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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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lauren: breaking news this morning. donald trump takes his thank you to her and pics rex tillerson and paul ryan. >> good morning. i'm nicole petallides. the titans at the tech industry and we will tell you who will be there and who well. lauren: will the federal reserve to read this trumps talk market rally because yesterday we came within 50-point that out 20,000 a fed rate hike almost a certainty. let's see how u.s. stock market futures are doing ahead of the amount that. dr. tucson 12 points. nasa one.
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train to asia investors looking for that and in japan then they fractionally. squeeze up again in china. the shanghai composite index down half of 1%. lauren: oil prices up four days in a row. down 1.2% to $52 a barrel. trying to keep your eye on the heels of a 10 year treasury bond. right now the yield holding steady. 2.44%. lauren: the night of basketball. golden state warrior said the best for last. they mock the memphis grizzlies. we will show you highlight. nicole: will show you all the highlights. "fbn:am" in new york. we welcome you to the latest that it then breaking news. lauren: welcome back. nicole: thank you peer
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lauren: trump and his choice for secretary of day. exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson. >> a fierce advocate for america's interests around the world and will have the insight and talent necessary to help reverse years of foreign policy blunders and disasters. lauren: trump complimented paul ryan after their strange relationship during the election. >> speaker paul ryan. i've come to appreciate him. where is the speaker? he has been terrific. honestly, he's like a fine wine. every day goes by i get to appreciate his genius mori mori. lauren: connell mcshane has a preview of what time is
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scheduled today to >> nichola lauren, good morning. today will be another big day. we start with last night as i thank you to her world into wisconsin. wisconsin with michigan the president-elect should be most thankful for. >> i am here today for one main reason. to save thank you to the people of wisconsin. ined people. >> back in his office come the president-elect to post and big names in the technology industry. yesterday you might remember bill gates with the most powerful man in the world that the two of them got together. today here are the types of names. tim cook of apple as part of the text then it. sheryl sandberg from based book. elon musk of tesla. that will be happening in the afternoon as track meets at the
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later seven industry that broadly speaking was not supportive of this campaign the now like so many others will be making the trip to his tower to talk things through. with that, that you in the studio. nicole: thank you, connell. yesterday can't be a blast spotted at trump tower. they've were to discuss multicultural issues. he chose ryan think to be secretary of the navy. this is reelected to congress. nicole: he will be meeting with the ibm ceo and ibm ceo ensure an op-ed in "usa today" on the need to better train workers said they can fill the growing number of new collar jobs that ibm is creating.
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maybe i'm alone, we have thousands of open positions at any given moment and we intend to hire a 25,000 professionals in the next four years in the 90s a space 6000 of those in 2017. it will be a who's who of tech executives at trump tower. ceo jack dorsey will not be there despite donald trump's frequent use of the social media site. lauren: a strong gathers new media and a fight with old media over advertising dollars. more from blake irving. >> when you a news article, google and facebook profit from advertising. one group funds for newspapers to get a cut of the election. the alliance represents two dozen newspapers lobbying the trump administration to change copyright of course meant to force search aggregators to pay a period newspaper stories make
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up roughly two thirds of their content. the effort is backed by news corp. which shares the same owner. the electronic frontier foundation which defends the digital community says the current law is a basic tenet of a free press which includes the ability to report on what others are saying whether you have their permission or not. they also argue similar regulations overseas have backfired. back to you in new york. lauren: blake irving, thank you. nicole: to u.s. ambassador to the united nations lashing out at her counterpart about the situation in the love boat. samantha power sand to be shamed russia and iran are responsibility for the killing of civilians in the besieged city. >> the regime and its rationale is for the lithium old and to replicate start surrender tactics elsewhere. this will be their model for attempting to retake cities and
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towns across syria. it will not end with the lack of and it will not focus on terrorists. nicole: sean and rocket fire resume today despite a cease-fire deal. rebel fighters in famous works make you to the city. hundreds of sick and wounded need immediate medical evaluation and evacuation. lauren: new tensions around iran. the scientists develop nuclear powered ship saying the move is retaliation for the mission extension of by the u.s. world powers agreed to ease sanctions if they would pull back on their program. they agreed to keep some of those in place. iran's announcement does not violate the nuclear deal. president-elect donald trump has hinted he would try to renegotiate the controversial deal.
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nicole: china to decide the penalty and the automaker. investigators found the u.s. company constructed distributors to fix prices starting in 20 for team. it is not clear which automakers being accused. this comes at a sensitive time for china-u.s. relations after president-elect donald trump said he did not feel bound by one china policy and that the u.s. could gain benefit from trade in other areas. lauren: the fed wrapping up his two-day policy meeting this afternoon almost certain to raise interest rates for the first time in years and second time in the decade. investors will listen to language of how quickly the next rate hike at cannes. policymakers will release their forecast for the economy going forward. fox business will have complete coverage of the fed statement said 2:00 p.m. eastern followed by janet yellen's news conference at 2:30 eastern time.
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cole: let's get caught up on the global market action would've been seen on that fun. the nation mixed bag here. the shanghai composite index and half of 1% of the nikkei in japan is that fractionally. the hong kong hang seng speaking out again. this after here at home we have records across the board. the dow, nasdaq, s&p. lauren: most of the stocks trading to the downside. the ftse monday down 12 points. dax and germany down 30 points today. we're watching the health care sector. shares are down 6%. other health care stocks lower as well. reports that not only has johnson & johnson job is to come the sin of being made the interested in it. nicole: let's take a look here. when we talk about dow 20,000. or to close able to cross. teachers are down 16 points. s&p futures on one, nasdaq up
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one. transit was spent on a win in straight the senate today. $53.37 a barrel. gold of $4. of $7.63 an ounce. nicole: the drug maker appears to have found a miniature. it's not jumping. it's actually selling off same syntax of the french dog giant after johnson & johnson abandoned the pursuit of the swiss drug company reportedly because the price was too high. it's not clear what price they're willing to pay but the general says david value as much as $30 billion. shares are down 4% this year and as i told you asked tilley and is down about 5% or so. lauren: they make where does the struts announced by this interest. apple finally says its air can't commit the wireless headphones
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are ready and available for shipping so you might go to get them in time for the holidays. they'll be in apple stores starting next week it costs $159. nicole: that's on the holiday list. had to in today's edition of "the wall street journal." goldman sachs will gain harvey shares to be top lieutenant to ceo voip playing find toill a void that bank job to join the administration. u.s. regulators slap sanctions on wells fargo because of deficiencies in its plan to manage a bankruptcy without a taxpayer bailout. mutual fund leaders hold the summit over a mass exodus of client. top executives gathered last month as the industry wrestles with an unprecedented out both funny to lower-cost funds that just track the market indexes. lauren: will janet yellen the fed derail?
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it's almost certainly will hike interest rates today. how quickly will they move again? how do these rate hikes affect you? down areas for the dow, nasdaq and s&p this morning. europe looking lower, to. we will be right back. ♪ [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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a, arm weakness. s, speech difficulty. t, time to call 911. protect the ones you love. spot a stroke, f.a.s.t. nicole: good morning. by 15:00 a.m. donald trump returned to wisconsin last night to continue his thank you to her. he marveled how the traditional inclusive by brad for the first time since 1984. he also praised his one time in tackiness house speaker paul ryan who was from wisconsin. today's schedule has struck many with tech leaders are in some of the biggest leaders in the industry will be a trump tower to discuss jobs immigration reform and policy.ter ceo jack e the fact that donald trump
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frequently used his social media site. expectations are high. the federal reserve will raise interest rates if it wraps up its two-day policy meeting. it would be the first rate hike in a year. investors listening closely for the fed's forecast for our economy. let's check in on u.s. stock market futures bright now after a record day for the dow, nasdaq and s&p. didn't cost a 20,000 mark releasing equity searching a gold pulling back. tell features sound funny, s&p futures on one. nasdaq unchanged. lauren: policymakers put the brakes on the stockmarket rally we've been seeing since the election. greg made wright, chief analyst joining us right now. good morning. >> good morning, thanks for having me. lauren: what does the market need to hear from the fed? >> the expectation of a quarter rate hike is big and is pretty
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much telegraphed back when. looking at this tape and projections they put out and the press conference, is there some evidence the economy is picking up speed? does this alter their forecast for economic growth? the site has this habit of economic as the manipulative projections they and projections they have to rein it in. to their guns that their forecast of economic growth in 2017 and beyond? everybody looking out at his node as where did the members of the federal reserve bank interest rates are going to be? the expect did case that the fed was raising rates in the next year. nicole: what are your thoughts? we expect in a rate hike in all likelihood baked in no doubt. next year do you expect several hikes if everything continues to go the way it's going now?
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>> the fed is going to continue to use gradual. this then expect tatian is maybe two. the faster growth materializes, yes it could be grave. let's not get carried away. it's kind of stumbling out of the gate every year. the first quarter of every year we stub our toe economically. that kind of throws up the rest of the year. if that happens again, once again it will push the timetable back. we produce solid growth in the fourth quarter next year. that keeps the fed on track to raise the rates. lauren: they are walking a fine line here. they can't have too much with that kind of growth we're seeing. do you think quickly and at the fed at the federal acknowledged in regime that essentially took over on november 8th?
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>> i don't think comments are acknowledgments or expectations of new policies can be reflect it in a statement at this point. lauren: thanks for your time this morning. stay with us. >> what will happen after the market today. lauren: fox business love complete coverage at 2:00 p.m. solid tight fed chair janet yellen at 2:30 p.m. eastern time. nicole: and sports, and the northern pelicans in cleveland cavs malta memphis grizzlies at all the highlights for you. dolly parton and the stars of country music put on a show in nashville for a good cause. ♪
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trade to bug you, dolly parton. you are watching "fbn:am." keep it right here. ♪
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trying to country music icon including hank williams junior holding a telethon to help people in tennessee recover from last month's historic wildfires. ♪
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train to the fire to the fires killed 14 people, cost about $500 million in damage could dolly parton playing to give $1000 to every family that lost their primary residence. other stars include a kenny rogers commander chris stapleton and cyndi lauper. lauren: that's beautiful. after a decade died at 69 results come as 69 years old from his family says he suffered a heart attack while playing hockey, best known for playing the data in the 1980s comedy series growing pains. he also had a career as a game show host game show host on the songwriter composing dance off for possible shows.
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he was nominated for three academy awards as well as the golden globe. nicole: let's turn it over to the world of sports. anthony davis hosting dinner island and command early. the second quarter drains the wide-open story. new-line inside seven at the break. like the jambalaya, warriors could have. fourth-quarter kevin durrant slams it home. warriors down one. later in the fourth, 10 under two minutes left, curry snakeskin for the layout feeling to win for the warriors. to cleveland, lebron james and the cavaliers with winners of six straight second-quarter drive space at the defender, goes to the cap shot. cleveland up double digits.
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james finished with 23 points and eight assists. 103-86. hockey goes north of the border to face the maple leaves. let's go right to the shootout. with a hard shot for the first goal. they tried to even it out. martin jones stopped them. the sharks to win. lauren: coming up, donald trump continues his thank you tour in wisconsin where he takes praise on house speaker paul ryan. >> is like a fine wine. every day goes by i get to appreciate his genius more and more. lauren: like a fine wine, the latest on the term transition and titans of technology gathering a trump tower today to talk to donald term. we'll tell you who is going to be there and who is not.
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trained to donald tom takes his thank you tour to wisconsin and hispanic rex tlerson and paul ryan. lauren: good morning. i am lauren simonetti. titans undertaken this trait will tell you there's going to be there at the meeting this afternoon. nicole: also today, while the federal reserve -- yesterday we came in at 50 pounds it cost thousand a fed rate hike. i must assertion do this afternoon. thus check and then you start like a futures ahead of the fed announcement. dow futures on 15.
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s&p futures on one. lauren: investors in the u.s. just fractionally. in china the shanghai composite fell half of 1%. nicole: local retreats, oil prices up after the opec production cut. right now 5243 a barrel falling back a little bit 55 cents down. lauren: keep your eye media ahead of a possible rate hike. 2.44%. >> and spores, golden state warriors saved the best for the last for the northern pelicans. all the highlights. >> i like the word. good morning it is 5:31 in the east. welcome to "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. nicole: president-elect donald trump's thank you tour praising his choice for secretary of
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state rex tillerson. >> wrecks to be a fierce advocate for america's interests around the world and has the insight and talents necessary to help reverse years of foreign policy, blunders and disasters. >> trump complementing house speaker paul ryan following their strained relationship during the election. >> speaker paul ryan, i come to appreciate him. speaker paul ryan. where is the speaker? where is it? he has been terrific. you now, obviously he is like a fine wine. every day goes by i get to appreciate his genius more and more. nicole: current connell mcshane has a preview and trump scheduled today.
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>> to: lauren, today will be another big day here. we start with last night as the thank you tour rolled into his constant communion on the pennsylvania, michigan state is the president-elect be most thankful for. >> i am here today for one main reason, to save thank you to the people of wisconsin. and credible people. >> the president-elect to host an big names in the technology industry. yesterday you might remember bill gates stopping by with the richest and most powerful men in the world. the two of them got together. today here are the types of names we will see coming through here. tim cook of apple is scheduled to be part of the summit. just bezos from amazon, all happening in the afternoon as
5:34 am
track pants with leaders at an industry that broadly speaking was not supportive of his campaign, but now like so many others they will be making thews through. we will follow it throughout the day. without comment to this studio. nicole: up someone blessed with a trump tower yesterday. donald trump has chosen montana congressman ryan's big key to be his secretary of the interior. a former navy seal commander was just really like it to congress. lauren: trampled the meeting with jenny brown that he who wrote an op-ed for "usa today" and the need to better train work or is significance of the growing workers in the jobs the company is creating. and ibm among the thousands of open positions at any given moment and we intend to hire
5:35 am
25,000 professionals in the three years in the united states. 6000 of those in 2017. a who's who of tech executives at trump tower this afternoon. twitter cto jack dorsey will not be there despite donald trumps frequent use of the social media site. new tensions between the united states and iran. iran's president has ordered to develop nuclear powered ships in them that this retaliation for the recent extension of sanctions by the united states world power. last year agreed to sanctions if iran with fallback to nuclear program. the congress has voted to keep some sanctions in place. the white house has iran's announcement is not violate the nuclear deal. nicole: china reportedly planning to slap a penalty and a u.s. automaker. investigators found a u.s. come to me and start it to distribute fix prices starting at 2014 but
5:36 am
it's not clear which automakers accuse. this comes at a time for china-u.s. relations after president-elect donald trump said he didn't abound by a one china policy unless the u.s. could gain benefit and trade and other areas. nicole: janet yellen and fed policy makers give it a boost to the end of the year. greg mcbride, chief financial analyst joining us once again. good morning to you. it is highly anticipated that we are going to get a rate hike today. what are the scenarios for it today and rest of the week? do we seek out 20,000 number would would be the knee-jerk reaction after we get finance from the site this afternoon and the rate hike possibly? >> the fed delivers what is it like to. the quarter-point rate hike in a familiar script about how they
5:37 am
continue to be dated dependent and move gradually. that is that we expect it or it powers higher. the only risk to the market is the pc share provisions to the future projections. but the market gets nervous at the fed will ramp up the pace of rate hikes in 2017. that could be a recipe for a little bit of volatility for sure. lauren: how could a series of rate hikes in 2017 affect consumers? >> is accumulate the fact you have to be focused on. the impact of one quarter-point rate hike could be largely unnoticed. with this being the second hide in the cycle if the fed raises the break at a faster pace in 2017 the cumulative effect not qukly d in particular credit cards, home-equity lines of credit. the higher interest rates go, the harder you got to work.
5:38 am
the one that can really sneak up and bite people. most are just once per year so you can see a big jump if they raised interest rates for the last adjustment. that is the thing that can sneak up on people and caused some problems for tight household budget. nicole: you gave us couple samara senate voted chugging along. you didn't give us any sellouts in areas. it sounds like your sum up polish emulate the banks to go along with it but the higher rate hike. you don't want to upset the market and the market has been rallying despite the expert patient of the quarter-point rate hike. one reason the fed has been good such a gradual pace is they don't want to derail the market or the economy. i expect them to stick to that
5:39 am
script. and i think they are keenly aware of it. >> achieve mandate is to control inflation. he spent a lot of money on infrastructure build out on the lake. >> regardless, inflation is moving higher. the bus of favorable year-over-year comparison that dragged on headline inflation in. more via the stake than what people on the street are saying. even without any singles. nicole: to down some 20,000 so they can get it over with. >> riot, thanks for joining us. i'm just a reminder, will be released this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. that will be followed at a news conference at 2:30 all here on the fox business network.
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lauren: at 89 more points. less than a month after hitting gal. let's check out asian markets today ahead of the decision. one writer with the shanghai composite down half of 1%. the hang seng in hong kong and the kospi and south korea. nicole: europe seen down there is this morning. the open all-time sectors will create energy, telecom, utilities and financial where the four were set to us. we will see that translate at our opening bell. ftse in london attended 1%. the cac down half of 1% of the german dax a quarter of 1%. lauren: yesterday all of them plan back making an exception now up 2.5 points in the free market. s&p futures on fractionally lower. we also get racers as well as retail sales double good ahead if their company spending money.
5:41 am
true oil 50 240 down over 1%. gold finally gaining for books at 1163 troy ounce. the french judge chided stepping up that to change abandon its pursuit of the sister company because the price tag was too high. it's not clear what price santa fe is willing to pay but it could be valued as much as $30 billion. shares of the tour company are down about 4% this year. >> apple finally says its air pod wireless had guns are ready for you to purchase. the air pods are available just in time for the holidays available in the apple stores next week. the price tag on these $159.
5:42 am
>> in the last desperation, to overturn trumps electrode that jury. >> there is evidence that not only was the election, but one of the candidates knew about that. that's certainly a sad thing that the elect or should know when it ends. nicole: we will have that story for you. the federal reserve decision on interest rates. nasdaq futures up to. you are watching transcendent.
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lauren: good morning. 5:45 at night or are donald trump returned to wisconsin to continuous thank you to her. he traditionally blue state were bred for the first time since 1984. he also praised his onetime antagonists, house speaker paul ryan who appeared with him on stage. today's scheduled meeting with some of the biggest names in the industry are trump tower will discuss jobs, immigration reform and privacy. one notably absent ceo jack received despite their frequent use of the media site. expectations are high the federal reserve will hike
5:46 am
interest rates in the fed's forecast for the economy going forward. stock index futures ahead of that. the world is watching what the fed does and does today. more records could be said today. the dow, s&p and nasdaq in record territory. look what's happening right now. nicole: more records, why not. following the cia's conclusion that russia intervened in the u.s. election, group of democrats make in their last stand in the electoral college. fox news chief washington correspondent has the details. >> george w. bush of the state of texas has received 271 votes. >> with that, al gore, democratic nominee and winner of the popular vote serving as president of the senate certify the electoral college had
5:47 am
awarded the presidency to republican nominee george w. bush. now the never trend thursday the electoral college which donald trump also won without capturing the popular vote at the final arena for black and the president-elect been taken yet. 40 members of the college including her republicans citing the conclusion that russia actively interfered to sway the outcome of the election had written two national intelligence james clapper seeking a briefing on the underlying colleges before they let trees cast their votes. reading the charges california electorate is the daughter of house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> our independence election not to be what defined us as a country. if there is evidence that not only was the election tainted, but that one of the candidates knew about it and profited from that, that certainly is something the elect or should
5:48 am
know in a dance. >> supporting the request is the chairman of hillary clinton's campaign john podesta, the very person whose e-mail account is set by cia to have been hacked with complexity. indeed pointed out a big hurdle to granting it. >> some other presses for classified information. it's not clear that all of the elect are his and most of them don't have security clearances. >> the president-elect said democrats are peddling to counter russian meddling because they suffered one of the greatest defeat in the history of american politics. >> it's ridiculous. that's what we're going to do a majority started the process. >> some trump elect to have been on the receiving end. >> i've received a couple death threats, death wishes and angry
5:49 am
messages from people disappointed in election results. >> the national committee keeping close tabs on the electors told me that what concern exists a regular tour college by two resignations. not all states have replacement mechanisms in place. coming up in sports, the golden state warriors saved the best for last. the memphis grizzlies will have highlights. country music put on a show in nashville for very good cause. ♪ we will have more.
5:50 am
let's check in on stock market futures. dow futures down 13, nasdaq futures up one point. you are watching transcendent at 5:50 in the morning. we will be right back. ♪
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lauren: dolly parton and other stars including hank williams junior held a telethon to help people in tennessee recover from last month devastating wildfires. ♪
5:54 am
♪ lauren: attaching fundraiser because the blood bears killed 14 people and codified nine dozen damage. dolly parton will give a thousand dollars to every family that lost their primary residence. other music stars last night that kenny rogers, chris stapleton and the new opera. >> at or alan has died. he was 69 years old. his family says he suffered a heart attack while playing hockey with one of his sons. the canadian born was best known for playing the dad on the 1980s comedy series growing pains. he also had a career as a game show host and songwriter and composer and insights are popular shows.
5:55 am
alan was nominated for three academy awards and the golden globe and he will be fondly remembered. lauren: anthony davis and the pelicans hosting the road weary. second-quarter drains a wide-open three. new orleans at seven at the break. the warriors get hot. fourth-quarter kevin durand down one. seth curry gets the pass in the corner. under two minutes left, curry snakes and for the layup. to cleveland now, lebron james and the cavs go against the grizzlies. winners of six straight against quarters. the defender of gross glass for the touchdown. grandma not double digits fourth-quarter.
5:56 am
finished with 23 points winning one of three to 86. ready for some hockey? santa fe stars faced a maple leaf. let's go right to the shootout because they could tour with a hard shot towards the first goal. they try to even it out. attempts to backend, but martin stops them. nicole: don't forget, we are waiting on the fed today. let's see what's going on. dow futures after record. dow, nasdaq and s&p down slightly very much in a wait-and-see mode. s&p futures down half of one point. nasdaq futures gaining one. oil has been gaining because of opec and non-opec production cuts. today falling back to build up in supplies way not down 62 cents. gold is up five bucks in right
5:57 am
here we will cover the meeting this afternoon and the rate hike are all waiting for. lauren: coming up, we will hand it over to morning with maria. and right now get four lines and 20 gigs for only $40 per line. you'll even get the samsung galaxy s7, the pixel phone by google, or the motoz droid for only $10 per month. hurry, these offers end soon. get the best deals and the best network, only on verizon. .. .
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[vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette and her new mobile wedding business. at first, getting paid was tough... .. . .
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. . mick nick all right, it's fed day. lauren: mornings with maria starts right now. she will take you through the next couple of hours of trading. maria: have a great day, ladies. good morning, everybody. thank you so much for joining us. happy wednesday.
6:00 am
i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday 14th, 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. jeff bezos will be meeting with the president elect today. jobs number one issue on the agenda. it comes after surprise after visitors bill gates and kanye west, what donald trump learned from the meetings coming up. investors are ying the fed today. the fed likely to raise interest rates and reveal economic projection since the election. we want to focus on how much the fed will raise in 2017, we are on fed watch. futures pulling back from yesterday. dow open 10 points. nasdaq in positive territory


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