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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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lauren: good morning, breaking news, amis, 24-year-old tanasian has been killed. that shout-out in milan italy. nicole: 2011 along with other tanasian that fled during arab spring. lauren: after german officials confirmed fingerprints were found in the truck and new chilling new dash cam footage emerged truck speeding, speeding
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through that intersection towards the christmas market in berlin seconds before it crash intoed the crowd and left 12 people dead and dozens more injured. right now we will go to sister network sky news for more. >> has been shot dead, that's according to police in the last few minutes revealed but the suspect they killed has been identified by fingerprints. we are expecting a news conference shortly from the italian ministry of the inferior. robbins has the latest from berlin. >> i was coming to us now but suggesting that fingerprints found from a man shot dead in milan has been linked and we would hope the confirmation from the minister from the interior. just to give you more
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information in italy, though. this man was stopped during a routine search in milan in giovani, north of milan, he took out a gun and shot police and was shot backed. he was killed and pictures from the crime scene show friends at work. there was a delay in identifying this man because he didn't have any id, papers on him. now, also reports in italian media suggest that during the shout-out he was heard shouting allah, that's still to be confirmed. however, it is confirmed officially a 100% that this was anis, relief and he got a good
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lead, reports are suggesting that on the body man found was a train ticket from france that he moved quickly out of berlin and across germany and back into italy. of course, we know that we had links with italy in the past, he had initially come there when he left ta any shea -- tansia. italians operating properly. you are in berlin and behind you they are preparing for some kind of memorial event for those killed during the week. >> yes, that's right. if you have a look at the road down but actually down the road behind me is the gate and
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because of what happened on monday extra security measures have been put in place here. it's a huge concrete blocks have been hut on the front of the road and has been shocked that's why the car has stopped there and we have seen extra security enforce at christmas market which is are still going around the city, of course, the market where we saw attack on monday, concrete blocks have been put along the route to stop any vehicles, the blocks being used, they can really stop the vehicles going at speed and also anotr christmas market at a different district where they close the whole road in front of it and put police going down the road because they are really not prepared to taking any chances to be target again. it wasn't until a few years ago that anis was on the run and nobody knew where he was. of course, it could be possible
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that he's been shot in milan and the final confirmation is being waited for. >> thank you very much, indeed for now. for now you can see on the screen of your left pictures to sister station in italy and this is the interior ministry about to begin there news conference. we are expecting that they will confirm the suspect has been killed. they stopped him in the morning hours, 1 to 2:00 for a routine search. here we go. just waiting for those.
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[speaking in native tongue] >> just waiting for this news conference to get underway, we do have translation once the italian interior ministry officials start speaking. >> so last night at 3:00 o'clock in the morning in milan doing the usual routine activity of control there was a police squad, state police squad, they stopped someone who appeared to
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be a suspect and at the moment when he was stopped without hesitating he immediately took a pistol out of his sack and shot. he shot and police asked final her documentation and the police officer morio and immediately responded to this shooting, fortunately the agent christian morio was hurt but is in the hospital and he's recovering and not in intensive care. the police officer, the state police officers and respondents and the person that attacked our patrol were killed.
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the patrol was made up of a car, luca. >> the person killed after a number of inquiries made under the circumstances without any shadow of a doubt is anis amri, the presumed suspect of the terrorist attack in berlin. i was able to personally speak to christian morio and with him seasons greetings and he's a very motivated young person. he's an extraordinary young
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person. and i fight him for the professionalism that he demonstrated and the professionalism that he and his colleagues demonstrated. we are talking about an operation that took place at 3:00 in the morning in an important center in our country and it took place in complete safety in that only problem was for the police officer. i transmitted the gratitude, my personal, i expressed my personal gratitude, the gratitude of the home office, the head of the police that also spoke to him personally and i
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wished him a speedy recovery and in the next few days i am personally going to go and hug him and wishing him a happy christmas and italians will be able to have an even happier christmas and and in the end allow me to also thank all of our security team in our country and italy must be really proud of them. and i would like to repeat, they must be proud of them, full stop. it's not a case that next to me,
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apart from head of the police, there's the general commander and i would like to thank them from the bottom of my for the extraordinary work that he has done and the fact that this was done in an atmosphere with cooperation and were able to ensure such a high level control of the country and also allow with with imminent with the person that comes into the country and be able to identify the person and neutralize them means that there really is a system that's capable of
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functioning. the people who are on the streets, in other words, the police officers or the police officers who are either armed or not armed because also it's not simple, it's not simple when you're threatened be a terrorism that we have to ensure this level of safety but we can guaranty it and we recognize that and it's not an easy, the operation hasn't finished, of course, there are inquiries. we have also -- we are working hand in hand with the legal system and enormous cooperation, but we weren't going to detail because i'm sure you understand that, of course, this could also
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lead to future developments for obvious reasons and we have also informed the german authorities. we informed them at the political level and at the police force level and i would also like to express that i'm totally satisfied. allow me to express that. they were very young and simply carrying out their duty and have. rendered extraordinary service to the community and i believe
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that i can put forward and italy is grateful to them. thank you very much and have a good day. >> well, that was the italian interior confirming the incident in the small hours, routine italian patrol stopped a car, the man in the car opened fire and was subsequently killed. that man has now been identified as anis amri, 24-year-old tanasian who was the main suspect for the attacks in berlin on the christmas market, the minister spending most of his time commending the two officers that stopped operation, one of them was shot but is not in danger according to the the
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minister. we'll, let's just go back quickly to berlin and get some reaction there. >> well, this would have been the authorities the german authority had been waiting for. shot four days after devastating terror attack in the christmas market here confirmed by italian authorities that without a shadow of a doubt, this is anis amri, we understand that he was stopped in a routine operation by police in milan at around 2:00 o'clock, sorry, 3:00 o'clock this morning. that when the police stopped him, he took a pistol out of his sack and immediately opened fire, they returned fire and he was shot dead. now, there are unconfirmed reports coming out of italy that
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he shouted and that was also found with a french train ticket on his person. that hasn't been confirmed by the ministry but they have confirmed that all important detail that this is anís amri who was seen as the prime suspect in this case. now, it's understood -- lauren: you're listening to sky news bringing up the news, the world east most wanted man has been shot dead four days after the christmas market attack that killed 12 in berlin. 5:16 in morning. let's get you up to speed. the suspect wanted, he pulled a gun from his backpack, after being asked for identification, a police officer was injured. meanwhile, donald trump is putting the finishing touches on his senior staff here at home. former rnc communicate other sean spicer will be white house
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secretary and kellyanne conway would be counselor. believe it or not, that amount, about half as much as deutsche warned it might have to pay earlier this year, investors liking that. we had two dais of decline, we haven't had that two days in a row in about two years, right now modest up arrows, s&p up not even a point, nasdaq futures not even a point. nicole. nicole: well, all through this morning in australia, foiled a christmas day terror plot. suspected of bombing attacks in the heart of melbourne on christmas day. four of the five are australian-born men in their 20's, the other an e
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egiptian-australian born. lauren: the struggling bank wasting to time, it would ask to tap that fund to shore up balance sheet. italian government coming to the rescue after hours the tuskan bank failed to raise money from private investors to stay afloat . nicole: in japan the nikkei closed as holiday and so you're seeing that with a closed right there. shanghai composite index down 1%. hang seng down a quarter of 1%. korea's kospi up fractionally.
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lauren: shares suspended of the italian lender, also settlements of deutsche bank, the u.s. is suing barkley's. you have a green arrow for the dax in germany and dax, however the ftse is down. nicole: this morning when europe opened all three of those were higher, that's a good mix for up arrows. lauren: let's check out commodities oil and gold today. down 33 cents. gold up $2, 1.32 a troy ounce. nicole: coming up we will have the latest on the death of germany attack suspect. coming up i'm good.
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lauren: we continue to follow breaking news out of milan, italy where police there killed suspect on monday on a berlin christmas market. anís amri from tanasia. he was killed after hi pulled a gun from the backpack when they asked for for identification. nicole: eagles lend -- ending losing streak. elon manning was picked up. manning through took three interceptions last night. the outcome allows dallas to
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claim the nfc title. warriors trailed by 16 in intervention. kevin durant had 26 point, nine rebounds, seven assists for golden state and baseball, the cleveland indians have worked out a three years, 60-million dollar slug or encarnación and 127rbi's this year. lauren: before you head out the door this morning, we have to take a look at holiday forecast. janice dean, it's not going to be friendly christmas in some parts, particularly the west. janice: i agree. the one day of the year that i get to wear the sweater so i'm waring it. let's look at the current temperatures.
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average for much of the country as we get into the next couple of days, 30's, 40's across the map, 60's across the gulf coast. we do have mixture of ice and sleet, freezing rain and snow and rain. this one is the real big deal as we get into the holiday weekend, future radar saturday, east coast to be on alert here for the system, cold front that moves through it the moisture and snow, this is the big weather maker that santa needs to watch delivering presents overnight on saturday into sunday as we think we are going to have a mix of snow, ice, rain and even severe outbreak possible. people need to be on alert if you're across the south, forecast precipitation. the interior northeast otherwise
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a rain event and severe weather possible against sunday. travel delays today across the west, certainly, you're going to be on alert here. midwest as well. east coast looks good today but as we get into saturday that's where we are going to see across the sea board. today looking good for many cities across the east, midwest and west, that's where we are going to see possibility for delays, minneapolis, san francisco, be on alert, we will keep you up to date from the fox news extreme weather center. ho, ho, ho, merry christmas. nicole: coming up we will continue the follow the breaking news on the shootout, most wanted man in europe has been shot, attacker in berlin in the christmas market just four days ago. shot dead by authorities. we will continue to follow that breaking news. watching also global markets this morning, u.s. stock market
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futures as everybody is still trying to get to the dow 20,000 market. dow up 2, futures up a half of one point. you're watching fbn:am, first look at morning markets and breaking news. we will be right back.
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nicole: following breaking news this morning where the main suspect's on monday's truck attack, 24-year-old tanasian national anís amiri has been out with police in milan, italy. good morning, i'm nicole petallides. lauren: good morning, i'm lauren simonetti. press conference moments ago that the man killed was, quote, without a shadow of doubt the berlin suspect. this shootout went down at 3:00 a.m. during routine police check when amiri pulled a gun from his backpack after being asked to show identity papers. amri has previous dealings with italy when he arrived there when
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he fled by boat, amiri's death after fingerprints found in the truck. we will keep you up to date with any information and any news as we certainly get it. nicole: also out of australia where authorities failed a major christmas day terror plot. five people are now in police custody suspected of planning bombing attacks in the heart of melbourne on christmas day. the suspects yet to be identified. four of the five are of australian-born men in their 20's, the other egyptian-born australian. the plotters were self-radicalized and inspired by isis propaganda. lauren: let's move onto politics here. president-elect trump has announced senior communications team. we get from blake berman. blake: transition of the top staff moving into the white house has been cemented.
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sean spicer has been i have vaited to the white house press secretary. at the rnc spicer was the right hand to reince priebus who been the incoming white house chief of staff. thursday the president elect unveiled kellyanne conway to the incoming counselor to the president. maria: she has four creamed. he got creamed on twitter. >> i would say to inch, not one because i don't want him to be creamed. i would say that i don't play golf and i don't have a misstress so i have a lot time that the other men don't.
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blake: she initially passed on the white house press secretary job. lauren: trump also took to twitter and called for an expansion of the u.s. nuclear arsenal. this is what he tweeted. united states must greatly strengthened and expand nuclear capability until such time till the world comes to its senses regarding nukes, this comments after vladimir putin saying that russia need today strengthened the military potential of nuclear forces as well. and trump wasn't there, he also tweeted abinauguration, dismissing celebrities who want to attend the event saying, this quote, the so-called a-list celebrities are all wants, the icks but look what they did for hillary, nothing, i want to the people. trump's transition team are having trouble finding entertainers for inauguration. so far confirmed 16-year-old
5:34 am
america's got talent runner up and choir and beyonce, alicia keys they performed in the last inauguration of barack obama. jimmy carter is the only former president to rsvp. bill clinton and george w. bush, they put off their decision until the new year. nicole: we are seeing financials higher in europe after germany's biggest lender agreed to settlement with the u.s. justice department over deals involving mortgage back securities between 2005 and 2007. fine is the half of the amount warned it had to pay. shares fell sharply on the possibility of 14 billion-dollar figure.
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it has agreed on a deal as well. $5.3billion mortgage bond settle meant -- settlement ending a separate investigation there. lauren: the u.s. is suing barc barclays. misrepresented quality of mortgageback securities that were sold to investors to the years that lead up to the financial crisis. investors lost billions of dollars as a result. now barclays says it rejects the claim. looking at the share price now, they are you positive a little bit in premarket, down a little bit in the premarket. they are about 1096 this morning. shares are 14% to the downside this year. >> italy's government has created a nearly 21 billion-dollar fund to help
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troubled banks and the struggling banks, well, wasting to time there. the government coming to the rescue there just after the tuscan bank said it fail today raise enough money from private investors in order to stay afloat. third largest lender, trading in the bank shares in europe actually have been suspended for the entire day. lauren: lots of news in europe. just to recap the big news of the day, europe's most wanted man, this happened in italy just a few hours ago, the main suspect in monday's truck attack in germany, tanasian suspect has been killed out in milan, italy. we will bring you information as we have it. man killed was, quote, without a shadow of a doubt the berlin suspect. the shootout went down at 3:00 a.m. during police routine
5:37 am
check after being asked to show id papers. he has previous links with italy . his death comes hours after german officials confirmed that his fingerprints were found inside the truck. we will certainly keep you up to date with any news as we get it. nicole: let's get you caught up in the global market action overnight as well. nikkei is closed in japan, holiday there, shanghai composite index down 1%. hong kong down one quarter of 1%. lauren: u.s. announcing settlements. we are watching the banking stocks. cac in paris is up 5 and the dax in germany up 11. nicole: let's check out what's going on with u.s. stock market futures. everybody kept an eye on 20,000. 7 weeks of gain, not one down week since donald trump was
5:38 am
elected to be our president. this morning dow futures up 3 and s&p up 1. we have consumer sentiment and also the headlines could drive the market one way or the other. lauren: chets check in on commodities, oil and gold, oil down 52.65, gold up a tenth of 1% at 11.32 an ounce. nicole: a tweet from president-elect trump could be setting up a jet dog fight in the defense sector. trump tweeted on tremendous cost of lockheed martin f-35. i have asked boeing to price out a compatible f-15 super hornet, a boeing plane used by navy in overseas allies, the pentagon plans to buy 3400 of f-35 jets.
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lauren: he -- if you still need to do last-minute shopping, there's hope through amazon prime now. they will arrive at your doorstep within two hours, adam shapiro has the details for us. >> good morning, lauren, good morning, nicole, yes, procrastinators, there is hope, in prime service, you pay $99 per year for that. 7.99, when you order something that's available through amazon prime now which is only by the way to the prime customers, you get it within one hour. you don't want to pay the extra fee you will get it within possibly two hours. it's everything, you could order ice cream and they deliver in insulated bags, you get the regular packaged goods and plasma tv or not plasma but a
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big-screen tv or you can get this year's hard to get item depending on availability, nintendo classic ed fission you can get it through amazon prime. you can't get them elsewhere. here is how it works. you have until 9:45 on christmas eve to place the order, people are ordering just about anything. >> we are constantly shipping right up to the last might. sometimes people run out of important things in the last minute. holiday wrapping paper, say sorries, tape or last-minute gifts. >> people in new york and cities across the country you're in luck if you're a procrastinator. amazon says they intend to grow. they won't say where just yet. back to you. lauren: we will find out. adam shapiro, thanks so much. nicole: uber is moving self-driving cars from
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california to arizona after ban from california roads over safety concerns. arizona's governor his states welcome uber self-driving cars with open armings and wide open roads. california officials said they would revoke the car registrations after negotiations failed between uber and the state regulators. lauren: let's take a look at some of the headlines in today's edition of the wall street journal. management machine, bridgewater wants day-to-day management, hiring, decision-making to be guided by software. the software is the latest bid to push his unusual philosophy. detailers are losing will power as christmas approaches even high-end retailers discounted this week leading up to christmas. polo, ralph lauren, everything was 30% office on december 30th.
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dairies are reporting demand for the creamy drink. we might be sick of everything pumpkin flavored. nicole: suspect in berlin truck attack that killed 12 people, was shot, killed in milan, italy. we will also hit the road with the test drive of self-volvo feature. >> uses cameras to read the lines on the road. nicole: we will take that one to a spin. dow futures up 2. you're watching fbn:am, first look at morning markets and breaking news, stay with us liberty mutual stood with me
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nicole: good friday morning, 5:45 in new york. breaking news this morning, the suspect wanted in this week's market attack, anís amiri was killed this morning after he pulled a gun from his backpack and asked for identification,
5:46 am
pulled that gun. police officer was injured, 12 people were killed in the truck attack and dozens more were injured. over 50 were injured four days ago. donald trump putting the finishing touches on his senior staff. former rnc communication director sean spicer will be white house press secretary and campaign manager kellyanne conway will serve as counselor to the president. deutsche bank with settlement over deals of mortgageback securities between 2005 and 2007, half as much deutsche warned it might have to pay this year. two days of pullbacks and some light volume, today dow futures up 1 point. hovering that unchanged line. lauren: the board looks christmassy with the mix of red and green. we have gary taking
5:47 am
it for a spin. >> lauren, nicole, i'm testing the volvo s90. volvo has been aim to go put a autonomous car by 2020. pilot assist. uses cameras to read the lines on the road and steers between them only about ten seconds at a time, then you have to grab the wheel but backup to when your mind is wandering, it can keep the car from doing the same thing. volvo's ultimate goal is to create a crash-proof car and can spot pedestrians and cyclists on the road and stop for them and can identify large animals with deer and moose and elk and break -- brake for them as well. i haven't seen any today but nationwide there are over a
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million accidents that involve those kinds of animals. if every car had a feature like that there could be a lot less carnage on the road. nicole: right here onset with us this morning. tell us how much does the car cost and how do you feel with the autonomous vehicle? how much does it cost? >> $45,000. that particularly wasn't is dressed up, $60,000. these are more backup features at this points. they are the first steps of autonomous cars. lauren: were you nervous. >> a little. you expect that to happen. some of the cars worked better than others. volvo is better than others and spot braking for animals. mercedes benz has a similar
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system robust and tesla auto pilot which is probable write the best one right now. every time a new car comes out, it comes out with a better slrgs -- version of the system. nicole: any advice? one thing, gary. >> you want an exciting car, it's the ford raptor. nicole: we saw you with that one. we loved the ford raptor. lauren: i believe at was doughnuts in the desert day. nicole: coming up we have the latest on the death of the suspect berlin attack. eagles hold off giants, we will tell you what's there. u.s. stock market futures simply flat. you're watching fbn:am [music]
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nicole: we want to bring you the latest on the breaking news from italy where the main suspect on monday's truck attack, 24-year-old anís amiri has been killed with a shootout in milan, italy, italy's minister confirming that the man was killed without a shadow of a doubt that it was the berlin suspect. the shootout wept down at 3:00 a.m. during routine police check when amiri pulled a gun om his backpack after being asked to show identity papers.
5:54 am
frintsz were found in the truck. 12 people were killed in that attack four days ago. lauren: u.s. open borders allowed him to stay on the loose for four days. eagles ending losing streak, sorry, new york, 24-19. the giants had a chance to win it on final drive, elon manning was picked near goal line with five seconds left. three interceptions last night. outcome allows dallas to clinch nfc title. in basketball golden state warriors beating nets in brooklyn. warriors trailed by 16 in intermission. and turn in to baseball cleveland indians have worked
5:55 am
out 60 million-dollar with slugger edwin encarnación. an american league high, 127rbi's for the blue jays this year. nicole: fox senior meteorologist janice dean. janice: thank you, it's the one day of the year that i can wear the sweater. let's take a look at it. we do have one airport delay but i bet you later on this afternoon things are going to get active. looks like here in las vegas, we have a little bit of a delay. otherwise across the country looking pretty good. you want to on alert because we have winter weather advisories for several states, millions of people and we also have blizzard watches in effect, meaning that the next big storm system coming out of the west can bring blizzard conditions, winds in excess of 35 miles an hour.
5:56 am
watching this system across the east coast, quick-moving cold front that could bring delays, this one is the big one that could affect travel certainly christmas eve and into christmas day. people need to stay inside that live across the midwest, even severe storms including torpids, possibly for christmas day, so that's going to be a big deal. christmassy forecast again. we could see problems along the east coast. central u.s. looks good on christmas eve, on saturday but the next big system across the west is getting cranked up and that is what is going to be our big powerful system that's going to effect christmas day. hopefully people ripping going to be inside at grandma's house. this is going to be a mess on christmas day. back to you.
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lauren: lawyer even and nicole. janice: forgive me. nicole: thanks, janice. lauren: coming up, we will hand it over to mornings with maria
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♪rock guitar ♪yeah ♪(rock music) ♪you can't do this, you can't deny
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♪they feed us lines, but i won't act♪ ♪and all good things will come to pass♪ ♪but the truth is all you have to have♪ ♪and would you lie for it? ♪cry for it? ♪die for it? ♪would you? ♪i believe ♪believe we're still worth the fight♪ ♪you'll see there's hope for this world tonight♪ ♪i believe, i believe lauren: all right, the final day of what could be another winning week, seventh in a row for dow jones industrial average. we will take it. right now up 1 and s&p not even one and thanks for joining us
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this week. nicole: we have not seen back to back losses since the first week of november. we want to wish you merry christmas, hanukkah, whatever your celebrating. we will turn it over to mornings with maria. maria: thank you so much, merry christmas, girls, happy friday, good morning to you, merry christmas. we are happy you're with us. friday december 23rd, stop stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. breaking news this morning, the suspect anís amiri killed in a shootout with police in milan this morning. minister confirming the news in the last hour.


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