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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> making news this morning. donald trump will name exxonmobil ceo rex hellerstein as secretary of state. the highlights from fox news sunday's exclusive interview with the the the president-elect and i mind simonetti appeared >> i am in for nicole petallides. opec and non-opec nations to agree to cut output. 6% overnight hovering near the $54 a barrel mark. lauren: this record ran certainly continued last week if the turnovers 142 points closing in on 20,000.
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chicken and stock index futures. nasdaq futures down 27. dagen: looking to asia, stocks in rally mode in japan the nikkei gaining almost 1%. mix markets at the cost me ever so slowly. lauren: deal for the ten-year treasury had been above 2.5%. the quote for the ten-year treasury yields. the decision on interest rates this wednesday. dagen: in the meantime, snow and frigid cold hits the northern parts of the united states prompting the cancellation of 1000 sites in chicago. and up to it in the winter weather forecasts. lauren: donald trump for a tech conference. we'll tell you is coming and you is coming and who's not. trade to the dallas cowboys winning streak in the green bay packers blowing away seattle seahawks.
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lauren: good to see you. 5:01 a.m. in new york. christmas is two weeks away. welcome to "fbn:am," and your first look at morning markets and breaking news. president-elect donald trump would have reached a decision for his choice as secretary of state. fox news has learned that rex tyler sang will be the country's top diplomatic job or trump speak in an exclusive interview on fox news sunday praised taylor since qualification. >> is in charge of an oil company that's pretty much doubled the size of the next nearest competitor. it's been a company unbelievably managed. to me a great advantage is seen as many players and he knows them all. it is massive to send russia for the company. train to rex hossain has known him since 1999. he did not say whether he would
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nominate teller's sin. we have a programming note. donald trump will continue his thank you to her with a stop in wisconsin. lou dobbs will have special coverage of terms coverage of 7:00 p.m. eastern. train to the conversation chris wallace had covered a wide range of topics including the claim that russia try to interfere with their presidential election. blaming the democrats who he says were embarrassed for the public release of the report. here's trump's response to the hacking claims and other highlights from the interview. >> if you look at the store and look at what they said, there is great confusion. nobody really knows. hacking is interesting. once they have it, if you don't catch the men to get your not going to catch them. it could be somebody sitting at a bench someplace.
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i must be told the same thing in the same life every single day for the next eight years. could be eight years, but eight years. i don't need that. if something should change, but it's not. in the meantime, generals are being briefed in my defense is being briefed. perhaps that will be solved by the time they the time to get there so i don't have to create enemies on one side or the other, but i will tell you when i get to office if it's not also have it solved very quickly. i'm saying something will happen and it will be quick. i think it's very unfair. it will start one way or the other. pretty quickly. also the keystone pipeline will have a decision fairly quickly. and you'll see that. paris i'm studying. i do say this. i don't want the agrmento put us at a competitive disadvantage with other
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countries. as you know, there's different times in different time limits on the agreement. i don't want to give china or other countries signing agreements an advantage over us. train to trump suggesting he will not take a reckoned by the president upon this legacy but trump says the government must be more friendly to business. lauren: trumps incoming chief of staff under way to the committee was hatched by russians. it's absolutely not true. >> we contacted the fbi months ago in the dnc issue came about. they reviewed all of our systems. we have hacking detection systems in place and the conclusion was then as it is again two days ago when we went back to the fbi to rest them about this that the rnc was not that. lauren: senator claire mccaskill disagrees. harsh words for russia's president.
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>> this is a form of warfare for vladimir putin who sets out in napoleon has friends around the globe that we don't want to be friends with. for him to try to impact her election, he has to be held accountable. >> she said refuse recently that indicate the hacking claim is a serious issue for the american people. she's among a group of democrats and republicans who support an investigation that russia interfered with the presidential election. train to bow in clinching a deal to sell 80 jetliners iran with 17 alien dollars. this marks the first major deal between the united states and iran before the controversial nuclear deal was signed last year. western executives are uncertain whether president of the donald trump will step into slow or or stop the deal. boeing says it still has the potential to her 100,000 u.s.
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jobs. lauren: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been one of the fiercest critics. in an interview last night on 60 minutes where yahoo! says donald trump will be a good friend to israel any hopes the two countries can work together to dismantle this international nuclear agreement with iran. >> i know donald trump. i know him very well. i think his support for israel is clear. the jewish state in the jewish people and about jewish people. train lauren: benjamin netanyahu said there seriously is that i'm doing it. dagen: islamic state senators have retaken the ancient city of palm iraq. an embarrassing setback for a syrian of government troops and russian allies defend the area after he was captured from isis earlier this year.
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in the meantime u.s. offensive terry ash carter arrived in baghdad for talks with iraqi leaders about spite and bustle. >> well, look, it is a war. the answer to your question is as soon as possible. the timetable for individual steps will be prime minister's because it is his overall battle plan. but we all want to get this done as soon as possible. in a war that's what you have to expect train to iraqi forces have recaptured about one quarter of the city. lauren: donald trump filling up the attendee list. the list. they made of high-profile leaders will take place wednesday in new york city. facebook chief operating officer sheryl sandberg and tim cook are among you to attend.
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it is from google, ibm, oracle, cisco on that list. just based those was given an invitation that his plan is not yet known. it is to address the tax code. cutting regulation and negotiating better trade deals. many leaders by the way supported democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton and not donald trump. trying to let's move on to weather. snow creating havoc for travelers in chicago in many parts of this country. within 1000 sites have been canceled because of the second half of the season in the windy city at o'hare airport. the chicago area perceived within six inches of snow. as of last minute to 10 inches of snow is expected to fall in parts of michigan. one delta davis 70 passengers and crew landed at detroit metropolitan airport on sunday
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but then ended up in the snowy grass when it was turning from the runway onto a taxiway. no injuries were reported. one passenger said the crew handled the situation well. >> was so the plane and orderly fashion. off the bus, telling exactly where to go. true into an update on the weather in the midwest in a little while from fox news senior meteorologist janice dean. lauren: yeah, that is scary. the sku club -- caught up on global market action overnight. the shanghai composite down 2.5% on new regulations. the hang seng in hong kong down 1.5%. the nikkei in japan that .9% and the cost in south korea at the 10th of 1% today. dagen: european stocks down across the road all the losses
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there are modest. the biggest loser is the dax interbranch and one of 1%. lauren: usi can make sutures after five straight record close as for the dow up five weeks in a row. dow futures down 15 points, s&p futures on 3.5. nasdaq futures given up 27 after all three averages plus 2000 on friday. dagen: to benefit oil prices recently. the cost of crude right now near $54 a barrel hasn't gotten the way the record-breaking red sox in the u.s. energy stocks have been hoping that those markets. pulled off by $5 an ounce. lauren: pepsico wants to sell healthy food for consumers just one chance. the food and beverage giants wants to make good for you snacks for much of its revenue growth comes from high-fat, high salt standbys by two readers than she does. the world says no thanks. beijing wants foreign funds to come to china both a weakening
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currency keeping overseas investors away. the volatility paradox :-colon-mark as. the track market volatility looking to make with during isolated. dagen: coming up, while the trump economy force of federal reserve to hike interest rates faster than most economists expect? we will ask fox news contributor gary b. smith. widespread flight delays. fox senior meteorologist janice dean will tell us what is next for the winter weather. you are watching trains have been -- "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking ♪ i'm here! xerox customer care services... ...soon to be conduent. wait i'm here! mr. kent? (gasp) shark diving!
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lauren: good monday morning if there is such a thing. 5:15 a.m. in new york. sources telling fox news that donald trump will nominate exxonmobil ceo racks tillerson for secretary of state. e-mail with tillerson across six continents and has business units in russia, yemen and other political hotspots. fox news on friday the president-elect was impressed with tillerson. the decision could come in the next three days. if you're flying into or out of chicago might be chaotic. a major snowstorm has disrupted
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air travel. more than a thousand flights at midnight or were canceled. chicago was hit with six inches of snow yesterday. travelers warranty check the data says because major cancellations in chicago can disrupt flights around the country. boeing has sealed a deal to about $17 billion worth of passenger planes to iran air. one of the most tangible benefit to you. nuclear agreement with united states and united states and around for a few jetliners the biggest agreement struck with the american company since the 1979 resolution and u.s. embassy tape over. in america is such checked to see how to see how they're doing this monday morning. ck 18d-setting days might come points at the moment. s&p futures delbanco, nasdaq down 28. dagen: dow down 40,000. let's do this. the policy meeting this week. will the economic stimulus move
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by donald trump and faster interest rate hikes by the fed and bubble that due do to the stock market rally? gary b. smith, data group president of fox news contributor. good to see you. my dear friend. dagen: good morning. do you expect the federal reserve will be forced to hike interest rates even faster? look at what happened with a tenure with the guilt of 2.5% now. >> well, i'll tell you, i went back and looked at janet yellen's remarks this time last year and i guess she was implying that there might be after last december's hike another four, maybe five increases in what they got for 2016 busy road. really do look at this on a month-to-month government day-to-day basis. i think a big part of future rate hikes will depend what trump does in the first 100
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days, but more importantly what the gdp and inflation numbers come in. inflation numbers this week will give fourth-quarter gdp in a few months. those would be the big tears. i still see a very tepid economy so i'd be surprised if we saw more than three increases during the whole year. lauren: be surprised if we see increases in 2015. >> i'd be surprised if we saw more than three. we saw a total of 75 basis points raised for the entire year. that's about what i'd expect. i hope it is strong. kind of hoping for more rate increases because that would imply an economy starting to boom again. that would be the best scenario. keeping the fed fund rate low kind of implies the economy is going nowhere.
5:19 am
that might be good for the market. >> we want to see more increases because the economy is doing better. >> the only time you don't want to see more increases acres of inflation, i don't think we have that right now. lauren: good to see you. see you later. thank you. coming up, the defense help to win it straight from the green bay packers blow away the seattle seahawks and we'll have the highlights from sunday's football day at the weekend box office. >> the christmas party did not take the top spot at the box office. we will tell you more about it.
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>> at the nondenominational holiday mixer. >> whatever it's called it's not happening. >> okay it's canceled. >> i'm looking right at you. >> okay, we're not doing it. dagen: office christmas party dave had a pretty impressive record. the raunchy christmas poverty sending them record for the biggest opening ever for a holiday themed movie that came out in the month of december. they taken $17.5 million.
5:24 am
why not topping the box office for the third straight weekend bringing in $18.8 million. fantastic beasts and where to find them came in third with 10.8 million followed by paramount's arrival by .6 million there and got her strange rent at the top five with a little over 4.5 million bucks. lauren: there you have it. the new york giants in a dough back of junior tried to snap the dallas cowboys when it straight to a first-quarter gross out what the wide-open terrance williams for a 31-yard touchdown. cowboy nicole petallides said. eli manning drops back and find a dough back of junior. o. dell slips the defense is off to the races. no one is going to catch in many scores. they play. there you go. chance up fourth-quarter just over two minutes left. the cowboys driving makes the catch and fumble us.
5:25 am
and that's how it ends. the giants win tad-7. pete carroll taking the seattle seahawks two :-) rebated play the packers. qb aaron rodgers goes right. he asked about the items down 66 yards and just like that sending-that they'd packers. a tough day for russell wilson. he's picked up by morgan burnett and cap with five interceptions for the game. packers would cruise 38-10 and win it. russell westbrook chased in his eighth straight triple-double, hosting the boston celtics who haven't allowed a triple-double in 225 games. down by five. off the field he brings that coast-to-coast great two-handed. they cut the lead to the fourth quarter. the game tied at 94.
5:26 am
westbrook brands and. oklahoma city holds on. westbrook falls short and ends the triple-double straight. dagen: redskins beating the philadelphia eagles. of course the weather is front and center. the northeast bracing for snow, sleet and arctic temperatures of mother nature delivers a big slap to the midwest. let's get a forecast from fox news senior meteorologist janice dean. good morning. >> hi, ladies. a look at the delays. no delays according to the faa across the northeast. we do have snow over new england and the mixture of freezing rain and sleet. our winter sun will exit this afternoon which is good news but for now winter weather advisories as well. freezing rain around west virginia and maryland. there is her forecast precipitation.
5:27 am
upwards of six inches, but this will be gone by tomorrow. looking at your future radar system exists in the next whiskers have tuesday and wednesday. the big story after that will be extreme cold talking single digits by friday in the northeast. buckle up. back to you. >> we will be back.
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lauren: breaking news this morning. fox has news that donald trump all named rex tillerson as secretary of state secretary of state. highlights from the exclusive sitdown with the present annex. good morning. i am transfixed. dagen: im transport in for nicole petallides. oil output but will this also ties at the morning still trading near $54 a barrel up 6%.
5:31 am
their record run for the stock market continued last week at the fifth week at the dow gained 142 points on friday. so close to 20,000. let's check in this morning and see how the stock index futures are doing ahead of the opening bell. nasdaq futures down 26 points today. dagen: mixed markets in asia to you overnight 1% gain almost in japan and the shanghai composite was down 2.5%. lauren: the other the 10 year treasury stands at 2.5% right now. the decision is due wednesday. snow and frigid cold for the united states prompting the cancellation of 1000 flights in chicago. an update in your winter weather forecast. lauren: donald trump told that the attendance list for a major tech summit this week in new york. who's coming and who is not coming. dagen: the new york giants defense help is not the dallas cowboys winning streak to the
5:32 am
green bay packers blow a seattle seahawks spirit other sports highlights. lauren: 5:31 a.m. welcome to transcendent, your first look at morning markets and breaking news. dagen: president-elect donald trump may reach a decision for his choice of secretary of state. trump will nominate exxonmobil racks tillerson. trump speaking in an exclusive interview on fox news sunday praising tillers since qualifications. >> using georgia at a company that's double the size of his next competitor. it's been a company that's been unbelievably managed. to me a great advantage is seen as many players and a nose that while. he does massive deals for the company. dagen: trumpeted the interview
5:33 am
did not specifically say whether he would nominate tillerson to the job. republicans and democrats have voiced concern about ties to russia. in a programming note, donald trump will continue his tour this week with a stop in wisconsin. lou dobbs will have live coverage of trump's rally tomorrow night starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> the conversation with donald trump covered a wide range of topics in begin to resent controversial phone call. the president at two or president of taiwan. here is that donald trump had to say about that. >> i fully understand the china when policy. i don't know why we have to be found have to be bound unless you make a deal with china. other things including trade. we are being hurt very badly that the valuation. heavy at the borders.
5:34 am
building a massive fortress in the middle of the south china sea, which they shouldn't be doing. frankly not helping us at all with north korea. lauren: would've been disrespectful not to take the phone call from the president of taiwan. >> trumps incoming chief of staff is pushing back on a report that the republican national committee was hacked by russians. reince priebus saying it is absolutely not true. >> we contacted the fbi months ago when the dnc issue came about. they've reviewed all of our systems. prevent hacking detection systems in place and the conclusion was that nasa was again two days ago when we went back to the fbi to ask them about this that the rnc was not hacked. >> senator claire mccaskill disagreed and had harsh words for russia's president. >> this is a form of warfare. for vladimir putin who is a thug
5:35 am
and and a bully and has the friends around the globe that we don't want to be friends with. for him to impact our elections, there has to be held accountable. >> he said refutes rent that indicate the hacking claim is a very serious issue for the american people. the casco among a group of democrats and republicans to support investigation into reports that russia did interfere in our presidential election. lauren: boeing has such a deal to sell to each outliner supports each outliner support, $17 million. the first major deal since the controversial nuclear deal signed last year. western executives still uncertain whether president-elect donald trump will step in to slow or stop the dia. it has the potential to support nearly 100,000 u.s. jobs. iran air has been flying for decades.
5:36 am
president made that donald trump will be a good friend and hopes to work together to dismantle the same man. he fails about the jewish state and the jewish people and about jewish people. dagen: trump is harshly critical and benjamin yahoo! says its various ways and i'm doing it. lauren: islamic state fighters have retaken the city of palmyra. an embarrassing setback for syrian government troops and rationale is different in the area.
5:37 am
arrive for talks with iraqi leaders about mozilla. >> it is a war. the timetable of the prime minister sub once because it is his overall battle plan. it's going to be a tough fight. >> they've been battling for a weeks and every captured one quarter of the city. trade to donald trump filling out donald trump filling out the attentiveness of the tech summit. facebook chief operating officer sheryl sandberg and apple chief tim cook are among those expected to attend. but a certain google, ibm, oracle, cisco on the list.
5:38 am
amazon ceo plans are not yet known. the summit's agenda is also not known, but is expected to address the tax code, cutting regulation and better trade deals. many a days silicon valley leaders were very vocal supporters of the democratic presidential candidate. lauren: should be interesting. snow, you might have it where you live, is creating havoc for those people flying into more than 1000 flights because of the second snowfall of the season in the windy city. at o'hare airport, more than half of the entire schedule was the fact day. chicago area received six inches of snow at the last night. after 10 inches is now expected to fall in parts of michigan. he had his delta airplane to 70 passengers passengers on board and crew landed at detroit
5:39 am
metropolitan airport yesterday ,-com,-com ma but ending up in a story grass turning from the runway to a taxiway. fortunately no injuries were reported. one passenger says the crew handled the situation pretty well. >> people on the ground were helping off the plane and off the bus, telling you exactly where to go. >> we will have an update from senior meteorologist janice dean. dagen: amen to that. in asia, take a look at how stocks close with a 2.5% loss in shanghai but modest gains in japan and on the cost be in south korea. lauren: the italian banks are doing a-ok today. the italian foreign ministry the italian foreign minister stepping in as the prime minister there. the cac down for the dax and
5:40 am
germany down 34 points today. >> here in the united states would've cut the the futuresoft are those of the morning so far. dow futures unchanged with modest losses on the s&p 500 and the nasdaq. >> over the weekend we saw the first joint production cuts from opec and non-opec nations since 2001. we saw oil prices hit a 17 month high. still a $2.32, almost 5%. $53.82 a barrel as the gold continues to lose money. down six bikes. $155 a troy ounce. train to watch in the u.s. dollar trading against key currencies. dollar strength expected to continue but the fed to hike interest rates. lauren: one reason the nikkei did well today. the yield on the ten-year treasury 2.5%. we have a deal in the works and
5:41 am
it comes from europe. castle maker for kkr. the deal could be worth within $5 billion. kkr bought the new jersey based cap said job from pfizer in 2011 from this $2.5 billion. let's take a look at headlines in today's edition of "the wall street journal." pepsico said it wants to sell healthy food but consumers just want chips. it wants to make good for you snacks, but much of the revenue growth with high salt standbys such as to readers that she does. china open its market to the world but the world says no thanks. beijing wants foreign funds to come to china but pricey markets and a weakening currency of keeping overseas investors away. finally the volatility paradox :-colon-mark is that a soaring staircase. they'll flock to exchange the track market volatility to make what profit strain isolated
5:42 am
periods of market. they interest rates higher than most expect. we'll talk to fox news contributor gary b. smith. the snow and freezing temperatures in the northern united states prompted widespread flight delays. fox senior meteorologist janice dean will tell us what's in store in terms of winter weather. a lucky u.s. stock futures. the dow in positive territory one point. we'll take it. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪
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dagen: 5:45 a.m. in new york city. donald trump will nominate exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson for the job. enough with tillerson has faced in dozens of countries across six continents and other political hotspots. a source close to trump telling fox news on friday that president-elect was impressed. the decision could come the next few days. a major snowstorm has disrupted air travel in chicago today. a thousand flights at o'hare and
5:46 am
midway airports have been canceled. chicago is have a six inches of snow by the end of sunday. travelers are warned to check their flight status is because major cancellations in chicago can disrupt flights around the country. boeing had studded to $2,017,000,000,000 worth of passenger planes to iran air. one of the most tangible benefits from the landmark nuclear agreement between the u.s. and iran. 80 jetliners as the biggest agreement iran has struck since the 1979 revolution. take over the u.s. embassy. stock market futures ahead of the opening bell. they gained up five points right now. reversal we see the above glasses on the s&p in about half of 1% loss on the nasdaq futures right now. that is happening right now. transfer the federal reserve certain to raise interest rates
5:47 am
at its policy meeting starts tomorrow. the big question is will the economic stimulus moves read faster rate hikes by the fad and what will that do to the stock market rally? looks like we'll have the data set another record today. gary b. smith and fox news contributor joining us once again. >> hey, lauren, how are you? lauren: great. you see no more than the attacks next year. does that mean you're not going to grow the economy? >> i'm optimistic it will grow the economy. i wouldn't say i'm certain, but i'm confident first of the things he's doing much am not crazy about are going to be good for the economy. he has a ton of charisma. those are all good things. the market will grow. the economy will take some time.
5:48 am
the big limiter will be the amount of debt he starts to add to pay for some of the things he wants like this big infrastructure program. >> you're watching longer-term interest rates. the yield on the tenure about 2.5%. what point is that data become more so for this to rally? >> that's a very good question. i think they've decoupled a little bit to be honest with you. you open up the second talking about how the futures are now pointing mostly positive at least for the dow. this is the rally that won't quit. i think the one thing ever going to talk about the market, the one thing people are printed to ari again buster like a 25% up year for the market. i'm not ruling that out the problem is i think the people at the fed are human beings even though the economy might be tepid. they will look at the market globally or at dow 25,000.
5:49 am
we better raised its rates even though that would be the wrong thing to do because the rates will impact the common person more than the average stock. dagen: that's just my opinion, gary. >> i don't know why they don't do it by algorithm at this point. lauren: let's talk about the dow 20,000. 244 points away. do we get there and if so when? >> i think we'll get 20,000. i think we get there by the end of the year. lauren: gary b. smith, thank you for your time. fox news contributor. dagen: carey v. it's worth, the new york defense snapping the winning streak of the green bay packers blowing away the seattle seahawks. we'll have the highlights. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪ ♪
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dagen: now look at the latest in the world is sports. the near transit ... and sugar snap the first quarter. there will outside inside a wide-open terrance william for a 31-yard touchdown. cowboys at seven knots. the third, giants quarterback eli manning shopping bag and fighting over the outback of junior. he's off to their bases. no one's going to catch him. there you see he scores doing a little moonwalk bear. try and your first look at morning markets and breaking news. -7. fourth-quarter driving price cut
5:54 am
is by inmates they catch but then fumble. giants recover and that's how it ended. giants win 10-7. green bay to play the during rogers throwing on the run. he had a voluntary add-ons for the touchdown. 66 yards and that that diamond that the packers. there was a tough day for seattle quarterback russell wilson. he is paid off by marketing burnout. wilson ends up with five interceptions on the game. packers agrees to a 38-10 win. oklahoma city russell westbrook chasing his eight straight triple-double who have been allowed a triple double in 225 games in second quarter down by five off the seal. he brings it coast-to-coast for a two-handed slash. oklahoma city has the lead to
5:55 am
34th quarter under a minute to go. the game tied at 94. westbrook brings it in the pink with the layout. oklahoma city holding onto a win. westbrook falls short and ends his triple-double streak. and then the redskins beat the eagles. can't forget that. lauren: hail to the redskins. let the pitcher with senior meteorologist janice dean. you do some snow angels that? reporter: not yet. a little bit of snow last night quick and it was over. this weekend we will have to watch something this weekend. there might be something coming down the pike. so many delays and cancellations across the midwest, chicago system moving eastward. the faa says everything is okay. we will continue to monitor that. winter storm advisories for the northeast and new england as and new england nasa stardust east
5:56 am
and north and we could see upwards of six inches in some cases across upstate new york and into new england. south of that, mainly rain although we see a mixture of freezing rain and sleet. the next big story is the coldest air we've seen so far this season. they be the coldest air we have seen in years for the northeasnortheas northeast the great lakes and the east coast. this is friday. the pink is here below zero. the blue is below freezing. on friday morning dealing with single digits and teens for millions of people. hopefully if geiger park is out because friday will be a cold one. lauren: dataset. and by the heated vest. you just convinced me. reporter: the heated vest? where can i get that? that's amazing. i am then. lauren: thanks, janice.
5:57 am
dagen: coming up, we will hand it over to "mornings with maria." the dow futures has turned back in the green, everybody. unchanged at the moment. eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! xerox healthcare services... ...soon to be conduent. that's it. how was your commute? good. yours? good. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting. xerox transportation services... ...soon to be conduent.
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dagen: it's been a chilly morning. i get to spend every morning with lauren every day but not like this. lauren: we share a green room.
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mornings with maria starts right now. maria: good morning to you. happy monday. i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday december 12th top story. >> i just don't believe as president elect that solving the world's biggest problems are best done by ignoring people and having, you know, crumby relationships across the globe and so we just don't employee that talking to part-time and having relationships is a bad thing. maria: coming up what tillerson's experience means abroad. as a result oil right now at


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