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tv   Wall Street Week  FOX Business  December 16, 2016 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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irresponsible to say that on npr earlier in the day and reiterate that in his press conference. he needs to be working with the trump administration. lou: it's a stark contrast, is it not, too look at hillary clinton with 400 of her donors in bright new york city where she is explaining herself and embracing them on it seems, slim chance she'll need their money again. and president-elect trump out on the campaign trail saying thank you to all of the people who supported him. it's really -- it's such a striking contrast between the two and tells us a lot about why he won and what kind of leader he will be. >> you are completely right. polite koa released a blistering and detailed report detailing every single mistake after
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mistake that the clinton campaign made. and the fact she started and ended her campaign from new york city i think is rather telling in the sense here she this this metropolitan bubble dealing with voters who are very detached with the rest of america. and those are the voters and individuals and those are the people she was hiring and working with and surrounded herself with. you are right, her campaign was extremely inefficient. and it stands in stark contrast to the way donald trump hand his campaign. we watched his campaign and scratched our heads saying dose know what he's doing? it does go some to show you donald trump didn't need all of the bells and whistles, all these shiny things hillary clinton invested a lot of money in. and it shows you she was never able to articulate a reason why people should vote for her. she acted like it was just her
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turn. that message didn't resonate with voters. lou: i want to bring in byron york who is the washington examiner's chief political correspondent. great to see you. one of the things i'm struck by is this game that the left is already playing about impeach donald trump if he doesn't divest by january 20 of all of his billions of dollars and assets and holdings. it's unbelievable what a nasty, vial bunch they turned into. >> i think they have early onset trump derangement syndrome. if you listen to people on the left. they believe republicans plotted to undermine barack obama and tried to destroy this presidency from the moment he was elected, and they are going to offer donald trump no less.
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so i think what you are going to see is just an attack on every front possible. the emoluments clause, the business conflicts. this whole electoral college thing. they will try on monday which is undoubtedly going to fail, but they will talk about that for quite a while. then the hearings about russia. so the idea toys have this multi-front attack against trump. none of which has anything to do with the actual jobs, obamacare, immigration agenda that trump is bringing to washington. lou: it has nothing to do with the american people who right now want donald trump's leadership, his ideas, his bold leadership, and they are going to continue, i guess, to simply petty themselves straight into oblivion as a party.
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>> that was maybe the one intelligent thing that obama said today, the democrat party has to take a hard look at how they are approaching and who they are talking to and their methods and strategies for the future. but it doesn't appear they want to be introspective and take a hard look. mature adults take blame for their mistakes. we made mistakes. we weren't in the rust belt as much as we should have been. we weren't apeeling to the union voters. they refused to take responsibility. lou: let's let them not take responsibility. i'm afraid they are going to hear you and start take some sort of responsibility, not out of a sense of maturity or a reason, but simply as a matter of strategic and tactical response. >> the thing i'm loving is the
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fact the house democrats just re-elected nancy pelosi. i'm starting to call them coastal regional party because they are having such a strong makeup in the house caucus of california, new york and illinois. it's becoming have much regional. i think they will take a strong look at keith ellison as the head of the dnc. whatever lessons could have been learned, it appears they don't want to learn them. lou: i say good for them. let's turn to what we can expect from this administration. it looks like with barack obama becoming the first president since woodrow wilson to remain in washington, d.c. after his terms in office end, that he means to carry on some sort of opposition, if you will, create a new column to fight against
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president donald trump. what do you make of it? he's certainly well liked among people here in d.c. we were just talking earlier, lessons learned. lou: he's well liked. are you kidding? >> well, among beltway kinds of people. lou: you mean left wingers. >> owe kay. as someone who grew up elsewhere and lives here, i noticed there are definitely like two americas going on. d.c. is almost detached from the rest of the world. sow when i say base well liked in d.c., way mean is he's liked by the political class and the media elite. that's what i mean when i say that. lou: the establishment. >> exactly, sure. he is well liked by theee athletes in the capital which is detached from the rest of america.
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however, i don't know how much of an impact those efforts will have nationally. we have seen people are sick and tired of the establishment. lou: he's everything the electorate in 30 states said we are not going to col rate anymore. byron, your thoughts? >> he is well liked locally in d.c. i believe donald trump got 4% of the vote here in washington. lou: the left. it's owe kay. democrats, leftists, liberals, progressive. they are nothing like the rest of america. >> but it's going to be fascinating to watch what the former president does. in the democratic party the existence of the children tons and the idea that hillary clinton would run again tends to strangle the young leadership of the democratic party and they didn't have a group of people running. they only had one guy who was 74 years old to run against her this last time.
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so they neration. now you will have the former president sucking up all the oxygen for a while being the face of the opposition to donald trump. lou: you know barack obama will be sucking up all the oxygen every where he is whenever he can be. i love the idea that the democratic party and particularly the left, they are eating their young. they do not want to confront the generational issues that would normally propel younger candidates to the forefront and into elected office. and there is no sure path certainly for them awaiting in the democratic party, and to that i say keep sucking up that oxygen, mr. obama it's good for the country. we appreciate you all being with us. ned ryun, and bre peyton.
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the president-elect is running late in florida. but that won't stop us. we'll cover that no matter what. but if tonight's rally is anything like last night the wait will be with it. >> the patriots in this arena tonight stood up for themselves and their families and showed the whole world the american people still run our country. lou: isn't it great to hear the first person plural instead that first person singular stuff from this president and his administration. stay with us. as we examine precisely what happened today in washington, d.c. stay with us. i love it. they love barack obama there. 4%. 4% for donald trump in
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lou: the pentagon is demanding that china return that american drone that they stole in the
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south chain a sea. incident occurred yesterday afternoon 40 miles west of the philippines in international waters. the chinese warship had been shadowing the ship which was retrieving two under water drones. it may be a spy ship. we don't know and they won't tell. the chinese crew sent out a small beaten took one of the drones that looked like this. i mean an under water drone. the american crew made up of civilian mariners and scientists made repeated requests asking the chinese to return the drone they had stolen, to no avail. the crew was not armed at the time except for small arms. after the incidents the state department launched a formal diplomatic protest to china.
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china wee vee sponlds by saying it's a risky deal tblght south china sea and what would you expect us to do other than what wee did. we have a sense of what our next president might do. china carried out its first live fire exercise. and that's one aircraft carrier the group includes, dozen of ships and aircraft took part in the exercises a few days ago. the goal to test the weapons performance, training levels. it's china's first aircraft carrier it's by no means a small ship. but 100 feet smaller than the u.s.s. ronald rae began which is stwaitiond the 7th fleet in japan.
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joining me is tommy o tom girkso and mark simone. a drone stolen in front of a crew tip wonder why in the world would a u.s. navy vessel be beyond the protection of the fleet and our air power, our naval power in that region? it's much like the navy's incident in which those 10 sailors were taken in the red sea -- persian gulf, and there was no response by the u.s. navy. they were simply taken by the iranians. this is a peculiar way for the u.s. navy to operate. >> back to the iranian deal, we were more than humiliated but there seems to be no com respon.
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he's said how we are going to deal with the chinese even though he's only the president-elect. lou: he has taken leadership of the country. there is no question about who is leading the nation. no question president obama is our president and in donald trump our president-elect, donald trump is leading, don't you think? >> i think he will be on the phone tomorrow talking to somebody. it's an under water vehicle. it's not a submarine. lou: i don't want to show up all of my knowledge about under water drones or air drones. >> those amazon things are aerial subject marines. lou: that's one way to look at it. you are make an excellent point. >> i think president obama is going to leave us a mess with russia, a mess with china.
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lou: he's leaving a mess everywhere. >> if you were leaving the white house and you were leaving the presidency would you take two weeks off? lou: he compounds the confounding, if you will, he has four weeks left, and he takes two of them for vacation and at the same time anownlss he wants to kick russia's -- announces he wants to kick russia's butt all of a sudden. >> i don't know about you guys, but the press conference when he does them have been horrible. today he opened up on talk radio again. then he blamed talk radio and he said people listened to the russians during elections because what guys like mark and i do all year long in talk radio is soften the battlefield for the fake news stories. go to hawaii and eat the snow
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cones and get out of here. >> he hasn't explained the russian hacking. hillary won every found against putin. why would he do it? lou: if he were going to hack the dnc, why would he leave fingerprints there but not anywhere else at least in recorded history. and why is ite missed those 33,000 clinton emails, and how is it he couldn't hack her server but could walk right into the dnc? there is a lot that doesn't make sense. not the least of which is how in the world does this become hack an election in the view of the administration. it turned out to be a hacking of the dnc. the democratic party destroyed the only significant challenger to hillary clinton. they collude and they are a corrupt organization. they losted the top officials
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for democratic party. but they have got a place for the top one and it was in the clinton campaign. >> we know debbie wasserman-schultz rigged the process. her office is 4 blocks away from the cia and they couldn't detect her. how good could they be. lou: donald trump is about to kick off his thank you rally in orlando, florida. that's rick scott, the governor of florida. ways your sense of the cabinet and your reaction to those peopling what will be the donald trump administration? >> i think it's a tremendous cabinet but i don't like the secretary of state. i want to see what he says during the hearings. i'm very, very suspect of that. but the other picks have been spectacular. this has been world class, particularly in the prime position.
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and some of the stuff outside the box that he's done. i don't like tillerson, i don't like all the putin stuff. i want to see what he says during the transition -- during the hearings. lou are's the top diplomat. don't you want hip to like everybody? >> no. lou: general mattis -- then we bringing you general mattis as secretary of defense, then we get an understanding of a different order. >> general mattis is the best pick in my view. he's routinely seen as beyond competent by everybody. that was a tremendous pick. i don't know about the wall street guys. i want to hear what they say during the hearings. >> there is no such thing as too many generals and too much ceos. they live in a world where there is no excuse for not wing.
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they just get things done and solve the problems. lou: you say no more politics. they are there for political reasons. and politics is what government is all about of course. but what is wonderful. if you are going to deal with politics and politicians, it's great to have a cabinet shaping up like this one. and that's men and women of accomplishment and achievement. they didn't go into this cabinet for a pay raise. that's quite a competitive advantage if previous. it's going to be spectacular if you have still got three posts to fill out in an entire administration to populate. what a beginning. thank you so much. we appreciate it. mike pence, our vice president-elect right there on stage. the sign says merry christmas,
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u.s.a., thank you tour 2016. and i bet that says orlando, florida and under it i'll bet it says make america great again. let's hear what the president-elect has to say. >> restore the arsenal of democracy. give our soldiers, sailors, and marines and coast guard the resources to accomplish their mission and we'll have a commander-in-chief who will community down and destroy isis at its source. thanks to you we'll have a president of the united states who will support the men and women in law enforcement across this nation at every level. and thanks to you. 34 days from today we'll have a president who will fight every day to put america back to work
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and make it american economy great again. we'll have a president who will repeal obamacare lock, stock and barrel. and replace it with free market reforms and more choice. we'll have a president who will cut taxes, roll back excessive regulation and we'll have a president who will reveal he single unconstitutional executive order that barack obama signed into law. [cheers and applause] and thanks to you, thanks to you we'll have a president who will renegotiate nafta, get us out of the trans-pacific deal, and he will make sure that trade means american jobs first. and thanks to you, we'll have a president who will enforce the laws of this nation for the
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citizens of this nation and all who are legally here. we'll build a wall. we'll build a wall and uphold our laws, and we'll have a president who will end illegal immigration once and for all. and thanks to you, florida, we'll finally have government as good as our people. government that workers day for the people and not the special interests. we'll reform our ethics laws and this president will drain the swamp. we'll have a president who will
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make appointment to the highest court who will uphold the god-given liberties enshrined in the constitution of the united states.we are here just to say . thank you from the bottom of my heart. thank you for giving america a new president. whose strength and vision, whose leadership will make america great again faster than you can possibly imagine. so i say with a greatful heart, it is my high honor and distirnght privilegk andprivileu the president-elect of the united states of america, donald trump.
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[♪] ♪ i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ i won't forget the men who died who gave that life to me ♪ >> thank you. thank you. well, let's start off by saying merry christmas, everyone, merry christmas. i'm here today for one main reason. to say thank you to the incredible people of florida. what a group. as you know, florida is my second home. and many ways it's my first home.
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and i love this state. i love the people. i love the people of the state. you propelled to victory a grass roots movement the likes of which the world has never seen before. look at these people. how many people are here? man! that's a lot of people. they say we broke the record tonight, by the way, we broke the record. incredible. incredible people. the pay the yotds in this audience tonight stood up to the global special interests and delivered an historic win for the american worker. american worker. with your votes -- friend or foe? i think it's friend.
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a loud friend, but a friend, right? with your votes the great citizens of this country declared to the world that from now on it's going to be america first. america first. let me also take a moment to really recognize and thank our terrific governor rick scott for being here tonight. and pam bondi who is in the audience some place. she is an incredible person. pam, thank you. rick, thank you very much. these are truly amazing people. i also -- thank you, i love you too, darlin'. i even love the guy that said i love you. what can i say. he's a rough-looking dude down there. i also wanted to give a special thanks to you, the men and women in the united states military.
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[cheers and applause] we are in your debt and we'll never let you down. now, you know, we did very well with many, many different groups. we did fantastically well with the african-american community. we did fantastically well with the hispanic community. we have a lot of people here tonight from the india community. hindus. we did great with the hindus. where are they? we have a big group. there they are. i want to thank you. you folks were amazing. they went out and they voted, and they were fantastic. and we did well with women.


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