 years old. why is it still so popular.
7:53 am
when we conceived this. what we saw as opportunity where consumers who had played mario and zelda 30 years ago now. and we've hit that market. and it's been a strong seller for us. the biggest challenge is making sure that we are constantly punishing into the marketplace. it's a challenging holiday gift. they have the it holiday gift. we are constantly putting more in the market. those people that wanted before christmas to think they will still be able to get it. they are putting out messages when you have put in stores. all the key retailers. how is this a game changer for nintendo.
7:54 am
it's a great designed game. they have a personal involvement in designing the game. you play with one hand. it is deep for an app driven game. we see this is a great opportunity were asking the consumer to try it and buy it. it's innovation is that you can play on the big screen and then when you have to go to will work you have to go somewhere the system comes right out of the docking station. and the reaction so far has been fantastic. we have not announced pricing
7:55 am
we will be announcing all that information. as we look at the sweet spot of the marketplace that's where we will target it with this device. the challenge is that it is everywhere from free to play and free to start to the 60-dollar experience to 300 or 400 or 500-dollar experiences dollars experiences on the console market. for us where you can analyze that very carefully to decide at least for nintendo switch where that product needs to be. again for super mario one it is built from the ground up. this is not an nintendo classic game that we reconfigured for smart device. that's what you can expect for smart device games. we will develop these from the ground up. because you would think now entering the smart phone market this opens you up to a
7:56 am
whole new group of products. it's way so we can bring the classic ip into the marketplace. is a huge opportunity. the beautiful thing about pokemon go is that aside from the half a billion downloads the impact that it head on our consol game business was tremendous. they have year-over-year growth in the last five months and then the moon that we launched two weeks ago was the best lunch we've ever had here in nintendo of america. it's been phenomenal. that's overlooking the sea. to see the impact on the main consol business. what kind of a holiday season are you expecting. we are seeing strong results for our 3s business. we think when it launches on december 15 it will be fantastic.
7:57 am
we are very optimistic. we do believe the global economy improves and 17. our revenue is outside of japan. thank you so much. america's favorite mailman. we will talk to john next. mornings with maria are next. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
. maria: welcome back good thursday morning thanks so much being here i am maria bartiromo it is thursday december 8, your top stories 8:15 a.m. on the east coast, another huge do a for the trump transition team, the president-elect planning to stop in ohio today, to meet with victims of the tragedy attack ohio state university before continuing to iowa to continue his thank you tour this coming as new lee leaders are named from homeland security to the epa the president-elect announcing more high profile names that will take over the country's leadership, the white house weighing in on transition of power. >> this is how it makes for interesting episode of dr. phil i have had a number of about occasions confirmed at least a handful of conversations between president and president-elect, president obama -- was not just a willing participant in
8:01 am
this conversation, but he would welcome to opportunity to be as helpful as he possibly could, to be to the incoming president. >> not everybody happy with trump deal to keep jobs in united states president-elect heated exchange with union leader at carrier, tweeting jones president of the united steel works 1999 has tone tenable job representing workers no number companies flee concurrency. >> war in middle east cop stabbed multiple times south carolina walmart overnight follows an attack in georgia left one officer dead another fighting for life details coming up feeding firemen subsidy 30,000 feet delta plans to bring back meals to coach markets running trump rally continues this morning we are seeing an upset, in mario draghi spoke dow jones industrial average set to open another all-time high this morning after another record close yesterday, now talk shifting toward are dow 20,000, since last month
8:02 am
election, combined market cap zaugs of the s&p 1500 that is alarm cap midcap small cap companies gained over one trillion dollars to nearly 23 trltsdz schoen capit-- trillio dollars, gains the dax near highs of the morning, we have a reversal ecb left key interest rates unchanged ecb president drag toe speak later we've got his comments before press conference going to bring them to you nikkei top in japan higst since january as you see off 1 1/2 percent kospcorrespondeea up 2% hero in blue earning big bucks for charity dancing cop dance moves are taking the internet by storm you got to see this, all those stories coming up this morning joining me to talk about the fox news
8:03 am
network dagen mcdowell, investment gruesome chairman cio michael jones author of american wife, native seal, and contributor kayla with us, the ecb. >> mario draghi has delivered for financial markets, he has announced a tapering plan, so they are going to continue their purchases at 80 billion up until april, in april they are going to taper them to only 60 billion, which is more than what the market was expecting, and really importantly committed to leave purchases quantitative easing purchases at 60 billion level rest of 2017 in their statement, what they talked about was if they need to go back to 80 billion they will, they did not say anything about accelerating tapering process, all of this is exactly what financial markets were hoping for you can see that in reaction. >> what does this mean for
8:04 am
euro why markets reacting to positively. >> if you think back to u.s. when ben bernanke first announced taishl of quantitative easing there was a hugs selo in fixed in being markets caused ripple effect in financial markets particularly with the referendum in italy having just failed there is a lot of political sk in europe next year, the markets want to go see draghi put a firm ceiling on interest rates in europe, and that is exactly what he has done. >> we're going to seedayday not just in france but nation after nation in coming year a real test of the -- euro and european union stability of countries. maria: dax ft cac quarante rallying on ecp commentary we will talk more about that joining the conversation, juror rob portman with us serves on finance and homeland security committees after manufacturing jobs advocate john was here host of "varney
8:05 am
& company" stuart varney i might add protecting dow 20,000 sooner rather than later, we kick off with keeping america safe, dona trump headed to hero to meet with victims first responders in ohio state terrorist attack before continuing on thank you tour blake burman in washington this morning with very latest there blake, good morning to you. reporter: hi, there maria good morning to you as well president-elect will indeed be hitting the rod will departure new york city later today for columbus, ohio where he will meet with the victims of last month's ohio state university attack. he will then end the day in iowa for the third stop, on his thank you tour job ebb everybodies in inside trump tower continuing this morning, mr. pr announcing scott pruitt as pick to lead environmental protection agency pruitt oklahoma attorney general has been an ardent opponent of most president obama climate changed based policies many on
8:06 am
left out rnld with this election defended yesterday by kellyanne conway. >> -- trump is very -- to the nation, critics some people still running a campaign, attorney general pruitt has great qualifications good record, in oklahoma a number of qualified candidates for that position the president-elect interviewed. >> initially selecting former one of the many we leader linda mcmahon to run small business agency the retired four-star general john kelly told fox he has been offered the position to become secretary of the department of homeland security no formal announcement has been made on that front. >> back to you. maria: thank you so much blake burman with the latest there, joining us right now a ohio senator rob portman, senator thanks so much for joining us appreciate it. >> you bet maria good to be with you. >> condolences to you everybody at ohio state university what are you expecting when you see will you be in ohio when donald trump visits there today? >> i sure wish i could be
8:07 am
there we are hear in washington as you know still voting -- votes today and probably through weekend, but great he is going going to be talking to first responders including the officer brave officer showed up within a minute or two, was able to stop this terrorist attack, and going to meet with some families of those injured and some of those who were injured in the attack is to i think it is great he is going, and i wish i could be there with him. >> what do you make of picks so far in terms of putting the cabinet together. >> i think impressive, you know, there are a number of people i know well, others i don't know as well. that is not a bad thing to bring people from you know outside of the washington orbit, to come in, one of the ones i think is great,s general kelly, i just heard you announce that he may be next homeland security department head i think he is the guy got a lot of bipartisan respect as general mattis, by the way, i think both will be able to get through confirmation process pretty about quickly people understand the backgrounds
8:08 am
thoef worked with them they know them they bring a lot of expertise to the job. maria: . >> dayday scenario other than outrage from left about donald trump tweeting, you had -- again, i -- i think that they complete lost their minds about trump's pick to overhaul run epa he attorney general scott pruitt just want to know what you make of that, how tough pruitt might be in bureaucrats epa how crushing business. >> i don't know -- he is one of the ones ifrs referringe with everyonesing a good record as noticed by kel quell a moment ago the guy qualified to do this worked in regulatory area there has to be a change has to be legislation, and regulations also adding to them some comes from the top i think donald trump made it very clear that he would like to see the agenciesllow sma businesses, to do what they do
8:09 am
best create jobs, and if you are stifling small businesses with more and more regulations some coming from epa it is tough to see the economic growth opportunity we all hope for, so i think it is going to require both again changes in law, and some new regulations, coming out of the the recognition more sensitive to job creation but also about an attitude about ensuring that agencies are partners with business, to try to ensure health and safety everybody wants that clean environment, but to do it the way that is not -- mentality with partnership mentality something that pruitt brings to the job. >> senator portman i know your thoughts and prayers on events, at had a state the victims there but if i can the recognition you to the legislative calendar for 2017, there is an all of lot in trump's to-do list there is tax reform, there is potential repeal of obamacare having to come up with replacement dodd-frank the regulatory
8:10 am
regime what do you think priorities are in new congress what a are you hoping to get accomplished first second and third. >> i think top priority to deal with at a affordable care act as you snknows discussion of immediate to let for repeal longer term process for replace toef to ensure replace option is something we focus on a lot of folks in exchanges covered now by medicaid, no fault of their own involved in affordable care act that is not working, but we need to be sure rug not pulled out from under them 37 i think we can do that effectively a better system that is i think job number one, but the biggest job, and the second thing turn to is jobs that will include tax reform regulatory relief something on infrastructure to create more jobs opportunity, so i think that is that is a huge priority of congress and of the administration, and for the country, there is so much potential as you know we've got a broken tax code we talked about it a lot on this show, something that most
8:11 am
americans acknowledge, so i am excited about it, i am looking forward to working with administration on it. maria: i mean talking about 3 1/2 to 4% growth do you think those plans will get us there? >> well, it depends on so many other external factors talking about. cb this morning the global economy yeah i think american economy can once again lead the world i think we can show that we have the market forces here to be envy of the world again, by unleashing this potential we are right now shooting ourselves in the foot with tax code noncompetitive antiquated regulatory system doesn't take into account the costs benefits and so many things that we can do, to close this skils gap, in my home state of ohio, we've got jobs open but we don't have the skilled workers to fill them, so you know there is opportunity here, with tax reform regulatory reform dealing with health care energy opportunities, and increasing skills training i mean there is just great opportunity, for us to reach our potential when will bring
8:12 am
back a lot of jobs will increase wages, to deal with middle class, i am looking forward to it. >> i think markets are looking forward to it as well we are in this rally mode as a result of all plans, senator good to see you thanks so much. >> maria, thanks for having me on again take care. >> we pressure it very much senator rob portman tuna in tonight lou dobbs on special two-hour edition of donald trump's thank you tour stopping in iowa donald trump will be talking to lots of folks there, lou dobbs will take it live join us newt 7 to 9 pm eastern right here fox business. >> who says no such thing as free lunch when airline bringing back perks to coach, early in the season you can ring bell on greatest salvation army red kettle showing 2016 tennessee police officers dance moves winning over the internet back in a minute. ♪ ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
maria: welcome back a manhunt under way this morning for the south carolina ininmate accused of stabbing a female police officer, lauren simonetti on details and headlines. >> that officer is recovering in the hospital, this morning. and is in stable condition. as for the suspect, investigators say michael alan
8:16 am
williamson escaped from custody last night authorities believe 47-year-old traveled to columbia south carolina where the officer was stabbed several times, after responding to a shoplifting call at walmart judge sentencered williamson to life in prison in 19 8 for armed robbery a year after convicted of assault and battery with intent to kill. let's stick to, another manhunt under way in america the shooter who killed one police officer critically wounded another yesterday morning officers believe gunman 32-year-old considered arms and dangerous. america police department identified fallen officer 25-year-old nicholas, gave swourn state university officer jodi smith injured in the shooting he was responding to disturbance near campus
8:17 am
poli offering 30,000 dollar reward for the arrest. >> twitter ceo weighing in on president-elect donald trump use of tweets to attack opponents speaking at conference in california earlier in the week said response is bliktd dorothy says proud to serve not sure white means to have a direct line to how donald trump is thinking in real time. trump has promised to be very restrained on twitter as president i suppose we have to wait until january for that delta airlines maybe bringing back a perk, to hungry passengers free meal imagine that carrier testing complimentary food to coach partisans between new york los angeles or san franciscan will consider making meals permanent after hearing what customers have to say about them can you believe that delta stopped offering meal in coach back in 2003? can't believe that long this police officer maybe greatest salvation army kettle be
8:18 am
resigniringer ever ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: he is great! -- tennessee police department parents in the battle of the bulge challenge walmart i love it the officer played music patrol car danceed to encourage shoppers to donate to police department collected more than 1100 dollars, for that salvation army has moves. maria: i love, he went do, you know. >> then his whole dancing we can't -- >> i would put 30 bucks in that contentedel. >> good job. >> situational army one of the greatest -- greatest nonprofit organizations, absolutely in terms of how they get money out to people in need you walk up and down 6th avenue there is people, with the contentels all up and down 6th avenue they turn it up.
8:19 am
>> you know, it is going to the right places. >> exactly, absolutely, and it is -- does best part of christmas, 5th avenue don't try to get near the tree and -- just walk up and down 6th avenue outside fox watch people raise money for needy amazing. >> bolstering real estate market one analyst says best is yet to come a new twitter feud president-elect trump firing back after criticism from headed of carrier steal works union over deal to keep jobs in america next. ♪ ♪ seeing is believing, and that's why
8:20 am
8:21 am
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. maria: welcome back trump market rally continues major averages theights a sweet spot for commercial rae dow jones industrial average up 6.6% since election s&p up 4 appointee 7 as nasdaq composite up almost 4% shares of markets and a brokerage firm specializing in commercial real estate up 20% since trump election the best times for the industry, may be around turn joining us is markets milicic ceo, good to see you. >> maria good to be with you. >> thank you so much for
8:24 am
joining us take us behind curtain what are you thinking about this trump rally, seeing your stock participate in it, and really, what is behind it in terms of of the ep fundamentals. >> great, it is really about jobs, tabbed job growth improved because of election outlook if economic expansion has done another expansion extension because of the election means commercial rae he will important form batter jobs created demand for all kinds of space including residential our campaign represent all types a proxy for how people view the commercial rae woreal estate wo reflationary expectations the expectations of higher growth because of infrastructure spending more jobs, is really behind the rally overall, the only downside in the immiate term is because interest rates reacted accordingly very quickly unexpectedly
8:25 am
transactions that were being basically closed out this year or in process, have gotten delayed a lot of them getting repriced because of the interest rate movement to have you reunder wright loans most commercial real estate transactions financed at time of transacts vast majority repricing created kind of immediate challenge but long term prospects improved. >> what level of interest rates start to become a problem for your industry we have you been obviously as soon as he a big modify low by historical standards what level would cause you to start to worry i wouldn't i love that question. >> really more about balance of interest rates, what is happening with jobs, occupation so there is no set bar like 3%, 4% onter ten year yooel something all of will happen if that is happening because creating so o many more jobs occupations better rents faster neck levels of properties move kwloushgd with higher interest rates that creates balance in the market, what happens when one or the
8:26 am
other happen quickly we saw in last 30 daysnterest rate side a temporary imbalance we are inspection delaying transactions slowing things down immediate term. >> 4% 10 years okay if 4% growth. >> exactly it is a matter of balance between interest rates everything else going on. maria: makes a lot of sensedayday you have extremely low vacancy rates in a lot of major cities in this country. >> miami what about supply on market. >> one benefit of this recovery unlike past recoveries, has been the silver lining out of financial crisis, the regulatory pressures have helped banks stay very disciplined, stay very disciplined has not been overleveraging therefore not overbuilding why we belief this is sustainable, so construction has been actually very disciplined except apartments regarded lows all over the country due to the preference of the k xhooer to rent in recovery versus buy
8:27 am
homes so has not created a macroproblem but in roughly a dozen markets around the country there is clearly overbuildings going on. >> we a factual small business every day what do you see in terms of small bus taking mo irspace? >> well, the good news is that finally in last 24 months, really not until about 24 months, we saw small business formation small companies become more medium sized from the standpoint of office occupancy it took a long time this has been a very slow gradual recovery frustrating to everybody, it didn't trickle down to the small business medium sized businesses until about 24 months ago. >> adding more jobs, but their concerns are all about what is going to happen in the future i will give you one statistic that i think is very indicative of that profits up 25% from the prior peak, about it corporate investment there is only up 13% companies remained very cautious. >> something maria talked about every single day on this program. maria: yeah. >> every do a.
8:28 am
maria: sitting on cash, they have been sitting on cash. >> economically right. >> we will see if up learned with new economic plan of trump's that is what we are expecting, markets are expecting. >> real estate news come on, real estate guy, likes to -- >> that is true, transactions with mr. trump ithe past the key thing inflation, getting out of hand, if the growth gets so far ahead of itself inflation becomes you know, significantly more of a problem, then, obviously the fed is going to have to become aggressive maintaining inflation they would kill a recovery, we don't want to see that. >> imagine having this conversation 12 months ago where we would be worried about inflation. >> talking about. >> keep up. >> beginning to creep up not like talking about the spirit has been unleashed you can see. >> one word donald trump doing business with what is it like in one word. >> i haven't personally intakd with him. >> you said you did transactions. >> we have done business with mr. trump over years very
8:29 am
successful we have had great relationships with the organizations in the past i have not er personally intkd wi disb . >> what lawmakers said about 85-billion-dollar deal, and remember the voice, of this famous pig? >> you are going through -- let me take the wheel -- >> it is too fast! . >> aah. >> [laughter] >> only actor every pixar movie with us in studio to talk about why america needs to focus on manufacturing e next. ♪ ♪
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
. maria: welcome back happy thursday thanks so much being here i am maria bartiromo, it is thursday, december 8, your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. the president-elect cabinet takes shape trump on the move, he plans to stop in ohio today, to meet with victims of the attack on the ohio state university.
8:33 am
then he will continue on to iowa, to continue his thank you tour this has president-elect keys in on business in the country one major deal in the works at&t planned acquisition of time warner ceo defended the detail on capitol hill. >> it is going to allow us to accelerate innovation without exception one company accelerates innovation in the market everyone accelerates innovation. >> we are proud what time warner accomplished today we are competing for consumer's attention not just other tv networks, but with everyone from netflix amazon, to youtube facebook. great content is not enough, you need to deliver great consumer experiences, that is what joining with at&t will allow us to do. maria: now we know president-elect donald trump has spoken out against this merger saying he will not approve it we will watch an important, michael jordan victory to belt nba legend scored big win in china, why
8:34 am
he was forced to win back his name. >> mcdonald's a major change get hands on waffle fries may be settle ay about availability though turning to markets this morning, trump rally move on take a look we are continuing to look at record highs on wall street with dow coming off another record close yesterday. the 12th since election, 21st this year, the market is expected to open up about 20 points, and talk is shifting to dow 20,000, in europe, take a look, the markets have picked up steam on heels of mario draghi's announcement the ecb left key interest rates unchanged however ecb president mario draghi says he is extending the -- the stimulation for the economy there, and he put a date on it saws the market in germany up 1% dax 105 points higher ooimdz cac quarante s&p 1ion
8:35 am
positive territory mary draghi speaking in frankfurt live picture. >> asia overnight top perform in korea nikkei average up 1 1/2% highest level since january lebron james cavs huge win in big apple last night wasn't done big shot at an internet by storm coming up but first backlash president-elect trump deal with carrier united steal workers 1999 president chuck jones blasting trump on causative tcavuto. >> governor trump and the pence taking credit for 350 jobs research development jobs, that were staying here, in indianapolis, indiana from the start i think taxpayers would feel better -- they are you need bfshl a highly about profoundly company -- >> with that, about trump
8:36 am
fired back on twitter he said chuck jones president europiteed steal workers 999 has done terrible job representing workers no wonder companiesfully country second tweet says if they were any good they would have kept jobs in indiana spend more time working less time talking reduce do you say says donald trump joining me actoring manufacturing jobs advocate john ratzenberger good to see you. >> good morning. >> merry christmas to you we are huge fans of us are, you have gone from you know, being great actor you still are to a vocal voice in terms of manufacturing jobs what is your a take on this exchange with steelworkers president. >> i know there are a million jobs available in about about conference call the big problem no one addressing i am glad trump won he understands building knows a shortage of drywall installers carp terz
8:37 am
plumbers, what we have to do is start teaching our children again, how to accuse yoolz middle school high schools because that is where people in trades come from. you don't get to be 18 years old playing video games then all of a sudden get interested in using tools. >> i that i really good point because people. >> nationwide. >> there are certainly jobs that are available but people don't have skill sets don't know the trade. >> it all starts when you are this young, in my generation we are fixing our bicycles climbing trees building tree houses a feel for tools, measureing average high school student graduates not knowing how to measure can't read a ruler how do you change somebody like that have to operate a c, and c, machine or drill press you can't not going to happen. >> how do you increase. >> you go back. >> start in school. >> start with young, parents can do it, as a matter of fact i have initiative going nationwide, putting it
8:38 am
together, to get kids back into libraries and, you know, do woodworking craft there but that is we're at infant stages of that project. >> you visited a number of fair and accurate to say making the made in america series on travel channel, what are you seeing in the united states at a concerns you so much. >> just that, you can build all the factories you want manufacturing facilities. >> people don't know how to do it. >> nobody is going to show up, shovel red joy jobs nobody is coming you can't find diesel mechanics for equipment you need to operate bulldozers, you need people can maintain machines not the just drive operate them but mechanics that fixes them builds them, whether or not mechanics running out of welders we have to start when they are very young, people -- have lost sight of that because said send everyone to college
8:39 am
mantra since 60s, yeah go to college, i went to college but i was also a skilled carter journeyman carpenter made my living at the time. >> really good point. >> if you have a skill like that you can get a job anywhere in the world the next day. >> you think donald trump will do this. >> he has to he knows knows better than anybody. that we are running out of those skilled trades. who is going to fix potholes machines build machines maintain. >> people read a blueprint somebody crossed the border doubter speak or read english not going to happen. >> you starting as actor on show cheers your only actor in every pixar film but now a small business owner brought some of the -- the product tell us about the gift >> yeah go to gift for christmas shopping we have aggregated a lot of the companies, under the umbrella to gift box dm the pet gift
8:40 am
box, the sweets gift box. >> i love it. >> coming with fisherman's gift box golfers, gift bock uncle harry golfer after two or three months you might say i want to switch over to the sweets gift box. >> i like the tech gift box. >> pet gift box another one for pets, just treats. but north ica no overseas companies making things your dog eats, the end when checking out of the site a choice of a couple charities to go to, about disabled vet related charter. >> do you have to do deals with separate companies to include. >> we companies searching for more companies now little by little it is -- you know, you have one place to go. >> you've got everything, fishing gift box golfers gift box sweets gift box. >> what is the endgame here trying to take this company
8:41 am
public? >> in six months, we will probably go public, yeah. >> that is a big deal. >> it is. >> get to ring the bell. >> that is great what kind of reception are you seeing a sense how is business? >> we have done over a million dollars in very short time. yeah. >> i guess about getting the word out. >> getting the word out people tell other people obviously it spreads viral, you know, virally but shows like this, and print everything else, you know, especially one site, you take care of all your relatives. >> i love it. >> click, click, click, click, click, boom, out the door. >> do you like being a small business owner better than being an actor? >> i don't know, i don't see any differences what i do i didn't go to acting school like i said i was a carpenter so for me about hey that is a o good idea, let's do that. >> real guy.
8:42 am
>> well, i don't know, but the -- let's see. my packaging is here i starting a packaging company crinkle shredded people in boxes that is me, i starting that in 93. sold company, to another company, then now worldwide. >> fabulous. >> i like i always like to tinker talking about my mother get me radios would i take them apart you know don't have to put them back together, but always tinkered how, how does that work who put that there, how far does a telephone pole go i have been like that. >> we should all have that curiosity good to see you as you so much jon ratzenberger joining us, president-elect donald trump giving marching orders to advance policies stuart varney weighs in on cabinet of generalss,mcdonald testing waffle fries.
8:43 am
back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:46 am
maria: 45 minutes away from opening bell going to be a winner take a look at this market on fire once again! since the election, and trump rally rolls on up 38 points on dow jones industrial average, we've got fade meeting next week we heard from ecb this morning, ecb mario draghi moving the markets in europe as well. couple names on move at&t facing tough scrutiny from lawmakers yesterday on capitol hill over the company proposed 85-billion-dollar acquisition of time warner. telecom giant defended against concerns of eliminated consumer choice promising better priechgs to consumers facing high cable bills at&t shares up 20% mcdonald's getting a signature fries
8:47 am
adding 1/2ole fries to menu for the holidays available in canada, no word on whether 1/2l fries make their way to u.s. stock up almost 3%, year over year, not as good a year this year for mcdonald's as last year. trump facing criticism this morning for choosing a number of generals for administration there will can-do attitude get things done joining us host of "varney & company" stuart varney, stu before we go into that hey your 20,000 cal on dow jones industrial average pretty good going there looks like achievable we are halfway there. >> don't tell viewers about forecast stock market, please don't say that. we did mention 20k on the show, we mentioned it consistently since election looks about doable the moment i say doable because of what i am calling a can-do cabinet these new positions picks that we heard about, generals military people businesspeople, if you think
8:48 am
about it, those are people with hands on executive experience, these people are doers, they are going to goal in mind the goal is reversal obama campaigns grow economy prosperity a trump rally doable can do cabinet going to get things done i think that is changes the mood of the country certainly created something of turmoil on the market has it not. maria: it sure has that night when election during the election night market was down 800 points things completely changed when the investment xhublt figured out not only is it a growth plan but going get it done a sweep they won house and senate, so one thing won house and senate okay. we are off to the races here. >> what is it 1200 points up since the election, tomorrow 1200 points very close to 7%, in about what, i have not done counting, 20 trading sessions
8:49 am
may be lessdayday double that in small caps double that. >> i am sorry to interrupt like this i want my waffleel fries here in america thank you very much indeed. >> we -- >> -- canada who said that? who said that? [laughter] >> stuart staying right here thank you very much. >> stuart didn't go across the street to chick-fil-a two blocks down kr50sth avenue waffle fries any day of the week. >> i do it relation dagen thank you. >> there you go. >> -- >> does not show. >> love to hear it. >> see you in 10 minutes. >> you will. >> "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" join stuart 10 men's, cavs make it look easy in blowout win over knicks lebron's challenge spills into the court next.
8:50 am
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. maria: well back golden state warriors helping victims of oakland warehouse fire jared max with details. >> good morning, maria one day after that warehouse fire took lives of 36 people golden state warriors play in oakland california donated 50,000 dollars word to release efforts the warriors contributing yesterday more, individual players and coaches pulled pooled money to daent another 75,000 dollars, the warriors contributed 125 grand
8:54 am
team president said we feel imperative to do our small part, to help our community. >> basketball legend jordan celebrating a courtroom victory at china's people's supreme court have you ever hadr overturned two does the weather against local chinese sportswear company began in 2012 jordan claimed they built business around jordan's name translated in mandarin, the logo the jersey number 23 all part of it, made to appear as if they were connected to michael jordan they weren't, today portrays version of michael jordan lebron james in new york city barely broke a sweat didn't play fourth quarter 32 pointpin over knicks entertained in blow out attempting what is called water bottle challenge try to tlo
8:55 am
there it over beneficial playing baetball with an water bottle challenge spills water on court, remember lar byrd turned 60 indiana state pulled off exciting won, check out what happened last night in indiana a free throw 8/10 of a second for indiana state against 16th ranked butler see what happens after foul shot for sycamores win 72-71 first hit they missed the shot the end butler unable to do it storm court like 1979 with larry bird back. >> -- largest contract for a major league baseball relief pitcher, chapman traded from yankees to cubs last season to help cubs win world series
8:56 am
back to new york will sign 5-year contract worth 6 million dollars to show up 105 miles per hour fastball for utilizy. >> yesterday 75th anniversary of attacks on pearl harbor before the college basketball game at hawaii very base japanese forces attacked december 7, 1941 world war ii veteran, 9 years old on harmonica. ♪ ♪ -- 97 years old. ♪ ♪♪ ♪. >> certainly a great sight before game ended up being victorious defeating, the second night of the payroll perl invitational, 97 years old. >> thanked go for him i was fired up about china story. >> thanks, jared.
8:57 am
>> -- yeah, beautiful. >> you know, a nice little nd o sentence is abe the prime minister of japan going to pearl harbor, it is a nice closure for an -- >> apology would be a closure we're not getting that. >> day will we will take a short break we got final thoughts from all-star panel did you want to try something? ♪ ♪ eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! xerox healthcare services... ...soon to be conduent. that's it. how was your commute? good. yours? good. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting. xerox transportation services... ...soon to be conduent.
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9:00 am
maria: lebron couldn't do it but what about taher? >> what about dagan mcdowell? dagen: no. >> you wanted to take that. >> doing an amazing job in the press conference, european markets are up 1.5% so he did not do that. maria: stuart varney is now, "varney and company". you did it. stuart: i will take it as a compliment regardless. maria: go ahead, i am sorry. stuart: here we go. i am ready to begin. the can-do cabinet emerges. generals, business people, they are all doers. that is why we have a huge trump rally. good morning. military men in the cabinet, profit no longer a dirty word. a whol


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