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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 20, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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train to breaking news this morning. terrorists is factored after refugee ran a truck onto a crowded christmas market area in berlin killing 12 come injuring 50 others. german chancellor angela merkel to hold a news conference this hour. good morning. i am nicole petallides. lauren: good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. an active chair after securing his victory as the 45th president of the united states. >> the dow 20,000 continues geared investors up 40 points putting it within 117 points of the 20,000 mark. let's check in on u.s. stock
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market futures again. 18 points for our appearance in the futures this morning at dow futures at 18, s&p up to. lauren: stocks in japan rose after an upbeat outlook for the japanese economy. china, shanghai composite losing half of 1%. trying to oil prices at the last couple of sessions gaining 7 cents to the upside. lauren: the yield holding steady at 2.58%. train to the family of the orlando nightclub attacks facebook, twitter and google help to support aces. lauren: president obama two years in 1953 law to block oil drilling in the atlantic. nicole: carolina panthers deal a blow to the washington redskins and those playoff hopes have been blown. thunder to the atlantic coxswain
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of the highlights for you. nicole: five of 1:00 a.m. the 20th of december. welcome to "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. >> if we're looking forward to christmas in the season are no longer a manic status. the terrible deed which one cannot understand took their life. many people are fighting for their life and fighting for their help and our first and foremost sick of these people. the dead committee injured, their families, friends and relatives. i would like you to know that we, all of us, the whole that the country is with you in deep sadness.
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we all hope for you and many prefer you that we will find comfort that you will begin and you will continue to live after these terrible events. i think the emergency services, the emergency to tear it to fire, all of those that help people think very much for services and is difficult times. i have deep trust in the men and women who have been working since last night to investigate what happened -- investigate the t. and it will be persecuted with all that means possible. we don't have anything for certain, but we must dispute it
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was a terrorist attack. it would be difficult for us to learn that a human being committed 50 who came to terminate to ask for a refuge and a silent. it would be terrible for all of the chairman who are very active day by day asylum-seekers and refugees and they would be pertinent for them, for those in the people will come to the country asking for help. i'm in constant contact with the minister of the interior, with the president. the cabinet will come together in a few hours. i've invited to discuss the state of affairs and discuss possible consequences and
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obviously we will come together whenever necessary together with the mayor and the minister or the interior, i will go in the afternoon and ordered to pay our respect to so many others in berlin have done. millions of people including myself are asking how can we live with the fact that during during -- celebrating the festive season where we wanted to celebrate life, somebody has come along and took some lives. i only know that we do not want and we cannot deal with it and we cannot do without these things about the christmas markets, the pleasant hours with friends and families being outside with the ones that we love.
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we do not want to allow ourselves to be paralyzed by terror or they may be difficult in this hours but we will find the strength to continue living life as he went to live in germany and freedom and openness in together. thank you. >> chancellor merkel said he and she to visit -- nicole: are just hearing from chancellor angela merkel in berlin. a news conference held after fouling what happens if a pakistani person ramming a truck into a crowded christmas market, killing 12 come injuring 50 others. they stated this is a terrible deed. faith in the investigators and saying that the country is with you and fighting for all of those who are fighting for their life in the health and the families and of course those now deceased.
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>> they and germany can't live with the texture and are festive season. that wasn't the only horror that played out in berlin. russia's ambassador was killed good russian president vladimir putin. you can see it right here in this video the turkish police officer right after he shot and killed ambassador andrei karloff. an art gallery -- at the time. the guy man was apparently condemning russia's role in several were shot and don't forget a lot though. don't forget syria. he was later killed in a shootout with police. the u.s. responded quickly to the assassination. >> if it is an act of terrorism, obviously we have routinely and continue to condemn acts of terrorism. >> the attack was aimed at disrupting work to repair ties to train the two countries which have each backed opposing sides in civil war in syria.
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nicole: new developments in the shooting rampage in a mosque in switzerland. police say the attacker has now been killed. three people last night at the mosque were shot, two of them would seriously. the attacker then fled the scene. lauren: china return in the u.s. underwater drugs seized last week gave the pentagon says the navy vessel returned at a location where it had been taken in the south china sea. the u.s. as the driver has been operated by civilian contractors collecting scientific data in international waters. train to president about ms. exercising the power of the pardon come issuing 70 parties ensured sentences of 153 other prisoners. virtually all have been serving sentences under tough antidrug laws. the move is on for the record books. the largest number in a single day by anyone president ever. president obama has granted
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clemency to more than 1300 offenders. angela merkel also spoke with president obama this morning prior to her news conference. lauren: president obama expected to announce as soon as today he will use his executive authority to permanently ban offshore drilling and they are taking part of the atlantic. the president is expected to invoke a secure provision that preserves cold read and marine sanctuaries. similar actions by candidate may be announced around the same time. nicole: the families of three victims are suing a spoke on the google introducing social media companies slated to receive with a terrorist group isis to spread its message online. the mass shooting a pulse nightclub left 49 dead. earlier this month, facebook, google and twitter said they would share videos to more quickly move terrorism content from their site.
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lauren: a mixed bag in asia could do japan getting half of 1%. the bank of japan holding rates steady in negative territory. the kospi and south korea also hired by .2%. the red arrows, shanghai and china and the hang seng in hong kong but then half of 1%. >> they didn't do anything with the rates, but they did or not to miss them outlook of business investment, export, personal spending. those are common term governor corroded. u.s. stock market futures in european futures right now. your trading to the downside down one 10th of 1%. the caci up one quarter of 1%. the german dax down fractionally. lauren: that reaction after the berlin at turkey attack. u.s. stock index futures pointing higher. s&p and nasdaq up two points. the dow up 15. within about 117 points away
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from the 20,000 mark. trade to the oil gained 2% yesterday. 52.14 is called pulls back a .5 dollars at 1130 for a troy ounce. lauren: this is how the dollar is trading around the world. you see the dollar strengthening. the euro, pound come again weaker versus the greenback. trade to -- as nervousness around the world did the yield on the 10 year treasury bond 2.58%. apple ceo tim cook at trump tower last week defending his meeting with president-elect donald trump shows the only way to influence them is to engage in. running on a message board person i've never found being on the sideline a successful place to be. lauren: we will have the latest on therump attack in berlin,
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germany. 12 people are dead in the driver was reportedly a refugee from pakistan. a live report from europe coming out. also tracking a winter storm that could bring snow across the country just in time for christmas. meteorologist janice dean will have her forecast. you are watching "fbn:am." 5:11. ♪
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thito someone whoay just lost everything. every 8 minutes the red cross responds to a disaster and makes this promise. this holiday, help us keep it.
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lauren: good morning. 5:15 a.m. in new york. german police describing the deadly crash in berlin and christmas market last night as an apparent act of terror. read the report said the man to have driven the truck came to germany as a refugee from pakistan this past february. the attack killed at least 12 people. no group has claimed responsibility for the crash. angela merkel speaking about the incident 15 minutes ago. twitter, google and facebook is sued over the deadly olindo nightclub shooting in june. pamela is charging the companies with providing isis the account
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they use to spread extremist propaganda, raise funds and attract new recruits like a shooter. he pledged allegiance and opened fire inside her land is nightclub, killing 49 people, wounding 53 others. president obama is expected to bandanna offshore drilling in parts of the u.s., arctic and atlantic. an announcer that could come as soon as tuesday. obama expected to use a provision in 1953 by two preserve coral reef and marine sanctuaries if let's check in on the stock market futures ahead of the opening bell. dow futures up 18 points, s&p up to, nasdaq up three. nicole: thanks, lauren. martha deadly attack in berlin. let's go to amy kellogg live in italy with the very latest. we just heard from the news conference german chancellor angela merkel was really under scrutiny. she faced an election last year
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and rise of open arms and the refugees now under some fire. >> that's right. she said it would be particularly sickening if the perpetrator who saw refugee in germany. it's looking increasingly like late that is what happened. why are they referring to a 23-year-old migrant from pakistan who had been known to police for petty crimes is simply not true terrorist attacks. he came from pakistan to germany a year ago. the truck he was apparently tri-band plowed into a pm local time last night have been in an upmarket part of west berlin. the 25-ton truck that plowed into the festive crowd was owned by a polish company and hot
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according to the honor guard to italy to pick up a shipment of steel and was transported back to berlin. the author of the shipping company believes the truck was hijacked. the polish driver was the oddest kaizen. a passenger was found dead in the seat either apparently stabbed or shot to death. he may have originally been the driver of now feared and is believed to have been completely on involved in this attack. here were some of the eyewitness accounts. >> a lot of people running away, crying, shouting. we knew something was wrong but we started seeing people on their faces, people faint tan and on the floor. >> i hope several other people lift the side so they could pull to other people. >> what is extraordinary, nicole, and we often hear about these during such horrific
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events. apparently there are reports that it was an eyewitness who actually chased the driver because the flood scene after the truck came to a halt and it was an eyewitness who was racing for about a mile to the tear garden park in the dark with a cell phone, with the police listening, guiding police to the place where that alleged suspect driver was arrested last night. he's being questioned now by police and just to repeat the death toll is at 12 people, nicole. 48 are injured. back to you. nicole: horrific tragedy in a real hero who traced him down. lauren: nigel farage tweed and this is the merkel legacy. and sports the carolina panthers feel a blow to the washington redskins playoff and a basketball the thunder the atlanta hawks despite a scoring freeze from russell westbrook.
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remember that by dallas cowboys running back ezekiel alea? it's got a lot of people talking. >> illustrated by the end zone so it's only right. >> people are talking and people are getting. when the salvation army link the move, too. you are watching "fbn:am."
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nicole: let's take a look at the latest from the world of sports. cm newton and the panthers taken off josh garman undergrad scans. and it finds the wide-open and for the touchdown. the second half start the
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redskins down 13-9. draft back and pressure and fumbled. panthers recover. the science night for the shirt touchdown and go on for the win. another big night for oklahoma city russell westbrook. fox and the turnaround jumper. he had the midrange jumper, then he passed the blame and knock down the layup. westbrook would and that was 46-point. third quarter and then it down to. and out the screen in various three to give relief. paul millsap gets the go-ahead jumper. 110-1 away. here is a set of christmas joy. max pharaoh got five by last night. shown a message from his brother on the scoreboard.
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various, showed up months early, just in time for the holidays. big bear hug. eventually gathered for a very tender moment that they will never forget that special moment. lauren: that's awesome. so is this one. ezekiel eliot making a big comeback off the field as much as i may. if touchdown celebration sunday night jabbed into the big salvation army red kettle behind the end zone. not only did he help the cowboys win that game, but donations to the salvation army has spiked more than 60% since. the organization collected $182,000 on mind and the 12 and a half hours following that leap is the season of giving after all.
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he was fined for that, by the way. another storm hit in the pacific northwest. back senior meteorologist janice dean. reporter: good morning, ladies. the cold air starting to retrieve. you can see the pinks and propose moving northward for the next several days. still a little cold for new orleans. 25 in kansas city, 35 and part of and here's what it feels like with the windchill. still below zero in detroit. minus it is what it feels like paper in chicago much better than minus 29 this time yesterday. a quick look at your a quick ligature forecast as we a quick look at your forecast is beginning to monday 40s and 50s. we will keep you posted. back to you. lauren: coming up, the latest on the horrific attack. is this not taking credit for the attack. 12 people dead after a truck ran into christmas market
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celebration. we're also going to show you some exclusive interview with treasury secretary jack lew including his take on stephen minich and. you hear it said. you are watching "fbn:am."
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lauren: breaking news this morning. tear suspected after a pakistani refugee rams a truck into a crowd of christmas market in berlin killing at least 12, injuring him as 50 others. german chancellor angela merkel spoke about at the top of the hour. good morning. i am lauren simonetti. nicole: will have those details at the top of the hour. i am nicole petallides. securing his victory at the 43rd president of the united states. lauren: the dow 20,000 continues. industrial sub 40 points yesterday within 117 points of the 20,000 miles.
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see how pitchers are peering ahead of the opening bell. dow futures higher by 21 and nasdaq and s&p futures adding three. nicole: than a cap half of 1%. in china the shanghai composite index right now looks close down half of 1%. lauren: oil prices at 2.5% in right now completely unchanged. $52.12 a barrel. holding steady at 2.58%. the families of the atlanta nightclub attack. facebook, twitter and google say that social media company helps support basis. preparing to use an obscurel drn the art taken the atlantic. >> carolina panthers to a blow to the playoff hopes. the oklahoma thunder to the atlanta. we'll show you the highlights. nicole: good morning. 5:31 a.m. we welcome you to "fbn:am," your
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first look at morning markets and breaking news. lauren: we begin with breaking news this morning. tragedy in berlin after a truck bought into christmas market last night killing 12 people and injuring 50 others. police say the drivers drove onto a sidewalk speeding more than 200 feet before he took off. he was arrested a mile away. a polish man found in the track at the time of the crash is dead. police are calling the incident a suspected terror attack and reports say they've claimed responsibility for it. one witness described the scene to her sister network, sky news. >> we heard a really loud bang and saw some of the chris display and then we saw the vehicle going through people in through the stores and just pulling everything down and then everything went dark.
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>> there are many places for people to go. the obama administration releasing the statement. we are deeply saddened by today's horrendous event. our thoughts and prayers are with the family members of those killed in the hope for a speedy recovery for the many injured. president-elect donald trump saying this, our hearts and prayers are with the loved ones of the big guns that today's horrifying terror attack in berlin. for more on base, we will show you some of what angela merkel said at the top of the show. nicole: that wasn't the only horrific acts that played out yesterday. russian ambassador in turkey was killed. vladimir putin bowing to revenge for the assassination of russia's ambassador. you can see the assassin in this video. a turkish police officer killed andre carload and art gallery at the time. at least three others were wounded.
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condemning russia's role in serious war shouting don't forget to laugh out don't forget syria. he was later killed in a shootout with the police. the u.s. responded quickly to the assassination. if it is obviously we have routinely get acts of terrorism. turkey and russia said the attack was aimed at repairing ties between the two countries bush backer opposing sides. new developments in a shooting rampage in a mosque in switzerland showing the attacker has now been killed. three people praying last night the mosque were shot. two of them wounded seriously. police say the attacker fled the scene. the mosque is often used by somali immigrants.
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nicole: china return the unmanned u.s. underwater drowned. the pentagon says that david russell returned to drowned near the location where it had been taken in. the u.s. as the drum is operated by civilian contractors collecting scientific data in international waters. lauren: a lot of international ministry of president of the donald trump to clear a major hurdle on his way to the white house. we are going to get more now from blake burman. reporter: the 538 members of electoral college met at all across the country on monday making it one step closer to finalizing results. here in harrisburg pennsylvania state capital the 20 republican electors. pennsylvania where red in november. when we spoke with said he never wavered. >> we were all solid between the chairman and vice chairman.
5:36 am
we will vote for the winner of the popular vote and the commonwealth of pennsylvania. reporter: outside, hundreds of protesters took to the capitol steps. >> via blackberries should not go to amman. aside from that, they should vote for anybody but him. >> would you be saying that if they should be allowed to it they want? >> he's unfit to be president. >> the elect are a college process becomes official in the first week of january when the congress convenes. back to you in new york. train to fox news conference president-elect had dinner with carlos plumb on saturday. during the campaign, trump accused him of being a nicer to
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oppose his candidacy. fish is a trump is sitting down with everybody. nicole: president obama is exercising the power of the pardon issue and 70 of the pardon issue and 78 adventure and sentences of 153 other prisoners, virtually all under test anti-drug laws. the move is one for the record books. the largest number of clemency is in a single day by anyone president in our history. president obama has more than 1300 offenders. soon as today he will use his executive at dority to permanently banned new offshore oil drilling in much of the arctic in parts of the atlantic. the president is expected to invoke an obscure provision in the 1953 law that preserves coral relief and marine sanctuaries. similar actions may be announced around the same time and this goes to show you obama is trying to do as much as possible.
5:38 am
train to the family of three victims in the event the shooting massacre are suing facebook, google and understand social media companies made it too easy for the terrorist group to spread its message online. the mashup and left 49 dead back in june. earlier this month facebook, google, microsoft encoder which are a database of images and videos to work quickly remove terrorism content from their site. lauren: we begin in asia with a mixed bag. downers for the hang seng in hong kong and each down half the 1%. the nikkei and japan getting half of 1%. bank of japan holds risk of the cost in south korea at two tenths of 1%. >> the governor gave a positive outlook as well. janet yellen strong outlook for the u.s.a. and also some good german data we should take a look at right now. the dax is up one 10th of 1%
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of course we are so following the berlin story. up one third of 1% and the london ftse up fractionally. european stocks near the high of the year. >> u.s. stock index futures at the high of the year, too. checking out the dow futures at 24, s&p up three, up four. check out some commodities for you. oil gained about 2.5% yesterday given a sense today. gold pulling back and eight dollars at 1130 for a troy ounce. maria bartiromo sat down for an exclusive interview with chocolate. they discussed a number of topics including the need for tax reform. >> we need to get rid of the loopholes and lower the rates. we can't spend a lot of money having a tax cut that loses revenue because that is going to shift the burden somewhere else.
5:40 am
a tax reform package is not done due to a challenging political climate. he spoke into treasury secretary nominee steve and mnuchin and we'll get to know him better. watch the entire interview today on morning space-bar reay it 30:00 eastern time. nicole: tim cook is now speaking out at his appearance at trump tower last week defending his spending with president-elect donald trump. cook told applemployees the only way to influence them is to engage in. the apple ceo writing on a message board. personally i've never found being on the sideline a successful place to be. lauren: one of the largest five cases since ernie made off executives have been charged in what they say was a billion dollars fraud. six others were arrested yesterday. they were accused of inflating the book value other profitable oil product to make a
5:41 am
performance that matter. the thunderbird 17% average gain through last year. federal prosecutors say it was ultimately exposed to have no more value than a tarnished piece of metal. dallas end quote. nicole: book is not to watch today could become better perspire earnings-per-share compared to a year ago. investors listing for how fedex's handling majors are just people are shopping online. the stock has hit all-time highs this december and also adding thousands of workers. nike will also release its latest quarterly results after the bell. the company struggling with growing competition. nike is now one of two dow components down for the year. we are going to hear from carnival this morning. the largest cruise operator to report higher quarterly about the new based in part to
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stronger sales of its more expensive ticket. nicole: lauren: the latest on the attack were tolbert added the driver a refugee from pakistan. straight to europe for a live report. also tracking a winter storm that could bring snow across the nation making it a white christmas for her son. she asked it will have your forecast. u.s. stock index futures come it is today dow hs 20,000 about a month after hitting 18,000? we will see. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪
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nicole: 5:45 a.m. in new york it the day it caught up. german chancellor angela merkel says the deadly crash in berlin appears to be a terror attack. did you report said the man believed to have driven the track came to germany as a refugee from pakistan in the past february. there are reports that basis is claiming responsibility for the crash. twitter, bill clinton faced the reinserted over the deadlier than to a nightclub back in june. families are charging the companies with the account and
5:46 am
attack never like the shooter omar martín. killing 49 people and wounding 53 others. president obama to ban the offshore drilling in the u.s. arctic and atlantic. the announcement could come as soon as today. obama expected to stay provision of 1953 with the coral reef and marine sanctuary. check it out u.s. stock market futures right now. dow futures at 24 after having. that is what's happening now. let's get more on that at this pass in berlin yesterday. and a catalog life milan, italy but the latest. the driver was a refugee from pakistan are certainly not
5:47 am
helping because she's been under fire for her open borders policy. >> that's absolutely right. first of all she said 12 people looking forward to christmas and had plans for christmas are no longer with us, which i think it's something that is obviously hit all of us that horrible thought. she said it would be particularly despicable if the murderer turned out to be someone who was an asylum seeker who sought refuge in germany. according to the media report that this person was in fact a 23-year-old man from pakistan known as now the deed had been in the country for a year and was living in an asylum seeker shelter. he had been allegedly known to police, but not for terrorism offenses. only for petty crimes. he had been in germany for just about here. let's take a look at the saints
5:48 am
from this morning at the christmas market planning to 8:00 local time last night. 25-ton truck plowed into the festive crowds is owned by a polish company and according to the owner to pick up the ship and sco. the owner believes the truck was hijacked. the polish driver with his cousin. the passenger was found dead in the seat either stabbed or shot to death according to reports. it is believed that he was not at all involved in this attack. here are some eyewitness accounts. >> a lot of people running away, crying, shouting, talking on the phone. we knew something was wrong, but we saw people being teamed on the floor. >> i hope several other people lift the side --
5:49 am
reporter: this particular christmas market will remain closed out of respect for the victims. german authorities said they intend to keep other christmas markets going to not be cowed by what happened but of course there will be significantly increase security. the: boring. >> german is no stranger to terror attacks, right? >> that's right. of course you mention this controversial migrant policy were angela merkel has invited people in appears to be coming back to bite them. an incident last february when a 15-year-old girl stabbed a police officer. there was an incident on a train my summer when an asylum seeker stab for tourists from hong kong. as a young asylum seeker who detonated an explosive vest at a summer music festival. injured 15 people on the
5:50 am
candidate hself. it just goes to show apparently there are increasing signs that the problematic nature of her policy pages up for reelection and no doubt an increasingly significant detrimental issue for her. back to you. nicole: angela merkel seemed surprised. carolina panthers to the blow to the washington red skins playoff. and ask about the oklahoma thunder despite russell westbrook. dallas cowboys running back the salvation army bucket there. a lot of people talking about that. >> it is sitting right there by the end zone.
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lauren: let's take a look at the latest in sports. a cold night in washington. the redskins first quarter. didn't find a wide-open touchdown. panthers played simon-nothing. redskins down 13-9. panthers were covered. next play the panthers added to their lead and they go on to win. another big night for oklahoma city's russell westbrook. westbrook on fire in the first half. he, turnaround jump her. next-line midrange jump her and knocks down the layout. westbrook went on to 46 points. the third-quarter atlanta down
5:55 am
to. i'll comes off the screen and berries to get the hawks to lead under a minute left in the game. hit the go-ahead jumper. 110-went away. a big and pac. remember where he jumped right into the big salvation army cattle behind the end zone. not only did he help the cowboys win that game, but he also made more donations. some right to the salvation army 61% since the big job. the organization 182,000 online in the 12 and a half hours following the big leap. it is the season of giving. >> pitiful story. before you head out the door, let's take a look which are forecast to fox meteorologist janice dean is with us. reporter: hello. but temperatures good things are
5:56 am
improving. a far cry from minus 29 yesterday. tune in memphis, 24 in kansas city. my understanding caribou. a warm-up relatively speaking, but 20-degree difference. 29-degree difference in this time yesterday. this system across the accident and another system across the upper midwest and the great lakes. the northwest remains active and that system is the one we are watching over the next couple days. the good news is that quieter weather pattern but not big plot dusters storms, one that can be nuisances because people are traveling. we could see some oppressed the northeast great lakes as well as the northwest. the good is this a warm-up relatively speaking and not too big a deal when it comes to pick winners during spirit will have
5:57 am
to see as we get into the holiday season sand areas could be above average. both he and i have to wear shorts on christmas eve? what about a hawaiian shirt? >> yes, that allowed. thank you so much. trained to think scrimmage in a spirit we will hand it over to "mornings with maria." markets approaching, the dow 20,000.
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nicole: lots of breaking news this morning.
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thank you for watching fbn:am. lauren: with that we will send it over to maria. maria bartiromo, you had exclusive with jack lew. maria: happy tuesday, thanks so much for being with us. tuesday december 20th, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. global terrorism threat. authorities searching for details in the deadly truck cash this morning killing at least 12 people injuring many more. >> it will be persecuted with all the means possible. we don't have anything for certain so we must assume it was a terrorist attack. maria: u.s. now ramps up security as well following the attack in germany, will have the very latest development and


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